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  1. Apr 17, 2014
    1.EA..that greeeedddyyyy bastards..that's all i will say about that
    2.Graphic : Graphic is beautiful..for sim city and CoT , from 1-10..pure 9
    3.Servers : i mean..realy ??? realy ??? 3-5 or more hrs of work and then "unable to load city..try later" or similar..if..but that's BIG IF you load your city after crash you are damnnnnn lucky
    - from 5 cities,at least 2 times on each has crashed
    and i was able to load..gues how many ?? 1.. ONE.. (later when crash this one goes to hell to..what a surprise.. -.-)
    4.Borders : you (if you lucky (online)) will play about 3-5 hrs if you screw with the game..if not,you wil play 2 hrs at most,for ofline ..same..per one city
    5.Graphic design of menu : easy to navigate and clearly
    6.Bugs : I will not even start with this..damnnnn
    7.Would i recomend this game : Helllll 3 or 4---->3 are my favorite,4 is nice for verryyy big city..
    8.If you have nerves for to damn bugy game and you want to play realy let say smal part of city (town)'t even bother with this piece of crap
    One more thing : EA - thank you for ruin my favorite game and take my money for **** -.-
  2. Apr 16, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Spolier alert: This game sucks very very badly.

    I registered on this site only to warn people about this game. I own hundreds and hundreds of games and I can honestly say this is the worst $45 I've ever wasted. This game is horrible, horrible, horrible. Never mind all the DRM problems, even with out them is a horrible game. In all my years of gaming I have never hated a game as much as I hate this one. Not only do I want my money back, I want to be reimbursed for the time I wasted. I would however pay another $45 if I could spit in the developers' faces.

    This game is pathetic and I will never ever by another game from "Origin".
  3. Apr 15, 2014
    Wow. I should have listened to the 3000+ negative comments instead of buying this game. I bought it on sale for $20 thinking "It's not that bad. People are just whining."

    Nope. The internet was right. It is THAT BAD. Not even having an offline mode is going to fix this game. The maps are TREMENDOUSLY SMALL. You'll have a hard time getting your population up to a few million
    UNLESS you have all low wealth residential zones. If you want to maximize your zones, you would have to build a VERY BORING AND VERY BASIC grid system for it to work.

    The designers made a VERY poor choice in forcing you to specialize in only one thing in your city. You'll then have to ABANDON it after you spend hours building it up and start all over again in a different city in the region. There are youtube videos out there that show you how SMALL the maps are. TRUST THOSE VIDEOS. IT'S VERY SMALL.

    The interface and graphics are very well executed but there are just too many flaws in this game as many have mentioned (poor AI, poor traffic routing, etc).

    I've only played this game for 20 hours and am already sick of it. You'll enjoy simcity 2000 more with its outdated graphics than this game.
  4. Apr 15, 2014
    Great game, I enjoyed it a lot. It's really underrated. They fixed a lot of things. It has an offline mode now. The servers work great (it's not just a single player game, it has a lot of multiplayer aspects, it's an MMO, stop **** about it), lot of the reviews were written on the first few days/weeks, when there were some issues (of course there will be server issues with a popular MMO on the first day), and they haven't updated their reviews/scores, it's fixed now. It's stupid that people rate this so low because of issues already fixed and the DRM (always online DRM works really well, really few people pirated it before the offline mode came out). People are idiots. It works well on old PCs, it looks good, it's a lot of fun. The cities are big enough. Expand
  5. Apr 14, 2014
    Since they decided to add an offline mod and after numerous patches i thought I would finally give it a go and see how it fares. THE GAME IS HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING PILE OF S***. They ruined everything that was good about the game, instead of allowing you to build even larger cities now that the hardware has advanced they made them so small I ran out of room so fast I wasn't able to blink. This is BS. You aren't even building a village let alone a city and why can't the AI remove abandoned buildings by itself so I don't have to micromanage it. The only innovation are the curved streets, wow, oh and did I mention that half of the stuff in the game is actually part of DLC's. Unbelievable. STAY AWAY FROM THIS C*** AND SAVE YOUR MONEY. Expand
  6. Apr 12, 2014
    This game is an absolute failure... It does not even compare to SimCity 4 in its soundtrack, gameplay, or entertainment value. I do not believe that SimCity: 2013 should have been made because it is an absolute abomination to the Sim name -- lacking in all of the good things, and overrun by the bad things. Everything good about SimCity was sucked out in this 'rebirth' and everything bad that you could imagine was added. Expand
  7. Apr 12, 2014
    I can't imagine how bribed the review magazines are. Giving 100 and 80 score for this game, really?
    The game has problems with maintaining connection because of server problems, and requires INTERNET for SINGLE PLAYER.
    Forced online DRM, where other developers are already removing DRM totally? SimCity is a joke, and is already pirated. The DRM is there for totally legal players'
    annoyance only.
    Not recommended to buy.
  8. Apr 7, 2014
    EA should effectively FIRE the whole Game Design team for ruining a franchise and the trust of it from what Maxis had. Period.

    EA is doing a great job of killing well known Franchises down to nothing. Good Job EA. Good Job.

    And I'm talking about the offline experience, not even online.
  9. Apr 5, 2014
    This game was, is, and always will be fundamentally broken. The city sizes are WAY WAY WAY too small. You fill the map in literally one hour of playing. It's a single-player game that requires you to play online on some horribly buggy and slow servers.
  10. Apr 5, 2014
    As the patches made, as the time runs, this game becomes even better. There is almost no problem with this game such as server problem, glitch, bug, and now it comes with SINGLE PLAYER MODE, road tools, smarter sims (that drive vehicles not only in the shortest path) and other interesting things. So delete those negative reviews because that describe the old Simcity, not the nowadays Simcity.

    Sorry if I made some language mistake, because english is not my first language
  11. Mar 31, 2014
    I'll make it quick and simple.

    It's a good game ruined by game-breaking bugs. EA has shown little interest in fixing these bugs. As a result you will end up needing to restart your city/region or accepting sacrifices due to bugs.

    Be aware.
  12. Mar 25, 2014
    Wow? From whence do I begin?

    Let's start by examining the critic score vs. user score. Never have I seen a more blatant example of EA exerting its advertising muscles and coercing good reviews.

    Is there actually anything good about this game? EA flat out lied about the game needing an Internet connection to play. Joke's on them, as usual. By enforcing a connection, they over-flooded
    their servers so no one could play at launch. Nice job.

    You guys know about the horrendous routes Sims take to work already. You guys have all seen the hilarious terrain bugs, too. Ultimately, this game does not even deserve a 1 for the design decision of having a single city block constitute a "city". I hope EA lost millions on this game; that, however, is probably wishful thinking. Judging by the quality of this product, I doubt EA even spent a million on it. They just spent most of the budget advertising and callously deceiving die-hard Simcity hopefuls.

