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  1. Aug 20, 2013
    The game is pretty bad. Almost half of it was just taken from Saints Row The Third. This is basically the new CoD series, release a new game with a new map, new guns, new characters, a new storyline, but still keep a lot of the content the same.

    Saints Row 3.5 fails
  2. Aug 20, 2013
    Saints Row the 3rd was over the top, yet fun. Saints Row 4 jumps the shark. Instead of being tethered in reality yet laced with absurdity, it abandons all pretense at reality and leaves the fun at home in the process.
  3. Aug 21, 2013
    really really enjoyed 2 and the third.
    this is a mish mash of crap from other games, seems like it lost all of its character.

    it's pure gimmick..........
  4. Aug 22, 2013
    Saint's Row 4 is a game that is inferior to Saint's Row 3 in nearly every conceivable fashion. It has less content, it controls worse, it is shorter, it may even look worse. It has a dumber narrative with dumber characters and less interesting secrets to find and things to do. Saint's Row 3 replaced much of Saint's Row 2's substance with style, but it at least kept some of that substance. Saint's Row 4 replaced all of the remaining substance with more style. Not worth playing. Expand
  5. Aug 20, 2013
    GTA ripoff but with silly, quirky gameplay that is just retarted. Pass this one up it's not worth it. I I don't understand how this series is even selling, it's terrible.
  6. Aug 22, 2013
    This game is absurd and ridiculous, It is the exact game that saints row the third was except it adds a new story. same city, same cars, basically the same clothes except a ridiculous uncle sam suit, also there is super powers which takes it's theme directly from prototype/infamous. So in the middle of a story they take a game and turn it into utter and complete garbage and then take a dlc and charge us full game price for it. this is the exact same game as sr3 it is literally sr3.5. Also you get to play as a toilet, which is ironically where this piece of crap should be Expand
  7. Aug 25, 2013
    I loved Saints Row The Third. But Saints Row IV is basicly SR3 plus aliens and super powers. Feels like a DLC. Almost everything stays the same. And with the super powers, it is too easy and boring. I was expecting something new and fun, disappointed.
  8. Aug 22, 2013
    This game should be renamed as "Saints Row III Matrix Prototype". This is a game using all the texture materials, including the whole map from Saints Row III, with a player wandering in a world like "Matrix", fighting a lot of alien creatures in the style of "Prototype". The original plot of fighting human gangs just get destroyed in this new installment. Absolutely does not worth a price of $50.
  9. Aug 23, 2013
    I played others Saint's Row games but this is really bull compared to other sagas, i hope these 'developers' think about what are they doing... and the price is too high for this.
  10. Aug 24, 2013
    The critics must have not played Saints Row: The Third, that's the only plausible explanation as to why they would give this game such a high score. Like many other users, I found this game to be Saints Row: The Third Redux. It should have been a DLC, but Volition and Deep Silver wanted to be greedy and make users pay full price for a game with 10% new content, the only blatantly obvious difference between the two games is the main story line. I was incredibly excited for this game when I played a few minutes of it at E3, not being able to play enough to know how much like The Third it really was. This would be a great game to get if you didn't already play Saints Row: The Third, but if you have you are most likely disappointed with SRIV. It is quite buggy, driving into invisible walls in the middle of the street, characters not animating correctly, getting stuck in menus, and if you play co-op, both players will not be able to participate in the interactive cut scenes, the person hosting the game will be the one in control of the cut scenes. There are major clipping issues on the characters in terms of clothes and hair, but the Saints Row franchise seems to make that the norm. Using certain powers is wonky and not user friendly as you must double tap a key to enable them. In conclusion, I am pretty disappointed and feel incredibly stupid for buying into the hype and purchasing this game. I hope this review has been helpful to someone Expand
  11. Aug 25, 2013
    Terrible port, Max Anti aliasing of 8x msaa causes barrels to look like squares, Corpses have white edges round them. Terrible game play, Even on the hardest difficulty it has ridiculous auto aim with terrible AI, The AI barely knows that they can shoot and when they do they miss by a mile, There is no challenge to the game and not worth the money. With Saints Row 4 you get exactly what you get with saints row 3 but worse. Expand
  12. Aug 24, 2013
    Seriously i have no idea why the Developers would turn away from the original gameplay and put in the whole matrix Where as Saints row the third were on the edge and humorous, Saints Row IV takes it over the edge and ends up feeling totally childish and lame.
    I give it 1 point tho for the first 10mins of gameplay where the game seems humorous and kinda fun, but the whole superpower thing
    after totally ruins any form of SR feeling and gameplay.
    Have you played retarded like Prototype and found that entertaining you might find SR4 is for you.
    There is agood chance that if you liked SR 2 and 3 that you will absoluteley hate SR4.
  13. Aug 25, 2013
    It has the same animation as the 3rd, and just added some stupid superpowers. the game has lost it...

