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  1. Mar 17, 2013
    Biggest piece of junk yet. Played for 5 hours when i got it yesterday today they cant find my saved city and keep trying to get me to play with others. I don't want to I just want to build a city and have fun like in the old Simcity. Don't wast your money.
  2. Mar 17, 2013
    SimCity has potential, but falls very short of achieving its potential (very short of achieving.)

    If you feel like wasting hours fudging around with traffic jams and broken game dynamics, being kicked out of the single player city you have been creating for hours and then have to start it all over again, then you may be interested ...

    I feel ashamed for buying this game. D'oh,
    Electronic Arts! I should have known better Expand
  3. Mar 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I tried playing this for 40 hours but have given up. To enjoy the game you need to control more than one city. Switching between them takes ages and not possible if the servers are down. This problem will never be fixed.
    On top of all the bugs I've been promised a refund by an EA director.
    Use Google/facebook to find EA employee names then send emails like this for John Doe.

    Good luck
  4. Mar 21, 2013
    Absolutely, appalling forgetting for a second that we've been completely mislead about the always online features which are a complete joke and just an excuse for the always on DRM the game is buggy, unfinished and completely flawed. This is not the game marketing has described, the gloss of enjoyment will fade after a couple of hours after you realize nothing works the pathing, the sims, the economy. It's a joke avoid at all costs. Of course, that's when it works at all the always on DRM means you can't even play it most of the time. People who buy this, be warned, when EA pull the plug on the servers, which they do routinely for games that are no longer new and profitable, you'll be left with nothing. You don't own this game, you're just playing until EA tires of running the server then it's game over. This would all be fine if there was any point to it, but the online play is pointless. AVOID AVOID AVOID. Expand
  5. Mar 23, 2013
    My original review was 10, despite the huge problems at launch, the way DRM kill your cities one by one (unable to load, blank cities, and so on), the 1000000 bugs, and sooooo many others problems. You can't except a such work even with an alpha version. But well, the game looks to be a very good one. After 150 hours of play, I see now how there is no game at all. Just make a city full of residential zone and park and you win. This is the new SimCity, and this is definitly without me. THIS WHOLE GAME IS A SCAM, FROM START TO THE END. Expand
  6. Mar 18, 2013
    When it works, it's hugely entertaining as you would expect from SimCity and Maxis after a decade. However, they really created a disaster of Maxis proportions and like this server-controlled debacle, there is no reloading the launch or a wave of bad design decisions. I expect a game not to blow up in my face after 30 hours of progress. Forget being online or offline for a moment, to have your efforts wiped clean because of a server sync issue and no backup save is extremely amateur. The "Unable to load city. Please try again." error that corrupts your whole region, or one city if you are lucky, has not been acknowledged or fixed. One would argue that region functionality is core to the designers vision, that is definitely true. But it's created a frustrating, unstable gaming experience for which a free game is hardly compensation. They need to rethink their refund policy particularly for those who pre-ordered, as I did, and expected a working game regardless of how it synchronized or required online play. I really want to rate this game what it deserves, but even something as basic as saving your progress isn't completely functional and it's deserving of the lowest rating possible. My bank is reversing the charge with one final step in the investigation. If there is a litany of bug fixes and arse kissing, there might be hope of buying it in the coming months. Expand
  7. Mar 18, 2013
    EA does not need always DRM cause they killed all special games. Customers do not need to buy EA games. They are game killer. This game isnt SimCity it is SimsCity(Town).
  8. Mar 19, 2013
    I rated it Unplayable or 0 because it keeps refusing to run this game,the server overloaded,bad performance,a dumb-downed Sim City 4,smaller place to build city and a freaking DRM just awful.This is ONLY SINGLE PLAYER GAME....Why need Online,i really lose my faith looking this series anymore...if you are a die-hard fans of Sim City,i suggest that you play the Sim City 4 instead.
  9. Mar 19, 2013
    I promised myself, the only time I would ever give a game a "0" would be if I bought the game, put it in or booted it up, and it didn't play. That's exactly what happened. I was foolish enough to buy the digital download version. This prompted a mass email telling me I would not receive a refund that I had yet to ask for because I was still troubleshooting.
  10. Mar 19, 2013
    I am completely ignoring the DRM issue. My issue is with both Size, and complexity you have neither in this game. Even when you expect to have at least one or the other. Please do not support this product. Give it about 6 months.. and MAYBE they will have it patched enough to be somewhat fun. I honestly can't beleive i pre ordered this game.
  11. Mar 19, 2013
    I registered purely to give this game a zero, which is exactly what it deserves. Even if you can get over the disingenous excuses for the DRM, this game will let you play it for two days solid, then casually delete your game as if it never existed. Happened to me on 19/03/13 after two days playing, so it can't even be excused as a launch issue. The one good thing is that they gave me simcity 4 deluxe for free, which I'm now playing instead. Expand
  12. Mar 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Origin F....... Gaming on-line F......
    Too much troubles.
    I,ve been lost my 20 hours city builder!!!
    Go home EA Origin, you're a loosers. Just like your F.... server.
  13. Mar 19, 2013
    John Riccitiello leaves his job in EA and accorinig to ancient Russian proverb:
  14. Mar 20, 2013
    If you create anything more dense than a small city suburb 3 things will happen. 1) Your streets will become completely congested with traffic. 2) You will use up about one half of the playable space of your city to provide water, sewage treatment and garbage disposal. 3) Once you have enough enough civil services (ie. police fire coverage) you will go bankrupt because you are using up so much of the usable space for your city. This game should have been called 'SimSuburb' not 'SimCity'. Expand
  15. Mar 20, 2013
    Seriously this game is a letdown. EA keeps ruining franchises. Simplified game, overpriced game, the infamous DRM, day 0 DLC. Not only ruin the franchise, the gaming industry.
  16. Mar 20, 2013
    Always on requirement, tiny city sizes and single point of entry into a city. Absolute crap. I am a long time fan of the SimCity franchise but EA/Maxis have done what one comes to expect from EA and EA brands these days... the player base over and screw the game.

