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  1. Aug 20, 2013
    A LOT of people will be mad at this game. It is completely different from all of the ones before it, and it really shares little with the previous games in the series. If you didn't like SR 3 due to the sci-fi and super hero aspects, you might hate this game... a lot. If you're looking for something in the realistic criminal vein (ala Grand Theft Auto), you might hate this game.

    changes here are immense. It's like being in a mish-mash of every science fiction movie out there, with lots of elements/ideas coming straight from the Matrix.

    Before you buy, check out some of the YouTube gameplay videos and make sure you're not going to hate it. If you go into this with the wrong expectations, you're going to be very disappointed.
  2. Aug 20, 2013
    The game is pretty bad. Almost half of it was just taken from Saints Row The Third. This is basically the new CoD series, release a new game with a new map, new guns, new characters, a new storyline, but still keep a lot of the content the same.

    Saints Row 3.5 fails
  3. Aug 20, 2013
    Saints Row the 3rd was over the top, yet fun. Saints Row 4 jumps the shark. Instead of being tethered in reality yet laced with absurdity, it abandons all pretense at reality and leaves the fun at home in the process.
  4. Aug 20, 2013
    Saints Row the third with super powers whole review nothing else needed to be said i guess i'm in the minority of people who don't like the super powers and thinks they should of been kept as DLC not the main focus of the game, and the world is almost exactly the same only updated a little to accommodate super powers don't get me wrong the super powers are fun but i did not want that as the whole game i might as well go play infamous which does it better and is more original Expand
  5. Aug 21, 2013
    Playing this game has made time fly by so quickly as it is so much fun in my opinion. It is silly & wacky which makes it quite fun to tell the truth. At first I was planing on getting SR4 sometime when it went on sale, until I started to learn more about it I then got it on the hour of it's release & after playing it, it's not just SR3 with superpowers, it's sooooo much more than that. I find the storyline to be quite entertaining as well to go along with the sandbox gameplay in general. I can see myself playing this game for hours on end even after completing the storyline and/or the 100% completion. It was a good investment I made & even bought the season pass already. Take it from someone who has played Saints Row from the very beginning, you will not be disappointed if you get SR4. Expand
  6. Aug 21, 2013
    really really enjoyed 2 and the third.
    this is a mish mash of crap from other games, seems like it lost all of its character.

    it's pure gimmick..........
  7. Aug 20, 2013
    With the little I've played so far, I have to say I'm really impressed! Do not buy this game is you're assuming it's some GTA rip off, Saint's Row is in an entirely different league. This being the first Saints Row that I've played, my response is not "fan boy" inspired in the least.

    My impressions so far is that this is a game that is extremely exaggerated and so over the top that you
    can't help but have a good time. It's adult humor, non-stop one liners, and extreme action makes for a really enjoyable experience. I'll have to play more to really give an in depth analysis. But as of now, the first few hours I've played have been BLAST! Expand
  8. Aug 22, 2013
    Saint's Row 4 is a game that is inferior to Saint's Row 3 in nearly every conceivable fashion. It has less content, it controls worse, it is shorter, it may even look worse. It has a dumber narrative with dumber characters and less interesting secrets to find and things to do. Saint's Row 3 replaced much of Saint's Row 2's substance with style, but it at least kept some of that substance. Saint's Row 4 replaced all of the remaining substance with more style. Not worth playing. Expand
  9. Aug 21, 2013
    Great humor
    + Great storyline
    + All Characters

    - Not too cool shooting
    - Still the same city (Steelport)
    - Not cool graphics
    to have fun with this game you need to turn a blind eye on a few things but it is definitely worth playing
  10. Aug 20, 2013
    First off, let me say that this is NOT a game you take seriously, it's a game you just sit back and have good damn time with. That being said ....

    I am a fan of the Saints Row games, and even though this one stands apart from the earlier titles, it still pure Satins action, comedy, and story throughout. It's most definitely one of those games you're either going to love or hate.

    story is actually good, the gameplay is a blast, and the it looks and sounds great. It's definitely a unique experience that's for sure, and one that I am enjoying a great deal. All the "over the top" action and Saints styling I have grown to love. With a huge helping of Sci-Fi, and love, and lust, and blowing crap up, and laying the smack down is full on superhero fashion.

    Like others suggest, check the game out before you buy if you're worried about not liking it. And for the love of Pete, don't take it so serious! Sit back and enjoy the ride!

    Money well spent in my humble opinion.
  11. Aug 20, 2013
    Now here is a game with a premise. The (fully customisable) protagonist of Saints Row IV is a former gang leader-turned-president of the United States. Aliens invade, trapping the people of earth in a matrix-esque simulated prison, leaving a superpowered commander-in-chief to save the world. The game's first mission involves a nuclear terrorist threat and the action actually escalates from there, eventually reaching dizzyingly surreal heights. In gameplay terms, the Saints Row series has never been revolutionary. It started life as a Grand Theft Auto clone, and that's still obvious here, though the superpowers are well-handled, fun and easy to use. The real strength is the writing, which is second to none. Saints Row IV is a brilliantly sharp cavalcade of pop-culture parody, showing a care for good dialogue and wit rarely seen in games. It may be immature, but that doesn't mean it isn't clever. Expand
  12. Aug 20, 2013
    It is a blast to play! There is so much to do and so much customization it isn't even funny! There is real world moments that tug on your heart strings, there are moments where you cry, there are moments where roll on the effing ground laughing your effing head off.
  13. Aug 20, 2013
    There is only one word that can describe this game. FUN! This is all that matters! This game has been drastically improved over its predecessor(s). Quit whining about how this game is the same as the previous game! Whose problem is it if you didn't read the reviews which specifically warned you about it before you've purchased the game? Absolutely yours.
  14. Aug 20, 2013
    Loving this game way more then I did the 3rd. Its over the top comedy that is actually funny this time around. I have never been a fan of the Saints Row series until this game, I can now say I am. The added powers and great amount of customizing you can do really adds a personal touch to the game. I would definitely suggest getting this is, especially if you have ever been a fan of Saints Row 3. I am having loads of fun, and laughing all the while which I did not expect to say because I thought the comedy in SR3 was childish, but this game has enough improvements all around not just in humor, to bring me back and I'm buying the season pass now because I have enjoyed the game so much already. Expand
  15. Aug 21, 2013
    I understand that everyone wanted the same old SR and they're pissed that it's different. I personally think it's one of the best video games ever developed. I think in some ways it blows GTA out of the water entirely. You'll have to play it though.
  16. Aug 20, 2013
    GTA ripoff but with silly, quirky gameplay that is just retarted. Pass this one up it's not worth it. I I don't understand how this series is even selling, it's terrible.
  17. Aug 23, 2013
    "Saints Row IV" is basically "Dead Island Riptide" it's an exact clone of its predecessor, with less fun to be had. So forgivable and so braindead, it pains me that this game gets a 86 from critics. Shame on you, Deep Silver.
  18. Aug 20, 2013
    It feels a lot like a massive DLC update for Saints Row III. You scramble to unlock various superpower through relatively repetitive side-missions in the same city as the prior game(with minor changes). The largest appealing factor is the main story-line. While ridiculously easy even on the hardest difficulty. the writing makes up for the lack of challenging gameplay. Vehicles and weapons feel largely ineffectual for the majority of the game which really sinks one of the main attractions of its predecessor. Expand
  19. Aug 22, 2013
    This game is absurd and ridiculous, It is the exact game that saints row the third was except it adds a new story. same city, same cars, basically the same clothes except a ridiculous uncle sam suit, also there is super powers which takes it's theme directly from prototype/infamous. So in the middle of a story they take a game and turn it into utter and complete garbage and then take a dlc and charge us full game price for it. this is the exact same game as sr3 it is literally sr3.5. Also you get to play as a toilet, which is ironically where this piece of crap should be Expand
  20. Aug 25, 2013
    I loved Saints Row The Third. But Saints Row IV is basicly SR3 plus aliens and super powers. Feels like a DLC. Almost everything stays the same. And with the super powers, it is too easy and boring. I was expecting something new and fun, disappointed.
  21. Aug 22, 2013
    This game should be renamed as "Saints Row III Matrix Prototype". This is a game using all the texture materials, including the whole map from Saints Row III, with a player wandering in a world like "Matrix", fighting a lot of alien creatures in the style of "Prototype". The original plot of fighting human gangs just get destroyed in this new installment. Absolutely does not worth a price of $50.
  22. Aug 23, 2013
    I played others Saint's Row games but this is really bull compared to other sagas, i hope these 'developers' think about what are they doing... and the price is too high for this.
  23. Aug 20, 2013
    Since Saints Row 3, they instantly turned their approach to open world into a massive dick-joke.
    Yet the comedy is so funny, gameplay is so fun. Yet the gameplay period? Is comedy, even though you're killing people.
    Amazing gameplay, amazing storyline.
  24. Aug 24, 2013
    The critics must have not played Saints Row: The Third, that's the only plausible explanation as to why they would give this game such a high score. Like many other users, I found this game to be Saints Row: The Third Redux. It should have been a DLC, but Volition and Deep Silver wanted to be greedy and make users pay full price for a game with 10% new content, the only blatantly obvious difference between the two games is the main story line. I was incredibly excited for this game when I played a few minutes of it at E3, not being able to play enough to know how much like The Third it really was. This would be a great game to get if you didn't already play Saints Row: The Third, but if you have you are most likely disappointed with SRIV. It is quite buggy, driving into invisible walls in the middle of the street, characters not animating correctly, getting stuck in menus, and if you play co-op, both players will not be able to participate in the interactive cut scenes, the person hosting the game will be the one in control of the cut scenes. There are major clipping issues on the characters in terms of clothes and hair, but the Saints Row franchise seems to make that the norm. Using certain powers is wonky and not user friendly as you must double tap a key to enable them. In conclusion, I am pretty disappointed and feel incredibly stupid for buying into the hype and purchasing this game. I hope this review has been helpful to someone Expand
  25. Aug 20, 2013
    A great example of how to totally milk your franchise and still get above average results.

