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  • Summary: You are Maya, a junk scavenger, surviving on refuse dumped from above. Yours is a world of layers, in which continents orbit at different elevations around the planet. Those at the top, the Chosen, consume massive amounts of energy and dump their waste down to the layers below. Now they have begun a descent to the Core, a living computer, in their search for the Gift of the Creator, fabled to bestow great power. At first you stand in the way of the Chosen, fighting to slow their march to the Core, and protect your homeland. But it is you who will ultimately discover Septerra's true nature, as you journey out of the familiar surroundings of your home country, and come face to face with the Legacy... [Monolith Productions] Expand
Score distribution:
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  1. If you're not the diehard RPGer who lives for "Bauldur's Gate" ("AD&D is the only RPG!"), or if you ever enjoyed one of the Final Fantasy series (I know some of you Bauldur's Gaters like it. Come on, admit it!), then pick this one up right away. There are seven whole worlds waiting for you.
  2. Currently my favorite pick for RPG games -- it’s one of the very few worthy titles in the genre this year. Its simpler interface doesn’t offer the detailed character development options of some titles, but I like getting into the game quickly without getting bogged down in the details of character stats.
  3. Here is a PC game that not only doesn’t hide its console roots, but rather unabashedly embraces it and, in my opinion, succeeds because of it.
  4. Judged by what it is supposed to be, an RPG along the lines of the Final Fantasy series, it is a fine effort that shouldn't be neglected.
  5. While Septerra Core is certainly not ground breaking, it does possess the potential to convert some console gamers over to the PC. Hardcore CRPG fans however, will most likely be disappointed with the linearity and limited challenge.
  6. Despite its lack of innovation, Septerra Core proves to be perfectly playable, and at times even quite enjoyable. [PC Zone]
  7. The spoken dialog is at times so badly acted, and the story so complex, that in the end you simply stop caring about the uninteresting characters under your control.

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  1. Sep 7, 2013
    Wonderful RPG. Spell effects and battle system are very cool, as well as enemy models, artwork, and the whole concept and epic focus of the game. A walkthrough might be necessary to not get frustrated trying to figure out when and where to pick up certain items, and what to do with them, but besides that i had an amazing experience with this game. Great dialogue and cutscenes too! Collapse
  2. Oct 12, 2012
    Amazing game! made my childhood very happy :) i still remember the cool fight system and awesome looking spells effects. i highly recommend this game.
  3. Oct 8, 2013
    Overall, this is a great game. Full voice acting and impressive graphics for 1999 combine with an exciting story and interesting character development to make a memorable experience. Fans of the early Final Fantasy games should truly enjoy this game.

    Its biggest flaw is that the combat system can become boring or even tedious after a while. I also found it frustrating that enemy health bars are hidden by default. If either of those bother you too much, there are cheat codes (true to any 90s game) to fix both of those problems.
  4. Oct 11, 2013
    A combination of the 2D isometric RPG that made Black Isle famous, with the artifice of Final Fantasy. Dated by today's standards, but immediately excellent. Can be frustrating at times (easy to visit locations or characters out of sequence) and if there is any negative factor to the game, it's that it's from a time when you needed to read the manual (no tutorials), and can be a bit of a sod to get working properly on 64bit/Win7 machines. Expand
  5. Apr 18, 2012
    Great game, you cannot expect Mass Effect series in the good old days.

    A somewhat linear RPG that involves less amount of exploration and
    more amount of turn-based combat. A variety of creatures and good boss-fights. Expand
  6. Dec 13, 2013
    Truly a surprise. I got this game free with something else I had bought (some kind of bundle) and one day I was bored and gave it a try. I had never heard of it before, never tried it. My reaction was: OMG, this is awesome! Granted it isn't as good as as other better known RPGs, but Septerra Core truly blew me away. Graphic were good, combat was good (though did get a little dull later into the game) and narrative was great.

    Aside from a lackluster combat system (still OK, but could have been better) my only other gripe would be with the voice acting. For the time I guess this was the norm, but Septerra Core's voice acting was a bit hammy and the game might have been better with just dialogue boxes.

    Truly a hidden gem of a game. Far from perfect, this game is a must for any fans of old school RPGs.
  7. Apr 15, 2014
    It would have been 10, if not for the infuriatingly slow combat animations on some frequently met enemies. Otherwise - a great story, an interesting combat system and a very good game overall. But fighting zombies.... ugh... made me drop the game more than once. Expand

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