    I bought Battlefield 4, but I guarantee you it'll be the last EA game I am ever, ever going to buy.
  13. Mar 24, 2014
    It's actually quite surprising how truly bland and un-sim-like this game is. Going in I really thought the complaints of "the cities are too small" and "the simulations are too simple" were just the cries of EA haters and non-sim-enthusiasts complaining for the sake of complaining. The truth is, the haters are right. After an hour of playing, you'll feel like you've already seen and done pretty much everything there is to see, and you're unlikely to ever feel truly engaged. The game is cold and indifferent, moves at a snail's pace, but yet after about an hour you'll have most of the city plot filled up with stuff. There's just very little content, and even less reason to care. This game is a terrible let down. Expand
  14. Mar 24, 2014
    I love SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, The Sims, SimCopter, et cetera. EA Ruined Maxis, this game stinks. SimCity 2013 is a scam and EA is the snake oil selling con artist. Disgusting.
  15. Mar 20, 2014
    (After the "Offline Update" was released.) Before I start... I get why everyone hates this game. But dang it I just can't hate it, it looks nice, plays nice, and it just is a good game. The interface is really well made, I like the idea of roads being what controls the density, and I love how the city looks, and it is much faster to create a big city than it is in Simcity 4, and yet it made a single mistake, a mistake that ALMOST ruined it for me. The city sizes, or should I say the lack there of. They should not have done this, but the reason why is so that they could force multiplayer on us, but now that the offline update is out, why not make new regions with much bigger cities for singleplayer play only? but even then I still get much enjoyment out of seeing my city grow, only if I could see it grow even more. If I were to compare this to SimCity 4 I would rate it a 6/10, but on its own, it is a pretty good game imo. Expand
  16. Mar 2, 2014
    SimCity is a great idea with a bad engine. Maxis is an innovative developer with an evil publisher. So what does this mean? The engine is rubbish because it can't simulate a city. Each citizen lives in the nearest free home in relation to his position at the moment he wants to go home. Thus each citizen lives each day in a different home and because every citizen does this, there is always a huge traffic jam, because every citizen goes to the same home, than to the next and so on.
    This is also true for work, shopping etc.
    In conclusion the roads ware always full and a city with more than 10.000 people (which aren't exactly 10.000 units, more 100 or so) will not work, the jams will hold your trucks which are needed for your production line. Of course, fire trucks and the other public service cars will stuck in traffic too. They don't get an extra lane, the even have to wait if the lights are red and no car will make room for them. Thus your city will burn down. Because of the engine, every truck will drive to the next fire, not to a fire with no truck already moving in.

    But never the less this game is fun to play, until you notice, that you can't optimize the roads and your public service because of the broken engine.

    So if this was it, I would give this game a 4 or 5 out of 10, because it will take you a while to notice.

    But EA lied about this game and is still lying because the are selling it as a simulation of a city. But this game does not simulate anything.
    The even bring out DLCs and AddOn which make the problems worse or are simply overprices and/or bring ingame advertising with them instead of fixing the engine (maybe it's not possible).
    The maps are ridicule small sized and the DRM is a pain, because the benefits (trade with neighbor cities) are not working proper.

    So I give this game a 1, it is more a 0 but if you naively think that your city planing is the issue, like me, it is fun to play a while until you notice the limits of this fake simulation engine ;)
  17. Mar 2, 2014
    I am a long time fan of the "Sim" series (Simcity **, SimCopter, etc..) hell I even pre-ordered the first Sims game on release (although I traded it for Quake 3 shortly thereafter). When I saw this Sim City come around, I had all the hopes that this game would be more SimCity and less; The Sims play: Sim City. Unfortunately, the game is like "The Sims play Sim City with horrible game breaking social media functionality that you don't want".

    I mean this in the sense that all atmosphere that you would find in an original SimCity title is lost, do not come here looking for experiences paralleling the games of the past.

    Unfortunately though, the game has little in the way of redeeming qualities outside the beautiful visuals and music. It's simply equivalent to a Farmville-like game app or Facebook minigame, it is not even close to a stand alone title.

    Never mind the fact that simple things that should be included in the core game are pay-to-play DLC's. This game will forever be a milestone and example of all that is wrong in the gaming industry today. Nevermind all the ridiculous Origin/Online only play, bugs, limited city size (smaller than any previous game and more like Sim Town) and the Agent system that they tout as a boon to this genre of gaming, which simply restricts everything you'd like to do in the name of "actual people" running around as individual agents.
  18. Feb 28, 2014
    I found the game to be somewhat fun and irritating it seems to me that EA failed to to give and deliver there promise to make the game fun instead the game is just sad yet amusing now that simcity has "multiplayer" make's it worse and that online DRM isn't helping ether and there isn't even a single player or an offline mode. simcity 5 i should say this game make's all the other simcity game's look like gold. i feel sad for Maxis for partnering up with EA and destroying one of my favorite game's. Expand
  19. Feb 26, 2014
    EA knew the game would not work at launch. Background: 1. EA was aware of the number of games sold by preorder and presumptively capable of being able to calculate sales at launch. This is one of the primary functions of their marketing department. 2. EA did not adjust download capacity at launch to meet these requirements. 3. EA did not adjust server capacity to meet the on-line play requirements at launch or subsequent to launch.


    1. EA deliberately launched a game which they knew they could not fully (or even in part, apparently) support.
    2. EA deliberately sold a game which they knew its customers would not be able to play in full or in part for some period of time, to be determined, after launch.
    3. As many have pointed out in the past, this is effectively fraud. Deliberately selling a product that does not work is unacceptable in almost any industry, and should be considered criminal.
    4. These actions show once again that EA treats its customers with complete contempt. It has been rated as the worst company in America in 2012 for good reason.


    1. Do not buy this or any other games from this EA.
    2. Do not buy this or any other game requiring on-line play for single player games.

    This is the only way they will pay attention. As long as we continue to give them money, they will continue to perpetrate this fraud. Hit them in the wallet and they will wake up in a hurry. Do it now, before these greedy companies ruin what is left of the gaming industry.
  20. Feb 21, 2014
    I rate this game a 5. As it is a SimCity game and it featured most of the things you would of expected from a SimCity game. It even had some nice features like you could play online with others. It had a nice feature where you could play multiple cities in a region at the same time. Specializing each city. Therefore one could be the commercial area. Another the residential. Another the industrial. So in theory and what you got when you bought it, it was probably a 10.

    However what destroyed the game was EA's greed. They forced you to join Origin. They forced you to play the game online. But then they didn't have the capacity on the Origin servers to handle the masses of SimCity fans who were trying to build their cities. Remember everyone was forced to play online. This caused lag. Which in a city sim, that was happening in live time causes massive problems. From the cars, to crime, to pollution. This could cause whole sections of your city to just fall apart with no apparent way to fix it. It also caused the game to behave illogically and not be able to handle multiple specialized cities very well. For instance when I built a commercial area that was near a residential city, that was also sending electricity, water and other resources to build up the commercial city. The game was sure there weren't enough people to support it. Even though the residential city needed tons and tons of jobs and places to shop. Same with the industrial. You could start up a regular city and then rebuild it. But it's illogical multiplayer flaws coupled with lag could just ruin your gaming experience. This was especially a problem for those serious builders. As EA was trying to promote building competitions. The lag made things ugly really fast.

    When you couple this lag with bugs, bad pathing, and illogical flaws in the new ai the game was all but doomed. It's sad really as most of these flaws would of eventually been patched and everyone who purchased this game would of been happy rating it 8 or better easily. And most of the flaws were probably caused by the lag of the server you were forced to play on.

    I played solo, or private games where I invited friends. I have highs speed internet, but being forced to play on the Origin server which was lagged out of it's mind, just ruined the game for everyone. It is so sad because if we could of played this game solo, or on our own servers this game would probably have been a classic. Which all of us would be replaying for years to come.

    But instead EA decided they would stop game hackers by forcing them to play on their servers. Sadly those who cracked the games are probably the only ones who can enjoy the game in the state I last saw it. And this policy for what was traditionally an offline game, ruined it. Without stopping the hackers. In fact it was a PR problem for EA as they said you couldn't play the game offline. But people were quickly finding evidence that the game could probably be patched to be able to play offline.

    If EA just put out a patch that allowed us to play the game on our own computers or our own servers this game would be saved. Which would save the game for those who want to use the game on Origin, because Origin wouldn't have it's servers lagged. And it might help restore EA's reputation.

