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  1. Nov 8, 2011
    If you're thinking of downloading this game, you may need to think twice. Rusty Hearts is a F2P MMORPG (or I'd rather just say online RPG) that got released not too long ago. The graphics of this game are polished and they look pretty good for any sort of game, F2P or not. But would it be right to say that this game is one of the perfect examples to explain why gameplay should be taken more in consideration than graphics?

    To start it off, there are four different servers to be chosen, each one indicating it's latency, being that you'll get the one with the least amount of ping, you'll choose whatever one you want. Choosing the second server may have affected my look towards this game as it is EMPTY. It's rare to find a party on the server (take note that one server has multiple channels and the party menu links all the parties on all the channels) it won't have more than 5 parties active at a time, and most of the time, you won't meet the requirements to enter the party, making this one frustrating issue so far.

    Being that it is an online RPG you should've been supposed to play with other people, but if you don't have friends you'll certainly play along for a long extent of time as for the reason mentioned above.

    There are four characters that you can choose, each with it's own characteristics and powers, although this may have some diversity, the skill trees are limited, linear, dull and confusing. The combat system was supposed to be one of the main qualities of the game, but it all ends up to a mindless button-mashing boring experience with almost no skill at all, all you need to do is hit the X button use some of your skills (which are hard to hit too, since you can only point at 8 directions) and rarely pressing the Z button to defend, although defending is extremely useful against bosses which after a few dungeons get more challenging and, therefore, interesting. Did I say that there is a grab button too? Oh yeah, it's useless.

    Plot wise the story is shallow, presenting a lot of clichês, boring dialogue (specially on normal quests) and repetitive gameplay due to the quests asking you the same thing all the time.

    The equipment system is pretty simple, get the strongest one. You can take it as an example from Diablo or Dark Eden, where you can get different equipment with similar stats but with different options, which make a total difference at each one, but getting any equipment with good options on this game is either a matter of luck, or just going really far in the game.

    Overall, this game is not bad, but it is far from being good, having a boring story making you go through boring dialogue (that of couse can be skipped), mindless combat system and a equipment system that will only make noticeable differences late in the game, it's not addicting, but it should be.
  2. Sep 22, 2011
    A good concept done mediocre, Rusty Hearts is actually an online RPG as opposed to what is usually thought of as an MMORPG. Rusty Hearts allows you to choose from four characters, with preset names and appearances. As you play the game you can level up and improve your character, but with little customization as there are few skills. The game's selling point is supposedly that it is an action RPG with skill combos and fast paced combat. In actuality it plays a lot more like a 1990s side scrolling arcade game with updated three dimensional graphics. Think the 1990s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade game (or more modernly Scott Pilgrim) and you have some idea of what to expect in Rusty Hearts. The game is fun and certainly looks good, but suffers from several technical problems. For one thing, the mouse controls are not well integrated with the keyboard controls that the game uses for dungeons. Sometimes your mouse cursor will disappear and you will be left with no way to close your inventory or to select the level card at the end of the level. Additionally, the game's insistence that the X key be used for everything other than combat skills and menu commands is a little overkill. Movement is not WASD based but rather arrow key based, which is annoying in some respects. Finally, the game camera is jerky and somewhat unresponsive. The game appears to support controllers, which might provide a better UI experience. Expand
  3. Sep 22, 2011
  4. Sep 22, 2011
    This is, by far, one of the most addictive and fun games I have come across in a long time. The anime-inspired style is a refreshing change of pace from the tedious, recycled graphics of today, and the game just feels vibrant and alive. The gameplay is fantastic and easy to pick up, especially with a controller. It's a great way to spend some time with friends, and enjoy a few hours of dungeon crawling. This game makes me feel like I am back in time playing beat-em-ups with my friends in arcades all those years back.