    Gameplay, Graphics, and Content largely unchanged from SR3, making SR4 feel like an overpriced Expansion Pack.

    And really, what more is it than an expansion pack that has added a new plot and some new "powers" to Saint's Row 3? If by Powers you mean changing the physics while slapping on some
    graphics to round out the edges then you've pretty much summed up Saint's Row 4.

    A brilliant way to shamelessly real in the last pile of cash from your franchise before Grand Theft Auto 5 leaves you in the dust of the last generation of games.
  26. Aug 22, 2013
    Started playing this at release, awesome game.. main story is lots of fun and difficulty is well adapted.
    Game is focused on player having fun, not doing boring over and over.
  27. Aug 21, 2013
    Saints row 4 ups the third by adding tons of features, i´ve been a fan since the first days of saints row, and yes, i was disappointed with the third, but saints row 4 slowly won me over, the use of powers, the variety of missions, awesome references instead of the sex jokes, great voice acting, actually good writing this time, a really great villain, are just some of the things that, while different from SR1 and 2, make 4 unique, saints row 4 it's a whole different thing than 2 or even 3, it's a game that evolved into something fun, that's the best word for this game: FUN, the game has this irresistible sense of fun in anything you do, exploring the city, completing challenges, completing missions, everything is in the right way and it doesn't feel tiring or monotonous since there's so much content, i really liked the game, after SR3, this is an awesome follow-up, if you like games that make you feel powerful, and have tons of content yet they don't feel monotonous, this game is for you. Expand
  28. Aug 20, 2013
    Even though the changes from SR3 are minimal and some features have been left out, it's still an awesome game and, in my opinion, one of the maddest games of the generation.
  29. Aug 21, 2013
    @killingspree didn't you gave SR3 a 10 ?

    The game ist just what I expected. Chaotic, over the top and pure awesomeness.

    Just the game's engine could use a few updates.
  30. Aug 24, 2013
    There is going to be divided response between the gamer's.Saints row IV is in the same league of saints row 3 but is better with even crazier game play(superpowers, dubstep gun!), crazy plot, top class humor and hilarious references(mass effect,matrix).The game plot is also well written and voice acting is also top of the class
    But as said many gamer's will not like this game,it's going
    to have a divided response. So if u are looking for a fun game with no sense of logic and just want to f*ck things up, go for it. If you expect something groundbreaking, monumental or some revolutionary game, you are going to very disappointed. Expand
  31. Aug 24, 2013
    Leave aside the fanboys who bash this great game just because "It isn't exactly like Saints Row 2!", an amazing game, superpowers done well, a lot of things to do, a long sandbox (Took me more than 30 hours to beat) and a LOT of fun, give it a try, from someone who loved SR2 and "liked" SR3, this one is on par on SR2.
  32. Aug 24, 2013
    A lot of people did not like this saints row game because of the whole new level of stupidity. I agree, that some people might not like this Saints Row game or even the entire franchise. But the thing is that there's people out there, like me, who like games that don't take themselves seriously. This game is basically Saints Row 3 meets prototype kinda What I have to say is that I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to have fun either in single player or Co-op mode, you rarely see games that do that now days. Expand
  33. Aug 23, 2013
    This is by far one of the funniest games I've ever played !
    The story is different that's true, but it's for the better.
    If you like absurd humor, then this game is made for you!
  34. Aug 25, 2013
    Terrible port, Max Anti aliasing of 8x msaa causes barrels to look like squares, Corpses have white edges round them. Terrible game play, Even on the hardest difficulty it has ridiculous auto aim with terrible AI, The AI barely knows that they can shoot and when they do they miss by a mile, There is no challenge to the game and not worth the money. With Saints Row 4 you get exactly what you get with saints row 3 but worse. Expand
  35. Aug 22, 2013
    Yep, people are going to be hosed off at the game not being "saints row 2" or even saints row. If you liked the DLC(trouble with clones) in SR3, you'll enjoy this. Having finished the game in ~17hrs, not counting challenges. It's fun, it's enjoyable, it's over the top and most people who are looking for something realistic will absolutely hate it.

    Want to enjoy something that's over
    the top in terms of fun and enjoyment? You'll enjoy this. Expand
  36. Aug 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Usually I don't want to give a 10 rating too easily, but this game easily blew it's predecessor out of the park.
    Saints Row IV adds more than you think it does. The gameplay is Saints Row: The Third's but improved upon to include super powers. The story is much more better than SR3 as it has a full on plot instead of just wacky funny stuff that adds up for a story. The story ties up many loose ends in the series, bringing back old characters like Tanya Winters, Veteran Child, Maero and Julius. There are a lot of hilarious references and parodies that the writers created in this game, such as using a typical Call of Duty breach and clear on the first mission, and Metal Gear Solid's stealth gameplay during a rescue mission.

    The game is by far a blast to play even alone, doing missions, side quests, activities, and collecting all of the audio logs and clusters, you can just roam around the world for nearly hours.

    If you liked Saints Row: The Third, you will love Saints Row IV.
  37. Aug 24, 2013
    Seriously i have no idea why the Developers would turn away from the original gameplay and put in the whole matrix Where as Saints row the third were on the edge and humorous, Saints Row IV takes it over the edge and ends up feeling totally childish and lame.
    I give it 1 point tho for the first 10mins of gameplay where the game seems humorous and kinda fun, but the whole superpower thing
    after totally ruins any form of SR feeling and gameplay.
    Have you played retarded like Prototype and found that entertaining you might find SR4 is for you.
    There is agood chance that if you liked SR 2 and 3 that you will absoluteley hate SR4.
  38. Aug 20, 2013
    It's definitely amazing game yet, so SR3 is too. SR's unique joke is still alive, potty features is well.
    But, although amazing factors in this game is so same to SR3, few gamers are disappointed because of stale amazing factor.

    As a result, SR4 is interesting game indisputably, but You might be able to be frightened
  39. Aug 21, 2013
    I wasn't sure I'd be happy with SRIV given the "it started as an expansion" thing as well as not being a big fan of superhero themes...but so far, I have to admit I'm having a lot of fun. Where SR:TT left me feeling a little listless and bored, SRIV has (so far) been just plain fun. I can't say I've just enjoyed a game like this in quite a while.

    Would I have liked a "real" new game?
    Sure, I suppose. But, really, in the end, so long as I get a full game's worth of time out of it, I don't really care if it stays as fun as it is. Expand
  40. Aug 22, 2013
    I will be completely honest, I didn't like Saints Row the Third. With that being said, I wanted the series to go back to it's roots with the mix of the GTA style sandbox with a side of ridiculous stuff, what did we end up getting? Neither, SR 3 or SR2. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily and here's why. A game can be is ridiculous as it wants but all it needs especially for saints row is a good story. Yes a lot of things from SR3 and SR2 are recycled but that doesn't but if the gameplay is fun (which it is) and the story is good (which it is) then I'm all for it. Saints Row the Third failed to find a balance between the ridiculous and seriousness that previous games in the series had. Saints Row IV on the other hand balanced those two things in a different way, by amplifying both. There are a lot of nostalgic moments from the previous games (which I loved). So overall I don't understand how people can thing Saints Row 3 is a great game while Saints Row IV essentially improves on everything SR3 did wrong. The biggest question though is if Saints Row IV is just glorified dlc. Like I mentioned, a lot of things are recycled but by no means did I ever feel like I was playing a rehashed game throughout by 11 hour run-through of the main story. I am giving it a 9 out of 10 simply because of how close it came to reaching the great heights that Saints Row 2. I feel that this franchise has really found it's niche in the sandbox world even if the third game sucked (Saints Row 3 6/10). So, I look forward to future adventures with the saints. Expand
  41. Aug 22, 2013
    Saints Row is a remarkable game of Deep Silver.
    The game is a great game creators did an amazing job on the medal. Well continued series developed by THQ. This game has great potential. Great August in her game. Soon this game should be a hit and achieved the expected number of units sold. Recommend gre all players, who enjoyed a series of Saints Row.
  42. Aug 25, 2013
    Not everyone is meant to be awesome.

