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  • Summary: Rust is a survival game created by Facepunch Studios. Inspired by games like DayZ, Minecraft and Stalker – Rust aims to create a hostile environment in which emergent gameplay can flourish. The aim of the game is to survive. To do this the player should gather resources. Hitting a tree with a rock will give you wood, hitting a rock with a rock will give you rock and ore. You can then craft a hatchet from the wood and rock, allowing you to gather faster. You can go out and hunt a variety of wildlife such as boars, chickens, rabbits, bears, wolves and deer. Once you have killed an animal you can butcher it to gather its meat and skin. You can craft a fire using wood and cook the meat inside the fire. Then you can eat. You face two major dangers in game. Rust is a multiplayer game, so there will be other players trying to survive in the same way that you are. Unfortunately for you they can find you, kill you and take your stuff. Fortunately for you – you can kill them and take their stuff. Or maybe you can make friends and help each other survive. Rust’s world is harsh – so you might need to make friends to survive. The environment is not kind. Bears and wolves will chase and kill you. Falling from a height will kill you. Being exposed to radiation for an extended period will kill you. Starving will kill you. Being cold will kill you. Expand
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  1. Jan 4, 2014
    Rust currently is somewhat buggy and still lacking features however it is still currently a great game.
    It has it's flaws like occasionally
    crashing (more on Mac, but I am testing both Mac and PC to get a good idea and to hopefully help the dev's), but those are to be expected during Alpha.

    Many people may not like this game due to the PvP nature of it. Starting out you will find it very hard to survive as you need to get wood, food and preferably cloth all before being killed by somebody.
    Upon logging out your character will lay on the ground asleep and you can be killed during this time so if anyone has enough C4 you are pretty much guaranteed death while offline unless you have a great base or amazing hiding place.

    There are however servers hosted by players in which they can toggle PvP off (I myself have not played one of these yet as I don't find it appealing without the PvP aspect). They can also toggle off things like when you go to sleep your body will not be on the ground which can be good but at the same time you feel like it can make it a little easy in later stages of the game.
    I highly recommend finding people to play with as by yourself it can be extremely hard.

    Rust has so much potential and I expect we will see great things come from it because it is still so early in its life.
    If you aren't ready to drop $20 on Rust yet I would say you should check back in a couple of months and see how far it has progressed as I imagine it'll have a whole lot more by then.

    TL:DR: Rust is a great game with heaps of potential, but currently it is lacking features and does have the occasional bug as it is in Alpha. Saying that, it is still a great game so far.
  2. Dec 26, 2013
    I had to make a metacritic account just to review this game.

    This game has alot of potential and is the most fun I had in a game for a very
    very long time. It is really really exciting to hoard stones and build guns to defend bandits. Mining out on the field cautiously as you can be killed from behind at anytime. My friends are I, are having a blast. Best $20 we have ever spent. The possibilities of this game is endless. We find ourselves saying things like "I'm starving", "In real life or in the game?" "In the game". Expand
  3. Dec 12, 2013
    Excelente ideia.
    Bom jogo de sobrevivência, com um sistema de criação casa e itens (armas) muito da hora.
    warz, mais minecraft, igual Rust.

    Recomendadíssimo. :D
  4. Jan 10, 2014
    OK, this is an alpha, so we shouldn't expect too much as far as appearances, gameplay, etc. HOWEVER, it would be nice if it were actually possible to find resources (e.g., minerals or rocks) in the vicinity of all of the damned rocky hills in the area. I'm running around for a half hour just to find some rocks so I can make a hatchet, and there are none to be found, even though the scenery looks like what the glaciers left behind when they retreated. The game clearly needs a lot of work, so it's probably worth waiting a month or so at least before trying it out. The community seems to be mixed between friendlies (the first guy I met gave me a pair of pants!!!), and homicidal maniacs (last guy I met hit me with an axe while I was running around at night, causing me to bleed to death shortly after). I think the develop might want to think about possible incentives/disincentives for players not to immediately slaughter newbies when the game is finalized... Expand
  5. Jan 17, 2014
    Let us just cut to the chase shall we? It's a fun game and it has a huge amount of potential however in it's current state it is extremely buggy, extremely laggy on nearly every server I've played it on and ultimately it appears to have some serious networking problems and/or memory leaks server-side because none of the servers that I have played on have been able to handle a continuous play session of too long...and coming back day after day just has some serious pains with making it even slower.

    The boars, chickens and deer start to "skip". Other players start to "skip". Zombies "skip".

    It's not all entirely bad - I've had a huge amount of fun with this already however I do have some long term concerns:
    - I'm concerned that they may not be able to weed out all of the hacking that really affects the fun in the game.
    - Will they be able to create a stable bit of server software that is rock-sold to allow for weeks and weeks of server time without requiring a new map to be created (effectively scrapping any progress you may have made).
    - Is their vision perhaps focused a little too much on putting their/the communities ideas into place without maybe taking a step back now (before it's too late) to rather re-engineer parts of the game that are just too week at this point in time (sometimes you just can't fix something if it has a crappy foundation).

    Either way I really do hope that they can pull it off - it has so much potential:
    -I dream of PVE day-time servers with PVP night-times (or mixes of the two). The worst thing about this game is starting fresh on a server only to be hacked for your med-kit and torch on sight.
    -The ideas I have of custom servers and the potential of mods to really blow this out of the water are just awesome - let us hope that they focus more on the securing the game from hackers and allowing some really awesome modding functionality in the long term for where they will inevitably fall short.
    -My imagination runs wild with the crafting possibilities in something that doesn't look as ugly as Minecraft does...has a little more of a "I'm in real danger now" feeling to it too.

    TL:DR Lots of fun but sadly just not worth investing too much time into right now and after several days of play time all I can say is that you should give it at least a few months before even looking into it. I do plan to update this again as they progress here's holding thumbs!

    Now if you're bored and you want to try something new (knowing that your progress will be reset and that these guys are at least 6 months away from something stable if it comes - well in my opinion) then give it a go. Personally I'd have preferred a $9.99 entry point in it's current state...but yeah early access is "the thing" so what can we do?
  6. Dec 26, 2013
    I know it isn't quite fair to rate a game currently in alpha so harshly, but hear me out. Rust has a great concept, you craft stuff, build bases, and hunt zombies. I've spent 40 hours playing the game so I have a decent understanding of what goes on. Unfortunately the game takes exactly zero steps to make the game fun for someone who isn't looking to play an fps killfest. It is simply a game of who spends the most amount of time playing killing everyone else on the server. You look no different if you're a fresh spawn, with nothing but a rock in your hands, or an advanced player with a silenced shotgun simply one click away. Because of that, every person you see is kill on sight by default. Admin abuse in this game is legendary, they can spawn whatever they want and they aren't afraid to. After taking your stuff from your base, players often "grief" your base, making it unusable or inaccessible, rendering hours and hours of work useless. Such a good idea for a game made awful because of poor design and a horrendous community. If refunds existed on Steam, I'd get one. Expand
  7. Jan 19, 2014
    There is a review below me by "Cylian1" Which explains every problem i had with this god awful game. I'm looking into a refund currently. If not i will stop payment with my credit card company and risk losing my steam account. I am in awe in how blatantly money grubbing the developer is with this game. You think that would be motivation to make the game excellent. Nope :/ I will never touch this game. EVER.. Expand

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