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  1. Mar 5, 2013
    Take the user scores with a grain of salt. The DRM is annoying... But it wasn't sprung on anyone. If your commenting on Metacritic you have enough of an online presence that you knew either from IGN or a city sim forum that this game required internet and Origin. Besides this is standard industry stuff now.... Along with day one DLC. I'm going to throw out a caveat here and say that day one DLC is just fine EXCEPT when it is an essential part of beating a game or gives an unfair advantage in competitive multiplayer. None of this DLC does that. Don't want it don't buy it. Feel like you should get it for free? Well there isn't any saving you then. As for shutting off the servers? EA won't shut down the servers so long as a vibrant online community still exists for the game. No they won't spend millions running servers for you and five friends but that's the reality of modern online gaming, it all has an expiry date. The gameplay mechanics are perfectly represented by the review sites. The smaller build sites are an optimization feature that keeps the game running better with good graphics and the more demanding simulation system on the less then perfect rigs people have out there. In return you get a nice mechanic as a trade off; namely cities can't have everything now, just like in the real world cities share resources due to space, population or money constraints. Hopefully bigger maps come eventually for those of us who can run them but I'm happy now. Now this game isn't a 100 as a few earlier professional European review sites stated. Nothing is 100. But on the flip side saying the game is great but day on DLC and the required internet connection that is clearly advertised make it a zero? That's a tantrum. The games a solid nine. Play it for the mechanics. It's great. If you want buy the day one DLC but doubtless there will be a sale eventually, thats what I'll be waiting for. Origin is what Origin is. Turn it off when your done with it and it takes like no space. I agree it could be a 9.5 if it had an offline mode and bigger maps available at launch but this game has a solid chance of becoming a classic. Expand
  2. Mar 5, 2013
    his game is awesome. I've never had that much fun in a simulation game since Simcity 4 to be honest.
    All in all, my experience was fantastic.
    I didn't experience any lag and everything worked correctly.
  3. Mar 5, 2013
    A good SimCity that is different than it's predecessors, but still captures that typical SimCity feeling. It takes some time to get used to a few new approaches like the city size and the connected cities, but can get you hooked up in no time, leaving lots of options to optimize in later gameplay stages.I'd buy it again, no server problems as welI.
    I honestly don't get however people try
    to give negative impressions without playing the game, or trying to manipulate the rating with multiple accounts that have copy&paste rants that repeat themselves.You don't have to buy, just let the people who enjoy it enjoy it. Expand
  4. Mar 5, 2013
    Very addicting game. Very enjoyable. I'm having a ton of fun. The simulation is extremely deep, like none I have ever seen and overall, the gameplay is fantastic!
  5. Mar 5, 2013
    Ratings based on DRM alone are ridiculous and make a false representation of how good the game is. The servers will get smoothed out, its release day. Its made to be a different game than SC2000 or SC4. Small map size is the only con so far of this game.
  6. Mar 5, 2013
    DRM isn't an issue for me so far. (It was for Diablo 3) The city maps are smaller then I am used to but once you start playing I didn't notice it that much. The game seem much more lively than then the previous versions which got boring after awhile. So far it has been real fun to play and can't to play some more after work.
  7. Mar 5, 2013
    Yes it uses always on, yes it is having some hiccups... but so far this game is absolutely fantastic. A lot of the issues that people are complaining about I suspect will addressed in future patches.
  8. Mar 5, 2013
    apart from not be being able to connect t servers this sim city is everthing you could want from a new simcity game better graphics. real sense of care for my lttile sims. good amount of depth in the gameplay and stargery side to make you build city after city seeing how different staregrys change your citys look and feel. i used love buidling huge citys on simcity 4 but this sim city offers so much more but in a smaller place and people may complain about size of the build plots but a quality well built city with a real sense that its is a live is better than just being able to build more. in future they may even be able to add larger build plots but rember not all people have gaming rigs like mine and these massive build plots may be to diffuclt to run for many computers. 8/10 game but all the other bad scores made me give it 10/10 those people need to learn pateince and that simcity 4 was terrible lagging on realease and they sorted so they will sort the server issues to. Expand
  9. Mar 5, 2013
    The small cities can be annoying at times, but its made up with the multiple city play because you should not be stacking everything into one city. Now complaining about any game about its server availability within the first day is just outrageous. Complaints about this can only come from people who have never played a game at release in the modern age of gaming. Even Blizzard in all their glory fail at release dates because holding massive servers when everyone jumps on at once does cause problems. The servers will be fixed and adjusted and everything will be fine.Already noticeable improvements have been made to the servers. Its a great game for anyone who likes management games and I'm sure once they fix the minuscule problems even the bad reviewers will love the game. I recommend to anyone who loves the SimCity franchise. Expand
  10. Mar 5, 2013
    I've been playing with my boyfriend and we've had a TON of fun so far!! :D. We're both playing in one of the smaller regions available and we're both playing our own city. I have built a city that's heavy on education so my cities are very educated. My boyfriend on the other hand has a city that revolves around oil and exports. His city is big in industry and some of my sims commute to work in his computer processsor plant. It's fun toying around with all the different aspects of the game. One of the things I like a lot about the game is the simulation. The simulation is very deep and it's unlike any of the previous SimCity games...or any city building game really. Gameplay is fantastic of course. If you ask me, game is amazing really. Very fun and addictive. I'm very pleased with the game CHECK IT OUT! Expand
  11. Mar 5, 2013
    Look beyond all the "0" reviews. Seems like there are a bunch of pissed off freeloaders who cannot play a game for free. The game is fantastic and improved on so many aspects from previous versions of the franchise. The new "bottom-up" approach is great. The way the Sims each have their own individual lives and are affected directly by what you do as mayor is amazing. The micro-managing of power lines and water pipes is long gone and everything is delivered via the road systems is a welcome added-edition. Get this game. Seriously. Expand
  12. Mar 5, 2013
    Note: Most of the reviews posted in the user section should be avoided, if not deleted. The people giving this game a terrible score are really the disgrace of the gaming culture, and not the DRM. Most people will be able to tell that the low scores are posted by people who have no actual imput of value. The game is great. Although it would be ideal to be able to play the game offline, with online the game shines, and it can be seen why this was included. Lush visuals, appropriate music, and excellent sound draw you into the Sim City world, and the gameplay and mechanics will keep you coming back again and again. Expand
  13. Mar 5, 2013
    Don't see why everyone is bashing this game it's very fun. The city sizes are smaller but it focuses on making a specialized city to build up your region. Like I played for two hours so far and I have an industry and mining city and then I made a tourism casino city, later I'm going to develop a beachfront residential area. So each plot to develop is small but then you're also interconnecting and developing the entire region. Also for people complaining about being always online just get a better internet connection brah! I didn't have any issues getting into the servers today at all. Expand
  14. Mar 5, 2013
    Haters... sheesh. Game is great. Not the game developers' fault if EA can't keep it up. :)