    You have some people who just want to repeat the same old tedious nonsense over and over. They'll sit down and do the same thing day in, day out. They don't get bored, they have no sense of quality, and that's why franchises continue to sell so well despite never changing their formula.

    So, what's the biggest complaint in the negative reviews of
    Saints Row IV? It's different. It's entirely out of left field, and that's fun. Not everyone wants fun, most people want to retread the same ground, and they hate anything new and original. They're not interested in Saints Row IV because it isn't exactly the same as Saints Row II, and they'll come up with any lacklustre excuse to hide this.

    Some people aren't meant to be awesome.

    I'm awesome, personally. And I'm having a fantastic time with this game, since it's something novel and a bit different. And it has that elusive quality which many games lack. What quality, you ask? What is this elusive, strange quality which games have been so bereft of, lately?


    Saints Row IV is awesome. It's fun.

    Not everyone can be fun, and not everyone knows how to appreciate fun. Some people will spend their afternoons grinding away in Call of Duty, and to those poor souls, that'll be "fun," because they have very distorted view of fun. To me, sitting on your arse, grinding through bland, boring levels, finding places to lie down with your sniper rifle to take potshots? That's about as fun as filling out a form, or doing taxes.

    Fun is exhilarating, fun is thrilling, fun has you sitting on the edge of your seat. Fun is awesome.

    So, if you value fun? If you're awesome? Saints Row IV is for you. Simple as that. Ignore the boring twerps who simply can't handle it, and do try not to become one of them.
  43. Aug 25, 2013
    It has the same animation as the 3rd, and just added some stupid superpowers. the game has lost it...

    really bad game. i wish i didnt spend 45 bucks on it :(

    buyer beware
  44. Aug 23, 2013
    I'm in love with this game as much as I was Saints Row 3. It has enough new content to make it feel like a full-blown sequel while keeping everything that made Saints Row 3 such a great game. A game like this is definitely going to get a lot of hate purely because of how stupid and over-the-top this game is, but that's the point! The main thing I love about this game is how it doesn't take itself too seriously, and maybe more people would enjoy it if they didn't take it too seriously either. What really takes the cake for me is that I was able to carry my Saints Row 3 character over to Saints Row IV, which is awesome! Expand
  45. Aug 22, 2013
    A lot of fun, really silly and over the top, getting around the city is easier and more fun than ever with the super powers, there's a ton of activities to do, I've only got a few issues with it. For one, cars feel kinda useless, you get the powers pretty early in the game, and odds are you're only going to use cars when you have to during missions. It's pretty crashy, I've had missions glitch or the game just freeze multiple times, Volition might patch it. It's night, all the time, they got rid of the day/night system, and throughout the game it's just nighttime all the time, however, when you finish the campaign you get an option to change the time to whenever you want. And some of the mini games could use some tuning, like the Fight Club one just feels really annoying, and during fights you will get enemies that come at you with baseball bats or fists, and they will gang up on you and make everything you do a feeble effort, it gets really annoying. Expand
  46. Aug 22, 2013
    I honestly enjoyed this game. Some will say that SR has gone too far with this, but I don't think that actually. This is a game with many references to the popular movies and games (Terminator, MGS, Robocop, Space Invaders, Mass Effact series...). Has a better story than SR3. Technical issues are here too. My final verdict is nine.
  47. Aug 23, 2013
    I think that is a mix of the best in the series that was foolish to abandon this. Yes I agree that the visual graphics are not changed but it has become much deeper in terms of gameplay and story. If you've played the games in the series you will not be disappointed. So I'm sure it's a great gift for beginners.
  48. Aug 22, 2013
    This game is great. It improves on nearly everything from Saints Row: The Third. It has everything you would want in a game: great story, great graphics, and loads of fun.
  49. Aug 25, 2013
    This game is a lot of fun. Its not perfect but I truly feel like a badass playing this game, running around freezing things, setting things on fire, inflating heads and abducting people. Just the amount of things you can do makes this game what it is. If you have expectations, you might be disappointed, but if you clear your mind and just let the game suck you in. You will have a blast. And yes if your a FAN BOY of GTA, and think GTA is GOD. Then you already set the bar low for this game, and of course it will not meet your expectations. But if your open minded and have a sick sense of humor. You will like this game. Expand
  50. Aug 23, 2013
    This is easily on the top ten games I have ever played. Is there things they could have improved in this game? Yep. Is it in the same vain as SR or SR2? Nope. Is it basically the best superhero game ever made? Yep.

    If your wanting the GTA clone that SR/SR2 was this not the game for you. If you looking for a fun game where you play a super powered character with great writing get this!
  51. Aug 26, 2013
    Many people say that this is a ripoff of GTA series but, your GTA has superpowers? Awesome, Action Packed, Adrenaline Pumping Missions? Character Customization? Dubstep Gun?I guess not.
  52. Aug 23, 2013
    the game has only just been released and i played almost all night. AMAZING and blazing fun this game.
    almost everything is recycled from saints row 3 but in a completely different perspective.. love it!
  53. Aug 24, 2013
    The game is ridiculous, it's over the top and it's a little flaky on the storyline front. It's also a lot of fun! With some really great guns and an open world to wreak havoc on, it's a huge disaster sandbox. Yes it's got more nonsensical but it's not trying to win you over with a coherent storyline, it's trying to be fun and in your face. I like it.
  54. Aug 23, 2013
    This is a different game then the other saints row. It is more of a superhero/antihero game then a gangster game. You won't really feel like your running a gang or fighting gangs, but you will feel like a superhero. It is fun, and has a lot of new and improved parts that will keep you entertained for a LONG time. If you have played all the past saints rows, then you will be happy to hear this is a blend of saints row 2 and saints row 3. It has a STORY! The story is now seperate from the sidemissions, and every thing feels better than ever. The combat is lacking in the sense that superpowers are all you really need to get the job done, but switching to gun makes fighting more fun. I loved saints row 2 and thought saints row 3 was ok, but I am really having a blast in saints row 4. I would suggest you get it. If you are unsure about a more superhero based game then maybe wait until the price drops a little, but I am glad I spent my money on a preorder. Expand
  55. Aug 22, 2013
    I just don't know it. I really liked SR III, it's probably my favorite game in a long time. And they kept the graphics and most of the animations from that game. But I don't know about the story.. It's unrealistic which I really like about Saints Row, and there are some funny parts. But in general it's "Meh..." The powers are unnecessary IMHO. It would be a great game without them.

    my eyes, it's just an Expension Pack, priced as a whole new game. It's definitely not a new game. If you liked SR III like I did, you'll like it but since it's a new game you won't be too impressed by it.
    If you hated SR III, you'll hate this game too. Because it's the same game.

    6/10. They could've done a little more effort on the story, and maybe update the graphics and animations.
  56. Aug 24, 2013
    I hate how people say its like cod because it like a new baby soft and strangely cute but when most of the acting comes around really good as you come around famous actors like Keith David And Nolan North Voicing Also Benjamin MOTHERFUCING King as a main character *Nolan North is only a voice but has own script*.

    the super powers fit in perfectly with the campaign it just beautiful just
    buy it now t see what I mean Expand
  57. Aug 23, 2013
    This really is amazing game, it keeps you entertained all the way through. playing with you buddy as you fight along side him with super powers is a blast!
  58. Aug 25, 2013
    No game will ever surpass the level SR4 in terms of fun. This was the most fun ive had since well...a long time ago. Most games suck me in with the story, interesting gameplay, or the great graphics/physics, SR4 just takes a on my face and tells me to like it, and I do. +Superpowers +Flashbacks to older games +So much to do +Puns/references to a ton of games/movies (MGS, METRIOD, ME3, MATRIX etc...)
    -Same city
    -Always night time
    -there really isnt anything bad to say about this game. its not a SR3 DLC its not SR3.5 its a great sequel.
  59. Aug 25, 2013
    A pretty disappointing addition to the Saints Row series. The developer should make an original IP instead of shoehorning what they want to do in this series, completely disregarding the previous games and giving a middle finger to its fans.
  60. Sep 1, 2013
    This game should be called Saints Row 3.5, as beyond the introduction of super powers makes absolutely no changes from Saints Row The Third. The plot is mediocre at best, graphics aren't any better, guns, cars, clothing, all virtually unchanged from the previous installment. It makes me wonder what took so long to release the game, since they simply copy/pasted half the game from the previous game. Expand
  61. Aug 25, 2013
    Very clever twists and turns in the story of the Saints. Unfortunately, that's about as far as I can go with this. It feels like a game very badly ported from a console. SR3 was superior in terms of gameplay and movement. I get barely passable performance in highest detail with 2 Titan cards. (Tried turning one off) some glitches went away but the performance just didnt make sense. The graphics looks far more basic and the gameplay feels like it is less engaging than was the case previously. The main problem is really the glitchy control and very low rez looking textures. I brought alot of DLC for the SR3 and maybe I got a graphics packs somewhere along the line. This feels like a far older game. It just feels older than it should and the usual humour and saucy characters are not enough to hide the disappointing issues under the surface. Did SR3 get a lot of flack for being a little adult before? It feels like this has been toned down quite a bit. Expand
  62. Aug 27, 2013
    Let me preface this by saying that I was not a fan of the previous Saints Row games, so if you were, this review probably does not apply to you and you will likely have a good time. Buy it. If you haven't played Saints Row, or if you slightly disliked the previous games, read on.