    Medal of Honor (dating back to Allied Assault... You never did fix the Liberation mode lag, did you EA?)
    Dragon Age

    5 examples of EA's cluster****ed approach to gaming. There are loads more examples.
  17. Mar 20, 2013
    This is not the worst game ever. This is however the worst and most disappointing case of anti-consumerism I have witnessed in my lifetime.

    As a life long fan of the SimCity games series I am in shock EA would release this game under the name SimCity. Anyone who played sc4 will immediately see the glaring diversion from the legacy established by previous games. As a gamer with a brain I
    am saddened and intellectually offended that EA would hold back fundamental aspects of the previous iterations (terraforming, subways, reasonably sized building areas, etc) with the intention of selling these things as dlc in the future.

    This game is incomplete. EA is selling a fraction of a game for full retail price.

    This game could have been epic but EA has exploited and destroyed yet another legacy from what used to be a consumer driven industry.

    EA states that releasing a version of this game consistent with its legacy does not fit their "vision" for the new SimCity... I state that paying $60 for a fraction of a game experience then purchasing the rest of what should have been part of the initial game in the form of DLC over a period of time does fit with my vision of what I want and expect from a SimCity game.

    Absolute exploitation of a legendary game series. Tantamount to fraud.
  18. Mar 21, 2013
    This is a very poor attempt at a simcity game. Not only can this game not be played offline, but it's riddled with bugs, design errors, and nazi style DRM. It looks like EA managed to destroy SimCity too, but I'm sure they will fix it with overpriced DLC. Count on it.
  19. Mar 21, 2013
    I'm sure I'd be happy to pay for a good game from a hard-working company, but that's not you, EA. Because of your BS unacceptable business practices I must insist on giving this game a definitive 0 for two reasons:
    1. Always-online DRM
    2. Broken gameplay elements

    This is complete BS EA! It's alienating gamers and your solution will be to probably buy some more DLC Packs. That's
    alright. I'll just give my money to companies who actually DO deserve it. Expand
  20. Mar 21, 2013
    I'm very sad... I just want to play this game in single player whenever i want and I don't want to be always online. The size of the cities is very too small, this is frustrating and boring! Nice the simulation but not worth the price of the game. This is not the SimCity i knew...
  21. Mar 22, 2013
    I have played every Sim game since Sim Ant, except for all the Sims expansions and sequels. The main reason i have stopped playing these games is this; Will Wright no longer has any creative input on the Sim Anything franchise. It is a glom of the conglomerate of EA. This game advertised itself as the "winner of 27 awards" In the pre-release trailer. Winner of 27 awards? For what? Creating a tilt shift city viewer? This game is a dumbed down version of Sim City, think of it as a garden, where you can't actually kill anything, but you can make it look reeeal bad. I am going to play my copy of SimCity 2000, still the best one. Expand
  22. Mar 22, 2013
    I'm a software tester by trade and an avid fan of Sim City games over the years. I feel deeply insulted by this game. It's clearly not fit for purpose. Even after patching up to the latest updates, performance is dreadful, there's zero resilience in the game it crashes. I've had to kill it twice from the task menu and both times my City's have ended up corrupted and lost. It runs like a dog. Hype about the graphics and look and feel of the game is pathetic. I will NEVER buy an EA games again Expand
  23. Mar 22, 2013
    always online DRM means no servers no playing game didn't need it, they put it in there for no reason. can't share saves and you HAVE to save to their servers city sizes are terribly small, in fact you can probably build a bigger city in sim city 2000 which came out in like the 90's the AI is terrible, you will have fire fighters drive in circles or wait in traffic. it's stupid.

    if you want a real city builder, get cities XL, tropico 4, or go back and play sim city 4, if you support this game you don't support gaming.

    the 0 score is for not working, and the few times it lets you play, the gameplay is terrible.
  24. Mar 24, 2013
    promised online features don't work until now (no rankings, region play full of errors) - tiny map sizes - dumped down difficulty (only problem is the fight against bugs) - no logic simulation recognizable (traffic ui terrible, sim behavior terrible, satisfaction system terrible) - less complexity than in sim city 4 (no water, electricity lines, no orders) - much less buildings diversity (no highways, trails, monorail, fusion power, toll system, one way street, metro, military base)
    - few statistics

    everything i liked in sc 2000/3000/4 has been canceled/dumped down DONT BUY
  25. Mar 23, 2013
    Please let this be a lesson to single player game devs. The marketplace does not want DRM. Please do not support Game Companies that are forcing us to have access to the internet to play a game. I love my ISP but I dont want to have to be connected to play a game I paid $60 for. EA sucks and so does DRM... Avoid both...
  26. Mar 24, 2013
    The size of the city is awful! It destroyed the entire game, not sure what was going on in the minds of developers to make that decision. Crazy? Who knows!!
  27. Mar 24, 2013
    Too bad they sold (and released) an alpha with a broken DRM system.

    Even if you ignore the overly stupid, useless and idiotic DRM, the game doesn't stand on its own: they haven't made a proper AI for each element of the game, many parts of the game logic/mechanisms aren't even fully implemented and finished.

    That product needed 6 to 12 more months (at least) to be finished, but
    apparently EA just doesn't care. Expand
  28. Mar 24, 2013
    They should renamed this as SimTampa, since that's the closest you'll get to creating a city. Shame on you EA and Maxis, for allowing this to happen.
  29. Mar 24, 2013
    Not a sim nor a city building game. They dropped the ball on this game. Way too many bugs and server issues. They devs even tweeted they have no idea how their own game works.

