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  1. Mar 13, 2013
    This game is a error! I dont understand why someone would buy an abomination like simcity when there is CITY XL as an alternative. I dont get why people persist in keep pay for sofhouses like EA who dont give a for his customer and continualy launches horrible games like this. I dont have buyed this game, cause I refuse to pay for a game with DRM, but other keep funding craps like simcity!
    Why complain, you all deserve this
  2. Mar 13, 2013
    Compared to the depth of the former franchise, this is complete trash. But dont get me wrong, looks fabulous, random events frequent and less than properly animated. Online required to play? Must admit, i would give this a 3, then i see a 10 rating and nearly vomit all across my new desktop. Cant let that bowl of mindless sewage go unchallenged. Online required to play? Lets blow 100 bucks after dlc on a game that will only be around less than a year.
    *Opens original box to Sim City 2000* Yea, this still works and its at least 6 years old.

    With the amount of DLC available on launch, this game should be free to play at the least.

    How many game series can EA ruin before customers demand salvation? We wont find out...
    Because they will be lining there pockets while we rage behind there curtain of false advertisement.

    (Second review, first was a bit sloppy)
  3. Mar 14, 2013
    Aside from the always on servers, and the emphasis on social activities over city management, Sim City has failed to provide an intelligent and long lasting simulation. There are obvious flaws that can be visibly noticed in the algorithms used, and many in-game features are unreliable and random.
  4. Mar 17, 2013
    SimCity has potential, but falls very short of achieving its potential (very short of achieving.)

    If you feel like wasting hours fudging around with traffic jams and broken game dynamics, being kicked out of the single player city you have been creating for hours and then have to start it all over again, then you may be interested ...

    I feel ashamed for buying this game. D'oh,
    Electronic Arts! I should have known better Expand
  5. Mar 25, 2013
    Not taking into accounts the server issues at launch SimCity has a number of gameplay issues. Fans of the prior series might discover the entire base upon which the simulation is created suffers from design issues. Entire cities can be created without the need of anything but residential areas and the most basic of needs covered. While most of us wouldn't find enjoyment in merely planting residences and let time go, this shows a game broken in the very core. The fact the simulation design allows people to move in, be happy and improve their houses in cities with no jobs and no shopping ripples throughout the game experience. The areas of which you can build your cities is pre-made and compared to earlier SimCitys the area is very limited in size. This is a part of the multiplayer aspect Maxis invisioned. The option for a multiplayer in a SimCity game is in this reader's eyes a great evolution, if not for a few things: The multiplayer part is not really an 'option'. To get the maximum efficiency from your city, it needs to co-operate with other cities. Sure enough you can build multiple cities yourself, but as each is paused when you leave it, there'll never be a feel of a real flow between the cities. Another issue is the interaction between the cities is unimaginary, limited in such ways you can't even decide how much, if or at which price you want to sell the goods you got in excess. It happens at a preset price as soon as someone clicks "buy" in regional view. This is if it even works through the seemingly limitless amounts of bugs with inter-city relations. Perhaps the worst part about the multiplayer 'option' is the way it was used as an excuse of forcing you to be constantly logged in to their game servers. Not only does this force you to be connected to the internet constantly, which most of us are anyways, but it forces us to rely on servers being available. 'A small server crash is not an issue, go do something else' you might say, and yes, I can do that now, but what happens in a number of year's time when SimCity isn't worth keeping around any more? If servers then get shut down, we're left with a product we can't even use any more. When through with all these issues and bugs you're left with a beautyful game and at times a good amount of humor. Who here wouldn't love to shop at "Lead Paint and Baby Oil" for instance? There seems to be a little Maxis soul left in there in the details, but overall the game feels rushed, the old fans forgotten and most of all give you the sense of being 'victim' to a quick moneygrab based on old feelings toward the brand. For experienced and long term SimCity players, the issues in the basic design will most likely come as a huge problem, same would most likely go for the restricted space offered. Personally I wouldn't advice anyone to buy the game till it's on sale at half off, the quality of the game is simply closer to a $30 game, if even that. The most frustrating thing is that I'm not only giving SimCity a low score, I am giving the future of the brand the same low score. Based on a broken design, a bugged game, visions that might've been good but where the execution failed and a raped brand, which only redeeming qualities are the humor and the beautyful graphics I'll give it a 4. Pozz... Expand
  6. Mar 6, 2013
    EA must have thought they would be able to get away with a high priced game, day 1 DLC, micro-transations, online save games, and the ability to completely disable the game when its no longer profitable to run the DRM servers because SimCity is a popular and well respected game franchise. Well EA have probably just destroyed it and not just because of the reasons already mentioned, but because the game is dumbed down and boring and the city sizes are tiny. They should have called this game DRMTown rather than SimCity. Expand
  7. Mar 19, 2013
    I rated it Unplayable or 0 because it keeps refusing to run this game,the server overloaded,bad performance,a dumb-downed Sim City 4,smaller place to build city and a freaking DRM just awful.This is ONLY SINGLE PLAYER GAME....Why need Online,i really lose my faith looking this series anymore...if you are a die-hard fans of Sim City,i suggest that you play the Sim City 4 instead.
  8. Mar 13, 2013
    We were promised a great revival of the franchise. Instead we got a really casual boring game that should be rather called "sim-really-small-town". And yet it costs 80$ has a huuuuuuuuge set of bugs and has the worst kind of DRM ever. To all fans of SimCity3000 and SimCity4 I'd recommend buying CitiesXL and avoiding SimCity 5.
  9. Mar 9, 2013
    I have been waiting for this game for a long time, waiting for innovation and an entertaining, LARGE city-building game. This is a horrible game. And I'm saying this not taking into account the million problems I have had trying to play online. Not expecting this many players is a horibble excuse Maxis and EA. I severely recommend that nobody plays this game. The graphics, I don't even want to talk about it, I recommend Cities XL. DO NOT play this game, do yourself this favor. Expand
  10. Mar 11, 2013
    "Always-on DRM is a disease that we cannot allow ourselves to be so willingly infected by. It’s a curse on gaming. It’s diminishing our experiences, reducing the possibilities for our play, and creating a space where faulty games are accepted as complete. Always-on DRM is a broken game. They need to be fixed."
  11. Mar 19, 2013
    I promised myself, the only time I would ever give a game a "0" would be if I bought the game, put it in or booted it up, and it didn't play. That's exactly what happened. I was foolish enough to buy the digital download version. This prompted a mass email telling me I would not receive a refund that I had yet to ask for because I was still troubleshooting.
  12. Mar 13, 2013
    Never support forced online DRM. It makes me sick that EA thinks it can shove this always-on DRM into the game but why not it worked for Diablow. I can't believe anyone would support this behaviour, there should be 0 positive reviews on this page.
  13. Mar 6, 2013
    One of the worst release of a game I ever seen, by the way the game is good, and I hope it will be better in the future. Hope all the problems be fixed soon!
  14. Mar 11, 2013
    Oh ....always on DRM is for the players benefit? Well that changes everything then.....I had no idea that not being able to play a single player game due to failing server tech is all for MY benefit.

