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  1. Jul 31, 2012
    Enough with the GTA comparisons. Having played every single GTA and Saints Row game, I can assure you that they aren't even close to competitors.

    The Saints Row series has really declined over the year, yet everyone hails this game as being a savior simply because GTA IV was too boring. Most of the people who are reviewing this game never played SR1, so they think Saints Row was always
    this ultra silly, casual alternative to the slightly more serious GTA. In the first game, the whole focus was the 3rd Street Saints. You weren't a Gary Stu, you were just a wild card in the gang. Most of the gameplay revolved around following your Lieutenant's orders. You actually had to use gang members, play the activities, and gain territory. It wasn't simple, nor was it easy. Level 8 Snatch activities, I rest my case. Those were infuriatingly impossible.

    In the first game, we had more clothing customization. We had more layers of clothes to choose from. We could zip and unzip outfits, turn hats, put up our hoods, lower our pants, and frankly do whatever the hell we wanted. There was more intricate jewelry, a wider variety of clothing stores, and most importantly of all, colors mattered. Nowadays, respect is nothing more than some **** equivalent of levels in your average RPG.

    In SR1, you could rob stores at different times of the day. If you burglarized stores at night, you broke in to the back, cracked the safe, and carried out boxes of goods. You then had to load them into trucks and drive them to a fence.

    In SR1, you could buy liquor and joints. Not that getting high or drunk was all that important, but it made you feel more like a gangster and it also allowed you to punch people ridiculous distances.

    In SR1, activities had 8 levels instead of 6. The final 2 levels of practically every activity were absurdly challenging, even on Normal.

    In SR1, respect and money didn't grow on trees. You couldn't just buy meaningless properties that sit there in a static environment and do nothing. You actually had to play the activities and contribute to the well being of your gang to continue to do missions. In SR3 respect is thrown at me for taking a piss on the sidewalk.

    In SR1, there was an actual story worth following. Los Carnales, the Rollers, and the Vice Kings put the SR2 and SR3 gangs to shame. Benjamin King alone is a better character than the combined cast of SR3. The narrative isn't limited to LOL SO RANDUMB kind of humor made for 12 year olds who are convinced that GTA is some ultra silly casual party game.

    In SR1, there were stronghold missions. Even these were kept in SR2. In SR3, a stronghold is some useless building with nothing to do in it that sits around and makes you more money to spend on absolutely nothing.

    In SR1, your phone was actually useful. There were phone numbers all throughout the game that made Stilwater feel much more alive and real. It wasn't limited to 911, taxis, and other dumb ****

    I could continue to go on about all the features that SR1 had that were stripped away in SR2 and further removed in SR3, but I'll end with this. I 100% completed Saints Row The Third in 17 hours and 40 minutes. If you actually think this game deserves anything more than a 6, you must have the lowest standards on the planet. There is no new content to this game. The more serious tone has been completely abandoned for stupid kiddie humor and bland characters with absolutely no development. The whole community is filled with idiots who want furries and ponies and random **** they find online. The quality of game was sacrificed for slightly improved graphics in a boring, static city with no exploration allowed. The worst part is that there is genuinely no content. Once you beat the missions, clear the activities, and get the collectibles, you're done. The activities are so short, I have 100% control of the city before the story even ends.

