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  1. Mar 5, 2013
    Be aware that this is a 100% online game. i only discovered this today. not only are people having to wait to log on to servers like an MMO launch, but i actually got booted and now i can get back on for more than a few seconds. There are no save games and no loading. you have no control over this. the game let me play for about 30mins offline. then it wouldn't let my place buildings or advance time etc. i restarted and it didnt save anything since my last connection. I haven't played EA games for years because of crap like this and now i returned for this 1 game and i get screwed around again. Its my own fault for trusting them again. Such a shame Expand
  2. Mar 5, 2013
    This game isn't functional, don't waste your money.

    If you hoped for a rewarding city building experience based on the long running Simcity brand, you'll be sorely disappointed. Small cities and social gimmicks are all you'll find in this reboot. Play a facebook game and you can have most of the experience without the dysfunctional drm.
  3. Mar 5, 2013
    Some aspects of the game are good, but the constant DRM means you often get errors when trying to start your city. For the past few hours I have been getting an error where I can't start a city. Also, almost every time I restart the game I have to re-do the tutorial all over again because there must be a problem with their cloud storage. TL;DR You pay for a game and get terrible service. I am going to try and get a refund. Expand
  4. Mar 5, 2013
    Not only is it required to have an internet connection at all times to play the game, it forces you to download Origin which is EA's sad excuse to capitalize on Steam's success. Day one there are persistent server issues that make the game unplayable and to top it off many gamers who can play are losing saves because all save games are held on the server. This is absolutely ridiculous. If I were to go into a movie theater and the projector couldn't display the movie I just paid for, I'd get my money back. This is the reason why people hate you EA. This is the reason why I avoid purchasing any games made by you. Maxis, I'm sure this is a wonderful game and thank you for your work as a developer. I am truly sorry EA screwed you guys and many of your fans will never get the chance to play your game...including the ones who bought it. Expand
  5. Mar 6, 2013
    This game would be much better if it was actually playable. User interface failures on epic levels (I am unable to even see the buttons that are needed to progress through the tutorial, and there is very poor support in the manuals to assist this process), Preposterously bad DRM, (this is a single player game, no matter how much they want you to be able to interact with your neighbors) and depressingly small cities (even when the game is playable you are limited because of the forced "multiplayer" nature of the game) all combine to make a depressingly awful experience. If you don't own it, don't buy it. Expand
  6. Mar 6, 2013
    EA has lost my business forever! I can't even play the game by myself; have to have an Internet connection and there is no guarantee the server will save your game! EA saw this coming and did nothing to fix it before it actually became a problem. With all the preorders, how in the hell were they not able to fix this problem! EA is a bunch of turds!
  7. t_h
    Mar 6, 2013
    Always online DRM blows hard. What if someone wanted to play while abroad, offline or in an area with no internet connection? There are those who love multiplayer games and there are those who love their single player games. SimCity will always be remembered for catering to the latter. "These are games that a lot of people like to play single-player," says Graham Smith, the editor of PC Gamer magazine. "People don’t want to play with other people. They want to play alone."

    Way to ruin an excellent single player franchise, EA.
  8. Mar 6, 2013
    EA ruins a great franchise. Always on DRM means this game will not endure into the future and that paying customers cannot play a game they paid for. EA's policy of Nickel-and-Dime downloadable content policy makes you pay a ton for the right to pay a ton for the game. Tiny cities go against the classic gameplay.
  9. Mar 6, 2013
    There isn't anything more offensive than cloud computing errors causing game to me nonexistent. Moreover, spending nearly $60-$80 on a title so HIGHLY exclaimed as the GOY, and yet comes off as a huge failure. When the game is playing, it's fun, social, and is a refreshing update to the simcity franchise. What ruins the game for me is as follows: No single player, No save option outside of forced incontinent cloud storage), server errors (you think they would have gotten this ready for the launch), inaccurate protesting (crime levels down to zero, yet protests for high crime change power source for town when paused and after relaunching game town protests lost of power), force closing (it's the only game in the last 3 years I've played with massive force closures on a regular basis) EA support (no upgrades after launch day errors, and seemingly weak support), ORIGIN ran. Expand
  10. Mar 6, 2013
    I'm not the type to complain over every little fault in a game, especially one as ambitious as SC5 right after release. But little faults aren't this game's problem it's massive, fundamental design decisions that have completely changed the way this game is to be played, and overwhelmingly not for the better.

    City size too small this is a mind-blower. Did the developers really think
    people would rather have nearly invisible microeconomic individual sim simuation rather than the ability to build full, complete cities that didn't look like ridiculous postage stamps? I get that it's a performance issue my machine is a beast let me have bigger cities. Let us ALL have bigger cities and get rid of the unhelpful low-level modeling. We came to build cities first, and enjoy drill-down metrics later.

    Always-on DRM: I don't like this mechanism in general, but I don't dismiss it out of hand either. For some online games, it can be useful to limit or prevent hacking and cheating. Diablo 3 needed that, and even though it takes away a lot from the game and can add much frustration, it has its positive points as well. But I cannot for the life of me figure out why in the hell SC5 has a mandatory on-line requirement to simply play the game. It makes no sense whatsoever. A good multiplayer option is always nice, and hopefully it actually works in this game, unlike some other city sims of late, but Sim City is at its core a single-player game that invites the user to experiment, tweak, mess around and generally goof off sometimes. Now? You can't even set a save point to go back to. You make a mistake, too bad. You ruin your economy? Start over from the beginning. Does EA not know what a "simulation" is? I didn't sign up for a Roguelike. Of all this game's misfires, this one is the hugest of all. How am I supposed to learn how to build anything efficiently or aesthetically or economically when the game punishes the living crap out of you for experimenting? I mean PUNISH, as in hours and hours of your life wasted, with very little learning payoff. It's a really huge problem that destroys this game. Never mind that the first 3 times I was able to play the game crashed and nothing was saved on the server anyway. But really bugs get fixed, and they don't ultimately deter me. But awful design decisions do.

    It's impossible to play this game without almost suffocating in the understanding that this game is going to do everything it can to nickle and dime you to death. Hell, they had DLC available the first day! $60 and I get a no-frills economy model? At least PRETEND like you aren't going to charge for every stupid park and church and billboard or whatever and give me a sense, however fleeting, that I have in my possession a complete game with loads of content. Stuff that was in the initial release of SC2K and SC4 is gone here. Gee, wonder how I can get it. Make a great game, give me great content up front and I will pay at least a little for great NEW content. The cynical microtransaction scheme in place here is ham-fisted and infuriating.

