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  • Summary: In the murky depths of the ocean, the fate of Reef City lies in the fins of one little fish?at least that?s what he wants you think. Dive in to the urban, underwater metropolis of Shark Tale and play as Oscar, a fast-talking fish whose little fib gets him into big trouble. Based on the DreamWorks animated feature, Shark Tale features 25 funky fresh missions ripped straight from the film, the hottest hip-hop tracks from your favorite artists and more exhilarating gameplay variety than any other movie game in the reef. Groove through Reef City with Oscar and explore locations like the Whale Wash, the Sunken Liner and the underwater underworld hideout, Seahorse Race Track. Careen through the coral at break-fin speed on the back of a friendly taxi fish. Beat your opponent while dodging traffic and fending off menacing great white sharks! Bust some serious Fish Fu in challenging fighting sequences. Flex your fins, talk some smack and fillet your opponent with tail slaps, head butts and dazzling combo attacks. Get those fins up and boogie down. Win over Reef City residents and garner the affections of your favorite ladyfish with your stylin? hip-hop dance moves. Don?t just talk big?swim big. Get in the game and prove you got what it takes to out-fin the evil Great Whites and become Reef City?s greatest hero. [Activision] Expand
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  1. The PC version is clearly the superior version and those with a choice in mediums should certainly consider it their first choice. It is more fun, less awkward and far more forgiving for young children.
  2. Like "Shrek 2" before it, your overall enjoyment of the game will have much to do with your willingness to accept its target audience but at the very least you will find that Shark Tale simply isn’t a rushed, sure-money title.
  3. The varied gameplay of each mission keeps things interesting, and the overall look of the game matches well with the movie.
  4. Just another mediocre film knock off of a game, one good for only about an hour or two of light, mindless fun.
  5. 65
    It offers fun through various different game play styles and retains the hip style of the movie, but the undercurrent of materialism is jarring.
  6. Do be advised that the game is shockingly short: If you were to pay it and watch the movie side-by-side, it'd be a toss-up as to which you'd finish first. [Holiday 2004, p.93]
  7. The biggest problems are the shockingly short play time, and repetitive gameplay. [Jan 2005, p.73]

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  1. CarolT.
    Feb 23, 2005
    The graphics were great.