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  1. Apr 5, 2013
    never buy this game,, just waste money and time im really disappointed with this game,, and hope EA will give my money back..

    and the online feature it really suck,,
    just annoying
  2. Mar 8, 2013
    Putting server issues aside game is very disappointing. Animations may look better than previous versions but that is it. No single player, individual cities in region too small, no terraforming, saved games do not transfer across servers so continual restarts if not able to connect to same one... list could go on and on. Like a lot of thinks now appearance over substance! They can not even man up and the honorable thing of giving digital refunds, be warned if thinking of buying. Expand
  3. Mar 9, 2013
    Always on internet connection needed to play a single player game??? EA you STINK!!! You can shove this game where the sun don't shine!
    I already got my money back.

    Never again will I buy an EA game.
  4. Mar 7, 2013
    No mitigation strategies for downloads (Preloading). Severe disregard for possible server needs. Horrible customer service. Releasing in Europe when most United States players are using those servers just to play already. If you are going to release a game that is online only, you better damn well be ready to support the thousands or millions of sales that you expect. This criticism is only important because there is absolutely no way to play the game without their server infrastructure. Denial of service to their own customers. No excuses.

    As for the game its self.

    Extremely small city size. I managed a fully grown city with great income/traffic/population in just under 5 hours. Almost funding a archology all on my own. This of course, before the servers crashed.

    It's not very challenging, too small, and quite frankly, a step backwards from Sim City4.

    Emergency services are now a part of your traffic, but the AI can't determine their importance. They stop at lights, traffic does not let them by. A criminal can hold up traffic which holds up the police that are trying to catch him. Not very intuitive.

    It has its moments, I'll give it that, but it is truly a disaster. I assume there will be fixes to many of these things in the future, but wouldn't be half surprised if EA mandated them as DLC costs to the consumer.

    Overall, extremely despairing. It deserves nothing more than a 0. Any merits the game had are lost in horrid customer service and flaws that 10 years of development couldn't possibly miss.
  5. Mar 7, 2013
    The game at its core fails to resemble the feel of what makes a SimCity game SimCity. Say goodbye to the massive sandbox where your imagination is the limit, say goodbye to trading save games, say hello to a small instanced patch of dirt and annoying 12 year old neighbors. The game looks incredible visually, but that's about the extent of the positive. Terrible always on DRM is a massive issue, EA really shot themselves in the foot yet again.

    Totally unworthy of the SimCity name, its more like a polished Farmville.

    Avoid this one, its pure crap 0/10.
  6. Mar 7, 2013
    The game itself is actually pretty decent. The simulation runs nicely, the graphics are good, the devs did a great job on the game. The delivery and DRM is killing it though. I think most players feel like they are being teased by EA since in 3 days it has spent more time offline causing issues than actually allowing people to play. I would rate it better but the fact is the Digital Rights Management that EA has forced on us is causing so many issues that they ruined a game that would otherwise be a 7 or 8 Expand
  7. Mar 8, 2013
    This review is based on the current state of the game (minus connection issues). This game has online only DRM which was justified by making a single player game multiplayer by having regions share resources. However, this feature currently doesn't work and EA has admitted as much. You cannot share workers, resources, or money. City Hall upgrades do not sync with the region and carry over into other towns. As usual for an EA game it is infested with all kinds of other bugs. IE water is supposed to refill when it rains: Not working. Emergency vehicles will sit in long traffic lines even when there's an open road near by. You will also see fire fighters drive around in circles on the roads rather than go to fires. Fire Marshalls Wellness vans will randomly target buildings rather than prioritize high fire/gem prone areas. Not worth buying for a few months until they 1) Fix connection issues and add servers. 2) Patch all the broken features and revamp traffic AI. Expand
  8. Mar 8, 2013
    This game has the potential as seen in the marketing betas to be immensely entertaining. But as as of now it isn't and no one knows when the problem will be fixed.
    Even if you can login to the unstable servers you're faced with a myriad of problems that seem to go deeper than simple server problems. Your towns won't get saved occasionally, resulting in the loss of your previous gameplay.
    The underlying mechanics do not work or have been disabled to lessen the burden on the servers, resulting in non working region play. This means the game cannot be played the way it's meant to be and you will soon face a brick wall if you want to advance further.
    For the developers this is the least of their concern right now as they have stated, as they just try to bring as many people onto the servers as possible.
    Overall the game at this point is a major disappointing because of a forced always online integration that doesn't feel necessary and isn't working the slightest.
  9. Mar 7, 2013
    I managed to play SimCity for a couple hours and it was ok at best and then I got disconnected. The regions are too small and I didn't have enough time to see what the resource specialization would do after running out or what the water table does when you run out. Does it ever come back I can't tell because the game stopped working. Now that the servers are limping along load times are now expected to be in the minutes scale and if you play solo you need to switch between cities more frequently which means you will be spending a lot of time in front of a loading screen. In addition for the foreseeable future "non-essential features" such as the leaderboards, social aspects, are non-functional. One of the worst gameplay changes they have made is the removal of the accelerated time mode which is critical to playing the game enjoyably unless you want to wait for a very long time for anything to happen. I have also lost game progress when the client randomly disconnects as there is not even a button to save to the cloud or a good way to warning you that you've lost your DRM connection and have two minutes before you get booted out.

    In addition trading when the servers were working took forever to complete and takes the resources away the moment you gift them and if you switch to the other city it can take tens of minutes to complete. All the while you can be waiting.

    The glassbox simulation system seems a bit strange in that technically it is all just flowery GUI for what is quite simple. For example electricity and water are treated as parcels when in reality that is not possible and more so for electricity. When you lose power and build back capacity it can take a long time for the city to react and similarly for water. The map size is also quite constrictive and the lack of terrain editing functionality is a fairly glaring omission. You can not also create your own regions as in previous games and automatic road connections can get quite fiddly at times. If your roads are even a degree off and running near the edge of the map it can present difficulties creating a smooth section of road.

    A lot of the focus of the new SimCity 5 seems to be centered around the roads and basically everything must be attached to a road or it will not function or even be placeable. (You can't even place parks without snapping it to a road) The automatic grid guides are also not very smart and don't tell you anything about how far apart is too much and the zone tiles give no indication of how much space will be needed for the larger high density buildings. Generated curved road is an absolute nightmare and the snaps go all over the place.

    In short, game design is a step backwards, game doesn't work properly, features have been removed that are critical to the game. And in a few years the game may just cease to exist if they turn off the servers.
  10. Mar 6, 2013
    Can't even claim a city to play. And I was dumb enough to buy the Collector's Edition version. Why can't they just disable the servers authentication for sandbox games. Oh EA you moron.
  11. Mar 8, 2013
    Servers suck, drm bugs, small maps that are more like a town then a "city" They should just call it Sim Town..Its better to wait until they fix this then wait to enter a server to play
  12. Mar 10, 2013
    This game is pretty shameful, the launch was terrible and just trying to experience the game isnt really even possible. Forced DRM is terrible too. Everybody already hates EA and they aren't making this any better. EA SCREW DRM.
  13. Apr 4, 2013
    Maybe i will rerate when its finished in a year or so. but at present, a month after release its still an unfinished mess with small city zones, crippling traffic issues and limited playability. Online only is a pita
  14. Mar 10, 2013
    Where do we begin? The needless forced online play? The gargantuan amount of guns? The fact that the game has become a restricted mess in order for EA/Maxis to "fix it"? This game was probably a good idea once upon a time, but now it's simply terrible. The tilt-shift effect doesn't work correctly and just looks incredibly ugly, singleplayer is inherently broken since most of the useful features do not work thus forcing players to play with others just to get the mechanics working. The game is incredibly overpriced for what you get and if you want EA to actually support you in the case that you have an issue with the game, you don't get any decent support. EA has outsourced most of the support to a text based thing that is ran in India, or a user-ran forum that never solves anyone's issues. The cities are too small, in reality, cities don't just suddenly end at a line, they sprawl out over a very large land mass. The game is more like Simtown. It's not even fun to play; this game is awful. Expand
  15. Jun 9, 2013
    Always online DRM that can be disabled by deleting one line of code, terrible programming, unplayable at launch, lies and lies and lies, absolutely disgusting example of why EA is the worst thing to ever happen to gaming.
  16. Mar 7, 2013
    I will never again support Origin, EA or always online DRM. I am sick of this game after only two days. There are so many problems with the game. From graphical glitches to network glitches, it is a mess. Besides, other than graphics(which aren't all that great) and online features(which aren't all that great) it isn't much different from any other simcity game.
  17. Mar 11, 2013
    What can I say about this game that hasn't already been said? Being a long-time Simcity fan, I gave EA the benefit of the doubt despite my past gaming experiences with them. (SWTOR and C&C, to name a few) Unfortunately, my faith in this company has evaporated completely. Thank God I held on to my receipt. Gamespot's review said it best: Simcity "the GAME" isn't as great as its predecessors, but it's still fun. Simcity "the SERVICE" is a disaster. Ladies and gentlemen, when a gaming company forces constant connection for you to play a game, speak with your wallets and give them the silent treatment. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find my old Simcity 4 CD to wash out any memories of this... abomination. Expand
  18. Mar 7, 2013
    The server issues still 2 days after release is still a disaster highlighting the problems with online DRM. Even when the initial rush has calmed down and things level out, having your saved game tied to a server and being forced to login for single player is a joke. The game is relatively expensive and so far unplayable. I managed to get an hour in before complete server disconnection and had already filled the small size land plot. This might lead to some interesting optimisations to get the biggest population size, but no place to expand outwards without creating multiple cities in region. Maxis joins other reputable developers in the dog house... Expand
  19. Mar 9, 2013
    This game requires constant internet access, even though there is a single player element. The game is totally unreliable to play, you could get knocked off at any time. It is a joke.

