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  • Summary: Join Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey and a cast of new characters on a twisted fairy tale adventure. Play as Shrek or one of his friends and visit favorite locations from Shrek 2 in seven fun and engaging activities. Test your skills at hand-eye coordination, problem-solving or play simple arcade fun. Features Include: Seven fun and challenging activities; Three difficulty levels to suit all ages; Art for the activities, certificates and puzzles includes actual locations and charaters from Shrek 2 the movie. [Activision Value] Expand
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  1. The gameplay is adequate fun, but after awhile the sameness of the activities will preclude much replay from the kids. Also, for some reason, multiple users aren't supported, at least not that we could see.
  2. If Pinocchio said he loved this game, watch his nose grow and stay clear of the swamp.
  3. 28
    It’s composed of seven basic and boring mini-games with no storyline or proper single player adventure. Scour the internet and you’ll find just as if not more enjoyable mini-games for free that have been made in Macromedia’s animation program, Flash.
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