    I was first introduced to Saints Row in a sort of middle period after having finished GTA4 and waiting
    anxiously for GTA5 (which I am at the time of writing still doing, but not for long). It's pretty obvious from the get go what the purpose of Saints Row is; it's like GTA, only a lot more fart jokes, explosions, nudeness, unrealistic characters and so on. If playing a game that essentially feels like nothing but a developer sandbox for six hours because you love explosions, Saints Row is fine. It is entertaining in that way.

    The problem I have with Saints Row is that it has no compelling characters, and no compelling plot. I will say that I have no problem understanding why this is, the plotlines are by nature ridiculous and over-the-top, but for me personally I just can't become engaged in a game that literally does not have a story.

    For SR4, you might say it has a story. I would say the story is a thin film, present only out of necessity, to tie together the millions of popular culture references (do a barrel roll!) and "crazy" events throughout the game. It's obvious that the point here was to make a game that was as crazy as possible, and that's fine. It's true to its roots, because this is what Saints Row has always been about. However, the bottom line for me is that a game without a story is just as bad as a movie or a book without a story. I wouldn't want to watch a movie with 90 minutes of fart jokes and pop culture references either, where it feels like the plot was constructed on top of cramming all that stuff in to make it sort of fit.

    So, if you're like me and you need an engaging story and characters that have more complexity than a sack of potatoes to get you through a game, I think this game probably is not for you. This game is for the choir, those that already know and love the Saints Row series. It's not for me.
  63. Aug 27, 2013
    This game is a huge disappointment, worn out and it should be a DLC for the third episode. I know many people say similar things but it's true.

    The super powers are really cool but they make many things unnecessary in the game (basically each vehicle). There are cars/helicopters in the game but you will never use them until you are being forced (by a mission). You better jump&fly
    because the waypoints of each missions located on the opposite side of the map which is really annoying. (I think the travel takes the most of the time spent in the game.) Complete waste of time. A new map would save the situation but It's the same as it was in the previous release. That's why I have to mark the game as a refurbished SR3 there is nothing left to explore.

    They kept some old activities and renamed/reskinned them. Lazy bastards. The new rift activities are... mostly "meh" for me. That rushing activity wasn't that bad. Plus they removed the best activities related to Genki. Sad panda is sad.

    The enemies aren't serious threats but annoying ars*holes. I hate when they throwing fireballs (whatever) at me 10 times in a row and I can't do anything just watch how I burn. This is not hard but annoying which is not the same.

    The best thing about the game (in my opinion) is the reviewed game menu. I loved that. Well, the menu responsivity is far from acceptable but it looks nice.
  64. Sep 7, 2013
    I didn't think it was possible, but everything I said in my SR3 review works here as well. Volition, go yourselves for selling out.

    Enough with the GTA comparisons. Having played every single GTA and Saints Row game, I can assure you that they aren't even close to competitors.

    The Saints Row series has really declined over the year, yet everyone hails this game as being a savior
    simply because GTA IV was too boring. Most of the people who are reviewing this game never played SR1, so they think Saints Row was always this ultra silly, casual alternative to the slightly more serious GTA. In the first game, the whole focus was the 3rd Street Saints. You weren't a Gary Stu, you were just a wild card in the gang. Most of the gameplay revolved around following your Lieutenant's orders. You actually had to use gang members, play the activities, and gain territory. It wasn't simple, nor was it easy. Level 8 Snatch activities, I rest my case. Those were infuriatingly impossible.

    In the first game, we had more clothing customization. We had more layers of clothes to choose from. We could zip and unzip outfits, turn hats, put up our hoods, lower our pants, and frankly do whatever the hell we wanted. There was more intricate jewelry, a wider variety of clothing stores, and most importantly of all, colors mattered. Nowadays, respect is nothing more than some equivalent of levels in your average RPG.

    In SR1, you could rob stores at different times of the day. If you burglarized stores at night, you broke in to the back, cracked the safe, and carried out boxes of goods. You then had to load them into trucks and drive them to a fence.

    In SR1, you could buy liquor and joints. Not that getting high or drunk was all that important, but it made you feel more like a gangster and it also allowed you to punch people ridiculous distances.

    In SR1, activities had 8 levels instead of 6. The final 2 levels of practically every activity were absurdly challenging, even on Normal.

    In SR1, respect and money didn't grow on trees. You couldn't just buy meaningless properties that sit there in a static environment and do nothing. You actually had to play the activities and contribute to the well being of your gang to continue to do missions. In SR3 respect is thrown at me for taking a piss on the sidewalk.

    In SR1, there was an actual story worth following. Los Carnales, the Rollers, and the Vice Kings put the SR2 and SR3 gangs to shame. Benjamin King alone is a better character than the combined cast of SR3. The narrative isn't limited to LOL SO RANDUMB kind of humor made for 12 year olds who are convinced that GTA is supposed to be some ultra silly casual party game. That's literally where the SR2/SR3 audience came from. They played San Andreas, thought that every GTA game was like that, got mad about GTA IV, then forced their way into the Saints Row userbase.

    In SR1, there were stronghold missions. Even these were kept in SR2. In SR3, a stronghold is some useless building with nothing to do in it that sits around and makes you more money to spend on absolutely nothing.

    In SR1, your phone was actually useful. There were phone numbers all throughout the game that made Stilwater feel much more alive and real. It wasn't limited to 911, taxis, and other dumb ****.

    I could continue to go on about all the features that SR1 had that were stripped away in SR2 and further removed in SR3, but I'll end with this. I 100% completed Saints Row The Third in 17 hours and 40 minutes. If you actually think this game deserves anything more than a 6, you must have the lowest standards on the planet. There is no new content to this game. The more serious tone has been completely abandoned for stupid kiddie humor and bland characters with absolutely no development. The whole community is filled with idiots who want furries and ponies and random they find online. The quality of game was sacrificed for slightly improved graphics in a boring, static city with no exploration allowed. The worst part is that there is genuinely no content. Once you beat the missions, clear the activities, and get the collectibles, you're done. The activities are so short, I have 100% control of the city before the story even ends.

    Saints Row 3 is a bastardization of the previous two Saints Row games. The worst part is, this game is a pile of rubbish BEFORE the season pass bull**** I can only hope this was a product of mismanagement at THQ, and that Volition will do better in the future like we know they can. Oh wait, the same problems are happening under new management.
  65. Aug 25, 2013
    This game, simply put, is absolutely sublime from start to finish; it is a charming cartoon whale in the slurry filled ocean that is the current games industry; it doesn't want to be taken seriously, the game just wants you to have fun with all of its might, and that alone is worth at least a look.

    If you like fun, and games, then PLAY THIS GAME.
  66. Aug 27, 2013
    If you never played Saints Row the 3rd, this game to you will be weird but entertaining. If you have played Saints Row the 3rd, this game will be very disappointing to you. This was just a letdown; it feels like a DLC for Saints Row the 3rd. It's unfinished, unpolished and expensive for such a poor attempt at a game.
    But, like I said, if you've never played any other Saints Row game, you
    will most likely enjoy this one. Expand
  67. Aug 31, 2013
    SEVERELY dissapointed. I loved Saints Row 3 and I REALLY wanted to love this game. But do you know what this game boils down to for me ?

    It feels like I'm playing a ton of minigames over and over and over and over. Which would be ok if they minigames were enjoyable, but for the most part I think they are really dull.