    EA you have sunk to a new low......last game I ever buy from Electronic
  15. Mar 9, 2013
    I've been forced to leave another review. The first few days were horrid, but server issues are being worked out and for about 24 hours I've have uninterrupted game play. Let me tell you, this game is fantastic. Launch issues aside, I can't complain about this game. The social aspect is simply amazing. Graphics are wonderful although GPU utilization needs some work. The maps are great. Hopefully we will see the ability to expand cities in some future DLC. Overall, this is a must buy for all SimCity fans old and new. Don't hesitate. Expand
  16. Mar 8, 2013
    I've played every Sim City released on PC and this is by far the worst, yet it has the potential to be the best. Besides the server issues happening at the time of this review, 122 hours after North American launch, the game is limited. The size of cities is so much smaller than previous versions, which is weird because with video games I am use to them improving over the course of a series, not getting worse and removing features. Speaking of removed features, build a road at the edge of your map, nothing happens, in Sim City 4 it prompted if you wanted to connect this to the neighboring city, not allowed here. Heck you can't even connect a subway to anything, cuz they simply don't exist, that's right, the lifeblood of every major city in the world is completely removed for Sim City. Sadly my friends and I believe that this was not included so as to be added as paid DLC at a later date. Similarly the small city size and lack of terraforming, a huge part of previous versions, limits the ability to do anything creative, which is what this series is about, again my friends and I believe these may be changed via paid DLC, which would be a complete disservice to fans and a giant step back for games in general as they get better and improve on previous features of a series, not remove the popular features, like playing a single player without having to be connected to the internet at all times, and change the principals of the series to the point of making the game unplayable, literally. The worst part is that when I have been able to connect to their servers and join a friend's region they start to purchase some of my excess power and then inexplicably my power plant continues to feed my city uninterrupted, yet stops giving him anything, even though I have five times the excess power than he needs, blame this on the servers if you want, but we are playing on the same server at the same time and talking on skype, which brings me to another drawback, how do you not include something other than a basic text chat in a game that requires you to be online. If my friend is having a zombie outbreak and needs police assistance he's not going to stop everything, let the zombies continue to destroy his city, or rather town considering the size limitation, he is going to try to do his best, but if all he had to do was ask us for help using his voice we can send any and all spare resources to assist him, but you can't reasonably expect a $60 online game to include simple communication tools. While they may fix their server issues, EA's what to get back in our "good graces" and still "be friends" is offering me a free Origin game, funny thing is I can't play the one and only Origin game I care to play, so why would I want to use another one of your games? The absolute worst part about this game is how a series that has been played offline for almost 25 years, except for Sim City 2000 Network Edition (a little known spinoff) no requires EA servers, so if I want to play this game in 5, 8, 10 years, as is my case with older Sim City games, I probably won't be able to as EA loves to shut down servers as they release the next game in a series or 2 years in a game's life span, sadly most of those games are still playable in the single player mode, which this simply doesn't offer, at least not without a major patch, that will probably never be released. Which probably accurately describes the venom many people have for EA and Maxis right now, it too will never be released, at least until they change menu system of the game as too many of us are all too familiar with the plane that's stuck in mid-air while we hope to find a working server. I'd love to give this game a 0, but the few moments I have been able to play and not rebuild the last 3 hours of unsaved work the game has been one of the best experiences I've ever had, so for the potential of playing it I'll give it a lowly single solitary one, which is exactly the amount of players it takes to play this game. Expand
  17. Mar 11, 2013
    Look at the positive critic reviews. Remember the names of the organizations that gave those ridiculous scores. Remember them and never support them. Their reviews and very integrity are for sale. When users collectively rate a game 1.6 out of 10, and a professional critic rates it 100% perfect, it doesn't take a genious to figure out what is going on. I can only pray that this game is a huge enough financial flop to make EA finally get the message, but i doubt it. 10 years from now, people will still be playing all the old SImCity games, 1-4, but the servers for this latest installment will have been down for years, rendering it unplayable. Fortunately, nobody will want to play it anyways. This game made me want to dust off SinCity 4, and take it for a spin. Expand
  18. Mar 7, 2013
    If you look on reviews of almost everyone here who did red rating.. they are just doing this on all games. Putting negative score on games to decrease rating. Metacritic should ban them all. This game is epic. No problems with DRM here.
  19. Mar 16, 2013
    I want to like this game, I honestly do. I keep trying to play it, but it always ends the same way: frustration.

    The server, are reasonably ok now, even though most social features are turned off. Other things, like Cheetah Speed, are still missing, and regions are still shaky in their synchronization (even failing to save your work in rare cases).

    Everything above this paragraph
    will be fixed before long, that is guaranteed.

    The greater problem is the actual game. Not only is the balance of the gameplay mediocre at best; the actual simulations are horrible. Earlier SimCity games *tried* to simulate real cities, with varied success. This game, however, doesn't even try. There are no simulations of real-world behavior or city planning. Instead, the game is completely focused on the automated behavior of "agents" in a completely artificial system.

    At best, your population seems a bit dumb. At worst, your city becomes completely irrational, and requires you to build your city the *opposite* way of real cities.

    The game engine is fantastic, and the potential for great simulations is greater than any game I've seen the last 20 years. In fact, the Glassbox engine is much more interesting and revolutionary than any Crytek, Unreal, or Frostbite engine. Not because of graphics, but because of gameplay.

    Unfortunately, the developers lack any knowledge of the subject matter they intend to simulate. And instead of hiring experts to help them out, they let AI programmers build systems that have nothing to do with real cities. The engine could have done great things, but it is fed with sub-par pathfinding and unrealistic behaviors.

    In the ends, you can have a lot of fun with the new SimCity. As long as you don't expect it to actually simulate cities.
  20. Mar 9, 2013
    It seems games companies refuse to learn from past mistakes. Or maybe they keep retrenching employees after every game release who would have known better. And so SimCity joins the long line of failures because of lack of developer/publisher planning and heavy handed DRM schemes. UbiSoft learned a hard lesson from forcing DRM on people. And now EA will learn that lesson as well. If I can't play a game because I am locked out of a server or I can't interact meaningfully with other players in SimCity because features have been turned off at the last minute well what is the point of selling me that game EA.