    The Glassbox engine is beautiful. The data maps are even moreso. This game is GORGEOUS. I love the tilt-shift look a brilliant design decision. The music is fine and the animations are ok, I hate the stupid Sim language but I can easily get past that. And that's what REALLY kills me this game could be, nay SHOULD be a great game. The technology is there. I mean right there on your machine. Glass box, microeconomic simulation, expensive production all right there waiting to be turned into a really cool game. But the implementation here is so bad, the overall game experience so misguided, and so radically different and worse than any SC before, that this game can ultimately only be considered a huge, massive and crushingly depressing flop. It's hard to imagine that you can take a brilliant game like SC2K or even SC4, add 10+ years and a customer base with PCs literally 1000x more powerful, and THIS is what you get. EA, I have never said this about any game ever, but I want my money back. This is a travesty.
  11. Mar 7, 2013
    I have to say. Wow. Having never written a review for Metacritic, SimCity has all but angered me to the point of voicing my opinion in a sea of others. I'd generally say that writing a review on or very near launch day is counter-productive. There will always be server problems and 0 day bugs, but EA/Maxis/Origin have done an amazing job at an EPIC FAIL.

    I gave this some thought. How is
    it fair to rate an entire game based on server issues alone? My conclusion is this: How is it not? I paid for a game that requires an internet connection. Any idiot born since 1970 (or earlier) knows that means the game will require servers. Knowing this, the servers are an integral part of the package. They're just as essential as the premise, design and execution of the game play. Reasonable people should expect that a product they paid for should be available for use. Whether it be the first day or 3285th. Occasional server crashes and bugs are human error and random acts of electrons. 10s of thousands of Twitter reports and FB posts are something different. In my case, I was able to play once in 2 days of trying. In fact, I spent all day trying to play one damn time on any of the servers. I was not able to play.

    So, my review is hugely negative. If you think it's unfair to judge a game based on server problems, then you're entitled to your opinion. Me, I'm tired of getting the run-around from mega-corporations and shareholders who only care about greed. I'm sick of 1/2 baked excuses. From day 1 and forward, a game includes all its aspects, and a review should encompass all of it.
  12. Mar 7, 2013
    Get ready not play, and if you do get to play you may randomly lose hours of progress. Online saves are the only type of save games and the servers crash A LOT...
  13. Mar 8, 2013
    In case you have not yet noticed, SimCity has what is called constantly online DRM. This means if the game is running, you MUST be online and logged into Origin, EA's sales platform, and response to Steam. Now this sounds excellent, in theory. Everyone gets updates automatically, you can play with anyone all over the world, etc. However, the viability of this
    method ends at THEORY. In reality, this is the smoking gun for this game. I have only had the opportunity to play this game once, for 1 hour and 30 minutes, before I was kicked from the server due to high volume. This is completely unreasonable, and I feel EA was completely unprepared to handle so many users on the server. That is major, obvious oversight on their part, and it ruined the game.
    Further, totally offline mode is completely eliminated. When I play a game such as SimCity, I expect to be able to play the classic mode where I can quietly play, ALONE. This is no longer an option, as all the cities in a region must co-mingle and supply each other with services, or the city itself is penalized! As an experiment, I attempted to play on a server with other players and remain independent, and rejected the assistance offered to me by other players. After a while, my economy collapsed because all my workers were automatically leaving my city to work at a neighbor's city. They are programmed to do this for absolutely no reason, other than penalizing players who wish to remain independent from others.

    In short, the Online Requirement murdered this game, and I regret wasting my hard earned money on it. I encourage all prospective customers to NOT purchase this game, as it will only lead to your disappointment.
  14. Mar 7, 2013
    Always online DRM on a single player game?... ha ha ha that's funny! wait?.. you're serious? YOU'RE FIRED! seriously.. I hope this fails so hard, no other developper will try that.
  15. Mar 6, 2013
    Let me sum it up:
    -"Unable to create your city at this time. Please claim a city again." This issue haven't got fixed on beta. 3 days after release, and I STILL GET THIS.
    -Busy servers; either get in line, or go play on some other server (if you can) where your cities are NOT stored at
    -VERY SMALL city areas. Are you kidding me? Areas should be AT LEAST 4 TIMES BIGGER.
    -Always online
    DRM I'm mostly fine with this, but due to 1st and 2nd points I've made... the server load I mean... Enough said, I think? Expand
  16. Mar 7, 2013
    One thing that I don't get by this publisher is how low they treat us customers that bought the game with our hard earn money, and slapped our face with middle finger by introducing always online DRM, micro transition ramshackle servers, etc. and those who pirate the game are likely to be having the most fun. I give you red.
  17. Mar 5, 2013
    Will update when game is playable. Game is not playable. Game has not been playable for over 6 hours. Game queue is not a queue, it's a time waster. Game is worthless. Single most pointless launch ever. Capacity is a joke.
  18. Mar 6, 2013
    DRM has made this promising game totally unplayable. People can't download the game, can't join a server, can't save their game and are having their cities wiped all because EA have unimaginably forced always-online DRM even though they know the risks and the fact that it has little to no benefit. In fact, piracy for this game will be through the roof. Shame on EA, disgusting greedy RIP Simcity.
  19. Mar 6, 2013
    Day 0 DLC as a blatant attempt to squeeze more money out of you, always online requirement for a single player game, tiny city sizes forcing you to specialize and take part in a region, and no saves? Yeah... what was I thinking. There is a reason they didn't call this Sim City 5 and just Sim City. Really what they should have called it was Sim City Online. This is not the sequel to Sim City 4 that I was looking for. Expand
  20. Mar 6, 2013
    Dear EA can i please play my single player game i purchased from you
    some may think i'm asking too much of a big company like EA to see me as worthy of playing their game
    but after parting with it would be nice to "have a go"
  21. Mar 18, 2013
    Unfortunately this game is so full of bugs and issues that it's obvious that EA is still releasing unfinished products for the free testing that the paying public is expected to polish up for them. Why pay in house testers minimum wage with overtime when you can just release it and get thousands of bug reports from the public.... this is EA's business model. I used to test for them and do product support and still over a decade later NOTHING has changed, IN fact EA is worse about it now than ever. D3, ME3, now this... The more we (customers) keep buying from them the more the investors think it works and they want to do this more. BOYCOTT EA Until they release fully tested products that are playable and not based solely on DRM and micro transaction greed. BOYCOTT EA! Expand
  22. Mar 5, 2013
    This is why PC games will never, ever be able to compete with consoles. PC games are so concerned trying to counteract piracy they cripple their game. Just to play this game by myself I have to wait until the servers are online and not full. This game does not allow you to save locally; so don't experiment on your city and hope that neither your internet connection or their servers go down. My guess is that the maps were downsized because the developers do not want you saving locally, making your saves to the cloud smaller. Same goes for terraforming. Innovation in this game is absent and the enjoyment I have had playing this game was due to not playing a Sim City game in such a long time. Expand
  23. Mar 5, 2013
    The game itself is fine, there are the lacking features tho.
    The size of the space is too small, and theres no farmming.

    But forcing me to play online in a game that does not need to be online for a single player portion of it. Sorry, no sale. The nation does not have 95-100% Broadband coverage, and mobile LTE Does not count has internet when it comes to gaming with these caps on the
    top two.