    Sadly EA already stole the money from all who bought this game. And sadly it seems EA is not concerned with keeping SimCity as customers.

    In the end the game launched so badly that EA had Origin give players a free game. Which is okay, if you actually enjoy having to log into someone else's server just to play a game. But it's quite annoying when it destroys a classic franchise. And a game that should be able to be enjoyed offline.
  21. Feb 16, 2014
    Game was poorly made. Marketing tactics were deceiving and unethical. We were told that the game was build around an "always online" experience and offline single player mode is just not possible. And here we are almost 1 year later with the impending release of an offline mode. Next, we're probably going to get bigger maps and EA expects us to forget what they said during those press release? Glad I cancelled my pre order the moment I heard of always online DRM. Expand
  22. Feb 13, 2014
    After one year of updates and more than 270 hrs of gameplay, I can honestly say that this game is still broken and almost unplayable.
    Region commuting, RCI, values, info and statistics maps are broken.
    Don't buy this game. Never
  23. Feb 1, 2014
    It certainly had the potential to be a really great game--worthy of the SimCity franchise. But it fell short by an "always on" DRM...I'm sorry, an unnecessary connection to an EA server. Now that wouldn't be so aweful IF EA made 100% sure their servers are always functional and can handle the traffic--of course there's always the chance something may happen with your isp too. Anyway, it was completely unnecessary to make the game work and caused many problems.

    Now on to game play, which the raw gameplay itself I found to be very good--detailed buildings, individual sims, etc. I also enjoyed upgrading buildings and working toward certain goals to unlock more options in the game. However, as others have pointed out, the maps are smaller than I would have liked and there's no option that gives you larger maps.

    Overall, the game was okay but it could have been a whole lot better.
  24. Feb 1, 2014
    There are many great features in this game: beautiful graphics, multiplayer (kinda), and that's pretty much it. The many faults I found in this game are: 3x the price for a third the content, almost completely unbalanced and impossible to fulfill late game requirements, and very limited options compared to the vast amount of buildings present in previous simcity games. I have simcity creator on the Wii and it has more content... Expand
  25. Jan 20, 2014
    "SimCity" was a huge disapointment, especially because of the hype that lead up to it. Today I undoubtedly regret I did not return it and get the money back. The launch weeks were terribly frustrating, since the servers were crowded and unstable. The game itself consists of an uncountable number of bugs, where some are gamebreaking. The game mechanics are overall lazily constructed, and nearly everything in the game lacks depth (many of the numbers and statistics used are even plain wrong). The game also makes use of DRM (Digital Rights Management), which I personally think is a farce. Instead of buying this travesty, I recommend "SimCity 4" to those who likes the genre. Avoid "SimCity" at all costs. Expand
  26. Jan 16, 2014
    I enjoyed playing SimCity. It was worth my time. One problem that I didn't like is the fact that SimCity only supports online mode. I would like to play offline. It's basically about building cities and managing them. You have to be very careful because the money [called Simoleons] can run out quickly. Finally, it turns out to be a good game. SimCity is based on reality.
  27. Jan 13, 2014
    Electronic Arts ruins yet another franchise, and yet another developer. It is hard to see how Maxis could recover from this nightmare of a game--a cash grab counting on the SimCity name, and nothing more--and we have likely seen the end of the SimCity franchise. Tiny maps, broken mechanics (even almost a year after launch) and dumbed-down casual gameplay makes this one of the worst games ever made, when compared to the classics of SimCity's past. Expand
  28. Jan 13, 2014
    I was soooooo excited to play this game with all the famous people playing it and all, but when I bought it and it crashed on me and it deleted it and tried to redown load it and it sad it wouldn't because some on else bought it. sooooooo angry and no refund for $69.99.
  29. Jan 10, 2014
    Wow this game is a huge fail. It's not even a full game. If you want a full game you must buy this base-game(it's like a demo) for 60$ and then you forced to buy each building individually(it's called DLC), but it's not DLC, it's the content and features which was cut from the full game.
  30. Jan 9, 2014
    This game really is a turd. I bought it a week after release. Stopped after realizing the simulation was broken. Waited for 10+ patches. Updated around Xmas. Played enough to get 4 cities in a region and start building the Solar Farm. Freight, trade, resources going to storage lots (trade depot) , storage lots (ports), shared resources from neighbors; FLAT OUT BROKEN. I have two coal mines, coal in lots, yet somehow my smelters and coal power plants never have coal. Same instance with every resource going to any destination. Alloy to Great work, ore to smelter, plastic to processor factory...

    Thought the issue may lie with transit. However.... Traffic is not causing this issue. Sold all resources, closed depots/lots/ports re-opened, re-worked all streets and transit to eliminate all red/yellow areas on streets and somehow the resources/freight take 3 three days to move. REALLY? Ok, I'm laughing now because it's absurd.

    My first PC game was SimCity 2000. I was in 5th grade or something. I'm 28 now and have loved each installment since. What used to be a wonderful city simulation has gone very wrong. (Insert EA blame here).

    No, but really....EA..... Maxis and Dice were phenomenal before you became their publisher... I wish they hadn't sold out. Gaming companies that are successful today, listen to their community. EA has not been doing that. For anyone thinking about buying Simcity 2013. Please do not, until you read a review in 5 years that says that came is actually functioning correctly. If that ever happens.

    3 for graphics, sound, and the developers effort. - 7 for gameplay, DRM, lies, ruining franchises, inflated prices, bad patching, DLC, and BF4 bugs.
  31. Jan 7, 2014
    I just wasted my money into EA's trash. So many bugs still in it, and there is no advantage of ONLINE play and just poor play style. The datas that I choosen are not connect directly into order. Packages for Huge building is not supplying as they just reach that construction site.
    More than that, CITIES ARE TOO SMALL
    it's not SIMCITY. it's TOWN, SIMTOWN.
  32. Jan 4, 2014
    Ah! the Simcity reboot. A broken interactive screensaver. Let your imagination fly on the tiniest simcity maps ever. Watch traffic come to a halt and back up on the single roads connecting your cities. Watch your cities grow without any industrial zones. Watch EA take your money while your thinking that the latest DLC will fix this game. Ahh! the fun you'll have playing when your internet goes down. Amazing social multiplayer experience. You must buy this game to really experience how bad it is, and then have fun trolling the five people that like it on the simcity forums. Expand
  33. Jan 2, 2014
    Each update, a new launcher error! Always need to search in the web how to fix this errors... if you find a way!! Don't buy this game, i'll lose your money!
  34. Dec 31, 2013
    The game is 9 months old now and the agent system still doesn't work. Vehicles are disappearing and ghost town phenomena still exists. Power and water usage is raising cumulatively even the city plot is cleared completely. Students disappears and vehicles just disappears. The game is broken but Maxis is making new content instead of fixing the game. There is also plenty new bugs like unremovable street car tunnels. Expand
  35. Dec 30, 2013
    Suits in charge have runed another franchise, why do people that probably hate videogames think they know better than us? Easy, they may think they are superior to us and they dont respect us at all... Suits also seem rushed in t making a new videogame crash, I don't know, maybe they want to kill videogames alltogheter in the firstplace so their normal perfectly fine hoobies return once again to supremacy?? Whatveter, the future for this inustry is grim if we keep enabling this retards. Expand
  36. Dec 30, 2013
    SimCity 2013 is greedy money grabs & anti consumer practices like this that is the reason why EA has earned and deserved the Golden Poo award two years running EA stop turning games into services that nonbody wanted
  37. Dec 28, 2013
    This game is, like most other EA games (I know Maxis made it, but EA did parts of it), terrible. But EA brought this to a whole new level of terribleness, by putting always online DRM on this game. They said you have to be online, which is nonsense; People have changed the code and made it possible to play offline! Furthermore, the graphics are reasonable, 3D is ok, maps are tiny, menuscreen is worse than Big rigs over the road racing's one. Expand
  38. Dec 26, 2013
    This game was fun for the first 10 minutes. Until it said I wasn't running my town right and it said it could repair it. So I click ok. And it take you back to the main menu. NOW it does it every 5 minutes not saving the progress to my town. They said they'd fix this over 9 months ago. Really EA really?
  39. Dec 18, 2013
    I like this game. I waited until October 2013 to buy it. The server issues have been fixed. Sometimes during peak times you do find you get bumped or can't log on, and not being able to play offline is a real issue for many. Me included. But most the time now, you can get on. Once your on, the game is very fun and very addictive....if you "get it". I almost wish there was more "business" in it, but for "the masses" it's a great game now. The only thing that I think of is...what happens when Orgin drops the game or goes bankrupt? I can't play my game. So.... Online only game I'm actually renting the game. Expand
  40. Dec 16, 2013
    I can not believe how people would actually give this a perfect score. It's completely rubbish compared to the previous game. Always some kind of a problem with the servers and not to talk about the "citties" you're supposed to build. In SimCity 4 you had the chance to build a real city unlike in this game where you can build a village. I regret spending money on this game so if anyone thinks about buying ths game: Do not. You're better off downloading/buying SimCity 4. Expand
  41. Dec 14, 2013
    Why I rated this game a 3: The best part of this game is the graphics and audio; however, the biggest part of any game: gameplay is seriously lacking, and EA as usual has not listened to the consumer. Pros: Beautiful graphics and great audio Cons: Small map sizes, severe traffic control problems, enormous structures, residential is not dense enough for map size. Unfortunately the map size in relation to the structure sizes makes it incredibly difficult to fit in enough residential space in addition to city specialization structures and standard infrastructure i.e. water pumps, city hall, power plants, trash disposal, mining operations, electronics factories, casinos, and universities. If they wanted to make them so big, then they should have given us bigger maps.

