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  1. GamePower
    A rare gem of a game, BOB is a beautiful, detailed, yet manageable recreation of the battle for the skies of Britain. Complex enough for dedicated simulation enthusiasts yet scaleable for the novice, this is one simulation done right.
  2. This isn't necessarily the Battle of Britain, it's YOUR Battle of Britain, and that makes it a game that anyone interested in that great battle, and flight in general, must have in their collection.
  3. GMR Magazine
    Best re-creation of dogfighting ever seen in a WWII flight sim, which is saying something considering how many there are. [Feb 2003, p.94]
  4. A very accomplished title, as you’d expect from Rowan, if only all the polish that’s gone into the three dimensional section applied across the sometimes clunky menu and map screens. That’s a small criticism when looking at the whole game that offers a fantastic flight simulator and complex battle management game in one.
  5. Probably the most comprehensive treatment of the epic air campaign ever done on the computer.
  6. The designers went to the extent of checking the weather conditions for every single day of the Battle of Britain. The weather conditions will influence the plane performances, and can be used to determine proper tactics.
  7. Hardcore desk-jockeys will definitely not want to pass up the chance to recreate one of the most dreaded battles in aviation history, and when you see the sky full of fighters and bombers, you will understand just how enjoyable Rowan's Battle of Britain can be.
  8. PC Gamer
    The best simulation of the Battle of Britain yet, despite its flaws. [Apr 2001, p.77]
  9. 77
    While Battle of Britain has some definite high points, it lacks the level of excitement that made "MiG Alley" a hit. The flight model is weighted a little too far to the sim side and the graphics aren't as sharp.

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