    EA are the worst publishing company in the universe.
  20. Mar 7, 2013
    Let me start by saying that I am a fan of SimCity from the very beginning. It brought be a lot of enjoyment over the years since my early childhood.
    Let me tell you next I could not care less about the always online/DRM thing, even thought get you city rolled back partially or even completely is very annoying. And it would have been very annoying if I wanted to play during holidays etc
    where I don't have an internet access.

    I said 'would have been' because I won't play this wretched game ever again. This is a the biggest insult a SimCity fan could ever have to deal with. I sure was not ready for this...thing...

    No terraphorming, really tiny city sizes (I mean unbearably microscopic), no budgeting possible, no water management, no subway... It is just too much

    Long story short: don't ever buy this thing, you are going to regret it terribly. This is basically a scam.
    Just forget about it, move along, this never happened.
  21. Mar 7, 2013
    Appalling treatment of customers by EA. Bought the full version for $100 here in Australia yesterday and have not been able to play for more than an hour due to oversubscribed server/s. Brief glimpse of the game showed some promise in terms of user interface and graphical improvements over SC4 but left me dissappointed with the small city area. It would seem there might be a half decent game in there but the restrictions put in place by EA to drag gamers kicking and screaming into a disfunctional online single player model have seriously marred this release, which will hopefully cement EA's mainstream reputation as a greedy and unscrupulous software company. Expand
  22. Mar 7, 2013
    When i get to play the game i really love it. Though small city sizes are a pain, missing some of the features i liked (power,water lines, subway).

    But this always on stuff is really a downer. Maxis is still one of my favorite game companies but this might just put a dent in that luster for me.
  23. Mar 15, 2013
    I read news about it, but I decided to take the bait and see what the game is all about because I am (now was) a simcity fan. I bought it a week after it came out so I didn't have much server issues. Presentation may be pretty(cities they show you in youtube looks great, which made me buy the game) but once you get down into playing it, you realize so many things broken or missing. Things that are broken (such as simple pathfinding) was commented by EA that they will fix it soon. Other things that are broken (such as multiplayer), is broken and will be for a very long time until they fix the servers and fix the way cities interact within regions. Things that are missing, EA will probably sell them for bucks (subway, zoo, etc etc). In summary, they didn't deliver what they promised to, and while it is fine that they wanted to build from ground up, it doesn't mean you take contents out of your previous simcity. This game is a utter disaster. Expand
  24. Mar 7, 2013
    I think this game is made for the perfect submissive consumer, i.e. a brain in suspended in a vat that receives pleasure only from giving money away for virtual experiences.
  25. Mar 6, 2013
    This game is vibrant, beautiful and deep. I hate that people that are having slight server issues during launch are getting so upset. I just hope they don't give up and miss the greatest city builder available. I know y'all don't like the practices and I can appreciate that but I won't lie and say its a bad game. It's easily the best city builder I've played. It has flaws but I've already put 6 hours into it and I plan on hundreds more. Thanks for your time. Expand
  26. Mar 7, 2013
    Since I am an expat living outside of the US it was near impossible to download the game since Origin matches language payment by IP address. Luckily, Amazon offers a direct download which I was able to do no problem (reason for my 1 point score). After downloading the game, I was unable to even start the tutorial which continued to disconnect me, even after trying different servers. I have no choice but to wait until they fix the issue because as of right now the game is literally un-playable. This is the first time that I have ever seen this before. To actually hand over $60 for a game that doesn't even work. Of course I will continue to be patient and hope the issue gets resolved because I love the SIm City franchise but I will think long and hard before I ever purchase another game from EA. Expand
  27. Mar 7, 2013
    I realize that most negative reviews posted here have been regarding the DRM and always online requirement. While I'll agree that has been a major nuisance and limitation to the game, there's more absent from this game than just the simple inability to play when one chooses (a major flaw in its own right).

    First, the game has a very limiting feel to it. I've played SimCity since version
    1.0 in the early nineties and not since that version have I felt so boxed in. The city size, the method for which zones are laid down, the size and scale of certain city facilities. There seems to be no organic aspect to this game, and it brings back memories of the Societies debacle from a few years ago. From SC4, I could build a network of major roads and then spray a large residential zone within a major road loop and all of the smaller streets would auto create (sometimes with a bit of frustration, but nonetheless). In the new SC, I spend most of my time redesigning road layouts to maximize the usage of my zones.

    Build your city your way is simply not the case. And while I don't want this to be a rant on the city size, it cannot be ignored. We've gone from small cities in SC1 to medium cities SC2000 to all-out metropolises in SC4. Part of the excitement and what has kept me occasionally going back to a 10 year old game in SC4 is the almost hobby nature associated with building and cultivating a large, mega city with all of the intricacies, challenges, and endless opportunities for uniqueness. The new Simcity completely fails in this regard as the new city size feels almost claustrophobic. It would be one thing if the region seemed more connected, but instead it feels like you're building a vacuum that has some distant connection to a far away land. You have almost zero control on designing the connection between one neighboring city to another, that's already been done for you.

    The online integration of this game has created unending frustration. No ability to locally save is the big negative for me. I recognize the desire for a server connection for DRM or other reasons, but not allowing me to save my game locally just opens up EA to constant complaints about lost game saves, etc. This is extremely frustrating (as I've already lost 3 cities to the apparent server outage of 3/6).

    I've often explained Simcity to non Simcity players as the modern version of collecting model trains. It is not really a computer game, but more of digital hobby machine. A place where creativity and design can be tested in real-world with mathematics and simulation. This new Simcity completely misses that mark. While its pretty, it fails as the open creative world so well mastered in its last true previous iteration. Furthermore, the simulation engine appears to fail at creating an accurate sim environment.
  28. Apr 3, 2013
    Don't get me wrong the launch was rough with lots of server issues, but since then I've been playing non-stop. Between my daughter and I (mostly myself) we have put in 185 hours and I work full time.. The cities are smaller yes, and yes you need to be online. The fun comes from watching the city grow, watching the people go places, the multiplayer play interacting and chatting with people as you play and work together, the trading is VERY fun (this cannot be overstated. They've added a new dimension to this game that makes it very fun to play and requires strategy.), the resources and specializations are all fun, and I could keep going on.. If you thing you shouldn't buy the game because of the score you'll be missing out big time.. All of the sim city games are great, but this one retains what made previous Sim City games fun and adds more. Expand
  29. Mar 5, 2013
    I'll give it a 5 out of 10. Reading the "professional" reviews is a joke, as they reviewed a product that was still in beta and gave the game exceptionally high reviews, which is suspect. Anyways, online DRM prevents play, citiy plots are two small, and region play isn't all that great. Money, people, and resources don't truly flow through the region based upon need. I can forgive the day 1 server issues, but region play, which is suppossed to make up for the small tiles, leaves a lot to be desired.