    The other glaring issues is that trade is near impossible once your city becomes large enough. There is literally one entry into the city. This results in a major bottleneck for traffic and causes major backups. This problem will result in lost or inconsistent input of revenue causing cash flow problems. I believe that this results mostly from the fact that all city transit options flow on the roads and there is no subway to speak of to help offset some of the travelers. I extensively used subways in SimCity 3000 Unlimited and rarely had real traffic control problems.

    Don't waste your money on this disappointment like I did.
  42. Dec 14, 2013
    This game sucks, servers issues, updates that take forever, no terraforming, forget about small cities because i wouldn't even dare to call them cities, they are just small towns with an inflated population counter, JUST DOONT WASTE YOUR MONEY
  43. Dec 9, 2013
    Really looked forward to this game, but it just does not deliver to what it once was. If you want that old-school SimCity feel? Look elsewhere, you are gone so regret buying this game.

    Ill gibe em 2/10 for the effort yeah effort of ruining a perfect franchise...
  44. Dec 8, 2013
    I bought the disk version from GameStop without knowing that it was a downloadable always online only game. Had I known that, I would have never bought the game. But, alas, I have spent the money. I like the other SimCity games so I said "I'll give it a try". Bad mistake. The traditionally 1 player game is now based on multiplayer gameplay. Thanks for ruining everything that I love EA.
  45. Dec 8, 2013
    Although it was a logistical nightmare when released, now that EA has mostly fixed the server bugs this has turned out to be one of the most fun SimCity games to date. I admit it is frustrating that the areas are tiny in which to build, but I think that in the long run it gives the game better replay value... In the old titles, you spent countless hours on one city, and from then on there was no comparing. However, in SC5 you build many small cities in a region, each with different specialties. Some work, some don't. But they can help each other, (making it nice not to have to start from square one each time), and you can work alone or with friends toward greater projects ("great works"). All said, if you were initially frustrated like I was with the game, give it another go. There are so many angles to take, so many new things to learn, that you may just get hooked the second time around. Expand
  46. Dec 6, 2013
    Even though Sim city has some problems and these problems are mostly solved I give 9 points from ten because I've never played better city building strategy. For me the reason why i am not giving ten points is that the places for building are so small.
  47. Dec 4, 2013
    I wish I'd checked these reviews before I went out and bought this game, thinking SimCity would be great as it always has been. First off with DRM, this doesn't affect me so much as I really always have connection but if the EA servers fail I have paid £40 to do nothing. It's not a city builder, it's a small town builder. The sizes of the plots are ridiculously small. How can you build a city in a 2km by 2km grid?

    What I was expecting was something along the lines of SimCity 4 but with new features/better graphics. There's a few new features but i'd say there's less features overall. Ea have taken out highways and subways and to build an airport you're going to have to destroy half of your "city"

    Honestly so disappointed with this version of SimCity. Going to play SimCity 4 to try and recover from burning £40.

    Don't buy...

    Added review:

    After 8 or so months i decided to come back to this game, still disappointed. If you look at their Facebook almost every comment is from people who want bigger maps. Surely the next update has to be bigger maps? no. I don't understand why a game company would so blatantly ignore their fanbase. Surely they would actually make money from this?

    To add to it when i patched i couldn't play because the server was unavailable... I think i'll take a point off my previous score.
  48. Dec 3, 2013
    Too small city areas and you have to be connected to a server at all times. Very bad implementation of a good concept. EA should be forced to refund this product or deliver a real single player mode with larger city areas.
  49. Dec 3, 2013
    Better graphic doesn't mean better game,the game is downgrade of Simcity 4.The online DRM is the worst thing ever because the server always full.I prefer my Simcity 4 than this Simcity...
  50. Dec 2, 2013
    Honestly, buy SimCity 4 instead.

    The newest SimCIty should be called SimGraphicsCity instead. The only thing better about this version is that the shadows and lighting effects are cooler. Gone is the ability to create large sprawling cities with downtowns and residential neighborhoods. What really made the previous games fantastic was the amount you needed to micro manage. For god's
    sake, you had to lay water pipes and electrical lines.

    Did you like subways? yeah forget about that, it's gone.

    Remember how there were other cities you could interact with but it didn't matter? Well this is almost all about interacting with neighboring cities.

    Honestly, it feels like Farmville 2.0 at times. Here let me gift my neighbor a garbage truck.

    The only thing I can say that really stops this from being a complete turd is that the Info-porn graphic overlays are amazing.

    Oh yeah, and forget about playing this game on your laptop on the commuter train, or any place where you don't have internet access. You need to be constantly logged in for it to work.
  51. Dec 1, 2013
    smh. So how does EA screw this up? The "always on" doesn't bother me much, its just that I can't even play the game without feeling frustrated. Traffic patters all screw up, cities being square and small. I don't understand why there is a city, and then next to it there's nothing just plains, no suburban, no rural towns, just trees and a road. Resource sharing is awful.
  52. Nov 27, 2013
    I really wanted to like this game. And the first couple of hours are nice. Its not broken because the game is playable. Its just bugged.

    Always online DRM is really bad.
    Servers are really bad: either its full or saves dissappear.
    Cities are too small.
    Still buggy after all this time.
  53. Nov 26, 2013
    LOL They have not even worked the bugs out of the first game and now they want people to buy an expansion pack? LOL LOL!

