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  1. Jul 25, 2013
    An amazing game living up to the Shadowrun name. If you weren't a fan of the series before you should be now. Beautiful artwork and great tactical strategy elements mixed with true Shadowrun RPG style. Also the ability to create your own complete runs adds INFINITE possibilities.

    This game has SERIOUS superior re-playability
  2. Jul 25, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is everything we were promised and more. Can't wait for the Berlin expansion and more campaigns to come. As the guy who made Shadowrun Identity: Life on a Limb, I encourage you all to play user-generated content (UGC), submit bug reports on and join our team of dedicated GMs at to help create a 100+ hour community campaign. Peace, chummers!
  3. Jul 25, 2013
    An absolute triumph of great design and overwhelming developer passion, Shadowrun Returns is at long last a worthy successor to it's predecessors on the SNES and Genesis/Megadrive, and a proud representation of the classic tabletop game.

    Graphically, the game is luscious and stays utterly true to it's source material. Most impressive is the diversity of the classes in terms of
    gameplay. The matrix hacking element of the game flows naturally into the game, offering a spin on the gameplay which is a welcome distraction. Magic has been overhauled; no longer is playing a Shaman a chore.

    The turn based system just works perfectly. Comparisons to X-Com are bound to occur, and they are justified to an extent, but it isn't a carbon copy of the system as it adds very definite Shadowrun only elements to it.

    Another definitive Shadowrun feature is the Karma system of development. For this game, the Karma system lends itself to the RPG aspects of the title, forcing you to do good deeds to gain rewards. Whilst on paper this seems like a forced method of levelling, in practice it does well as it prevents the all-out turn based grind towards completion and compels you to explore the detailed world, held together by a spellbinding steampunk inspired soundtrack.

    The core game is a bit on the easy side, and it is short (the £15 shelf tag highlights this lack of depth, but it's the perfect price point). That said, it isn't difficult to see how much this game is going to be built upon by a rabid fan base who have been baying for this game since the 90s. Six months from now, this game could easily have another 100+ hours of gameplay built on it by modders and the joyous thing is that the diversity and enjoyment of the game means that those 100 hours will be well spent indeed.

    Shadowrunners everywhere, eradicate all memories of that woeful FPS offering that broke our hearts several years ago, get out your credsticks and buy this game because finally we've got the game we've been waiting for.
  4. Jul 25, 2013
    This game is wonderful for anyone who appreciates a good story in a game: fans of the old classic Fallout games will love this. I've been playing all night and its 6:30am now and I can't wait to get back in to the game. The story is incredibly interesting and the characters are very well designed. there is a mix of humor and suspense, the visuals are awesome and the music is top notch. The devs set out to make a game about what shadowrun is about: immersion and story. if your version of a good game is action and ironsights move elsewhere: this is a thinking mans game.

    the reason it gets a 9 and not a 10 is it has a few flaws: the equipment/magic screen is terrible: you need to visit a shop to equip and unequip weapons and spells. This is especially jarring for spellcasters like shamans. Shamans are supposed to learn their spells from their mentor spirits, not from the quick-e-mart!
  5. Jul 25, 2013
    Finally, a real quality old school RPG. Crazy good story, Very fun and addictive gameplay, Character customization is awesome and easy. The game offer a good overall quality. This game prove something, Gameplay and story matter more than Special effect and eye candies. I hope to see more of that kind of game. I'm waiting for wastelands 2 and planescape, I hope they will be as good at this one.

    Finally, if you like games like the old Fallout series. This game is a must to buy.
  6. Jul 25, 2013
    I have a real soft spot for turn based RPG games. The addition of the XCOM style cover system and the dark art theme brought this game to a level I didn't expect. II look forward to the community content and I hope this game has a very long life.

    *** I wish people wouldn't tank game scores by giving games a zero. Do you really see the game as a zero? Did you dislike it that much?
  7. Jul 25, 2013
    One of the most satisfying gaming experiences I've had in a long time. Shadowrun Returns is what it is, unabashedly a throw back jam to the good ole' days. It's locations and characters are so enthralling, however, that I found myself getting giddy at the mere thought of expandable content down the road. THis first installment seemed to be a crash course in Shadowrun, and I feel like theres much more to come Expand
  8. Jul 25, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is exactly what it is meant the be: The ultimate cyberpunk RPG maker tool kit. This is less a game and more a 20 dollar version of RPG Maker that is geared to make Shadowrun games. Considering that RPG Maker VX Ace is a 50 dollar program and you have to do all the programming, this toolkit is amazing. It's also integrated seamlessly into the steam workshop and there is already a community driven effort to recreate all the classic modules via the editor. BEST THING EVER! Expand
  9. Jul 25, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is a great throwback to isometric RPGs like Fallout and Baldur's Gate. The released module's storyline is interesting, and offers a fair amount of replayability through different class/skill loadouts or dialogue choices. Combat is engaging, and plays similar to the recently released XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which in my book isn't a bad thing. Many of the systems in Returns are also very similar to pen and paper Shadowrun. A couple valid complaints that can be leveled at SR are that it has a checkpoint save system, and it is a bit combat centric, though the latter can easily be avoided in future modules. Anyway, what's been released so far is well worth the $20 admission fee, and the user-made content being generated guarantees SR a place on my hard drive for a long time to come. Expand
  10. Jul 25, 2013
    i really liked the old snes shadowrun,ive read some books and i m glad that they made shadowrun Returns.
    it s a unique Setting and fun to Play but you will have to read allot and the save system is not for everyone.
    i love this game so far we will see if Players will Keep the game alive with new content.
  11. Jul 25, 2013
    This game delivered exactly what it advertised it would. A spiritual successor to the SNES game, and it stays true to the pnp lore and a bit of the gameplay. Nice customization, and a fair story for $20. Add on the ability to create content, and this is one hell of a deal.
  12. Jul 25, 2013
    I'm really enjoying this game. It seems like a lot of people are eager to judge it based on expectations for a baldur's gate like game, a skyrim like game, or other things that just seem completely off.

    To me, it feels closer in combat to xcom or fallout. I was worried it was too complex to get into but have already started digging it I meant to start out making a samuri decker, but
    just through the skill system ended up making a pistol toting shaman and have loved finding spirits to summon in my surroundings. It's rare that a game gets me out of my intentions and it feels like the system itself is shaping my experience. I like the sound a lot, I like the character's quips, and I'm brought back to fond memories of the SNES game. Anyway, check it out for yourself. Expand
  13. Jul 25, 2013
    It will take you back to the 80's when games made you think. Yes you read ALOT and the story is heavy if you decide to take in all the information given. The atmosphere is simply amazing. With simple stylized graphics that would make any cyberpunk fan happy. It is Bladerunner and Dungeons & Dragons rolled into one sexy low priced package. If you played the Super Nintendo Shadowrun you will be very happy. This game is not for everyone but if you want something different then this is for you. I really wish more games were made like this, its very very rare to see a gem like this. With user generated content and campaigns, the replay value is limitless. Expand
  14. Jul 26, 2013
    While I would actually rate the game around a 7.5/8, I have to give it a 10 because in now way, shape or form does this game even come close to deserving the 0's or 1's that some people are giving it, crying about the fact that there isn't any voice over's and that they have to read the text, along with a bunch of ridiculous nit picking such as infinite ammo and the whole 4 typo's in the game's dialogue.

    Pros )
    + Great story that start's off small and continues to escalate the duration of the game. Sure there aren't any branching path's and blah blah cry whine but it doesn't need them. The people who hated the story I'm sure don't like to read. It's not a slam, but just because words bore you to death doesn't mean this game deserves to get plunked with your 0 rating.
    + Customization; You base your character off one of 6 Archetypes during creation but after that your free to add skill points to whatever you see fit; Need a little extra firepower while your Mage's spells are on cool down? Throw some point's into ranged combat and pick up a shotgun. Your also given a decent amount of choices for the actual look of your character so I have no idea why people are crying about it like they expected Bethesda level options.
    +Combat is fun, simple but fun. Besides the fact that you pump so many shots out during a fight that ammo management would ruin and bog down every fight, this game is meant to focus on the story. It's built with the mindset of an old school table top RPG and with only having 4 runners per mission, doesn't want you to get bogged down 1/4 through a fight with Doug our ranged weapon master ran out of ammo...guess hes just gonna punch stuff for the rest of the fight?". The different classes all offer a WIDE amount of options as to what they can take and as I said earlier, when it comes to your character you can make them as focuses or well rounded as you'd like I played through with a Troll Physical Adept that learned a little magic on the side but was also willing to risk getting some cyber implants to toughen him up, even if it raised the CD on his spells. Threw some points into ranged combat and picked him up a shotty after awhile and suddenly I realized I was playing MY character. )
    +Editor; It's overwhelming the stuff you can do, it really is. I think people are forgetting about this feature being in the game entirely. The campaign is 12 hours of "You can make and use ALL of these resources", a real sampler platter.
    +Graphics: I loved the look of this game. It's fantastic, simply fantastic. How anyone could complain about the look of this game, coupled with it's musical score is mind boggling. Again, I don't know what people, especially those that Kickstarted the game, were expecting...It's an updated version in the same vein as the SNES game. I loved every detail, every gritty street with sheets of paper breezing through, the bright neon lights casting an errie glow of salvation over a desolate and torn from the inside city on it's last breath. It felt like I was there.