    On the plus side, I love the amount of detail regarding resources put into the game, it feels like a true city simulator.
  30. Mar 7, 2013
    I cannot play the game due to server issues for 3 days. I want a refund, but EA says that is not an option. How can you give a good rating to a game that is not playable? DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!
  31. Mar 8, 2013
    Paid for the game, but the very stupid system didn`t let me get english version because I live in Azerbaijan. What a joke. At least they gave me a refund.
  32. Mar 7, 2013
    Having been a huge fan of the Sim City franchise I was really looking forward to this latest Sim City. Needless to say, that's the only Positive things I have to say about this game.

    The always on DRM and the fact you MUST be connected to the internet in order to play this game is an automatic deal breaker for a few, you basically do not own the game, you lease it per say. If the
    servers go down, you're SOL. Since it's launch time and the servers are unload heavy load they've been up and down, a big turn off.

    The gameplay itself could be improved upon through patches and what not, but as it stands the cities are kinda small, graphics looked way better in the ads and trailer then they do in the actual game. (latest drivers Gtx 580)

    I would strongly suggest to wait and see if they can salvage this game in some fashion. But, $60 is way too much for a game you don't even own, buggy as hell, and you MUST be online in order to play.

    Extremely Disappointed.
  33. Mar 12, 2013
    I preordered this game when it was announced last year. I am very disappointed. All they need to do was update and add features to Simcity 4. I will say the somethings. I hate you have to be online to play. This is the type of game i would just open to kill time, because you can quit anytime. The cities are small and limited. I have no interest in multiplayer. So the small cities are limited. The concept could work, but let us decide how they are connected and merge into each other.

    I miss terrain editor. I will still get enjoyment out of playing this game, but it makes me want to just turn on Simcity 4.
  34. Mar 9, 2013
    This is a disaster. EA why have you screwed the SimCity Franchise. Curse you!! 1. Always online DRM 2. No local saves 3. Buggy mechanics 4. My crap dump size is bigger than your city maps 5. FCKIN Huge login queues what??? did I buy this game to stand in the queue to play?
  35. Mar 7, 2013
    Unlocked at an unknown time so i could BUY A NON PREORDER COPY AND PLAY RIGHT AWAY! This game is NOT online DRM for Cloud saving and servers helping your PC run the game! This is ONLINE ONLY for the milking of DLC and a CASHSHOP for drip feeding you buildings that SHOULD BE IN THE GAME. Just like the DAY ONE DLC for 80 dollars. 2 Days after launch and still problems playing a game i PAID FOR. AMAZON even took it off their site till EA GETS THEIR together. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME UNTIL ORIGIN AND ONLINE ONLY IS REMOVED!!!! Expand
  36. Mar 8, 2013
    Dear heavens, I really dislike this game, which was particularly hard for me to do, considering how much I like the previous ones. I don't wish to turn into one of those "IT'S NOT AS GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL!" screaming fanboys, but here I have no choice. While I will concede that many of the game's aspects have been streamlined and made more accessible, but they have made it too easy. At no point did I feel like an actual mayor, having to make difficult decisions about whether to fund the police or the hospital, whether to pay for a school or a motor-way, but instead I felt like a child playing in a really advanced sandbox.
    And, of course, the "Always online DRM" is absolutely pathetic and an utterly stupid idea.
    My recommendation, don't bother with this game, buy something else.
  37. Mar 6, 2013
    A lot of stupid reviews as usual on the user reviews. If you bought this game thinking that it wasn't ALWAYS ONLINE, you're an idiot. Been playing this game a ton since it became available i was able to download it amazingly fast which was a nice suprise. I figured with so many people trying to access it, that it would take a long time to get. Got right into the game with my origin account info. Love that aspect and how you can see others around you with their origin accounts as well. I've had ZERO que wait times and the game loads fine almost every time. I had one instance when i came home for lunch and had to log out of origin and then back in to get into the game. Took me all of 30 seconds. Firstly, on the game play itself. It's smooooottthh. Everything you need is right there and easily accessible. you can scroll in and view your city at the sim's level, which is really cool. The map sizes are smaller for a reason. In SimCity 4 i would first lay out just a massive amount of farming and then build a small city center from there and then slowly build into a metropolis. With SimCity 5 it forces you to really analyze how you want your city laid out and how to make it look asthetically pleasing as well as economically viable. The specialization is probably the best idea in the game. The first city i build is not so pretty so i had to start demolishing sections of town as i was making it more of a cultural center for tourism (I'm saving casino's for last as i think they'll be a lot of fun). It really emphasises on basic theory behind specialization. For instance, with culture i wanted places easily accessible to tourists so i built a nice bus system with close stops all around the attractions. Then i decided to build some nicer commercial areas around and my revenue just went through the roof! Now i'm trying to build a highly educated city with top research so this means with top research/gadget production i need a really good market and way to export my goods while keeping the land value around these areas. These are all things that SimCity makes you think about! An oxymoron to put it is that it's so much easier to play, however it's much harder to master than previous simcity games. If you let go of the old you'll love this game. I even wake up a bit earlier before work to put in 30min into my city. There are so many cool little nitches with this game i won't go through all of them. Better to discover on your own!

    For the downsides, some of the road building can be annoying. I want to build a road in a certain way and the game will snap it in particular ways sometimes. I like things to be exactly how i like them in my city as i usually want it a certain way so something else will fit well within that area. Ie. i wanted to build a really nice park center within my high income sims and because the roads wouldn't work exactly how i wanted them within the park it didn't look at natural (Asthetically pleasing as i had envisioned). The other downside to me is that it's easier to manage your city funds. I remember in SimCity 4 you could really get yourself in trouble. In 5 it's really easy to keep your income up to where you're always in the black. For example, in prior sims i would be really sketchy of taking out a bond/loan. In 5 i'll take out a bond, build some homes, infrastructure, and/or other revenue generating ventures and never really worry about it. I'd like a bit more thought into taking out bonds than what is currently there.
  38. Mar 7, 2013
    Make offline gameplay! I dont want play only at home, i want play in car, truck, etc... I dont have money for mobile internet, and even if i have... And the price of the game is absurd... 59,90€? I dont buy at this price certainly
  39. Mar 8, 2013
    This game is unplayable. You are placed in a queue for an unspecified wait (mine was almost an HOUR), only to start building and get disconnected due to the unstable servers. This is unacceptable. Paying good money for a game to go through this many hoops, and EA wonders why Spore was so widely pirated. STAY FAR AWAY.
  40. Mar 8, 2013
    It has finally happened. All practices that have been destroying gaming have culminated in this biblical failure for all the world to see. Ever since the success of Farmville the gaming industry has been trying to cash in on "social gaming" foisting it upon gamers that have zero interest in it. This usually manifests itself as a unused feature or minor inconvenience. It was not until EA combined it with the abomination that is DRM to form the perfect storm of consumer neglect; once a single player classic, now a mandatory social game played on servers that are virtually unusable. EA has once again completely shafted all their paying customers to avoid losing a few bucks to pirates. In the same greedy line of thinking they also criminally under-supplied servers, not wanting to pay for more than would be needed after the post launch population dropoff. The result is a game that is virtually unplayable. Not "this game is so bad that I don't want to play it" unplayable, actually unplayable; the game can not be played at all. If by some miracle you do get into a game, you will not be able to get back into the same game again, because all the save data is on the broken servers. If you've bought this game and cannot get a refund, contact the Better Business Bureau at and file a complaint. It is illegal to offer goods and services that are nonfunctional. This is inexcusable. Literally, they cannot be allowed to make excuses for this. They made the conscious decision to make a game that was one server crash away from bricked, it was their responsibility to make sure that did not happen and obviously it did. I hope they feel most severe repercussions possible to assure that no publisher ever attempts this again. Expand
  41. Mar 7, 2013
    The most expensive countdown clock ever. Seriously, how can a game be reviewed if you aren't even able to play it. It's outrageous that a company would try this.
  42. Mar 7, 2013
    Game is ok, but not THAT much. Everything else, Adios EA. No more BF3, lets forget about BF4 and the like. I'm done with them. If it's not on Steam, i'm not buying.
  43. Mar 7, 2013
    Despite the poor reviews, I bought the game. At least i found the cheapest possible copy I could, which was 100,- Norwegian Kroner cheaper than on the Norwegian EA site. Why did I buy it you ask? Simply because I was curious as to how bad it could actually be. I'm two hours into trying to play it. So far all servers are full, and even though I occasionally manage to log on an american server, I am rewarded with a different bug. Bottom line. I can't play the game, yet! Expand
  44. Mar 7, 2013
    I won't bother going into the all "I can't play it because EA uses always online DRM" because thousands of others already have so that's a tired speech to make. But no I can't play it because of EA's backwards thinking always online DRM garbage they forced in which only causes problems for their paying customers. Anyone who pirated this game has cracked it and happily been playing it while people who paid for it are stuck with intrusive DRM that messes up our ability to use the product we paid for.