    Saints Row 3 is a bastardization of the previous two Saints Row games. The worst part is, this game is a pile of rubbish BEFORE the season pass bull**** I can only hope this was a product of mismanagement at THQ, and that Volition will do better in the future like we know they can.
  2. Nov 17, 2011
    The big problem with SR:3 is its story presentation. Most of your actual story missions are activites, which for those who played SR2 know, are simple side games to earn money with and be silly, but about 25 of 47 missions are these activites. This leads to an extrremely short story full of holes. These also do nothing to tie in the plot of the game and can be downright absurd. For example the first mayhem mission is givin to you under the guise of attaking one of Stealports gangs who is distributing bad software, which leads you to a random street with the goal of doing as much damage to anything as possible. It dosent tie int the premise of the mission at all. The entire story is so incredably horrible that many players have searched for "missing cutscenes" (as I did) in the though that a glitch may have made them miss something only to find out "nope thats how it is". Another complaint I have is HOW the story is handled. In the second mission of the game a beloved key Saints charater is killed, however your never really sure hes dead, furthermore non of the charaters who were this guys best friends (except one) EVEN CARE that hes dead. The one that does just gets an attitude and mean but it never goes anywhere the game never builds on it and thats the case with most aspects of the story. Another instance in a scene on a bridge where the player has no idea whats going on and I had to find out on forums that it was the dead charaters funeral, the parts were all there there was a hearse and the charaters were all dressed up but no one was sad or hinted at a funeral AT ALL. After searching all these things online, apperently the game went through alot of story changes and the writers had to rewrite alot of the game (to cut up content for DLC's is unknown but likely). All thats fine but what were left with seems like a concept for a final story instead of o final product. Hugly more disappointing after SR2 Expand
  3. Dec 1, 2011
    -dead lifeless city -static objects everywhere -no story -try hard humor -terrible guns -missions are activities -endless spawning enemies from no where -gimmicky "boss" enemies that aren't hard -weapons sometimes inventive, but normally just "shoot the bad guy and they die" with no skill involved or interesting gunplay -civilians aren't lively -side missions are reptitive and don't have intros like saints row 2
    -no way to replay missions(There was a theater in SR2 that let you replay old missions)
    -no customizable walks
    -no customizable fighting styles
    -no phone numbers to call
    -no taxi warps
    **** 2 player co-op netcode
    -no multiplayer like SR1 and SR2
    -boring as **** most of the time
    -low textures everywhere
    -abysmal sounds and voice acting
    -hardly any clothes
    -cut out cars/clothes as DLC
    -gang wars dumbed down
    -content not anywhere near SR2
    -terrible radio choices
    -boss is a generic lacky with hardly any options
    -basic as **** horde mode tossed in at last minute
    -saints row 4 already in the works
    -3 major DLC's announced before release
    -15 day one DLC's
    -40 weeks of DLC
    -selling cheats as DLC