    really bad game. i wish i didnt spend 45 bucks on it :(

    buyer beware
  14. Aug 25, 2013
    A pretty disappointing addition to the Saints Row series. The developer should make an original IP instead of shoehorning what they want to do in this series, completely disregarding the previous games and giving a middle finger to its fans.
  15. Sep 1, 2013
    This game should be called Saints Row 3.5, as beyond the introduction of super powers makes absolutely no changes from Saints Row The Third. The plot is mediocre at best, graphics aren't any better, guns, cars, clothing, all virtually unchanged from the previous installment. It makes me wonder what took so long to release the game, since they simply copy/pasted half the game from the previous game. Expand
  16. Aug 25, 2013
    Very clever twists and turns in the story of the Saints. Unfortunately, that's about as far as I can go with this. It feels like a game very badly ported from a console. SR3 was superior in terms of gameplay and movement. I get barely passable performance in highest detail with 2 Titan cards. (Tried turning one off) some glitches went away but the performance just didnt make sense. The graphics looks far more basic and the gameplay feels like it is less engaging than was the case previously. The main problem is really the glitchy control and very low rez looking textures. I brought alot of DLC for the SR3 and maybe I got a graphics packs somewhere along the line. This feels like a far older game. It just feels older than it should and the usual humour and saucy characters are not enough to hide the disappointing issues under the surface. Did SR3 get a lot of flack for being a little adult before? It feels like this has been toned down quite a bit. Expand
  17. Aug 27, 2013
    Let me preface this by saying that I was not a fan of the previous Saints Row games, so if you were, this review probably does not apply to you and you will likely have a good time. Buy it. If you haven't played Saints Row, or if you slightly disliked the previous games, read on.

    I was first introduced to Saints Row in a sort of middle period after having finished GTA4 and waiting
    anxiously for GTA5 (which I am at the time of writing still doing, but not for long). It's pretty obvious from the get go what the purpose of Saints Row is; it's like GTA, only a lot more fart jokes, explosions, nudeness, unrealistic characters and so on. If playing a game that essentially feels like nothing but a developer sandbox for six hours because you love explosions, Saints Row is fine. It is entertaining in that way.

    The problem I have with Saints Row is that it has no compelling characters, and no compelling plot. I will say that I have no problem understanding why this is, the plotlines are by nature ridiculous and over-the-top, but for me personally I just can't become engaged in a game that literally does not have a story.

    For SR4, you might say it has a story. I would say the story is a thin film, present only out of necessity, to tie together the millions of popular culture references (do a barrel roll!) and "crazy" events throughout the game. It's obvious that the point here was to make a game that was as crazy as possible, and that's fine. It's true to its roots, because this is what Saints Row has always been about. However, the bottom line for me is that a game without a story is just as bad as a movie or a book without a story. I wouldn't want to watch a movie with 90 minutes of fart jokes and pop culture references either, where it feels like the plot was constructed on top of cramming all that stuff in to make it sort of fit.

    So, if you're like me and you need an engaging story and characters that have more complexity than a sack of potatoes to get you through a game, I think this game probably is not for you. This game is for the choir, those that already know and love the Saints Row series. It's not for me.
  18. Aug 27, 2013
    This game is a huge disappointment, worn out and it should be a DLC for the third episode. I know many people say similar things but it's true.

    The super powers are really cool but they make many things unnecessary in the game (basically each vehicle). There are cars/helicopters in the game but you will never use them until you are being forced (by a mission). You better jump&fly
    because the waypoints of each missions located on the opposite side of the map which is really annoying. (I think the travel takes the most of the time spent in the game.) Complete waste of time. A new map would save the situation but It's the same as it was in the previous release. That's why I have to mark the game as a refurbished SR3 there is nothing left to explore.

    They kept some old activities and renamed/reskinned them. Lazy bastards. The new rift activities are... mostly "meh" for me. That rushing activity wasn't that bad. Plus they removed the best activities related to Genki. Sad panda is sad.

    The enemies aren't serious threats but annoying ars*holes. I hate when they throwing fireballs (whatever) at me 10 times in a row and I can't do anything just watch how I burn. This is not hard but annoying which is not the same.

    The best thing about the game (in my opinion) is the reviewed game menu. I loved that. Well, the menu responsivity is far from acceptable but it looks nice.
  19. Sep 7, 2013
    I didn't think it was possible, but everything I said in my SR3 review works here as well. Volition, go yourselves for selling out.

    Enough with the GTA comparisons. Having played every single GTA and Saints Row game, I can assure you that they aren't even close to competitors.

    The Saints Row series has really declined over the year, yet everyone hails this game as being a savior
    simply because GTA IV was too boring. Most of the people who are reviewing this game never played SR1, so they think Saints Row was always this ultra silly, casual alternative to the slightly more serious GTA. In the first game, the whole focus was the 3rd Street Saints. You weren't a Gary Stu, you were just a wild card in the gang. Most of the gameplay revolved around following your Lieutenant's orders. You actually had to use gang members, play the activities, and gain territory. It wasn't simple, nor was it easy. Level 8 Snatch activities, I rest my case. Those were infuriatingly impossible.

    In the first game, we had more clothing customization. We had more layers of clothes to choose from. We could zip and unzip outfits, turn hats, put up our hoods, lower our pants, and frankly do whatever the hell we wanted. There was more intricate jewelry, a wider variety of clothing stores, and most importantly of all, colors mattered. Nowadays, respect is nothing more than some equivalent of levels in your average RPG.

    In SR1, you could rob stores at different times of the day. If you burglarized stores at night, you broke in to the back, cracked the safe, and carried out boxes of goods. You then had to load them into trucks and drive them to a fence.

    In SR1, you could buy liquor and joints. Not that getting high or drunk was all that important, but it made you feel more like a gangster and it also allowed you to punch people ridiculous distances.

    In SR1, activities had 8 levels instead of 6. The final 2 levels of practically every activity were absurdly challenging, even on Normal.

    In SR1, respect and money didn't grow on trees. You couldn't just buy meaningless properties that sit there in a static environment and do nothing. You actually had to play the activities and contribute to the well being of your gang to continue to do missions. In SR3 respect is thrown at me for taking a piss on the sidewalk.