    There is no modding system, which should of been BUILT IN when looking at how well sim city 4 has done with modding. But no they claim it will "come". but It will not as they will lose money on DLC, and Add-on packs (see sims 3) Do not buy the game unless they fix this, or someone finds a way to force the game offline.
  24. Mar 5, 2013
    Haters... sheesh. Game is great. Not the game developers' fault if EA can't keep it up. :)

    I haven't explored mult-play yet, but building up a city by myself was FUN.
  25. Mar 5, 2013
    Playing with my boyfriend and a couple of other friends right now. We're playing on a 16 city region and it's a ton of fun. we're enjoying the game very much. I recommend it
  26. Mar 5, 2013
    Do not listen to all these people reviewing the game as zero, the game is good but all these people are just about EA. And to the people who say its nothing like the originals, thats because its no longer the same game, its a complete reboot of the series and as for the small maps they said they will enlarge the maps in time
  27. Mar 5, 2013
    Multiplayer is well integrated. A better and more fun simulation then previous games. Good and easy to use interface. Good graphics for high end PCs and runs well on my 2009 HP G60 laptop.
  28. Mar 5, 2013
    This launch is a disaster. You can only play online, your cities are saved on some server which hasn't been stable on day 1. I'm usually forgiving when I encounter those problems on a MMORPG, but Simcity isn't.

    Please skip this game. At least for few months.
  29. Mar 5, 2013
    DON"T BUY THIS! I never given a game a 0/10 before cause I mean how can a game be 0? I have played a lot of bad games but this one goes beyond that to the point of insulting. This is my first 0 because of all the reason already stated so well by others. I should have known better and I'm done with origins for good. At this rate maybe gaming altogether if this is an outlook to the future. It reminds me of the National Lampoon;s Vegas vacation quote every time I buy EA. "Why don't you give me half the money you were going to bet, then we'll go out back, I'll kick you in the nuts and we'll call it a day!" Expand
  30. Mar 31, 2013
    Origin and EA's DRM scheme is horrible. That aside, the game itself doesn't deliver on its promise. Total city size is *very* small. Traffic is badly bugged (police patrols, buses, and garbage trucks all move in a giant cluster rather than dispersed throughout your city). Simulation depth just isn't there after you build a high school, elementary schools no longer needed; after you build a university no other type of school required, period. Transportation options limited: no highway over/under-passes and no subways. And because it's multi-player mayors in neighboring towns can grief the entire region by building a high-crime, high-pollution town and there is nothing you can do about it. Watch as your budget dives into the red because you are forced to build tons of police services to manage the criminals coming in from the other town. If you want to build huge cities go with CitiesXL or SimCity 4. If you like depth of simulation go with Tropico 4. This product just doesn't deliver on either level, imho. Expand
  31. Mar 6, 2013
    I had to sign up to reply to some of these positive reviews. Someone said they recommend buying a $60 game first and than to get the 10 year old game. Why not start with the better 10 year old game since you can play it when where you want. Sim City 4 you can save your own game you can build an actual city. Sim City 4 is not a little square confined by white dotted lines. Sim City (5) has fun gameplay until you fill up the map in a couple hours. This by far is the most jarring thing to me. 10 years later and the maps get smaller and confined by dotted lines. I hope they fix this without charging more money for DLC that should be standard in a AAA release. DLC is fine if its not removed from the original game to sell later Expand
  32. Mar 6, 2013
    Small City Map, DRM, Server Problems, they probably plan to sell us add-on that should had already been included the original game at that price. All I can say is that I won't get caught buying a game like this again.
  33. Mar 6, 2013
    DRM Aside, I would score this at around a 3 or a 4; the fact that EA insist on making me wait in an online queue in order to play an offline game, bounces us straight down to zero; paying $60+ for nothing, is worth a negative score if anything.

    Zoning density is gone missing. Cities are tiny you can barely fit a village into your map space. Terraforming/God mode is gone the way of the
    Dodo. Games will only save/load if EA's server can accommodate your request; often times it can't, and you lose data. Also adds to the sluggish behavior of the game, as contacting and sending packets to an overseas, overloaded server, is a lot slower than writing to your local disk.

    Looking forward to the teams that will be working on a local server emulator to remove the DRM requirement hopefully the loss in income will send a strong message, as clearly, shouting "screw you" to your customer base is still resulting in sales.
  34. Mar 6, 2013
    A great franchise, ruined by EA. People are buying the game in good faith, despite reservations about always-online DRM. They are then finding they cannot log into the server, or constant disconnects, or cities failing to save/being constantly rolled back. The game is unplayable, and getting a refund is very challenging when the only way to contact EA is though live chat support with a 6 hour wait. Yes, six hours.

    When they realise that the (unnecessary) DRM is preventing them from playing a game they paid good money for, or wasting hours of their time by not saving their cities, they are understandably feeling let down. They believe the product is at fault. The reviews on Amazon/Metacritic reflect that sentiment with total and complete accuracy.
  35. Mar 6, 2013
    The game simply does not work. I've been in queue for 40 minutes at a time, get disconnected, have to get back in queue The Day 0 DLC is shockingly insulting. The cities are tiny. Very, very little innovation other than slightly snazzier interface. $80 bucks to get the game as it is intended to be played is ridiculous. This is garbage. Stay away. Ignore the raw lies that are the 'journalism' reviews. Expand
  36. Mar 6, 2013
    The map size is incredibly small and is an incredibly unrealistic size for a city while right next door there is rendered map that is inaccessible. There are numerous bugs that should have been fixed before launch and s combination of origin requirement, microtransactions and always online DRM treats legitimate customers as thieves and prevents them from actually playing the game they paid for. I highly doubt pirates would have to put up with these issues. Expand
  37. Mar 6, 2013
    Maxis should never have rolled this out without providing for the robust server support it should have known was necessary. I've hardly been able to log in; most attempts failed. At least this has kept me from fuming about the small size of cities we are limited to. Maxis' insistence on DRM may protect them from a few pirates, but it has greatly inconvenienced thousands of their users, and turned the most anticipated game of the year into a massive disappointment. Expand
  38. Mar 7, 2013
    Not able to play, Thanks EA. Along with the usual marketing europeans served after americans DRMs all the way we're still unable to play the game. Like Diablo 3. When it's not the update server, it's the unavaiability to connect. When it's not the connection, it's the stuck tutorial. When it's not the stuck tutorial, it's the unability to create a new city. Lessons learned? yeah, right, thanks EA. The game developpers have more important things to do than struggle with your genious DRM related problems and the customers too. Expand
  39. Mar 7, 2013
    No log in No game!
    No Game No Life.
    please come back my time.
    please add offline Game play mode.
    on line, only ....****
    I play SimCity 4.