    Terrific effort, can't wait to play more! 10/10
  5. Sep 22, 2011
    There are games out there that cost $60 that aren't nearly as polished, deep, and generally fun as this game, with the difference being that Rusty Hearts is totally free. The cel-shaded art style, funny writing, and MMO aspects is something totally new and fresh in the world of F2P games. The gameplay and combat is super fast and fluid, and it's not your typical slow-grindy MMO. The writing and dialogue outshines any other free to play game out there right now. I definitely recommend checking the game out, at the very least because it's free and there is nothing to lose. Give it a try! Expand
  6. Dec 29, 2011
    It's crap if you couldn't tell already. Registration is slow and buggy, and once you get inside, nothing will impress you. This game is an utter bore.
  7. Feb 14, 2012
    One of the worst MMOs in history. Lucky it is free to play because you would regret spending 1 cent on this game. I can't believe steam is pushing this game, looks bad for them. It is more repetitive than any game you will ever play. You run the same dungeon over and over at different difficultly levels. It is very easy even on very hard. Stay away.
  8. Nov 30, 2012
    Rusty Hearts seemed a pretty good idea for a MMORPG. It started off good but quickly went downhill. I did enjoy it at first but quickly lost interest with its repetitive game play I myself love MMORPG's but I just couldn't get my head around Rusty Hearts. The lack of character customization really lets it down, you can't change anything about your character. Also this means you see characters exactly like you all time which isn't great. It did seem pretty buggy and it didn't really bring anything new to world of MMORPG's. Expand
  9. Oct 8, 2011
    It starts off very promising showing the game's 4 characters all in a cutscene. Whilst you can only choose between 4 character [designs] (3 at the time of writing), it allows them to be fleshed out with individual traits and it creates a relationship between the characters. It's more an RPG played online than a real MMORPG in this regard. Where the game shines is the combat, it's fast paced and there are a lot of combinations to make. There isn't much strategy to the combat though, just figuring out the fastest way to clear a room while taking as few hits as possible. That said, with the skill upgrade system and there being two types of weapons available for each character (one fast low damage one, and a slow heavy damage one) you can play whichever way suits you the most.

    The voice acting is pretty bad, and while the text is thought out and matches each character's personality, it's usually very cliche. Another issue with the game is the dungeon system and the repetitiveness of quests. There is no real sense of exploration, merely selecting a path through a set dungeon area in which you need to clear the areas leading up to the boss area. Every play through the same monsters appear in the same rooms (per difficulty level) making it even more predictable. The quests themselves usually feature the standard MMO quests: get x item, clear dungeon x within 10min, or taking less hits than 20 hits and such. They also keep coming, and the vast amount of text you get run over with makes you want to use the skip button (a redeeming feature, for sure). I enjoyed this game for a decent while, but then I very quickly lost my interest because there wasn't much to do beyond the set routine. As more dungeons become available you unlock more of the same types of quests and the amount you have to read to actually get a sense of story is too overwhelming to be interesting to you. This mainly because it just feels like more of the same. It's free to play though, and you're not forced to make micro-transactions to really get anywhere in the game. The store mainly features perks to add to your game experience, but not skills or weapons available to you. If it was a game one had to pay for, I'd probably give it a 6/10, but because it's f2p I'm giving it a 7.
  10. Jan 4, 2012
    This game is by far one of the worst rpgs of this genre, is a game with a boring gameplay, the graphics are nothing special and the keybindings configuration are a bit tricky since in game we cannot use the mouse. From the little I played the most interesting is the lore of the game.
    I give this classification because compared with other free to play games such as Dragon's Nest and
    Vindictus, its a really low game.
    Anyway there's nothing like experience and put your opinion here.
  11. Feb 23, 2013
    I love this game. Amazing graphics, amazing anime(ish) music, a good plot BUT the major con is the repetitive gameplay. It can get annoying. I'm currently level 18 and its all hack and slash, maybe they can get new features? But for a free to play MMORPG, it's definitely aced it.