    It's bad, don't buy it and don't pay to fix MAJOR bugs that should have not even be in the original game.
    The game is bad, so buggy!
  54. Nov 24, 2013
    Sadly, i was disapointed by SimCity. I expected alot, and i was let down. You are forced to be online all the time, and then the servers are not working. What a great start. Anyway i forgave Maxis and after they fixed their servers i gave it another try... It is just so messy and buggy. It really seems unfinished to me.
    Missing support and not listend to the beta Testers SCREAMING:
    "BIGGER MAPS!!" those are the things that make me tell you:
    Dont waste your money on this one, Seriously.
  55. Nov 23, 2013
    10 months after the release of the game and after so much talk at forums about city sizes and bugs EA releases an expansion? Are they kidding us? DO NOT BUY any simcity game. They suck a lot.
  56. Nov 23, 2013
    Worst customer/producer communication ever. They get so much hate on facebook and streams.. i dont get it. The community wants bigger maps offline mode and so on.. Hobby modder are able to creat things like that but maxis "is not able to" Rly i dont get it
  57. Nov 19, 2013
    great game, love the way it handles the interactions with other cities and the fun of building my own city, how I can choose how it runs, say: Green city, or industrial or a smart city. but really, they give you hardly any space to build on and they put adds in the game, with the bloody NISSAN LEAF CAR ADD AND PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE ADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really is that how low you can go EA! But they are a minor impact to a fun game,

    +creative choice
    -no space to build
    +online is great
  58. Nov 19, 2013
    Simcity is the best bad game ever. When you first get into it, the happy go lucky nature of it coupled with its bubbly and user friendly UI and graphics will have you smiling ear to ear. As you start to "complete" your first city or two the flaws really come to surface and they really take away a lot of the fun.

    It's lost the charm of the Simcity series but you can still find a good few
    hours of entertainment here. Hopefully the next installation will get rid of the "dumbing down" and back into actual city building like Simcity 4. Expand
  59. Nov 18, 2013
    Probably one of the worst game launches ever, but even if you survived this disaster the game is just not a good Sim City. The Cities are too small and they don't really let you create your own city. They want you to build them like they want. EAs DLC politic makes it even worse. If you want a good Sim City don't buy this, buy Sim City 4 probably the best Sim City.
  60. Nov 18, 2013
    Been a fan for every one of them. This one is the most deceiving. It takes forever to start the game (about 10 minutes). Very slow and it is NOT my computer!!!
  61. Nov 18, 2013
    Several months after release and I still play this game as it is what I call my go to game. When everything else fails, got to SimCity. That is one of the better ways to while away a few hours. Just look at the youtube channels that are dedicated to SimCity. Rated it 8.934628364 out of 10.00
  62. Nov 8, 2013
    Now I have been a fan of the SimCity franchise for a while now and naturally got incredibly hyped when they announced they would finally be releasing a new game to my beloved franchise. I didn't buy it at first, I was short on funds and wanted to make sure it would be worth it. So I waited for reviews, and boy did everyone loathe this game. Server trouble, numerous bugs, crashing, always online, the list goes on and on. I steered clear of it for a few months until I finally got around to playing it. I prepared for the worst, but what I got was my favorite game in the franchise to date. I loved it... The problems people said they had with the server were basically non-existent for me and I never had trouble with crashing. I loved the gameplay, though the city size definitely is to small. I love the camera controls, which are very responsive and crisp. I also greatly enjoyed the graphical style of the game, it felt more like a city than any of the previous other games had. I also enjoyed the curved roads, naturally. Sometimes clipping onto roads was annoying but for the most part it worked out well. The modules you can add to buildings are AMAZING, definitely one of my favorite additions, much more efficient to add more cops cars to your police station than to build an entire other one. Anyway, as a whole this game delivered on a level I didn't expect and I had a truly wonderful experience with it. Expand
  63. Nov 7, 2013
    Este es el gran fracaso de EA, es una lástima que una saga tan fantástica se haya visto destrozada y vapuleada por un juego tan mal hecho, no es solo el DRM lo que es indignante de por si cosa por la que merecería escribirse todo un libro de críticas pero no voy a entrar en eso es el juego en sí mismo el que ha fallado estrepitosamente.

    se anuncio como la apoteosis de la simulación y
    la definitiva reencarnación del genero con la conjunción de todo lo positivo de los anteriores y ha sido un nefasto fracaso, merece la pena pararse a enumerar los fallos más dolorosos:

    1º lo que de primera hora debería de haber sido una aliciente la "socialización" e interactuación con el resto de los jugadores de tu mismo territorio e incluso del mundo se torno a una dependencia extraña que impide un desarrollo optimo de tu ciudad (más que nada por la poca gente que juega de forma estable a este juego).

    2º los mapas de juego real, es decir donde tú puedes construir y jugar en definitiva son demasiado pequeños, cosa que se ha hecho así presupongo para poder conseguir el primer punto

    3º a pesar del primer punto y a causa del segundo es irracionalmente fácil hacer que tu ciudad crezca e imposible hacer que la ciudad sea estable, cosa que a título personal me acaba provocando dolor de cabeza y no diversión

    4º los servidores dan literalmente pena, vergüenza ajena

    hay más razones por las cuales no merece la pena ni mencionar este juego, no hay más que ver la puntuación de los usuarios.
  64. Nov 6, 2013
    One of the worst game launches ever to happen in history.

    The game-play itself was alright, but capped out at about 10 hours. I spent about another 90 hours trying to figure out of I actually enjoyed the game at all, but it became clear that the game had no real point or optimization to make it worth the effort. I paid for a city simulator and got nothing but bugs, corrupted data, and
    terrible drm.

    The graphics were stunning, but after a while it clearly all looks the same and it becomes apparent that you can't actually make the city how you want, all you get to do is build your city how they want.

    Playing with others was impossible, and it seemed like that was the whole point to the built in drm. It simply didn't work people would abandon their plots after a few hours leaving you all alone, which wouldn't be terrible on its own, but the way they built the game made it seem like team play was the point, yet there really wasn't any way to actually play with others.

    Overall this was a promising game that became a huge let down.
  65. Nov 5, 2013
    Corporate greed at its worst! DRM ruins a potentially good game. Like others have said, I will never support draconian DRM measures ever again especially for what should be primarily a single player game.
  66. Nov 1, 2013
    The idea of the Simcity is both got better and worse. The machine which controls the sims had big upgrades. However the massive engine caused other game performances to decrease. They weren't able to give the player the opportunity of choosing the building size. Also the new multiplayer gameplay shouldn't be necessary it should be optional. The idea of Simcity is making your own city not making someone others "TOWN" Expand
  67. Oct 29, 2013
    I'm relatively new to the game so far and have the following to say: PROS Beautiful graphics Nice new features (ie adding features to existing structures) Streamlining of "monotonous" tasks (ie power lines/water pipes) CONS Small build sites Some say this is unimportant, definitely not true. Hopefully since this game is an "online" game that can theoretically "evolve", this can eventually be expanded. If city sites are to be small, they should also show some variation instead of just being same sized square boxes.

    Some reviewers state that a city in real life "cannot have all things"... simply not true. New York City for instance is not "buildable" in the games current form. The game really does need the ability to "expand" beyond a square box borders.

    Elimination of some items (ie subways)

    Fact that you're "buying" a game that may someday be no longer supported, in a sense you're "buying" a game that's in some ways being treated as a rental.

    While a good start (I hope they don't stand pat), the regions concept is just not realistic in the sense that you have multiple "squares" for cities... while the land separating these squares are never "develop-able".

    In the end, I'm not sure if I had it to do all over again, I would spend $60. The online feature of the game is not that big a deal however the unrealistic nature of the game (in the name of multi-player) is pretty disappointing when compared to past versions. I'm open to something "new" but not if it only "limits" your "powers", so to speak.

    Right now, I'd advise people to wait to see if the developers improve the game. In some ways it's an improvement but in too many others, it's a regression.