    good -bye SimCity
  40. Mar 7, 2013
    Its a beautiful game when you can get on. Problem is you can't unless you can play games while at work or school (servers are not overcrowded 10 am to 2 pm eastern). I love the SimCity games and that includes this one when I'm able to play, but poor launch execution is not cool or acceptable. I will change my rating to a 9 out of 10 as soon as EA proves they can run this game successfully. My only other problem is the always on connection but the detail of the simulation requires a better computer than what the average person has so it doesn't bother me that much. Expand
  41. Mar 11, 2013
    I play offline. I play all games offline. Half the time, I'm playing a game as I'm sitting on a plane with no internet connectivity, but I don't play online at other times. I don't care about leaderboards. I don't want achievements. I play games like Simcity because I want a sandbox to play in for a bit before I go back to working on a presentation for my next meeting or trying in vain to catch up on my inbox. I play offline, so that means I can't play Simcity. This new Simcity, tied to EA's servers like a umbilical cord, sucks. Their aggressive DRM goes far beyond mere inconvenience caused by an attempt to strike a balance between playability and ensuring the game is properly licensed by players. This approach is positively antagonistic, with no gameplay allowed without EA in the middle, players needs be damned. Additionally, continued gameplay is beholden to their servers, their desire to continue supporting the game, and the capabilities of their servers to handle the workload. I have always pulled out Simcity games for years after my first play though. But what happens when EA decides the ROI to maintain the game servers isn't there anymore? I can't play this game, and I'm pissed. Expand
  42. Mar 11, 2013
    I travel for work and as of yet have been unable to play due to the slow/nonexistent internet connections on airplanes and at my hotels. No other SimCity has required me to be online to play, and I feel as a father and husband with two children, if this is what I get for my money, you have done a dis-service. Please restore off-line single play to SimCity. I am ready to never purchase another EA game over this. Expand
  43. Mar 12, 2013
    This game was a pain at launch, we all know that by now. But don't worry because when you're actually able to get into it, it's actually... mediocre. It's not as good as the reviewers make it, to be honest i'd like my money back, it's pretty to look at but the mechanics are simply broken. It was made so you'd have some choice to how you'd like to build your city, but it feels like there's only one REAL path to make. it's a unfinished game, don't buy it. Expand
  44. Mar 6, 2013
    Here is a spoiler... No one can play the game. Wow what a useless piece of crap. This has to be the worst release of all time. Working on day 2 of not being able to play the game. Hoping that at some point it might get there. The response from EA/Origin is terrible. Yeah your cutesy tweets aimed at "Mayors" are just even more infuriating. How about they come out with something that actually resembles an apology and an offer to make things right for the people who have been completely screwed over by EA/Origin's inability to provide the service that many people have paid good money for. Or just turn the damn always online DRM off already. You people suck. Expand
  45. Mar 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I pre-ordered and deliberately waited a week before reviewing to give EA a chance to bounce back from their self-inflicted launch debaucle. After that, my rating is still "meh". Though I give credit to their server team for standing up so many servers so quickly and a furrow of my brow to whatever management bean-counter prevented them from doing so prior to the launch. As of writing, Origin says I have 121 hours played, but some of that is just watching my my city burn and playing until 5 am (as that's when you can actually get on the servers)

    Some of the positives: When they said they'd be tracking every sim, I feared this would turn out more like the Sims, which was only fun when you mercilessly took away the only pool ladders. However, being able to click on any car travelling on the map and see where it's going, whether it has spending money, and follow it is actually pretty neat.

    Region play. It was in Sim City 4 to some extent, but it's cool to have all the cities work together to build great works. And with it, Multiplayer is a great idea. Sometimes I like a little teamwork, or to flood my neighbouring city with murderers and arsonists.

    Finite resources. Go ahead put all your eggs into the oil mining business and plop some high tax entitlements like education and fire safety for a better society. What's the worst that could happen? Tip: Diversify and plan for renewable income before the well runs dry

    Some of the negatives:

    DRM always on requirement. When I'm not sabotaging my neighbors, sometimes I like to play with myself and I want to build my Dystopian region without the condescending glares of my neighbors. But even as I write this a week after launch, I cannot log into Sim City to do so. One tip, if you get logged in, stay logged in. While you're playing you'll see "server disconnected" messages happen all the time, but then they'll reconnect and presumably everything will be peachy. If you disconnect, however, it's much harder to get connected and a region loaded.

    Difficulty. It's not. Pretty much any city (except one I'm playing now which it about 50% water) can be turned into a cash cow pretty easily. If your planning right, the only thing that throws you a curve is the occasional disaster. I like the idea of the global market, but as near as I can tell, there are hard lines at the minimum prices for buying and selling that pretty much guarantee you can make a ton of profit buying (then refining, smelting, producing) and reselling. I guess it'd be nice if there were bad investments. The only way to screw that up is misjudging your input or output rate, or bottlenecking your supply line.

    City Size. You run out of room fast. Because it's so easy to make money, you end up bulging at the borders in no time and your city become.

    Region play. The idea of region play is great. The implementation of region play is still a little off. Nothing is more frustrating than overloading a city with sweet nuke plants and the other cities in the region not recognizing that there is power available to buy. Or when collaborating on a great work, some cities will recognize that all of a specific resource (metal, allow, oil) has been provided, while others do not or only see that half has been provided.

    Multiple servers. Spreading out the load was a great idea to increase server availability. The downside is that the regions aren't shared between servers. So, if you've spent countless hours building a perfect replica of Trenton, New Jersey and that server is unavailable, EA supports answer is try a different server (where your region does not exist and you get to start all over). The result of this is a bunch of cities in the public regions that don't look like people are playing them. So it ends up as a Multiplayer environment where you're the only one on.

    Summary: After 10 years, they fell on their face at the starting line, but were able to get an Ok game out. They've hinted at some changes (bigger cities is the last one I heard), but I suspect a lot of these enhancements will cost you real-world Simoleans.
  46. Mar 12, 2013
    1) Always online DRM.
    2) Small city sizes to run on low spec PCs.
    3) Population padding (your population is actually much smaller than the number you see in the game).
    4) The simulation is fundamentally broken (
  47. Mar 8, 2013
    I'm not going to go into the details because it's already been said by everyone else. I won't simply give it a "0" either because it's a great game if you ever get to play it, but the frustrations with server issues destroy the experience. If I do successfully login, I'm too ticked off to enjoy it because I'm just waiting until I get kicked out again. Folks say that you should review a game based on the gameplay itself, but the gameplay hinges on being able to connect to a server. EA said it was part of the experience. The start menu is part of the experience for most video games. If you were stuck at the start menu forever, then the game would get poor reviews because it's broken. People are stuck at what is essentially the start menu for SimCity, so, in its current sate, it is broken.

