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  1. R.U.S.E. is one of few games who prefer brains over speed, which is a very good thing.
  2. I'm hoping that with patches (and some more players) that most of those can be corrected, and the basic concept of the ruses is solid and very enjoyable. It really is an RTS that plays like no other, and it deserves a second look on that basis alone.
  3. 60
    If the pace weren't horrendous and the campaign so god-awfully boring, R.U.S.E. would make for an enjoyable RTS but certainly not a groundbreaking one.
  4. R.U.S.E. might be the best RTS released this year, and it is certainly the most original.
  5. 60
    It's a poorly executed game whose key concepts are either broken or mismanaged, and definitely won't displace THQ's stellar Company of Heroes, or any other worthwhile RTS, from your hard drive.
  6. Jan 15, 2011
    If you're still not tired of WWII-themed RTS games, give R.U.S.E. a chance. It's a nice alternative to Order of War, but don't expect it to dethrone Company of Heroes.
  7. As expected the PC version of R.U.S.E. manages to assure an engaging and challenging experience to any fan of the genre. Its (maybe excessive) gameplay depth and high difficulty level might discourage any potential newcomers, but if you're not among them, Ubisoft's recent RTS will surely keep you busy for a long time.
  8. Ruse is very entertaining both in its campaign and multiplayer mode. Unfortunately the story is not very engaging and feels unnecessary. The depth of the game is what makes it different from the rest of the pack. There are lots of room for clever moves and lengthy battles.
  9. Although R.U.S.E. is clearly put together by quite standard RTS norms, it stands out as a strategy game with refreshing tactical elements. The singleplayer campaign, graphics and sound are a bit sloppy, but a well-built game mechanics and fun multiplayer makes it well worth playing for strategy enthusiasts as well as newcomers to the genre.
  10. Original despite its context incredibly classic, RUSE offer a subtle gameplay, reinforced by the addition of the ruses system particularly pleasurable.
  11. What I do know is that it's fun, and while the multiplayer is unlikely to pull a huge crowd away from StarCraft II, it's absolutely worth a look for any RTS fan who has a friend to play with.
  12. 85
    RUSE takes a while to warm up, but once it does, it's cracking stuff, as the game's unfailingly proper British generals would no doubt put it.
  13. Boring old WW2-RTS? Think again! Ruse combines the tactical depth of classical Panzer General-fame with the action-packed, hectic gameplay of modern day real time strategy games. The story might not make you wet your pants and the main character is a eccentric old prick, but the missions are cleverly designed, the interface is genius in its minimalism and the ruse system allows for strategic gameplay that one finds rarely in modern RTS. If you want to buy only one RTS this year … buy Starcraft 2. But if you want to buy two, Ruse is the game of choice!
  14. Compelling, slick, handsome. The predictable campaign and so-so skirmish AI are mere flesh wounds.
  15. The great aspect is their flexibility, the how and when to use them being at your disposal. You don't get too much time to breathe in this kind of game, but overall R.U.S.E must be appreciated for having the guts to be innovative and implement its features in a way that makes them the basis of the gameplay, not just an option thrown in for the sake of it.
  16. 80
    Easily adaptable yet deep in mastery, R.U.S.E. offers a unique and robust strategy package that deserves the attention of strategy fans and newcomers everywhere.
  17. 80
    Only after some hours does RUSE become what it really is: a challenging, well-made game, although with clumsy first steps, something difficult to accept nowadays, in a market that moves very quickly.
  18. Finally, an interesting new approach to the RTS genre.
  19. Unfortunately, the only place this intriguing design has a place to shine is in multiplayer. The campaign is laughably awful, with a tepid story told through awkwardly acted cutscenes surrounding poorly scripted scenarios.
  20. A good amount of multiplayer value rounds out a substantial single-player portion. There's a good amount of game for your dollar here, but some of that is due to how slow moving the game can be at times.
  21. This intriguing real-time strategy game overcomes its feeble campaign by encouraging a different approach to battlefield tactics.
  22. If you can stand the time period, then this serves as a perfectly adequate medium between Hearts of Iron's grand strategy, and Men of War's more tactical focus.
  23. 70
    A perverse dichotomy; RUSE either goes too far, or not far enough.
  24. It could definitely appeal to those who enjoy a more macro-style strategy game, but if you like a faster pace to your strategy, it's going to be easy to get bored or frustrated quick.
  25. Its creative "evil mastermind" plans are undone by dull pacing, too smart AI and enormous maps. Don't be fooled. R.U.S.E. has some good ideas under its hood, but it's overrun by smart AI and bad battle pacing.
