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  • Summary: The Elk Moon Murder is a full motion video adventure game. Assume the role of rookie detective with the Santa Fe police. Anna Elk Moon, a famous native American artist, has been murdered and you have five days to solve the mystery before "the big boys muscle in", as your chief inspector tells you.
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  1. Exciting and interesting, making you think your way through the game instead of blindly hacking and slashing or defeating endless streams of opponents. For people who enjoy thinking games, track this one down. You'll be glad you did.
  2. Even if you do solve The Elk Moon Murder the first time around, you're bound to be amazed at the richness of the setting, the fine acting, and the sharp design.
  3. PC Gamer
    This is a good FMV game. Just don't expect to be entertained for very long. [Oct 1996, p.172]
  4. The game's story is not uninteresting, although it is perhaps a little too complex and it's not easy to keep track of who's who, especially at the beginning.
  5. A solid, unexceptional adventure and a potentially engaging diversion. Unfortunately the plot, for all its intricacies, fails in what should have been a primary objective; holding the gamer’s interest.
  6. An interactive murder mystery that could use a lot more mystery. Go buy a five-dollar paperback detective novel ... it'll probably take you longer to read the book than to solve this game.