    This was my first SimCity game and last SimCity game.
  30. Mar 24, 2013
    For a game that suppose to be primary SP playing game, it has to be consistently online. The result of such idiotic method is that whenever the sever the game connected to becomes unstable or overload, (which it had happen within hours of the lunch of the game,) you will be completely locked out from playing the game. Maxis has claim that DRM is needed because that every single Sims in the game has its individual goal and movement, and as a result, it needs not only your computer but also cloud sever to share the processing power. Now as we all know that reason is completely rubbish. What EA and Maxis did is they wanted to protect its game from being hack, at all cost, at player's cost. And within few weeks of the release of the game, the game got hacked regardless of such self-fish measure. So what does all it mean? Well, in short, it means that when you buy this game, which I stupidly did, you bought a game that suppose to be SP but can't really because you need to go online to play it even if you just want to play it alone. it means you have to rely that Maxis or EA to keep those sever go on as time goes by. And that means if EA wants to cheap out( which they always do) they might shut off the sever and you end up paying 90 bucks for a game that might only last few years. In a more detail, the city size is limited, in your map, you are force to choose the reset areas, which is unheard of for a sandbox creative game. And on top of that, the boarder between city is idiotic, simply because it left so much space you can see but you couldn't use. Transport system is totally junk, All bus go into the same direction, same as street cart. On top of that, you only have few choice for transportation system, unlike in simcity 4. No highway, you only have one exit point toward the rest of the region because every map is reset. No highway. You can't really play SP on this game because if you don't have another player playing within the region, you can't do trades. You can have two city building at the same time in the same region, but they don't update, so you can't send support between two city. So basically they turn a suppose primary SP game into a MP game. For 90 bucks to buy a broken game, I think I am very kind to give it a 0. If I have a choice, I would give it a minus 10 Expand
  31. Mar 25, 2013
    This game is nowhere near what was advertised. Even with all the launch issues and DRM issues aside, it's just not what was advertised. The connectivity of the cities (the whole reason they used for DRM) just doesn't exist, the interaction is not noticeable at all.

    On a purely simulation standpoint... there is no simulation... zoning purely residential still results in your city
    flourishing. You can build 5-6 medical clinics and still only cure 23 out of 50 sick people... the same as if you had just a single clinic.

    The specialty buildings are just as limited if not more limited than they were in prior titles. The buildings that had unique pro's and con's to them that dramatically altered your city. Now they are dumbed down into categories that don't even work.

    In the end I should've known better, EA keeps putting out unfinished or unpolished products and people still buy them. I'm really disappointed and if I could get my money back I would.
  32. Mar 25, 2013
    I preordered the game direct from Origin. What a mistake! Never preordering again.

    The always online and server issues have been harped on to death. That aside:

    This game is ridiculously bad!!! To call it a game is being generous. The core of a SimCity game isn't even here. RCI doesn't function at all. You can build a city with no water, power, police, etc., zone ONLY RESIDENTIAL and
    as long as taxes are low you'll have a 500k city with top approval ratings. This isn't the only issue the game has. There's a metric ton of bugs, but I thought this was most relevant as the bugs may get fixed but this seems to be a bad design decision.

    This isn't a game, it's a screensaver. Don't waste your money. Biggest gaming flop since E.T.
  33. Mar 25, 2013
    I was very excited when I saw that SimCity was going to be made. After my purchase I am yet another that will not spend another dollar for E.A. games. This game is little more than a screensaver. There are so many bugs I couldn't begin to list them all here. This is the only game I have ever felt warranted warning others NOT to spend money on. It is simply the worst game I have ever purchased. Save your money this thing is a real turd. Expand
  34. Mar 25, 2013
    This game has about a 4hour max play time. Once you get your city up and running it will come crashing to a hault from glitches/bugs or as Maxis calls it 'by design' errors. Traffic jams up. Which effects everything from Firetrucks responding to fires, trucks delivering goods, people going to work. You don't even need to try to play the game. Just build a city with only low wealth high density residential. You don't even need to provide them with power or water. They will just keep moving in. I for one will never purchase another EA product or online only game for that matter. Expand
  35. Mar 26, 2013
    Wow, I'm so glad that I decided not to buy this game. I pre-ordered it from Amazon and tried out the beta, but after my test run, I was not compelled to keep my order. My initial impressions were the same as all those highlighted by most reviewers here. That is...

    1) Small city size and severely decreased regional flexibility, 2) Forced online play for a single player game, and
    3) A
    dumbed down experience overall.

    I guess not much has changed from the beta. The funny thing is that I saw tons of reviews echoing these complaints in the beta forums, yet EA has completely ignored feedback from their customers. How stupid can you be? And look at the difference between the user reviews and the critic reviews! It just goes to show that all these "critics" are completely worthless and full of crap. I truly mourn for all those who suffered the loss of $60 for this game. It's nothing short of a tragedy.
  36. Mar 26, 2013
    Games is buggy in so many ways. No motivation to play this game after a few hours. when you realise all the bugs there is no more fun to play. Lost money.
  37. Mar 26, 2013
    Keep loosing my cities.. files corrupt or can't find the city The game is ok but i'm tired to restart city again and again because they can't save it correctly. Last one was a city with 53 mil and 24hr of work... seriously that not supose to happen with a game from EA and for a nice 80$ game.
  38. Apr 2, 2013
    Ok now I've changed my mind. I voted 5 of 10 for this game. Yes, I know launch was awful, but the game itself isnt so bad. That was until I built one big city. The bugwave overwhelmed me. So many bugs and not a single solution, not a single patch, now I cant play my city due to bugs. What I payed money for Its 0 of 10, complete fail. Thank you EA, thank you Maxis, this was the last product I bought from you. Expand
  39. Mar 28, 2013
    Forced Origin always online cant mod it. Too many DRM requirnments. This game is a prime example of what happens when the pub/dev think it's more important than those who buy it.
  40. Mar 28, 2013
    Lets get one thing straight about this game-- you're not actually "buying" it. You are paying 60-40 dollars to "lease" it. 40-60 dollars for the right to use it when EA sees fit. Hopefully you will not get banned by EA for trying to mod it, and hopefully the servers are up from now until kingdom come --otherwise once those servers are down you will never be able to play this game ever again.