    In SR1, there was an actual story worth following. Los Carnales, the Rollers, and the Vice Kings put the SR2 and SR3 gangs to shame. Benjamin King alone is a better character than the combined cast of SR3. The narrative isn't limited to LOL SO RANDUMB kind of humor made for 12 year olds who are convinced that GTA is supposed to be some ultra silly casual party game. That's literally where the SR2/SR3 audience came from. They played San Andreas, thought that every GTA game was like that, got mad about GTA IV, then forced their way into the Saints Row userbase.

    In SR1, there were stronghold missions. Even these were kept in SR2. In SR3, a stronghold is some useless building with nothing to do in it that sits around and makes you more money to spend on absolutely nothing.

    In SR1, your phone was actually useful. There were phone numbers all throughout the game that made Stilwater feel much more alive and real. It wasn't limited to 911, taxis, and other dumb ****.

    I could continue to go on about all the features that SR1 had that were stripped away in SR2 and further removed in SR3, but I'll end with this. I 100% completed Saints Row The Third in 17 hours and 40 minutes. If you actually think this game deserves anything more than a 6, you must have the lowest standards on the planet. There is no new content to this game. The more serious tone has been completely abandoned for stupid kiddie humor and bland characters with absolutely no development. The whole community is filled with idiots who want furries and ponies and random they find online. The quality of game was sacrificed for slightly improved graphics in a boring, static city with no exploration allowed. The worst part is that there is genuinely no content. Once you beat the missions, clear the activities, and get the collectibles, you're done. The activities are so short, I have 100% control of the city before the story even ends.

    Saints Row 3 is a bastardization of the previous two Saints Row games. The worst part is, this game is a pile of rubbish BEFORE the season pass bull**** I can only hope this was a product of mismanagement at THQ, and that Volition will do better in the future like we know they can. Oh wait, the same problems are happening under new management.
  20. Aug 27, 2013
    If you never played Saints Row the 3rd, this game to you will be weird but entertaining. If you have played Saints Row the 3rd, this game will be very disappointing to you. This was just a letdown; it feels like a DLC for Saints Row the 3rd. It's unfinished, unpolished and expensive for such a poor attempt at a game.
    But, like I said, if you've never played any other Saints Row game, you
    will most likely enjoy this one. Expand
  21. Aug 31, 2013
    SEVERELY dissapointed. I loved Saints Row 3 and I REALLY wanted to love this game. But do you know what this game boils down to for me ?

    It feels like I'm playing a ton of minigames over and over and over and over. Which would be ok if they minigames were enjoyable, but for the most part I think they are really dull.

    Beyond this the powers feel OK they don't flow well in my
    opinion and the movement never feels very precise. Graphics are fine nothing special. Sound is kinda meh, I think the radio stations are really which you can say just use your own music but when that is such a big crux to your game I think that should be mentioned. Writing is honestly the only place where this game shines but I don't think its worth suffering through the very repetitive gameplay. In addition to these major flaws there are a TON of minor flaws that are just irritating to deal with so be prepared. I'd say avoid. Expand
  22. Aug 29, 2013
    86 from critics? It's recycled content that was meant to be DLC and it shows, if you have Saints Row 3 and the super power DLC then there is nothing new for you here. It is literally the exact same thing.
  23. Aug 23, 2013
    It has a censored AU version that is utterly incompatible with every other country.
    And to top it all off the bug reports on the steam forums are piling up.
    All in all this is the death of a franchise.
  24. Aug 25, 2013
    Story would be good for spin-off DLC (even for this price). Or for mobile game. But not for next part of SR. Convenient handling of player's superpowers. Soundtrack is really good. As well as effects and character's voices. Most of graphical resources from SR3. Graphics slightly improved with over-shading, pixelization and "digital" location loading-lagging. During the game I had a feeling, that bad language, violence and sexual content isn't necessary part and remains only for compatibility with series.
    As for storyline I hope that in next part(or DLC) it's all going to be a long and bad dream of "Boss", after a reading one of Kinzie's smart computer books.
    "Boss" creation left without changes from SR3, with few new hairstyles and clothes. Some content from SR3 obsolete, but still included, like transport (hostage diversion etc.) and useless gang members.
  25. Aug 25, 2013
    After having dealt with this game's for hours on end and having been ejected out of the game for the 3rd time today by some random crash I'm finally putting it down. I regret not buying the physical CD so that I could at least get the satisfaction of hurling it across the street and watching it shatter on the sidewalk.

    As a disclaimer, I actually liked saints row the third, thought it
    was an enjoyable experience, and gave it a 7.5/10 or so. Saints row the IV, however, does absolutely everything wrong and gets a 2/10. You see, GTA and prototype had a baby, drank moonshine and did PCP the entire pregnancy, then promptly aborted the baby at 8 months in order to give birth to this brilliant abomination.

    Where to start. The game throws out any sense of logic, immersion, fun, and challenge right away at the door and CONSTANTLY reminds you that it did so IN THE DIALOG throughout the game. Your first moments in the actual game put you right back in the exact city you played in the 3rd one with a few alien towers scattered about. Same cars, same insanely dressed cardboard pedestrians, same buildings, same boring grey sky, same side quests, same outdated graphics. You quickly realize you're playing just about the same exact game with this new super hero system bolted onto the side. You can run super fast and jump really high similar to prototype. In fact the movement system is identical to prototypes except... *drum roll* no parkour system whatsoever!!! Expect to get stuck on light posts, fences, random overhanging ledges, or anything that isn't flat. You're really overpowered even with the new pickup based health system (one of their only good ideas). You also quickly learn a fireball spell which literally clears the entire field of enemies with a single blast with a powerful CC and spreading DOT effect. There's really no fun in being immensely overpowered and pointlessly running between the ship and the simulation to complete the same boring ass side missions over and over. Some were fun like the on foot/motor cycle racing ones, but no one wants to play them 10 times. By the way, your main form of progression in the game comes form tediously collecting hundreds and hundreds of glowing "code bits" scattered around the world... have fun.