    Beyond this the powers feel OK they don't flow well in my
    opinion and the movement never feels very precise. Graphics are fine nothing special. Sound is kinda meh, I think the radio stations are really which you can say just use your own music but when that is such a big crux to your game I think that should be mentioned. Writing is honestly the only place where this game shines but I don't think its worth suffering through the very repetitive gameplay. In addition to these major flaws there are a TON of minor flaws that are just irritating to deal with so be prepared. I'd say avoid. Expand
  68. Aug 29, 2013
    86 from critics? It's recycled content that was meant to be DLC and it shows, if you have Saints Row 3 and the super power DLC then there is nothing new for you here. It is literally the exact same thing.
  69. Aug 23, 2013
    It has a censored AU version that is utterly incompatible with every other country.
    And to top it all off the bug reports on the steam forums are piling up.
    All in all this is the death of a franchise.
  70. Aug 25, 2013
    Story would be good for spin-off DLC (even for this price). Or for mobile game. But not for next part of SR. Convenient handling of player's superpowers. Soundtrack is really good. As well as effects and character's voices. Most of graphical resources from SR3. Graphics slightly improved with over-shading, pixelization and "digital" location loading-lagging. During the game I had a feeling, that bad language, violence and sexual content isn't necessary part and remains only for compatibility with series.
    As for storyline I hope that in next part(or DLC) it's all going to be a long and bad dream of "Boss", after a reading one of Kinzie's smart computer books.
    "Boss" creation left without changes from SR3, with few new hairstyles and clothes. Some content from SR3 obsolete, but still included, like transport (hostage diversion etc.) and useless gang members.
  71. Aug 25, 2013
    After having dealt with this game's for hours on end and having been ejected out of the game for the 3rd time today by some random crash I'm finally putting it down. I regret not buying the physical CD so that I could at least get the satisfaction of hurling it across the street and watching it shatter on the sidewalk.

    As a disclaimer, I actually liked saints row the third, thought it
    was an enjoyable experience, and gave it a 7.5/10 or so. Saints row the IV, however, does absolutely everything wrong and gets a 2/10. You see, GTA and prototype had a baby, drank moonshine and did PCP the entire pregnancy, then promptly aborted the baby at 8 months in order to give birth to this brilliant abomination.

    Where to start. The game throws out any sense of logic, immersion, fun, and challenge right away at the door and CONSTANTLY reminds you that it did so IN THE DIALOG throughout the game. Your first moments in the actual game put you right back in the exact city you played in the 3rd one with a few alien towers scattered about. Same cars, same insanely dressed cardboard pedestrians, same buildings, same boring grey sky, same side quests, same outdated graphics. You quickly realize you're playing just about the same exact game with this new super hero system bolted onto the side. You can run super fast and jump really high similar to prototype. In fact the movement system is identical to prototypes except... *drum roll* no parkour system whatsoever!!! Expect to get stuck on light posts, fences, random overhanging ledges, or anything that isn't flat. You're really overpowered even with the new pickup based health system (one of their only good ideas). You also quickly learn a fireball spell which literally clears the entire field of enemies with a single blast with a powerful CC and spreading DOT effect. There's really no fun in being immensely overpowered and pointlessly running between the ship and the simulation to complete the same boring ass side missions over and over. Some were fun like the on foot/motor cycle racing ones, but no one wants to play them 10 times. By the way, your main form of progression in the game comes form tediously collecting hundreds and hundreds of glowing "code bits" scattered around the world... have fun.

    Apart from the game being really easy and the new movement system being annoying and jarring to use (even from a prototype veteran parkour master sensi), its also really really buggy. You can ram a tank and send it FLYING into space without losing any speed but a car you bump into while running can hit a wall, bounce off it, and instantly ragdoll you on contact and it happens ALOT (this goes for any debris as well). Cars going 40mph across an intersection also can ragdoll you even though one of your punches will send it flying over a gas station. There are an assortment of glitches and bugs specific to each mission that either slow you down a lot or force you to restart the game and could have easily been fixed if any amount of beta testing took place.

    As for the story, its simply flat, boring, and stupid. The game is mostly about you and Kenzi talking back and forth which essentially boils down to "Hey kenzie, what's the plan?", "Go disrupt the signal relay so the simulation code overloads and we can siphon data from the internal storage module" "What?" "Go shoot the big glowy thing and kill aliens" "Oh, why didn't you say so". Huh huh huh, that gets pretty old after the 10th time. If you thought the opening missions were bad, wait until you rescue Johny Gatt. Your entire crew instantly starts sucking up to him like they've all been childhood friends in the most corny, cliche, and forced fashion you could possibly imagine. You get the feeling that the characters are literally begging for your forgiveness on behalf of the developers for even having thought about killing Johny Gatt in the last Saints game. Before that, you had to rescue each saint from their own mental simulations which was a good idea, except it was really repetitive, easy, and unimaginative. My favorite was saving Big Ben which ironically was a simulation of a scene from the first saints game. At least you can go around and have sex with every crew member you rescue, so that's cool... and confusing.

    Anyways, I expected a lot more from this game than a steaming pile of garbage. This will probably be the last saints row game they make unless the apocalypse starts early or something.

  72. Aug 23, 2013
    Kinda liking Saints Row IV.... It's a nice, fun murderfest. Great for just having a bit of casual fun. This is all the positive I can really say for it. For me, the pro's outweigh the extensive con's... but only just.

    SR 4 isn't really a sequel to the series at all. It's really just SR 3 with a map reskin and some "matrix assassins creed" style story elements bolted on, with
    superpowers, which are very "marmite" in appeal. It's the same engine, same map, slightly expanded range of vehicles and clothes and that's about it.

    Considering it looks like it is nothing more than a reskin with a few extra bits, it does suffer from more than its fair share of launch day bugs. You'll want to backup your saves (as they get corrupted on pc a lot) and save often having a superpower ram you "inside" a building mesh unable to escape is pretty sucky, and being as the games all about the super powers, it's going to happen a lot insert gripe about lazy coding, and not validating your meshes properly here) There's also a known problem where having a poor frame rate can actually prevent players from completing one of the very early missions (google for discussions on the mission "The Real World" if you need to look it up or have any concerns.) Fortunately with my rig, I wasnt affected, but I can only imagine how much it must suck to have to deliberately stick a game like this, with a 3-4 yr old engine (if not older) in to "low detail" mode just to complete a section..

    For new players to the series, check out SR2 (generally regarded by most as the one with the better plot) or SR3 (negligable plot, muchy more "silly" but at present far larger and more "realistic") first. For undecided players returning to the franchise, avoid if you hated SR3, or wait till its on special if you liked it, as it's really not big enough to qualify for most as a full game.

    After condemning THQ for a lot of decisions regarding DLC, Deep Silver/Volition have hypocritically launched with a zero day DLC pack, and a pay to use cheat pack, which seems to indicate they plan on using SR4 as another vehicle for making an easy buck on DLC.

    There is also an issue regarding censorship of the Australian version. In DS/V's defence, this was a decision made to actually permit them to release the game in that territory, as Aus law's would have prevented its publication there with some of its content left untouched, but I'll leave the debate on that one to the extensive community groups already discussing it.

    Players will also find that a couple of much loved characters will not show up... apparently silently removed from the franchise as DS/V had felt pressured by THQ in SR3 to work with a former porn star as a voice acting talent, who, now THQ are no more, DS/V have decided to ditch rather than recast.

    Another issue is that the dev's have stated that SR5 is in the pipeline and going to be very different to the current storyline you've experienced from SR3 and into SR4, which, without wanting to spoiler alert you, does draw to a conclusion. Given the recycled engine and assets, and the fact that SR4 was originally built to be nothing more than an SR3 expansion pack anyway, you can't help but feel that SR4 was just a hastily cobbled together "filler" for the series whilst they work on the real "new" title, SR5.

    The biggest issue for me though, which has really impeded my enjoyment, even beyond reloading saves to escape dodgy building meshes, was the apparent decision to drop the russian accented voice acting on the default "Female 2" voice and replace it with a french voice actor instead.

