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  1. Dec 15, 2012
    **GRAPHICS** The games presented in a charming retro look, oozing character. There's nothing cutting edge but it's not meant to be, what it**GRAPHICS** The games presented in a charming retro look, oozing character. There's nothing cutting edge but it's not meant to be, what it does do though it does very well.

    **SOUND** Again, like the graphics, the sounds perfectly adequate for what the games meant to be. The little touches like when you tap Santa to the laugh of Anti Claus all fit with the theme and give the overall game a fun atmosphere. The main tune that plays during levels is especially catchy and reminded me a bit of Willy Wonka, I found myself humming it after every play, much to the annoyance of my partner ;)

    **CONTROLS** The games been designed for iPhone/iPad/PC and Mac so the controls are simple. Use the mouse to hover over blocks and press to break, some blocks requiring more taps to break than others. You can also tap the characters to change direction, which is essential to shave off that extra half a second when going for perfect in some of the latter levels. In the later levels there's also hidden block and switches that turn things on and off adding a bit more of a challenge as the game progresses.

    **GAMEPLAY** Save Santi is a fantastic little game that's simple, intuitive and fun but doesn't compromise on quality.

    Like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Tiny Wings before it, there's a challenge in trying to get full marks on each of the 25 levels on offer, however this isn't required to enjoy the game in full. Later levels provide an ever increasing challenge and add some depth/re-playability to the game as you try to get a perfect score on each level.

    The look and feel of the game's perfect for Christmas and perfect for any age with nothing offensive or unsightly. In fact it would be great to see these quirky little characters in more games if the developer decides to make a platformer say.

    The sounds tie it all together with fitting sound effects and a catchy tune to boot.

    Will be looking forward to more games from this developer and nice to see a game that's not pretending to be anything more than a fun Christmas puzzle game. Check it out on the iPhone as it's really nice using touch controls to play the game, it also looks great on the smaller screen.
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