    Apart from the game being really easy and the new movement system being annoying and jarring to use (even from a prototype veteran parkour master sensi), its also really really buggy. You can ram a tank and send it FLYING into space without losing any speed but a car you bump into while running can hit a wall, bounce off it, and instantly ragdoll you on contact and it happens ALOT (this goes for any debris as well). Cars going 40mph across an intersection also can ragdoll you even though one of your punches will send it flying over a gas station. There are an assortment of glitches and bugs specific to each mission that either slow you down a lot or force you to restart the game and could have easily been fixed if any amount of beta testing took place.

    As for the story, its simply flat, boring, and stupid. The game is mostly about you and Kenzi talking back and forth which essentially boils down to "Hey kenzie, what's the plan?", "Go disrupt the signal relay so the simulation code overloads and we can siphon data from the internal storage module" "What?" "Go shoot the big glowy thing and kill aliens" "Oh, why didn't you say so". Huh huh huh, that gets pretty old after the 10th time. If you thought the opening missions were bad, wait until you rescue Johny Gatt. Your entire crew instantly starts sucking up to him like they've all been childhood friends in the most corny, cliche, and forced fashion you could possibly imagine. You get the feeling that the characters are literally begging for your forgiveness on behalf of the developers for even having thought about killing Johny Gatt in the last Saints game. Before that, you had to rescue each saint from their own mental simulations which was a good idea, except it was really repetitive, easy, and unimaginative. My favorite was saving Big Ben which ironically was a simulation of a scene from the first saints game. At least you can go around and have sex with every crew member you rescue, so that's cool... and confusing.

    Anyways, I expected a lot more from this game than a steaming pile of garbage. This will probably be the last saints row game they make unless the apocalypse starts early or something.

  26. Aug 23, 2013
    everything is bad in this game; graphics, style, soundtrack, story, AI, gameplay, missions; it's nuts to see it getting so much high socores. I've actually felt dumb and dumber playing it. Don't get me wrong, I like humor, but the game has nothing to offer to adult gamers.
  27. Sep 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I bought SR4 yesterday and i just finished it and im giving everyone a warning, do not buy this game it is just a overpriced DLC for SR3! Let me tell you the top ten reason why this game is not worth your money
    It was planned to be just a DLC for SR3 and you can tell they did not add many things after changing the plans.
    The super powers you have in this game you could get from buying a DLC in SR3!
    No work whatsoever on the graphics.
    There is lot's of annoying bugs in the game
    You don't get any choices after the intro!
    The story is average at best and tries to be something it's not
    The ending is just awful and feels rushed out, well the whole game feels rushed out.
    It's the exact same city you where in the last game except some buildings are gone and there is a giant space ship floating in the sky.
    Beacuse of the super powers that you have cars are now useless.
    The worst part of all is the godamn price, would you pay 50$ for a DLC? Probably not so why would you buy this game!? and oh yo dawg i got DLC for your DLC!
    If you don't have a lot of money like me you should wait for a good game like GTA V!
  28. Sep 23, 2013
    Saints Row 3 with a DLC. Seriously. It uses the same town, same textures. I have no goddamn idea why they made this a new game. The writing isn't great. Too many references to other games. I don't even think they wrote the script, just a mash of quotes from other sci-fi video games and movies.
  29. Sep 8, 2013
    Where do I begin with this game? This is one of those games where you have to be careful how you review it because, if you say one wrong thing, someone will have your throat which leaves you questioning 'which of us was in the wrong?', but I digress.

    This game for me was very disappointing, also to me at least I felt a bit lied to about the whole thing. Now before I begin I am going to
    point out this now...I will not be judging this game on the fact it was originally going to be DLC, even though I could and make the score lower, I feel that's kind of a low blow as just because it was going to be DLC doesn't mean it couldn't be a successful standalone game. I am judging this game from a story-line and gameplay standpoint.

    The gameplay in 'Saints Row IV' is very enjoyable, it is fun to run around really fast and jump over buildings. It is really stimulating, I'll happily admit that it’s like you’re a god in a world of toy soldiers. But that is one of the game’s biggest downfalls'. The powers in the game make you too powerful, you are able to get around the map so quickly and easily it removes one of the core features in these city-sandbox games...CARS!!!! They in 'Saints Row IV' now have no purpose or requirement, they were originally there to allow you a faster mode of transport around Steelport, but since now you can just jump over buildings, run across the road at super-sonic speeds and, cars go soaring away like a candy wrapper in an updraft when you run into them. Another thing these powers have done in this is made the game SOOOO EASY!!! Now what I mean is they give you all these super powers to use but then they couldn't think how to make the game still challenging so they made the challenge 'fake', what I mean is they make it so your health no longer regenerates, so you have to get health pickups from enemies which are in large numbers that aren't hard to kill because of your superpowers (also why in Saints Row II & Saints Row the Third do you regenerate health when you're mortal but in this you’re a superhero and you don't?...weird). And finally about the powers is one fact that most positive reviews leave out; the fact that these super powers in a virtual world, already existed in Saints Row the Third's DLC in the real world...and in Crackdown...and in Prototype it basically takes the original ideas of other games and puts them in this (including its own franchise!) even USGamer says and I quote 'While the game's roots as Saints Row: The Third DLC are still showing, Volition has put together an amazing game from a wide variety of sources.' even though it's used in a positive context here the point still stands that the game is just parts of other games. So to summarize:
    Vehicles: Useless
    Enemies: Weak
    Difficulty: None or Easy
    Superpowers: Unoriginal-ception!!!
    Gameplay enjoyment: Fun