    I haven't explored mult-play yet, but building up a city by myself was FUN.
  15. Mar 5, 2013
    Playing with my boyfriend and a couple of other friends right now. We're playing on a 16 city region and it's a ton of fun. we're enjoying the game very much. I recommend it
  16. Mar 5, 2013
    Do not listen to all these people reviewing the game as zero, the game is good but all these people are just about EA. And to the people who say its nothing like the originals, thats because its no longer the same game, its a complete reboot of the series and as for the small maps they said they will enlarge the maps in time
  17. Mar 5, 2013
    Multiplayer is well integrated. A better and more fun simulation then previous games. Good and easy to use interface. Good graphics for high end PCs and runs well on my 2009 HP G60 laptop.
  18. Mar 7, 2013
    Its a beautiful game when you can get on. Problem is you can't unless you can play games while at work or school (servers are not overcrowded 10 am to 2 pm eastern). I love the SimCity games and that includes this one when I'm able to play, but poor launch execution is not cool or acceptable. I will change my rating to a 9 out of 10 as soon as EA proves they can run this game successfully. My only other problem is the always on connection but the detail of the simulation requires a better computer than what the average person has so it doesn't bother me that much. Expand
  19. Mar 6, 2013
    this game is fun and certainly not desrving of 0-6 scores..come on people stop with the agenda.
    Makes me have to counter it with a 10 score.
    Its such a breath of fresh air in this game market.
    Everyone that is commenting that this should be a single player game is obviously thinking of past versions of the game. All the hard work and creativity this team has given should not be
    overshadowed by a vocal group of emotional nerds.
    This is not a forum for activism, its a review site for legitimate reviews. Play the game and enjoy all the great things about it instead of focusing on 3 things like some OCD child.
    Yes.. first day launch was bad, what did you expect Blizzard even screwed this up, and they have tons of experience in this realm.

    If your going to write something negative, please stop beating a dead horse, say something new.
    As a player I would much rather hear about problems you had or a bug report or something like that versus your unique way of repeating how boxes should be bigger, and DRM doesn't work, and online only why?!!!, in the same cut and paste way.
  20. Mar 6, 2013
    I always find it funny when these site are overwhelmed by trolls posting ratings of 0 and 1 when they never purchased the game. Yes, the game had some issues at launch. Connecting to server but unable to claim a city, able to claim a city but the game crashed 2 mins later and no ability to invite a friend to a region. All these issues were resolved around 9 pm last night. If anyone has been through a Blizzard launch they will agree that these setbacks were nothing. People complaining about always on DRM, Hello and welcome to the 21st century. Everything is going this way. Unfortunately it is a necessary evil and wont be going away anytime soon.

    I must say this game is the most addicting one I have played in a while. It has been a good 3 or 4 years since a game has sucked me only for me to finally check the clock and realize I need to go to bed for work. I thought the city size was going to be a bad thing but it actually enhances the game play. You are able to start a second, third or even fourth city in your region.

    My first city is now over 50,000 residents and going strong. I have just started my second city in the region and can see myself being sucked in for a long time. Which is going to really put a damped on the Starcraft expansion coming out next week.
  21. Mar 5, 2013
    It's brilliant!!
    The game design was helped by a city planner and it shows. You never stop having fun with it. I loved every single minute of playing it!
  22. Kel
    Mar 5, 2013
    This game brings back the charm and magic of the SimCity series. It truly is a game worthy of the name, unlike the SimCity Societies and various DS/Wii titles. I was wary of the online only thing when I first heard about it, but I think it was done very well and it is not some 'Facebook game' as others have said. The interactions between cities is nothing like the spam your friends nonsense and micro-transactions to build things of value. Everything is there to build fully functional cities and the interactions between the cities is amazing. The deals between neighbors are sweet that they use up the excess of power, water, water treatment, and other services to make money for one city and save the other one the cost of building the services. If the mayor selling services wants to they can increase capacity to make sure that the other city will have enough or they can shut down capacity and make the other mayor find a different way to meet their city's needs.
    Region play can be either open to the public or private with just friends or only by yourself. You can work together to make thriving cities and great works. The interactions between the cities is very nice and detailed and has been stated by the developers during interviews, lays the groundwork for even more amazing regions and larger cities in the future. Right now though, the game is balanced very well for meaningful decisions in each city that affect the surrounding region and the small city sizes seem to actually be more meaningful than just a large urban sprawl with everything possible built into it.
    Overall it has personality and charm between the names of the sims, houses, businesses, and factories and the general atmosphere and mood of the game. The music and visuals change as your city changes in amazing ways.
  23. Mar 5, 2013
    Personally I haven't had as much fun playing in years. No I couldn't download at 12.01 but my pre-order told me 5th of March. I downloaded in minutes this morning, and when I had some free time today (which is still the 5th of March lol) I managed 3 hours of extremely enjoyable, uninterrupted playtime. No bugs, no crashes, just fun.
  24. Mar 7, 2013
    Good gameplay, directed to teamplay with friends. Best simcity, of all. About connection i have only one trouble today, becouse game have realeased in Europe, so i cant play for 3 hours. But, previously i have played 2 days without disc and problems, and now i playing without problems. So, 1010.
  25. Mar 5, 2013
    DON'T LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWSssss!!!!!!! The game is awesome, if u love the old Simcities then there is no reason u shouldn't love this one, all this stupid talk about the DMR is for people who don't understand the difference between hating a game and hating its publisher, if ur a real computer gamer and live in this era u should have no problem being online all the time, and as for origin, I haven't seen a problem with it and it been playing the game for 9 hours. Yea maps are a little smaller, but the interaction between the region proves exactly why that is. Instead of building a city and dumping it, this type of game play gives each city purpose and a direction, making it way more in depth then controlling one big city. Expand
  26. Mar 5, 2013
    Such a great game. Everything is perfect! you dont wanna miss this. Graphics are amazing as usual and the gameplay makes you want to keep coming back. Playing with friends is the best experience but alone is great to. you have to get it.
  27. Mar 5, 2013
    Alright lets be realistic here, this game isn't even remotely close to a 5/10, as shown by the critics. This review forum is filled with more immature reviewers having a temper tantrum then anything else, And why would you complain that it requires an internet connection when it even advises you that in the description and on the box itself, but they didn't read that. Either way completely disregard what all these other reviewers say as the game is quite refreshing, it's been 10 years since the last one and it couldn't come any sooner. They also added a lot more and fixed many things from the previous games, like the road placement. The glassbox engine is neat, very little flaws and neat as you can see and interact with all the sims in the game. One of the biggest complaint is the server itself, i can almost guarantee if the publisher see's heavy log on rates they are just bound to increase it. The maps are indeed small but that's nothing to complain about as they have already promised bigger maps, and they will likely be free to heal the wounds of these hurt fanboys. So far it plays nicely and there are plenty of things to be done as well, lots of fun i might add. The save feature is lacked but have patience everyone. And most importantly, the internet itself. We live in a day and age where we could walk up and down the street and connect to at least 15 different wifi networks, password protected or not. Origin indeed sucks but ive gotten used to it at this point and frankly its not that bad, but when you put it up to heavyweights like Steam which have a crazy amount of innovative tools it's nothing. Yes it would be nice to have been on steam but the game is incredible and hats off to Maxis for the incredible game. Disregard the immature folk and just work on the flaws. Collapse
  28. Mar 6, 2013
    Absolutely the best iteration of the Sim City series. It's nothing short of genius, and insanely addictive. I've not had any problems with servers or DRM.
  29. Mar 5, 2013
    Absolutely and amazing and engrossing and engaging game! I think all the user scores ae so low because the high score critics are too busy playing. I picked the Deluxe version on Origin yesterday. It downloaded 2 minutes before midnight and has worked flawlessly since. This is not Sim City 4 and it is not trying to be like it either. It is a game all to itself and should be rated as such. Always on online DRM thingy...yeah...ummm I am not sure what the problem is. I think some folks are just a little too paranoid. Who plays computer games and is not always online???? I say kudos to Maxis and EA for taking an interest in supporting their product on a regular basis.