    And it's such a shame. 2011 was such a great year for gaming. And then this came along.
  4. Feb 8, 2012
    This game is not the game that everyone hoped for and expected. Saint's Row 2 was phenomenal, and I expected Saint's Row 3 to be a continuation of that, and the LAST thing I expected was for your character to be a sellout punk who is on lunchboxes and does commercials. This games tries way too hard to be random and comes off as a teenage girl. Go back to Saint's Row 2 style, Volition Inc.
  5. Dec 19, 2011
    Saints Row: The Third, ah the end of a trilogy and I don't know if you experienced the full trilogy but I did. I remember Saint's Row, Saint's Row 2 and now Saint's Row 3 and all through saints row I think we have all seen the history of 'Gangsta' and music in general now in Saint's row 1 we saw the rap game it was about being a gangsta and rising to the top and you had to defeat gangs and earn respect, a common theme in all three, but in Saints Row 2 we saw this fall of power and then with new gangs and new enemies and then its in this point in saints row where we saw people being a little less serious. You had plastic surgeons that could reform your character and also clothes shops where you could pick up just about anything. This made me personally a bit anxious I saw the decline coming in the saints row trilogy at this point but it still had a good story that was represented well and now we have saints row 3. Where I might just be able to sum it up in one word: Sellout. A sell out for both the developers and the content. In the game we see the Saints becoming a gimmick a icon for mainstream commercialism and I immediately felt a bit sad. Sad that this is acceptable and sadness for my time in gaming and how many great game series have gone bad. In saints row 3 the game is based of the word 'sandbox' but for all that 'fun' there was a cost. A great game was ruined. Most of the missions were pretty much activities that made not sense and with all this commercialism in the game. We wonder what we were doing. Look at what the saints have become. I mean they completely ruined the gang if you can call it a gang anymore its a business, a corporation. Everything the gangsta lifestyle is about. Difference. Underground. This wasn't the only thing that ruined this game. I hate the soundtrack I mean wheres the hip hop. What have the saints become. I feel quite screwed over by this game but it reflects how everything in gaming is to reflect the same audience. It was the first saints row which was the best for me so if you really want to buy a good game then save you self 30 odd pounds and buy the original and wish you never even heard of saints row the third because saints row 3 is bad I don't like it the 'gangsta' feel is gone and replaced with this fake world with meaningless missions and minimal activities that might be able to entertain a teenager who wants to make a ridiculous character and not caring about the anything other than mindless violence without a purpose. Funny how this game is rated 18 and it might not even be able to entertain an mature child. I miss the gangsta feel about the single player and the multiplayer is foolish. Doesn't anyone else remember the good times with saints row's multiplayer the entertainment in 'protect tha pimp' and 'blinged out ride' they were great and if you don't know them your unfortunate and if you do know them but don't agree with me then your an idiot! The saints are ruined and if they think they can make a decent sequel after that load of rubbish then unless its where you rise up and destroy the saints, I'm not interested. I hope there's people who share my views otherwise I don't really know what to go to next. If this keeps up there will be no more good games out and that will be a sad day indeed. I fear that's what's coming and its because of that idiot you know who plays games immaturely making stupid characters and ruining the game. Its not funny. All in all what a rubbish end to a great series. If you read this and still buy the game, unless you are like all these stupid people, you will see this is a game with no plot, no explanations and a waste of time.Thank you for taking the time to read this now hopefully you will recognize the truth before wasting all your money and time on this useless game. What has become of the saints? Julius would be ashamed. Expand
  6. Jan 5, 2012
    Many freezes, crashes, bugs and problems make this title a bad thing to get for $60. This game also has DLC, however, the DLC is already on disk. Also the bugs can cause major problems to your system. Stay clear and wait for the bargan bin. Dont get me wrong, its good, but not that good. I loved SR1 and 2 but this is NOT good. Also the stuff you may see on the case such as the man a pult car is not in the game, its for pre order people. Expand
  7. Jul 12, 2012
    I liked SR2 a lot so i bought this one thinking it would be as good. Graphics have been upgraded but gameplay was downgraded. The story is just plain stupid, just activities glued together which wouldn't be that bad if activities weren't boring on the long run. I wouldn't recommend it.
  8. Jun 17, 2012
    This game is a massive piece of **** The physics and controls are horrible, the storyline is mortifying, the over-the-top "look how crazy we are lolz" is embarrassing. Everything that made Saints Row 2 fun has been replaced by complete stupidity, and nothing is recognizable anymore. Even the idea of opposing gang members has been altered in a stupid way: Instead of specific gangs, each with their own personalities and themes, all your enemies are now, uhhh... color coded.

    The graphics has been updated, but that is literally the only improvement that this game has over the second. The entire thing feels like you're playing a ragdoll sandbox, just waiting for your character to trip and fall in a stupid way, the UI is a massive pain in the ass, and traveling the city is no longer fun in any way.

    Stay far, far away from this game.
  9. Aug 29, 2013
    I was not entirely sure what the heck I was playing. Tried to play it twice, but none of it made any sense at all. Nothing in this game is at all realistic. Steer clear of this time-waster.
  10. May 13, 2013
    This game is good fun if you just want to waste a few hours slaughtering people on the streets, but I think the missions extremely stupid and just kind of boring. It can be funny at times too, but it quickly feels like it's trying too hard.

    I really do like the driving physics in SR3. Driving around is a blast, but without a good game to wrap around the mayhem I got tired of it very
    fast. GTA 4 is much better. GTA has some stupid stuff, yes... like bowling, etc. but overall there is a lot more substance to it IMO. Most of GTA 4's missions are really good.

    Some people really seem to love SR, so maybe you will enjoy it more than I did but it's not for me. I might even uninstall it to save some hard drive space.
  11. Apr 9, 2013
    I really don't understand why the game garners such praise when it takes many steps back from Saints Row 2, gigantic steps back from Saints Row 1, and provides a boring gameplay experience.