    Now the worst half, the put it bluntly, BULL CRAP!!! That is all the story is in this. The thing that most people say about this game is, 'this isn't a game to take seriously it's meant to just be a game to kick back and enjoy yourself'. In my eyes that is what free-roaming is for, your own amusement, not the story-line! I remember a trailer saying that this was going to be 'The Most Dramatic Saints Row Game ever!' but that isn't true because for effective drama you need a threat, tension and, believable characters to pull it all off and make you intrigued, this game has none of those traits. The threat in this game isn't threatening. I was never for one second convinced that the aliens would enslave the human race entirely and rule the world at the end of the game, because it was one large invasion! Since there was a large scale threat there isn't any fear that they will win because you know that for this scenario the developers wouldn't do that, but if there was one alien in the game who was superior to you in any and every way and he had a new character prisoner, there would be a small threat that is effective because it creates genuine tension. If Zinyak came alone to earth and was able to stop you very easily and had captured Asha who was just introduced that creates great tension because you don't if in this game their main character or a built-up plot point just ready to die at his hands, and the fact it can go either way makes great tension. There you go, there’s a way to improve Saints Row IV straight away! Also the characters are just gone in this game, they just aren't them selves. And that sucks because I like these characters but in this I don't. The comedy is all wrong as well as the charm of saints row 2 & 3 was it was serious and funny but this is just funny that isn't really funny at all.

    So overall I'd say don't waste your time, if you take the time to see the issues with this game, you'll start to notice obvious flaws. In my opinion: save yourself $40-$50 and buy something else; crackdown... or Prototype. Seriously it's the same game
  30. Sep 6, 2013
    I cant see the fun in that game, its basically SR3 with Running and Jumping night time and dumb looking aliens. The gameplay is so clumsy and the humor fits for 12 year olds. Just a big expensive dlc pack for kids.
  31. Oct 28, 2013
    "hey, you know what, let's take Saints Row 3, add some Crackdown and Prototype gameplay to it and overpower the layer so you don't have to use cheats anymore!"
    "But.. sir.. why still have the vehicles to drive and have vehicle customization if you can run faster and jump over buildings and water?"
    "That's not what people want Jenkins! People want all kinds of weapons and wrestling
    moves and super powers to play around with."
    "That what i was saying sir, why still have it in there. Why still call i Saints Row at all?"
    "Yes.. sir?"
    "You're fired!!!"
  32. Oct 26, 2013
    This game is a huge disappointment. It's nothing more than a big set of terrible DLC for SR3. It's the exact same world map as 3 just reskinned as Tron.
  33. Oct 25, 2013
    Load of tripe "over the top game play" is an excuse for lazy story telling not to mention rips off better franchises and copied the matrix it offers no originality what so ever.
  34. Sep 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First of all I will say that this game is probably enjoyable for people that didn't play SR3.

    I am, however, quite disappointed.
    By trying to go even more over the top than Saints Row: The Third, they nearly ruined everything.

    I will now list all the good and the bad things I found most noteworthy.

    -They improved the engine a lot from SR3, it looks better and runs a lot smoother
    -The new characters are interesting, especially Benjamin King
    -The voice actors are superb and bring the characters to life, the dialogues are snippy and often good for a chuckle
    -First mission is hands down one of the most awesome ways to open a video game. I mean, riding a intercontinental missile while disarming the nuke, landing in the president's chair, what do you want more
    -First 2-3 hours were quite fun, as you always got new toys to play with, discovering new things, etc.
    -some of the new weapons are quite cool, like the an*l probe and the blackhole launcher

    Bad things: (in no particular order of badness)
    -the game consists of 70% Saints Row: The Third, some activities have new wrappings, but they're still the same old inside
    -the remaining 30% are: 20% Matrix (the movies), 5% other video games/movies/pop culture and 5% original content I hope for Deep Silver that they got permission to use exact soundfiles from Metal Gear Solid)
    -they chose near-maximum movement distance between every (step of a) mission. I spent about 40% of my total playtime just running around to go to the next mission
    -while all the new stuff you get is all fun the first few times, it gets old really fast, using abilities, doing activities becomes extremely repetitive after a few hours, so I couldn't bear with it anymore and did the main storyline and the loyalty missions
    -the missions themselves also become very repetitive very fast
    -the first 4 powers that you get kinda get your hopes up that the remaining 4 will be as awesome, but they are all really lame in comparison
    -the story makes absolutely no sense at all. Don't even try to make sense of it, it's not possible.
    -the highly advertised "romance" features, from which I hoped they would be like in rpg games like mass effect or the witcher, are just: press R for sex, that's it, from the first time you meet a character
    -they seem to have taken BOTH endings from SR3. Shaundi is alive and there is nothing to be seen from Killbane. They were mutually exclusive in case you can't remember
    -one of the cool things to do in SR3 was tuning cars, since you could adjust colors, etc, very well. It's still there, but after 30 minutes of gameplay you won't ever use a car again, unless forced to.
    -difficulty is extremely low, I did not die a single time on hard mode
    -the playtime is ridiculously short, I finished in 11h 21m with 74% completion
    -the ending creates an unstable time loop
    -collecting the 1155 (no typo, one thousand one hundred fifty-five) collectibles some audio tapes) gets boring extremely fast, they're not even hidden at all, you can see them from hundreds of metres away since they glow-- absolutely no motivation to get them all, and I usually 100% all my games
    -THE most annoying thing for me: The mini "bosses" aka everything that has a shield.
    After you take down the shield with a power, you get a measly 3 seconds to damage the boss.
    The bosses have a huge amount of health, leading to very drawn out, yet unchallenging fights.
    As if that wasn't enough, they can easily stunlock you with their telekinetic throw, even if you press space to recover in midair.
    -knowing the style of SR3, there were almost no surprises. In every situation you know what will happen, because you know how things roll with the Saints.
  35. Sep 7, 2013
    Don't believe the hype about this game.