    Looking forward to playing it but overall, fairly disappointed.

    One last thought Similar to EA Sims franchise, they tend to "nickel and dime" you for every new minor feature... that seems to be where they're headed with this as well. Before offering all these new "bells and whistles" for a price, they really need to expand the space on which you are able to build.

    It's interesting they did not name it SimCity 5... Truth be told, it's more like SimCity 2.8 3.2...

    Sim City 4 is still superior to this new effort.
  68. Oct 29, 2013
    I have begun to really hate EA and Origin recently, too many bad decisions have resulted in SimCity being unplayable most of the time, due to servers being full or not having a good enough internet connection. The Game is good, you just can't get on there 50% of the time. EA It's in the game (of you can actually get on it in the first place).
  69. Oct 26, 2013
    It's a decent game, but it gets old after only a few cities. Origin is a pain in the behind and isn't even close to being on par with Steam. Unless you want to constantly drop $30 for expansion packs (Think Sims 3 style)... than I wouldn't bother getting this game. Sim City 4 will get you immensly more entertainment value for your hard earned
  70. Oct 24, 2013
    This game is over the user. Just you right? too small maps, no possible way to terraform areas, road system. Generally downgrade its soo much more to write
  71. Oct 15, 2013
    My husband bought and installed SC5 last weekend. I managed to play once. Every time I try to open it, I get a message saying we have not registered the Origin. Each time we have to re-register and then wait for 2-3 hours for the game to upload. Total waste of money. I can't understand why other game companies have not had the good sense to create city building games such as SimCity. Truth be told, I will never buy another SimCity again. Expand
  72. Oct 7, 2013
    From download to start this game is not worth the time and money. I have been playing simcity since early days and this is a dumb down version of a game that should get more complex and interesting. Instead it is designed for kids to play. Download and software updates takes a long time and it's very frustrating. Almost nothing positive about this. I wish they took the concept of previous game and built on that rather they tried to mix Sim Societies and sim cities. You are not a mayor, you are a player who just puts things in spots that were promoted to put. Size of the map is small and limited options (rather than more) is provided. Don't like this game at all. Expand
  73. Oct 1, 2013
    SimCity is one of the best simulation games around. The simulations are so incredibly deep it just took my breath away. Depending on if you city has 1 million sims or just one, each sim has there own name and background. The graphics and game play are also some of the best around. After playing this game for 50 hours over a one week period, I new this was one of the best games I've ever played.
  74. Sep 30, 2013
    Ignoring the servers, which are not a problem anymore, the game is playable. Of course, a big thing lowering the score is the map size and the always-online DRM. No local saving, the game will probably be down in some years when the servers get shut down and there is no single player mode. It is true that EA is just fishing for money from the Simcity 4 players who trusted EA that they would make an awesome new version. I myself foolishly pre-ordered the game too, how could I have known that Simcity Digital was after the Simcity 4 was one of my favourite games when it was released? Unlike those who gave a zero, I am still able to give a two, as the servers are working fairly well now. Though I must admit that on the release the servers simply did not work for even nearly everyone Expand
  75. Sep 27, 2013
    SimCity simulates itself. The AI programming just needs a better coder.
    E.g. Citizens walk around and around Buildings non-stop; Police cars are usually there, where there is no crime; Citizens complain about trash problems even if there are non; And the biggest Problem: There is too much traffic. New York has 1000% less.
  76. Sep 24, 2013
    Always online DRM.
    EA lying to their customers about need to be online.
    Extremely expensive DLCs.
    City sizes the size of a small football field.

  77. Sep 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Inventive restructure of user interface, solid execution on how interactions "feel" in game. Social structure and communication of system needs is acceptable. NOTHING SAVES YOUR CITY WHEN THE WATER IS GONE. Unless you happen to occupy an ocean or river connected tile for water supply (river resource runs out too) you need a solid seller of water to fuel alternative economic priorities than base industry. Tech industry is almost all water need. I tried to self supply, no hope there. Want my $70.00 and 12 hrs back now. Played it day of release... FAIL. A few days later, functional. Later that week, water mechanic kills off entire map.

    I guess I could go play BattleFailed on servers run by abusive douches.
  78. Sep 17, 2013
    Forget the abusive DRM. It is so buggy it is not worth playing at all. Sure, some great ideas but, you actually have to be able to play before that counts in my book. The trade bug, gifting bug, great works bug, traffic bugs (many), service vehicle bugs (many), the list just goes on and on. The high critic reviews (100?) show they never actually played the game to any degree in my opinion (maybe paid reviews or a marketing firm?). Certainly not a human player that knows anything about games. Expand
  79. Sep 15, 2013
    no fun, i dont understand why they have limited this game to tiny fun at all, woud have given a score of 5 if it woud be bug free.... minus 1 scorepoint for every 10 bugs i found....equals ZERO!
  80. Sep 11, 2013
    If Electronic Arts is going to make a game with the basic premise being that no city is an island, if they're going to stress the interaction among cities, if they're going to make playing alongside other people a cornerstone of the design, if they're going to force my creations into tiny boxes that cannot exist past a certain point without the help of other tiny boxes, they're going to have to do the hard work of making it actually work. And ideally, that hard work should be done before they sell people the game, not after they've been caught flat-footed for botching it so completely. Best Description ever of this game.. Also this game sucks.. waited so much for it, then this comes out.. 0/10 Expand
  81. Sep 10, 2013
    This game is such a disgrace to what used to be a stellar series, not due to the core game, but due to the cynical and life draining DRM and internet only play which restrict so much of what SimCity is about. Unfortunately even when actually managing to play, the game commits suicide by having tiny city squares and ridiclous restrictions on buildings, whose only raison d'etre is to persuade you to play with others, a feature that the game already betrays itself!

    Unfortunately I believe that this game is too flawed at the fundamental level to ever be a worthy successor to the brilliant SimCity 4. A shame, because the franchise at it's heart is legendary amongst the PC community and can be so much better.
  82. Sep 9, 2013
    The new SimCity is a casual, online-only, sandbox game involving lots of micromanagement with little useful data to guide your actions. The pretty miniature cities means you can create good looking desktop wallpapers but that's about all it's really good for once you've figured the game out. This is fine if that's what you're looking for in this game but it's about as far from the original SimCity formula as you can get. While Maxis should be lauded for being bold and trying something new the design and implementation was so poorly done they may have done irreversible damage to their reputation. Expand
  83. Xus
    Sep 8, 2013
    Not buying this game just because of the reviews. Thank you contributors. Frankly why make a single player game connect to a server? I hope the next SIM city is a real single player one.
  84. Sep 5, 2013
    It's now september 2013, and server issues are still persisting. EA seems to not be making any effort at all at doing something about the most common problems plagueing this game.

    I wonder why I ever bothered paying for this game, knowing it had new EA DRM... This new DRM delivers absolutely nothing for the player, cities are so small they could be simulated on your 4-year old phone.
    I'm extremely upset about their shoddy attempt to sell an 'always-online' experience.

    Past few days:
    - Frequent disconnects
    - Two cities inaccessible
    - One city disconnected, and when I got back most of the work was gone
  85. Sep 4, 2013
    Don't bother! The map sizes will completely disappoint you. Just when things start to get somewhere you need to build another city to support your main one. Complete BS. The always online ruined this game. EA is just too greedy.
  86. Aug 26, 2013
    Most of the user review scores are from the time of release. The game has been through 7 major patch updates since then and is a lot more fun.

    One has to remember that this was a reboot of the franchise and not a normal iteration or sequel. The old games were statistically based and what you saw on screen was just a representation of what might be happening in the city (hence why cars
    faded in and out around corners).