    Cons )
    - The Save Feature: This is the major gripe I, and many others, are having with the game and It really is a valid point. Considering that some scenes take around 30-45min, not being able to save whenever and losing all that progress is ridiculous. The dev's really dropped the ball on this one and it's something that I hope gets fixed in a future patch. If not, it's going to be the major thing that keeps this game's score low and player's uninterested. I can only assume that Flash Saves aren't in the game because like many are saying it's coming to iOS and you don't need to save a game on your iPad really, just exit back to the Home screen and the game sits in stasis until your ready. But after being one of the highest Kick Starter's in history it's hard to understand why flash saves couldn't be put into the game.
    -The Hit Chance in Combat: This was the only real glaring flaw with the game. I don't know how many times I had my entire team of runners fire everything they had into an enemy that they all had an 83% chance to hit and completely whiff. Likewise, I would sometime's ending hitting more frequently on enemies that had a 23% hit chance. It might just be my bad luck but after awhile I just started to ignore the Hit% and just assumed every shot in the game was 50/50.
    -Weapon/Spell options; I know I said earlier that there was a wealth of options in the game, and there is, but it is lacking in some areas. Newer weapons feel like upgraded versions of what's already for sale and it takes a lot of the uniqueness away from your arsenal. Hopefully in the future more options come into the fold so having SMG A really feels different than having SMG B, but right now it's just slightely irritating, though it doesn't detract from the fun.

    All in all, this game is great. My personal score would be a 9.5 as I really enjoyed it, but taking a step back and looking at it for what it is, I would give it an 8.
  15. Jul 25, 2013
    Great plot, great dialogue. It's a short story, but with the promise of community-made stories moving forward it's forgiving.

    The gripes with the savepoints is legitimate, though. It's frustrating even in safe houses, when you've dug through a half-dozen pages of dialogue, only to not be able to save and have to re-read them next playthrough.

    To the Gen-Y kids expecting a sandbox
    free-roam action RPG though, good lord. Nobody born in the 80s who enjoyed the SNES/Genesis titles were expecting that sort of game, why were you? Kids today.

    Thanks for the great platform, I look forward to a lot of great stories.

    Please address the savepoint issues, though.
  16. Jul 26, 2013
    Don't let some of the reviews dissuade you. People who expect everything to be voice acted and hate to read are simply being lazy and missing how the game was actually designed and that was to be built to be easily used as a foundation for users to create their own campaigns within a world they love. Saying that the text is too much to read or the combat is too easy is flat out silly and shows a poor understanding of the game style and genre.

    The art is solid and clean, as is the music. It exists and gives a great feel to the world and the campaign that comes with.

    Combat is not very challenging but that may simply be a fault of the included campaign not being designed with difficulty in mind and more a neat showcase with a good story. Players of the tabletop rpg will be at home in the world and system for the most part.

    The downsides being that the checkpoint system is annoying but I feel that is mission design more than game itself (as changes to level design and the like could mitigate this)

    The shortness of the included campaign might be noted but at the same time there are games put out with higher price tags that provide WAAAAY less content and quality.

    So don't let the naysayers get you down, most of those zero reviews and such are from people who want a triple A title from a major studio and instead got a good isometric rpg and don't understand why it isn't what they wanted.
  17. Jul 25, 2013
    While it isn't the longest game out there, every moment of it is fun and worth the price you'll pay for this little gem (In fact, given the pricing it is quite a steal). While the graphics may not be using the latest tech out there, but they are still pretty decent and quite stylish. They fit the theme perfectly.

    Which leads me to another point, the Atmosphere, the graphics, music and
    sounds combine perfectly to immerse you in the world of Shadowrun. Add that to the fact that all of the different class are fun to play and offer different ways to solve the quests/situations you'll encounter and you get an awesome replay value from this.

    Lets not forget that there is also a level editor which will ensure your investment is a sound one, since buyers shall be getting new campains from the community.

    I strongly advise you check this one out
  18. Jul 25, 2013
    Loving this game, lovely writing and gorgeous art. Really captures the feel of the source material. About four hours into the campaign and really enjoying the detective story feel. My only criticism so far is the lack of a quicksave, instead relying on a checkpoint system. However this is minor, especially compared to the huge boon of the bundled editor, I cannot wait to see what the community does with it. Like Skyrim and Neverwinter, I can really see this game evolving with the input of the fans. Expand
  19. Jul 26, 2013
    Good game with few minor (at least for me) issues. Personally I like the checkpoint system so I can`t just reload when something goes wrong.

    Inventory system seems little simple & could use more stuff for people who like to LOOT everything =P
  20. Jul 25, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is everything I hoped it to be. It has an extremely captivating and fun narrative that'll pull you in straight away, always giving you a hunger for more. The gameplay is fun and although it would have been cool if it were deeper, it feels enough like a proper old RPG like Baldur's Gate or Fallout to captivate me. Graphically the game is beautiful as well; the textures are of high quality and the top-down perspective is well-executed.

    An excellent RPG that will immerse you in its story and world before you know it.
  21. Jul 26, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns brings the post apocalyptic world of Seattle back to life, brought to you by the people that started it all in the first place more than 20 years ago.

    While there may be some tropes from modern day RPGs such as massive inventories and phat lootz dropping every 3 seconds not present, the streamlined interface and focused game play allow the story and setting to take a
    much more prominent role. Shadowrun Returns is a triumphant return of the Shadowrun universe to the electronic mediums.

    There are some very minor points that i found missing from the Pen and Paper game, such as Stun and Physical damage, but all in all, Hairbrained Schemes has done a wonderful job of putting together what is needed to take me back to days gone by with friends sitting around a table, rolling handfuls of 6 sided dice, dodging Lone Star and working for whichever Mr Johnson happened to be paying the bills that particular week.
  22. Jul 26, 2013
    Don't listen to the trolls and lowbrainers. Shadowrun Returns isn't a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're looking for an engrossing story, excellent writing and deep characters, you owe it to yourself to check out this game.
  23. Jul 26, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is a fun game that takes you back to the days where the SNES and Genesis versions wowed many of us.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing this game. I was never bored reading all the dialogue. Although that was a complaint of a few people (no voice overs). The art is amazingly well done and fits the tone of the mythos of Shadowrun very well. I live in PDX not too far
    from Seattle and it still felt like I was up there visiting Pike's Place Market and grabbing some seafood near the bay.

    This game supports several runthroughs but is very linear in the Dead Man's Switch campaign that's included with the game.

    Fortunately there is a powerful editor provided with the game and I look forward to adding my own UGC to the game on Steam's Workshop.

    I predict Shadowrun Returns will be like Neverwinter Nights. Endlessly supported by a passionate community.

    See you in the Shadows, chummer!
  24. Jul 25, 2013
    My Background:
    I've never played Shadowrun before, neither on pnp nor pc. I'm a great fan of dystopian cyberpunk, but I loathe the idea of elves and other fantasy races in sci-fi. Still, I was hyped and had fairly high hopes for this game because there is a severe lack of good cRPGs these days. Every HBS game I've played before SRR have been pure and utter so while hope where high
    expectations where low. Game Mechanics: Skills and abilities are somewhat minimalistic for a cRPG, both in number and stated function. They are however to the point and without a huge number of redundant and useless abilities. They are also numerous and deep enough to allow for strategy through character building in a meaningful way. Maybe more meaningful than many games with a more numerous and complex skill-set. This is an achievement from a game-design perspective. Furthermore they make full use of the skills through dialogue options like Fallout 1 and 2, and planescape: torment. This works really well, even better than in those original titles! The class-less system works perfectly, unlike many other popular cRPGs. At a glance the skill-system looks a bit like in the mass effect franchise, while the class-less feature can be compared to the Elder scrolls franchise. Both of them works a lot better in SRR than they do in the two blockbusters! Gameplay is real-time except for turn-based combat (like in xcom) and dialogue, just like in the first two fallout games. This works well. 2D Graphics put limitations on destruction of scenery, but compared to the gains of using 2D this matters little. There is plenty of object interaction such as looking for clues and analyzing them, hacking computers and security-networks, hacking the internet-like Matrix, finding hidden items and more. Character Concepts work way better than I could ever imagine. I felt bad chills going down my spine as I realized that my character concept probably worked best as an Elf(!), but decided to try it out regardless. Would I have to endure glittering nail-polish, pouty lips and pink ribbons in my hair? When I found a portrait that looked more like a Necron than an Elf my grin went from one metallic ear to the other. Who would have known that the concept of elf could actually add to the feel of the fiction?!.. I'm amazed! The Stock Campaign: HBS have made a very stylised «Sin City meets Blade Runner -ish» detective/agent story. They have just the right amount and type of clichés to make it work, and every element in the game contributes to this sci-fi noir feel. Both the characters and dialogue are mature and intelligently made. Fantastic story with no redundancy. Not once did I ask myself “why the heck am I doing this?!” Not once did I have to run errands to earn xp, or be left with the choice of being either an utter or a charity-running do-gooder. Not once was I forced into a random combat that felt out of place or redundant. It's incredibly liberating to once again play a cRPG that doesn't feel like a slaughterhouse grind. SRR do this better in its stock campaign than even Planescape: Torment did. It's not that you can avoid every combat, but rather that every darnedest one feels will-timed, proper and meaningful. Graphics: 2D background is beautiful and well done. Drawback no scenery destruction. Character sprites are undefined and ugly, but I find myself not caring much about this. Character Profile Pics are maybe the best I've seen in any game. Champaign Editor: Haven't tried it yet, but I'm gonna assume it's at least able to create the stock campaign, in which case it's brilliant compared to anything out there. Can't wait to try out user-created campaigns. State-of-the-Game: The game is quite stable and appears polished for the most part. Bad Drawbacks: Checkpoint based saving This is such a weak and unintelligent solution that really hurts gameplay. Pixel-clicking The activation area of sprites in the game are glitchy. Matters of Taste: The game is very linear in the sense that you don't have a choice in where to go next. The areas you move through is in essence a track. However, I'be found that in this game this is a strength, as it helps focus and remove redundancies from the story. Short Campaign: In my opinion a game should not drone on for the sake of adding game-hours. The campaign is compact 12 hours of constant fun. There is more fun baked into SSRs 12 hours than there is spread out amongst DAOs 60 hours or Skyrims 360 hours. Quality is equal to fun divided by time imho. A Conclution of Paradox: The package of SRR as a whole is so powerful that even with the minus 30% from checkpoint-saves, it deserves the very highest score possible. Doesn't mean that it cannot be better, just that even with this glaring flaw it's the very best of it's genre so far. Expand
  25. Jul 26, 2013
    Great game, well worth the price.

