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    Perhaps the game's most interesting aspect is its release date. In early November 2008 it hit store shelves, just in time for the Presidential election. Considering it's got a narrative enveloping a potential assassination, a vice-president with a distinctly Cheney-like appearance, and threats from a militant foreign power, perhaps Activision thought it the best window to publish. As it turns out, the release represents pretty bad taste, particularly because the game does not attempt to resolve or present its issues or themes in any sort of elegant manner. Instead it's very much a crude, bumbling mess of a conspiracy plot on a level of ridiculous that occasionally exceeds even the preposterous exploits of Jack Bauer.
  2. A typical Activision Value product – and that says everything. This one doesn’t even have multiplayer. If you happen to pass it by in a store... well, pass it by.
  3. My mother told me once: "If you have to say nothing good, say nothing at all..."

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