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  • Summary: A new movie is being shot in Steelport and you're the star! Join with your co-star, Jenny, to fight the alien invasion for the film Gangstas In Space. With spaceships and alien weaponry, this retro-style film is sure to be a hit!
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  1. Sep 13, 2013
    No sourness here; I bought this DLC dirt cheap in a Steam bundle. Season Pass holders may be more disappointed. Gangstas In Space doesn't add much to the game as a whole, gameplay consists of blowing stuff up in-film (the cine overlay is a nice touch) but is good fun and an amusing excursion. Highlights include the B-movie acting, retro sci fi design and overbearing director Andy Zhen. Expand
  2. Mar 25, 2012
    I'll give it 3 simply because there is some humor to be had here, you get to be fairly supportive and cool about pressure, and you get an hour or two's worth of fun. But the DLC for SR3 has actually made it progressively worse, as a Season Pass holder I've had the experience more or less soured by some of this garbage. (Trouble with Clones is a worse offender by far, but I got really tired of Gangstas in Space early on and wished it hadn't happened.) Co-op play isn't really well planned out in this expansion, which is a let-down because it's generally pretty good in the base game, bugs and lag aside. As with Genkibowl, there are situations in which the division of responsibility for co-op just doesn't make sense, especially with vehicles involved.

    I was expecting camp from Gangstas in Space, fine. No problem with the cheese factor itself. I mean, the glimpses you get into the project along the way playing the base game don't exactly raise high hopes. Camp is fine. But this didn't rise to the cleverness of camp. Strangling out a few really tired premise-based jokes, working them raw until they finally yield up a climax of utterly predictable and ultimately unsatisfying moments... well, as a woman, I can get that for nothing and drink free doing it, thanks. I expect better from Saint's Row. I daresay I got more entertainment out of Insurance Fraud than I've gotten out of the entire Season Pass. Makes me want to get crazy-eyes on the guy who thought doing DLC on the cheap and quick like this was a good idea in the first place. Make it longer. Better plans. And more time in tests. That's better than bigger, faster, and more intense-- especially when that intensity is being spent on the struggle with disappointment. Volition-- you'll never get a prepayment from me again based on this experience, and forget add-ons for sure. Not till you get your sh** together and deliver something that says you've started taking pride in your work again. Because Gangstas in Space? Definitely not that.
  3. Mar 13, 2012
    Terrible addon that is far from fun. This addon SHOULD OF BEEN FREE because ITS ALREADY ON THE DISK. Volition is terrible. They abusing there long time saints row series fans with this horrible game and its uber retarded add ons. do NOT and i mean DO NOT buy this add on! Expand