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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 26
  2. Negative: 2 out of 26
  1. Silent Hunter 5 is the most accurate simulation of World War II submarine conflicts in the Atlantic. With more testing and less bugs this game could have been the best in the series.
  2. 81
    Essentially, Silent Hunter 5 is what it is: the fifth installment of a submarine simulation series. Graphically, it’s bounds and leaps forward and the new inside perspective adds to the realism. Sim fans will get what they want, with loads of options to make the game even more realistic if required. It’s accessible for those not particularly seeking realism. Sailing, simple manoeuvres, firing torpedo’s. The new interface adds to this ease. Everything is reached with simple mouse clicks and intricate menu’s are nowhere near this game. However, everything takes its time, which some people might not appreciate. Sailing from one point to another, searching for enemies, sinking them, getting new supplies, finding enemies again, etc. SimCity and Anno also require lots of time investment, which is what this title also has, and that’s how you discover the true strength of the game. That’s what makes Silent Hunter 5 mainly a game for those with patience.
  3. The DRM alone could sink this sim, but the core Carrier Command-style gaming is worth the battle. [May 2010, p.99]
  4. Campaign, graphics and the visual contact model are excellent but this simulation desperately needs a damage model for merchants, better usability and lots of small bug fixes and short-cut keys before it can be played. [Apr 2010]
  5. Very recommended for players who feel curiosity to know how was the war in the seas, and of course, for series followers.
  6. Gorgeous and pleasingly free form. Without the bugs and oppressive DRM, it would be the best Silent Hunter 5 yet. [May 2010, p.102]
  7. Silent Hunter V simplify some aspects of the previous games, achieving however a good mix between simulation and atmosphere, fun and a deep experience. It's so a shame that there are so many bugs and technical flaws.
  8. Among the improvements you'll encounter better graphics, better effects, better sound and music. The rest is less then good as the game practically drowns in nasty bugs and together with the strict DRMS action enforced by Ubisoft threatens to sink the game.
  9. Fight through the performance issues to find that the heart of sub simulation's best franchise still beats strong. [May 2010, p.64]
  10. Silent Hunter has all ingredients to be a thrilling historical submarine simulation. But there are so many bugs and flaws that most of the fun is drowning.
  11. Silent Hunter 5 is another decent game in the series with a few problems here and there. Especially the incomplete tutorial, the loading times and the lack of polish in some area’s are annoying. On the other hand, this game is so packed with content that you are guaranteed to be busy until Silent Hunter 6 comes out.
  12. Silent Hunter 5 – Battle of the Atlantic is an accomplished combination of atmospheric sound, historic background and good graphics. Unfortunately, a lot of bugs are ruining the fun.
  13. In all, the game seems to alternate between a wonderful, engrossing experience and a frustrating, incomplete one - and while we can hope that upcoming patches fix many of these (often niggling, sometimes major) problems, for the moment, Silent Hunter 5 remains a interesting but partially-broken game.
  14. After the brilliant fourth episode, a step backward for the series. Too many bugs, and a boring gameplay. Just for submarine lovers.
  15. 57
    Reviewing a poor submarine sim is tough because there are just too few opportunities for comparison. It's like living in a town with only one pizza place. Even if it's not very good, you'll still go every once in a while if you happen to be in the mood for pizza.
  16. Although likely to be modded to perfection, SH5's release version is an incomplete, buggy disappointment. [Jun 2010, p.68]
  17. Silent Hunter 5: Battle for the Atlantic would have been a fitting and enjoyable experience had it not been so inexplicable demanding on hardware, buggy and generally frustrating.
  18. As a game, Silent Hunter 5 fails because the bugs and UI render it a chore. As a simulation, it fails because the bugs and UI render it ridiculous and incomplete. As a product, it's just overwhelming disrespectful to this long running series' fans. And finally, as one of the first games to receive Ubisoft's new copy protection, it's an embarrassment.
  19. Silent Hunter 5 has promise, but this buggy and unstable game needs to be sent back to the drydock for some serious refitting.
  20. With a lack of polish and an unfinished feel, chalk this one up to an experience that could’ve been a great one, but definitely isn’t.
  21. Silent Hunter 5 is a broken, bug infested game, a potentially great experience ruined by the bad job of the programmers. The lack of a tutorial for beginners and the bad optimization under the technical side, are big problems for new players and for the veterans of Silent Hunter.
  22. This one may sink pretty fast unless Ubisoft get's the damage crews working pretty fast.
  23. Only if you have not played Silent Hunter 3 and you are ok with a permanent internet connection you can enjoy the Atlantic battle from your periscope view. [Issue#190]
  24. In this submarine simulation which takes place in WWII your biggest enemy is the game itself. Tons of bugs like disappearing foes and the annoying copy protection kill every ounce of fun. Nice graphics, though. Maestro!
  25. Transparently not finished. [June 2010, p.80]
  26. Honestly, if you like this kind of game it is best to search for Silent Hunter 4, which can be purchased at a great price, and so far is the best version.
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  1. Jul 22, 2012
    With more bugs that the bottom of a toilet seat, it is quite hard to recommend this game. That is until you discover With theWith more bugs that the bottom of a toilet seat, it is quite hard to recommend this game. That is until you discover With the help of the community, SH5 is something quite special. I still think SH4 is better overall (again, with mods), but SH5 does have a trump card... you can walk around the sub - adding to the realism. If you're dead against modding the game, be prepared for some serious issues; no 1 being sensors and distance tools being effectively broken! Full Review »
  2. May 28, 2013
    Rushed and half Broken. Having played SilentHunter3 (a good but very mixed experience), I waited till 2013 to get SH5 for £4, hoping most ofRushed and half Broken. Having played SilentHunter3 (a good but very mixed experience), I waited till 2013 to get SH5 for £4, hoping most of the flaws had been ironed out. No luck. I really wanted to like this game, but even with all patches and some mods, its still a mess. It takes forever to load, the interface is bad, the graphics are not as good as the trailers suggest, It is too arcade (no matter the difficulty setting), the music and voice acting is bad, and the Uplay DRM is still horrible (but it does have a half-baked offline mode). As of May 2013 there is still no decent fix-all super-mod out there. AVOID! Full Review »
  3. Jan 22, 2012
    I'm an avid fan of the Silent Hunter series. So much so that even with all the negative reviews I decided to get 5. Oh boy. Where toI'm an avid fan of the Silent Hunter series. So much so that even with all the negative reviews I decided to get 5. Oh boy. Where to begin.... Basically they removed all the good features from SH3 and SH4, added a "meh" UI, sort of improved crew management, improved graphics (yay, but duh), and floundered around with everything else. Tutorial is non existent. Auto TDC sucks (you aim where my periscope/uzo is looking? WTF? that's completely and utterly stupid. Who the heck is going to look 30 degrees in front of the boat they're aiming at? Meaning you pretty much have to learn how to manual TDC. Saving/loading is still bugged to F***, which is awesome because there's nothing more fun than simulating driving across the atlantic for an hour. Take simple stuff like "wanting to skip the tutorial" (because it's useles), no option for that until you've already beat the tutorial but if you accidentally restart the tutorial, the option to skip the tutorial is removed (Think about that one). You still haven't added an in-game clock to the UI. Bugs galore. A few small steps forward in some areas, and giant leaps backwards in others. Sigh. Full Review »