    Given the limited budget, time and low price you get an excellent Shadowrun game. It has all the feel of the old NES one, fantastic music and beautiful backgrounds, the writing is mostly good to very good and skills, choices, personality all matter and affect what happens.

    The combat is somewhat limited but still fun and has a *ton* of options for
    you to choose from in regards to how your character engages enemies, the option to create your own 'class' is brilliant and if you always wanted a Mage who dabbled in decking or a Rigger who could kick ass with his mystical powers... you can create it, anything goes pretty much, whilst any mix of cyberware and magic will be limited by essence usage you always have the *option* to do so which is great.

    The story is definitely rather linear but that doesn't detract from it at all, the locations are gorgeous, searching and exploring is rewarded, as is tactical use of cover in combat.

    Overall well worth buying in my opinion, oh, but definitely play it on hard or very hard if you want a challenge, normal is a bit too easy for any veteran of rpgs.
  26. Jul 26, 2013
    This game is fantastic. Couldn't ask for more, except more content, which is on the way. The writing is incredible, soundtrack is outstanding, animations are well done, environments are beautiful. To me, it's an instant classic, and should be for anyone who loved the old Shadowrun books/roleplaying game and the Baldur's Gate games.
  27. Jul 26, 2013
    The SNES verion of Shadowrun was a big influence on me. It had a unique noir artstyle, incredible music and I honestly believe it to be the most atmospheric game ever made. More atmospheric than system shcok 2 even. I always wanted a worthy sequel and never thought I'd get one, until yesterday when I played Shadowrun Returns.

    Yes its linear, but it is so action packed and the story is
    so great that I failed to notice. I couldn't stop playing. Because it has a lot of text rather than voice acting a strong imagination is important. The real gem for me was the combat which is deep, satisfying, and a ton of fun.

    Its a worthy successor to the SNES title and that is about the highest praise I could give something.
  28. Jul 27, 2013
    I have been waiting 15 intense months for this game- and I am having a blast. The dialogue is excellent and very Fallout-esque (Fallout 1 & 2) and brings companions and even "merchants" to live. The Shadowrun narrative is woven into the whole storyline and not just the topping, but a foundation of this game.
    The best and most important feature for me has been the Editor though! I've spent
    quite some time creating content and experimenting with triggers and found ways to do many things others marked as impossible.
    Every fan of creative narrative, cRPG's, UserCreatedContent & diverse tactical combat should give this game the chance it deserves!
  29. Jul 26, 2013
    Honestly brought me back to my childhood. Was a lot of fun and very well told story. The most exciting part for me is after this campaign is done there is still Berlin coming out and an indefinite amount of user created campaigns. I'm excited to see a lot more of this world and hope it is a sales success so we can see more iterations in the future!!!
  30. Jul 26, 2013
    Game overall is very fun to play. The only thing that bothers me is the no loot drops. Items you get seem to only come from vendors. As you raise more karma, better items will be available in the shops. Some reviews i can agree with while others are are just plain written by kids that think they deserve more for donating 5 bucks or 15 bucks to a kickstarter campaign.

    1) The UI.
    Yes. The user interface is optimized for play on touch screen devices. This doesn't bother me as much as most of the other players that gave it a low score just because of this. I think its just sleek and stream lined, and you can still do everything you need to do.

    2) Autosave. Yes you can't save the game anywhere you want. Would you really want that though? If the game let you save anywhere you want, you would easily explore all dialogue choices on the first playthrough. That ruins the game in my opinion. Having a save point you can go to (camp) might have been better, but not really necessary.

    3) Walls of Text. Yes, there is alot of reading in this game. Ever since SWTOR intorduced 100% voiced missions, everyone's expectations are 'if there is any kind of reading, it sucks' But in my opinion, the emotes in the dialogue add a genuine glimpse into the situation you would otherwise miss if it was just bad voice acting.

    4) Linear gameplay. The campaign that came with release is pretty darn linear. Nomatter what choices you make, you always end up with the same dialogue in the end. Your choices only impact wether you get to the end faster or not.

    I havn't gone on any shadow runs just yet. Been sticking to the storyline mostly, but i feel like the game lacks that free open world feeling that Genesis and SNES versions of Shadowrun had. You enter an instance of a zone, click on everything that has an icon over it, and you're pretty much certain theres nothing else to find in the area. I havn't finished the campaign yet but thats the feeling im looking for. Will do another review when i finish the first campaign.
  31. Jul 27, 2013
    SRR: Why Shadowrun Returns is a huge step forward Objective Review from a non-fan )

    I don't usually review games, and am not even that much of a Shadowrun fan, but since there has been a huge spam of extremist opinions around here and steam, I figured it could turn off potential future players based on uninformed reviews. English isn't my first language, hopefully that shouldn't taint
    my take on this. Well then, Shadowrun Returns, should you buy it or not?

    I never played the Pen and Paper game, or even the SNES version I got stuck with Sega Master System for years Regardless, I do have PnP experience with games like D&D and Cyberpunk2020, etc. Don't let that intimidate you, none of this should condition your enjoyment of ShadowRun Returns and I'll tell you why.
    Last year, I got introduced to ShadowRun by former SR writer Peter Taylor who works near my college, he was hinting me on how to improve my writing, and on ocasion we talked about PnPs and eventually dragged the chat to MMORPGs, and how Computer Games always fell short of mirroring the experience you got from PnPs.
    PnPs, where adventures were crafted by Game or Dungeon Masters specially for that bunch of players in the group, where a mighty Dragon was slain by a party of four heroes whose paths happened to cross and lead to glory, the Dragon is vanquished and never again spreads it's vile aura over the world. While on the virtual world, a respawning Dragon is butchered every 15 minutes by incoming hordes of players, who then scavenge the corpse to show off a Dragon Armor that thousands of others already have, while the Dragon in question is actually still rolling and getting it's handed to it in a perpetual Respawn-Get beaten-Die cycle. Most MMORPGs have partial solutions of these things like World Changing Expansions and whatnot )

    Maybe it will never be possible to truly mimick that side of the PnPs, the strong point, and probably the reason why I ever played any, now that I think of it. In the end, it is this experience that ShadowRun Returns is working on. While I don't believe you have to be a veteren PnP gamer or hardcore this or that to enjoy it, it helps to make your decision to know what exactly is SRR doing here, and in the end, why it's doing it. I'll dive into some subjectivity now and say that it's a good take on the PnP whole thing, being closer than any game got so far while simultaneously still a long way from achieving it, but walking down the right path.

    I can imagine how the whole making the player a possible game master thing is risky in SRR, but it's the kind of risky it takes to get closer to a PnP experience in a computer. All of this, assuming it is this you are looking for, is the reason why you should look into SRR.

    If it's not this what you are looking for (understandable since there aren't that many PnP fans anymore) then it's possible you won't enjoy this game, or at least not the way it was made to be enjoyed.

    Lastly I'm leaving my personal opinion on the game. I'm not actually a ShadowRun fan, but I found in SRR what I was expecting when I prepurchased the game, I can see some questionable points, like the checkpoint save system which will be very inconvenient to some, that's a given. I for one, am OK with it, it does drag a save for long periods sometimes, but most of the times it let's you play in small bits and leave, which feels a bit like sitting in a table with a GM and friends and waiting to finish a fight or get to a tavern or area to call it a day so you don't have to record fighting data like whose turn it is first next session who has what buff or debuff, etc etc, Ironically sort of the same reason why it happens in SRR even though it's something a computer should fix, but I digress Other than that I enjoyed the story very much, mostly for how it was written, less for the plot. The play style is a bit linear, in much the same way that a PnP GM would craft an adventure for a particular session, and everything would revolve around that adventure, although you could always try to find ways to get off the rail and the GM would either improvise or put all his efforts into barring your way, and Improvising is something computers can't do yet not the same way a human GM can and so SRR may feel a bit linear at times, though it is possible to have more freedom in SRR if a campaign is made more "open wordly".

    I give SRR a solid 9/10, taken that this is the sort of experience you're looking to support, otherwise, there are games out there more fitting to your tastes and whims.
  32. Jul 27, 2013
    Not all will agree with my rating, but let me explain why I am particularly excited to see this game. I will admit, I am a Shadowrun fanboy who has been waiting a long time for a competent reboot of the franchise. I can't overemphasize how exciting it is for a Shadowrun fan to see a franchise once thought dead on the PC return to life.

    Shadowrun was a great IP from the late 80s and
    early 90s that has largely lapsed for the past 20 years. Many have already mentioned the great Sega and SNES games from this period. There have been good cyperpunk titles since then (Deus Ex comes to mind) but the Shadowrun 'reboot' put out a few years back abysmally disappointing.

    What this game does well is capture the spirit and the setting of the Shadowrun universe. I agree that the packaged campaign is short. However, it is well made and enjoyable.

    The real proof in the pudding will be whether this game will catch on in the modding community. Games that look a bit rough around the edges (Mount and Blade for example, or the NW nights franchise) can do very well years after their release if they have a dedicated fanbase

    In sum, if you have $20 to spare and loved Shadowrun- Buy immediately.
    If you have $20 to spare and loved the Xcom or Fallout 1 and 2 turnbased tactical combat- I strongly suggest you buy

    For all others, I think you might like it, but I can't guarantee it. In that case, waiting a few months to see what the modding community does might be the best option.
  33. Jul 27, 2013
    Great game, really catching the feel of Shadowrun in general and well worth the 18 euros 20 dollars it costs through steam. There's much love given to people who played the SNES game, maybe to the genesis fans aswell (didn't play the SEGA version myself). Music composers from the SNES and Sega game made some parts of the soundtrack aswell as characters from both game pops in on the storyline. I'm quite sure that fans of the Shadowrun Universe PnP will like this game, but also fans of the RP genre in general.
    The only downside the game has, is the current save options, I didn't lower the score cause of this, in hope it will be fixed somewhere in the future, or at least be better for the upcoming "Berlin" DLC campaign by Harebrained Schemes.
    Shadowrun community seems to have a good community, which will most likely create some very well written stories through the editor that came with the game which again leaves you with a good opportunity to get even more shadowrun for your money, as well as maybe an even more open world feeling, as the current main campaign is a bit linear. (Berlin campaign is already said to be more open world'ish)
  34. Jul 26, 2013
    To anyone who loves Shadowrun, this is a GREAT game if for no other reason than they released the Editor with the game. I've already played on two user created adventures. The main story is great and has a lot of old favorites making an appearance. Plus the price is right. Yes the checkpoint system could have been done better. A lot better. But there is also a lot more to come.