    Now to the actual game. Beautiful. Detailed. Easy to play. Complicated choices. Choices that actually mean something to your sims and the city you are attempting to sculpt. The learning curve is not terribly steep, but figuring out how to manage things gives you a real sense of the stresses of being in city government. I loved Sim City 2000. I adored Sim City 4. I am enamored with Sim City. There is so much to do in one single city. I am not extremely concerned with the map size (the only reason this review is not a 10) because I haven't even been able to perfect my gameplay in a small singular city. I can't destroy my city and start over...boooohoooooo! This is forcing me to actually play the game. I have to figure out the mistakes I make. I can't just delete the city and start over fresh. I have to figure things out. Sounds kind of realistic to me...something like a realistic sim...hmmmm...Sim City! I have not spent much time in the multiplayer universe yet. I am more of a solo player and guess what that is what I have been doing all day. Solo play. So stop crabbing about the multiplayer aspect! I cannot express it enough for fans of Sim City 2000 and Sim City 4...get your hands on this and play it for what it is. It does not claim to be either of those two games. It stands on its own and it stands tall. When you have the smallest detail such as: the moving trucks that move your Sims in have spelled out on them 6AM you know it has to be a great game...a great Sim City game. Good work Maxis! Good work EA! 5/5 97% and two thumbs up
  30. Mar 5, 2013
    Sorry to disappoint all the naysayers of this game. But I really like it. It is a very deep city simulation that relies on relationships between cities in a region and not just one city. Yes, the game is online, yes your single city region is smaller than people from 10 years ago are used to, but I prefer to have fun in my life and not dwell on such trivial BS. My wife and I are having a great time and enjoying SimCity. A must buy for fans of the series and gaming. I would say it is not a buy if you are a pessimistic entitled whiner that doesnt enjoy games as much as enjoy spewing negativity in a public forum. Expand
  31. Mar 9, 2013
    I've been forced to leave another review. The first few days were horrid, but server issues are being worked out and for about 24 hours I've have uninterrupted game play. Let me tell you, this game is fantastic. Launch issues aside, I can't complain about this game. The social aspect is simply amazing. Graphics are wonderful although GPU utilization needs some work. The maps are great. Hopefully we will see the ability to expand cities in some future DLC. Overall, this is a must buy for all SimCity fans old and new. Don't hesitate. Expand
  32. Mar 7, 2013
    If you look on reviews of almost everyone here who did red rating.. they are just doing this on all games. Putting negative score on games to decrease rating. Metacritic should ban them all. This game is epic. No problems with DRM here.
  33. Mar 5, 2013
    Actual game play does not represent the average user rating here. The game is amazing and very entertaining i played it for hours straight. Its challenging and easy at the same time. Many people complain about map size but the multi-city feature makes it better, you can share resources from city to city (Electricity, Oil, work force population, jobs) so its makes the game team based. However one downside is the connecting to the internet but that has nothing to do with game play, soon as they get there servers in line the game will be set to go. Overall a great game don't let the negative score push you away from this game. Expand
  34. Mar 6, 2013
    Granted EA screwed up with the whole server load issue, but the game itself is great. Very deep, very enjoyable and overall a great game. It's a great upgrade from SimCity 4 and certainly better than Cities XL.

    Is it perfect? no, definitely not, but it's very very good. Does "always online" suck? Sure it does. Are the cities small? yep, at least to begin with. Once the initial wave of
    launch traffic dies down nobody will think about these issues. Overall I would recommend this game to everyone. Please ignore the bad reviews on here as most are complaining about the server issues upon launch. While those do contribute to the game, the depth of the gameplay itself is not reflective of these launch issues. Let's give Maxis and the SimCity team some credit for all the hard work they did on a great game and not base everything on EA's lack of ability to have a smooth launch. Expand
  35. Mar 6, 2013
    Ignore the people complaining about the "always online" part, they do not get that we live in 2013 and everyone is perfectly capable of being always online. Sure, there are some server issues currently, but that's something to expect during a huge launch. EA does need to fix up their servers, and there is a "queue" (spoilers: it's just a reconnection timer, relaunch the game) to get on the servers, even to play single player. But the thing is, there really is no "single player" mode. Even in what could be construed as a single player mode, you're invited to invite friends to take over other cities in the region.

    Definitely a fun game, no matter the DRM, and I found my self up way past when I should be playing it. Fun as all hell.
  36. Mar 7, 2013
    Just trying to balance out the vast amount of negative reviews. Since Metacritic doesn't require proof of ownership this whole section is useless anyway Or at least would be if people didn't read it and take user scores seriously. Anyhow If people have issues with DRM or online play then write a letter to EA or don't buy the game. Don't punish the dev's that poured their heart and soul into this game for the past 5 years. There's a reason why it's sitting at 91% from the critics right now. This is the direction games have been going for years. Get over the fact that you'll have a harder time downloading it from the pirate-bay. This is going to be one hell of a game. P.S. I also find it amusing that a game that has only been publicly available for a few hours has so many negative reviews. Why don't you actually try playing it first? Expand
  37. Mar 7, 2013
    The game is great!
    Yes, there is a problem with the server, but it is related to the protection and the large influx of players, of course, this is temporary. Just need to wait.
    As the saying goes: "Forbidden fruit is sweet."
    Rate 9 of 10.
  38. Mar 10, 2013
    Connection problems have been fixed. :P. Very impressive since the last game, even though some features were left out. People vote this down because of the connection problems, well they're fixed, so rewrite the review, because this game deserves a better score.
  39. Mar 8, 2013
    Whenever I see a low rating for a restaurant on Yelp, I go ahead and look at the reasons for people's marking them down. I don't really think "the waiter had a cold," "the music was too loud," or "I went to a wings place and the nachos were awful" are valid criteria to measure the food...

    I understand that people are disappointed/mad. I am DEFINITELY disappointed/mad. But the game is
    FANTASTIC! It's a brilliant update of the core game and genre to current-day parameters. The ambitions to create a shared experience is something I always wanted to see in SC4, and the ability to manage some (or all) of the cities in a region is exactly what I loved doing in that older iteration (one town for dirty industry, one for tech, one for dense commercial, etc.).

    Origin/EA has done a mortifying job unrolling a very ambitious project. Surely they should provide all who purchased the game ahead-of-time some sort of consolation, even if it's just token in size. Upgrade us all to deluxe, or give us credits to buy future DLC. Anything!

    HAVING SAID THIS: I feel terrible for everyone who made this game and has worked to get the servers optimized. How affected are our lives, really? The creators and administrators (not to mention the PR reps) are A) pariahs to the entire gaming community, B) working as hard as they can to fix the problems (albeit way too little, too late) C) soon to be out of a job (some will be black-sheeped for it all, of course). Again, what is that pain against our minor-to-moderate annoyance?

    Long-winded way to say: Please rate the game, not the way the launch has gone. Creative criticism would speak so much louder than this double-barreled hatred.
  40. Mar 6, 2013
    Amazing entry in the simcity series. Yes there is server issues but in all honesty this happens for MANY games the few days of release. Yes I wish it had an offline mode, but in the end its a very well made game overall, it just has a few issues. There is some bugs, Always on DRM sucks,etc.. but the actual gameplay is fantastic. It is fun has hell, has great gameplay, good graphics and most importantly its fun as hell.
    I am a long time simcity fan and I enjoy this game alot. Yes there is issues but there is also A TON to enjoy in this game also.