    "Please EA, oh pretty please, can I play the game I paid you 60 dollars for, please! I'm sorry my internet connection isn't stable, but I promise you it's not my fault, honest!" ---DONT LET THIS BE YOU. JUST SAY NO TO INVASIVE DRM
  41. Mar 29, 2013
    I'm going to ignore the big and obvious issues. Once I was able to log in and actually play the game for a few consistent hours, I start to notice a few major flaws. The cities are tiny, and the AI is HORRIBLE. Compared to the last title in the series, the city boundaries you are given in this game is tiny. It's done to convince players to use their broken online play and attempt to cooperate with your griefer neighbors in your public region. The AI in this game is completely stupid. Your citizens will ALL take a tiny dirt road over a 6-lane avenue if it means the path is shorter by ANY distance. My city with 4 fire halls managed to have a whole block burn down because all 6 of my firetrucks were doing a Congo line clogged up responding to the SAME fire on the other end of the city. Why does the game send all my firetrucks to the same fire? I don't know. This is the same for all emergency services. The citizens going to work all behave the same way too! They wake up in the morning, and head to the CLOSEST workplace to them! Not the one they've worked the day before, but just the closest. If one work place is closer to your residential area than the rest of all your workplaces, then that place is going to have a massive traffic jam every morning. Same thing applies for the evening commute. Online reviews can claim that you just have to plan and build your city with those AI restrictions in mind, and I ask them, why do I have to build a city that only functions properly given some weird AI programming made by a supposed city simulation game? Should be called "SimAlternateuniversewithweirdrulescity". Avoid this game at all costs. These problems can't even be fixed one year past release, stick with the last Simcity, which should be $20 DRM-free. Expand
  42. Mar 30, 2013
    Its not worth to play. You are not able to connect to a server and if you lose connection because the server crashed (which happens a lot) you'll will lose your work of hours. The glassbox engine is a fail and the game is not realistic. The map is way to small and you will finish this game in 2 hours because your map is full. In 1-2 years EA shuts down the servers and you wil not be able to play anymore because of the DRM. Do not buy this game! Expand
  43. Mar 31, 2013
    The 'simulation' is a lie. The fact that sims switch job and homes everyday screams of laziness and an inability to comprehend what a simulator is. I grew up on SNES Simcity and SC 2000 both those games still get played on occasion but I don't see myself ever re-installing this game to play again. It was a waste of 60 and If you really want it I just say wait for a sale. This game is a travesty and a black eye to the memory of Simciy. I have lost my faith in MAXIS. Expand
  44. Mar 31, 2013
    Death to EA for releasing a broken product and refusing to give refunds. Constant online c'mon Sim City is a good single play game. What if my internet sucks. It lags out, I lose connection to EA's crappy servers and lose my progress. You can't make big cities either. I didn't buy this and I'm so glad. I'm boycotting EA. Microtransactions, online required, and all of that is a con artist move against consumers. Expand
  45. Apr 1, 2013
    Takes everything you loved about Simcity 4 and replaces it with EA. The always on DRM, lack of a single player game, and ridiculous prefab region setup ruin what this game should have been. You would think EA would learn lessons from each franchise that it gobbles up and destroys, but they doggedly stay focused on the dollar bills at the expense of gamers everywhere. Reinstall Simcity 4 and remember from now on to skip anything with an EA logo on it. Expand
  46. Apr 1, 2013
    Terrible, buggy, unplayable game. Crashes my modern, up-to-date gaming computer on startup every time. Maxis tech support is useless and even though they can't make it work they won't do a refund. Don't buy downloadable games and DON"T BUY THIS GAME.
  47. May 19, 2013
    Months after a difficult launch, nothing has changed nor will change. Ridiculously small map size make the game absolutely boring. If you played the previous SimCity version (2000, 3 and 4), do not buy this version. There is no tools for creating amazing road, public transport networks, bring decoration and build the city of your dream. The SimCity spirit is broken The only fix done so far is the connection difficulties due servers overload and I believe it was partly self fixed with players giving up playing.

    EA communication is poor blaming the customers not to appreciate this fantastic game. DLCs are already on their way. It's obvious that EA's priority is money, money, money. I hope they will be back slapped as much as many (ex) loyal customer were.