    Personally from what I was able to play I did not like it much at all. In fact I went over to (I love those guys) and I got sim city 4 instead and I am sending sim city 5 back for a refund and probably will never buy it again.

    Sim city 5 first of all felt incomplete, a lot of things seemed missing like I dont like how the city size is limited as I remember EA saying they had much larger cities running themselves but scaled them back for the final product, you can't teraform like in past games, no subways, no farmlands, no power lines, no water lines and so on. A lot of little things are absent from the game which I fear means they will be sold to us later through microtransactions or DLC packs. Because EA has a nasty habit of nickel and diming their customers to death with over priced DLC and they love to force microtransactions into every game they make, even the ones where it makes no sense like dead space 3. Like the sims 3 for instance is not a new game, its many years old but yet if you want to buy it and all the content (including packs with pets, furniture and other such trivial things) you would spend upwards of 400 bucks or maybe more.

    I hate the fact everything is stored on Cloud. I don't actually have anything saved that I do on my pc. I dependant on having to access their servers to play the game even by myself.

    Multiplayer. While a interesting idea is being shoe horned into the game whether you want it or not. Personally I feel it is just an excuse to use always on DRM and force players to play their games and save content on their servers. I don't like it myself but others might. I want to sit, plot, plan and build my cities how I want with no interference from others. I don't want to play sim city to be social.

    It requires Origin which I still dislike for numerous reasons. I don't even care for Steam really but I use steam and one digital service is enough for me. I don't want to spread my games out on multiple online services.

    It has the look and feel of the sims, which I don't care for. It feels too cartoony, too unrealistic and it just feels like I am playing a sims game.

    It also doesn't spark my creativity and desire to articulate every little thing in my head. I don't want to go into great detail and consideration when building. I found myself trying to very hard, but not actually "feeling it" so to speak. I was trying to force myself to enjoy it like I did previous games but it wasn't happening. But as soon as I loaded up sim city 4 it all came flooding back to me.
  45. Mar 7, 2013
    Yesterday I was able to connect to the servers, but I was unable to play a game. Apparently there was some global issues with the tutorial not working (you have to play the tutorial before you can play the actual game). Well, I thought that problems can always happen so let's just wait until tomorrow, read today. And now, ALL servers are FULL so I am unable to even launch the game :D. What a joke, I spent €60 on a game that I can't even play becuse their mandatory online servers (for a single-player game) are full :D. It's hilarious. Never EVER AGAIN will I buy anything from MAXIS! Expand
  46. Mar 7, 2013
    This game doesn't work. I don't know how to gie a higher score to something that literally won't play. So far I have just spent $60 and a chunk of free time for aggravation and buyer's remorse. I gave a 1 instead of a 0 only because I suspect the game is good if it actually runs and I feel bad for the folks that spent so long making it to have it crippled and hated like this as part of a poor business decision. Expand
  47. Mar 6, 2013
    Glaze over the fact that the servers are crap, when you can actually play the game you'll find yourself searching through a bunch of regions (most of them either filled or private), if you miraculously do get to claim a city and start building, you'll find that in about 30 minutes you'll be out of space and forced to increase density. The "cozy" "city" you'll be building in will quickly turn into a parking lot no matter what configuration you put the roads in, or how many modes of mass transport you put in. Now if you can get over all of these gripes you will still be left asking why your garbage trucks look like they entered into the indy 500 and are circling the same block ad infinitum until their shift is over and they return to the dump, leaving one block kinda cleaned up and the rest of your city burning from uncollected garbage. Which brings us to the next point, Emergency services...the guys with the bright flashing lights and the loud (and in the game they might as well be the only sound in the game next to the sound of rc racers...I mean cars) sirens, they sit in traffic on a 6 lane avenue just like any car. There is no precedence for other cars to get out of the way or lights to change in their favor...they just sit while your entire city burns because of garbage, your EMS/Fire will just be sitting in the station or in traffic jamming away to whatever is on the radio because they're going no where. Now if you can manage to get through all of this you are left with one last hurdle to making a stable game; Finances. You have essentially no room to build a proper industrial park or residential neighborhood, so you have to compromise., you add a dash of residential with a smattering of commercial and boom your RCI starts to beg for industrial and you think sweet! we're gunna get people jobs and they'll have lots of money and everything will be perfect! WRONG! you'll chase industrial demand until your city is completely covered, and if by some miracle you get it sort of under control they (industry) will start to scream and shut down due to lack of workers because your sims with all their new found wealth will start to expand and they'll magically disappear from your city until their building has been renovated, but by that time the factory will be shut down or on fire and they'll have no where to work, they'll go broke, and then they will turn into vagrants who will in turn cause crime and cause even more of your city to burn. Also city and education buildings cost so much they eat away all profit so the only way to gain enough capital to build anything is to twiddle your thumbs and hope everything stays sane or take out bonds which in the long run just screw you over Sooooo all in all the game gets a 3 from me, its easy to get sucked in and play for hours and hours but at the end of the session I'm left angry and bitter. I've built 7 cities and not a single one has been a fun relaxing experience. I am a long time fan of the series and I have played countless hours on this game's predecessors, sadly I must say that this game does not live up to the hype or even the legacy of the series. Expand
  48. Mar 7, 2013
    While the gameplay itself is fun and enjoyable, the entire experienced is marred by poor infrastructure and support. One of the biggest changes to Simcity in this version is the 'Always On' gameplay, requiring the player to have a constant internet connection and the servers to handle all players. Sadly, at least at launch, the game has been overloaded with eager players who are disappointed by the lack of planning on the part of the developers to anticipate the demand for their product, and the lack of an expedient response in correcting the situation.

    As a player this makes you question the longevity of the game as well. In the past, you could play a Simcity game for years past its prime (indeed many people still play Simcity 4 which is a decade old now!) but what happens when it no longer becomes economically justifiable for EA to operate these new Simcity servers ?

    Furthermore, an 'Always on' type system suggests a game that will have a basis in microtransactions. This sort of thing is inevitable as a way to finance the continued operation of the servers, but clearly at the expense of the player. You have to question how this effects gameplay balance and if balance will be tossed out the window in the name of profit ?