  26. R.U.S.E. is a fresh, fun, and fast new take on the strategy genre. The board-game philosophy combined with a competitive feel makes for a game that feels different, but still makes sure that RTS junkies will find it familiar.
  27. With a much lower pace than its competitors, in favor of its truly strategic (rather than tactical) approach, R.U.S.E. provides large-scale battles filled with subtlety, twists, and finesse, for its solo adventure and multiplayer alike. Its system of ruses, most notably, is absolutely brilliant for building up effective attack and defense strategies, especially when you're able to keep most of your real intentions concealed up to the very last minute. It's a game one needs to approach from afar, with the intelligence of a general, and a real soft gem in a world of brutish RTS games. It's a really different alternative to StarCraft II that really deserves attention, if only to discover another way to wage war.
  28. R.U.S.E. has a fresh perspective that few RTS games have tried, and even fewer have succeeded with.
  29. 75
    But if you stick with Ruse in spite of these things, and if you can talk some of your friends into playing from time to time, you're going to discover a thrilling new real time strategy game that belongs in the same category as EndWar, Brutal Legend, and Darwinia.
  30. PC Format
    Dec 25, 2010
    Appealing to both the single and multiplayer real-time strategist, although R.U.S.E. will be a hard mistress online. [Issue#245, p.102]
  31. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Decaying genre of real-time strategies just got a revitalizing shot of fresh ideas and entertaining missions. Eugen Systems deserve a medal for their courage to bring that amount of refreshing news. [Issue#196]
  32. PC PowerPlay
    Despite its pretty engine and originality, RUSE's slow pace and tedious control makes it a game with little appeal. [Nov 2010, p.64]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 179 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Sep 9, 2010
    RUSE is a fresh, innovative RTS. It's not about APM or micromanaging units. It's about developing and executing a better strategy than yourRUSE is a fresh, innovative RTS. It's not about APM or micromanaging units. It's about developing and executing a better strategy than your opponent. Isn't that what a strategy game should be about? Like most RTS games it primarily about MP or skirmish against the AI. The campaign teaches you the basics of the game so it serves it's purpose. One of the "professional" reviews didn't even mention MP until the site's editor forced the reviewer to do so (Joystiq). Full Review »
  2. Sep 9, 2010
    All joking aside, I do not know what game the critics were playing, and what they think gaming is. R.U.S.E. is first and foremost (as with allAll joking aside, I do not know what game the critics were playing, and what they think gaming is. R.U.S.E. is first and foremost (as with all games today) a multiplayer experience. It has been designed as such, with fantastic dialogue between beta testers (of which there were many) and impeccable attention to detail, gameplay, and realism. The single player campaign lacks the fast paced run and gun people are use to, but the heavily strategic and tactical gameplay of multiplayer absolutely shines. The art of deception the game is based around gives players an endless multitude of strategies to fool foes, interact with team mates and drag you in to a gaming experience you won't forget. My favourite title of the year. Full Review »
  3. Sep 9, 2010
    RUSE is a tabletop wargamer dream come true ! The game depicts large scale conflicts in real time and on multiple fronts. The campaign is fun,RUSE is a tabletop wargamer dream come true ! The game depicts large scale conflicts in real time and on multiple fronts. The campaign is fun, well crafted and introduce the players to the units and concepts of the game. You'll take parts in some histprical battles altough the designer took some liberty by modifying history itself. All in all the campaign's story is entertaining but not great. It does the job of connecting the missions together. Where the game really shine is in the tactics one must use to winn a battle. You have to carefully use cover, hide units in woods, village to ambush the ennemies. You have to be careful to have a well balanced army on order to be able to manage all kind of situations. The game also have a supply system in wich you receive your ressources from supply depots by roads, so, if you deny the roads to a player you cripple it's economy. The roads allow also infantry to deploy faster and make movement easier so they play an important role in each game. The ruses advertised by the game are a nice addition and are useful most of the time. You can deploy fake attacks; for exemple, you can send false air attack to a sector of the map to help reduce the air defense where you are really going to attack, spy on ennemy units, etc. All in all the gameplay is very well crafted but is slower than most other RTS, no quick rush here à la Starcraft.
    In multiplayer you can play in team against AI, coop operations or against other humans. Victory is not only acheived by crushing your ennemy entierly but also with a victory points system wich are accumulated over the course of a battle and at the end the winner is the team with the most (but a 10% difference is considered as a draw). Overall I recommend the game for any one who wants a deeper RTS experience !
    Full Review »