    I know its not a big thing, but I loved playing a female psychotic russian mass murderer in the earlier games, and feel like the new french voice was tacked on as some kind of "we need to have a generic foreign sounding voice in there somewhere"

    Despite all that, as I said, I'm enjoying it more than enough to stick with it. Running up walls is cool, even if the game over uses it, and grants it way too early. The new stuff is fun to play around with, and whilst we have lost all the old gang rivalries that drove the previous titles, it is kind of fun to have a generic bad guy to hand the smack down to over and over again. I just wish it didn't feel so much like SR3 with cheat mode enabled.
  73. Sep 15, 2013
    Took Saints Row 3's greatness and made it even better. Why fix what isn't broken?
  74. Aug 22, 2013
    i ve never enjoy the early saint row i think those are just another GTA game. but then SR4 win me over as a huge fan. i have 20 hours of gaming fun out of this game. come on why the hell we need another gta game. the game itself is a little too easy thats why i take 2 points off. if you are looking for another GTA, do not buy this game. but if you have never play a SR game before or looking for a game with humor or u are a big fan of the old duke nukem. you definitely want to try this game. do not listen to those fanboys they just cant appreciate anything. Expand
  75. Aug 23, 2013
    everything is bad in this game; graphics, style, soundtrack, story, AI, gameplay, missions; it's nuts to see it getting so much high socores. I've actually felt dumb and dumber playing it. Don't get me wrong, I like humor, but the game has nothing to offer to adult gamers.
  76. Sep 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I bought SR4 yesterday and i just finished it and im giving everyone a warning, do not buy this game it is just a overpriced DLC for SR3! Let me tell you the top ten reason why this game is not worth your money
    It was planned to be just a DLC for SR3 and you can tell they did not add many things after changing the plans.
    The super powers you have in this game you could get from buying a DLC in SR3!
    No work whatsoever on the graphics.
    There is lot's of annoying bugs in the game
    You don't get any choices after the intro!
    The story is average at best and tries to be something it's not
    The ending is just awful and feels rushed out, well the whole game feels rushed out.
    It's the exact same city you where in the last game except some buildings are gone and there is a giant space ship floating in the sky.
    Beacuse of the super powers that you have cars are now useless.
    The worst part of all is the godamn price, would you pay 50$ for a DLC? Probably not so why would you buy this game!? and oh yo dawg i got DLC for your DLC!
    If you don't have a lot of money like me you should wait for a good game like GTA V!
  77. Aug 25, 2013
    I've been playing indie games a lot lately rather than mainstream games. You may wonder why that is, but I have a very good reason for wanting to do so. The simplest truth is that I find indie developers to be better at making video games than mainstream developers, mostly because mainstream developers don't actually make video games most of the time.

    What do they make? Well, from my
    experience, I'd say their stock in trade is exercises in tedium, boring person simulators, and desaturated uncanny valley simulators. I look at something like Assassin's Creed or Grand Theft Auto and I'm given pause, I have to ask myself where the fun is in those games, because there really isn't any. The other day I realised that I had more fun playing Kerbal Space Program, because at least there's an element of the fantastic to that, there's a degree of imagination involved.

    Whereas something like Grand Theft Auto IV has a fetish for reality, it cares more about believable hydraulics than having fun. If I wanted believable hydraulics, I'd go and take a drive in my car. What I want from a video game is something that feels more arcadey and fun, something detached from reality, something that genuinely makes me feel good when I play it because of the aforementioned fun factor. So, what am I doing in Grand Theft Auto IV? I'm driving my brother around to go to a strip joint, or bowling, or to play darts. I could do these things myself, so why am I doing them in a video game again? Are people really so stagnant that they find entertainment in this?

    Even Assassin's Creed is limited by its attachment to historical accuracy, so often you'll have to sit through long and not at all engaging cutscenes before you can... uh, have the game play itself, because requiring skill is dangerous, it might upset the player. See, I'm not against cutscenes, if they were interesting and well written I could sit through them. But let's be honest, gaming is hardly Pan's Labyrinth, and most of the writers are bloody awful (Obsidian hoards the good ones, I think), so making me sit through cutscenes that make me cringe? That's not fun. I don't want that. They can keep that.

    And again, I like parkour, but I like having some say in whether I fail. Assassin's Creed is so easy that I could play it in my sleep. So having jumping puzzles in that game is worthless. And therein lies the issue, there's nothing which actually challenges the player on any level, but worse, there's no fun to be had. If you were having fun, at least, then it wouldn't matter.

    See, this is why I like proper video games. I do like games. And I mean video games. You know? Recently, I've enjoyed Megabyte Punch and Beatbuddy because they're both proper video games. It's what I prefer to play. They have no pretensions about huge, involving stories, which is good, because only a few developers (Obsidian, and sometimes BioWare on a good day) can actually deliver. They concentrate on what was always fun about video games: The game itself. They make the game fun to play. They make it an enthralling visual feast of colour and sound, they have tight controls, and the end result is incredibly enjoyable.

    So, what is the mainstream, to me? An exercise in soporific dullness backed up by bad writing and massively desaturated colour palettes (because colour is bad, it might scare people). I must have missed the memo that told humanity that we were now soulless, brain-drained accountants, with no love for creativity, novelty, or innovation.

    If the mainstream represents the 'fantasies' of people today, then by golly, people are stagnantly boring.

    So, what does any of this have to do with Saints Row IV? SR IV is a mutant. It's a mainstream game. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, really. But there it is. It's ridiculous, over-the-top, colourful, and it possesses that rarest of qualities which so many games are absent of of late: FUN. It's really very fun. So, I'm a werewolf in a suit with a powertie using superpowers to climb a jumping puzzle-laden sci-fi monument one moment, and the next I'm escaping from an alien mothership to the tune of "What is Love?" And then, then I'm using telekinesis to throw people and vehicles through coloured hoops in a faux gameshow.

    It's really fun.

    But more than that? More than that? It's a game. It's a video game. It's the real deal. It's just a video game.

    And that's the best praise I could give to Saints Row IV. It's not an exercise in tedium, it's not a boring person simulator, it's not an accountant's most slate-coloured and plebeian fantasy... it's not any of those things. It's a game. It is a game that you will have fun playing. Unless you're a very boring person, in which case you won't. But hey, no worries, Assassin's Creed and Grand Theft Auto await to fulfill your entirely too mundane desires.

    For people like myself, there's Saints Row IV.

    Volition, you are too kind to me, and to any other person out there with an interest in video games.
  78. Aug 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is madly/smartly awesome with so much time put into it! Seriously the game has some of the best easter eggs and funny writing.One of the best easter eggs are when you're escaping you hear "What is love" and also hear Kenzie screaming "DO A BARREL ROLL!". Expand
  79. Sep 23, 2013
    Saints Row 3 with a DLC. Seriously. It uses the same town, same textures. I have no goddamn idea why they made this a new game. The writing isn't great. Too many references to other games. I don't even think they wrote the script, just a mash of quotes from other sci-fi video games and movies.
  80. Aug 31, 2013
    This game is ok but I just don't feel it should be labled part of the saints row franchise its just way to out there. Other than that its well made, and alot of blood and sweat was shown to be put into the quality of the game.
  81. Sep 8, 2013
    Where do I begin with this game? This is one of those games where you have to be careful how you review it because, if you say one wrong thing, someone will have your throat which leaves you questioning 'which of us was in the wrong?', but I digress.

    This game for me was very disappointing, also to me at least I felt a bit lied to about the whole thing. Now before I begin I am going to
    point out this now...I will not be judging this game on the fact it was originally going to be DLC, even though I could and make the score lower, I feel that's kind of a low blow as just because it was going to be DLC doesn't mean it couldn't be a successful standalone game. I am judging this game from a story-line and gameplay standpoint.

    The gameplay in 'Saints Row IV' is very enjoyable, it is fun to run around really fast and jump over buildings. It is really stimulating, I'll happily admit that it’s like you’re a god in a world of toy soldiers. But that is one of the game’s biggest downfalls'. The powers in the game make you too powerful, you are able to get around the map so quickly and easily it removes one of the core features in these city-sandbox games...CARS!!!! They in 'Saints Row IV' now have no purpose or requirement, they were originally there to allow you a faster mode of transport around Steelport, but since now you can just jump over buildings, run across the road at super-sonic speeds and, cars go soaring away like a candy wrapper in an updraft when you run into them. Another thing these powers have done in this is made the game SOOOO EASY!!! Now what I mean is they give you all these super powers to use but then they couldn't think how to make the game still challenging so they made the challenge 'fake', what I mean is they make it so your health no longer regenerates, so you have to get health pickups from enemies which are in large numbers that aren't hard to kill because of your superpowers (also why in Saints Row II & Saints Row the Third do you regenerate health when you're mortal but in this you’re a superhero and you don't?...weird). And finally about the powers is one fact that most positive reviews leave out; the fact that these super powers in a virtual world, already existed in Saints Row the Third's DLC in the real world...and in Crackdown...and in Prototype it basically takes the original ideas of other games and puts them in this (including its own franchise!) even USGamer says and I quote 'While the game's roots as Saints Row: The Third DLC are still showing, Volition has put together an amazing game from a wide variety of sources.' even though it's used in a positive context here the point still stands that the game is just parts of other games. So to summarize:
    Vehicles: Useless
    Enemies: Weak
    Difficulty: None or Easy
    Superpowers: Unoriginal-ception!!!
    Gameplay enjoyment: Fun

    Now the worst half, the put it bluntly, BULL CRAP!!! That is all the story is in this. The thing that most people say about this game is, 'this isn't a game to take seriously it's meant to just be a game to kick back and enjoy yourself'. In my eyes that is what free-roaming is for, your own amusement, not the story-line! I remember a trailer saying that this was going to be 'The Most Dramatic Saints Row Game ever!' but that isn't true because for effective drama you need a threat, tension and, believable characters to pull it all off and make you intrigued, this game has none of those traits. The threat in this game isn't threatening. I was never for one second convinced that the aliens would enslave the human race entirely and rule the world at the end of the game, because it was one large invasion! Since there was a large scale threat there isn't any fear that they will win because you know that for this scenario the developers wouldn't do that, but if there was one alien in the game who was superior to you in any and every way and he had a new character prisoner, there would be a small threat that is effective because it creates genuine tension. If Zinyak came alone to earth and was able to stop you very easily and had captured Asha who was just introduced that creates great tension because you don't if in this game their main character or a built-up plot point just ready to die at his hands, and the fact it can go either way makes great tension. There you go, there’s a way to improve Saints Row IV straight away! Also the characters are just gone in this game, they just aren't them selves. And that sucks because I like these characters but in this I don't. The comedy is all wrong as well as the charm of saints row 2 & 3 was it was serious and funny but this is just funny that isn't really funny at all.