    Shame on you EA. Once again you continue to feed your own stereotype of one of the world's worst game publishers.
  21. Mar 9, 2013
    I bought this game with high expectations, I don't have the fastest internet but have never had problems with other single player games i.e. Far Cry 3, Fallout 3. 2 hours into my first map, I lose connection and my progress. Thanks EA for f**king over your customers again.
  22. Mar 18, 2013
    When it works, it's hugely entertaining as you would expect from SimCity and Maxis after a decade. However, they really created a disaster of Maxis proportions and like this server-controlled debacle, there is no reloading the launch or a wave of bad design decisions. I expect a game not to blow up in my face after 30 hours of progress. Forget being online or offline for a moment, to have your efforts wiped clean because of a server sync issue and no backup save is extremely amateur. The "Unable to load city. Please try again." error that corrupts your whole region, or one city if you are lucky, has not been acknowledged or fixed. One would argue that region functionality is core to the designers vision, that is definitely true. But it's created a frustrating, unstable gaming experience for which a free game is hardly compensation. They need to rethink their refund policy particularly for those who pre-ordered, as I did, and expected a working game regardless of how it synchronized or required online play. I really want to rate this game what it deserves, but even something as basic as saving your progress isn't completely functional and it's deserving of the lowest rating possible. My bank is reversing the charge with one final step in the investigation. If there is a litany of bug fixes and arse kissing, there might be hope of buying it in the coming months. Expand
  23. Mar 13, 2013
    I'm not here to rage about DRM. Yeah it sucks, but what can you do? At this point, the servers are a little unreliable but I have played 106 hours and haven't had any major issues in about 3 days now. Most of these reviews bash the DRM and always online blah blah blah, but it's not just that. The AI is beyond horrible. You start getting up to 80k population (which is tiny) and things go from bad to worse quickly. Sims stack up and fill the streets needlessly, buses from other regions all flood into the city back to back at the same time, your freight trucks (the backbone of profit) get stuck in this traffic and your city begins to burn to the ground. The traffic and AI is not just challenging, as I first thought it was, it's just broken. It completely ruins your sense of success in building a thriving city. Sure, you can get around it with exploits and bugs like only zoning residential with some parks, or dirt access roads for trade express lanes, but it just sucks that you can't just build a big badass city and have things work right the way they should. The game is fun for a while, or if you aren't really hardcore about it, but I can't recommend it to any of my friends that have previously played the franchise. It's bad news, pick it up in the bargain bin in 6 months. Maybe they will have fixed a couple things by then. Expand
  24. Mar 5, 2013
    I'm really disappointed with this game and DRM. All I wanted to do was go camping or to a tropical beach and bring my computer to play my favorite sim game on my laptop pc. Crybaby gamers who only want to pirate games, shouldn't be playing games if they can't afford them. Never once have I had an issue with DRM. To be fair the game has been toned down and more "Sim"ified but there is a lot more depth added that is seriously needed for the series. There are elements of Civ involved where you can communicate with your neighboring cities, which just happen to be your friends from your friendslist. The game runs incredibly smooth for how far you can zoom in and out of your city. If you don't like DRM start voting with your wallets, this idea was not up to the developers and coders. It's a sort of a poetic justice when gamers gripe about too much control in a game where the goal is to control. I don't play games while camping. Expand
  25. Mar 5, 2013
    I understand that DRM might be for problem for some people, but seriously you can't give the game 0/10 because of one element of the game that you don't like, regarding the city size limits; you are meant to build upwards and develop your city that way, build sky-scrappers, the developers intended to restrict the city limits to make you have to think through and choose your actions. The day 1 dlc is basically a skin pack for buildings and a preorder bonus, I wouldn't exactly call that day 1 dlc myself. Regarding to the "Oh my gash" Simcity has changed from Simcity 4, "Simcity 4 is so much better than this crap", the developers have adapted to appeal to a larger audience meaning that some elements of the game may have been altered. And I also don't personally like EA and DRM being used in video games but I don't hate on the game and give it a 0/10, it obviously deserves more score than 0/10. The game is greatly designed and has great interaction with different cities, the amount of work put in the game and the potential that can come out of this game is amazing, and still people hate the game because of one aspect. Expand
  26. Mar 5, 2013
    Actual game play does not represent the average user rating here. The game is amazing and very entertaining i played it for hours straight. Its challenging and easy at the same time. Many people complain about map size but the multi-city feature makes it better, you can share resources from city to city (Electricity, Oil, work force population, jobs) so its makes the game team based. However one downside is the connecting to the internet but that has nothing to do with game play, soon as they get there servers in line the game will be set to go. Overall a great game don't let the negative score push you away from this game. Expand
  27. Mar 5, 2013
    Let me start with a disclaimer: I've never really been a fan of EA. Customer support is non-existent and they rarely spend a dime accommodating for customer concerns. However, I am not rating this game a 0 due to prejudice against EA (I actually used to be a huge fan of Maxis, the developer).

    I'm giving this game a 0 for one major reason: If you do not have a 100% consistent internet
    connection, like me, then do not buy this game; it is rendered almost completely unplayable. You cannot save the game of your own accord, the EA servers decide when your game auto-saves, and there are not multiple save files. If you lose your connection to the EA servers and cannot recover it in 180 seconds, you are SOL. The game will boot you and, obviously, since you are not connected to the EA server, your game will not save. Compounding this issue (as of launch, servers probably won't be so busy a week from now), when you do try to reload the game, you are sent to the back of a queue, of which I have yet to see the end of (I've been waiting almost 3 hours now), before you can get in the server (even if you just want to play "single player").

    If you have absolutely no worries about the consistency of your internet provider, than you have a decent 7/10 game on your hands. For the total of maybe two hours I have gotten to play the game, I can say that I was genuinely enjoying myself. The game is very identical to Sim City 4, but the graphics are much better and it is quite fun to build a city in a region with up to 16 other people. It would easily be a 9/10 minus a few moderately annoying drawbacks:

    1. You cannot save on your own, the EA server will auto-save for you. This took away one of the most stress-relieving elements of Sim City 4: Saving your perfect city before wrecking havoc on it's unsuspecting inhabitants with disaster after disaster, only to be able to reload the old save when the fun was over, good as new.

    2. You cannot save on your own. Again. If you make a mistake, you're stuck with it. Accidentally jerk your mouse and place that $150,000 Nuclear Plant in the wrong place? Too bad. No refund, no reload.

    3. There are a lot of glitches with creating private regions, and inviting friends to them. Five of my friends bought this game. Only me and one other have been able to play together so far.

    4. The plots are very small. Do you know any cities in real life that are 2km x 2km? Me neither. I didn't even play for two hours and I was running out of room to put new schools. And God forbid you have a river running through the middle of your city there goes half your land area.

    So there you have it. SIM CITY: A decent creation by the developers, ruined by the producers.
  28. Mar 6, 2013
    Granted EA screwed up with the whole server load issue, but the game itself is great. Very deep, very enjoyable and overall a great game. It's a great upgrade from SimCity 4 and certainly better than Cities XL.

    Is it perfect? no, definitely not, but it's very very good. Does "always online" suck? Sure it does. Are the cities small? yep, at least to begin with. Once the initial wave of
    launch traffic dies down nobody will think about these issues. Overall I would recommend this game to everyone. Please ignore the bad reviews on here as most are complaining about the server issues upon launch. While those do contribute to the game, the depth of the gameplay itself is not reflective of these launch issues. Let's give Maxis and the SimCity team some credit for all the hard work they did on a great game and not base everything on EA's lack of ability to have a smooth launch. Expand
  29. Mar 6, 2013
    Ignore the people complaining about the "always online" part, they do not get that we live in 2013 and everyone is perfectly capable of being always online. Sure, there are some server issues currently, but that's something to expect during a huge launch. EA does need to fix up their servers, and there is a "queue" (spoilers: it's just a reconnection timer, relaunch the game) to get on the servers, even to play single player. But the thing is, there really is no "single player" mode. Even in what could be construed as a single player mode, you're invited to invite friends to take over other cities in the region.

    Definitely a fun game, no matter the DRM, and I found my self up way past when I should be playing it. Fun as all hell.
  30. Mar 6, 2013
    Until I can play this game my score will remain a zero. I understand some people are able to sit around and keep trying until they get into the game. Between school and work I don't have the time to do that. It is frustrating that I can't play a game due to EA servers. To those complaining how people are in the wrong giving low scores based on this alone, I feel we have the right to complain about something broken. To anyone looking at buying this game, do not at the current moment. Give it time till EA can prove their servers are in better shape, or even better when/if they add offline play. Expand
  31. Mar 6, 2013
    Half of the time I cannot even play the game. The always-on online DRM ruins games. This is terrible, and when I can play sometimes the game crashes.
  32. Mar 6, 2013
    I've actually gotten to play the game a little bit, and it's fun. The maps are too small, but I still probably would have given the game an 8. Unfortunately the game barely works, and in fact for the past 8 hours of the 2nd day after launch it hasn't worked AT ALL. Most people have vilified the required always on internet connection and DRM. I knew all about that going in, and so did everyone else who read about the game before it came out. I personally don't have a problem with the idea of those policies if the game works. It doesn't. I didn't pay 60 dollars to participate in a beta test, and neither should anyone else. This game is a zero and EA should be ashamed. Expand
  33. Mar 6, 2013
    I purchased this game and have been unable to play it once. I purchased the game using the Origin website. I was able to log onto the servers once, but then the game crashed after about 5-10 minutes of the tutorial. Now I am unable to start another game. Unable to get refund. I am calling my credit card company to prevent payment.
  34. Mar 6, 2013
    What is there to say about this game that hasn't been said? Nothing.
    The constant internet connection requirements Or DRM is going to be the downfall of this game plain and simple. I'm an older gamer and of all my friends I'm the only one that plays non-sports video games...So this whole online social interaction with games isn't something I'm interested in. I play SOLO! Which means I
    shouldn't need to connect to the internet or try and log into full servers.