    I can see this turning into a case study for future game design students and developers on how not to run your business. The fall of EA (hopefully) would only validate the entire thing. Do yourself a favor and save your money unless they magically make an offline version or update for it. I had originally written a positive review, but I felt compelled to come back and replace it with this one because I couldn't stand the feeling of betrayal anymore. I really want to like the game, but I'm tired of looking like an idiot trying to defend it despite everything that has happened. Fix it or finish committing professional suicide already EA because I'm done with you.
  48. Mar 12, 2013
    Haha, oh wow, my god, it hurts me so much to see this actually happening.
    Well, that was the last straw. I already made the mistake of buying HP2010 and BF3, I won't repeat it.
  49. Mar 5, 2013
    DRM issues aside, it's a tiny crippled game that doesn't game close to measuring up to its predecessors. Hopefully the failure of this game will be a watershed moment in gaming history.
  50. Mar 20, 2013
    This game is amazing and is the best thing since sliced bread when it finally gets working. When it isnt working, its the best loading simulator ever.
  51. Mar 6, 2013
    Aside from the grotesque DRM and the inevitable overpriced DLCs for a game that costs $60, this game is too casual and streamlined, and lacks a lot of what the previous simcitys were about. This game should be called SimTown, not SimCity; the plot sizes in the new SimCity are embarrassingly small, but even if they increased the size I don't think the game would look much like a city because the buildings look disproportionate/cartoonish/repetitive and the spaces between buildings look like eye sores (they should at least fill them in the way the game CitiesXL does). A single plot can be filled within the first 10 minutes then all you do is stare at your city, upgrade here and there, and struggle to fit in some of the new buildings you end up unlocking it's a miserable experience after you fill up the entire plot of land. The only creativity in this game is making those unconventional curved roads. This game feels more like a node simulator than a city simulator (if that makes any sense), and everything is automatic this game was made for lazy people it seems. There is no terraforming. The cities in the regions are separated, so there are no super metropolises or your very own created rail and road systems in your very own created wilderness areas which separate your other cities. No farming. No subways. I also found a lot of the features like the statistic maps, the different kinds of roads, the people walking on the streets, etc.. to be gimmicky, for example, you'll always end up using the high capacity roads, so why not just start out with them (it's also a pain to upgrade your low density roads later on in game) so the presence of dirt roads and such are gimmicky to me make the most of the small land you are given, right? Expand
  52. Mar 11, 2013
    The game cannot be played at all. At the time of this writing, the content cannot be accessed due to server problems. The consumer's experience has been, for the past few days, one of paying and getting nothing in return.
  53. Mar 6, 2013
    this game is fun and certainly not desrving of 0-6 scores..come on people stop with the agenda.
    Makes me have to counter it with a 10 score.
    Its such a breath of fresh air in this game market.
    Everyone that is commenting that this should be a single player game is obviously thinking of past versions of the game. All the hard work and creativity this team has given should not be
    overshadowed by a vocal group of emotional nerds.
    This is not a forum for activism, its a review site for legitimate reviews. Play the game and enjoy all the great things about it instead of focusing on 3 things like some OCD child.
    Yes.. first day launch was bad, what did you expect Blizzard even screwed this up, and they have tons of experience in this realm.

    If your going to write something negative, please stop beating a dead horse, say something new.
    As a player I would much rather hear about problems you had or a bug report or something like that versus your unique way of repeating how boxes should be bigger, and DRM doesn't work, and online only why?!!!, in the same cut and paste way.
  54. Mar 5, 2013
    I enjoy playing, but the drm, server problems, and city size persuade me to just play SC4. I didnt think that it would be this bad but its so very annoying that I cant make sprawling large cities. Digital Rights Management is a joke, and servers, while fixable, are so very flawed. The actual gameplay is very enioyable but I just cant say this is something worth buying.
  55. Mar 6, 2013
    I always find it funny when these site are overwhelmed by trolls posting ratings of 0 and 1 when they never purchased the game. Yes, the game had some issues at launch. Connecting to server but unable to claim a city, able to claim a city but the game crashed 2 mins later and no ability to invite a friend to a region. All these issues were resolved around 9 pm last night. If anyone has been through a Blizzard launch they will agree that these setbacks were nothing. People complaining about always on DRM, Hello and welcome to the 21st century. Everything is going this way. Unfortunately it is a necessary evil and wont be going away anytime soon.

    I must say this game is the most addicting one I have played in a while. It has been a good 3 or 4 years since a game has sucked me only for me to finally check the clock and realize I need to go to bed for work. I thought the city size was going to be a bad thing but it actually enhances the game play. You are able to start a second, third or even fourth city in your region.

    My first city is now over 50,000 residents and going strong. I have just started my second city in the region and can see myself being sucked in for a long time. Which is going to really put a damped on the Starcraft expansion coming out next week.
  56. Mar 6, 2013
    Always online DRM, what more do I have to say?
  57. Mar 6, 2013
    Anyone giving this game a positive review must be a shill.... someone working for EA who can actually play the game as opposed to the poor slobs trying to play it from home.
  58. Mar 6, 2013
    This game was going to be a winner but the total mess with DRM has limited to one play session, can't log back in due to server capacity and EA support has been useless in telling me to be patient. Not one apology or showing any form of culpable responsibility for this mess. For that, I offer you this score EA. As always, you never fail to flop on something with such promise.
  59. Mar 6, 2013
    Servers always booting me out. connection lost how i am hard wired into the internet! be only to play on-line is a huge pain in the a** am cant save your city on your desktop and then have it sync to the cloud. then you can swap server because you lose your city completely i been playing this game since the launch date. my computer at home plays it just fine. then i get to work and plays for like an hour then boom game stops responding, it due to the graphics card over heating video card hog. my call of duy Black Ops 2 doesnt even take that i can play for hours and they dont get hot. this game is a heat generator. i wish i could play it on the plane or in the car but you have to be connected always to the internet make me wonder how much data is being transfered all the time. and there is no auto sync so if you get blown out of the game you have to start all over again sucks. Expand
  60. Mar 6, 2013
    The updated graphics is nice but the lack of options for transportation that makes any difference the lack of larger maps where you would actually care about creating a large city with interesting design.
    This feels like a demo of a full game we will get next year.
    Oh ya and the DRM is horrid constraining and adds nothing, absolutely nothing to the game.
  61. Mar 6, 2013
    Forced online DRM, worst servers ever, extremely limited building area (should be called SimVillage or something like that. EA, never go full greed.
  62. Mar 6, 2013
    Purchased game, installed, started game, created city, game crashed, no saves. Restarted game, created city, played for 15 minutes, game crashes, no saves. Ate lunch. Restarted game, unable to created city due to error. Closed and restarted game, unable to authenticate with server, tried different server, unable to authenticate. Closed game. Write review.
  63. Mar 6, 2013
    I purchased this game to the hefty tune of 60 X2 yes both myself and Boyfriend have a copy. Here's what I've seen so far. The game itself is good. The mechanics are well thought out, and complex enough to keep interest. There's some graphical glitches. The plot size for the cities are smaller than preferred. You definatley have to manage your space effectively. Now for the problems and they are game breaking. In 5 hours of attempted play on two computers here is what we experienced. Delays in invites to the game, 10 minutes. In ability to claim a city once the invite was accepted. Once we sorted that out and got our cities claimed, and were playing two of the 3 people in our region were kicked from the server, re logging in showed we weren't invited to the game we'd been playing at all. Had to be re-invited to get back to our existing cities, which had reset completely to the default although were showing we'd claimed them. 3 disconnects a piece for myself and the boyfriend. Never at the same time, so it wasn't really servers crashing. I should mention we play in the same house. Inability to get back into the game without a 20 minute queue. At one point the 20 minute queue ticked down and reset to another 20 minutes... at this point i shut it down. This morning when i logged in, it had lost 2 hours of progress from last night due to synching issues. My bf experienced this a couple times yesterday as well. Basically the online component need fixed yesterday or the games dead. Expand
  64. Mar 6, 2013
    If you condone EA's terribly consumer-unfriendly business practices and countless butchered classics by buying this game you should be ashamed. If you are lucky enough to even be able to PLAY the game you payed so much money for then you'll be surprised to see most of the official game reviewers have been paid off by EA for favorable ratings, which is typical. Also expect dozens of dlc for content that was suppose to be in the original game. Do not buy this game. Expand
  65. Mar 6, 2013
    Unfortunately, this edition of SimCity, while fun to play and far more challenging in its intricacy than its predecessors, is completely unusable to those wishing to play on the go. Using my laptop, I'm unable to launch or play the game much of the time because if the always-online DRM requirement the publisher has imposed on this game. It's bad enough to call a critical bug that renders my game play unusable. Expand
  66. Mar 6, 2013
    "Dang, Waiting in a cue to play sim city." Never thought I'd hear myself say that. Refund plz, this game blows.

