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  • Summary: Now you can live the adventurer's life in the fantasy role-playing game Sacred. The game lets you play as six different heroes, including the fierce Gladiators and the warrior Seraphim, as they pursue quests and gain unique powers. As you progress through single-player missions or multiplayer modes, you'll rely on your sword arm, spells, and skills to achieve victory. Heroes can even cast spells, fight hand-to-hand, and fire ranged weapons while riding on horses. Expand
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  1. Jul 4, 2012
    Many critics have compared this to Diablo. NO! Under no circumstances this is Diablo or Diablo 2 (Diablo 3 is not really a diablo anyway). Sacred Gold tries hard to be like a fast-paced action based RPG. But it simply cannot keep up with the dynamic. It's really simple things like lagging after you press "attack" and the sword movement of your hero that pull this game down. I mean, come on - when you press the left mouse button you want an instant slash, blood, and sound of sword ripping through the gutted monster! Sacred Gold fails to bring us this. And these little failures continue through out the game - inventory that is transparent to such an extent that you can neither see your hero, nor the items that you are buying; lack of instant journey to a town, portal, or a check point - you need to travel all the way to the place where you have been slain; weird characteristic statistics - Strength for example develops your hit points and melee damage, but to what extent is a mystery, since there are no stat changes in the game shown for your convenience.
    Sacred Gold tries, really tries to be a good slasher-looter, but cannot accomplish it mainly due to its lazy, laggy dynamic.
  2. Nov 5, 2012
    Sacred is an third person RPG. After few hours of play i already love it. There are various class to pick and a tutorial, a good interface with a button to take all the loot,voice quest,various types of potions, not only health-mana and you can explore houses; a huge map to explore with portals and alternating day-night. To move quickly from early levels you can buy a horse and if you lose it while doing a quest, there is a button to recall it, awesome! I can not give a ten because there isn't key rebinds and screen resolution option, so I can play with a wide screen,maximum half an hour each gaming session. Expand