    I say buy the game if you dont mind the issues the game has.
  41. DXR
    Mar 5, 2013
    I'm having a grand time I find it hard to believe there are 300+ legit negative reviews. They revived a classic flawlessly. Only thing missing are larger areas (which they say will happen) Regardless, the smaller city sizes really make you think and strategize about using your space and trading with neighbors. It makes it so no one city can have everything in it. Overall I'd say its worth buying! As for the DRM, welcome to the 21st century. If you've ever pirated a game, which I admit I have, you contributed to this result. It isn't that much of a drag. It really enriches the social capabilities, anyhow. You can really see how much work went into the artwork and mechanics which I really appreciate as a gamer. Expand
  42. Mar 14, 2013
    After spending over 80 hours constructing about 8 different cities each to a population of 100-250k, and with a few remaining very profitable and a few burning to the ground, i can say with all confidence that this is an excellent sim city game. not many games can suck so many hours of my life away in just the first 2 weeks of launch. sim city managed to do that, and it gets major kudos for that.
  43. Mar 6, 2013
    Ok, first things first: Does it suck that you have to always be online, rely on unreliable servers, pay for DLC (which will definitely happen), and blah blah blah with this game? Yes. Does it suck that we are falling hook, line and sinker for these big business gimmicks? Yes. But, for me, being a gamer, it is the price to pay so I can least now-a-days. Is it worth it? You be the judge...everyone is different. I mean, look at Metacritic (no offense Metapeeps), in order to even write or comment on here, you have to sign up, give them your email addy, birth date, blood type, first born, etc (ok, kidding on those last few...I don't want to get any Meta-lawsuits). Why? Cuz they want to just keep things organized? No way! They want to email you stuff that makes them money. I don't like it, but I put up with it (and also check the box that says "don't send me your crap"). Why do I do this, because I'm "paying for the service." I weigh the pros and cons and figure, "ok, I like Metacritic, so I'm willing to give you my email address, etc, so that I can use your site." So, the same thing goes with EA and all they're BS. I don't like it, but it's the price to pay. For those who are just protesting, good for you. But sadly nothing will happen, guys. I mean, if Occupy Wallstreet didn't really do anything, do you think Occupy EA is really going to do anything? Pick your battles. Instead of protesting, design your own stuff. Competition is how you "change" big business, not picketing. Now with that all behind me, here is the truth about the game a real score to get a sense of what this game is really like (with above problems "ignored"...or just not worried about). If you like Sim City games, you will like this game. If you like city building games, you will like this game. If you like being creative, you'll like this game. This is a cool, fun game. The graphics are modernized Simcity graphics. Do they look like Battlefield 3 graphics? No, but they're not going for that here. What they're going for is Simcity graphics, and they look good (and for some reason they just make me happy). The music and sound fx are great, too. As for game play, being able to zoom in and really get a VERY good sense of how things are going, is really amazing. The simulation is out of this world. I am surprised the game runs so smoothly considering how much computing all that unique simulating must take up. To be honest, I think that is why the map sizes are so small. They just can't run that sort of simulation on a map the size of the ones in Simcity 4. Which leads me to map size. Yes, they're small, and at first (before really playing), I was bummed out about it. But then I started doing what I think the Maxis people wanted us to do, and that is specialize cities, and make your region be one big city. So, instead of setting aside one area of my map for industry, the other side for residential, etc, I use one map for things like power, water, etc, and the others for things like education and big buildings...or whatever else you want to do. If you go at this game with that sort of goal, you really start to not mind the smaller plots (but hopefully future DLC give us bigger plots). Other than that, the game is a lot of fun. On a fun factor scale, it's a solid 10. Most people say prayers or kiss their wife good night right before falling asleep....losers like me found themselves thinking about this game and what I'd do differently next time I played, before going to sleep. So, be warned, you will waste hours and hours on this game. In conclusion and in my opinion, get the's really fun. Yes, the required-to-play servers will eventually be turned off, but that won't be for a long, long time (there will probably be a new Simcity by then). In the meantime, you'll be able to enjoy a lot of time playing this very fun game. Expand
  44. Mar 6, 2013
    Absolutely love this game. I haven't had any problems other than being addicted. It is really easy to learn and use. The always online feature really adds to the dynamic of cross city deals and the cooperative nature is great. I sent excess fire trucks and police cars to a neighboring city experiencing a zombie epidemic. I highly recommend this game.
  45. Mar 8, 2013
    Ok, so I'm writing this to everyone who want to know if they should buy the game. This is my first review by the way. I saw how this game got bashed by users and after playing a couple of hours I decided some things had to be clarified to make justice to the team behind this game. First, this is a ***g a m e***. The ***g a m e*** is not really a sequel to previous SimCity to my point of view, I mean it breaks lots of classical rule the previous one established, its kind of a revolution in the series... not a evolution. That's why you see so many simfans lobbying here. But the game is really fun once you accept the fact that they used SimCity franchise to make something different. To my point of view, its less realistic visually than the previous game. But... the gameplay is incredible. You have to plan more, use more collaboration of other cities, and your cities is confront to organic like challenges... your cities is making huge profit based on coal industries? Don't sit on your back like previous SimCity, cause one day your cities mines will run out of coal... So as a mayer its your role to plan a head for the transition... Much more challenging than previous SimCity. You cant save your city Haha, even better you must think of your choice. Critics about the map size didn't realize they where playing another game than SimCity. Small size cities is really important for the balance of this game. You have to manage your ressources, large land would screw this charming mechanic, cause otherwise, even if the coal or ore is vanish from your city you wouldn't care cause you simply would have build everything. SimCity 5 looks a bit like RTS strategy game, except this is to build with others. The challenges of gathering all the ressources for a great work is also very nice. Compare to SimCity 5, SimCity 4 was like painting a city while the new one is planning it. Once you started playing with the specialisation, this game really hook you. I thanks the team behind the game for having the gots not to follow everyone opinion (which shows they don't just want your money) and make a nice piece of art with this game. But be aware if you buy the game early, the macroeconomics severs are being hammered hard, and they probably waited to the last minute before plopping enough server So yes, there is a lot of disconnect and waiting right now, and yes this is really annoying. Expand
  46. Mar 6, 2013
    Yes the DRM really sux but that is about the only bad thing I have to say about this game. Games that always have to be connected to the internet is just going to be a reality moving forward so get used to it. There is a tone of complexity in this game. If you are a micromanagement glutton, this is the game for you.
  47. Mar 7, 2013
    When i get to play the game i really love it. Though small city sizes are a pain, missing some of the features i liked (power,water lines, subway).