    Good luck to them
  48. Apr 2, 2013
    I have never seen such a poorly developed game in my life. There are so many bugs, crashes, rollbacks, City not responding error's, that it is literally impossible to play for one night with out smashing your keyboard. What's even more pathetic is the lack of any patches to address all the issues.
  49. Apr 2, 2013
    I decided to come back to update my previous review score of 3, to make it more in line with my feelings on the game. My new score is an unfortunate 0, as that is what the game is worth. While the game offers a glimmer of the greatness that SimCity used to be; crippling bugs make the game all but unplayable. Most of the advertised features are still stripped from the game, with empty promises that things will be better "Soon" (TM). For the diehard fans who pre-ordered, many are stuck with a single region filter on; almost a month after the game was released. Traffic issues can only be solved by finding ways to exploit bugs in the way pathfinding works. Water does not replenish, unless you give your citizens sewage water to drink. Don't bother with commercial or industrial; just residential, and your city will flourish with no work on your part. Perhaps if the game is ever fixed, I will update my review; but a month in with still not fix in sight, I cannot endorse this game to anyone. Expand
  50. Apr 3, 2013
    Want to thank all you guys for the sharp reviews, It truly saddens me that so much potential has been wasted by EA games with the SimCity franchise. While I'm still a fan of this company for the Sims 2 and Sims 3 games, I always had a special place in my heart for Sim City. Anyway, because I fortunately didn't have time to open Sim City 5 (plus a $14 gameplay book) I bought a few weeks ago, I was able to return them to Target this morning. Some of the $70 I just saved will be going to Sim Pegasus and Sim Devotion for all the great downloads they've provided Sim City players all these years. (Already gave to Simtropolis!) Expand
  51. Apr 3, 2013
    Been a simcity fan since back when it was on super nintendo, over 2 decades. All creativity is gone with this version. No uniqueness is allowed. Small city sizes. No mods like simcity 4. Oh and the always online drm just doesnt work. regret buying this game. Why would i play a sity simulator with other people? I dont need anyone else messing up my region. Server problems, lost cities. Cities bound to the server it was created on. Dont buy this game Expand
  52. Apr 3, 2013
    EA don't waste this saga EA with this damn DRM. EA don't waste this saga EA with this damn DRM. EA don't waste this saga EA with this damn DRM. Don't do it!
  53. Apr 3, 2013
    EA have taken a deep, relaxing simulation and turned it into an iphone game for 12 year old girls (imagine "The Sims" with a option to 'plop' houses down).
    City size is laughable compared to every other city empire building game out there. Servers will eat your gamesave, never to be seen again and you never even own the game, you are renting until EA turn off the servers whenever they
    feel like it (read when it's not making them enough profit).
    Learn from others mistakes people, do not buy.
  54. Apr 4, 2013
    Simcity is a SINGEL-PLAYER GAME so why in hell do I always need to be connected??
    Simcity is one of those games you play at the airport or on the train, so the time will past a little bit faster.

    Even if didnt always needed to be connected Simcity is still the worst game in the series,
    Looks a bit better but the maps are small as hell and everything is dumbed down.

    EA you!!!!!
  55. Apr 4, 2013
    Launchtime was, of course, a nightmare for anyone who wanted to actually play. By the time it became available, I had quit caring. Too bad really, the beta was ok. However: the map sizes were too small, the documentation for more advanced things and concepts was non-existent. All in all, what should have been a very detailed, powerhouse of an updated retro-game has become a demonstration in how frustrated you as a gamer can become.. Expand
  56. Apr 5, 2013
    Terrible game, full of game breaking bugs, not worth paying for this game. Yet another game that EA has rushed to release to make a quick buck. They are poised to win America's Worst Company yet again as voted on Consumerist and for good reason.
  57. Apr 5, 2013
    never buy this game,, just waste money and time im really disappointed with this game,, and hope EA will give my money back..

    and the online feature it really suck,,
    just annoying
  58. Apr 5, 2013
    this game! it. Do not buy it. It is a worthless piece of I cannot even access the game because I have to download a ****ing million ****ing things that all ****ing glitch out. I bought the CD version so I wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of downloading, but noooo,.. u still have to ****ing download a million ****ing things even with the CD version. EA and anyone else who had a hand in creating this game. You are all worthless pieces of ****ing Expand
  59. Apr 9, 2013
    Wish I could get my money, back. Broken Gameplay, Broken Servers, and Broken Game. I really enjoyed the previous Sim Cities, to bad cities XL doesn't have the funding this game did. If it did it would blow this game out out of the water even more.
  60. Apr 11, 2013
    can't log on, DRM at it's worst, your saves be deleted if you fail to logon correctly, que time can reach up to 90min, this is not a game, this is a full-on RIP OFF! no if, maybe, or but. this is a atrocious effort from EA. i am more then convince that EA don't want to make games anymore, but just to take your money. i highly recommended that you cut your loses and close your origin account a uninstall origin itself because i'm pretty sure that if and when the gaming crash comes, EA will raid all the credit card accounts, then disappear. the law states that you can't sue a company for fraud and theft if the company itself dose not exist anymore. Expand
  61. Apr 11, 2013
    Broken game design, stupid DRM, ULTRA-FOCKING SLOW PATCHES. I'm not even going to talk about NISSAN DLC, PLEASE MAXIS, get your together. Buy Cities in Motion 2 instead.
  62. Apr 11, 2013
    IF you like wasting countless hours to a game and loosing all your work ten this is the game for you. The inability to do local saves and the fact that there servers are so messed up makes the game almost unplayable. I have been a simcity fan for years but because of this experiences i no longer am. I wouldn't pay for an EA game again.

    MAC users don't wast your money on this. The only
    way EA will learn is to lose the bucks$$$$. Expand
  63. Apr 15, 2013
    I have never felt compelled to write a review for a game, but honestly, this game hands down is the WORST iteration of the simcity franchise to date. unfortunately, they have taken our loved complex foundation of previous titles then stripped it down to 5 year old's level, they have also added a multitude of limitations that affect the core game experience.

    as others have said this is a
    £60 Facebook game. nothing more.

    i base my review on roughly 100 hours of play since the title went live,
  64. Apr 19, 2013
    @SimCity is the worst game of this year(2013). I spent over $60 USD to buy a copy of #SimCity Deluxe Edition, but now I want to a full refund of #SimCity. There're too many bugs, rollbacks, and dumb A.I. @SimCity is a huge in a gift box.
  65. Apr 18, 2013
    This is game is pure mixed with "EA guaranty of pure ****TINESS". I bought the game full price and In launch day game was rendered unplayable! Then you are lying that the "AGENTS" are controlled server side and PC couldn't handle it offline, then you are saying we are so sorry for that. You can lip my ass now! I sold origin account with this absolutely ****ty game to my schoolmate for 30€ at least or I could simply kill myself from this horrific game that completely killed the franchise! Expand
  66. Apr 19, 2013
    This game is still broken and the developers are still trying to fix it one month after its release.

