Mixed or average reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
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  1. The puzzles aren't difficult and the storyline is pretty straightforward. The hardest part is keeping innocent people safe.
  2. 83
    A seething cauldron of creativity that's ready to boil over. All right, maybe it borrows a leeeeeetle heavily from cheesy sci-fi action flicks, but you can't refute the product's amazing approach to the world of espers.
  3. 83
    One of the most original games of the year. Despite certain shortcomings and some frustration, Sanity provided me with a tremendously entertaining, 28-hour long experience that is seldom seen elsewhere.
  4. The multiplayer just isn't interesting enough to bother with while the single player game offers no replayability to speak of.
  5. Even though Sanity's multiplayer game is forgettable, the single-player experience is polished and contains enough unique ideas, surprises, and solid gameplay to warrant a recommendation - assuming you can stand dealing with long loading times.
  6. It's flashy looks and mind-blowing storyline, combined with Ice T and some simple controls make "Sanity" a lot of fun as well.
  7. 70
    A good game with beautiful graphics, an interesting story, and clever puzzles, but a few flaws prevent it from being the amazing game it could have been.
  8. CNET Gamecenter
    Although it brings many new things to the table, for every good attribute the game adds, a new problem comes along, be it awkward camera control or flaky targeting.
  9. An interesting combo of action and adventure that will attract fans of both genres.
  10. PC Gamer
    Not as groundbreaking as it could have been, but still an excellent game. [Nov 2000, p.138]
  11. The camera provides a third-person view, and although you can adjust the angles and the depth, it's definitely confusing, and not ideal for battle or discovery.
  12. Despite the annoying camera work, Sanity Aiken’s Artifact manages to remain a fun game that will leave you excited at the prospect of finding your next Psionic talent and using it on some well-deserving criminals or on your online friends.
  13. A great blend of puzzle solving with a great story. The single player is really a lot of fun, which can't be said about many games these days.
  14. An entertaining game, albeit frustrating at times. While it's unfortunate the level design wasn't a little more consistent and the camera work a little smoother, there's enough adrenaline packed into Sanity to satisfy action fans.
  15. Daily Radar
    As it comes out of the box, the awkward controls, ordinary story and mediocre multiplayer prevent us from recommending this marginally fun game.
  16. The story - good enough but you'll never find yourself discussing it down the pub.
  17. It has excellent level design, superb modeling and a compelling "collectable" emphasis that keeps you playing to acquire that "one more talent" even late into the night.
  18. Sanity manages to rise above the load times and weak multiplayer level-design to become a worthy title for any gamer willing to step into the spandex uniform of the wise-talking attitude-laden superhero, Agent Cain.
  19. A surprisingly deep adventure with comedy, suspense, and drama wrapped into one saga about the dangers of unleashing powers humankind was never meant to harness.
  20. If you are entertained by style alone, this game may be right up your alley. If you also want truly challenging puzzles and combat that rewards creativity, however, you may be a bit disappointed.

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