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  1. Nov 4, 2013
    So, while the game’s rough edges may be off putting, you should still check out Salvation Prophecy if you are looking for a change of pace, or if you are starving for a space combat game, of which there have been very few lately.
  2. Oct 16, 2013
    Action, RPG and strategy in small doses, technically in the 2000s, Salvation Prophecy is a bit like the skeleton of a real AAA game. Firedance Games approaches, with its own financial and human resources, everything that makes a good game, and we can't help but imagine how much it would be sexy with a lot more meat on the bones.
  3. Oct 18, 2013
    Be prepared to grind for several hours before the game's rhythm picks up and its diversity compels you towards the exciting closing battles that reveal Salvation Prophecy's best attributes.
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  1. Oct 18, 2013
    If you love a good space romp and shooty shooty lasers you owe it yourself to try this one.

    First off It's best not to play the first half
    hour or so and judge the game right away. Yes, it's an indie game (made by pretty much one man, no less) and the graphics and animations won't impress anyone in 2013, but they are more than satisfactory and should not detract from the experience. Actually I'd say the dev did a very good job with the artwork and resources he had.

    This is more arcade than sim. When you're in ground combat, the fighting is relatively simple and more about how you approach the battle and manage your stims (health packs/power ups essentially) as well as focussing your fire with your teammates (instead of going Rambo on your own, good luck with that) rather than being some futuristic simulator.
    Same for space fighter battle, your ship controls are tight and direct rather than some floaty monstrosity. I think it's a whole lot more fun the way it is though and makes battle very satisfying and intense.

    Yes, there is both ground combat and space fighter combat. As well as this, the game has an RPG-lite element to it with leveling up and skill allocation.

    There is a storyline too... but it's presented in a more dynamic and organic way than most. This is not an RPG with tonnes of dialog or cutscenes. But there is a storyline and things just... happen, as you go along in the game, progressing your character and upgrading your kit. It's difficult to explain, but to me, it's pretty ingenious.

    I couldn't really talk about the storyline without any spoilers, but it's certainly worth checking out and as I said, it feels natural in the way that it progresses, rather than scripted.

    To my original point about not judging the game too early things start out fairly slowly and seem quite easy. But trust me, keep playing and progressing and battles, whether ground or in space, just get more and more intense, plus more tech is unveiled as throughout the game adding more dangers and strategies to your battles (i.e battleships protecting space stations in space, or buildings that can shoot lasers and defend themselves on ground or flying troops etc).

    The game is described as a "space military epic" and that's pretty much what you get, because it does get epic. But you know what else? Get to the highest rank in game and you can control your own faction, GIVING orders rather than taking them. Suddenly the game takes on an RTS element, with troop, buildings and resource management and the like.

    You just about get 3 games in one and for a price that is less $20, I'd suggest is easily worth it. Highly recommend.
  2. Oct 16, 2013
    Salvation Prophecy combines simple gameplay elements (space fights, third person shooter, strategy, rpg) into an ambitious, wide-ranging space epic that is more than the sum of its parts. Players that favor gameplay over graphics will be pleased with this indie title. Expand
  3. Oct 18, 2013
    Salvation Prophecy is a good example of how the whole can be greater than its parts. Or something like that. This is an Indy Game made by a person who wanted to create a space game that explored galactic conflict in a way AAA titles wont. The vastly different types of gameplay mean that none are as detailed as a game would be that concentrates on that one aspect. But every part of the game is enjoyable and together make for a fun package. So while the third person shooter part has been done way better in third person shooters, I will still run to the dropship to support the rest of the Salvation troops in the planetary invasion of a Drone colony. And I will join the rest of the Salvation fleet to defend our space station from the Wyr.
    Once the game progresses and more abilities are unlocked, and keeping in mind that the four different factions do have significantly different play-styles, even parts that looked simple at first can reveal hidden depths. Having to navigate hyperjumps and wormholes adds to that unexpected depth.
    Yes the graphics are dated. Then again, we don't play indy games for the graphics but for the innovation.
    So while this game isn't for everyone, those who want this game may just realize it is exactly the game they want ;)
    I will have to play it at least twice to experience both endings. Or four times to experience all factions...
  4. Oct 18, 2013
    What a fun little gem. Don't be put off by the dated looking graphics, this game has a ton of gameplay. Starts out with a simple mass-combat ground assault and every couple of 5-10 minute missions it adds on a new twist.

    Almost before you know it, you're in charge of the entire war, picking targets, launching strike fleets, building bases, and investigating the prophecy, all with a frenetic fluid gameplay that has you doing something different every few minutes.

    It's hectic and relentless but never leaves you feeling harried: it's amazingly easy to keep up with the strategic decision-making even in the depths of battle.

    My one-line description of it is "Mount and Blade in Space", if you loved those games but wanted something sci-fi, this might be the game for you.
  5. Oct 18, 2013
    Now that I've completed the game twice now I must say it is a very nice experience and especially how the game actually changes over time with the various technologies that are being put to use in the field like the mech factory for colonies or battleships for your space fortresses. Expand
  6. Nov 27, 2014
    A nice fan made attempt to emulate the now missing triple "A" gap in these type of games. I loved Star Wars Battlefront series and similar type games, but no ones even trying to make those type of games anymore. So hats off to the indie developer for having the passion, commitment and balls to even try. Expand
  7. Oct 10, 2013
    This game should be in the 5$ price range. The loading screen looks like a high school kid's attempt at a Photoshop image, with its only redeeming factor being the decent intro art. Animations and graphics are what I expect from early 2000 games, the story line is vague and confusing, and game play feels repetitive and tedious.

    What really bothers me though is how they manage to make a space combat game so dark, depressing, and for lack of a better word, lame. How hard is it to make a cool looking spaceship? And why does every space station, planet and every corner of space have to look dark and dismal?

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