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Mixed or average reviews- based on 4 Ratings

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  • Summary: As the forces of Chaos snake further into Aerynth, they defile all that they touch. Untold dangers await those brave enough to venture into the depths of this bitter world. More than 30 menacing areas, abounding in corrupted creatures and demons of all description, challenge those who dare enter. Players are granted a sixth character slot to exploit as they please. Graphical enhancements, including variable weather and intensely detailed environments, enliven the world of Aerynth. New Race - The Nephilim: A strong, intelligent race with excellent casting abilities, the Nephilim are well-prepared to use strength-based weapons. Gifted with the powers of flight and human transformation, they make formidable allies. New Classes - The Doomsayer: Priests of Chaos who worship the Dark Lords, Doomsayers wield the power of Chaos. They possess a strong repertoire of heals, debuffs, and pet spells; The Sentinel: These stout, holy warriors devote their lives to purging the world of Chaos. Their powers include dispels, debuffs, and demon-only blasts. [Ubisoft] *Requires full version of Shadowbane Expand
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  1. Seems like a bit of a retread on a few of the expansion elements, but does, marginally, expand the game.
  2. 63
    It's not a total waste of money, yet it's not very important to the world or even the game itself. There are no ground-shaking improvements, aside from the extra character slot.
  3. I wasn’t able, at any point, to immerse myself in the world of Shadowbane at all. Running along a quadratic river that has plain blue non-reflective, non-transparent water and having snow suddenly appear out of the nowhere just doesn’t work for me, sorry.
  4. Just barely enought to satisfy true Shadowbane fans. [Apr 2004, p.90]
  5. Once you level-up as far as you can go (65), you've pretty much done and experienced all that you can. There are those that continue to hand around just to inflict serious damage on weaker players, but once they receive psychological help the game will be deserted.
  6. For Shadowbane's population of player-versus-player aficionados, the expansion doesn't seem to do much, nor does it do enough to compel new players to get into the game.
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  1. Jun 20, 2012
    So loved my Doomy. Miss it now as well as the game period. Too bad Ubi failed the players on this game. Wish they left it f2p. Populations shot back up they could've added a cash shop model like many games have gone to now. Expand

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