    Only time will tell the fate of this game, but for now when you can get in at least enjoy it for what it is as long as you can.
  49. Mar 5, 2013
    The difference between the average "critic" score and the non-paid user is sickening. To those that say a 0 rating is unjustified...really? If you can't play the game you paid $60 for anything higher than a 0 is ridiculous. I've been playing this game since the original came out in the 90's. I almost feel emotionally screwed over after playing this garbage. You click icons with upgraded demographic maps, big flipping deal! So much has been taken away from us. How the hell can someone destroy such a treasured game? I mean this game brings back memories I had as a kid! The fact that you can't just boot up the PC and play due to server issues is criminal. I give you $60 for something that I am expected to play whenever I want and you don't provide that? If you put the online-only concept aside, the game is still garbage. As I mentioned earlier, the game is empty and I am positive this is EA's attempt to steal more of our money through future bs add-ons. If you enjoy watching your computer defragment, then this is the game for you. DO NOT listen to these pathetic reviews from your typical, paid review writers (i.e, IGN and the others). Expand
  50. Mar 5, 2013
    Regions you play in are tied to your server, not your username. You're stuck to one server unless you want to create a new region, which also means everyone else who plays on your server is stuck to that same server. I'm currently in a queue. For SimCity. For the last 40 minutes. For SIM CITY.

    And yes, the DRM works. There will be no pirated copies of this game unless some dedicated,
    heroic team puts a lot of work into a server emulator. However, EA seems to have focused more on anti-piracy than making the DRM work smoothly for people who actually bought the game. The system is buggy (understatement) and it makes the gameplay (a lot) less enjoyable.

    I had high hopes for this game, but the launch sucked, and then the aftermath still sucks. No matter how much hype there is for another game, if it's published by EA I'm not buying it.

    tl;dr Game is fun if you ever get to play, EA sucks
  51. Mar 5, 2013
    You know what I love about single player games? Sitting in never ending server queues for the DRM. This is an awful system. Electronic Farts is a terrible company who has swallowed up the best properties. Forget this game. Play Sim City 4 with mods. At least then you won't be constrained to a tiny city.
  52. Mar 5, 2013
    While I'm sure the actual game is great.... The problem is you can't actually play it. Crashes and glitches constantly. I want a discount from the 80 dollars I just spent to play a game I can't actually play. Horrible preparation on EA's part. The fact that there isn't an offline mode is a joke, It's really not that hard to require a one time validation through origin before having an offline mode or how about this.... Just preform a check before allowing the person to play.

    In the end I wouldn't care if the game worked.

  53. Mar 5, 2013
    While it might be a good game, the always online DRM for single player is an insult to the player base (another one of a long series of insults from EA to their customers), and it's absolutely unacceptable. It seems EA didn't learn anything from Ubisoft's DRM failure.
  54. Mar 7, 2013
    I want to say first off, yes I have purchased the game, and yes I have put 20+ hours into this game already. To start off with the good, the visuals are BEAUTIFUL on this game, I love being able to upgrade individual buildings to increase usefulness, I like the specialization options, etc. Now onto why I'm giving one of my favorite game series newest release a 3. I bought the game on launch day at 8 a.m., and since then I have only had the ability to play the game 1/3 or less of the time due to server problems, not connecting, just overall DRM I am a longtime wow player so DRM in and of itself doesn't bother me, but this is an absolute cluster I can't play my own damn game I paid for! Also, c'mon Maxis, these cities are way too damn small. Open up a whole region to building a city in and then we're talking. I'm massively disappointed by the stupid restrictions that have been placed on this game. FIX IT!! Expand
  55. Mar 5, 2013
    Greatest disappointed after almost 10 years waiting. They show you everything nice in their demo, beta, and a lots online video and good review. The truth is, you won't be able to play it at all! The servers are all full or busy which makes you unable to start your city.
  56. Mar 5, 2013
    With all of the releases, supposed stress testing, etc. I'm surprised at the issues though I guess I shouldn't be (EA... sigh). As a gamer now in his 30s, I can't believe I'm still surprised by this, but each year and with each blockbuster release (assuming they'd learn from the previous one), the issues seem to get progressively worse?

    I don't mind the always online DRM in general,
    nor do I mind the fact that this game required a download only method. I DO mind the fact that despite "pre-ordering" (which was really a pre-buy, thanks Origin!) approximately 6 months ago, I lose out on the $20 bonus that people who recently pre-ordered get? Doesn't make sense. If anything these types of issues only reinforce the idea that I need to stick with Steam as my sole place for digital distribution.

    Its now after waiting 2AM EST, the fact that no servers are still available and I can't log in Not good. The game may be great, but if I can't play it, then how can I give it a positive review? 0 playability 0 rating.
  57. Mar 5, 2013
    I don't even know. Just wow. EA has ruined it for us. They ruined it. And you know what sucks? Nothing is going to be done about it. They're still gonna make loads of money and always will. People will always buy their games even though they're a greedy company that could care less about the customer. We are not appreciated anymore. They screwed us over now and they'll screw us over again, but no matter what they will always be there. Nothing will ever be done. Expand
  58. Mar 5, 2013
    Basically, this is a $60 rental. It only works (WHEN it works) when you're connected to the internet and even then you're a slave to EA's crap servers. If they are having problems, you can't play. Home net down? Can't play. Looking to kill time on that flight? Can't play. Etc...
  59. Mar 5, 2013
    Imagine you just bought a brand-new Corvette after waiting months for it. You jump in the car and turn the key to fire up the massive V8 engine. Instead of satisfying roars, the dashboard flashes at you. "Gas Pump not connected. Aborting."

    This sums up my experience so far with SimCity. I bought a new game to sit indefinitely in a queue that says, "ATTEMPTING to reconnect in 20
    minutes". In other words, not persistent. No idea how long the queue is, just that it will try again in 20 minutes. Nice, right?

    In game, the tutorial, which you must complete, is broken. Buttons get greyed out. Random crashes happen, your SERVER-BASED saves don't sync and are deleted. Hours of gameplay down the drain. The only question on my mind now is, how long until the pull the login server plug and my $60 game becomes a $60 Frisbee? In fact, take your $60, walk up to a musclehead, and hand it to him. Ask him to punch you in the face. Not only will you get more for your money, but it will be less painful to watch.

  60. Mar 6, 2013
    Online DRM and DRM in general is always the wrong idea. Having to log into a server just to play a Single Player game? why the hell would you need to do that? Have the game save it all in a folder on your computer., just like every other single player game. Once EA has your money, it's gone. That's all i have to say about EA. They will go through hoops to make sure you dont get a refund. As for a patch to fix sure it wont be patchable, and it would probly require a new engine, cause im sure that's how indepth this DRM is. My other main reason i avoided buying this game, was because there was no Linux version. It should of been EA that went bankrupt, and not THQ. Maybe this is their way of keeping themselves above water. Pure thievery. Expand
  61. Mar 6, 2013
    It's not just the fact that for thousands of players the game is crashing every five minutes, or that none of the games can be saved or even that support is non-existent. The issue for me is the handful of maps to choose from and the minuscule city size with very defined boundaries. The game has lost it's sense of open play. The intuitiveness that made Sim City so much fun is gone. In all the games I have ever bought, this one is the only one I can truly say "I want a refund." Expand
  62. Mar 6, 2013
    It's a shame that this game, despite all the hype and publicity, as well as the price, not to mention EA's long experience in gaming, that this debacle resulted. 48 hours post-launch and the game is still unplayable for thousands, of not millions of paying customers. I wonder if there's a pirate out there who is just laughing it up, playing away. The problem is many-fold and if anything, it promotes piracy rather than suppresses it. Now, the pirates who can deliver the final value that customers want and EA won't provide are strengthened by this failure. Don't mistake me, I'm not endorsing piracy, but I am saying this launch has probably promoted the illicit practice when it had a chance to squash it. I feel really bad for the developers. For this this was a labor of love and remains so. I found this link which does a good job of summing up my experiences:

    Sad to see.
  63. Mar 8, 2013
    I gotta say this game really turned my life around, while frustratingly trying to log in, i actually did something with my life, i got a new job, made some friends, a wife, and hey, i even bought a new house. Why would anybody want to miss out on that? So thank you Simcity for giving me motivation to be a better person, im just kidding im a gamer this game why the would anyone pay 60 bucks for a game they cant even play this Expand
  64. Mar 6, 2013
    I made an account here just to express my disappointment with this game...a game I've really been looking forward to. It's tiny, It doesn't look nearly as good as I was expecting. It runs rough on a good rig. DRM. The social gaming thing seems...necessary. At least if you buy it with your eyes open.
  65. RFD
    Mar 6, 2013
    I really like this game, it is so cool, some die hard SimCity 4 Mayors might not like a few things, but I am not one of them. But all the detail, depth, and greatness of this game is obsolete if you cannot get into the game. You cannot even launch the game without logging into EA's servers and the servers have been down more than they have been up. When they are up there are so many people trying to log into them that they quickly go back down. Last night, I waited in a queue for 40 minutes to get in only to get kicked back out after 20 minutes and forced to wait in line again to get back in. The cities that you create on one server do not propagate to the other servers, so when one server goes down they say "well you are free to play on server 'b', but because we are forced to play online we cannot save our cities locally so server B does not have my city on it, so I have to start over again, until server b goes down. I like this game, I really do, but I spent 160.00 (one license for me and one for my wife) on this game and I am unable to play it. I know everyone says this (I may have even said it myself before), but I am done with EA, I will never give them another dollar of my money. I don't care what franchise they buy out next, it could be the greatest game in the world, I will not buy it, everything they touch they ruin. I hope other do the same, it is the only way that they will ever learn that it is unacceptable to take your customers money pre launch and then give them the shaft post launch. Expand
  66. Mar 6, 2013
    I can't review the actual game since I'm not on a privileged reviewers server, but it's been 2 days of constant struggles and no more than 10 minutes worth of actual in game play. First, EA's failure to allow preloads meant that I waited 3+ hours from launch before I was given the priviledge of downloading the game I paid for. Secondly, once installed, the user must play server roulette, in hopes of finding of simply starting a private game. The last of local saving, and the always-on DRM design of the game means everyone who plays this game is at the mercy of the server Gods. Despite ensuring everyone that always-on DRM will not be a concern and there will be plenty of servers, this is not the case. Maybe one day I'll actually get to play this game. Don't expect anything but the most frustrating gaming experience ever if you buy Simcity from EA Origin. Stay away until they figure things out... if they can. Expand
  67. Mar 7, 2013
    I've had it since midnight launch day (3 days now) and STILL have yet to be able to play multiplayer. No big deal, I'll just play single player. Wait I can't because the servers are down, full or being 'patched'. What a POS. I paid full price for an awesomely-reviewed game and, instead, have to settle for the intro music. I've never been more disappointed in a game.
  68. Mar 10, 2013
    The good: Building models look very detailed and nice. The roads are much more realistic and easy to be placed. The upgradable buildings give more control over city services and allow city blocks more customization. Also, the city specialization gives each city its own personality. Teaming up with other players in one region can be interesting.

    The bad: Launch day was a mess. Many
    (actually, most) could not join any server to play the game. Despite the game costing $60 for Limited Edition, EA underfunded their servers and support for the game. This left a sour taste in customers' mouths. Once in the game it is easy to lose connection to the servers and possibly lose work. The whole process of building a city seems far too streamlined. Do this, then do that. Before you know it, your city cannot grow due to map size limitations and a quarter of your allocated map space is filled with city utilities and services along with a large possible amount of ground pollution if you don't have a Department of Utilities in the region. The removal of subways and certain types of rails also limit this game. Another aspect that hurts this game is the need to be constantly connected. Once the map is filled, what do you do? Go start another city and do the same thing over again? That is really the only choice. Aside from the server problems, when this game is no longer supported by its makers, will our copies of SimCity be unplayable and useless? My guess is, "Yes".

    Overall: This game is not worth the price. I'm not sure it ever will be after hearing about micro transactions and a possible in-game store. That will only drive the price up the more it is played. Save yourself the cash and do not purchase this game.
  69. Mar 6, 2013
    Last game I'll be buying from EA. Dragon age 2 was a disaster, mass effect 3 ending was a piece of and now this always on DRM crap for simcity. I really would not be that much pissed off if it worked but expending 5 hours in a city and then crash and lose all of it is the final drop.

    The always on DRM is not the only issue, getting to have multiplayer without any kind of matchmaking
    and players dcing on a multi city based (sadly) game can ruin the experience that is not so good to begin with.

    EA killed my childhood franchise, I'll do what I can to help see them rot as a company.
  70. Mar 6, 2013
    This is a really fun reboot of the simcity franchise. The multiplayer side of the game actually improves gameplay. It's interesting to be able to claim an abandoned city and improve someone else disaster.
  71. Mar 6, 2013
    Absolutely unacceptable. Game forces the install of Origin bloatware. Downloads are slow for large post-launch updates. Games are saved per server so if the server you created your saved game on is down or under maintenance, you cannot access your city. You cannot play this as a single-player game at all without always-connected forced DRM, meaning you cannot take it with you on a getaway vacation to a location with limited or no internet. Cannot resell the game when you're done. Worst part of it all is that after the last maintenance, game saves on the servers were all reset so all the work you put into your city was lost with no way to do a local restore. Can't rate a game higher than 0 that you can't play. Best part of the game is that Amazon is allowing returns. Expand
  72. Mar 6, 2013
    This should go back to the oven. It's clearly not done yet.

    I have to rate this pretty low, which is unfortunate as the brief time I was allowed to play seemed like fun. However, the fact that I cannot even load up the game consistently means that I have to rate it as such.
  73. Mar 6, 2013
    SimCity is a single player game, but since EA is insisting on an always online connection to prevent piracy, I am unable to play if their serves are full. There needs to be a local single player option as EA does not have the ability have enough servers for everyone to play. I paid $60 to have a game that I cannot play at all. Even when you can get on a different server, since the cities are not saved locally but on the server, you cannot load your city. Expand
  74. Mar 6, 2013
    After much anticipation I bought the game, while game play seems up to snuff, EA's handling of the launch and insistence of always on DRM has pretty much killed the joy. The servers have been bouncing every few hours. While the SimCity userbase warned EA of the problems of always on DRM and no offline play, EA ignored them and the users predictions came true. As of this review the game is really unplayable, which is very sad considering the cost. Expand
  75. Mar 6, 2013
    So very, very frustrated. Could not play a single-player game because the servers were down. Finally got a server. After 2 hours of play the server disconnected. Lost everything I had done. Never, never again, EA.
  76. Mar 6, 2013
    Just want my money back at this point. Here are the cons: 1. Always on DRM. nuff said. 2. rinky dink map size. The interesting thing is that as long as #2 exists, #1 is a non issue as nobody will be playing this game in a year, nevermind 5 years when the shut it down. If they fix 2 we're still SOL as we need to be online to f-ing play. Can we start a petition to try and get refunds?