    This game is so bad that initially pulled it from their digital store shelves and halted all sales for it. How bad does a game have to be for to yank it from the shelves? Wow!

    The developers still insist that this games needs ALWAYS ONLINE when proof exists that
    modders have gotten this game to run offline.

    This game is the single biggest piece of video game fail since E.T. on the ATARI.
  67. Apr 20, 2013
    EA wrecking another title, as always. Drm is beyond retarded and I have no idea why anyone would ever even put something like that into a game that was historically single player. But, EA being EA, expect stupidity from them at EVERY turn.
  68. Apr 23, 2013
    It's interesting how a new game in a series used to mean adding MORE content. While it's quite nice visually, it's missing a huge number of features that were present in other SimCity games. The forced always-online system is frustrating, not everyone always has a stable internet connection. Was very glad when the mod was developed that made it offline by literally changing just a couple of lines of code. Now they are introducing their MicroTransaction store, on a game the players have ALREADY paid full price for. You can be wildly disconnected from servers as they fluctuate in reliability, and regularly lose progress because of it. No support from EA on any issue you might have aswell. The entire game is just a massive exercise in messing around their player base, making it inconvenient and expensive to just play the darn thing. Returning to previous iterations of SimCity is actually making me enjoy those more, just knowing the trash like this I could have been served masquerading as a game. Expand
  69. Apr 23, 2013
    Horrible game, even if you exclude all the ridiculous bugs and DRM-related flaws, the underlying game is itself deeply flawed. Shallow simulation, no clear relation between the needs of your city and the actions you should take to fix them, horribly crippled simulation where look was obviously placed far ahead of depth. Add in the shady as business practices of EA and Maxis, the laughable patches which make the issues WORSE not better, and the colgate DLC campaign and you've got yourself the most laughable game of the year. Expand
  70. Apr 25, 2013
    Couldn't play the game for several weeks after launch. The Simulation is extremely simplistic. Bug-laden and apparently just a tool for marketing. Would not recommend you ever touch this.
  71. Apr 29, 2013
    RIP Sim City. After you killed all the fav games I play. EA, now you came across killing Sim City Social. Don't even think about me going to buy your over priced junk for 70 dollars.
  72. Apr 30, 2013
    Horrible game that is completely ruined by always online DRM. EA is treating every honest gamer like a true pirate. Don`t support EA, and don`t buy games like these.
  73. May 4, 2013
    Well another butchered Legend. This is by far the worst instalment of Sim City. DRM is BS, Cities are too small and everything is dumbed down. On the other hand Congratulations EA on your secund Worst Company in America.
  74. May 4, 2013
    Rushed, unplayable, buggy garbage topped off with EA's infamous always-online DRM. Please, don't waste your time on this s**t fest and play SimCity 4 instead.
  75. May 5, 2013
    This game is the definition of selling out. Buying it only supports bad game development. Destroying a game by forcing DRM is something that needs to end.
  76. May 8, 2013
    Its a good and fun game, but people will want it with singleplayer one, on my 16 years of gaming, this is the most crap game because of the forced online, SERIOSLY EA, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING WITH THIS? MAKING THE GAME'S SINGLEPLAYER A DLC?
    Its a singleplayer game but forced online? Hell no.
    Waste of money. the premium edition is even 80 bucks, this is the real waste of money.
  77. May 8, 2013
    most successful scam in gaming history. there is not a single redeeming quality to this piece of trash. it is an insult to the franchise for which it is named. the ea team has consistently and unfailingly lied to the playerbase time and time again. do not buy this game.
  78. May 13, 2013
    Always online DRM for a single player game, when servers will be down then you'll be locked out of your single player game, save states being tied to client-side servers, Origin only game, day 0 downloadable content and many DLC's will be released in future at high prices for low gain on your end, with poor customer service, basicly this is a facebook game, being sold as a PC game, avoid this game at all cost. Expand
  79. May 13, 2013
    I can't play any of my cities. I'm sick of starting of scratch every time I want to play. Screw you EA and screw your stupid goddamn servers. I can't play any of my cities. I'm sick of starting of scratch every time I want to play. Screw you EA and screw your stupid goddamn servers. I can't play any of my cities. I'm sick of starting of scratch every time I want to play. Screw you EA and screw your stupid goddamn servers. I can't play any of my cities. I'm sick of starting of scratch every time I want to play. Screw you EA and screw your stupid goddamn servers. Expand
  80. May 15, 2013
    What a catastrophe. EA has destroyed yet another game. I have been playing Simcity since the first in the franchise. I bought all of them over the years and still play SC4. I love SC4 for the mods that all the fans have developed. No more of that stuff for this latest iteration of the game I'm afraid. No! Now they'll make you purchase any extra content after you've paid full price for a broken game. This is a huge scam and someone should take legal action.

    Unfortunately I couldn't bring myself to buy the latest offering from EA. Luckily I had read the reviews before I went to purchase so I knew how badly EA had stuffed this up. I mean come on, SC was NEVER a multiplayer game. The people that play SC don't want to interact with other players. They play so they can be God and build their own cities without relying on someone else to supply the essentials.

    And what's with this always on DRM? No. Just No. I will not but a game that is dependent on servers to function If I pay upwards of $80 for a game I want to be able to play it whenever wherever and for as many years as I like just as I do with SC4 which is now going on 10+ years.

    The contempt that I have towards EA for ruining this fantastic game is monumental. I have sworn to NEVER EVER buy another EA game just on principle. I hope they sink in a quagmire of their own making. When they go bust I'll through a party cause it'll mean that they won't be able to ever again ruin another game.

