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  • Summary: Based on Nathan Jurevicius' Scarygirl graphic novel – winner of the 2009 Aurealis Award for Best Illustrated Book/Graphic novel – Scarygirl presents a wondrous adventure into a distinctive and beautifully bizarre world. The titular character Scarygirl is an abandoned child with a tentacle arm who dresses like a pirate, and is haunted by a strange man in her dreams. She sets out into the world to discover the meaning behind her bad dreams, but Scarygirl is hardly helpless, as she has a tentacle-powered arsenal up her sleeve.

    During her adventure, Scarygirl will be aided by her friends and guardians from the graphic novel, Blister the giant octopus and Bunniguru the mystical, kung-fu rabbit. Her friends and an ever-improving arsenal of combat moves will help her face down enemies like the adorably deadly hedgehogs of the Owl Woods, the violent Goat Clan along the Old Man Mountains, Hairclump spiders deep in the Stinky Swamp, and the most enemiest enemies of all: the clueless crossing guards around Bad Town!
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  1. May 10, 2012
    Scarygirl's world could have well been born in Tim Burton's mind and gameplay strongly resembles good old Pandemonium. Unfortunately difficulty level is very uneven and some segments virtually play themselves while others may leave you furious. [June 2012, p.57]
  2. 50
    Flabby toy with stylish visuals don't offer any extras to other action platformers. If you are a fan of the original Scarygirl character you can give it a try but you will miss nothing if you skip this game. [June 2012]
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  1. Apr 30, 2012
    The visual is really good. But bad gameplay ruins the game. Too many trial and error with not much thinking. There are also some environment/graphics inconsistency; some blockade is not visible and some platform are just for decoration. While the combo and upgrades are nice, the combat is just too simple, making most combos pointless. And the game is much more about jumping than about smashing. It feels so... "console". Some bad designed checkpoints and pointless traps causes some really boring retries. The game becomes really boring after 2 or 3 levels. What a pity. It had the potential to be a great game. Expand
  2. Jun 21, 2012
    This game suffers from unmet potential. The art style is enjoyable and the variety of weapons seems interesting, but under-utilized. The PC version reeks of a bad port. Display settings are limited to 1280x1024. No Widescreen options. If you change the setting it's not saved for resume. There is no way to set the deadzone on your analogue sticks. The 2D scrolling 3D environment creates visual confusion in some areas that requires ungratifying replay. The difficulty of gameplay is inconsistent and rarely rewarding. Expand
  3. Nov 24, 2012
    If you really value the money you put in a game ... no matter how small the amount is ,you might have to reconsider paying for this broken port, gameplay wise it's one of the most frustrating games i've ever played,sluggish controls,stupid platform jumps,unbalanced at some enemies ... long story short :it's no more than 2 for me ,while the graphics are kinda good ,the horrible porting makes the resolution stuck at 1280*1024 maximum ,the frame rate and the game speed are really bad on that resolution even on the strongest machines out there ! so far it hasn't been fixed as far as i know -bad support- ..
    scarygirl could have been way better,it might have been an actual rival to Alice games , but it looks like even the "Square Enix" trademark at the launch screen wouldn't save this game from being a disastrous mess of conflicted ideas ...