    The servers have been busy since launch! They even added another 4 servers (2 more for the U.S 2 more for Europe) but they all remain busy. To access these busy servers they place you in a queue which checks for availability every 20 mins! Who wants to wait 20 mins in queue to play a game in 2013? To make matters worse city saves don't transfer across all the different servers. So if you developed an entire "region" on the EAST USA 1 server it's restricted to that server. So having to jump onto another server means you have to start all over again. During gameplay if the server goes down, which has happened 8 times in 12H of game time played, then your progress isn't saved and you again have to start over. The maps are way to small. Weird glitches take place. Factories/casinos/schools all magically stop working causing massive crashes in population. I think they included the fluctuating population feature b/c of the small map size. Curved roads are useless. They waste space which is very crucial in this version. If you're willing to pay for a game that you will have limited access too, will constantly have to restart due to developer incompetence, get frustrated by illogical glitches then buy the game. I would recommend not buying this game. Spend 5$ on a Kairosoft game (Game dev story/mega mall story) you'll get more enjoyment and better performance from that game.
  35. Mar 6, 2013
    Unable to play. Tutorial will not progress past the loading screen. Queues to play a single player game.

    This is unacceptable EA. I expect things that I purchase to work as advertised on day one. Fix this.
  36. Mar 6, 2013
    Just helping to drag down the rating here in hopes that EA will learn a lesson here. Do not block me from playing a single player game because your servers are insufficient. 48 Hours after launch. This is unacceptable,
  37. Mar 6, 2013
    I created a Metacritic account just to review this game. Here are some simple points.
    b) If that isn't enough, THE GAME CRASHES EVERY 15 MINUTES.
    c) From what I played of the game, it's mediocre at best.
    d) This is a complete waste of $60 and I swear I will never buy another EA game again.
  38. Mar 6, 2013
    I don't agree about people claiming that the DRM should not influence the score of the game.
    This is severely limiting my game experience, not allowing me to play it when and where I want (on the road in the train? not possible).
    For a game focused about singleplayer (who believes this community BS anyway) this is a big minus.
    The fact that it does not work properly to start with is in
    this age of clouds, flexible computing a meager excuse.
    If you impose it, better make it work or your customers will be unhappy. My boss wouldn't accept such a lame excuse either.

    I asked for a refund and will not buy or play an EA game from now on.
  39. Mar 7, 2013
    Simply put, this version is no longer a city sim, but rather a city version of the sims series. This was the worst release I've experienced in 15 years of online gaming. I don't mind the DRM as long as I have the option to play offline (not avail...) in the case that I'll be frequently travelling with no persistent internet connection. What I really hate about it is once they realize that keeping the game online is costing them more money than they tricked loyal SC fans out of, they just turn off the lights and we are out the $60-80. Frequent server drops and synch issues made it impossible to join public regions despite having access to a fiberoptic connection on the west coast. I didn't get the opportunity to participate in the betas or I probably would not have bought the game. Well played EA. Like many others here, my first impression of the game was a great big WTF!? The cities... err neighborhoods... are tiny and it really does feel like a facebook game. Gone are the custom maps and giant cities where you designed your own mass transit and raised your populations to huge numbers. If you enjoyed SC4 you probably wont like this game... I hate to say it but give Cities XL a go instead. I'm usually very understanding of release or patch issues since I am a software developer/DBA myself, but the types and seriousness of problems I encountered really made me wonder if half the code was even tested. I imagine it was more like "Hey we said March release, let's just put out what we have by then and deal with the fallout by using coyly worded press releases and ninja hotfixes". Expand
  40. Mar 6, 2013
    If you buy a singleplayer game and can't play on release day because of server issues, the game is basically defective. I would have been willing to stomach Online-DRM, but only if it actually worked. Customers should be no testbed for server architecture.
  41. Mar 6, 2013
    Massive step back for the franchise which reached its peak with SimCity 4. This release owes much more to the Sims in terms of concept and gameplay. Definitely not in the mold of a classic city simulator.
  42. Mar 7, 2013
    The game itself seems fine, but it's been out for 2 days and I still can't play it because of the always online DRM. It's unacceptable for a single player game to use that kind of system.
  43. Mar 7, 2013
    The game itself is interesting, server administration and offline for a long time. Too bad Given the poor response. Origin terrible response to market. Once again the game itself is interesting.
  44. Mar 7, 2013
    Spent the last 5 hours trying to play this but haven't been able to load up a city.

    Worst part of the server congestion is the lack of UI feedback. I don't get anything telling me the server is full, or even a wait time all I get is generic errors that amount to "That didn't work, try again later."

    I haven't bought a game at launch for ages now, and I'm really regretting not doing
    what I usually do and wait till it was in the bargain bin. Of course by then the servers would probably be completely off.

    I miss single player gaming.
  45. Mar 7, 2013
    Regardless of how great the game MIGHT be this debacle of a launch cannot get anything more than a zip,zilch, zero. I have tried for over two hourse to get at game started. A single player, private game...
    "We are confident the European launch will go smoothly" my A**
    After being thrown out of servers, being stuck on "Searching for update"-screen (only way to get past was to manually
    erase files on my hard drive), not being able to do anything but scroll around the map in tutorial mode three times on two different servers and not being able to start so much as a single teeny weeny ramshackle town I cannot recommend buying this at this point to anyone!
    I really, really wanted to like this game. I didn't care too much about neither the always online nor the smaller map size but to pay so much money for something that doesn't work what so ever is not ok...
    There is no possible excuse for releasing such a broken product and there is sure as hell no way I would recommend anyone to but this product at this time.

    (Great, after being thrown out of the servers again I'm stuck on "Searching for updates"... Again...)
  46. Mar 7, 2013
    always-on-drm is not acceptable in SimCity. EA killed the franchise. Played every SimCity-like game for hundrends of hours not buying this one because of EA stupid and greedy market practice. Its a shame, because maxis built a really nice sim engine.
  47. Mar 7, 2013
    Is this going to be the way forward for all pc game launches? with unusable servers, unfinished content and online single player games that only work when your rooster and goat are pointed into the wind on a full moon?.
    I still have nightmares about a company called Ubisoft that mostly started this and i have not bought a game off them since.
    To the fan boys- the game maybe good but the
    total game experience is ruined with another 2 finger salute from money hungry company's that should not be tolerated or encouraged in any form. Expand
  48. Mar 7, 2013
    I'd love to give this game a good score, however as usual EA have b0rked the release. AU release late, costs more dollars than any other country, pre-load that doesn't pre-load anything, and now I can't actually play the game because there are no servers. Great work EA!
  49. Mar 7, 2013
    Acquistato l'anno scorso in prevendita e dopo quasi 10 ore dal lancio europeo (più di 24 dal lancio usa) non mi permette nemmeno di giocare? No ragazzi, non ci siamo.
  50. Mar 7, 2013
    EA had YEARS to prepare for this launch. YEARS. What did they do with it? They let it go straight down a nasty toilet.