    And the map sizes???? They should have called it Sim Suburb. EA couldn't have done any worse if they'd tried.
  81. May 21, 2013
    Horrible waste of time and money.
    Oversimplified and yet tedious to do anything with the user interface.
    As others have said, cannot play offline. While this is crap, the game itself is a much bigger disappointment. They have severely limited the type of buildings. About 30 minutes of tedious game play and then you'll be asking "That's it?"

    Go buy Sim City 4 and you'll be much
    happier. At a loss of words for whoever was in charge of product direction on this 5th sim city. Expand
  82. Jun 5, 2013
    You can shove your DRM where the sun don't shine EA! Oh yeah, and this game is a dumbed down piece of garbage too! Simcity 1,2,3, and 4 were better than this.
  83. Jun 9, 2013
    Always online DRM that can be disabled by deleting one line of code, terrible programming, unplayable at launch, lies and lies and lies, absolutely disgusting example of why EA is the worst thing to ever happen to gaming.
  84. Jun 15, 2013
    DRM forcing me to have not only internet connection but would not allow me to play if I have no internet connection. This is sick. Imagine that company bankrupts then what?! I can throw away game?! Or they will be so good chaps and will remove DRM before full bankrupt?! I dont want to find out. DRM forcing on me all the time connection to internet while I play is absolutely no go for me. I would not spend even 0,5 euro on that kind of hidden THIEVERY. I bought sim city 4 deluxe on steam because I like sim games but this time I am forgetting that simcity genre still exist. GOODBYE maxis. Expand
  85. Jun 18, 2013
    This game is a train wreck. I desperately wanted to like it but it seems every time I muster the energy to start again, the servers are down for an update or some other kind of silly reason. I'm not against online DRM when it doesn't prevent me from playing the game. Civilization V is a good example. It works every time. Simcity is just disappointing. And having just one road going into a city is unrealistic and dumb. Expand
  86. Jun 19, 2013
    This game follow the CYBIECGM ideology ("convert your Brand in easy casual gamer money").
    It is a shame that a such great series, with such a great appeal, is ruined by the developing of social interaction (that no-one wants) instead of real city-building related functionality (Mass Transit! Mass Transit! Mass Transit!).
    I am very, very, very, disappointed.
  87. Jun 21, 2013
    i'm giving this game a 0 not because it deserves a zero if they fix it, but because it it currently stands it does deserve a zero. where should i begin. well for one thing this is the first game that i've paid $85 for preorder! and i cant begin to say how upset i am with maxis/ea for taking my money and giving me in return a broken unfinished game. that they admit will never be fixed because of their business decisions to have it this way.

    if you love cities builders this is not the game for you. its a game for the mindless masses who want to casually play a game for a short bit and then throw it all away.

    first its all online all the time with no ability to save locally or to play offline

    that may not sound so bad until you begin to run into problems where hours, days or more of gameplay gets rolled back or lost or is just inaccessible.!

    then there is the fact that the cities are tiny and i mean its a pure fiction to call them cities since they are little more than tiny towns.

    and the game play and game logic is more akin and in common with simtown than simcity franchise. its all fixed and fudged from the population to the game logic. there is no rci, things are just event driven to keep you entertained. and that is why traffic is always broken sim have no home or work address and other agents are as mindless and worthless and running around aimlessly. notifications are faked you can have the town covered with police stations and the sims are unhappy because there are not enough police because the game logic says when population hits some arbitrary point require them to build one more police station and it goes on and one and one. just look at the game logic source code that was released and you see how pointless and bad it is.

    worse its pay to win, since all the dlc are meant to give you an advantage over the base game and are not purely cosmetic. yeap they have us buying crest toothpaste to get dlcs to keep our sims happy.

    finally the multiplayer the whole reason they say for all our troubles is broken, unreliable. i mean i dare not share resources because i dont want my firetrucks, police force, ambulances, garbage trucks, students, ect leaving town and never coming back! or worse if anyone in the whole region puts a vu tower all the towns in the reason are constantly overrun by crime! finally its not like you can share resources or send someone money or a gift realtime, it can take hours before they get it. so if you are playing with someone and they need firetrucks what is the point by the time they get them they are offline and no longer need them.

    worse in a couple years when the player count and sales are low and/or when they release a new version guess what like with the sims you have to buy it all over again and you lose access to all your cities! so much for years of effort to build your cities. no local saves and no ability to continue to play the game offline!

    finally, other than new dlcs and fix after fix or cosmetics meant to hide the problems the game is and will always be online only no local save and broken and faked and fudged because it's all ea/maxis business decision to have it this way.

    so there is no point in spending your hard earned money on this game and no point in even playing.