    Oh registration is laggy and bug infested. Login is horrendous and installation was a nightmare
  12. Oct 29, 2011
    I didn't like this game on first impressions, because the UI blows. I had some real buggy behavior sending messages to people, the keyboard controls are kind of sucky, and in general the UI lacks polish. A friend of mine suggested I use an Xbox 360 gamepad instead, which does work better. The first level is also pretty dull just because the enemies really don't fight back. But it grew on me pretty quickly once I got farther into it. There's actually a pretty fun beat em up here, with a fair bit to do. I haven't found any particular need to spend real money on anything yet, though the outfits seem pretty popular on other players. Worth a look, provided you go in prepared for a learning curve on the UI. Expand
  13. Mar 31, 2012
    I didn't want to try this game because, after playing various F2P, I decided to discard all of them, but then I tried it out because I was bored, and then I discovered a really funny game! It's basically a dungeon crawler RPG with Beat'em up elements (it actually reminded me of Streets of Rage). It's not flawless of course so I'll start with the bad points. First of all, you get to choose 4 different "classes", but you get NO customization at all in the game! This is an online RPG but yet not even the simplest kind of customization AT ALL. Well, yes you can actually customize, but they are meant to be bought, and the problem with this is that it's basically useless and worthless of your time, without mentioning you can make "clothes" yourself with the patterns. Also, you can (right now at least) have 3 more characters, but they are ONLY "reskins" of 3 of the main characters, and the problem is they are COSTY (about 20 Euros if I checked right) and really discourages you to buy it, even though they aren't even needed. The story isn't anything special, but it's ok and won't hurt much to follow it, while the dungeons are very very short, but quite fast to complete and in the end that's the spirit of a dungeon crawler: go in, kill everyone, loot and level up. With that said, I honestly liked this game, a lot: it's simple but addicting, with 4 classes that are sometimes various and sometimes not, fast paced gameplay and very fun dungeons to be done with friends, since the game is at its best if you play with 3 more people (encouragingyou to do so, since you get more exp). It's not flawless, as I said earlier, but for a F2P game it's actually a lot of fun, something I can't say for many other of its kind. Expand
  14. May 6, 2012
    I recently started playing this game and I haft to say for a F2P MMORPG its very fun. It brings anime to life and is very good action packed. I really enjoyed playing and its a great game. However, there are a few flaws that really snag this game down. #1 No open world exploration... you will be fixed to small sections of a town until you complete all necessary quests before proceeding to the next area. #2 Its hard to find players since there is so many channels and sub channels preserver and the player view draw distance is so short even on high to see other players in the world. Player draw distance never seem exceed 10-20 feet before they disappear. #3 The worst of all. This game is PLAGUED by something the player community calls 'Rollsbacks'... Rollbacks are an event that will happen in the game where you Lose all your current armor, weapons, money, level and everything else rolling you back to a previous state you were in 2-3hours or sometimes DAYS before. This sucks specially when you reach a high level and get really good loot and it suddenly disappears! If this issue didn't occur so often or at all this game would be an 8. This issue is a really bad Failure for Perfect World for not maintaining their game servers. Expand
  15. Mar 7, 2012
    I'll just cut to the chase. FIRST: I wouldn't recommend this game if you don't have a gamepad. It's possible to play with keyboard and mouse, but unless you're a major PC veteran for whom hotkeys come as easy as breathing, I don't recommend it. You can customize the keybindings, but that's not the end of the problem in this case. But if you've got a gamepad, it might be worth a try. SECOND: Although the combat is in real-time, you're connecting to a server, so the action isn't exactly as tight as a Zelda or a Devil May Cry, so don't expect that level of responsiveness. And if you're connection isn't great, your hits (or enemy hits) may not register or enemies may teleport around the screen a little. Considering those technical issues, the game therefore throws a mob of enemies at you all at once and the combat becomes about chaining together basic and special attacks (doesn't really matter what order) to steamroll through the mob, turn around, steamroll through again, repeat until they're all dead. The moves can be fun to execute and watch, but at the end of the day, the game is mostly centered around steamrolling through mobs. THIRD: If you've played many action-based RPGs before, you may have seen this game's formula before. Each dungeon has X number of maps on it. Each one of the maps consists of playing through several waves of regular enemies, culminating in a boss fight. Once you defeat the boss, you are given a letter grade for your performance (F through SSS) which is based on how varied your combos were, how much damage you took, how many enemies you killed, how many items you had to use, etc. The letter grade effects the end-of-map bonuses. You are asked to draw a random prize out of a hat each time you down a boss. Once you beat a map, you can raise its difficulty to HARD or to VERY HARD, which also increases drop quality/odds, but the sole purpose of this option is to force you to party up and raid with other players. FOURTH: "Free to Play" in this case doesn't just mean paying for silly hats. The game has lots of features that are incredibly useful (e.g, personal storage space), speed up your character growth significantly, or allow for equipment customization that you can't really use without paying. Like so many of these games, the growth rate is structure to be fast and exhilirating (i.e. fun) at first, but it quickly slows to a tedious grind for non-paying customers, making it another case of "Free to Play. Pay To Enjoy". Rusty Hearts can be a fun experience, but if you don't want to be disappointed later, know what you're getting into before you start. Expand
  16. Oct 18, 2011
    I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of Perfect World, and was very skeptical when I first saw this game on steam, but what the hell, it was free, I downloaded it anyways. After having played a character up to around level 15 with a friend, there are x things I can tell you about this game. First, the â
  17. Oct 25, 2011
    This game is by far my favorite MMORPG, it combines anime styled graphics with smooth and fun hack n' slash combat and a great soundtrack. I love everything about the game except for the limited amount of dungeons but outside of that if you are a fan of MMORPG games you have to play this i doubt you will not enjoy this game.
  18. Jan 17, 2012
    I'd like to keep it short. Combat is awesome, feels sort of like a slower devil may cry. Actually, I feel there is a more of a focus on offense, so its more like a slower god of war. The level design however, is linear, and horrid. Each level contains a boxed areas after another where you fight a set amount of enemies. Rinse and Repeat. Fun, and worth the download.
  19. Jan 29, 2012
    The game looks great from the trailers, but upon installation and play it's rather terrible. The game can be played either by PC controls or by a console controller. I don't have a console controller so I played with PC controls which turned out to be incredibly unintuitive, clunky and bizarre just for the sake of being bizarre. It uses the arrow keys instead of the ASDF keys which is a throwback to games from the 1990's. I spent a good 30 minutes just trying to move from point A to point B. There's absolutely no reason for controls to be this bad.