    Also we still have the Berlin campaign to come.

    I've seen people complaining because it wasn't voiced. They were clear early on that they couldn't afford it. I'd rather have two well written campaigns than one with voice.

    And it is sad when some people savage a good game because it wasn't exactly what they were expecting. Rate the game on what it tries to do. If it claims to be things it is not or is deeply flawed then give it a zero. But don't give it a zero because it didn't match up with your favorite style of play.

    The developers of this game laid out exactly what they were trying to do, gave regular updates, and they delivered to the backers (except for the save system which they explained).

    To those that rated this game a zero, you must not have been paying attention.
    There was no bait and switch and it more than delivered on what it promised.
  35. Jul 28, 2013
    a great bit nostalgia, everything about the game reminds me of the Shadowrun pen and paper game. my only problem with it is with the auto save function although it could be better it has yet to cause me any real issue's. in all I feel like they did a great job this game!
  36. Jul 26, 2013
    awesome game. got more than what i figured would be put out with the game. can't wait to finish it. love the combat systems. love the fact that they added an option to create my own campaigns
  37. Jul 27, 2013
    Right from the start of playing this game i thoroughly enjoyed it, the game play was great, the music was fantastic, the story line was amazing. Everything about this game i found to be refreshing in the genre and just in general.

    My only gripes about the game it self are the sometimes errors when dealing with moving around, where clicking once doesn't always work and you have to find
    the sweet spot on the map in order to move and the autosave function. Autosave is nice and it requires you to play smart because if you mess up then it's game over and you have to repeat what you just did.

    I hope that these guys in the future make better and better story lines surrounded by amazing detail and the ability to get even more into the characters you make.
  38. Jul 26, 2013
    As far as I'm concerned SR is worth it's salt in every way. It's NOT going to be Fallout 2054 or whatever. It's more of a story telling thing, than strictly RPG. The art and overall game-play experience create a deep feeling of immersion. Also the Editor is included, so expect additional content for years to come.
  39. Jul 26, 2013
    This game is amazing, its a great start to what will be absolutely incredible game a few months from now, for a start its awesome a hard 9 a few months to a year from now it will be a solid 13 out of 10
  40. Jul 26, 2013
    I am about six hours in and am enjoying myself quite a bit. Really feels like a pen and paper Shadowrun game from back in the day. Minor technical glitches, no Co-op and and annoying save system bring the experience down but it is a few patches and some custom mods away from being a truly great single player RPG, totally worth the price I payed.
  41. Jul 26, 2013
    An amazing job on a minimalist budget.

    First off let me start by saying that if this was a AAA game I'd rate it 6 or 7 of 10, however for a small independent studio, it is top notch. The game play could be slightly more polished(Check point saves, no custom bindings) but the flavor is spot on. Right away you are pulled into a deeply rich storyline, full of twists and turns, and
    denizens of the shadowrun universe. You feel the grit and hopelessness of the SINless. The base story was highly entertaining, but fairly linear...however I look at that as more of an intro to the game, a tutorial if you will, for the UGC that will be coming out in droves(if the prerelease is any indicator).

    Alot of the reviews I've read are either lambasting SR:R for not being a AAA title, or can see no wrong in it. Make no mistakes there are flaws in the game, but they are relatively minor. There is no "save anywhere" but I can name AAA titles that didn't have that. No custom keybinding? Again plenty of AAA titles w/o that. A few bugs? etc.

    If you are a fan of Shadowrun this is a game you don't want to miss, if you are a fan of 3rd person tactical games this is a fairly good representation of the genre. This game is well worth the $20 you can buy it for right now...and honestly I've paid $60 for games that were 1/2 as fun, or had less replayability.
  42. Jul 26, 2013
    A lot of people are noticing what I'm seeing as the major drawing point of this game. The Campaign included with the game purchase is a fun 9 hour introduction into the Shadowrun universe, and it provides a fun way to learn about the universe, the lore, and the combat.

    While the combat may not be as polish as others in it genre (Xcom, Jagged alliance, etc.) It does provide a fun and
    challenging experience that I felt provided an authentic experience. My guns felt like they were doing damage, and my runners were viable no matter the spec. Expand
  43. Jul 27, 2013
    I share the same opinion of "philthymcnasty" about the game.

    "Great retro style pc game. Very good tactical combat, classic shadow run style leveling system.
    What i dislike the the lack of a save feature, you have to rely on auto saves at checkpoints, and i find that annoying. Otherwise its a great game."
  44. Jul 28, 2013
    A solid tactical combat system, a great initial story that grabs you from the off. The real strength of the game is the infinite possibilities from player made content and campaigns like Shadow run Identity. Yes it has some frustrations like the save system but I believe the positives and the potential far outweigh the problems.
  45. Jul 29, 2013
    Hoi Chummers!

    The name of the game is Shadowrun Returns. Playing the game lives up to its name in lore, dialogue, imagery, atmosphere, music and fun! It has technical issues that we all know will be fixed/patched/updated/ and feature-added within a few months, and it already has fantastic looking & playable user-generated content.

    To be clear, I'm not glossing over the issues of the
    day-1 launch. I can see the forest through the trees and I LOVE this game for the experience I'm having playing it, caveats and all. Ranking it down would be a disservice to my own enjoyment and other gamers that might be dissuaded from experiencing how much fun this game is now or in a few weeks/months, and not to mention the programmers that have been, and still are chugging away at making Shadowrun Returns even better.

    Unless you don't like tactical, turn-based RPG's, don't enjoy the thematic elements of a Shadowrun title, or two sentences is TL;DR for you, then Shadowrun Returns is an AWESOME game, which I am thrilled to have backed and supported. It will only get better from here. For the enjoyment I'm getting out of Shadowrun Returns now, and the bright, better future I see for it in the near, and distant future, this game is unquestionably a TEN!

    I'm voting on what Shadowrun Returns is to me. You're welcome to disagree, but wisdom says it's heading towards becoming an exceptionally beloved, well polished classic, and hopefully indie Game of the Year, in the Year of Shadowrun! ^_^

    For the disbelievers who have issues with specific features, like the saves...once those features are updated to your satisfaction, which I believe they will be, will you even come back to amend your reviews, or leave a negative impact on a wonderful indie title for all time? Please think about it.

    Ja Mata! And I look forward 'ta runnin the Shadows with you Chummers!

    'Juz ah nutha Unexplained Genetic Expression in da 'plex
  46. Jul 27, 2013
    There's a lot of criticism on this game. Some is unjust and some is valid.
    If you like a game with a good story and nice tactical turn-based combat this is a game worth playing but not without its' shortcomings.
    Here's some silly critiscism:
    - The game has too much text. there's no such thing as too much text!
    - The game has terrible graphics Are you kidding me? Beautiful handcrafted
    graphics and very good animations for an indie game!
    - You can't save whenever you want Well, that's how games should be, there are consequences for doing mistakes! Dark Souls anyone?
    Here's some valid criticism:
    - The game is short
    - The story is linear and your decisions don't really matter
    - The game is too easy
    All of the above will be fixed with custom campaigns, so in the end there's pretty much nothing to whine about...
  47. Aug 3, 2013
    What an astonishingly fun game! It's simple, it's unpretentious, and it'll keep you playing...and playing...and playing. It's easily the best turn-based tactical game of the last two years for me.

    I came into it knowing that the default adventure, Dead Man's Switch, was only one of countless adventures that were already in the works. Sure, it's a bit linear, but it's pure Shadowrun,
    and it comes with all the options. You want your own custom character portrait? There's a way to do that. You want a particular piece of cyberware? It's probably there. You like player hideouts? There's one of those.

    If you don't end up liking Dead Man's Switch, remember that so many more adventures are in the works, including tons of 2nd Edition adventures already being made for the game, courtesy of a group called Shadowrun Identity.

    For such a versatile blast of a game, the price tag isn't bad either.
  48. Jul 27, 2013
    For a game that was built from the ground up on a measly budget, this is a great experience. Most gamers nowadays are spoiled man-children who demand a refund because they didn't get Mass Effect, a game that had well over fifty times SRR's budget.

    Most certainly, it's not the best game ever made, but the campaign editor and the expectation of new content and functionality warrant a 9.
  49. Jul 28, 2013
    This game has managed to capture the awesome mixture of High Fantasy, Cyber Punk, and Dystopian future masterfully. It is definitely true to the spirit of Shadowrun. Right off the bat, the initial story campaign oozes with atmosphere and flavor for the setting that helps suck you in to the setting.

    On top of this, they've included a pretty powerful editor that allows for users to create
    their own stories, which several have already been released by the community! There is currently debate between whether the original campaign or the most recent release has a better story :-p, which is an awesome 'problem' to have. Expand
  50. Jul 28, 2013
    I am very impressed with this small, indie title. The hand painted scenery is far better then anything I could have hoped for. And the music really brings across a dark techno feel. In essences a recreation of the Nintendo game of the same name, this update's it with "wow" theme and mood.

    The game-play is an RPG with a mix of tactical and adventure. The combat is very x-com, but
    with more open areas at move around in. In between the action is more of a classic point and click adventure mystery. The writing of which is very evocative with it's lavish descriptions. Finally a game written by good writers who can plant a image or emotion in your head.

