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  1. Feb 16, 2014
    The PC version of Shufflepuck Cantina substitutes the touchscreen with the mouse keeping its naturalness in terms of control system, yet inevitably loosing the portable appeal of such a fast niche game. It would have been better to keep the free-to-play formula, too.
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  1. Mar 8, 2014
    You are a space traveler from Earth, playing your way to earn spaceship parts to get back home, in a planet where opponents from different races challenges you in an enhanced version of Air Hockey. Each one of these opponents have their own mood and equipment - mallets, pucks and special strikes - and you can earn them unlocking their biographies parts.

    I found this game surprisingly good enough to keep me playing for hours, and at least a few matches everyday since i started to play it. Never heard about that game before i get it from a bundle, but it's definitely not that kind of game you feel worthy just to get this way.

    Graphics and animations are better than usual in a casual game, the soundtrack is simple and repetitive but gorgeous, sounds and physics are enough convincing, and the gameplay is very good. Almost free of bugs, compelling and challenging, it's a very good and well done casual game.

    There are a wide range of tasks, quests, a good amount of Steam achievements and a lot of internal ones, which grants you resources to leveling, earn equipment/upgrades, unlock new floors/levels and play to earn more on a funny coin machine. The game have different play modes like duel, bet and survival, and well-imagined systems to enhance what otherwise would be a simple Air Hockey match.

    I found a single bug, and although is an annoying one, it happens just when playing with an specific puck. I got also some very rare performance issues, but they're shortly enough to not bother you while playing.
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  2. Feb 25, 2014
    [FR] Bon petit jeu, respect du coté nostalgique et amélioration avec les coups spéciaux et le petit coté collectionite.

    [UK] Good Game,
    full of nostaligia but with good upgrades (specials) Full Review »