    I did manage to log in for a bit earlier though, and I was in the process of creating my region before I got booted off. That was annoying as I had to go through each of them to find one with a high wind resource. It's cool that terrain matters for this stuff, but it's not
    cool that the terrain is predetermined. I had assumed it would be somewhat random. Nope. EA has ruined another treasure. PS, Ocean Quigley can eat it. What a liar. Shame on him. Expand
  67. Mar 6, 2013
    Thank you for erasing my 10 hour old city. Thank you for forcing me to play that stupid intro scenario again. I genuinely wish nothing but the worst for the entire corporate staff at EA. There's such a thing as making money, and there's such a thing as being a perfect douche about it.
  68. Mar 7, 2013
    Day 3, still have yet to play. This is absolutely criminal! EA, I want my money and time back.

    I am posting on as many forums as I can in hopes that this will persuade others to NOT purchase this 'game'. I would give this less than a zero if I could.
  69. Mar 6, 2013
    Long time fan of the series, this game is great, the mechanics and all, it is just so unfortunate that EA and Origin are the ones behind the wheel. What with it being DRM, once it stops making them as much money as they want, it will go the to the same place The Sims Online was sent.
  70. Mar 6, 2013
    I haven't been able to start SimCity yet because the game forces you to connect to a server that is never available and always BUSY. You have to be connected online even to play a single player game. $80 for nothing! I'm saying goodbye to Maxis and goodbye to Origin.(EA's crappy version of Steam.)
  71. Mar 6, 2013
    *EA Is BANNING users that demand refunds and reverse charges on their credit cards.* The game is fun but the server connection is absolutely terrible. You have to constantly switch servers (as recommended by EA), and then start a new city (because you're on a new server). You spent 5 hours making your dream city. Then you get booted from the game, and 2 hours later you get back on your server. Now you return to your city and it's all gone. EA Felt you needed a city rollback (when the city doesn't ever save on EA Servers). How lovely and supporting is that? Expand
  72. Mar 7, 2013
    Thanks to ridiculous Online requirement and no servers available, nobody can play the damn game and we have all been ripped off our cash and delivered nothing. Worst game ever!
  73. Mar 7, 2013
    Unable to create city, I'm not even able to play the getting started scenario on this single player game because the server cant handle the load. The game might be great, but the launch is a utter and total failure. I understand the need for DRM to protect your investment, but preventing your paying customer to use the product is just silly.
  74. Mar 7, 2013
    No way to even start it, I can't even reach the server selection. Don't buy this crap!No way to even start it, I can't even reach the server selection. Don't buy this crap!No way to even start it, I can't even reach the server selection. Don't buy this crap!
  75. Mar 7, 2013
    Please, do not waste your money on this travesty. I don't generally bother writing reviews, but if you pay for this game you will not be able to play it. EA will accept your money and then deny you what you paid for. Please save your money for something else and do not make the same mistake I did and assume that a large, profitable company would not cut so many corners that they will take your money and then not allow you to play what should have been a single player game. Expand
  76. Mar 7, 2013
    Cant connect to servers, no matter which server you choose..... was looking forward to this game but so dissapointed. Come on developers you had 10years...
  77. Mar 7, 2013
    I am an Australian and I have been trying for over 3 hours to successful start a game... Any game.... Well I have played the tutorial for about 5 minutes and a real game for about 10. I have had every error message under the sun!!! And just when it looks like it is about to work it crashes. I have tried every server and I just cannot play this game!!! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!! IT IS UNBELIEVABLE THAT A GAME CAN BE SOLD THAT CANNOT BE PLAYED DUE TO POOR SERVERS!!! IF THIS IS NOT RESOLVED BY THE SAME TIME TOMORROW I WILL DEMAND A REFUND!!! DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IN IT'S CURRENT STATE! Expand
  78. Mar 7, 2013
    This is completely unacceptable.. Unable to play a game I just bought, BECAUSE OF YOUR SERVERS EA! I've had enough of you and your cooperate ways of destroying everything good.. I DEMAND A REFUND!
  79. Mar 7, 2013
    A huge fat 0 from me. Reason i can't play the game since the servers are down which really shouldn't be a problem in a single player game in the first place.
  80. Mar 7, 2013
    Such great decision to force always online requirement on Simcity, and now i can't even login to play singleplayer game, and im not only one. European release was botched also, no one can't play atm. Good job EA!
  81. Mar 7, 2013
    Just crap, bought it and still havnt been able to play it. No EA support getting bloody sick of having to start an account and download some crappy client with every game developer out there. Origin is and EA is a sell out.
  82. Mar 7, 2013
    This DRM is a massive insult to paying gamers. I will be taking my money elsewhere, supporting a company that doesn't treat their customers like dirt.

    By buying this game you are funding a practice that is worse than piracy. Hell, the pirated versions of this game are likely to be more enjoyable than this, but I will be totally boycotting EA. There are hundreds of other good games to
    spend my money on and I'd rather encourage publishers that actually value me as a customer. Expand
  83. Mar 7, 2013
    One word is only needed: Unacceptable.
    I have never attacked any developer, I have never hated EA, or said one single bad thing about them. However this is not how any company should be able to do. When Always online-DRM was mentioned, every single person knew this would happen. INCLUDING EA! We have been given multiple useless promises, but when what everyone knew was going to happen,
    happened. They just keeping on us.. Expand
  84. Mar 7, 2013
    Has a long time fan and owner of all the other sim cities I strongly recommend staying far away from this game. I thought that the city size had to be a joke a first, unfortunately I was wrong. This issue alone is enough to turn away any sim city fan. On top of this the always online DRM makes this unplayable game the worst dissapointment since duke nukem forever. I really wanted to like this game and I am incredibly disappointed... I feel that diablo 3 delivered a better diablo game then this sim cities idea of a city simulation game. Expand
  85. Mar 22, 2013
    The game is broken is almost every important aspect. Sure, I can imagine IF one day everything works, it could be a 8/10 candidate. But as it is, on two fronts the game is entirely broken. In the Agent System, and in the server/online feature.