    It is not perfect, but I was not expecting such from a cheap title. Biggest flaw is the save system. Which, as I read, is a issues with the game engine. Not a design choice. Honestly it didn't bother me much. It saves every-time you transition to a new location. And all the old saves are stored. So you can go back. Some other answer would be nice, though the other adventures available already work to address the issue. With new ones in the future looking to finding other answers.

    And oh yes, other adventures. The heart of this game is the editor. An editor that is incredibly robust, seconded only by Neverwinter Knights 2. I have only just started poking at it and I am damn impressed with what you can do with it. The ideas percolating around in my head are going to find this editor real fun. The other adventures already released are equally well thought out and really show the promise of what is to come.

    The question then is wither it is worth your hard earned $20 for a powerful game editor with a fairly short premade campaign. I can't answer that for you. All I can say is that since getting it, I can't stop playing it. The combination of the art, music with the wildly varying characters you can create for battle in the open, tactical world make this just......addicting. I find this one of the funnest indie titles I have played in a long time.
  51. Jul 29, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns from my experience of the campaign in its entirety was excellent. Some spent 12 hours. I spent around 20 hours(sometimes I had to leave my computer on more on that later). Definitely worth the discounted pre-order of $15. I would highly recommend that anyone who enjoys TBS(turn based strategy), RPG, and Fantasy/Sci-fi to check this game out!! Now to the exposition of the game's merits and faults. Shadowrun Returns plays similarly to Xcom: Enemy Unknown except that you don't upgrade your base of operations Between areas, you are usually at the Seamstresses Union where you catch up with the merchants, employees, and patrons on rumors, gossip, stories, and history as well as outfit yourself with gear and companions for your shadowruns. This mechanic works quite well and gives the player a nice break from the action and helps you connect with the iconic inhabitants of the Seamstresses Union. When it comes time to duke it out in combat with nefarious thugs, cults, and corporate organizations the combat is excellent. I did not fully explore all of the possible skills that fall under the different attributes, but guns, melee, magic, spirits, drones, and decking(hacking into the matrix) all work quite well. Guns are by far(especially the Assault Rifle) the most damaging and flexible in combat. However, the skills that fall under conjuring and magic can be very helpful in regards buffing allies or debuffing enemies as well as obstructing or hampering enemies. Overall I really enjoyed the combat and there were even some encounters where I had to play through them about 5 times just to get past them. But that was for maybe 3 out of 10-15 encounters in the game if my estimations are correct. I also enjoyed all the dialogue which was well written in that it was great in terms of humor, seriousness, verbal cues, and depth. The plot really felt like a story, which is more than some games like Brink, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and Dragon's Dogma can say(those are all the games I believed would have great stories but didn't and instead only delivered on gameplay). I can safely tell you that Shadowrun returns delivers on both fronts. Now to the faults which are few and forgivable though it would be nice if they were addressed. There are checkpoints at subsections of areas and transitions into new areas like going back and forth between the Seamstresses Union and some other location or proceeding further into a location. I can see how they would hope to discourage allowing players to save every single turn in battle or save all the time in order to get the most out of every conversation by making all the right choices. However I think that a comprise between manual and automatic would be an allowance of manual saves in addition to the auto saving at checkpoints then when you feel you really need to save you can. Now enough of the save system which is manageable(if you remember to copy every single autosave checkpoint so that a checkpoint's autosave doesn't get overwritten by the next checkpoint). One thing that dissapointed me a little bit was the lack of other attributes that characterized weapons, because there is certainly others beyond damage, range, and capacity(guns). Some guns in the store would have the same damage and range, but the more expensive one would have less capacity. There must be something exemplary about the more expensive one that would justify its price tag.In addition, the story did not have any major dialogue decisions that affected the outcome of the game in any significant way. In addition, it was sometimes difficult to select the tile that you wanted a character to move to since you could not rotate the camera, but this did not affect the outcomes of combat really since it was pretty infrequent. Though there are these flaws, I would like to point out the reasons for them and how they can be resolved. I'm going to compare the making of Halo 4 to Shadowrun Returns. Halo 4 had around a $100 million dollar budget, 200 developers/employees, and a 3 1/3 years development cycle. Shadowrun Returns had around a $2 million budge, 22 staff, and a 1 1/3 years development cycle. Do these numbers mean anything. Yes. For Harebrained-Schemes, they had a shorter time table and limited financial and development resources. Maybe that's why they didn't get in the other statistics or characteristics concerning weapons(though this may have been a design choice). Maybe a manual save system and non rotating camera weren't possible for development reasons due to the tight schedule and the issues they could have caused during the software engineering process or yet again they may have been design decisions. And last of all there is only so much content that a team of 22 can develop for a rich story. I would rather have a great story than a terrible story filled with important choices that impacted the direction of the plot. Plus buyers can mod the game to extend the content and fix issues. Expand
  52. Jul 29, 2013
    Call me nuts but I like the save system being like it is. Adds a certain risk to screwing up if you make poor choices or just plain suck. I mean what's the point of avoiding death if you can just reload and try again without having to make your way back? The lack of looting? A little annoying, yeah... but I can see it imbalancing things if you had a ton of weapons in your stash to vendor off. You'd never feel the need to conserve money at all. So yeah... those two points either don't bother me or I like them as is. The rest of the game is beautifully done and makes me about as happy as can be. Expand
  53. Jul 26, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is what it says it is. It has taken me back into a universe that I've always loved, it's given me a thoughtful combat system that will undoubtably get better with user-generated mods, and it's reminded me that one of the best things about Shadowrun is that it requires my imagination. Sure there are things missing a proper loot system, the ability to save when I want to but really, these aren't major gripes. I wonder how many of the people here are complaining about the save feature but love FFVII with *hours* between save points in the first section of the game...
    Harebrained Schemes have created a game that will keep on giving and I, for one, am excited to see where the Internet takes it next.
  54. Jul 28, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is exactly what it is meant the be: The ultimate cyberpunk RPG maker tool kit. This is less a game and more a 20 dollar version of RPG Maker that is geared to make Shadowrun games. Considering that RPG Maker VX Ace is a 50 dollar program and you have to do all the programming, this toolkit is amazing. It's also integrated seamlessly into the steam workshop and there is already a community driven effort to recreate all the classic modules via the editor. BEST THING EVER! Expand
  55. Jul 31, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is really a great game. That means if you are the right generation for it. While I personally love the isometric background consisting of handdrawn elements, I do understand that this might go against the current taste of time where RPGs like Skyrim are available. Me, being grown up with BG and Fallout, I definitely can feel the 2D charme.
    What can not be shown in engine
    is described in well written text before you enter a scene or while communicating with NPCs.
    All in all It's a bit like a interactive book (coming from P&P I presume this is the intention) of course you have to like such things. If you expect effects and super-spectacular action you probably won't be happy with this game.
    However, if you like P&P and the great shadowrun setting, this game is for you. Especially, since a very comfortable and easy understandable editor allows the users to create their own campaigns and stories (in as much detail as the developer since it's the same editor they used). A big pro here is, that the main campaign is included as sources and can be loaded in the editor to get a good idea how things work.

    Well long story short:
    -> I love it, P&P and oldschool CRPG fans will probably love it.
    -> People needing 3D graphic and its effects or don't like reading text are better off not touching this gem

    + Beautiful 2D background
    + Nicely written story for the main campaign
    + Great Setting
    + Powerful Editor
    + Already quite some user generated content available
    + Neat Soundtrack fitting to the setting

    - Animations are not really nice looking or smooth
    - Sound effects miss variation and quality
    - no voice actors
  56. Jul 29, 2013
    Judging by what they've done so far, I'm quite pleased with what we have right now. I give this game a solid ten because I'm banking on the community turning a good game into a Great game. Gamer created content is going to be the driving force behind this game and it shall bring together a community of like minded individuals to create a cyberpunk world as envisioned by William Gibson and his contemporaries.

    I knew what to expect when I bought this game and it has exceeded those expectations. I enjoy it for what it is now and revel in the creative potential of its near future. See you after the next run, chummers.
  57. Jul 30, 2013
    amazing game, alot better then the sega and snes game the autosave makes it more fun to actually use skill and not try something stupid die n then reload
  58. Jul 29, 2013
    I'm very happy with how this has been implemented and cant wait to have more time to spend on it. I've played around 10 hours so far and can't wait until Ive got more time to try out more characters.
    The conversations in this remind me of days gone by when game companies actually employed authors rather than the useless dribble from 10 year olds we see in so many games now. I actually
    want to keep talking to some of the NPCs, and can't wait for my next play through to see where some of the other conversation options lead.
    Skill progress is done well, and is nice and diverse with many options. Once again I can't wait to try out more of the other options.
    Graphics style is great and reminds me of fallout 1/2 and crusader. Very happy with how it looks.
    I can see a great many campaigns done by the community with the editor and I bet I'll still be playing this one for many months (and hopefully years) to come.
  59. Jul 30, 2013
    So I'm minutes after completing Dead Man's Switch and it was a great experience! Enjoyable storyline, great game mechanics and overall very addictive if turn based combat combined with the allure of the Shadowrun world interests you. Right away you can see the potential this game has with future content created by either HBS or us gameplayers.

    People complain about the lack of save
    points but I think it is unfair criticism- the game would be far too easy if you had the ability to save within checkpoints. In other words, this game has a "Demon/Dark Souls" like difficulty to it if you don't know what you're doing. If your computer crashes- well suck it up and try it again.

    I am going to try my hand with the content editor. Looking very forward to seeing what new content people can come up with!
  60. Jul 27, 2013
    If you're looking for a good tactical RPG, then this game is for you. Based off the pen and paper classic and the SNES and Genesis games, Shadow Returns has been brought back to life thanks to Kickstarter. Combat is like Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre Tactics. The game has a deeply rich story and background. For the price, you can't go wrong! There will be further stories, like the upcoming Berlin DLC, and there will also be user generated content. With some more polish and future iterations, this series will hopefully grow even grander.