    This game was meant to be great, but always-on DRM isn't a winner in this category. Nobody likes it and EA is paying the price.

    Servers are constantly clogged. And if you play for a an hour, it will be slow and you'll suddenly be kicked off without any game
    save. Boom! All your work is gon! Expand
  51. Mar 7, 2013
    I have been able to play 3 hours since launch. Being forced to play through Origin, (which didn't predownload the game), and being forced to go online was a hard pill to swallow. Now the servers have crashed and nearly 4 days after game was scheduled to be out I still can't play. The little amount of time I did play was ok. City size was too small, then I didn't know what to do. Thought the game play was too easy. I also dont' get why it wants this Evil Vu character to turn my citizens into criminals. No I don't want to turn this business into a mafia esque stranglehold. The amount of joy I had playing my first city for 3 hours was quickly wiped away when 2 other cities were lost without the ability to save when the game consistanstly crashed. I was hesitant of EA. I will never buy another EA game. Expand
  52. Mar 7, 2013
    I managed to play the game last night and I was amazed on how amazing the game play is, BUT THIS ALWAYS ONLINE DRM thing is just terrible. I spend good hard earn money on this and they give me sever issues? This is just insulting!
  53. Mar 7, 2013
    EA Games, destroy everything.
    Permanent connection, less difficult, tiny maps... I was a big fan of SimCity, but I think we should turn the page now.
  54. Mar 7, 2013
    Just trying to balance out the vast amount of negative reviews. Since Metacritic doesn't require proof of ownership this whole section is useless anyway Or at least would be if people didn't read it and take user scores seriously. Anyhow If people have issues with DRM or online play then write a letter to EA or don't buy the game. Don't punish the dev's that poured their heart and soul into this game for the past 5 years. There's a reason why it's sitting at 91% from the critics right now. This is the direction games have been going for years. Get over the fact that you'll have a harder time downloading it from the pirate-bay. This is going to be one hell of a game. P.S. I also find it amusing that a game that has only been publicly available for a few hours has so many negative reviews. Why don't you actually try playing it first? Expand
  55. Mar 7, 2013
    What's the point of the developers spending so much time and effort making this game when we can't even get onto the server to play it. Cloud based gaming is just rubbish. I would much rather have my save file saved to my PC and thus allow me to play without wondering whether EA will have its server's fixed
  56. Mar 7, 2013
    What a let down. Played for a few hours and really liked the game. Only to return to my city a few hours later and realise it didn't save my city's progress because the server connection failed during play. Two hours of playing were gone. Unacceptable!!!!
  57. Mar 7, 2013
    The game is great!
    Yes, there is a problem with the server, but it is related to the protection and the large influx of players, of course, this is temporary. Just need to wait.
    As the saying goes: "Forbidden fruit is sweet."
    Rate 9 of 10.
  58. Mar 7, 2013
    EA deserve all of this. The only way they'll ever stop being such a horrible company is if we make it clear how much we hate things like always on DRM. Releasing a game which is unplayable is an automatic zero.
  59. Mar 7, 2013
    This is a TRUE 0 NOT spam. I can't play the game, unplayable. NOTHING more to say! Polygon website has reduce their score from 9.5 to 8. Most of these game websites are using SAME pictures for their review. I suggest you got trust them things currently going on ~amazon has Stop selling simcity ~polygon has reduce their review score from 9.5 to 8 ~EA offer refunds BUT then threaten to ban people accounts

    ~EA supposedly has hire Chinese workers to spam good reviews and has force a number of websites to close "create a account" for the meantime
  60. Mar 10, 2013
    Connection problems have been fixed. :P. Very impressive since the last game, even though some features were left out. People vote this down because of the connection problems, well they're fixed, so rewrite the review, because this game deserves a better score.
  61. Mar 17, 2013
    Now after a while, I've played a lot and sadly, the re-occuring bugs, graphical errors, the overall limits of the gameplay has made this game a lot less fun than I initially found it to be. The game gets boring fast. Sadly. I feel I either should have waited until the game had been reviewed and game tested a bit more thoroughly, so I could make a decision of whether to buy or not to buy, because at this point it's money out the window. I had such high hopes for this game. I even thought that if I tried it myself, see for myself, it couldn't be that bad? Unfortunately it was. I don't think this game can be fixed through patches and what not you need an entirely NEW game. EA/Maxis you f*cked up! Expand
  62. Mar 8, 2013
    Whenever I see a low rating for a restaurant on Yelp, I go ahead and look at the reasons for people's marking them down. I don't really think "the waiter had a cold," "the music was too loud," or "I went to a wings place and the nachos were awful" are valid criteria to measure the food...

    I understand that people are disappointed/mad. I am DEFINITELY disappointed/mad. But the game is
    FANTASTIC! It's a brilliant update of the core game and genre to current-day parameters. The ambitions to create a shared experience is something I always wanted to see in SC4, and the ability to manage some (or all) of the cities in a region is exactly what I loved doing in that older iteration (one town for dirty industry, one for tech, one for dense commercial, etc.).

    Origin/EA has done a mortifying job unrolling a very ambitious project. Surely they should provide all who purchased the game ahead-of-time some sort of consolation, even if it's just token in size. Upgrade us all to deluxe, or give us credits to buy future DLC. Anything!

    HAVING SAID THIS: I feel terrible for everyone who made this game and has worked to get the servers optimized. How affected are our lives, really? The creators and administrators (not to mention the PR reps) are A) pariahs to the entire gaming community, B) working as hard as they can to fix the problems (albeit way too little, too late) C) soon to be out of a job (some will be black-sheeped for it all, of course). Again, what is that pain against our minor-to-moderate annoyance?

    Long-winded way to say: Please rate the game, not the way the launch has gone. Creative criticism would speak so much louder than this double-barreled hatred.
  63. Mar 8, 2013
    I'm going to be extremely generous in this review by pretending I'm writing from the perspective of six months from now, that all the server issues have been fixed, and that perhaps EA has even modified some of the most egregious limitations of the online DRM. As a longtime SimCity fan who's played every iteration of the game, though, going back to Will Wright's original classic, it truly pains me to say I still cannot recommend this game.

    The city size issue mentioned by many here is actually not new, but it's become so bad that it actually undermines the core premise of the game (that one is simulating a "city"). I can still recall being disappointed at how small SimCity 4's city areas seemed relative to SimCity 3000, but here the typical "city" is, without exaggeration, neighborhood-size. At 2x2 km, a typical city lot is slightly larger than Park Slope in Brooklyn, assuming there is no water or other unbuildable terrain. Truth be told, SimCity never handled scale all that well, but with these dimensions, the very notion of mass transit itself becomes absurd, as a pedestrian could walk across the city in a matter of minutes. It's little wonder that agricultural zoning and subways have disappeared. The cities are simply too small for them.

    This alone is enough to severely limit the appeal of the game to me, but the regional system, too, is poorly implemented. The essence of SimCity was, after all, always the Mayorship, and the Mayor's authority extends only to the borders of his city. Attempting to create regional economies and specializations, where players are forced to constantly deal with neighbors (whether in multiplayer or single-player) ultimately detracts from the experience, IMO. This is not SimCounty or SimState or SimRegionalEconomicPartnership, it's SimCity! The scale and shape of the cities, moreover, makes the "regions" appear quite ridiculous and not at all realistic.