    What a POS.
  77. Mar 6, 2013
    I was really psyched for Sim City. Everything I read about it from the gaming sites made it sound really interesting, but all the comments from gamers wanred me about EA and their dreaded online-only play. So I shellled out $90 for the DELUXE edition of the game and have spent two days doing nothing. EA servers are down and I cant play the game. When I can get on, my cities are missing. I'm sorry to say I have learned my lesson. Don't buy EA games. Dont buy games from companies that let DRM get in the way of enjoying the game. Waste of $90. Expand
  78. Mar 6, 2013
    I paid $59 for a game that I cant play 2 nights in a row. Cannot in any way play. If multplayer was temporarily broken, I would have no problem, but the game is simply unplayable. Im done with EA. Let them keep their sports game monopoly, they are running those into the ground anyway.
  79. Mar 6, 2013
    It took me two and a half hours to cover all map. Two. And a half. But let's track it back a bit, for the moment I thought of Buying Sim City. .
    The first time I've played a SC was on my SNES. No, not the computer, but Nintendo Console, and it drag me in. I was fascinated with the idea of building my city in a way the game punish me for my mistakes by making the city drown in it's own
    failed concept. Loved it so much that bought SC 2000 to my PC. And the game had turned into an adult experience. I was a boy, but the game didn't care: If I think like a child, my city will fail. .
    So it came 3000, and it brought a even more complex and awesome face to the series. Sim City 4 got everything they've done right in All Sim City and turned it into one of the best video-games ever! Then, years of gameplay in SC4 has passed and they announced SC, the reboot. I smiled and praise every god! Then they told me about the Always-on. I don't buy games with AO or DRM, but this is Sim City, man! So I decided to make an exception. And now totally regreted it. TOTALLY! .
    First of it all: It took me almost a day to download it. I was anxious. I wanted to play my game, 'cause I've already bought it, Right? They shoud have given me more band. After the long wait, the game was FINALLY here. So LET'S PLAY... not. The first hour (Yes, HOUR) I couldn't connect to the server. Then, almost like a miracle, I logged in. .
    "Where are the Graphs?", I asked myself. How can I Manage my city to total Awesomeness by seeing my development in curves to compare to other cities? Well, I can't. The game is officially dumbed down, with a crappy live economy that only exists to make you stay on-line. .
    "Wait, I can't do ANYTHING with the terrain?" No, I can't. I have to accept the map as it is. No big mountains. No great planning for a really awesome tunnel.
    The map is really, really small! Smaller then I thought it was by looking at pictures. I made a road the crossed all the map and started planning my city. Some minutes passed and I've tried to sell resources (electricity and water) to neighbour cities. For some reason I couldn't (still don't know, and the same is happening for many people). .
    And then things got worse: I was Diconnected! Yes, I've played arround 40 minutes and somehow I couldn't play anymore. On the screen, they're telling me it will try to connect again in 20 minutes. TWENTY. F**KING. MINUTES. Clock reaches zero AND... Couldn't log in. AGAIN IN 20 MINUTES! WHAT THE F**K? I've just bought the DAMN game and can't play it because YOUR servers are DOWN and this CRAPPY DRM won't let me even see my city? WTF, EA? .
    So I waited. And sometime later it connected again. And I'm building my city. And it's growing. Despite the lack of administration tools with minimum complexity, I'm getting richier. First I expanded North (the place I called North, anyway), and when I reached the border, started to expand south. And then I realized I had NO MORE ROOM TO BUILD! I'ts Over, friends! Can't expand anymore! It Took me two and a half hours to ocuppy the WHOLE map! From this point on, if you wish to keep playing, it turns out you are in a SOCIAL THE SIMS, where you need to keep looking at the mood of sims to make them happy. No more Building, just a clown trying to make people smile! Want to play more? Try building another small boring city!
    . And that's how my love for Sim City is officially over. It was a good fun, but EA needed to cheat on me. And That's why, since I can't give this game back, I'm giving it a zero on my first review on metacritics.
  80. Mar 6, 2013
    This is a really really bad way to do business in the modern video game world. Why in the world would they release another game with online DRM and a require connection just to play the game. There must be some way to go after EA on this. You pay a price for a product and because of pure lies and chaos on the suppliers side you are unable to play. What happens when the servers go down? How about when they decide enough Sim City 5 and shut the servers off. ITS BULL CRAP!! If this game was not tied to the internet and DRM it would be amazing. Unfortunately this has crippled it. Expand
  81. Mar 6, 2013
    Broken down into (1) Betas; (2) Launch Day; (3) Post Launch; (4) Gameplay

    (1) The betas: (4 out of 10)
    The betas had a lot of problems regarding the servers' effectiveness and efficiency in carrying the load. Several times throughout the first beta, I was repeatedly kicked because the servers crashed. Furthermore, there was issues with the tutorials and the general interface. I had fun
    but I rated it roughly a 4 out of 10 because it had an always online-DRM and also it was buggy, but I saw potential. The second beta was only a day long, and EA dropped the ball and excluded several people that should have had access to the game. I only had access to it because I pre-ordered it from Amazon as opposed to Origin.

    (2) The Launch Day (0 out of 10)
    This is the most blatant bait-and-switch tactic I have ever seen and most definitely could be considered for legal action for equitable estoppel and unjust enrichment. The consumers had reasonable expectations of a service that would be delivered in a timely manner. Furthermore, EA made assurances that the game would be released on time and they took the necessary precautions regarding the server loads even at the behest of most customers and most industry warnings that online-only DRMs are very tricky to successfully do. They repeatedly stated that they would be releasing the game at 12:01 AM EST and that the servers could perform the task.
    The result was far from a 12:01 AM EST release. For the vast majority of customers the game was not available for download until well past 12:40 AM. I, myself, was not able to download the game until roughly 1:20 am CST (This is nearly an 2 hour and 20 minutes AFTER the official release time). Mind you this was AFTER tech support for their phone line was done for the business day, and their online service for tech support had nearly a 360 minute wait, and I recall only 2 official statements. One was from an EA representative telling people to restart their Origin client, the other was from TWITTER and NOT their official forum. The sheer LACK of information regarding the status, updates, and whether the game would be available for download was laughable, even more so considering that EA decided not allow pre-loading in the face of growing concerns by both customers and several industry writers. I was fortunate enough to play the game without the problems that other people faced, albeit I did have to switch the server from US East to US West and had a large patch to run through. I began playing roughly around 2:20 AM CST (a good solid 3 hours later).

    (3) Post-Launch (4 out of 10)
    The game has been very buggy. The region walls work only 1/2 of the time and if they do its nearly a 3-5 minute delay. The in-game chat interface is worthless. There is no notification of when someone speaks, therefore, it goes largely ignored. The global trade is a complete failure. I went from having nearly $1 million ("$1M") to only $120,000 because I was not getting income for my trades. Furthermore, there is no adjustment in the prices even after I FLOODED the market with my plastic supply when it did work. Currently, I am waiting for the game to finish its second round of patches in an attempt to fix the bugs in the game, involving the region wall, trade, and connectability issues. I will give credit where credit is due. EA is doing its best trying to fix the issue of the post-launch. They are opening new servers, trying to keep people informed via their forum, etc. (Much better than the launch-day blackout). I would say this is probably the most botched game-day release I've seen however. I would consider Diablo III as a success in comparison, seeing as the volume of players was much larger for the latter.

    (4) Game Play (2 out of 10)
    The game is still buggy. I was able to literally build a zone underwater because the road tool drew the road underwater. The traffic simulation is horrible. How more roads equates to higher traffic congestion and thousands of Sims ignoring a clear 6 lane avenue a block away from the congested one makes no sense. The worst is the multiplayer feature. YOU CANNOT TURN OFF OTHER CITIES FROM LEECHING FROM YOU, which EA conveniently excluded. I built a 140k population city and the cities around me leeched power and water, while dumping their sewage into my sewage plants. I cannot choose to cut off their power or water nor choose to reject accepting their sewage and get a measly fee for it and have to use valuable space to keep up with their rising demand or my city suffers for inadequate services. I literally went from a booming hi-tech industry to the basic utility provider for my region without ANY way to stop it from happening. The neighboring cities then abandoned their cities leaving me with a dump and in debt
  82. Mar 6, 2013
    Another great game franchise down the toilet. Microsoft screwed up Flight Simulator with the abomination "Flight" and now EA sends this stinky effluent called "SimCity" down the pipe. The online problem is a deal killer, no way, no how. Why not just have a logon and then a choice of online play or offline? That way your installation is verified to satisfy EA and you get to play at your own leisure without dropping off the server and losing your work. Epic failure. Avoid like herpes. Expand
  83. Mar 6, 2013
    Always on drm? For a single player game? DRM that breaks and stops you from even playing the game that you LEGITIMATELY PURCHASED? Don't waste your money

    This is absolute rubbish....
  84. Mar 6, 2013
    Can't connect to servers, can't create a new city, just awful. I have an excellent online connection, EA's servers just can't handle the influx of gamers. How can such a wealthy company not have the hardware to handle their games? Hate DRM, I hate everything about it. This is NOT an mmo, there's no reason for a constant connection.
  85. Mar 6, 2013
    Always on DRM ruins the game. Day 2 and still can't play because EA servers are down. Be prepared to not be able to play when you want. The game has a lot of problems. Only one of them actually matters. Never support always online DRM for a single player game. Lots of people cannot play their single player game because of this and gamers need to do everything they can to stop developers from including it. Expand
  86. Mar 6, 2013
    Cant give this game anything except a 0 right now. A game that will not let me play it is no game at all.

    On top of the Fact that you are required to be logged into a server to play even if you want to play by youself/singleplayer you cant because it wont let you. I attempted to play last night for over 4 hours with 0 sucess today i get home from work... oh way 20minute login que that
    counts down from 20minutes before itll let you play. That is complete bs.

