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  • Summary: 'Chapter IV - Lands of Despair' tells the story of a mighty, mysterious demon who has thrown the world of Taborea into turmoil. As part of his devious plan, he has released a horrifying contagion across the land, turning the inhabitants of entire villages into soulless zombies. Even Annelia, daughter of Lord Grafu, has joined his ranks as a young apprentice and has been consumed by the darkness inside her. Runes of Magic players will set off on a dangerous journey through uncharted regions, and confront new and terrifying creatures to bring light to this dark and afflicted land. Expand
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  1. Jul 15, 2011
    Overall Runes of Magic: Lands of Despair – Chapter IV is a nice add-on with many new changes for a better game experience.
  2. Aug 23, 2011
    Lands of Despair expansion is a great follow-up filled with well-known solutions. Runes of Magic hasn't changed much but is now bigger and the gamers have some new possibilites. What is lacking is some innovative changes in gameplay and perhaps some new races or classes. If you're a fan of this game - you won't be disappointed. But if your interest wasn't high in the beginning, then Chapter 4 won't change that.
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  1. Oct 16, 2012
    I've played many MMORPGs including most recently Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft, yet for some reason I keep returning to Runes of Magic. Yes, the engine has its quirks and the graphics are a bit dated. But what makes it a great game is the customization of gear and instances that require a lot of strategy. This game is geared towards the more hardcore RPG players in the sense that it takes at least half a year to crack end-game and for some it takes longer than a year. In contrast, I reached ilvl 394 in WoW in just over 1 month of play in February of 2012 when I had never played WoW before, granted I was very lucky with the drops and joined a small DS 6/8 Heroic guild after one week and was running heroic DS after 3 weeks. They were all 400+ and so I got almost all the drops. Guild Wars is also geared towards more casual RPG gamers where reaching "end game" is easily attainable.

    Sure, this game has many flaws, but the core game play and customization sets it apart.
  2. Jun 27, 2011
    Well, I have been a player of Runes of magic for the last 10 months on the Australian Server, and Im going to give chapter 4 a fair review. I will admit runes of magic is my favourite MMORPG I have played so I may be a little Bias.

    The Story line of Runes of Magic has always been rather week, but it seems that they are putting quite a bit of effort into making the epic King's storyline more exciting and interesting. Although I have not yet finished the King's line, I am in the New Zone "Red Mountain Hills" and I must say quests seem to be getting better,

    The Third class system was an interesting idea. TBH im not sure how many players will use their third class on a regular basis, but as a P/K its good to be able to now Do soloable quests on P/M and still maintain the epic healing power of P/K and his stam buff, and still be able to damage when questing. They put alot of effort into this third class, and I wonder whether its really worth it.

    Now for the negative, the New Low Level Zones make it WAY to easy to level up. I mean who the heck is going to go off to ravenfell and Weeping Coast and enjoy those quests (which you NEED to complete to Run HOTO or TT) if you can go to Xaveria and do a quest with double the experience points, and half as easy? This is a big let down. I mean the biggest EXP rate daily (other then end game one) is in Xaveria Level 50, it has close to 50k more exp then the best daily in Limo. This is madness. Not to mention Xaveria is laggy as hell on our server, not sure about every other server. The experience rate needs to be fixed, cause now we have the problem of a double exp weekend meaning a bunch of people who should be approaching level 40 are now level 60 thinking they can run HOS or DoD, not to mention getting everyone else in the party killed.

    Overall though, the game is good. I cannot give it a 10 due to the Issue i have with experience rate in new zones, But I am very pleased to be a player of RoM, and am enjoying getting Crimson stats with Phinerous Shells so I am going to give chapter 4 a 8/10