    To elaborate: When Rockstar decided to take their Grand Theft Auto franchise "seriously" with GTA4, Saints Row was, for all intents and purposes, the spiritual successor to GTA: Vice City and GTA:
    San Andreas. Saints Row 1 provided a solid main story line, a well designed sandbox, and plenty of over-the-top side quests and activities to do, many of which became quite challenging. Saints Row 2 upped the ante on juvenile, over-the-top, activities but the core really remained the same: Engaging single player story, good sandbox, lots of side quests and activities to do.

    Saints Row: The Third, by contrast, has gone all-in on juvenile, over-the-top action to the point that it forgets what made the game successful in the first place. The main story is short, most of the "missions" are only about the length of SR2's "activities", and is utterly nonsensical. In SR1 and SR2, the story was about your rise in the Third Street Saints and keeping the Saints relevant, respectively. In SR3, the story is about trying to remember your "gangsta roots" while fighting factions that make little sense in a meaningless town.

    Furthermore, Volition has cut down the number of side quests and activities by half, or more, over SR1 and SR2. Activities and side quests are now found in your "phone" rather than on the map, with exception to territory take overs, and are limited to assassinations, survival, and vehicle thefts. SR3's sandbox is largely unchanged but Steelport feels much less lively than Stilwater (less pedestrians, less traffic, et cetera) and with less than half the side quests and activities as previous games, the fun of running amok destroying things wears off in very short order.

    Respect, which was a meaningful metric in SR1 and SR2, has become a joke in SR3 and has become nothing more than a simple level mechanic where you get "XP" (err, Respect) for EVERYTHING you do, Saints related or not. Buy a new chain necklace? Instead of a Respect modifier, you just get a set amount of Respect outright.

    I must also include a word about PC performance. This game has been out well over a year and it still suffers from graphical slow down and stutter lag while in a vehicle. Even on my rig (i7-3770, 16gb DDR3 1600 RAM, GTX 660 Ti) capable of playing Sleeping Dogs at maximum settings and Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite on high with DX11, Saints Row The Third chugs down to 35-45 fps while in a vehicle on MEDIUM settings. This is a well documented issue on the Saints Row official community and happens on all brands of video cards and CPUs. Volition kept promising to address the issue but have not as of yet deciding, instead, to focus on DLC and Saints Row 4.

    This game fails to keep me interested even though Saints Row 1 and Saints Row 2 are two of the few sandbox games I played to near 100% completion. While Rockstar has decided to take their sandbox franchise seriously, Volition has decided to take the other extreme by making Saints Row so over-the-top and juvenile that they've lost their way.
  12. Feb 10, 2012
    Before I start my review I just want to point something out to all the people who read this ... most of these people who posted positive (green) reviews, I think have never played previous Saint Rows. Look threw the negative stuff and you'll quickly see that the true fans of the originals were disappointed. So before you think this game is great, don't read the reviews of the new people, read the reviews of the veterans of the series and you'll quickly see that it's not what it should be (now on to my review).

    To tell you the truth Saints Row 3 was a major let down, I was pumped for this game but was greatly disappointed. First of all the game was way too easy, I found myself burning threw it real quick, I mean on my first play though I was going at 4% per hour (and that's cause I liked flying the VTOL) my second play through 9%+ and hour. The game to me feels like a stripped down version of Saints Row 2. Half the missions you would do activities for, which unlike Saints Row 2 that were done on the side these weren't. As for the activities themselves, they were boring and easy. Also there are a lot less activities in the game. In SR2 you would find yourself doing like multiple stages per activity location ... that's not the case here. ALSO activities have been removed from the game. For instance the Septic Truck activity is gone, yet they talk about in one of the Professor Ganki activities. As others have said the death of a main character happens and it took me forever to figure out, and was actually asking friends about it. All the cloths were practically accessible if you download and used the Initiation Station leaving very little desire to actually go out and make outfits, and even then unlike SR2 which allowed for a lot of combinations and possibilities, SR3 game used a lot of the same cloths with simply different logos on them. Weapons were also cut down on greatly. In SR2 I use to roll around with dual revolvers, or the special unlocked assault rifle. In SR3 there are 2 pistols. Melee combat with weapons feels to be cut down on for me. I mean in SR2 I loved riding around on motorcycles with a katana doing drive bys ... not in SR3 (only one sword and it
  13. Vex
    Jul 27, 2013
    I really tried to like this game. I really did. I gave it a chance believing all the hype and good reviews but it left me severely disappointed. The game has no substance and real storyline, the humor is coarse and vulgar, the world feels bland, static and totally boring. This is basically an over the top version of GTA with any semblance of a meaningful story removed.