    Character customization doesn't exist. You pick from four different classes which are permanently set with their race, gender and style. All you, as the player, get to do is pick which class and give the character a name. That's the extent of character creation.

    Once you get into the game after character creation, you're bombarded by cutscenes with terrible dialogue. I'm going to go out on a limb and attribute it to bad translation errors. Regardless, they're EVERYWHERE whenever you talk to any NPC. You cannot proceed without talking to specific NPCs which give you various quests. It turns out there are two game modes for Rusty Hearts. One that is a 3D world and you can walk in any direction (provided you can successfully manage the clunky controls). The other game mode is when you go into dungeons. The game becomes a 2D side scrolling fight game. Again, another throwback to games from the 1990's. Why? Your character starts off with a small handful of abilities which have annoyingly long cooldowns. These abilities are your ONLY offensive abilities which means you're going to be standing around getting pummeled while you wait for the cooldowns to finish. These abilities also use magic which, it turns out, doesn't regenerate and there are no mana potions for sale. You're pretty much done and out after the first encounter with enemies. Rusty Hearts seemed like it had a good concept behind it, but took too many development shortcuts to the point that it ruins the game. I struggle to understand why anyone would give this game any score above a 5. What game are they playing? It's certainly not Rusty Hearts.
  20. Apr 12, 2012
    Its good game and different to others RPG ,same format can be bored somethings this game make the difference, good graphic , history sometimes are bored just the history , addictive and the gameplay is so good.
  21. Oct 20, 2012
    This is a very good game. I spent 12 hours on this game. The upbeat music is very nice. And the bosses. The bosses on extreme. Very odd. On hard its a bit easy. Very nice graphics.
  22. Dec 13, 2012
    This is ok. I haven't stomached a korean MMO in about a year so maybe that's why I can handle playing it but it seems alright from what I've played. They make a good attempt at a storyline (for a korean mmo), the characters are amusing (breaking the fourth wall, making fun of game design, etc.), the combat is frenetic and engaging (but no manual targeting can be frustrating), and the cel-shaded-esque graphics are unique and better than average (but still are spotty especially during zoomed-in cutscenes). I could levy a wall of complaints about this game but they could apply to all korean mmos. Overall this is above average. If you have some friends who enjoy DMC-style action games this might be worth your time. Expand
  23. Nov 22, 2012
    For when it was released this is by far one of the funnest MMOs on the market. When I first played it I thought wow! A devil may cry rip off! Awesome!!! But it is a lot different due to traditional MMO qualities i.e. leveling, crafting, multiple characters, skill trees and what not. I only play 2 other F2P MMOs (Dragon nest and C9) but this is by far my favorite. I gave this a ten because it is actually fun and not a grind! There are many story driven quests to occupy your time and it has some humor in the dialogue. Other than Guildwars 2 this is the first game I look at playing on the weekend even though I have over 90 games already on steam (love the sales and I will play them one day!... Maybe...). Give it a try if you want an MMO which you can pick up at any time and have fun with. It is also controller compatible if your into that. Only negative thing is that sometimes you may encounter errors in a Dungeon (usually fault with internet connection and not the game). The Rusty Hearts team usually fix things within 2-3 days. They also have an awesome Vodcast which you can watch on their facebook page. Up to lvl 22 (where I am at) there has been no need to buy anything from the cash shop yet and I would say I have played about 20-30 hours. Tude is the funnest character to start with I think. See you in game :D. Expand
  24. Jan 6, 2013
    Fairly average-to-bad hack-and-slash MMO.
    Looks and feels unpolished, the game and camera controls seem unfinished and unintuitive.
    Game Mechanics and Physics feel laggy-floaty like Dragon Nest.
    Not worth to play.
  25. Jan 14, 2013
    Rusty Hearts is nominated for four awards: Favorite Action&Casual MMO, Best Graphic, Best Gameplay,
    Good game... best character graphics... and good monster AI too...

Generally favorable reviews - based on 6 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 6
  2. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. Jan 6, 2012
    Rusty Hearts can be worth your time, even if you are not a fan of the genre.
  2. Dec 14, 2011
    Rusty Hearts is a funny game with a great gothic atmosphere. If you like online roleplaying games with a bit of additional hack and slash action, then it's what you may have looked for. It is definitely a good game, not only between the freemium ones.
  3. Oct 21, 2011
    Rusty Hearts surprised me. It has a good game play mechanic, fantastic atmosphere and art style, and some really good multiplayer modes. What is so surprising to me is not how good the game is, but rather that nothing is being charged for it.