    But this always on stuff is really a downer. Maxis is still one of my favorite game companies but this might just put a dent in that luster for me.
  48. Mar 6, 2013
    This game is vibrant, beautiful and deep. I hate that people that are having slight server issues during launch are getting so upset. I just hope they don't give up and miss the greatest city builder available. I know y'all don't like the practices and I can appreciate that but I won't lie and say its a bad game. It's easily the best city builder I've played. It has flaws but I've already put 6 hours into it and I plan on hundreds more. Thanks for your time. Expand
  49. Apr 3, 2013
    Don't get me wrong the launch was rough with lots of server issues, but since then I've been playing non-stop. Between my daughter and I (mostly myself) we have put in 185 hours and I work full time.. The cities are smaller yes, and yes you need to be online. The fun comes from watching the city grow, watching the people go places, the multiplayer play interacting and chatting with people as you play and work together, the trading is VERY fun (this cannot be overstated. They've added a new dimension to this game that makes it very fun to play and requires strategy.), the resources and specializations are all fun, and I could keep going on.. If you thing you shouldn't buy the game because of the score you'll be missing out big time.. All of the sim city games are great, but this one retains what made previous Sim City games fun and adds more. Expand
  50. Mar 6, 2013
    A lot of stupid reviews as usual on the user reviews. If you bought this game thinking that it wasn't ALWAYS ONLINE, you're an idiot. Been playing this game a ton since it became available i was able to download it amazingly fast which was a nice suprise. I figured with so many people trying to access it, that it would take a long time to get. Got right into the game with my origin account info. Love that aspect and how you can see others around you with their origin accounts as well. I've had ZERO que wait times and the game loads fine almost every time. I had one instance when i came home for lunch and had to log out of origin and then back in to get into the game. Took me all of 30 seconds. Firstly, on the game play itself. It's smooooottthh. Everything you need is right there and easily accessible. you can scroll in and view your city at the sim's level, which is really cool. The map sizes are smaller for a reason. In SimCity 4 i would first lay out just a massive amount of farming and then build a small city center from there and then slowly build into a metropolis. With SimCity 5 it forces you to really analyze how you want your city laid out and how to make it look asthetically pleasing as well as economically viable. The specialization is probably the best idea in the game. The first city i build is not so pretty so i had to start demolishing sections of town as i was making it more of a cultural center for tourism (I'm saving casino's for last as i think they'll be a lot of fun). It really emphasises on basic theory behind specialization. For instance, with culture i wanted places easily accessible to tourists so i built a nice bus system with close stops all around the attractions. Then i decided to build some nicer commercial areas around and my revenue just went through the roof! Now i'm trying to build a highly educated city with top research so this means with top research/gadget production i need a really good market and way to export my goods while keeping the land value around these areas. These are all things that SimCity makes you think about! An oxymoron to put it is that it's so much easier to play, however it's much harder to master than previous simcity games. If you let go of the old you'll love this game. I even wake up a bit earlier before work to put in 30min into my city. There are so many cool little nitches with this game i won't go through all of them. Better to discover on your own!

    For the downsides, some of the road building can be annoying. I want to build a road in a certain way and the game will snap it in particular ways sometimes. I like things to be exactly how i like them in my city as i usually want it a certain way so something else will fit well within that area. Ie. i wanted to build a really nice park center within my high income sims and because the roads wouldn't work exactly how i wanted them within the park it didn't look at natural (Asthetically pleasing as i had envisioned). The other downside to me is that it's easier to manage your city funds. I remember in SimCity 4 you could really get yourself in trouble. In 5 it's really easy to keep your income up to where you're always in the black. For example, in prior sims i would be really sketchy of taking out a bond/loan. In 5 i'll take out a bond, build some homes, infrastructure, and/or other revenue generating ventures and never really worry about it. I'd like a bit more thought into taking out bonds than what is currently there.
  51. Mar 6, 2013
    This is a really fun reboot of the simcity franchise. The multiplayer side of the game actually improves gameplay. It's interesting to be able to claim an abandoned city and improve someone else disaster.
  52. Mar 6, 2013
    Well, I have played just over 20 hours and this game is great. I like the region options, although I wish the overall per city map is bigger, my largest city has a population of 120,000. The options are Good all around although the game is a resource hog. Yes the requirement for always online sucks but people should pay for there work. Trading between regions is cool, as you can make a city and dedicate garbage, water, electrical, sewage, trading etc. Bigger maps are required and Iam happy. Always online but there is a lot more positive the bad in this game. Expand
  53. Mar 12, 2013
    The servers are now very respondent and the game is very cool.

    Still, a very bad launch, but I would like to ask users to update reviews accordingly.
  54. Mar 17, 2013
    The game is tons of fun, and I've experianced no problems. The real score should be 9.5, but of course the internet overacted to this masterpiece after some server problems that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONTENT ITSELF! Buy this game, it's worth every penny. Tons of fun, especially with friends.
  55. Mar 18, 2013
    The game is just awesome. Graphics are really cute, and the game is not lagging at all. A haven't spotted any problems with servers, so thats not an issue for me. The only bad thing in the game is small city.
  56. Mar 17, 2013
    Despite the server problem earlier and a few bugs (the gift system kills me), despite the (stupid) DRM, despite the occasional failure to sync with the server, despite the absence of some of my favourite features in city simulation games (farm and underground etc.), SimCity is still the most well made and addictive city simulation game I've ever played. The amazing details of the city, the beautiful and dynamic infographics, and the occasional nostalgic elements (It brings tears to my eyes when I hear music from the Sims 1 starts playing when I click on certain buildings), nothing is confusing or redundant, I'd say the latest SimCity is Maxis at its climax. Expand
  57. Mar 6, 2013
    The game is always online. That may be an issue for some. But the notion that this breaks the game is a fallacy. It is well known by anyone purchasing the game that it is online only. Even for those that do not know and buy the game, chances are it will be played on a computer at home, and therefore, will perform without a problem. There have been a few minor issues, such as a city of mine disappearing when i first started. But the servers have been improving and when you get a chance to sit down and play this game for hours, you will be far from disappointed. This is one of the best purchases I've made in a while because this game screams longevity. It's simple yet incredibly complex. The second your city starts getting larger, hits the fan, and the game gets complicated. Don't listen to the people writing these 2's and 1's. Don't buy the game at launch if you're worried about server problems. We know this is an inherit issue at launch for most online games, so be prepared. If you enjoy city building, and have the patience to wait a few weeks to let them sort their issues out, you will not be disappointed. Personally, I have ran into almost no issues. There has been no lag, and that disappearing city is the only issue I've had. There are problems with the servers, but not all are affected. Keep that in mind.