    This new game simulates using an agent based system. Now every home has sims that need work, need education, happiness, money, etc... For example, Andy will leave home in the morning and must get to work before 9am. So long as he makes it, when he leaves at the end of the day he will bring home money. That money will be spent in shops which will make him happy. And so on, and so on. That my friends, is revolutionary! You can really start to appreciate how difficult this must have been for them to create.

    I'm not saying this is an excuse to release a buggy, half-finished game, but those who wanted SimCity 4 with updated graphics need to look elsewhere. This is not what the game was intending to be.

    To add to that city builders are difficult! Look at Cities XL, and before that, SC4. Both were, and still are really buggy! Not just that, but they bring even the best computers to their knees. There is just so much to calculate (even with a statistically based model)!

    I find this game fun, and if you go in with an open mind and play the game as was intended it can be a LOT of fun! I recommend it highly. I gave it 7 due to launch issues, if the game released in it's current state it would have got an 8 perhaps in another 6 months it will be a 9.
  87. Aug 24, 2013
    EA is a business that seems to want to destroy its own business. Which other games publisherhas such a perfect ability of smelling out what their customers like and then going and doing the EXACT opposite. What other company is as loathed as EA, in an industry where the customers actually want to love them but can't???? Obsessed with their need for Origins to be successful, obsessed about piracy, which is irrelevant in a world where the number of happy paying customers is booming, obsessed about getting as much blood from a stone as they can with DLC and micro-transactions, EA corporate apparently spends zero time thinking about games, the gamer of the gaming experience. EA seems to be rendered insane by its own greed. It has a genius for destroying games and the fun of gaming. And by all appearances there is no one with any power or control in EA who actually CARES about this either. Look at the millions and millions they blow on advertising! Look at the way gameplay and game fun and game design considerations stagnate or go backwards and get worse! What's wrong with this company? Why are the fools crashing the ships into the rocks NOT getting sacked? The answer can only be that the rot is coming from the very top. It's the EA executives who are making this company a joke. These are obviously men with big egos who never actually play games, and feel an innate contempt for gamers, indeed for games. Gamers should seriously boycott the products of this company, because it's evident from the long string of ruined franchises and studios EA has destroyed in the past 2 years that this company represents a DISEASED corporate culture that will obviously continue so long as the corporate machine is making revenue. Until EA starts taking significant financial losses on their horribly skewed 'games' they have no real reason to change what they are doing. This game is a horrible warning sign of how EA hopes to suck gamers into a DLC-addled, micro-transaction infested, pay-to-play, pay to win, charge by the month toll booth on our lives. They have so much contempt for games and gamers that they even try to chain us to their machine with BAD games. Like we are DUMB enough to allow it. The answer is to say NO. Don't buy their games. Score bomb their games. Don't support these people. EVER. Buy from companies with a better philosphy and with more love for the art and fun that represent gaming at its best. Starve the beast. EA is truly, really, deeply SICK. The shareholders need to replace the entire executive of the business with people who actually, know, love, understand and live for making good games. A company with the financial resources to be an industry leader should be an industry leader. Right now they are wasting and losing billions in potential revenue. They are not only losing-out in terms of game design, creativity and popularity, they are missing BILLIONS in revenue. They are a bad publisher and a BAD business model. Dozens of corporate shills in suits with no understanding of games, gaming or gamers need to be permanently retired, starting with ALL their present executives. A Sim City in 2013 should have been a blow-your mind awesome experience not only in the dimensions of cartoon world creation, but also in hyper-real SERIOUS civic engineering. It could have and should have been not only a toy, but a platform that could be used by architects and engineers to mock up real-world projects. Instead of investing in a state of the art engine however, EA blew its budget on hookers and blow again: AS ALWAYS: giving us a sad reboot of a 1997 experience on the back of a vast, wasted advertising budget. Casuals don't care and will get their kicks elsewhere. The hardcore knowingly laugh. Why do these fools make games for 12 year old, and hope to use DLC and micro transactions to get kids to hit their folks with the credit card? Does no-one with authority in EA have the slightest interest in ACTUALLY MAKING GOOD STATE OF THE ART SOFTWARE? If they stopped trying so hard to work angles with DLC and such and just made plain awesome games they would double their profits in 12 months and start to regain some of the good will they have so steadily squandered in the past three years! SACK the present boss and reset your agenda !

    THE GROT REVIEW CRITERIA: After a long time writing reviews like an anus, think its time to set a few bad habits straight: Stop insulting designers. Show some respect for the design process and getting games in circulation. Hence (1) No Red scores. (2) Game scores as follows: Bad Game 5/10. Poor Game 6/10. Mediocre Game: 7/10. Good Game 8/10. Great game 9/10. Stella Game 10/10. To get 10/10 it must be a game that can be (theoretically) play-able for 1000+ hours. Not only great but near endless fun. Games may be bad or poor but making them should earn respect. Thus even the worst POS will still be a 5/10. 0/10 no longer exists in my vocabulary. Yellow is the new red. For the sake o
  88. Aug 22, 2013
    This game made me sad I have played and loved this franchise for as long as I can remember (well, except Societies which I pretend didn't happen). Unfortunately, SimCity gets far too much wrong. I can overlook the always online thing; though at the same time, for all the hype and drama caused by it, I don't feel it adds very much to the experience.

    The main reasons I don't like this
    game are the maps are far too small, traffic is an abomination your city is eventually brought to its knees no matter how small it is and too much generally goes wrong. Fundamentally, there are too many limitations in the game. SimCity's marketing line is "Your City, Your Way". I find it is anything is "My City, Maxis' Way". Expand
  89. Aug 21, 2013
    I wish I could give this game less than a 0. This and the Sims are the only games I've played since the start and this game was far less than the start. I preordered this game and walked away after the first few weeks hoping they would undo what they did. I came back much later and I have to say I feel violated that they took my money on my trust and gave me steaming zhit.The cities are tiny unlike the sprawling utopias that Simcity is known for and impossible to balance. You rely on other near players to balance your city who abandon the game and leave you out to dry.On top of that it is still glitchy as fuku and often results in your long time goal for a city not able to work. You can't save the city and the joy of destroying it is gone. I just wish i could have my money back and a 'Eternal Sunshine' to forget it ever happened. Expand
  90. Aug 20, 2013
    Horrible game. Long loading, expensive dlc, pseudo multiplayer, server problems, functional buildings not working. This game does most of what it is trying to achieve wrong.There are in fact so many problems with this game that you can not even count them and Maxis is not able to fix it so what do they do? They release DLC for around 10€ that adds blimps for transportation which is one of the broken features of the game. Well at least the game looks good when you are in the statistic screens. Expand
  91. Aug 18, 2013
    Stereotypical EA game, Little content, multiple DLC's that add little content, for high prices. Dull, full of bugs, obvious cash grab. This game is terrible when compared to previous games such as Simcity 4 They had so much potential, they could of made the game of 2013, but instead they scrapped the core gameplay of simcity 4 and removed a majority of the functions and sold it to us for $70
  92. Aug 17, 2013
    The fact that Maxis decided to sacrifice player experience for 'multiplayer' components in a predominantly single-player oriented game doomed this sequel to the epic simcity franchise from the start... tiny maps, always online DRM, ugly regions filled with deadspace, no terraforming, terrible lag, server downtime... the list goes on.

    Seriously, even if u just took SC2000, SC3000 or SC4
    and made it 3D and give it a graphic makeover without changing any features, it would've been better than SC2013...