    Only play this
    game if you're into mindless violence, coarse humor, or if you play games like GTA just for the sake of violence. Otherwise avoid. Expand
  14. Sep 20, 2012
    What a idiocy is going on my screen. Who's created this stupid arcade style game. I don't have any fun from this and me only needs to vomit. Everything is horrible game-play, humor, weapons, storyline, dialogs/ Graphic is mediocre.
  15. Feb 12, 2013
    The game is far to easy. Turning the difficulty up didn't really do much for me. Most missions involve you blowing through guys without any effort and then recharging health while you hide around a wall. Its doesn't matter what weapon you are using. While there are some good jokes every now and then, it isn't worth the trouble of wading through pointless mook after pointless mook. Basically the game has such poor level design its unplayable to me. Expand
  16. Apr 22, 2013
    I've put well over 50 hours into this game, including DLC and most of the other content, and have liked maybe 10 of them. If you're looking for a 2-hour cringe-fest story and some boring, repetitive side missions, a city that magically spawns absurd amounts of enemies just for the hell of it, and sub-par game play to boot, then go ahead and pick up this game. If you want a decent game of this genre, then skip this and look towards the GTA series, Sleeping Dogs, or Just Cause 2.

    This game has many problems. First is moving around the city in which the game is set. Driving is not very fun, and even when going at the highest possible speed, it doesn't even feel like you're going fast. Flying is even worse it feels like you're barely moving when flying the fastest jets available in the game. Walking, of course, is not any type of alternative, the setting being a city and all. Boats are obscure and useless in this game. There's no other way of traveling around (fast travel, taxi, etc.) to make getting around in the city more bearable.

    Gunplay in this game sucks as well. Shooting doesn't feel like shooting, so much as pointing at the enemy and clicking your left mouse button. Enemies are bullet sponges that take longer than warranted to die. There are annoying boss-battle-like enemies that are easy to kill, just a bit annoying when you're near the start of the game and your guns can hardly even kill normal people.

    The story is short, and what there is of it is terrible. The game tries to redeem itself through its "humor", which is just throwing in some random stupidity that would make even a 13-year old cringe from how bad it really is. "o look guise im hitting zombie strippers with a big purple lol so random" this is essentially the humor in the game.

    The missions, etc. are boring, annoying, and recycled amongst themselves.

    The city has a severe identity crisis, with a small neighborhood being placed in the shadow of a giant strip club/skyscraper/gang hideout, and other such things. The architecture is disjointed what's a small victorian-style church doing in the middle of a modern city?

    The game's texture quality is not as good as it could and should be, its art style is okay though.

    The only real merit of this game is its character creation. This is nullified, however, by the fact that Saints Row 2 had a much better character creation system, with more voices, more clothing, more layers and orientations of clothing, etc.

    OVERALL, this game is really not worth considering. Especially now, over a yearlater. Although this review is a bit late, I wanted to get my voice out there in agreement with those who rightly disliked this game. It promises a fun sandbox experience, but does not deliver.
  17. Jul 22, 2013
    This game has the tendency to cross of line of stupid-fun and stupid-stupid. It wasn't until I beat it when I realized that this game is merely effortless, childish piece of garbage. A dumb story and with awful characters and writing. Graphics that date back to PlayStation 2-era and a boring game world. They over-do the the over-the-top fun that made SR2 so fun and it becomes unfunny and boring.