    SCORE: I would give this an 8/10, but am giving it a 10 due to the incompetent people writing such negative reviews.
  58. Mar 7, 2013
    Yes, Online DRM is stupid, I know. But that doesn't mean that if you manage to get in the game, the game is horrendous. Actually I found it very enjoyable. Starting off with a complete set of regions, all with different kind of landscapes, you're going to make your first connection to the rest of the world and from there, it's all yours. You can even expand buildings, like a city wasn't enough. Only flaw I have is that I kind of miss the terrain tools and at a 50.000 population, some problems start becoming serious. I had to place ten water towers across the city for example and all my buildings became poor, dirty appartments just because I had too much industry. But I can't really blame myself because the cities are a bit to small. But that's no problem; they already promised to patch that problem in the future. Other than that, the game is really enjoyable and one of EA's best in years (Sims 3 get's kind of outdated at the moment). Multi City play is very fun and the online leaderboards, SimCity World, is also very enjoyable. 9 out of ten, because the game deserves more than a 2.0! And that DRM flaw: don't blame EA, but the damn pirates! Expand
  59. Mar 17, 2013
    Server now ok, and the game it's so beautiful. I'm playng a lot of hour without connection problems.
    I'm building two infrastucture, with helpful of 2 my friend in a private region. The longevity is very long.
    Thanks a lot, maxis for this amazing game
  60. Mar 7, 2013
    the review of the people are so subjective and there are so many trolls apart that we can put whatever you want. I say the best game of the century, omitting the crappy Origin
  61. Mar 7, 2013
    The game currently has huge server problems, but if you can play it is quite good. Currently i did not find it very hard and the only thing that i do not like is that the regions are quite limited in size.
  62. Mar 8, 2013
    So many people are going on about the business model for this game.. and fine, you are totally right, the launch sucked and that's because of the DRM.. but the actual game is awesome!! I haven't had so much fun in a simulation game, and that's why it had positive reviews by critics. Got a problem with launch yourself? How about you just breath deeply, sit back for 2 days or so and give it another try. I have had flawless play time for the past 4 or so hours.. giving that it is 2-3 days after the initial release. You shouldn't not-buy a game because it is DRM. If the game is good, then buy it and give it a rating based on how the GAME is, not how the business model is. It's fair to take aim at the company for doing the DRM, but the game itself shouldn't suffer if it is up to scratch. Expand
  63. Mar 13, 2013
    Never written a review on here but feel this is worth it!! Ignore the 0 marks as this game is far from it. Let me put it in perspective came home from work at 4pm, loaded this game up and could not pull myself away for 8 Hours straight it was that good! Yes the cities are not as big as before but you soon forget that as the game is so deep and addictive. (EA have said bigger cities are coming, DLC no doubt) This game is gorgeous to look at and everything runs smoothly. Coming from a sim city background it didn’t take me long to pick up the basics and all these reviews saying you will fail on your first attempt I don’t think so! I found as long as you follow the basics everything falls into place start small and work your way up to big.
    The only issue and why I gave it a 9 is that I had to wait an hour when I installed the game before I could play due to the updates that were needed to patch onto the game and I don’t really like the whole Origin thing, but once you’re playing you soon forget.
    Buy this game you will not be disappointed I can already feel months of my life slipping away to this game its that good!!
  64. Mar 17, 2013
    The best game in its genre and raises the bar for it. Its only issue that it didn't release with day one DLC and season pass, but thats fine since I can wait.
  65. Mar 17, 2013
    Politics around this game: 1/10
    Technical restrictions of this game: 6/10
    The actual game if you can get over those: 9/10

    This game is smeared by politics. It's like anti-global warming people trashing Happy Feet for it's agenda and not the actual film. Or a movie about gun control being slammed before it even hits theatres. There was no hope for this title, and you can see that in
    the 0-day reviews that already have it at 1/10.

    If actually intend to buy the game (instead of pirate it, as it's impossible to pirate it, and partially a reason for the outrage) and play on a computer with guaranteed internet connection, it's amazingly engaging and captivating. This version SimCity is more like Tropico than SimCity 4. Instead of Tropico's outlandish humour, SimCity offers a sense of sleepytown magicalness or pretty tilt shifted skyscraper landlines. It's really cute, engaging, and more fleshed out than Tropico. It's a shame that the Tropico series can get 8/10's but SimCity gets a 1/10 due to politics, as a "blind taste test" of these games would yield SimCity as the better game.
  66. Mar 9, 2013
    Just want to review after seeing 0s and 1s, I know most of users gave it bad because of DRM or several connection problem of the servers, but I think we are here to review that game itself. For me, it is the best city builder game available in market right now, there is no competition, the system of building is great, easy and very informative, city runs in dynamic way, yet it is very easy for the player to get all information, interface is great, graphics cannot get any better, sounds are superb, very enjoyable game for any city builder. Thanks to the developers that they removed the annoying things that was in previous game, like the water pipes and electrical towers, now those things are always automatics, and focuses on the fun things only, the only problem which most mentioned is the city size is small, but I think it is not a big issue since you can keep connecting other cities in the same region and get interacted with each other. 9/10 (excellent job Maxis) Expand
  67. Mar 8, 2013
    So, after buying the game last night, even after reading scores of reviews and commentary on Origin, EA, and DRM server issues, I have to say I'm very happy I didn't listen to the negative scores. The game itself is a 9/10 for me on a couple of basis. For one thing, the lack of in depth public transportation option is a tad annoying. I'm a huge fan of monorails and subways in the classics, and miss building them. For another, I bought a physical copy of the game. When using the disc to install a portion of the game, it causes graphical errors where there is no terrain, but you see buildings. It's an easy fix, just download it. So, after fighting my way through the server base, thinking it would be more fun to hit my phallus with a hammer, I was pretty upset. Then I got into my region. I paused it, set my preliminary road network, wind plant, and zoned, then unpaused it. Fellow gamers, I've been waiting for an online SimCity since SimCity 2000 Network Edition where I played one multiplayer game with a school chum, that is nearly 15 years and I have to say, this game is art. Once I fought through all that, the moment I watched the Price family buy their mobile home, and search for a job in my buddy's neighboring city, it was all worth it. I won't judge the game for it's Server issues, that's the company's fault not the game. I'm not here to stroke EA's ego, lord knows that company needs to hide in a cave in the Sahara waiting for future archeologists to rediscover them. But the game itself brings me back to the original SimCity, playing it on a DOS run computer, waiting for my grandmum to bring me tea. I highly recommend this to any true SimCity fan. So, as I eagerly await the work day to end, I leave you with one more thing to say. "Simcopter 1 reporting heavy traffic" Expand
  68. Mar 8, 2013
    For me this game has had very little problems, disregarding the launch server issues. The game-play for me overall was and still is great. I love the amount of detail and the actual simulation going on. This game is not by any means casualized. I would very strongly recommend giving this game its chance and would even go as far as saying that its better than SC4.
    P.S. In my eyes SimCity
    has never been an on-the-go game, it was always a desktop game which is what this one it *to me.* So the fact of always online, DRM, blah blah blah doesn't effect me that much. Expand
  69. Mar 6, 2013
    This game sucks! I can't even save the game, my game is lost because disconnected from the server! It 's frustrating! diablo 3 should teach that this is not the right way. How to ruin a brand
  70. Mar 8, 2013
    Yes, I also had problems yesterday to find a server. Yes, I wasn't happy as well, that the server didn't work.

    BUT, now, the game works well and i love it! I played it now for 3-5 hours and I need to say, that i don't want to stop playing it. It makes a lot of fun to build up your city and see how your city is growing and growing!
  71. Mar 8, 2013
    I would give this game a 10 if not for the server/launch issues they are having. I also don't like the lack of a local save option. Setting those issues aside, when the game works it is AMAZING. I loved Simcity 4 and this is better than it, hands down. The sheer amount of content and the stunning level of detail and power of the simulation engine are astounding. Also, the ability to customize/expand the plop-down buildings is a huge leap in functionality for SimCity. Its too bad the launch problems and online-only are giving the game a bad rep. Expand
  72. Mar 10, 2013
    A pretty fun game. Everybody says that the DRM is a problem, but i'm sure that they will have the issue sorted out eventually. It certainly is a improvement on the older games.
  73. Mar 10, 2013
    I just purchased this game over the weekend even though I heard the servers were having trouble. I know they will fix the servers soon so that was not an issue for me since most games have some issues around launch. I have not had any issues with the servers, I was able to play fine last night and today. I am having a great time! This is such a fun game that hours just seemed to fly by without me even realizing it. I let my husband try it on my computer since he was curious about it as well. He didn't expect to play it long and about 3 hours later he was still playing! It has such addicting gameplay that just makes you want to play for hours. Needless to say he purchased a copy shortly after. We are now looking forward to building cities together. Minus the server issues that people seem to be having, Maxis deserves praise for creating such a fun game. Expand
  74. Mar 17, 2013
    A great game which is a new start for this incredible studio Maxis. A new game totally different of Sim City 4, a total recast of the city management, awesome graphics and gameplay for hours of fun. One last word terrific
  75. Mar 17, 2013
    Amazing Game, Dont listen to people who rate it under 6. SimCity is getting fixed and better everyday with Servers, Bug, and Glitches being fixed. So people rate better and think better.
  76. Mar 22, 2013
    Don't believe the hate. This game works fine at this point, it looks great and is an absolute blast to play. If you like sim games, there's no reason you won't love the new Sim City. Interacting with a region is great fun and watching your city grow is just as fun as ever.