    So overall I'd say don't waste your time, if you take the time to see the issues with this game, you'll start to notice obvious flaws. In my opinion: save yourself $40-$50 and buy something else; crackdown... or Prototype. Seriously it's the same game
  82. Aug 31, 2013
    Hell NO. This can't be called Saint's Row IV. It could be called Saint's Row The Third: Alien Expansion pack. And it should cost around 10 euors, NOT 60! This is not a new game, is just an heavy modified version of SRIII with aliens! Missions are boring, repetitive, the story is nice and the story missions are good, but i can't believe they sold this game as a new Saint's Row. Very disappointed.
  83. Aug 27, 2013
    Having played saints row the third, i found this game quite dull for its price. Yes i like superpowers, but the whole game feels like a big DLC for saints row 3. The shops are the same, the clothing are the same, even the hairs, the cars and the motorbikes...
    The side quests are almost the same of SRTT and they became boring really fast.
    So i think this game is not bad but they can't
    sold it as a completely new game. Expand
  84. Aug 29, 2013
    Pretty amazing game, IMHO.
    If you're not expecting something very deep or thought-provoking akin to the Last of Us or the Walking dead, this is one way or another a very good game. This game obviously knows it's ridiculous, but it also knows how to bank on it and take advantage of this. Because of that, you wind up with some pretty funny situations, where I found myself actually laughing
    out loud on several occasions, because whatever happened was either funny or so much over the top it ended up funny.
    It's not to be taken as something like GTA. It's open-world, yes, and that's about where the similarities end. It's a game perfectly capable of standing on it's own, which is also why this could not be a DLC; the story line is too long, there are too many abilities and too much time and power put into making this game that it could be justified as a DLC.
  85. Sep 1, 2013
    May be this is really a DLC, not a whole new game. But it's definitely worth what it costs.
    Gameplay went far from original game. Now it's something like Prototype or Infamous, and it plays even better than this two.
  86. Sep 11, 2013
    the game was ridiculous at the beggining the intro cutscenes already made it a great game but when mid game when i got the dubstep gun i know this game was ridiculous fun in anyway havent had a good laugh by games by that for a long time for me its a full price buy
  87. Aug 28, 2013
    I went into this game extremely skeptical. I heard it was originally supposed to be DLC, and was not amused by the fact that this was built directly from Saints Row 3. I was also just as nervous to see how far they would push the ridiculous factor as anybody else returning to the series was.
    Despite all that, lets just get it out of the way: I had tons of fun playing the game.
    The Saints
    Row crew really know how to deliver their story and make things feel epic when they want to. The Matrix theme opened up a lot of opportunities to explore things I have never seen done with a game, and it all felt really good. Being as skeptical as I was coming in, it took me a few hours into the game to decide I was actually really having fun and then became genuinely immersed in the game. The oldschool game puns are hilarious.
    Now, the game did have a few flaws; Superpowers require practice and some upgrading before they feel fluid; Distractions and other optional tasks such as takeovers, Professor Genki missions, races, or other challenges are now connected with sidequests, meaning if you stop completing missions to do optional tasks in the world, you will get ahead of objectives and could miss out on some character and mission dialogue, if that is even important to you; But the biggest thing I could complain about is the amount of content for the price. I beat the game at 40 hours and am nearly at 100% completion. I bled the game dry. There is replay value here but if I could have squeezed 10 more hours out of gameplay, I would have been completely satisfied with the bang for my buck.
    However, as of right now, this game has itself set up for the greatest DLC content we may have ever seen. There are so many possibilities and directions the game could take with this new outrageous matrix simulation theme. I really, really hope that they take advantage of it and put out some amazing DLC.
    I heavily enjoyed this game and am looking forward to more. Removed a few points for the 50 dollar price tag vs. content. Since this game was built directly from the older game that I was able to put 80 hours into, there is unfortunately no excuse that they could not stuff in more content. Other than that, great experience.
  88. Aug 25, 2013
  89. Aug 24, 2013
    This would be an OK game at $20-30 at time of release. I have found the experience to be undeniably fun, although short lived and cheap. On normal difficulty I had 100% completion in about 20 hours, which in my opinion is not worth the fifty dollar price.
    The strongest, or most interesting, mechanic in this game is probably the addition of superpowers in a sandbox-type environment, which
    leads to a lot of goofing around. Navigating the city by running around faster than cars and jumping over buildings was still as enjoyable at the twentieth hour of gameplay as it was during the first. However, the implementation of superpowers feels only skin deep and points a big spotlight on the lack of work put in by the developers. Now, most likely this wasn't entirely the developers' fault, but rather a decision made by the publisher to upgrade from an expansion pack/DLC (that this game was originally meant to be) to a full game.
    Why is the implementation of superpowers so shallow? For one, the starting offensive superpower, the freeze blast, is the one that you will probably use 95% of the time in combat. Bad guys appear. You freeze them, which makes most enemies one hit kills, stops them from dealing damage to you, and breaks any special attacks that tougher enemies might be planning to unleash on you. Occasionally, the game will force you to change powers for some specific task, like a special game mode/activity, but there is no fluidity to using different powers in combat. What I would expect from a game with so many superpowers and ways to customize them is some sort of "rock-paper-scissor" mechanic or a chain/combo mechanic where you "start off with one of these, then give 'em one of these, and give 'em two of those for good measure" all while peppering them with small arms fire. Instead, you drop in on your enemies unannounced, push the "I win" button(Q by default), shoot the survivors, and you're off on your next adventure. Nothing but a quick disposable thrill, just tie it and throw it in the trash.
    Now this game isn't serious, nor did I expect it to be (it is Saints Row after all), but you quickly run out of ways to goof around. There is only so many unique things that you can do. And I'm not talking about "activities" or the mini-games, which you'll just breeze through anyway (and enjoyably, at least for me), but I've found the sandbox experience rather limited. Your gang is essentially useless, since you're a one man army. The game sticks you into a sandbox, but all the sand is dry and your tools are useless; so the only thing that you can really build is a big dune.
    Despite everything I've said, Saints Row IV is not a bad game. You will probably enjoy playing it, but don't expect the feeling of a full game. For a 20 hour long experience, the material presents itself ok, throws a few decent punch lines your way, metaphorically speaking, and leaves before it overstays its welcome. It's just not worth the ticket price. Just a publisher looking to cash in on some recently bought intellectual property.
  90. Aug 30, 2013
    This game is awesome. This game is just everything that a gamer needs. Supah powas. Dubstep. Benjamin [CENSORED] King. Haddaway. Aerosmith. Repeat with me: GOTY. And, of course, f* you, Zinyak.
  91. Sep 2, 2013
    Since it's set in the same city as SR3, there is no exploration aspect, plus with the superpowers (which had already been done in an SR3 expansion pack...), the game becomes much too easy.

    It's fun to almost fly from building to building for a while, but wait for a very generous sale if you wish to buy the game.
  92. Sep 6, 2013
    I cant see the fun in that game, its basically SR3 with Running and Jumping night time and dumb looking aliens. The gameplay is so clumsy and the humor fits for 12 year olds. Just a big expensive dlc pack for kids.
  93. Aug 28, 2013
    Okay where to begin... Saints Row the third was a better game in the respect you felt you had to play the game even though it was easy on hard, you had to use vehicles to travel and you felt you had to upgrade them for a better experience, in this game however you don't even need to get into a car let alone a plane, your super powers means you can get across Steel port faster than any vehicle in the game.
    It's not GTA 5 and not aspiring to be GTA 5, look at it as a new game entirely or you won't enjoy it.