    The vast majority of the assets in this game are recycled from Saints Row 3. I bought this thinking that "only" the city was recycled. I had no idea that the character models would be identical (including the customization options!), planes and cars would just be reskinned versions of SR3 vehicles (interesting that UFOs fly just like SR3 VTOLs),
    and even many of the guns are just reskinned versions of their SR3 counterparts. The developers also recycled some SR3 concepts that have no purpose in SR4 (such as gang design or car customization). Heck, even the clothes/outfits are straight from Saints Row 3.

    The gameplay is disappointing as well. The main story missions are short the vast majority of your time will be spent doing side missions. Most of these side missions are literally just "go to x location across the city and do some minigame you've already done 10 times before". Its worth mentioning that most of the minigames are recycled from SR3.

    Another big problem is the complete lack of CHALLENGE in this game. The superpowers make everything so unbalanced in your favor, even on hardcore mode. The poor enemy AI makes this even worse the "wardens", who are supposed to act like mini-bosses in the game, will often jump around aimlessly and never attack if you stand on top of a building.

    Of course, the saving grace for the SR series has always been the tongue-in-cheek humor. Sadly, that's not the case with this game. This game feels like it was written for teenagers who speak in Internet memes and enjoy Seth McFarlane comedies, the type of people who think anything random and "edgy" is automatically funny. Saying that this game is just "over the top" and that it "doesn't take itself too seriously" is a disservice to games that manage to be genuinely funny without being idiotic (Saints Row 2, anyone?).

    As for plot, there is none. If they writers wanted to make the plot crazy and insane, they should've still ensured that it was internally coherent. Quite a few of the missions start with Kinsie telling you some nonsense about alien technology, which segues into her telling you to do something that will disrupt the aforementioned technology even though there is no clear reason why. Apparently jumping in front of cars for insurance money will help disrupt an alien simulation. The game also ironically points out its out plot flaws quite a bit, as though being up-front about it would lessen the criticism (I guess they were right in this regard).

    Do not buy this game. It should've been a $20 expansion pack or DLC, though even if it were I would still recommend everyone to stay away.
  36. Dec 15, 2013
    Saints Row 4 is basically sr3 with superpowers and a depressing steelport. I paid $20 for it in the steam autumn sale, and even for that price it's a rip off. Should've been a 5-dollar dlc!
  37. Oct 31, 2013
    This was short, shallow and felt like SRIII DLC.

    The world was shallow and depressing (a la The Matrix), the music was genuinely bad and there was ZERO end game. The days don't pass and it's always dark. You can do something about that later, but not automatically.

    Even while playing the campaign I felt alone; your associates are made of paper and lack the personality and humour
    they had in III. At one point you and your associate get into a discussion over an actual plot hole the writers thought it'd be cute to acknowledge the plot hole, make a joke of it and steamroll it rather than fix it. How insulting like I'd just pay for DLC and not care anyway because I'm too stupid. After all, all a blind consumer needs is someone to kill and something shiny to kill them with.

    I really felt as though this were less a game and more an interface for DLC. They just made this game so they could sell me some imaginary clothes and cars for real money. I mean, that's quite often the case but you really FEEL it here- there's no attempt to finesse it, no effort put into earning it.

    Time wasted on this "game" is time better spent learning something new or improving a real world skill. This pissed me off.
  38. Sep 13, 2013
    Had some fun at the start Then everyone was crashing not good AT ALL Amd users as well not just nvidia ...everyone had enough... lost interest we even checked mod forum for help.... It went worse don't bother...Buy this at the moment NO ...Not till they sort it out try 2014 with free dlc s version with a sorry
  39. Sep 11, 2013
    A dull 'game' (read: cash-in) that really only seems to appeal to the younger audiences as those that are extraordinarily easily entertained. As a whole the game is laughably lackluster, it tries to be so many things yet fails to deliver completely on any of aspects or genres it attempts to delve into, and to even dub this game as 'style over substance' would require quite the stretch of the imagination. Additionally the zany factor within this rehash I mean new game just feels trite and forced.

    To conclude, I would advise anyone to not waste their money on this overpriced DLC unless they wish to suffer from intense buyers remorse.
  40. Sep 11, 2013
    A disgrace to gaming... I see this as no more than a big DLC for saints row 3, using a few of their previous games.