    Sim City is a must buy.
  77. Mar 12, 2013
    Great game. Has a steep learning curve, but is extremely rewarding. Too many people hate it just to be hipsters. The launch has been much better than Diablo 3.
  78. Mar 10, 2013
    The game is great, my fave SimCity game so far and I'm liking it's focus on multiple city and online play, it's really a good direction to go down. It would have been nice to have the option to play with a single big city in the sandbox mode in offline, however that could come later, it's better they focus on doing one thing really well, than spreading out too early. I think the general hate to this style of play and the city size comes from people who just see it and haven't actually played it. I think the direction has made each city more personal and look less generic than the cities of old which were really copied and pasted and you felt so far removed from the people in the city.

    There are a few issues I have with building placement, I wish there was an indication on the floor before it snaps, I wish you could rotate and I wish you didn't need a road for every building, the airport is really annoying to place. It also makes it annoying because you want to place parks and things away from the roads, however you cannot, so you end up having to make so many pointless roads. I also wish'd you could undo changes like you can in photoshop. So many times have I upgraded and hit the wrong one and not been able to change it.

    There are a few problems with the gameplay here and there, however what game doesn't have small issues? I just hope they listen to people and patch the issues rather than putting them in as DLC or something weird like EA is prone to do. One DLC feature I would like however is to be able to build buildings like you can in the Sims, however then save them and use them like prefabs, it would make our cities look even more unique. I don't get why people are moaning so much about the 3/4 days of unstable servers. This game is always online, they haven't kept it secret and we all knew it would be like this for a few days until they judge the amount of servers they need. People are acting like such pathetic kids and the worst thing about it is I bet all the people complaining knew it would happen and yet still bought it day one and still are complaining. I bet most people in fact never even bought the game but are moaning. Like get over it people, this happens with every online game of it's nature and even COD got it wrong once and had poor servers at launch. Just wait until they get it under control and then buy it.........

    Amazing game, I've been playing it pretty much non stop since the UK launch on Friday (Sunday now) and I'm having such a blast. I'm loving the online play as well, it's so much fun with friends. I just hope they add filters in if you want to play a public game as it's hard to find empty slots in them. I wouldn't listen to the whiners though, they're just being pathetic, just give it a week and then go and purchase it.
  79. Mar 11, 2013
    Have not had a single problem with the game. Brilliantly addictive can lose 6 hours without even realizing! Not a fault with the game play. This is a massive step up for SimCity games!
  80. Mar 11, 2013
    Played the game all weekend with no server problems from launch in the UK. I have no problem with being constantly connected and can't see the issue with DRM.
    Very addictive game, only game where me, my wife, my teenage son, and my 11 year old daughter are fighting for the computer.
    I have played all the Simcity games and for me this is the only one that comes close to the original. I
    am not too sure about the long term appeal of the game but I am looking forward to the next few months of playing Expand
  81. Mar 9, 2013
    This game only has such a low rating because of the DRM (which really isn't that big a deal) and the shaky (to say the least) launch. If people just cooled their loads and actually rated the game on how the game was instead of how bad the companies that make them are then the score would be much higher. Bottom line is that this is a great game. If you played and liked SimCity 4 then you will love this game. Expand
  82. Mar 10, 2013
    great game, have had almost no trouble getting on playing. Carries the SimCity name very well.Negative reviews are just kids about EA ignore them
  83. Mar 10, 2013
    I can't understand why people are giving this game so much hate, just because of the DRM! Sure, it's annoying as heck, but the game itself is brilliant, in fact: it's a masterpiece!

    EA is fixing the servers, the game is being fixed guys! Stop the hate, the game is awesome!
  84. Mar 9, 2013
    SimCity is a great game. Sure, the server issues is bringing it down but the game it self is great! I think that all you haters haven't considered the fact that it's the servers that is the problem, not the game. Constant online and DRM sucks, though with some benefits. I agree that they should have added an offline mode for those with bad internet connection or non social skills (sorry). But overall, this is a must buy for all SimCity fans and for those who want a fantastic city-building simulator! Expand
  85. Mar 9, 2013
    One of the best games in 2013. It is suitable for those who have just started playing genre urban simulator. I recommend to all fans of The Sims and Spore to buy this game.
  86. Mar 9, 2013
    This game is probably one of the best games of the year. The gameplay is extreamly fun, the graphics are amazing. Now when the servers are up the game is compleatly awezome!
  87. Mar 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Perfect game, if EA can fix the server it would be 10/10. The mode of game is creative but it needs better servers. It is kinda unfriendly to single player who just wants to play himself. Expand
  88. Mar 10, 2013
    Really do love this game. Played 4 hours straight and didn't have a problem with the servers. It's not perfect, but it's better tan ever. Making connections between cities is a nice feature. I understand the DRM, even though it's not working properly, but even EA needs to protect their product just as anybody. I feel as this game gets bad reviews just from EA haters and DRM cry babies. But once more servers get implemented and possible single player, then we will see a larger population of players. Expand
  89. Mar 10, 2013
    Most games that have required online connectivity have issues for a short period of time when they are first released, WoW had it Diablo had it Final Fantasy XI and XIV had and so on, no a real reason for a bad review. Online DRM not relaviant enough anymore to give a bad review, just because you have to buy the game to play. Multiplayer is an option not a requirement as you can make mulitpule of your own cities in a region and work together with them. I personally enjoy the game play and the multitasking required to play it correctly. Once people get over there own grudges toward online requirements the game is fantastic. Expand
  90. Mar 10, 2013
    Since I started playing the game on launch day at 3pm (UK) I had one game drop out and I was and hour into my game...... I just loaded it back up and I was back on my merry way no big deals......I've not created a public game yet but am looking forward to it I must say, I'm just enjoying creating my own region for the time being, just create a private game from a choice of many great regions/maps some that I must add are huge! I'm on a map that has 7 build zones and I've only partly built on 2 after a few hrs of taking my time building.... I've got them exporting goods with each other and commuting I am enjoying the whole experience....... I understand people's frustration with the servers but you can't review a game on that basis surly? There's a lot of haters out there at the moment regarding this and other topics, seems like there's a big EA hate campaign going on. Overall I reckon Maxis has created a great Sim City keep up the good work, and I look forward to spending many hrs on this game in the future. Expand
  91. Mar 10, 2013
    Yes there were problems in the beginning, however people are all to quick to come to conclusions. What people fail to realize is the Maxis was not requiring all-the-time connectivity to be greedy, but rather to allow full fruition of the visions they had for the game's experience. They imbedded this new idea into the game to allow for brilliant simulations of cities, simulations of which many older computers of which the game is supporting would cause the game to be horribly slow if not for offsite calculations. Yes this idea didn't work out in the start, and yes the other motives behind the ideal were less than benevolent, however once again I must point out that Maxis has apologize and is trying there best to make amends. Honestly in my view the true problem isn't the company(at this point they are near to resolving the issue and getting back to near 100% uptime), but rather the players. It honestly sickens me to see how critical and cynical gamers have become about the industry. Game companies as of late have been trying to bring about a revolution to a industry that is in need of one. "We paid for the games, we have every right to play it right away!" Oh boo hoo, you can't play the game, so lets instead go and be little children throwing tamper tantrums and downrating the game on every review site we can find. Let me ask you, if any of you read this far, when Amazon ships you a defective product do you refuse to use Amazon anymore and downrate it, or Apple's new iPhone comes out and the site is down due to traffic do you go about to every site and downrate the phone, or when any MMO takes a server down for maintenance downrate it, or... well it's easy enough to make a list that'll make anyone scoring the game with a zero due to server issues seem like children. In the end Maxis has been putting countless hour and dollars into fixing their problems and have been apologizing many times over, they have done their part, now due yours. Stop being impatient, wait a day, then play the actual game and rate the game, not the servers. If not just remember the more you act like children and constantly go around berating every game company that makes a game with a few issues, the less these companies want to take risks. The less risks the less of the games we've come to love. Eventually the wondrous and full featured games like this and others will be gone. Only to be replaced by freemium model casual games, of which are extremely cheep to develop and make profits similar if not greater to full-fledge games such as this. Because of this I feel the need to reiterate a point, stop being children, wait until the game can be played to rate the game. Expand
  92. Mar 11, 2013
    One week after launch, I have no issues getting online. It's sad that people review this game without playing it, but there you go.