    Zoning, a core element of the game, has been given an overhaul, but not for the better. Previous versions built in infrastructure cost as part of the zoning itself (higher densities cost more to zone), but did not care what size street they fronted. Here, zoning is free, but all depends on the type of fronting street. This makes it impossible to construct anything like Lower Manhattan or downtown Boston. Your options are basically Phoenix, Las Vegas or Houston, on a tiny scale. The streets can be curvy now, yes, but since building lots remain square (was it really that hard to snap lots and buildings to irregular spaces?), this produces a tremendous amount of wasted space.

    The time scale of SimCity was always perplexing, with the early emphasis on dirty industry, later transitioning to electronics and white collar services, suggestive of a starting point during the industrial revolution and moving through the late 20th century (I believe SC 2000 had a possible starting year of 1900 A.D., though contemporary tech was always available, and culminated with futuristic arcologies). The tantalizing possibilities of building a game that captures the sweep of urban history in this manner, a sort of Civilization of city-building, has been left unexplored here. Instead, the player lives in a perpetual now, with only a handful of technological enhancements here and there. About the AI, many uncomplimentary things could be said. Multiple fire trucks respond to a single modest house fire even as a wall of flame sweeps through the industrial district. Residents make contradictory statements about their proximity to shopping. And so on.

    I'm trying to think of a few positive things to say here, and I do like the option of simply adding on to, rather than demolishing and rebuilding, certain buildings. The graphics are attractive enough, if a bit cartoony. Overall, though, it's just not a step up from SC 4, or even from the two before it. Did fans really wait 10 years for this? Perhaps Maxis can, in time, mend some of the flaws. Others are here to stay, reflective of what looks like a long-term shift away from single-player in-depth games to a ones better suited to an era of smart phones and short attention spans. For SimCity, though, one of the ultimate time wasters and friend to micromanagers everywhere, that design imperative may very well be fatal to the venerable franchise.
  64. Mar 8, 2013
    An absolutely awesome city building game, if only it didn't have so many ongoing issues. Purchased this product on release day and have dealt with nothing but freezes, failure to connect to server messages, never ending countdown timers, and disconnects. What's really starting to piss me off is when an available server is selected and it states my game is ready, but then it only loads as far as the main menu where, you guess it disconnect. I swear EA thinks this game is like their other first-person shooters where all gamers have to do is just switch servers. Wrong! Some of us actually want to continue building our cities instead of constantly having to restart from the ground up. I've also lost two good sized cities due to server disconnects and many smaller ones that just disappeared into the cloud. I can't in good conscience recommend this game to anyone including my worst enemy. However, if you like not being able to play a game you rightfully paid for, enjoy slamming your head against a wall until unconscious. Expand
  65. Mar 9, 2013
    EZ, simple review here: Bought the game and paid $60 for me and another $60 shot for my son... thinking father and son game play, right? WRONG! 4 days later, still no servers available, network down, lost connections. In short not ready for prime time.
    **They even had a beta period to test this thing unbelievable screw up on many fronts. The game is just not ready save your
    What I have been able to see graphics are stunning and game play looks great if it works. City sizes are limited and small too bad, and offline mode is a must. Wont ever buy a game with this platform again and will definatelt think hard and probably decide against anything with EA on it On top of all the issues, they disabled your ability to contact them for help. Pathetic.
  66. Mar 10, 2013
    It's all been said. A great city building game for anyone who doesn't like playing city building games. It has far more in common with Simcity Societies than Simcity4.
  67. Mar 11, 2013
    Continue to play simcity 4. This version is better graphically, but gameplay is zero: the maps are tiny, disasters can not be disabled. Big disappointment, and a sense of myself cheated
  68. Mar 11, 2013
    What a sad time for gamer's when the 'mainstream' industry keeps shooting itself in the foot like this with its DRM and 'streamlined for the masses' mentality. It’s obvious why this game tanked on so many levels, too much PUBLISHER influence. The root of all evil in the gaming industry these days and the main reason the industry is tanking as a whole, is the corporate, suit wearing Jackoff, that has zero creative and artistic ability influencing game development. The 'Suit' has no place in an artistic and creative industry, they just get in the way. As long as publishers keep messing with the development formula games will only be about, how many 'units' are sold, Metacritic scores, and what the current 'trend' is. Just remember EA, you bang the nails in your own coffin. Expand
  69. Mar 18, 2013
    EA does not need always DRM cause they killed all special games. Customers do not need to buy EA games. They are game killer. This game isnt SimCity it is SimsCity(Town).
  70. Mar 19, 2013
    First, I despise the fact I have to play this game online. I have all the simcities at home play them when I want and how I want. Now to the game.

    I paid $79.99 for this? I have limited control. All the vehicles look the same. Land area is far too small. It is not realistic planning. I have SimCity 4 at home and have played it everyday since I bought it 8 years ago. I never
    grow tired of it. This "version" of SimCity is the ultimate fail. Yes, I like the graphics; but I was hoping for something even remotely similar to SimCity 4 only even better. Online play should be optional. This game would rock if it was SimCity 4 but with the new enhancements. I can't even construct my own buildings; plops etc. This version reminds me of SimCity on Facebook and it's free! ULTIMATE FAIL, EA! I want my money back. Expand
  71. Dai
    Mar 11, 2013
    In some ways, the fact that the game's launch was a shameful, shameful disaster is a blessing to it, as it's a distraction from the fact that this is the shallowest, most linear iteration of the game ever. Let's get the launch issues out of the way. The game, out for over a week now, is still normally unplayable, even at off-peak hours. Constant crashes and disconnections may get fixed eventually, but who knows? There's never been a game launch this horrible before.

    Aside from the server issues, the game is a bug-riddled mess. The sound randomly cuts in and out, or worse, gets stuck playing the same sound effects over and over again. Strange graphical glitches put buildings on ugly pillars of earth. Fire trucks circle the block endlessly, passing right in front of buildings they're supposed to be extinguishing. I expect more even from shovelware.

    But let's say they fix some of the game's bugs. It's still an inferior product to versions of the game shipped a decade or longer ago, with numerous features removed and replaced with at best busywork. Cities can only be a few blocks wide, severely limiting the available space for creatively making the city your own.

    This would be a 3/10 product if it functioned. It doesn't. Broken products don't get any points.
  72. Mar 6, 2013
    I haven't played SimCity in a long time, so I was looking very forward to getting back into the franchise. So far, I've experienced far more disappointment than satisfaction. #1, because of the always online DRM, your ability to play the game at any given time rests squarely in the hands of EA. You're essentially leasing the game from them, you're not buying it, it's not yours. #2, it's has a SINGLE PLAYER GAME component that still has always online DRM. It's conceptually ridiculous when a single player game relies on a 3rd party in order to even work. #3, when I finally got in, I initially enjoyed playing the game. The aspects of city-building are pretty deep. The downside quickly became apparent; there's no room to build sprawling cities like with past titles.