    Pros -
    -Great story.
    -Immersive character creation.
    -Fun Classes and Combat.
    -Beautiful 2.5D mixed graphics.
    -Sweet retro soundtrack.

    Cons -
    -Clocks around 10-12 hours for the main campaign.
    -Moving around on the tactical grid can be complicated at times, especially if there are Units or obstacles in the way, since once you mouse over something you can't get to the grid behind it.
    -Checkpoint system instead of Save system.
  61. Jul 27, 2013
    I've never been this excited or hopeful about a video game. Shadowrun was my first and favorite mainstay of tabletop gaming, and I've played the SNES and SEGA versions over and over again. Over the years, I have tried again and again to make conversions of other games into the Shadowrun PC game I know could and should exist. Now I don't have to. With a superb editor, tons of props, functionalities, features, and a Steam oriented content delivery system, Hairbrained Schemes has finally provided me with the means to make Shadowrun whatever I want it to be. Expand
  62. Jul 27, 2013
    I have played the pen and paper version, never did so on any digital format, tried but the arcadish conTROLLs put me off. This game however has given me the sole chance to see the great franchise in a manageable digital form. Sure, the combat system may be a bit rough around the edges (line of sight issues) but it is truly amazing in itself. Heavy inspiration from the books can be sensed in the storytelling, the fact that it manages to capture the most important aspect of shadowrun is just astonishing. You run in the shadows, dodge corporate interests, collect favors and giri for missions to come while maintaining YOUr character as close as you can. GREAT writing, great, thought out story, and immense potential for future storytellers. Love it. So will you if you are not a mass effect/save the universe/destroy the empire kind of zombie. Haven't had so much fun with an cRPG since Fallout 2. Thank you creators, I'm your fan now, anxious to observe your next creation. Expand
  63. Jul 28, 2013
    Turn-based, tactical, silent protagonist (and silent everyone for that matter), relying on text descriptions to provide atmosphere, flavor and nuance...
    if those turn you off, then the game isn't for you. Otherwise you are probably going to love it.
    Some minor glitches (game locked up a few times for me) and the minor annoyance of how saves work keep it from getting a 10. The potential
    of the editor, however, raises it up from being an 8.

    If you like the Shadowrun setting, or you miss how games used to play back in the 80's to 90's (turn-based tactics, getting to create, name, and shape your character without the game giving you some generic name that everyone calls you and a voice making the character not really your own, a clear path and following it being the fun and not a massive "do whatever you like" being the point) and just want some updates for modern technology/ game design to them (smoother running, better animation for the characters and higher resolution of the beautiful "2D" graphics, nice menus and UI), then this game will probably entertain you.
  64. Jul 29, 2013
    As an old Shadowrun fan it was hard to miss that project, if possible at all. But the result kinda surpassed my expectations. I was waiting for a game, but instead I got a construction set based on a setting I like.
    Single player campaign is just a demo, you can remember the same situation in first Neverwinter Nights, where single player (without addons) story line was kinda dull and full
    of cliche. Yet now we see TONS of user generated content based on NWN.
    So this is how I see SR, a tool to make OUR Shadowrun come to life.
    But that does not mean that I did not like single player, it was truly enjoyable dive into a fantasy cyberpunk, with really nice characters and plot flow.
  65. Jul 29, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns represents one of the best CRPGs in years. With better writing and more compelling story than skyrim, and a quirky art style that is informative and pretty, while also being graphically undemanding.

    It is not perfect, and what game is? But its few minor issues are far less common than many would have you believe.

    You should know that there is no voice acting, or
    manual save function, and if either of these matter a lot to you, it might not be the game for you; but despite this, the game left me feeling more positive about the future and present of gaming than I have felt in a long while. Especially as the first waves of User generated content are already appearing. Expand
  66. Jul 29, 2013
    This game is great. For those complaining about "not enough content," get over yourselves. This game has way more content than lots of other games at release. Not only is Harebrained Schemes planning on DLC for new content, but you have an entire community of die hard Shadowrun fans ALREADY working on new content. But the graphics don't require a my computer to go into beast mode. GOOD, an enjoyable game that moderate rigs can play. I hate having to read, why aren't there any voice overs. Because you need to read more, slacker. Gameplay is too simple. That way everyone can enjoy. Hate not being able to save when you want? It was designed this way so you couldn't save before every fight, you must keep going with the run regardless of the health/supply status of your team.

    I personally have enjoyed this game. I was a fan of the PnP and still break out the Genesis version I've held onto since it came out. I am in no way shape or form disappointed with Shadowrun Returns.

    Get it, enjoy it and create content for others to enjoy.
  67. Jul 31, 2013
    The story, the grit, the humor and going "back" to 2054 with the original creators and writers of the game made for a fun gaming binge. Could not stop playing until the first campaign is over.

    Writing is excellent. The atmosphere and the setting are spot on.

    Game mechanics are on the easy side (there is a setting that makes the game harder but it's not obvious, you have to go find
    it in the options). They simplified a lot of things from the original books, so it's not a 1 to 1 rule adaptation of the table top game. It's close to second edition, but not really.

    If you liked X-com, you'll like this. If you liked second edition Shadowrun, but house ruled your setting to hell, you'll like this too. Can't wait for the Berlin campaign and user generated content the editor looks excellent.
  68. Aug 8, 2013
    Amazing game, really well designed great dialogues, music, and best of all combat system Xcom style. And infinite number of missions thanks to the user generated content. I like it more than fallout or skyrim I can't really put it down
  69. Aug 1, 2013
    If you are fairly young and play a lot of modern action/RPG games you may not like this game. If you've only really played Mass Effect and Dragon Age then this is going to seem like an interactive storybook and you'll wonder where all the animations and cut-scenes are.

    If the mention of Fallout 1+2, Baldurs Gate, Zork, Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky, Dreamscape, B.A.T, Planescape
    Torment, Valhalla, Dune all make you quiver with fond memories then step right in and grab this game with both hands!

    I love it. Completed the small story that it comes with in 2 days with a Ninja Elf Shaman Decker (Yeah why not!) and then straight back in with a new character and made a Troll with a shotgun. Its been less than a week at time of writing this review and the steam workshop is already filled with some great user content. I had a quick go at writing a story last night and it was ace fun! Very complex but enjoyable toolset.

    This game is going to be the gift that keeps on giving and if your prepared to be part of the shadowrun returns community then your going to get tonnes out of it!
  70. Aug 5, 2013
    I'm really enjoying this game even though others complain that the game is too linear. I love games with a great story line and for me, it's doing just that. It's pulling me in with a very "who-done-it" murder mystery and allowing me to fill in the blanks with multiple conversation choices. The side quests are great too, which add little tidbits to the current quest you're trying to complete.

    Some of the things I love about this game, right off the bat, creating my character. Spending karma points seemed a bit daunting at first but then loved the way they built the skill tree like structure. Once I took a minute to study how it worked, it made so much sense and seemed natural. You want better melee skills, well you better be strong first. The other item I enjoyed is the art style used to create the game. The like camera angle and point-click was a great way to interact with the game. What I also like about the game is that anyone can make their own Shadowrun and present it to the world as user created content to get even more use out of the game.

    The only two negative things for me so far are is that it's linear (but this is only a small complaint in my book) and the lack of save feature. The only way to save is via the auto-save at the start of each level. I must have had to restart the 3rd chapter 3-4 times before I finally had enough time to get past a stuck point and move on with the story line.

    All in all, I gave the game a 9/10 due to the lack of saving any time or a better auto-save feature. It's still a great game regardless of this point and anyone that loves a RPG/Strategy game will be sure to love this, especially with the fantasy/sci-fi blend it presents.
  71. Jul 28, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is fantastic tactical RPG from an indy/mobile developer, Hare Brained Schemes. The art and writing create a vivid and memorable fantasy/cyberpunk world that will be instantly recognizable to anyone that played the original Shadowrun PnP RPG or the Nintendo & SEGA adaptations.

    Dead Man's Switch is a well written neo-noir tale that offers 10-15 hours of gameplay. It's a
    compelling and detailed look at the world of Shadowrun.

    The real promise of Shadowrun Returns though is the Editor that allows members of the community to create their own stories and missions and share them with the world. The Editor promises countless hours of UGC within the world of Shadowrun.

    The game is not perfect. It is very streamlined so as to be accessible on mobile devices. This sometimes left me hoping for more complexity. However the Editor holds the promise of even greater complexity and sophistication. There are a number of minor bugs apparent in the initial release, but nothing game breaking and nothing unexpected for an indie title with a small budget. I've played AAA titles with far, far more bugs disrupting the gameplay.
  72. Aug 4, 2013
    Great dialogue, engaging characters, a cohesive expanding storyline and all the cyberpunk trimmings done right. Be forewarned that saves are checkpoint based, but thankfully, you can always "rewind" to a previous checkpoint to reassess earlier decisions.
  73. Aug 6, 2013
    I'll keep it short. Jordan and his team are actually revived Shadowrun. I've got exactly what I almost lost any hope of getting mission-based role-playing game with the heavy emphasis on the story, stylish 2D visuals and involved turn-based combat. Actually, if you're a fan of the franchise, you should stop reading my pathetic review right now and get this game. Yes. Do that. For any other old school folks that are still looking back to the "good old days" when Fallout, X-COM or Jagged Alliance have eaten most of your school homework time, this game will be awesome modernized throwback to the stuff you've been missing. And, please, don't let me started on the "reboot well-known franchise from the days gone by as a FPS" trend, just roll Spoony's Betrayal music video instead Is the end result perfect? No. I would like more Mr. Johnson missions, more gear, more well-written dialogues, more item and interior description goodness, more shots of the rain-soaked Seattle. But, you know what, the end result is still awesome. Well, I better stop here. Just the day before the game was finally released, Jordan have posted video on the project website, where he and the team thanked everyone who supported, waited and believed. Now I want to return my gratitude. Jordan, Harebrained Schemes, thank you for creating this game. Logging out. Expand
  74. Aug 10, 2013
    A solid, old-school tactical RPG that stays true to its source material and remains fun to play on followup character builds. SRR is very obviously a work in progress, with the scope hopefully widening considerably in the upcoming Berlin expansion. The editor is going to be its ace-in-the-hole, with user content building an effectively infinite number of 'runs for players to explore. This'll be a good one.
    Oh, and to offer a counterpoint I actually appreciated the lack of an on-demand save feature. It required a little thought and care not to get killed. And your biggest setback was maybe 20 minutes of play, if that.
  75. Jul 30, 2013
    I have to admit that I am an RPG gamer of old and remember the likes of Fallout and Baldur's Gate very fondly and this brought the memory of those games flooding back.