    Gone are the minutiae of power lines and water power, and good riddance I say. You now get a loving city with every person and business an AI agent. Cities are smaller, but this forces a more realistic specialization. Make a region private if you don't want
    multiplayer. Fantastic iteration of the game in a bold new direction, though some hardcore fans may be upset by the changes. Expand
  93. Mar 11, 2013
    I think this is a great game I got the game Saturday and I played all weekend. The game is addictive and smart and I would suggest It to any one that likes to have fun. Everyone who is hating obviously is not in a good place in there life. Get the game... the only negative I have about it is that I cant play it 24/7
  94. Mar 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Cara quando eu vi pela primeira vez o SimCity (PRIMEIRO) NES, fiquei impressionado pela essência do game. Logo agora depois do SimCity 4,Sociedades, e agora SimCity 5. cara estou tao animado que por vários problemas que o game tem: FALTA DO SINGLE PLAYER,CONSTANTE ASSESO A INTERNET...
    faz do game ter pontos negativos. mas podemos dizer que por estes problemas não vamos para de comprar porque cara e SimCity mano, o ultimo game de serie foi o sociedades lançado em 2007,agora com a volta da Maxis estamos de ante a Volta de um dos melhores simuladores da Historia. por isso coloco NOTA 10 em SimCity não por ser ruim ao contrario por voltar as origens da serie. Entao este foi minha opinião sobre o game. Cairam Ribeiro Game mix
  95. Mar 13, 2013
    OK so the game wasn't available for a couple of days and yes it has always on DRM (yawn) but do not be deceived, this is a spectacular offering from Maxis. Gameplay tweaked to within an inch of it's life, graphics stunning, plenty of that famous Maxis humour what else could you ask for. £50 is a steal for a game of this quality especially when you look at some of the so called AAA tripe that is wheeled out (that's right SH3 I'm looking at you in particular) 1 small gripe, the maps are too small but when you get used to the new region concept it doesn't seem quite as bad. All in all if you like SimCity this is a must don't let the false score due to DRM gripes put you off. Expand
  96. Mar 26, 2013
    Despite everyone complaining about server ques and such I have been able to log on instantly every time. I don not find the criticisms of this being a "single player game" because it's not; the game has been built around the concept of people in a region building cities and sharing (novel concept) their resources to complete challenges or construct great works. Everything about this game suggests a multiplayer game. When you set up your city in a region you rely on other cities for quicker city growth, electricity, water, supplies and in some cases, workers. I have played for about 10 hours so far and have had so much fun playing this. Yes, there is the odd graphical glitch and technical oddities but nothing worth me not buying this game. I think this game challenges the world to cooperate instead of competing to expand your city to the maximum which obviously the population is not able to cope with.

    10/10 EA! I also like the free copy of MOH:W That I got with the purchase!
  97. Apr 30, 2013
    i love this game thy made it simple and nice you learn is you play. its kinda sad that after you spend a lot of time building your city you realize at the end that you didnt build the roads in the right way and you need to destroy everything to re-build the roads to increase the dinsaty of the area. but its wayyyy better then the old ones
  98. May 18, 2013
    The game works perfectly. It is very fun and realistic. I placed some parks down to increase wealth and that made the density increase making the city bigger.
  99. Dec 6, 2013
    Even though Sim city has some problems and these problems are mostly solved I give 9 points from ten because I've never played better city building strategy. For me the reason why i am not giving ten points is that the places for building are so small.
  100. Apr 5, 2014
    As the patches made, as the time runs, this game becomes even better. There is almost no problem with this game such as server problem, glitch, bug, and now it comes with SINGLE PLAYER MODE, road tools, smarter sims (that drive vehicles not only in the shortest path) and other interesting things. So delete those negative reviews because that describe the old Simcity, not the nowadays Simcity.

    Sorry if I made some language mistake, because english is not my first language
  101. Mar 5, 2013
    Alright lets be realistic here, this game isn't even remotely close to a 5/10, as shown by the critics. This review forum is filled with more immature reviewers having a temper tantrum then anything else, And why would you complain that it requires an internet connection when it even advises you that in the description and on the box itself, but they didn't read that. Either way completely disregard what all these other reviewers say as the game is quite refreshing, it's been 10 years since the last one and it couldn't come any sooner. They also added a lot more and fixed many things from the previous games, like the road placement. The glassbox engine is neat, very little flaws and neat as you can see and interact with all the sims in the game. One of the biggest complaint is the server itself, i can almost guarantee if the publisher see's heavy log on rates they are just bound to increase it. The maps are indeed small but that's nothing to complain about as they have already promised bigger maps, and they will likely be free to heal the wounds of these hurt fanboys. So far it plays nicely and there are plenty of things to be done as well, lots of fun i might add. The save feature is lacked but have patience everyone. And most importantly, the internet itself. We live in a day and age where we could walk up and down the street and connect to at least 15 different wifi networks, password protected or not. Origin indeed sucks but ive gotten used to it at this point and frankly its not that bad, but when you put it up to heavyweights like Steam which have a crazy amount of innovative tools it's nothing. Yes it would be nice to have been on steam but the game is incredible and hats off to Maxis for the incredible game. Disregard the immature folk and just work on the flaws. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 75
  2. Negative: 10 out of 75
  1. 65
    Given enough patches and DCLs, SimCity might eventually become the game that should have been on its release and justify the ambiguous choices that its developers made. [May 2013]
  2. May 9, 2013
    Hints at great things but is limited by small cities and promises it can't deliver on. [June 2013, p.80]
  3. May 9, 2013
    There's more problems with this game than I have words. Looks great though. [June 2013, p.80]