    There have been plenty of reports how and why the agent system and the other ingame systems don't work. There is little I could add to what has
    been said a 1000 times by now. Simply too many subsystems of the game do not work at all.

    But I could live with traffic issues, simlulation disparities, trash gathering... all of it, if the game would actually, physically work. Just it doesn't. I invested 2 days in a region, and suddenly the game went to the main screen, out of the blue, "Server crashed" and the entire savegame of the region was broken and I could never load it again. Then I started a new region, two specialized cities, I put DAYS of long, hard work into the cities and was proud to finally got them them running. Them BAM, the game forced me to the main menu, the city was RESET, and the hard work of DAYS was lost to me.

    I contacted EA support, but they could do nothing to reset my savegames, which were lost entirely due to their fault. So they have no backups, and they have no system to save the savegames on MY OWN computer for safety backup. I can really live with a lot of issues, but when days of work into a game are ruined, it is beyond any excuse. And for weeks this is so, and EA simply refuses to communicate with it's customers.

    I give 2 honorary points for the idea behind the game, but the game is at the moment ENTIRELY broken, unplayable and as it looks, the issues run so deep it will take months to enable a halfway working status.
  86. Mar 10, 2013
    Has a significant amount of potential. Visually the game is awesome. They did incorporate some great ideas such as interacting with other cities for trade, sharing resources, commuters, etc. However, the specialization provides limited options. Major Problem #1: Cities are too small!! I know their excuse for it but really? It's ridiculous and almost ruins the game on its own. Major Problem #2: It's just too easy, there isn't a whole lot to it and it can be mastered quickly Major Problem #3 There are no ordinances, policies etc to run the city--it has simply been turned into a city building game with sometimes silly animated visuals Major Problem #4: Big changes have minimal impact-- for the city to really go downhill you really, really have to do it almost on purpose, you can get away with a lot, this isn't realistic.

    Overall I am VERY disappointed with SimCity (5). Not because it wasn't made well (it was, it's def. quality) but because they put in all of this thought and missed the main reasons why people love the SimCity franchise--you can run all facets of a city including policies, more detailed finances (what about budgeting by department??) and other strategically driven options and inputs. I still recommend the game but only for those interested in a pretty straight forward city building game- the management people should leave it.
  87. Mar 12, 2013
    Wow, a week after launch and the servers still don't work. Just got kicked out and lost 2 hours work and can't sign back on at all. PLEASE don't make the mistake I did and give this company your money for a defective by design product.
  88. Mar 21, 2013
    Absolutely, appalling forgetting for a second that we've been completely mislead about the always online features which are a complete joke and just an excuse for the always on DRM the game is buggy, unfinished and completely flawed. This is not the game marketing has described, the gloss of enjoyment will fade after a couple of hours after you realize nothing works the pathing, the sims, the economy. It's a joke avoid at all costs. Of course, that's when it works at all the always on DRM means you can't even play it most of the time. People who buy this, be warned, when EA pull the plug on the servers, which they do routinely for games that are no longer new and profitable, you'll be left with nothing. You don't own this game, you're just playing until EA tires of running the server then it's game over. This would all be fine if there was any point to it, but the online play is pointless. AVOID AVOID AVOID. Expand
  89. Mar 6, 2013
    SimCity is a buggy mess. First, the UI stopped responding due to their overloaded servers. I couldn't even close the game, since it didn't want to close until it synchronized with the server. A server which was refusing connections. I Alt-F4'd out of it and tried to get back in the game. I had to spam the login, clicking it over and over, pressing the OK button saying the servers were busy over and over. I got in after about twenty minutes until I got in. Once I got it, it made me play through the tutorial again. Except this time, the dialogue boxes wouldn't load, since the servers were over capacity. I couldn't complete the tutorial. So I walked away from my computer for a while.

    I tried logging in again, and this time the game had a queue. Except it wasn't a queue that guaranteed access to the game after a specified wait. It was simply a retry button on a TWENTY MINUTE timer. For nearly half an hour I spammed the server selection screen, clicking US East, (Error: Busy), Server, US West (Error: Busy), Server, US East, (Error: Busy), Server, US West (Error: Busy), Server, US East, etc. I finally got in. I got into my city and went to region view. I worked on a new city in my region for another half hour and then the screen went black and SimCity closed. After a while I was able to reconnect. ALL MY WORK WAS GONE. I started a new city in the same area and IT HAPPENED AGAIN! It erased my progress.

    EA, this is horrible. If you don't have the server capacity to handle the launch of your always-on DRM scheme, you can't implement an always-on DRM scheme. I will never pre-order another EA title with always-on DRM.

    The fact that EA has the nevrve to say this disaster of a launch has only affected a smaller number of players is like rubbing salt in the wound. They're completely full of crap. Their lie only validates my opinion that EA has contempt for their customers.
  90. Mar 6, 2013
    I understood that this game had annoying DRM when I bought it. What I didn't realize is that it would make the game unplayable. Literally. It's not that it's bad (or could be, I don't know), I couldn't actually play the game. I couldn't connect to the server, couldn't load a city, or the controls wouldn't work once I did load a city. There was no playing to be had. Just an hour and a half of time wasted installing and trying to play this junk. These guys owe me a refund. Expand
  91. Mar 7, 2013
    SimCity is an impressive concept for a game one that deserved to become a classic kludged into a horrifically anti-consumer, modular, DRM-crippled framework. The Glassbox engine is a marvel, allowing a deeper and more meaningful simulation than ever before, and it deserved to marry up with better business practices than EA's. One can trust this is one the "base game" in a series, with many expansions to come. There seems to be little to no role for the modding community in SimCity, although that remains to be seen, due to the online-only DRM and the multiplayer component. What is gone in SimCity is the sense of game that might ever become a long-lived classic such as SimCity 2000 or SimCity 4. SimCity is a great game that many players will enjoy, but its faults in terms of the way it is framed tend outweigh the great craftsmanship of the game itself. Server trouble at launch will no doubt dissipate in the coming weeks, though that's hardly an excuse for the debacle surrounding this game's launch. Like Spore, another rather tragic release from Maxis that will sell, but will also stand testament to a much better game prevented from coming into fruition by poor design and marketing choices. Expand
  92. Mar 12, 2013
    Online DRM? How to I play if I am on the road? at my cabin in the woods? Screw you EA, you're penalizing people who paid for your game instead of cracking it. Last game I buy from you
  93. Mar 5, 2013
    To all the people giving this a 1/2/3 because of the always online DRM this is supposed to be a review of the game, not of a company's (poor) choice in piracy protection. Now i absolutely hate EA for their ridiculous DRM protection, but simcity is a beautiful game, with a good interface and is actually pretty damn challenging. yes EA are stupid with the always online drm. yes these probably will be micro transactions (once again, pretty stupid) but the game is decent Expand
  94. Mar 7, 2013
    EA have the amazing ability to kill amazing franchises, your greed is going to kill you!