    Saints Row The Third can be summed it in one word Effortless. You can tell the developers just put a bunch of random crap together and called it a game.
  18. Jun 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can't believe I dared to say that saints 3 was going to be better than gta 5. I was hideously wrong. Saints 3 looks to be an excellent addition to the franchise with, better graphics and better gameplay. So what the hell went wrong? There's far to much to say.

    Firstly the game itself not the story. There were lots of activities in saints 2, plenty of more options including; guns, missions (various gang missions and strongholds to complete) clothes, cars and more. Saints 2 was far more detailed, you could buy burgers, drinks and cigars in saints 2, so why the f*ck did they decide to get rid of it. I know it wasn't a major difference but, why?

    There are some good points about this game, I love the character customisation it's great. I got no problem with that, you could have you guy gold, or green. I wouldn't but there's some people who would.

    Now the story. Well, it shouldn't be called a story IT'S A COMPLETE F*CK UP! It went so OTT it's unreal. It's a saints game, it should stay loyal to the story of saints 2 why the hell did it change? So many unexplained gaps in the story like, dexter? Wtf happened to him? And why the f*ck did they include zombies in the story that's just w*nk.

    We're the developers horny or something why add so many innuendo jokes and stuff in the game? What were they thinking killing of Gat? Saints row best character! They didn't need to kill him off so why did they do it? So they could make a s*itty dlc about it? And the gangs, well gang because they all come together as one.

    So... Overall the gameplay is great I had a lot of fun with some activities (Not all of them). I liked genki it was okay, I hated the new hell assault and other stuff. But the story was s*it
  19. May 4, 2012
    The game is pretty good, GTA has better chars and story, however the buggy escort missions ruin the game. They need to clean up the AI in this game, all 3 have had the same problem and it makes the game flawed.
  20. Sep 30, 2013
    I'm not sure about the reason why this game is mostly given positive reviews. I would expect more Nagatives After seeing the endings, I have clearly nothing to gain fun. Player has to complete the repetitive and irritative missions. When the player see the endings, what's left is collecting drugs, money and dolls. Besides, the map is way too small.

    I would like to see a better game in
    next series of Saints Row. Expand
  21. Jan 17, 2014
    I seriously need to know why people like this game.
    The gameplay isn't original at all, and it's way too easy (there is even an upgrate for make you immune to bullets).
    The story is ridiculus and meh, with a humor that can only make laugh a kid; I know is meant to be like that, but just.. no. It's not funny to see a kick in the balls.
    I don't even wanna emphasize how much stupid and
    usless are the dlcs in this game, mostly overpriced skins or weapons.

    I can't even find a good thing for this game, seriously, it's just awful. But hey, it's better then Saints Row IV, since that game is just a bad copy of this. And many other things.
  22. Dec 28, 2013
    God damn it. What a disappointment. The story is average, the world is average and the characters are just...okay. It's great fun to go around and blow stuff up but it just gets old really quickly. The story has to many sex jokes and is stupid, but some characters are cool and fun missions. The muti-player is broken, removed activities and the RPG element sucks.
    And by the way for you idiots in this review section, GTA IV isn't boring, it's just slower for the almighty 'Character development' which seems rare today.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 22
  1. Feb 29, 2012
    The main difference between GTA and Saints Row is that, while Rockstar's infamous franchise seems to grow and mature as the years go by (like whiskey), Volition's sandbox follows the exact opposite path. Each chapter is more wacky than the last, its satirical approach uses extreme, adult- even vulgar humor and intense violence, to the point where one can only childishly giggle.
  2. 70
    Remarkable and technically excellent urban action game comes with hilarious characters and catchy cooperative mode. Passive environment and repetitive content sunk the final verdict down. [Christmas 2011]
  3. Jan 18, 2012
    This game is magic. Occasionally offensive and funny magic, but magic nonetheless.