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  • Summary: The Tastan civilization succumbed to extinction many years ago; their only legacy being the mysterious Tastan Caverns. Some believe the caverns hold an invaluable treasure, while others say great wealth is attained through the knowledge and technology left behind by this advanced race. Take on the role of Beni and search for the truth as you enter the Caverns on a dangerous quest for riches. As you begin your strange and perilous journey, a female sentinel, a holographic image with advanced A.I., positioned there by the ancient Tastans to guard their sacred caverns, awakens.She appears throughout your quest with a sometimes benign purpose, but other times with calculated intentions. You will soon realize that behind the mask of illusions, the sentinel is much more than she appears to be - her dark purpose will threaten your very existence. [Adventure Company] Expand
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  1. I liked this game. There was always something new to see, a fun puzzle to solve or another comment from the A.I. to mull over. I never felt frustration or the need to “get it over with.” I want more.
  2. The pick-up-and-play nature and the level of attention paid to graphics, sound and story truly make this worth every penny, especially considering this title costs less than 20 dollars (US).
  3. A Myst-like adventure with FPS controls. Now if they tuned up Beni's innate abilities, I would have been blown away. The uniqueness of the puzzles and how they work get big ups from this reviewer.
  4. While the machines are nothing but intricate toys, they make excellent puzzles, and the first-person interface that allows you to explore Sentinel's three-dimensional environments serves those puzzles well.
  5. With an engaging story, a wealth of puzzles and a beautifully realised, fully 3D world to explore, this is a definite must for fans of the "Myst" series and a definite maybe for everyone else.
  6. Unfortunately, Sentinel often undermines one of its biggest strengths by taking those captivating puzzles and turning them into extremely repetitive busywork.
  7. 40
    A second-rate adventure title with some good puzzles tacked on to a poor story.

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