    SimCity is an amazing game published by a greed company EA, the forced on-line DRM ruin the single play experience... good by EA Games, SimCity is my last game from your company, I will never again buy anything from you.
  95. Mar 7, 2013
    Server queues (you have to wait to play.. 10-50min)
    No single player offline mode.
    EA servers (proven over the years to be unreliable)
    Origin (spyware)
    Bugs galore (you're lucky if you can get the game started)
    ** city size is unbearable***(to small)

    Honestly Could we not anticipate EA botching another game?
  96. Mar 11, 2013
    Uses EA's Origin, which EA created because Valve wouldn't spy on their users or agree to never put EA games on a big sale. EA Origin is clunky, badly executed, and down right evil. EA specifically wont sell new games like SimCity on Steam in order to force people to use Origins. Last time I checked, there was huge controversy because Origin's EULA allowed for them to monitor EVERYTHING that happens on your computer. That means everything you install, every website you go to, heck I wouldn't be surprised if they just plain keylog people so they can track everything possible. AND on top of that, the EULA allows them to give that information to 3rd parties OR allow 3rd parties to directly use Origins to gather information on you!

    It is so bad that in Germany a judge in said that it violates German law and should be considered null and void.

    It's pretty sad. There have been a lot of games I was really looking forward to, only to find out it will only be available on Origins.

    EVEN IF ORIGINS WASN'T EVIL, IT IS STILL BLOATWARE. Remember games that had you install things like GameSpy and games that still install punkbuster. I hate that garbage. I don't want that junk on my computer. It just sucks up resources and is useless. This Origins thing is nothing more than a slightly more sophisticated piece of bloatware.

    EA has got to be one of the WORST game companies out there.

    I've saved over $200 by just not playing a lot of the new games and their DLC--This includes Dragon Age 2, BF3, ME3, Crysis 3 and SimCity. Can't wait until next gen consoles come out with anti-resale measures and find the sales of new games just plummet. Maybe someday EA will stop being evil and I will be able to buy these games as stand-alones, without the bloatware. Until then I just wont play them.

    Everyone I know hates Origins and only a few have broken down and bought a game that requires it. The rest just throw their hands up in the air and play something else.

    The game industry has been overrun by suits. We don't need them. Support indie games, screw EA and the like.
  97. Mar 12, 2013
    I think a huge part of the problem with making it multiplayer is that they didn't make it multiplayer enough, to be worth all the crap players have to put up with, for it. I mean, they could have made a really unique game, where players have all sorts of tools to customize their cities, earn revenue from other players visiting their cities, all sorts of stuff.. but just some resource trading? That alone is supposed to justify the online requirement? (LINE-BREAK) It still feels like a largely single-player experience, so all these issues its having, including the design sacrifices they had to make, like small city sizes, just feel like a needless crippling of what could have been a decent, modernized, but rather stock formula city builder. (LINE-BREAK) They could have done something uniquely ambitious with the multiplayer, they could have made it optional, or they could have just stuck with the tried and true single-player experience but instead, they didn't do either. It's just another city builder, unique for how they've had to gut it, rather than for anything new they've brought to the genre. Expand
  98. Mar 7, 2013
    Here's a typical launch week sim city 2013 experience:
    a) it gets stuck "connecting to a server" which you have to fix by launching recovery to re-update each time you run it.
    b) you end up put in a queue that isn't really a queue, it's a simple 30min timeout.
    c) you finally get into the game, start playing, build a city only to get the message that you've been disconnected from the
    server, hence anything you do from here on out cannot be saved.
    d) you do -not- end up reconnecting to the server, instead after 15 or so minutes you just get disconnected, all progress lost, you go back to a).

    p.s. that whole attempt at justifying the online drm by saying that some calculations are performed serverside seems to be a lie since you do end up playing for about 15-20 minutes while the server is down.

    The game aspect of this game might have been good if it did not degenerate into endless frustration all related to the force-fed online drm and the servers that cannot support it
    Just to reiterate on the matter of lost progress: the game does NOT save locally.

    A solid 0/10; makes D3 launch look tolerable.
  99. Mar 7, 2013
    Always online DRM, EA published piece of crap with microtransactions and lots of cut content compared to previous releases to accomodate for unwanted "social multiplayer gaming" features. Do as i did and set aside your love for another superb, old franchise destroyed by the EA cancer and DO NOT BUY
  100. Mar 13, 2013
    Seriously, don't buy this game. At least, not until they fix everything. The constant online DRM has crippled the game so people who bought it can't even play. The main thing I bought it for was to play with friends but the server list splits you up from them. Even if you change server, you can't keep the maps you already made! Most servers are 'closed' so you either have to hope people will abandon all their work and join or play by yourself/with random people online. Even if you do manage to get on a server and log in, it still won't let you load maps up! I tried playing for a little bit before work and I can't get on either of my two maps to play. This game is a joke. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of fun when I could actually play it. By making sure no one pirates the game, they are screwing over the ones who want to legitimately pay and play the game. I've learnt my lesson, sorry EA but we're over. Don't call 'cause I won't answer. Expand
  101. Mar 11, 2013
    Uses EA's Origin, which EA created because Valve wouldn't spy on their users or agree to never put EA games on a big sale. EA Origin is clunky, badly executed, and down right evil. EA specifically wont sell new games like SimCity on Steam in order to force people to use Origins. Last time I checked, there was huge controversy because Origin's EULA allowed for them to monitor EVERYTHING that happens on your computer. That means everything you install, every website you go to, heck I wouldn't be surprised if they just plain keylog people so they can track everything possible. AND on top of that, the EULA allows them to give that information to 3rd parties OR allow 3rd parties to directly use Origins to gather information on you!

    It is so bad that in Germany a judge in said that it violates German law and should be considered null and void.

    It's pretty sad. There have been a lot of games I was really looking forward to, only to find out it will only be available on Origins.

    EVEN IF ORIGINS WASN'T EVIL, IT IS STILL BLOATWARE. Remember games that had you install things like GameSpy and games that still install punkbuster. I hate that garbage. I don't want that junk on my computer. It just sucks up resources and is useless. This Origins thing is nothing more than a slightly more sophisticated piece of bloatware.

    EA has got to be one of the WORST game companies out there.

    I've saved over $200 by just not playing a lot of the new games and their DLC--This includes Dragon Age 2, BF3, ME3, Crysis 3 and SimCity. Can't wait until next gen consoles come out with anti-resale measures and find the sales of new games just plummet. Maybe someday EA will stop being evil and I will be able to buy these games as stand-alones, without the bloatware. Until then I just wont play them.

    Everyone I know hates Origins and only a few have broken down and bought a game that requires it. The rest just throw their hands up in the air and play something else.

    The game industry has been overrun by suits. We don't need them. Support indie games, screw EA and the like.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 75
  2. Negative: 10 out of 75
  1. 65
    Given enough patches and DCLs, SimCity might eventually become the game that should have been on its release and justify the ambiguous choices that its developers made. [May 2013]
  2. May 9, 2013
    Hints at great things but is limited by small cities and promises it can't deliver on. [June 2013, p.80]
  3. May 9, 2013
    There's more problems with this game than I have words. Looks great though. [June 2013, p.80]