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  • Summary: In 264 BC, Hannibal's proud city has just been overrun by its rival Rome in the first Punic War. Tired of waiting to be paid, the mercenaries who fought for Carthage against Rome revolted and laid siege to the city. In the very heart of the disruptions and massacres, Salammbo, the daughter of the Shophet Hamilcar, commander of the Carthaginian forces, falls in love with the chief of the rebels, Matho, who is leading the war against the city. Portraying Spendius, an escaped slave and companion of Matho, the player will discover the fantastic history of these mercenaries who fought against Carthage. Spendius is a survivor and an opportunist more than a conqueror. He is a man who stays in the shadows, much more suited to slipping in the night into an enemy city than confronting an enemy face to face...To save his life, he will have to encourage this war and try to take advantage of the disturbances to gain power, fortune and perhaps the love of the beautiful Salammbo. [DreamCatcher] Expand
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  1. The high production values, unique setting, beautiful graphics, and lack of old chestnuts in terms of puzzles make this a refreshing alternative to the usual generic Egypt-Atlantis-maze-sliding-tiles pabulum we've been force-fed for the past few years.
  2. 92
    Easily one of the most unusual and beautiful adventure games released in the past few years.
  3. Technically I should say that the game deserves an A rating but after completing Salammbo I was left with the strange feeling that I ought to have enjoyed it more. I think this was partly due to the subject matter – being a pacifist by nature, war and all of its accompanying paraphernalia is not really my scene.
  4. Not perfect, but still gorgeous and very enjoyable.
  5. Doesn't really offer anything new as far as gameplay is concerned, but packages some tried and true adventure gaming into a game that looks amazing.
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