    ..... #4, make no mistake, this is designed to be a multiplayer game where a collective ground of people each contributes to an overall goal for a region. I prefer to play the single player component, but in its current state, that isn't very good.
  73. Mar 7, 2013
    There isn't much left to be said after the many fair points presented by the other users. Next time do it right, because this isn't the way to go.
  74. Mar 9, 2013
    I hate EA since a while back when they up Madden past like 02 or 05 or something, and also did the license thing. At that time, I thought that was really messed up because I thought they are forcing you to buy their games (always more of a 2K guy( then they up battlefield 3 for PC (always online DRM also). Since then my hatred has turned into a passionate hatred. I HATE EA. I did not buy this game, (was not even interested because it's EA anyway and once I seen the artwork I knew it was just going to be The Sims, City) But since I hate them so much. I'm taking the time to hop on the bandwagon and add fuel to the fire. YOU SIM CITY AND EA! MUAHAHAHHA ENJOY YOUR 0 Expand
  75. Mar 15, 2013
    I have managed to play for around 20 hours. On THREE occasions, after spending HOURS AND HOURS building up my city the game said 'Could not process City, please quit' then when it tried to recover the city it just rolled it back to a patch of grass! THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ALL THREE OF MY CITIES. WHAT IS THE POINT! IN PLAYING A GAME THAT DELETES EVERYTHING YOU DO AND DOES NOT LET YOU SAVE ANYTHING TO OUR HARD DRIVE? ARE YOU INSANE? WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME. Expand
  76. Mar 9, 2013
    An insulting mockery of the SimCity series. Leave it up to EA to ruin yet another series. Always-Online DRM for a single player game? Laughing. Out. Loud.
  77. Mar 10, 2013
    What can I say, EA is absolutely the worst publisher of all time, has no business ethics, bribes critics for inflated review score, cash driven who cares nothing about the quality of its game, how many more series that we love and enjoy will have to be ruined by EA before players realize that EA is nothing but a pile of dog and stop patronizing their atrocities?
  78. Mar 7, 2013
    Well it looks like the people have spoken their feelings to online DRM. If EA feels that this is the future of gaming then they had better expect an even greater stigma attached to their name as many people will refuse to support this. I cannot understand how EA marketing seems to purposely degrade their brand with a constant barrage of heavy-handed policies which demean their potential customer base. Expand
  79. Mar 10, 2013
    I bougth it days ago and i just cant play. EA shlound remove that unfair DRM. This just affect to legal consumers like me. Meanwhile, the pirates are playing as they want. Sorry for my bad english. See you around.
  80. Mar 10, 2013
    On Sunday this game is STILL massively broken, and there is little hope it will EVER be fixed. The reason being, is that the problems are fundamental DESIGN decisions that broke this game and unless EA decides to go against those DESIGN decisions that massive amount of players have been rightfully criticizing for MONTHS are finally listened to and heeded, this game will be referenced as THE screwup to reference for YEARS.

    The online DRM is beyond idiotic. Morons keep stating, well ALL GAMES are like this at launch like this. WRONG. Even IF it HAPPENS fairly regularly, it shows complete INCOMPETENCE to allow it to happen AT ALL. They KNOW how many preorders occur, they can tell in REAL TIME how many people are buying it and extrapolate how many servers they should need. But it goes beyond this farcical rationale of allowing the shaft up ones butt to say 'this is normal'. It's not normal, SimCity is a game that DOESN'T NEED online anything. Now, if they WANT to OFFER multiplayer, FINE. In fact it would be a PLUS to OFFER it. But NOT at the expense of forcing your customer, in a depression mind you, to put up with crap that they don't need to after paying. Single player should always be able to work OFFLINE. Period, end of story. There is NO legitimate rationale that beats this, and they made the game MORE EXPENSIVE to render it useless as such.

    Additionally it makes the game MORE expensive to maintain, even MORE so then they obviously were expecting, which DOES mean that THIS game will have a short shelf life, as EA will pull the servers relatively quickly if they need 2-4-8x the amount of servers 'necessary' to play the game, even though the whole process was UNNECESSARY to begin with. A single player game should not be rendered unplayable on day 1 or year 2 or 3 because the servers are offline. Though even if they had a five year plan, does it now become 2 or 3 because they need to run all these extra servers? Given EA's track record, that's almost assuredly YES.

    Now what's the 2nd most debilitating aspect of this game? THE SAVES. We've had hard drives available to us since the 1980's. There simply is NO REASON to make it a cloud only save system. It's a big middle finger to ALL of us. Already I've had THREE CITIES, including one this morning Sunday, March 10th that cannot be loaded. Oh it's registering that it was lucky enough to be saved as it's showing up in resume, this time, but it simply won't load. Again, this is ANOTHER unnecessary DESIGN decision. One they need to give up on, and one if they WANTED TO, could be done in a single day. Not hard to develop a save system. Simple as pie. Why don't they? BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO BE ABLE TO.

    Even IF it worked, it takes AWAY your ability to take cities different directions. To try some stuff out and decide whether or not you made a mistake without having to start a brand new city. Disasters? Well hey one of the major fun times of Sim City is the ability to save something, and destroy the hell out of it with disasters, and then reload it and it's good as new. Nevermore. Because of a DESIGN decision.

    So this game doesn't JUST have issues that are 'normal' for online only games, it's a single player game that has problems at launch which are completely unforgivable AND the problems overall with these design decisions won't go away with simply more servers. They neuter the game throughout the gameplay, add unnecessary reliability issues, and will shorten the games life, guaranteed.

    Then I can go with the FACT that these cities are absolutely TINY. You used to be able to have 30 huge megalopolises to now 15 or so tiny neighborhoods? Quite a few features have been removed too, but I can understand some change on that front, but the size of cities is simply unforgivable. The city size is also most likely due to NETWORK ability to handle them, with perhaps some issues with power of ones PC. Don't listen to the morons who are scoring this well. They simply don't have the tools to understand the whole breadth of the situation. If they can get full on crackers and call it a meal, good for them, but it is by definition, not an all-you-can-eat. This game has MAJOR problems, and more servers will not solve them. Only a proper patch that EA must have a mea culpa on to change some of these design decisions will salvage this game. One that I do not believe EA has the balls or customer appreciation to engage in. Allow people to save their games on THEIR system and control that. Allow them to play offline so that if servers go down, either through errors or eventual discontinuance, people can still play their games. After this address the city sizes, as most likely it IS the network aspect that helped limit their sizes. So once you remove that, and realize there are plenty of people that can play larger maps, there simply is NO REASON to limit their city size in the way they have.
  81. Mar 7, 2013
    Buying the game on origin was the worst online experience I've ever had Until I started up the game were all I have is a timer and the credits.
    Thanks alot EA.
  82. Mar 11, 2013
    It's sad to see a great game series like Sim City die at the hands of EA, the two biggest problems I found with this game that goes hand in hand is the forced Online connection and he launch was terrible and just trying to experience the game isnt really even possible
  83. Mar 7, 2013
    I have not been able to play. So now I will not play, regardless if they get this working. I am absolutely done with EA forever, and will voice this to as many people as I know.
  84. Mar 7, 2013
    A game with great potential...IF/WHEN it works, and IF/WHEN critical bugs are fixed. It's not a positive side...yet. Also, "always online" turned the game, which would be a great product, into a mediocre service. Also, what about that modding talk we've read in some articles here and there? Oh, I see..."at the time, it was", as Daniel Matros would say. It's a shame how a game with great potential has also the same potential to destroy a once great franchise. I won't buy, nor recommend it, until they fix bugs, keep their promises and deliver a service at an acceptable level. BTW, same happened with BF3. Expand
  85. Mar 7, 2013
    can't get into my OWN game, can't play, can't save my progress has be deleted twice and i've been required to go through the tutorial twice. what a shame shame but knowing who developed the game i can't say i'm suprised EA would drop the ball on something like this...what a shame
  86. Mar 21, 2013
    Seems like quite a fun game. However, after a night of play, the game informed me that my city was 'not processing properly' booted me back to the main menu and rolled my city back to the last good save, removing hours of work. The game will now not save any progress. If you are going to force cloud saving in the name of piracy prevention (let's not kid ourselves, what other possible reason could they have for this inconvenience) AT LEAST MAKE IT WORK PROPERLY. Expand
  87. Mar 7, 2013
    I bought the game because, even though I got screwed by Diablo 3, I figured I'd give EA one chance.