    It has a compelling film noir style story set in a steam punk world which really steals the show. It kept me engaged and interested through the approximately 10 hour game time. The script is enjoyable and there were
    some characters I would love to have more time to get to know (particularly Mr Kluwe). The dialogue reminded me of fellow indie game Gunpoint, which is no bad thing.

    If there was one negative it would be the save system. It's a bit loose and hard to really grasp where the game saved. That said, I played through the whole thing in two days so not much need for saving really.

    Overall, highly recommended and one of the most enjoyable games I've played in some time.
  76. Aug 25, 2013
    It's a very good game, that brings back unique RPG mixing science and magic in dark futuristic setting. Shadowrun Returns is a worthy successor to it's predecessors with very fun and addictive gameplay.
  77. Sep 22, 2013
    10/10 that is my valuation. For an independent, Kickstarter-based game, it is a pure gem. The story is really involving, the mood is amazing, and of course the game-mechanics are also well-defined. It could be polished here-and-there, the graphics/animations could be better, some bugs were also present (not game breaking), but overall in its category this game is simply outstanding. I recommend it to everybody, who loves cyberpunk, RPGs, turn-based strategy... Thank you, Harebrained Schemes (and Jordan Weisman) for creating this thrilling world+journey for me to escape everydays for a few days and nights:))) Expand
  78. Jul 29, 2013
    Summary: A great game with a well written story that can only get better and more rewarding as user generated content becomes available. Highly recommended!

    I have to say that people making claims here that the company "should have done more" with the budget they had clearly have NO IDEA how expensive making games actually is. Let's just consider some game budgets: GTA IV $100 million
    (over 50 times the budget and delivers an open world AAA experience), L A Noire $50 million (over 25 times the budget and delivers full voice acted story based action game), Baldur's Gate $4.5 million (about 3 times the budget, isometric, mostly text conversations with a little audio, large scale and mostly open world, no user content tools). So what has been made for under $1.5 million? Erm... Dragon's Lair, Pac-Man (including marketing), Penny Arcade Adventures Ep 1 (only $1 million). I think Shadowrun Returns delivers in spades compared to those games. An excellent job by the developers.

    I enjoyed the engaging story most of all, but I also enjoyed playing a character that was more powerful in the Matrix (Cyberspace) than in real life until I beefed up pistol skills to match; I thought that this was a great way of making those characters valuable to the team beyond the odd extra option in a menu. I can live with the limitations of the game, given its budget, because it delivers so much if you are prepared to look past the faults.

    Loved it and would highly recommend it.
  79. Aug 7, 2013
    I actually never played any Shadowrun games before this, but it reminded me of many other games I loved and played all the time when growing up. After playing through Deadman's Switch I have to say this game is absolutely fantastic!
    Where do I begin? The art and the detail in each area and character is very nice, the rules are sleek and easy to learn (though at first I was a bit
    intimidated coming into a ruleset I had no prior experience with). The combat system flows great, it really keeps your interest. The writing is amazing, it feels like I am reading a good novel at times. On top of it all the music is sleek and fitting to the cyberpunk setting.

    I do have a few complaints, I did find some bugs, while not game breaking, they were an annoyance for a bit. And while the character development is solid for most of the characters that are a part of the story, I really wish I could interact more with the runners I hire, a one sentence description of the character does not do them justice.

    Because of this game I am looking into playing the Pen and Paper Shadowrun as well. Overall I would highly recommend this game to anyone that enjoyed games such as Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights (if you love user made campaigns), or XCOM.
  80. Jul 29, 2013
    A great game for everyone who likes RPG's. I gave it 9 out of 10, but if it had had speech it would have gotten a 10. Maybe in the future when great usermade stuff comes out, I will revise to 10/10.
  81. Aug 21, 2013
    Delivered precisely what I wanted from them.

    Is it short? Yes. Are the tactical options somewhat limited? Yes. Is the tactical iso combat frustrating and unintuitive at points? Absolute.

    But did it capture the essential flavor of the original SNES and Genesis game? Yes! Is it a decent tactical turn based squad game? Yes. Is the story better than 90% of games out there? Very much so.
  82. Jul 27, 2013
    This game is really good, The combat is fun and feels satisfying and there is some great story telling, the editor is very powerful and I love the art. The only issues are that at times, the editor can be buggy nothing that bad0 and the save system is not the best. But I'm willing to overlook these as I've had fun.
  83. Jul 29, 2013
    To all Shadowrun players (past, present and future), this is a nice game to experience the vision of Shadowrun by it's original creator, Jordan Weisman. Experience a nicely crafted tactical games based on the Shadowrun Universe, within Seattle.

    To all non-shadowrun players, you may find this game a bit lacking, because a lot of the content appeals to us old-timers, and it actually mean
    something to us, but nothing to you.

    In order to properly enjoy this game, you must be a Shadowrunner, anyone picking it up without prior knowledge of Shadowrun universe will find miss 70% of the fun.
  84. Jul 28, 2013
    Fun game, very faithful to the Shadowrun name.

    There are some who say that the unlimited ammo ruins the combat in the game. That's it's a matter of firing until everything is dead. However they don't mention that combat requires AP (Action Points) while you do have unlimited ammo, you don't have Unlimited AP and have to plan you moves according. Every action in combat from reloading
    your weapon to moving in for the perfect kill consumes AP. So there is a challenge in the combat in spending your AP wisely.

    Graphics are great, a hand drawn feel that makes this isometric world become Shadowrun and brings it to life. Also musical score is good, and Harebrained Schemes hired the musical composers for the SNES and Sega Genesis games to do the musical score for Shadowrun Returns.

    I do agree that the save system could have been better. That for today's gaming market either have a save anywhere feature or some kind of in-game save option vs. a checkpoint save system. So because of the save system I do advise anyone playing this game to have some time on their hands and that it's not meant for casual play.
  85. Jul 28, 2013
    Old-school fun, thus, great tactic combat and artisan dialog and narration.
    I totally loved the ciberpunk atmosphere, the graphics are beautiful, the music fits like aglove... a very enjoyable experience.
    Its not a big budget game, but hell Its fun.
  86. Jul 29, 2013
    This game is pretty much what I expected when I Kickstarted it, a toolset for building a tactical RPG set in the Shadowrun Universe on a PC. That it also came with a decent 1st campaign was just icing on the cake. I'd give it a 10 if not for the following:

    1.) The save system isn't as bad as reviewers make it out to be, but it really could be better.
    2.) The Unity engine itself has
    some sound stutter issues that need working out.
    3.) A World-Map & the ability to revisit some areas would have been a nice plus, but not necessary for the campaign. This is supposed to be resolved with the upcoming German DLC campaign.
    4.) There is no ability to swap gear with your followers hirelings. This isn't an issue in the Seattle campaign, but is a huge limitation for custom module design.

    All in all, SR:R is a good game with a lot of potential going forward.
  87. Aug 7, 2013
    Bought this out of nostalgia for my younger years, where i was a spotty teenager waiting for my dad to return from a trip over sea's and he had promised to bring a couple of books back if i had been good for my mum while he was gone.
    The book he brought back was Never deal with a Dragon, that was the point when i first encountered the Shadowrun Universe and I loved reading about it.

    Unfortunately my mates didn't Fancy Shadowrun the Rpg. So my experiences were limited to the Books.

    When this came out i cynically looked at the screen shots and thought wtf in a day and age when we have big budget games with Graphics like The Witcher and Oblivion why would anyone want to play that Donkey Poo.

    However over the next couple of weeks it kept playing on my mind how much i had enjoyed the books and maybe i was missing a trick as with review around 75% on metcaritic it couldn't be that bad.

    So i took the plunge,

    Wow am i glad i did The game has obviously been crafted by enthusiasts who really believed in the project and i only found how the game came in to existence with Kickstarter afterwards.

    The games made the years fall away in my mind and all of a sudden i was Big-G the Assault Rifle Wielding Street Samurai Kicking out Licks and smacking down with impunity .

    The story line was lovingly crafted and kept my entertained from its inception to its dramatic conclusion.

    Now i am going to replay through as one of the other builds and may even step into the user created content as every one says this will be where lots of hidden gems are going to be over the coming months.

    So in summary for the price of £15 i had a thoroughly entertaining time and loved every minute of it.

    Can you now please hurry up with Berlin as Cyber-G wants to come and show how he dominates the Matrix
  88. Aug 11, 2013
    I love this game. At first the combat mechanics and significant text threw me off, but I love the Shadowrun universe, and this game quickly won me over. With dozens of user generated addons already in their infancy, this game has tremendous replay value outside of the main quest. The team that created the game and main quest are also creating a new campaign, which should be fantastic.
  89. Aug 25, 2013
    Love it. Been waiting for a modern Shadowrun game for ages. The campaign they give you was entertaining and a decent intro to what the editor is capable of. There are people making noise because they didn't care for the campaign that came with it and there are not a lot user-generated campaigns to play yet. What the game editor is capable of is very much worth being a little patient and worth tinkering with yourself. Expand
  90. Aug 31, 2013
    This is a fantastic game, It feels like a classic Table Top game, If you like RPG Table Top this is without a doubt the game for you, it's also Punk ^_^ who doesn't like PUNK!! great game keep it coming.
  91. Mar 21, 2014
    Would have given the game a 10 except for the very short length of the main story. Regardless, it was a lot of fun to play through and I've done so more than 4 times with different characters.
  92. Apr 25, 2014
    I've always loved the Shadowrun universe since playing it on pen and paper back in the day. This game stays true. Well designed and written. I'm a big fan of the series.
  93. Aug 4, 2013
    Great storytelling and visual atmosphere. Background graphics are sharp and simple, whereas character graphics are a bit dated. Overall a great old-school Shadowrun experience.
  94. Aug 1, 2013
    An Honest Review, without wasting your time.

