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  1. Jun 6, 2014
    very good game if your a Real Gundam Fan play this game its beyond fun when u get to player almost all of the gundams that was ever made fromvery good game if your a Real Gundam Fan play this game its beyond fun when u get to player almost all of the gundams that was ever made from the very first gundam to the newest gundams Full Review »
  2. Jun 6, 2014
    For those who are Mobile Suits Gundam fans or SDGO veterans from other servers, I'm sure this game is familiar to them. Surprisingly enough,For those who are Mobile Suits Gundam fans or SDGO veterans from other servers, I'm sure this game is familiar to them. Surprisingly enough, well at the same time not as surprising, I'm the first and only critic writing reviews for this game because the truth is, SDGO NA really hasn't been that appealing to the world MMO community since the day of its release. I'm honored to share my reviews about this game and hope everyone can give it a go.

    First of all, I'm going to break down several key facts. SDGO was first released in Korea with its developer company Softmax and cooperation of Bandai Korea. The game then expanded to several other servers in Asia under the contracts of other server companies and Softmax. Finally in 2011, OGPlanet from NA signed contract with Softmax and officially declared owner rights for SDGO NA, making it the only server created out of Asia region. I was excited when I heard of its release since I live in the US. I even showed up for beta testing and got myself some pretty sweet free units. The game the third-person shooter based, and is mostly PvP and also includes PvE missions. It can be fairly addicting as you earn your way getting more mobile suits units. Every once a while there were patch updates for new missions, units and events that easily gave away lots of things. The gameplay itself isn't that difficult as long you run through the tutorials, although it gets more competitive in expert rooms. In PvP, there are several modes you can choose such as normal, death, boss, tag and grid mode. Each game room usually starts with 6-12 players divided into two random teams of same amount of players. Each game mode pretty much requires team effort and a good end-game result is what determines win/lose. Quite amusing, right? With that being said, as much I enjoy playing SDGO, I do have lots of concerns for this server...

    The current stage for SDGO NA, is unfortunately low in community population close to extinction. In the past two years, the community was fairly massive and things were solidly good until around half a year ago players started quitting. The main reason behind that is because of OGPlanet. Players have constantly complaining the company about server lags glitches or horribly planned events and patches. They generally bashed on the game moderators for their lack of dedication and responsibility. Another huge problem which I agree with most of complainers is the way OGPlanet deals business. SDGO isn't a P2W game provided it is free at the start and lots of in-game things can be received free as well, but over the past two years after some old GMs got switched up, a lot of things the new GMs planned tend to milk players' money. There is a unique random number generator system called the capsule machine in SDGO, which is famously known in Japan. The capsule machine is really a luck in the draw, given each machine contains limited amount of items with the rare ones have the rarest deviation.... DUH! A lot of things in this game are pretty pricey, so it requires dedication on saving up in-game points. The trading credit with real purchase is called Astro. While spending Astro is optional, many in-game shop items with Astro pruchase are also expensive, and this is where players often got their money milked. Believe me, other than limited-time Astro purchase units, tons and tons of units can be obtained free by crafting and doing missions as long you spend time on this game. SDGO NA is indeed not mainstream at all in the world so players don't often see the need to invest money in this game, but that doesn't mean OGPlanet should lay back and have the common server issues unsolved because of the budget difficulties. We don't even know what OGPlanet's actually intentions are, but if this game continued to be laid scattered, no doubt soon one day SDGO NA would go total extinct. So overall, my opinion on spending is that spend what you need and you can afford. It's okay to occasionally invest money to the company as all the returning players do want game to survive, but once again don't jinx your money things that are easily obtained or meant to be rare.

    My last concern is the gaming community. As much the game seems simple after the repetitive gameplays, it's quite mandatory to get skilled for team games. A lot of expert players actually spent time refining their skills to dominate game rooms, but that's around 20%. The rest of the 70% are sadly still new learners or needed to train hard. Many fresh-meat players tend to be aggressive and toxic upon lost games or sudden KO's to other players, as well as constantly kicking players out of the game room if things didn't go their way. This is the only thing I hope the community should improve on. I also believe OGPlanet needs a change and point-of-view on SDGO NA, starting from fixing glitches and planning better game events, as I do wish the game can continue surviving. However, still feel free to test the game and enjoy!
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