    So far, they have blown it--the game is unplayable. It gets two stars because the time I have been able to play it, it has been very fun. I will adjust my score if I can get one week without problems, but in the meantime, the low score will serve as a message to EA that they NEED to get
    their act together. This is unacceptable and bordering on fraud. Expand
  88. Mar 7, 2013
    Not really much good to say about a game that doesn't even work 75% of the time.
    I loved the previous instalments of the series so had high hopes for this one, but sadly no cigar. Why the hell did they make this traditional single player game with a on-line requirement, that is not only a authentication server connection but an actual game server connection where the server capacity is
    clearly not enough to feed the demand, my first ever attempt to play was on the 7th EU launch day, and first try entry got in and the game told me i had timed out and told me to log back in. 2nd try the same server was suddenly full with a 19min queue, even though it shows green and not full in the list.

    3rd attempt to play resulted in yet another time out due to the 15minute queue hurray!
    When I finally got to play the game it crashed in 20 min or so and back to the god damn queue.

    So my first thought on this new Sim City is a big WTF?!? where you smoking Maxis?

    Shame that so many critics based there review solely on the EA press version they got to play without the thousands of real players crammed on to the few servers. Would love to see the reviews if 90% of them would spend 30min or more in a queue to play for the review, and then have the game crash on them in 20min 3 hours repeatedly.

    I can already hear the lawyers over the pond getting ready to process the class-action lawsuit that this embarrassing excuse of a game will likely produce in true Americana style. Maybe we EU citizen should also put our class-action lawsuit powers in to good use here
  89. Mar 7, 2013
    Forced required permanent internet connection to play a bloody single player game. Horrible servers support a craptastic game. F U EA. You can go to hell. Never buying another one of your stupid games.
  90. Mar 6, 2013
    Amazing entry in the simcity series. Yes there is server issues but in all honesty this happens for MANY games the few days of release. Yes I wish it had an offline mode, but in the end its a very well made game overall, it just has a few issues. There is some bugs, Always on DRM sucks,etc.. but the actual gameplay is fantastic. It is fun has hell, has great gameplay, good graphics and most importantly its fun as hell.
    I am a long time simcity fan and I enjoy this game alot. Yes there is issues but there is also A TON to enjoy in this game also.

    I say buy the game if you dont mind the issues the game has.
  91. Mar 6, 2013
    After waiting for around 30 minutes in a queue to finally play the game, my city gets corrupted and I lose some of my progress so far. This is unacceptable. This is for all intents and purposes a single player game and there's no reason to be always online. DO NOT BUY!
  92. Mar 9, 2013
    Wow this "Always Online" nonsense completely wrecked this game to the point where we can't even play it. And in an attempt to fix the problems they actually disable many of the games features. lol I already did a chargeback to get my money and I will not be buying another EA game until they stop doing this nonsense. If you buy a single-player game then you should be able to freaking play it OFFLINE! This is just one of the many reasons why I think we're going to see another gaming industry crash... Companies are just getting out of control with all of the ridiculous decisions. Expand
  93. Mar 7, 2013
    Pretty sure any review of this game that is "positive" is written by someone who works for EA. How can you possibly say "the game itself is great" when you can't actually get into the game from a public server? It doesn't matter to me how slick the presentation is on the private servers they give to employees and game reviewers.

    I predict Maxis doesn't fix the server issue and gives
    up, leaving us with $60 coaster/DVDs for a game we never got to play. I have learned my lesson on buying "online" games. Expand
  94. Mar 14, 2013
    EA blatantly lied to everyone about the DRM. Modders have already shown it only needs to connect to the servers once every 30 minutes in single player. All actions work while being disconnected from the internet. EA you should be ashamed.
  95. Apr 15, 2013
    I've amended my review to reflect SimCity more accurately now that it can actually be played. So setting aside all the DRM crap and EA's crappy servers and other launch woes the rest of the game is alright. It's good but in all honesty the server's aren't the only thing wrong with this game. Traffic problems run rampant despite several patches to help this and it's almost assured that you will have a 4 mile long bank of traffic waiting to get into or leave your city on the only connecting road you're allowed to the region.

    Despite trying and trying it's just hard to really get that longevity out of the game. I'm not really sold on the multiplayer side of things. I did it once and thought cool, and after a few hours me and the 3 other players I was playing with had filled up most of the city blocks and were starting on a Great Work. Once that was finished then all we could really do was twiddle our thumbs. Traffic problems were horrendous but there was nothing we could do about that, there was only one road in and out of our cities. Sure we could start another region and do it all again but why? there's 8 maps to choose from, the level of variety is obscenely low. I guess I would like the multiplayer and perhaps just SimCity itself more if it actually kept many of the things that made the series so great to begin with. But instead this game forces many sacrifices of things for these new ideas which honestly detract a lot from those ideas. I constantly dream up the things I could do if my city borders were bigger or if I actually could build my own intercity transport routes but instead I'm stuck with what has been decided for me. SimCity has turned itself into a board game rather than being the sandbox city builder we onced loved.
  96. Mar 7, 2013
    Unable to gain access to play anything. Can;t even get into the tutorial let alone build a city. Servers are either full, down or showing available but unable to access. I have an excellent internet connection and I always play most games online so I know it is not me. Of course, EA refuses to give a refund for their non functioning software
  97. DXR
    Mar 5, 2013
    I'm having a grand time I find it hard to believe there are 300+ legit negative reviews. They revived a classic flawlessly. Only thing missing are larger areas (which they say will happen) Regardless, the smaller city sizes really make you think and strategize about using your space and trading with neighbors. It makes it so no one city can have everything in it. Overall I'd say its worth buying! As for the DRM, welcome to the 21st century. If you've ever pirated a game, which I admit I have, you contributed to this result. It isn't that much of a drag. It really enriches the social capabilities, anyhow. You can really see how much work went into the artwork and mechanics which I really appreciate as a gamer. Expand
  98. Mar 7, 2013
    Don't waste your money on this game. The servers are down and there isn't an offline option,
    This was the last time I bought a game from EA: They are really a mediocre company.
  99. Mar 7, 2013
    It has been quite some time since I bought a game (pre-order to be exact). I have so much expectation towards this game, the multi-player thing, the new graphic and etc. Yes, I was a little shocked that this game requires constant internet connection, but then It was the same with Diablo, so I wasn't so mad back then.
    When I finally installed the game and play, that's the time I AM MAD! I
    AM NOT ALLOWED to play because the server is full? I am not allowed to play because some random bug delete my city or the save doesn't sync properly? I am paying for a game I couldn't play? Are you saying manage to go pass the client and go in game in 1/10 occasions consider playable?

    This game is the joke of 2013 and an insult to the fans of the series! If they do not fix the server or provide offline play(and save and load), this game will always get a 0 score from me.
  100. Mar 6, 2013
    Totally unplayable! Spent 3 hours trying to log in and was finally successful. Played half the tutorial only to be kicked off as the servers went down again. This was trying to play SINGLE PLAYER!! People would be better off using an offline pirated version of this game as it might actually work!! What a joke.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 75
  2. Negative: 10 out of 75
  1. 65
    Given enough patches and DCLs, SimCity might eventually become the game that should have been on its release and justify the ambiguous choices that its developers made. [May 2013]
  2. May 9, 2013
    Hints at great things but is limited by small cities and promises it can't deliver on. [June 2013, p.80]
  3. May 9, 2013
    There's more problems with this game than I have words. Looks great though. [June 2013, p.80]