    An amazing concept, realized with good skills and amazing writing. Showing the value of Kickstarter, this is easily one of if not the best RPG's of the year. With custom content (available in the first few months), an open roleplaying ruleset, and editors galore and a community to back it, this is my new favorite PnP RPG on PC. Does it have
    bugs? you betcha. Aside from a general focus on story (which was flawless) over combat, at times it was very slow with little action, hard to click areas and a general stubbornness of clickable artifacts and precision of the mouse cursor. I say this out of respect and keeping it all in balance, it still deserves its 9. Its not logical to bring down a game for a few annoyances, for how good it is, and how good it could be. Some may not agree, but 3 things are true: a) you will be glad you played it if you liked Baldur's Gate, b) it is in the style of a pen and paper RPG with custom content galore, and c) If you love quality music and sound and writing, you will love it. Expand
  95. Sep 2, 2013
    Really great story and interesting characters even if they are a bit archetypal. Definitely worth the low price tag. Bonus points for shipping with a massive campaign editor. The single launch campaign seems to just be skimming the surface of a massive world that leaves you craving more.
  96. Jul 27, 2013
    Goal: To create a tactical RPG in the spirit of the original SNES and Genesis games with X-Com inspired turn-based combat. Also, a powerful editing tool to allow UGC set in the Shadowrun PnP world.

    Means: $2 million. That is not a typo. This game was made at 1/5th the cost of an EA mega-game like Mass Effect (which I loved the series)

    Result: A very powerful game editor. The game
    engine itself is a little wonky, but the storytelling capabilities are endless. The campaign included with the game is very linear, but the UGC that was already out when the game released has been very satisfying.

    Inventory is streamlined, with unlimited ammo but very limited capacity for gear. This can be unlocked with skill bumps.

    The biggest hang up on the game is the save system, which should be thought of as a bookmark at the beginning of a chapter in the story. It takes some getting used to, but the end result lends to the more gritty choice and consequences nature of the setting.

    If I were to judge the game just on Dead Man's Switch (the main campaign) I would give it a 7. The editing tool however is very important in making this a successful game.

    Bottom Line:
    This game has a lot of bang for its buck in an age of $60 starter games with endless DLC that completes the story. All UGC created from the Seattle Pack is free.

    If you want another Mass Effect or X-Com, you're better off re-playing those instead.

    If you are on the fence right now, check back in a few months to see what the community has made.
  97. Jul 28, 2013
    As someone who has played the P&P-Version of Shadowrun for ages, I'm truly satisfied with the game itself, though there are some things which bother me.

    First of all, I agree, the checkpoint-system IS something which can bother you, especially when you realize that your team isn't going to make it because you as the player did a poor decision. Of course, this requires you as the player
    to think about it in a proper manner beforehand, but sometimes you just can't predict the outcome.

    The linearity of the game CAN be a hassle, but it's not necessarily one. As far as I'm concerned I even have a lot of fun with my second run, as I've switched from a Street Samurai to a Physical Adept, which means I can use a lot of strength to change some situations, which means I'm sometimes able to intimidate someone or move something out of the way in order to take a different path; no matter how you chose to play, you can always change some bits that are occuring within the game and therefore get a different experience, even though the main "road" of the game remains the same.

    But you can clearly get that the game isn't about the main campaign "Dead man's switch". It really lives up on the editor and requires the community to create new content, which is more important than ever at this point of the game. 12 hours for the original campaign is a good thing and I'm excited to see some magic happen as the editor is a pretty powerful tool.

    The campaign itself was well... sometimes a bit rubbish. The twists weren't really surprising and the writing could've been better sometimes, but at other moments in the game they weren't so bad at all.
  98. Aug 2, 2013
    Despite lack of funds (many of funds raised on kickstarter was used on gifts) its very good game, that brings back unique RPG mixing science and magic in dark futuristic setting. It is simplified old school tactical RPG, with some bugs (at the time release). True fans of Shadowrun might disappoint lack of Astral plane, unlimited ammo, no weariness after casting spell (instead a cooldown time is used). Tactical minded player might miss full camera rotation option, as game is only pseudo-3D.
    Generals minus is fully automatic save points system.
    Despite all cons the cons, the game is fun¨to play, music is very good and community is cooking new adventures. Story of Dead man¨s switch is intriguing with few twists and fits well into Shadowrun universe.
    Playing through this game I would highly recommend. It´s tactician must have!!
  99. Aug 13, 2013
    A very solid game that echoes of Baldur's Gate 1 and old school console RPG's.

    The checkpoint system may seem intimidating at first, but the game saves after every room so not much time is lost if you die. It actually brings back that sense of tension you get from playing the old console RPG's that isn't as tangible with the save-anywhere system we're all so used to abusing. The
    game's also pretty forgiving with regards to character building as good tactical play and intelligent item usage can carry you through most situations. So again, the lack of a save-anywhere system doesn't make much of an impact.

    The major flaws in the game are its relatively short length and linearity. The linearity of the game is somewhat alleviated by a well-paced narrative, but the length is a sore point as the game seems to end right after you've grown attached to the world and its characters. That said, for a $20 game, 15-20 hours of solid gameplay is very reasonable, and that's not counting the user-generated content.

    I came into the experience with a lot of doubts, but after giving the game a chance, I can say I'm fairly impressed. All-in-all, if you appreciate the kind of gameplay that older generations have enjoyed, then don't hesitate and give it a try!
  100. Aug 26, 2013
    An absolute classic as far as I'm concerned and a unique experience among modern games (at least as far as the story and setting is concerned). Great multi-faceted storyline with equal or more "weight" than most other RPGs and simple overall gameplay that is nonetheless nuanced enough to always be fresh, entertaining, and strategically-challenging as you level up your character and plan for each next battle.

    Somewhat rough around the edges, though: Combat can be merciless (depending on your difficulty setting personally I played the given campaign on the highest difficulty) if you don't pay attention to the flow of each battle and it can drag on a bit at times as well, especially if you die; dying will piss you off due to the auto-save mechanic that uses zone saves rather than saving dynamically between encounters. However, even though I played in the maximum difficulty, I didn't die often, since dying is frustrating enough that it forces you to think about what you're doing during combat (which works for most situations, unless you get exceptionally unlucky during a tough fight or forget to stock up on plenty of healing and rezzes or invest in healer before heading into a combat section).

    The story is amazing, but like the combat it expects you to pay close attention to it to follow what's going on. Also the game is fairly linear for an RPG; though the engine definitely allows for more elaborate things than it shows in the given campaign, the choices you make in it (composed mostly of dialogue) give you little more than money-rewarding (or money-saving) and combat-skirting alternate routes. Other than that... occasional typos in dialogue and other text will make you do a double-take, but aren't terrible enough to make anything illegible; you may notice various logic gaps in the story (though without a second play-through, it's hard to tell if I just wasn't paying enough attention at key moments), and at times your character might seem to be solving the mystery of the story before you, or with seemingly little evidence to go on; the story escalates in scope jarringly fast at times and focuses too little on each new revelation and also explains it far summarily (though perhaps this is to be subtle and/or entice you to research the Shadowrun table-top setting on your own, as I did).

    !!SUMMARY!! A somewhat less epic (or perhaps "abridged") bleak futuristic guns-and-sorcery version of Baldur's Gate II that mixes (for the most part, successfully) 1 part intriguing real world sociopolitical elements and 2 parts real world mysticism and Dungeons-&-Dragons-style high fantasy... with all the expected interactive trimmings (dialogue, items, some puzzles, etc.) of a classic turn-based RPG and a fun but arguably deceptively simple combat system to boot.

    (8.9 10)
  101. Jul 28, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is fantastic tactical RPG from an indy/mobile developer, Hare Brained Schemes. The art and writing create a vivid and memorable fantasy/cyberpunk world that will be instantly recognizable to anyone that played the original Shadowrun PnP RPG or the Nintendo & SEGA adaptations.

    Dead Man's Switch is a well written neo-noir tale that offers 10-15 hours of gameplay. It's a
    compelling and detailed look at the world of Shadowrun.

    The real promise of Shadowrun Returns though is the Editor that allows members of the community to create their own stories and missions and share them with the world. The Editor promises countless hours of UGC within the world of Shadowrun.

    The game is not perfect. It is very streamlined so as to be accessible on mobile devices. This sometimes left me hoping for more complexity. However the Editor holds the promise of even greater complexity and sophistication. There are a number of minor bugs apparent in the initial release, but nothing game breaking and nothing unexpected for an indie title with a small budget. I've played AAA titles with far, far more bugs disrupting the gameplay.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. Oct 5, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is a bit more simplistic than I had hoped for, but at the same time it is not bad at all. [Sept 2013]
  2. Sep 13, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns is a faithful reinterpretation (and in a vague sense, sequel) to the SNES game from 20 years ago, maybe a bit too faithful. Though most aspects of the the wild and unruly Shadowrun world is included, the promise of this game lies more in the open embrace of the mod community than the included adventure.
  3. Sep 10, 2013
    Shadowrun Returns will probably please most fans if perhaps not blow anyone out of the water. The campaign is well written and serves as a good introduction for new players. The variety in combat and character creation and dialogue options is great but suffers from a badly implemented autosave system. With lots of new campaigns on the horizon Shadowrun Returns is well worth keeping an eye on.