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  • Summary: Shattered Suns puts players in control of a fleet of space ships and space stations. Game play takes place in a solar system with one star, various planets orbiting the star, and moons orbiting the planets. Space stations fill orbital slots around planets and moons, serving to consolidate control over territory. Space ships gather resources from planets and moons, form supply lines between space stations, build new space stations, and--of course--blow each other out of the sky in fully three-dimensional space battles. [Clear Crown Studios] Expand
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  1. Resource management is boring at the best of times, and, in Shattered Suns, it's a yawn-festival.
  2. 43
    Unfortunately, Shattered Suns is ultimately an over ambitious game with perhaps not enough money, time, or resources to turn the experience into something out of this world.
  3. If you enjoy RTS games and realize this is an indie title that has brought a new gameplay style to the table you possibly could enjoy it, but this is also the type of game that requires you to be forgiving for design choices, the campaign and its lack of modern looking graphics.
  4. Shattered Suns wastes its promise with terrible presentation values and poor implementation of its 3D combat system.
  5. Considering that combat is as dull as the ship graphics, and that you can't even share the experience due to lack of multiplayer, Shattered Suns' $40 asking price is seriously overambitious. [Dec 2008, p.57]
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  1. JoeC
    Aug 28, 2008
    I must disagree with "Anonymous" in her/his assessment of Shattered Suns. The UI does its job quite nicely is not as byzantine as Anonymous would have you believe. The tutorial works very well in easing the user into the game. Camera control can be disorienting at first, but give it a few moments, experiment, and you will be zipping around the cosmos with ease. The innovations in this game are simply wonderful - especially the inclusion of orbital mechanics and how that relates to your strategy. Conventional RTS strategies will not be very helpful in this game. As the battlefield is constantly changing, the player must be able to adapt and anticipate to the enemies' strategies and tactics. You cannot "turtle" in this game nor can you "rush". You must strike a balance, and like all good battle simulations, you must constantly be aware of any opportunities that present themselves. As an artist, I would say that the ship models could use some tarting up. That being said, a good game requires solid game play. In this department, Shattered Suns delivers quite well. Clear Crown has demonstrated a willingness to listen to its customers and their support team have answered my queries promptly and graciously. If you are looking for an RTS that brings something new to the table, then you really owe it to yourself to give Shattered Suns a try. Expand
  2. [Anonymous]
    Aug 20, 2008
    I normally will never say anything bad about pretty much anything or anyone, but this game changes that. I read about this game and it sounded like it was going to be quite interesting, but sadly that is not the case. It does not support newer resolutions( like anything widescreen), the UI is one of if not the worst I HAVE ever seen, the models as passable but the textures are very very bad. This game seems like it came out 10-15 years to late. Camera controls are not well done and are confusing. All in all gameplay might be fun if you could get to it but the UI makes sure that you will give up well before that. Expand
  3. ScottG
    Oct 23, 2008
    This rates as, without a doubt, one of the worst titles I've played this year, and I've played some bad ones. To begin with, before I even get to any sort of a game that might be inside this package, it takes forever to load, and when it does, the menus (and in game) text are nearly impossible to decipher. Technical support for the game is non-existant (it requires a registration of your CD key through a browser window, which to me makes it non-existant) and, once you do get in game, the bad just piles up, and turns even worse. The camera controls are horrible, to the point of being so clunky and confusing, that you just don't want to try anymore. The user interface, which though it follows a very traditional layout, even manages to screw that up with functions that are more confusing than anything, and tutorials that do little to help. And just to add insult to injury, the game's released at $40, though it plays more like a $5 bargain bin release. My verdict: If you really want to, and you don't care about graphics, or user friendlynes, or you don't have a relatively new system, or you're very, very very very very patient, go for it. But there's a vast number of titles out there that are far more enjoyable, far more user friendly, and for a much cheaper price. Expand
  4. AnonymousMC
    Aug 21, 2008
    It only gets a 1 for having a few interesting ideas.

    Pros: A few nice innovations, such as orbiting planets, original style of economy, and
    3D combat (at least trying to make it different from similar games).

    Cons: Horrible, HORRIBLE camera controls, to the point where you get dizzy trying to play the game. The graphics are post 2000, but just barely -- they would have looked slightly aged about 5 years ago, now they look horrible and unpolished. The economic system with separate star bases having individual economies was a nice thought, but it's too unwieldly in practice. Silly as it may sound, separate star bases don't even share RESEARCH, which makes no sense at all. Finally, the ship customization that was so highly touted by previews of the game months ago seems to have not made the final cut of the game, and is glaringly absent.

    All in all, the game's like playing a really unpolished and outdated beta. Which would be fine... if it were such. But I don't see any excuse for why they released such a sorry game as a finished product. Don't waste your money on this.

    Final Score: 1/10