    And stop making excuses about not giving the players what they want. "we can't make bigger maps because mainstream computers cant handle the computation", or "it's always-online to offload computation to the server", or "maps are smaller to encourage cooperation within regions and enhance multiplayer", or "you can't demolish cities or create multiple saves because it would mess up the leaderboard"...

    Just admit that you wanna make money off a pretty much dysfunctional game at release (it's not a cheap game) and keep making money off every single DLC that eventually completes the game (2016 maybe?). There'd be a DLC for bigger maps, another DLC for subways, another one for computation optimization, perhaps an expansion or two for terraforming and region design...

    Maxis really disappointed me, I've been a huge SimCity fan since SC SNES and I've waited for nearly 10 years since SC4 rush hour. THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE FANS don't be the next big sell-out like Westwood or Bullfrog, great studios that sold their fans and their souls to EA for a quick buck that destroyed great franchises that they build up themselves.

    On the other hand, I'm not surprised that EA is still the same old greedy d-bag that rips everyone off, but please leave simcity alone
  93. Aug 3, 2013
    I was so excited when this first came out and managed to dodge the long waits to connect. But after losing an afternoon of game play to network issues losing my save state, I charged back on my credit card and got my money back. All the various bugs in the game that still need worked out, I could have lived with, but with the constant risk of all my work being lost at any moment, this game is unplayable. Expand
  94. Aug 2, 2013
    Dawno nie widzieliśmy naprawdę dobrej strategii o zarządzaniu miastem. Maxis dał nam szansę zagrać w to, co tak długo oczekiwaliśmy. Nowe Sim City posiada bardzo ładną grafikę, ogrom ciekawych elementów. Do tego jest zrobiony tak, że każdy może sobie z tą grą poradzić. Wciąga na długie godziny, po prostu zapomina się o realnym czasie. Twórcy odwalili kawał świetnej roboty, robiąc ogrom rzeczy których nie miałem szansy zobaczyć w innych strategiach. Maxis I EA musieli jednak jakoś zepsuć sobie moje zdanie. Stałe połączenie z internetem, dlaczego? Ja się pytam dlaczego? Największy błąd jaki może popełnić firma robiąc gre. Do tego dochodzi mały teren na którym możemy budować. Boli mnie też brak kampani, jak i mniejsze niedopracowania. Moja ocena 8/10 Expand
  95. Aug 1, 2013
    After a while since the official game launch, I thought to review the game and I don't really know where to start...

    The game has some design flaws that make it really hard to enjoy once you finally accept the fact that you no longer control a city but need to take care of a bunch of them in order to reach the upper levels of development or cooperate with friends or random people.
    Still, the difficulty level is so low (with limited options in terms of finance or policies that were present in past SImCity games), that people looking for a challenge should steer away from this product as the problems you may get come from faulty game mechanics, not the level of proficiency needed to design and maintain a city. There are still major problems with connectivity after so many months and it's more than just a nuisance when you can't even play singleplayer because servers are full... Plus, you can loose a city you built! Regions just disappear from the servers or they are there but you won't be able to access them getting an error message frustrating at best.

    Given the franchise history, the developer of the game and the publisher, this should have been at least a 8/10 game. At the moment, after a countless number of patches focused on resolving issues with people being able to play at all, not addressing real issues like malfunctioning game design (horrible transportation aspect for instance and constant problems with that no matter what you try to do with it), this game is a 5/10 for me and that's only because I still hope that major problems will be resolved and that this game will be playable.

    If you're new to the genre, go play something else. Veterans you have been warned.
  96. Jul 30, 2013
    I honestly have to say that Simcity 5 disappointed me very much. All of us where waiting for the return of the Simcity saga with a stunning performance of Maxis, but instead of having a master game and they gave us just a simplified version of the previous game Simcity 4, but we must say that the graphical advances of this game are a huge advance.

    Talking about the negatives points,, as
    I said at the beginning: this is a simplified version ,I mean that the lots o transports that were in SC4 like highways (that are already there by the game), monorail, subway, train, etc. were all removed. Another thing that has get the most of the critics is the fact that you must be online to play a single player game, that's something incredible, in this game is well know by the users that if the server reached its maximum capacity you can play and you will have to wait until you are allowed to play and the server has a little space four you game, another thing that captured our attention us that the space for the city is too small, you can't rise a metropolis in that tiny space. And finishing the negative points, we see that the buildings for every tools or service is limited to 3 or 4 compared to SC4 where in police you could have like 5 or 6 buildings, but that's obvious, isn't it? a few things for a little space.

    In the other hand, this game has some positive things. Starting from the 3d camera that allows you to see every corner of the city and the extraordinary graphics that it has. For me there are two important things that wasn´t in the previous games of the franchise:
    1) The multiplayer mode: it allows you to play with other people in the world if you have an Internet or LAN connection, it's based in a region where the players have a city and they interact with the other ones for better or worse, and every city has a role.
    2) The city role: in CS4, the cities interact with each other but It wasn´t like now, in Simcity 5 the cities perform a specific role, for example: you have a tourist city, an industrial city, a casino city, a city based on minery and other kinds.
    Others things like, the add-ons in the buildings is another advance and the realistic geographic conditions, like the places were is water under the ground, the way the wind blows or the mineral that are in the ground.

    In conclusion. I can say that the users expected more of this game, and for now we will go on using Simcity 4, almost we must admit that correcting this negatives things and we combine this with SC4 I can ensure you that this will be the best urban simulator ever, but by now we will have to wait until EA and Maxis decide to take this franchise more seriously and take it back to the place it must be.
  97. Jul 30, 2013
    It seems like most of the technical serer problems have been resolved at this point in time. I have been playing the game for several months without problems. It is a fun game but considerably than earlier incarnations. being able to play and interact with others is interesting. I miss the terra-form and don't like the way cities are limited. Still addicting and worth having.
  98. Jul 28, 2013
    I bought this game at release and have regretted it since. The game is bug ridden, the always online DRM is ridiculous considering this is a single player experience, and the it is difficult to create your own city when the plots are predetermined and very small. This is a sad excuse for a SimCity game. Don't waste your money on this crap.
  99. Jul 23, 2013
    This has got to be the worst game I have ever bought in my life. I am (was) a huge fan of SimCity, and was looking forward to this with a lot of anticipation. After seeing the launch fiasco, I decided to wait. After I saw the reviews... I decided to wait a little longer. When I finally purchased the game, I had to go through the horrid Origin experience, useless and annoying interface.
    When I FINALLY logged on I saw that EA had decided to put advertisements while the game loaded, gee thanks, I'll go buy a car while the game loads, I guess.
    When I finally could play, I saw first hand what everyone was complaining about: dumb AI, uselessly small maps, and the DRM is infuriating, I lost whatever progress my tiny city made because the game would not save or lost connection somehow.
    All in all, I uninstalled the program after playing it three times, and since EA does not give refunds on online downloads, I feel like a sucker for giving SimCity 5 the benefit of the doubt.
    (PS. I bought this game in April but someone just brought up the topic and the memories enraged me enough to write this review)
  100. Jul 21, 2013
    1. Game fundamental mechanism and logic is not working appropriately. Many bugs have not been resolved.
    2. Map size too small and annoying on-line DRM requirements. Developers are unwilling to change and indifferent to customer's complains and request.
    3. Greedy DLC business model. No modelling ability in spite of their false promise.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 75
  2. Negative: 10 out of 75
  1. 65
    Given enough patches and DCLs, SimCity might eventually become the game that should have been on its release and justify the ambiguous choices that its developers made. [May 2013]
  2. May 9, 2013
    Hints at great things but is limited by small cities and promises it can't deliver on. [June 2013, p.80]
  3. May 9, 2013
    There's more problems with this game than I have words. Looks great though. [June 2013, p.80]