    get simcity 4, cities xl platinum even tropico 4 instead and save your money on this overpriced turd
  88. Jun 29, 2013
    A HUGE step down from SimCity 4. DRM. Saves getting corrupted every couple of days on EA servers. Crashes. Alot of features taken away from SimCity 4. Music not as good as SimCity 4. Cities are tiny.
  89. Jul 21, 2013
    1. Game fundamental mechanism and logic is not working appropriately. Many bugs have not been resolved.
    2. Map size too small and annoying on-line DRM requirements. Developers are unwilling to change and indifferent to customer's complains and request.
    3. Greedy DLC business model. No modelling ability in spite of their false promise.
  90. Jul 23, 2013
    This has got to be the worst game I have ever bought in my life. I am (was) a huge fan of SimCity, and was looking forward to this with a lot of anticipation. After seeing the launch fiasco, I decided to wait. After I saw the reviews... I decided to wait a little longer. When I finally purchased the game, I had to go through the horrid Origin experience, useless and annoying interface.
    When I FINALLY logged on I saw that EA had decided to put advertisements while the game loaded, gee thanks, I'll go buy a car while the game loads, I guess.
    When I finally could play, I saw first hand what everyone was complaining about: dumb AI, uselessly small maps, and the DRM is infuriating, I lost whatever progress my tiny city made because the game would not save or lost connection somehow.
    All in all, I uninstalled the program after playing it three times, and since EA does not give refunds on online downloads, I feel like a sucker for giving SimCity 5 the benefit of the doubt.
    (PS. I bought this game in April but someone just brought up the topic and the memories enraged me enough to write this review)
  91. Jul 28, 2013
    I bought this game at release and have regretted it since. The game is bug ridden, the always online DRM is ridiculous considering this is a single player experience, and the it is difficult to create your own city when the plots are predetermined and very small. This is a sad excuse for a SimCity game. Don't waste your money on this crap.
  92. Aug 3, 2013
    I was so excited when this first came out and managed to dodge the long waits to connect. But after losing an afternoon of game play to network issues losing my save state, I charged back on my credit card and got my money back. All the various bugs in the game that still need worked out, I could have lived with, but with the constant risk of all my work being lost at any moment, this game is unplayable. Expand
  93. Aug 17, 2013
    The fact that Maxis decided to sacrifice player experience for 'multiplayer' components in a predominantly single-player oriented game doomed this sequel to the epic simcity franchise from the start... tiny maps, always online DRM, ugly regions filled with deadspace, no terraforming, terrible lag, server downtime... the list goes on.

    Seriously, even if u just took SC2000, SC3000 or SC4
    and made it 3D and give it a graphic makeover without changing any features, it would've been better than SC2013...

    And stop making excuses about not giving the players what they want. "we can't make bigger maps because mainstream computers cant handle the computation", or "it's always-online to offload computation to the server", or "maps are smaller to encourage cooperation within regions and enhance multiplayer", or "you can't demolish cities or create multiple saves because it would mess up the leaderboard"...

    Just admit that you wanna make money off a pretty much dysfunctional game at release (it's not a cheap game) and keep making money off every single DLC that eventually completes the game (2016 maybe?). There'd be a DLC for bigger maps, another DLC for subways, another one for computation optimization, perhaps an expansion or two for terraforming and region design...

    Maxis really disappointed me, I've been a huge SimCity fan since SC SNES and I've waited for nearly 10 years since SC4 rush hour. THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE FANS don't be the next big sell-out like Westwood or Bullfrog, great studios that sold their fans and their souls to EA for a quick buck that destroyed great franchises that they build up themselves.

    On the other hand, I'm not surprised that EA is still the same old greedy d-bag that rips everyone off, but please leave simcity alone
  94. Aug 21, 2013
    I wish I could give this game less than a 0. This and the Sims are the only games I've played since the start and this game was far less than the start. I preordered this game and walked away after the first few weeks hoping they would undo what they did. I came back much later and I have to say I feel violated that they took my money on my trust and gave me steaming zhit.The cities are tiny unlike the sprawling utopias that Simcity is known for and impossible to balance. You rely on other near players to balance your city who abandon the game and leave you out to dry.On top of that it is still glitchy as fuku and often results in your long time goal for a city not able to work. You can't save the city and the joy of destroying it is gone. I just wish i could have my money back and a 'Eternal Sunshine' to forget it ever happened. Expand
  95. Sep 5, 2013
    It's now september 2013, and server issues are still persisting. EA seems to not be making any effort at all at doing something about the most common problems plagueing this game.

    I wonder why I ever bothered paying for this game, knowing it had new EA DRM... This new DRM delivers absolutely nothing for the player, cities are so small they could be simulated on your 4-year old phone.
    I'm extremely upset about their shoddy attempt to sell an 'always-online' experience.

    Past few days:
    - Frequent disconnects
    - Two cities inaccessible
    - One city disconnected, and when I got back most of the work was gone
  96. Xus
    Sep 8, 2013
    Not buying this game just because of the reviews. Thank you contributors. Frankly why make a single player game connect to a server? I hope the next SIM city is a real single player one.
  97. Sep 11, 2013
    If Electronic Arts is going to make a game with the basic premise being that no city is an island, if they're going to stress the interaction among cities, if they're going to make playing alongside other people a cornerstone of the design, if they're going to force my creations into tiny boxes that cannot exist past a certain point without the help of other tiny boxes, they're going to have to do the hard work of making it actually work. And ideally, that hard work should be done before they sell people the game, not after they've been caught flat-footed for botching it so completely. Best Description ever of this game.. Also this game sucks.. waited so much for it, then this comes out.. 0/10 Expand
  98. Sep 15, 2013
    no fun, i dont understand why they have limited this game to tiny fun at all, woud have given a score of 5 if it woud be bug free.... minus 1 scorepoint for every 10 bugs i found....equals ZERO!
  99. Sep 24, 2013
    Always online DRM.
    EA lying to their customers about need to be online.
    Extremely expensive DLCs.
    City sizes the size of a small football field.

  100. Sep 27, 2013
    SimCity simulates itself. The AI programming just needs a better coder.
    E.g. Citizens walk around and around Buildings non-stop; Police cars are usually there, where there is no crime; Citizens complain about trash problems even if there are non; And the biggest Problem: There is too much traffic. New York has 1000% less.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 75
  2. Negative: 10 out of 75
  1. 65
    Given enough patches and DCLs, SimCity might eventually become the game that should have been on its release and justify the ambiguous choices that its developers made. [May 2013]
  2. May 9, 2013
    Hints at great things but is limited by small cities and promises it can't deliver on. [June 2013, p.80]
  3. May 9, 2013
    There's more problems with this game than I have words. Looks great though. [June 2013, p.80]