    You can count the new content in game, if you sort away the weapons, on your fingers... I mean, come on. That, and the price did not have anything to do with the amount of content. I feel cheated more than anything else...
  41. Oct 9, 2013
    They should have stuck to their original idea of making it DLC for SR3. The Matrix style effects for the city get old right from the start. The city is an eyesore, and the powers are uninspired and ultimately pointless. The passive abilities render the vehicles completely pointless, and will also become an inconvenience very quickly, as some abilities will all but guarantee a raised wanted level. 9 times out of 10 you will not be able to shake your wanted level because the "cops" can reach you anywhere by spawning right beside you, even on buildings. What should've been a light parody or nod even, to the Matrix, turned out to be an exact ripoff of the movie. If the movie came out a year ago I would understand, but it came out in 1999, and been copied and parodied to absurdity long before this game came about. If it does nothing else, it makes you want to blow the dust off of your SR3 copy, and that's never a bad thing. Especially since you don't have to play the same mini game over and over to access every individual store in SR3 Expand
  42. Nov 5, 2013
    Let me preface by saying that I've played all three previous Saints Row games and quite enjoyed them.

    Saints Row IV however I could only tolerate for about five hours.

    Whereas the first two titles, and to a degree the third, focused on delivering a not so tongue-in-cheek humored-filled parody of the Grand Theft Auto series the fourth installment instead decides to concentrate on
    upping the ante set by Saints Row: The Third in regard to its more ham-fisted ridiculous aspects.

    The result? A game that appears to have been conceived by a group of drunk twenty-somethings with the mental maturity of thirteen year olds (who are also possibly drunk).

    The game opens with the protagonist being the President of the United States who then gets attacked and abducted by aliens and thrown into a Matrix-style program world of Steelport. In this fake world the player is then immediately given the ability to fly, jump fantastic heights, sprint at mach speeds, and use magical powers. Recall the premise of the first Saints Row and just let that explanation sink in...

    You're literally given "God-mode" from the outset making things like driving and customizing vehicles, using weapons, and even giving a second thought to the experience/ability trees completely moot. Everything that basically made the Saints Row series, on a gameplay level, an actual interesting and engaging experience has been thrown out the window in favor of gimmicks and flash. The game isn't even all that funny either which, when you think about it, is kind of a main draw of the series.

    I will not be surprised AT ALL if Saints Row IV is the last game of the franchise.
  43. Nov 17, 2013
    The only thing worth playing this game for is the humour or if you're the kind of person who wants to be told how to play, then this is for you. Several sequences continue to tell you which keys to press and when.. I don't see much fun in that.

    It would seem a lot of modern games (like this) these days presume the player is an idiot and can't figure out stuff for him/herself or can't
    learn by making mistakes.. which in my opinion is 1 of the hallmarks of great gaming. Expand
  44. Mar 15, 2014
    This game actually managed to be worse than Saints Row 3. Same stupidly degenerate humor, same bland and empty city. The plot is a terrible ripoff of the Matrix with some of the most loathe some and simple writing seen in a video game to date, it almost rivals the stupidity of Far Cry 3's writing and plot, it's that bad.

    I thankfully didn't pay money to play this garbage, as it was free
    on Steam. If I had I would probably have to jump in front of a train to mend the dishonor and regret I bestowed on myself.

    The game is terrible, cheap and lazy. And it shows.

    Avoid at all cost
  45. Jun 23, 2014
    This game has too many DLCs. Even though it is fun and looks good, the developer or publisher is trying to make the maximum money out of the game with annoying DLCs. Join the Anti-DLC-Force!
  46. Oct 28, 2013
    Bad game. This game is pretty bad.The critics must have not played GTA, that's the only plausible explanation as to why they would give this game such a high score.
  47. Mar 31, 2014
    This was pretty disappointing. Not sure of the good reviews this has gotten elsewhere, but it's basically just an extension of one DLC for SR3 that gave you superpowers. That is overplayed into a much-too-long game built on the same exact base as SR3 - same map, same everything. There are a few interludes in an alien spaceship, some interesting and fun new powers, and a few new weapons, most of which are fairly disappointing and trying way too hard to be clever. All of this would be great as an expansion pack, but is stretched much too far into a massively repetitive game which wears out its welcome long before it's over. Hopefully, this will give the studio enough cash to actually create a worthwhile sequel for SR3, or maybe they'll simply put the series to rest. As it stands now, this is a very disappointing sequel. Expand
  48. jlh
    Apr 11, 2014
    Why are people giving this game such high ratings? At best, it's DLC for SR3. The map is the same, most of the activities are the same (those that aren't the same are less fun), the characters are mostly the same. They replaced driving with jumping and flying around which, IMHO, given their propensity for having you go to one end of the map only to be told to go to the other end of the map gets old fast. The activities aren't as much fun. Hell, did a "mission" last night that was nothing but a bunch of boring activities strung together.

    Worst design decision? The whole damned game takes place at night! You can't see the map, you can't see much of anything. Why? Who knows.

    Don't get me wrong, it's kinda fun. But to be honest the Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina DLC was a much better value for the dollar.

    Had this "game" been a $20 DLC it would get top marks. But as a $60 "game" it ain't worth the money.
  49. Nov 10, 2013
    I am dissapointed...this game is so boring you finish the story you are already level 50..WHAT? i hope Saints Row V would be something like 2 beacuse this game isnt too fun to play and the story is too...really too short.I am dissapointed there's not a single assasination,steal vehicle good old times
  50. Jan 19, 2014
    For the 4 hours that I was able to play a co op campaign with my brother during free weekend on Steam it was very fun. Nice graphics, good soundtrack, funny script and situations. The only problem I had was not being able to play again at all. Second time I tried running the game, it kept crashing to desktop after the intro logos with the error message "Failed to start game (app already running)". After 2 days and about 8 hours of searching for a fix on the internet, found it's a known problem with the Steam version so it's not just the free weekend deal. Tried all and then some methods and fixes and none worked. Note I'm not the average user and know a bit about troubleshooting applications; I never had trouble starting a game, and if I did I found the fix in less than an hour.

