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  • Summary: Combining elements of role-playing with strategy, exploration and amazing action, Shadow Sorcerer is an exciting new way to play in the Dragonlance® game world! This animated adventure offers a fantastic feature: You control the four heroes in your party simultaneously - even during fully-animated real-time combat!
    Select your party from sixteen different Dragonlance heroes, each with unique strengths and abilities already made for you. Then set out for the vast wilderness. Explore inside caverns, keeps, caves and dungeons. Discover items, weapons and hints of safe havens.
    But beware: danger is everywhere! You'll battle bands of vicious monsters, duel with endless swarms of Draconians and confront Ember, the Great Red Dragon!
    This fast-paced adventure boasts a "point-and-click" game system that's easy to use - a priceless asset when you're controlling four characters in real-time combat! And just in case things get out of hand, your heroes come with pre-set strategies, even before combat begins!
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