    Saints Row 4 however feels just casual and easier than SR3.
    Also if you have a bad gaming rig this game is pretty heavy as far as FPS goes, I am not effected by this as i have a top banana machine and play this game on ULTRA.

    1. Looks great if you can play it on ULTRA
    2. Very funny, probably the funniest I've played, you will laugh from start to end.
    3. Easy fun, the more they give you the easier it gets, hard is really not hard
    4. Storyline, you do find yourself getting sucked in especially if you have played the previous installments


    1. Superpowers, wish they did not add these they are fun but take away EVERYTHING the game used to be
    2. Easy to put down, you don't feel you need to or want to play it, i found myself going and playing something else
    3. Repetitive, there is a lot of missions but nothing new.
    4. EXPENSIVE!!! and boy you feel like you have paid to much for this game wait for it to be cheaper
    5. 0 realism, it's just a mash up of silliness and being truly bonkers
    6. It does feel like a reskin, the city is the same the engine is definitely the same it just feels the same with stupid attached

    It's not the best game this year not even close, but it's a good laugh, very casual and if you're feeling down play this, it'll improve your mood. i like it, but i do not love it.

    Look at it as something new not a GTA 5.
  94. Aug 25, 2013
    It's still not Saints Row 2 in terms of story, but it's still pretty fun. The game play is addicting although extremely easy. You'll find yourself playing the game more like Prototype once you get your first set of super powers. Driving is pretty much useless in this game because of the superpowers so they're more like props. A cool feature that lets you save any car you drive and have them recalled instantly is made useless very very early in the game. Really the game's saving grace is the fact that the humor had me rolling throughout, and the game eventually goes over the entire SR story line in some way. So it's definitely fun and worth playing, but not worth owning. Expand
  95. Aug 21, 2013
    As others have mentioned, don't take Saint's Row IV too seriously. With that said, I started this game after just completing Saint's Row: The Third and there are somethings that are the same and many things that are different. I was especially interested in how the main character became President of the United States. This is something that was never explained in the game. Becoming President seems a little out of place for "Boss" (based on previous games) and I wanted to know what drove the character to make such a move. The game plays like it's predecessor with a weird mix of The Matrix, Infamous/Prototype, and Mass Effect. Most of the action takes place in a Matrix-like simulation which in-turn gives the players superpowers and free roaming ability of Infamous/Prototype. Since there are no safe houses, you interact with your crew on a spaceship and do loyalty missions for them (you can also "romance" them) which is borrowed from the Mass Effect series. Gone are the street gangs battling for turf of Steelport and this was a bit of a let down for me. I liked the gang action/battles of the previous games. While using superpowers, you will rarely find yourself using a car or any other means of transportation to navigate Steelport which has virtually been unchanged from the previous game. What makes this game great is the over the top action but still leaves you wanting more of what the previous games had to offer. When you are in the Matrix-like simulation you have access to four different core powers (which then branches off into other powers). When you do missions out of the simulation, the superpowers are removed although some missions still take place in a simulation (which makes no sense). Long time fans will especially enjoy ONE mission where you revisit Steelwater and you have to deal with old rivals The Vice Kings. This game has DEFINITELY set itself apart from Grand Theft Auto so now the two franchises are worlds apart (literally). Saints Row IV plays more like an extended DLC pack than a standalone game. Expand
  96. Aug 23, 2013
    This game is generally just Saints Row the Third with a new coat of paint. Which isn't necessarily bad, it just doesn't feel fresh. The city seems less grand, and with that the mayhem you can bring just doesn't seem as heavy.

    The writing in this game is great, though some of the reference jokes are overdone. There also doesn't seem to be as great of character interaction in this as in
    the previous games.

    The weapons are more or less the same with some extra fun ones in the mix, such as the infamous "Dubstep gun". Though while in the previous games, you'd find a time to use each of your weapons, this game you easily find yourself ignoring the weaker firearms.

    All of these downsides are tied to the big feature/setting of the game: You're in a simulated reality and have superpowers. Everything else that makes the game Saints Row takes a backseat to this, and shifts the game more from GTA to Prototype. Your super speed and jumping powers have you questioning why you would carjack anybody. Your offensive powers take a big role in your path of destruction, with a lot of your explosive/special weapons not requiring ammo and just use them in place of your conventional firearms.
    No mistake, it's fun, but it sacrifices the original fun of Saints Row in the process. I don't like the concept of being in a personal Matrix. I don't like doing missions by myself just because my crew mates aren't using hacks to be in god-mode. I don't like forcing myself to use a SMG because I'm getting tired of instantly killing everything with a absurd artillery piece made out of 5 other absurd artillery pieces.

    In the end, it's about the challenge. Saints Row had never been stellar in this department, but super powers have basically knocked down any difficulty choice you make to "I can freeze and shatter everybody on this city block". The game isn't about fighting to overcome a powerful obstacle, it's about being the powerful obstacle that has no equal.

    Again, make no mistake, the game is fun, like a game should be. You just might want to hold off on this if you were hoping for the goofy GTA clone you're used to.
  97. Sep 6, 2013
    Disappointed. A mutated Saints Row The Third, with bizarre main character twists. I was thinking in a 7 score but I have mixed feelings, more turning to bad, and for the yellow bar a 6 would be more fitting. Jeez I think I would stop believing in videogame sites reviews, they simply are more benevolent in some games just because the name lately than usual. Further more, very good games are underrated, buy I would prefer not to mention names. I'm disappointed with this one. I have to mention that I haven't played the first ones, only the third and I liked it, very. I have heard that the third was a mimic from the others. I cant tell haven't checked that just yet, but I will base my review on the Third. This game is actually the Third but mutated as mentioned before. And is not the classic GTA style, just morphed into a Prototype so I've heard maybe a Infamous one, a little bit. The city is actually the same, all is actually the same with very little modifications to worst. it's like imagine an ad from the third now imagine the ad with an ugly face. Bad. I don't know if this going to change further ahead in the game but the result is the same. Your character is more like a superhero that a successful gang leader or so. So like a superhero, you don't need more the use of a car and so on. This is not like isn't fun but; for the ones who liked the first releases, this is a complete letdown. In fact this 4th installment was released soo early. In fact feels more like an ad-on, that a new release. Maybe that was the first goal, and Volition just change of company or I heard so, that the result is bad. Well to be sincere, is not like is a bad game but neither a good one, just an average, what is lame for a successful franchise(or, it was?) This reminds me that there's a phrase to mention for the hyperactive people who always want to improve what doesn't need to be improved: If isn't broken, Don't fix it!
    But what is broken? Saints Row just need better graphics, a little more of everything like a working subway a completely new big and different city, even the most simple solution like, only just imaging(is not like I have seen this before...) if they like variety why don't they just release a new Saint Row with a 50-60s atmosphere? All that with the crazy humor and everything so peculiar of the Saints. I would certainly cheer and like that, meanwhile look like the Saints are on the road to hell like Tomb Raider, Hitman ,Resident Evil and the list goes on ,I hope that Volition reconsider it for them and or us for he next gen of videogames PS4,Xbox One, PC and retake the path, and don't see another weird mutation next time.
  98. Aug 29, 2013
    The only reason I give this a 10 is because I think of it as a different game. Take away the Saints Row title and just call it.....The Matrix...and you're neo. That's it.
  99. Aug 31, 2013
    No one would have believed in the first years of the twenty-first century that a game series that initially revolved around car theft and drug related gang warfare would eventually evolve into featuring a playable, heavily customizable US president in a space ship, hacking into the Matrix to avenge humanity by fighting hordes of alien invaders and giant soft drink cans with various super powers. But still this has become a fact.

    I recommend everyone with a decent sense of humor to play this unlikely masterpiece of endless fun and severe insanity. Preferably together with a like-minded friend in co-op.
  100. Sep 4, 2013
    Saints Row 4 is super entertaining game with some really smart jokes. Super hero powers makes it unique open world experience. Bad stuff are generic gunplay, awful melee, boring city, no challenge at all! So, it's not a game of the year, but still a great title
  101. Aug 20, 2013
    The game is pretty bad. Almost half of it was just taken from Saints Row The Third. This is basically the new CoD series, release a new game with a new map, new guns, new characters, a new storyline, but still keep a lot of the content the same.

    Saints Row 3.5 fails

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  1. Oct 28, 2013
    A combination of sublime and ridiculous, Saints Row IV is outlandish fun. [Nov 2013, p.97]
  2. Oct 5, 2013
    Saints Row IV is wild and wacky, but also provides first class entertainment. [Sept 2013]
  3. Sep 10, 2013
    The fourth part in the Saints Row saga is an outrageous, silly and incredibly entertaining adventure. The days of Grand Theft Auto is since long gone and the game reminds you rather of the super hero games Crackdown and Infamous. An unexpected but welcome change.