    Thank you for the free weekend, although I wasted some hours, it saved me a couple of bucks.
  51. Oct 16, 2013
    Saints Row is a franchise that perfectly fits the description of "Trying way too hard to be hip, edgy, and funny" to entertain the bottom of the social pyramid to make lots of money. Every saints row game comes out a few months prior to a Rockstar release and almost always guarantees positive reviews.

    It's not a bad game, It's just stupid, and some people enjoy stupid games.
  52. Jan 19, 2014
    The storyline and humor depends too much on past games (''Look how much epicness we had in the past'') and fails to suprise, and is at some points even unoriginal.

    The requirements are fake, as it has been confirmed that it runs well on PCs far below the minimum requirement. Also, the graphics seem to be not improving at all.
  53. Nov 5, 2013
    I give it a one cause it played, that is pretty much the only good thing about this game. There were some funny moments during the campaign but they didn't occur often. To me this game is geared towards little kids and adults who sit around and laugh at fart jokes.

    How does an alien get a British accent, this makes no sense. He also blows up the world but secretly likes classical music
    made by the world he hates? This game is so awful that I refuse to consider it a true sequel.

    All it is is just dlc from Saint's Row the Third made into a game and other dlc meant for Saints Row the Third made into dlc for Saint's Row IV. I think they should've went deeper into the campaign with many characters, but sadly they didn't.

    Many characters from previous Saint's Row games are only there for a mission or two and you'll never see them again. I'm really disgusted in Volition for putting out this horrible game. If they continue to move the series in this direction I refuse to buy their crappy product.
  54. Sep 15, 2013
    This game is quite simply just the SR3 DLC 'Enter the dominatrix' turned in to £35 game. Whoever is paying that amount and saying it is worth it's money is clearly not thinking straight. The addition of 'superpowers' has completely removed the point of driving vehicles, which is meant the be a main component of the games. SR4 is clearly a way for Volition to make a quick buck, and nothing else. If they are planning a 5th game, they are gonna really have to up their game and start from scratch. Expand
  55. Oct 27, 2013
    This is horrible which is a shame as I loved 2&3. S.R.4 is a rubbish version of Prototype. Don't waste you money! Buy Prototype 1 or 2 instead, you will have much more fun!

    I bought this in the Steam sale and really regret it.

    Edit SO many Fanboi's A.K.A. Employee's or paid 'raters' on this site nowadays!
  56. Oct 26, 2013
    Barely worth the install.....wait for new GTA this was fun for like 4 or 5 hours but once you get the powers the guns/cars meta game become useless. Uninstalled before i even beat it.
  57. Nov 1, 2013
    The graphics in this game is quite good. The character customization is excellent but the clothes are not only ugly but the textures looks like they've been made by amateurs for the most part.

    I know the game is supposed to be tongue in cheek, but the humor isn't really that great. The enemy spawning is far too close to the player so unless you manage to find a dead end street you will
    get attack from all angles basically all the time. It will probably happen in a dead end street as well because the enemy comes from everywhere including the sky. The game is 99.5% reuse of resources from Saints Row The Third and should basically not be allowed to be sold for more than 5 bucks as it is essentially a glorified DLC.

    It is fast paced, short and fun for a laugh but the novelty effect dies within an hour or two. Nice try but.. seriously no it wasn't. I did like the superpowers though, so that earned one point.

    Shame on volition... bad work.
  58. Dec 13, 2013
    The game had a lot to prove and it simply failed. It couldn't beat its competition so it got weird and childish. Its a terrible representation of what it could have been. The AI is rubbish and not challenging. I would give this game to children and see if they are amused. Its over the top and almost unplayable. The story doesn't glide very well, the superpowers ruin the point of the city and the car mods and sound effects are all the same. The game was lame and I am sorry for whoever paid $60.00 for this, but you have nobody to blame but yourself, if you like this game your either 12 years old or have the mind of a 12 year old. Expand
  59. Aug 11, 2014
    Saints Row IV was definitely not my most favorite game ever and really no where near, I loved the superpowers, weapons, cars, ect. but the game overall was WAY to short. Utterly stupid, and just horrible but Volition tried to make up their mistake with over 20 DLC's which helped but did not fully recover.
  60. Nov 16, 2014
    I really liked saints row 3. This game is basically the same game except you have super powers that totally kill the challenge and make both guns and cars totally pointless. I had a little fun discovering glitches with a friend in coop. But I'd rather play saints row 3 again than finish saints row 4.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 45
  2. Negative: 0 out of 45
  1. Oct 28, 2013
    A combination of sublime and ridiculous, Saints Row IV is outlandish fun. [Nov 2013, p.97]
  2. Oct 5, 2013
    Saints Row IV is wild and wacky, but also provides first class entertainment. [Sept 2013]
  3. Sep 10, 2013
    The fourth part in the Saints Row saga is an outrageous, silly and incredibly entertaining adventure. The days of Grand Theft Auto is since long gone and the game reminds you rather of the super hero games Crackdown and Infamous. An unexpected but welcome change.