    On top of that:
    -Very disapointed with the features left out of this game such as (public transportation etc..) -No terra forming -Forced sence of multiplayer
    -Map size entirelly too small they have limited the actuall map size to a fraction of the last sim city! how the hell does that work 10 years later and you have less space to build your city? complete bs you can run out of land to develop and have to start tearing down in a very short time.

    Biggest gaming disapointment in my 29years on this planet.
  87. Mar 6, 2013
    It would be great if I could actually play it. Also, if it is great because now it has a lot of social features, thanks for not allowing me to invite my friends.

    EA disappointing again.
  88. Mar 6, 2013
    This is the most frustrating thing I have ever paid to do. The game hardly ever works, and it is clear EA dosn't care. I don't ever want to play this online, along with most people that bought this game. They fource you to play online, with servers that take over 3 hours to connect to. If this was a restaurant, all the costumers would have walked out, unfortuently we can't or I would demand my money back. Even when the game does work, it has many flaws. You can't edit the terrain, for example I tried moving my airport to a location so that it could expand. This cost hundreds of thouands of simeleons, and when it was all moved, I couldnt expand anyway because the terrain "wasnt level". By the low score you can see I'm not the only one with these issues, I'm very lucky I was even able to play for a short time. I made a metacritic account just now just to give this game a zero to warn everyone else thats waited 10 years... You might have to wait another 10. Expand
  89. Mar 6, 2013
    I was really looking forward to this game's release, but this online all the time bs is not going to fly with me. It's too bad the concept is unique and I'm sure the actual game it at least comparable to simcity 4. Sadly they've made an expensive game you'll never actually own. I bought simcity 4, and I would have bought this one too, but they took the freedom to play the game the way I want, and designing my own world is all the fun. A long disappointing wait for a flop of a game. I will not be purchasing it, and I hope EA realizes their mistake, because they certainly have lost more customers than me. I guess I'll check out cities xl or something, maybe I'll just stick with simcity 4, at least that's still pretty good. Expand
  90. Mar 6, 2013
    A game can try to be as good as it wants, but if it doesn't work as intended, it's worthless. Not only that, but these concerns involving servers, DRM and forced multiplayer have been voiced by the masses since they were brought to our attention. To disregard this, and then push a not-ready game out with not-ready system support is just asking for trouble. If EA really wanted to force us into this new setup, they should have ensured a flawless transition. Instead, they have released what is one of the most broken releases in video game history. This is a huge shame, because the SimCity franchise has some of the most loyal, and not to mention patient, fans in all of gaming. They have done their fans, some of which got into gaming with the original SimCity, a massive disservice, and the poor designers of the game are left with their hardwork in pieces. SimCity has always been a single player experience. It was something that a kid used to be able to load up and get lost in their own imaginations. That magic is gone, forcing a mechanic no one wanted and worst of all, not even giving us a working version of the mechanics they're forcing us to use. Do yourself a favor, and stay away. Other great games came out this week, including the incredible Tomb Raider reboot. Speed your money there, buy or "find" an older version of SimCity, and you'll be a much happier gamer. Cheers! Expand
  91. Mar 6, 2013
    Looks like it might be good but I can't play!! How can a company release an unplayable game. Server error, no servers, choose a different server... It's a single player game, why can't I install it on my computer and just play. I think I'll try to get a refund save your $60.00!!!!
  92. Mar 6, 2013
    Installed the game tonight around 5PM, it is now 9:30 PM, can't play yet, servers are "busy". I'm never, NEVER, buying anything EA again. Thanks for ruining this great franchise. And for those saying servers issues are not that bad, well I can confirm otherwise. I just want to play a single player game I bought for 60$... 60$ to wait for 4.5h, this should be illegal, it's theft! I want my money back! I'll say it again, never, ever buying an EA product. (or even downloading a free mobile app) Expand
  93. Mar 6, 2013
    If EA wants to force invasive DRM down everyone's throats, I guess that's their choice, but you'd think they could at least make it work. Servers full, and nobody can play because you can't play without being tethered to big brother EA. This is embarrassing. I haven't bought an EA game in years, and this will definitely be the last. I'd return it if I could.
  94. Mar 6, 2013
    I bought SimCity. Apparently, playing it means clicking over and over to attempt to login or claim a city. Then you restart it every once and awhile. Whatever the server problems are, which are horrible right now, the UI freezes up during updates or when connection is lost. The game launched with a back screen, then said it couldn't connect, then no buttons work, and then it sat frozen for a minute when I tried to close it. That's some really bad client design. The UI should gracefully react to server problems instead of locking up. EA, you have my money for this one, but I'll never get another Maxis game again. Expand
  95. Mar 6, 2013
    Why cant I give this game a negative score... It certainly deserves it... Forced online DRM... Terrible support... Even worse servers (ONLY 4 for all of North America!!!!)
  96. Mar 6, 2013
    The game forces you to go through a tutorial before playing. During the tutorial you have to shift between cities and because of their servers, the game disconnects during this process. Therefore, you have play the goddamn tutorial over and over again until you can actually play the game. What happened the last time I tired to finish the tutorial was the best of all: The on-screen instructions for the tutorial disappeared and I couldn't do anything. So basically, right now, I'm stuck in the tutorial with all the buttons being unresponsive. Thank you for your unplayable game EA. Expand
  97. Mar 6, 2013
    I know there trying to prevent privacy but this is pretty f**king ridiculous. Haven't been able this game since I got it. I like it better when you purchase a game and you can ACTUALLY play it.
  98. Mar 6, 2013
    Terrible customer service and servers doesn't work. EA this game, even if you try to play a single player game you need to be online all the time and when you do then the servers crash.
  99. Mar 6, 2013
    Please DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. I am presently attempting to get a refund myself.

    This "must always be connected" DRM is unacceptable. I made the mistake of buying this from the Origin site and 2 days later, have only able to play for about 15min in total. After those 15min, I had some "unknown error" and it completely crashed. The game saves are server specific and can't be transferred to
    other servers. They do not reside locally. If you manage to actually get online to play, the next time you will HAVE to pick the same server, or wait until a spot opens up otherwise you will have to start over.

    The city size limit is so small its shameful. This should be called SimTown, SimBoro, SimEnclave or SimEAScrewsYouAgain.

    I repeat. Do NOT buy this game.
  100. Mar 6, 2013
    By far the worst launch of a game... EA makes Blizzards handling of D3 look great.

    A) Obvious server issues: This is NOT a surprise for EA. They knew EXACTLY how many people ordered the game on day 1 (all pre-orders). There was NO REASON they should have been unprepared for the stress on the servers.

    B) The only reason this is an issue is due to the always on DRM. The only people
    playing SimCity right now are the pirates... the people who payed are the only ones suffering (and yes, they already have a sandbox version up and running; completely offline)

    C) Even if I wanted to forgive EA for the server problems, their handling of this is completely poor. Their tech support forum help consists of some guy from China (yes, he cannot speak halfway decent English) directing people to ANOTHER forum... where there are NO EA Moderators.

    D) EA hasn't even been honest about the problem. They still have (10 hours after the initial problem) an update saying "We are aware that some individuals are experiencing server connection problems, and we are looking into it" EVERYONE is experiencing connection problems... Most people can't even get to the server selection.

    I know a lot of people keep saying "but its the servers, not the actual game"; well WAKE UP... the Servers are NEEDED for proper game play. Its like me saying "Well, the game is GREAT, its just a problem with the code that makes everything purple and the AI buggy"... its the whole damn game.

    Will not support EA and hopefully will be able to get a refund.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 75
  2. Negative: 10 out of 75
  1. 65
    Given enough patches and DCLs, SimCity might eventually become the game that should have been on its release and justify the ambiguous choices that its developers made. [May 2013]
  2. May 9, 2013
    Hints at great things but is limited by small cities and promises it can't deliver on. [June 2013, p.80]
  3. May 9, 2013
    There's more problems with this game than I have words. Looks great though. [June 2013, p.80]