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  1. Mar 5, 2013
    I created an account here just to say how bad this game is. I'll give it a 2 for nice visuals but the DRM and the server issues for this game are some of the worst I have ever experienced. WHEN WILL EA LEARN?! Seriously, I hope EA eventually goes bankrupt. They have absolutely no intention of supporting the gaming community. It's all about money to them. And the map sizes?! Ridiculous! Mark my words, they'll release DLC that allows bigger cities but you'll have to pay for it! Typical EA. What an epic fail. Expand
  2. Mar 5, 2013
    Now this is just another horrible instance of how a greedy publisher can destroy a potentially awesome game, from a really good series of games. First of all, Maxis, well done. You've created an interesting, fun and absorbing game, like you have done in the past. Secondly, EA Games, go bury yourself. The gameplay itself is nice and fun. But it's impossible to not notice the obvious parts that are missing, just so they can be added as DLC and sold for more profit later on. Subways for example and other means of transportation that could easily have made the "final product". Also, regarding this whole "always online" way of avoiding piracy, that does'nt work so well does it. First of all, on launch day, the game is still unaccessable. Secondly, if you do create a nice city that you wish to continue playing, you're out of luck if your server is full. Either you're put into a queue, or you will have to start a new city on another server, putting your old favorite in the do-it-later-when-I'm-allowed-to-play-what-I-want pile. Great.

    Also, Sim City is one of those perfect games to play when you just want to chill out and relax a little by yourself. The Sim City series have always been like that. Going away to your cabin for the weekend? Want a single-player game that ain't demanding, that you can just play for fun? Sim City has always delivered, along with other "tycoon" games.

    But now, thanks to the DRM, you always have to be online. So you can kiss those days goodbye as well.

    This could have been a great game worth spending hundreds of hours on. Thanks to the greed of the publisher, it's the complete opposite. Way to go there, ruining many players hopes of finally getting the best Sim City experience yet.

    I can't recommend this as a purchase for anyone. No matter how fond you are of city-sim games.
  3. Mar 5, 2013
    First of all, please stop making fun of my thumbs.
    Second of all, DRM...really EA? oh wait, it is EA after all and they like sucking our money. Think of EA like the federal reserve unregulated and unethical
  4. Mar 5, 2013
    If you've never played a simcity game, this is an amazing game on its own. But having played every simcity game in the franchise, this is really disappointing. The main complaint is the extremely small city size compared to its predecessors. The always-online component is not necessary.
  5. Mar 5, 2013
    I've played the beta's, and i feel this could be a great game. I've bought the game, but i haven't been able to normally play it due to server issues. It's sad that EA have decided to cripple it. They've crippled it in two ways: 1. DRM 2. City size. 1. After i added my key the game didn't show up in Origin until much later. Once i was finally able to launch the game i had to wait forever to be able to play due to the server being full (why?! i want to play single player! why do i have to wait for a server to play a single player game?!)

    Also what happens in 3 years when they release Simcity 2016? The servers will close and you can't play this game.

    I've paid EA money to play a game when EA lets me play, not when i want to play.... i am never going to do this agian.

    2.The city size is to small. This was a commercial decision by EA to maximize profit, they want as much people as possible to be able to buy the game, even people with a very old computer. It gives the people with a up to date computer a poor playing experience since they don't even have the option to play a bigger map, even though their computers can handle it. It's nice that the game has curved roads, but the city is so tiny there's not enough room to place curved roads...
  6. Mar 5, 2013
    Unable to preload the game, the Origin client failed to give me access to Sim City (or any other game I had purchased through it) for a few hours after my purchase. There's a wait to access a single-player game, which should blow any rational person's mind. Save files are frequently corrupted, causing you to lose your progress. The plot sizes are hilariously small. You're not building a city, you're building a town with high-rises. Even if the technical problems with overloaded servers and corrupted save files are solved, we all know EA is going to nickle and dime us for larger plot sizes, and they're going to hail their DRM their lord and savior. Don't make the same mistake as I did. Don't support this stuff. Expand
  7. Mar 5, 2013
    DRM blows. Why do I need to be online to play in single player. Maps waaaaaaaay to small. Perhaps call the game SimVillage. Then there's DLC... oh come on I just paid for the game. EA have done it again. Yet another great series ruined.
  8. Mar 5, 2013
    Wow, disappointment of the decade. Horrible DRM, microscopic maps, basic features missing. You're locked into a specific playing style. "Your city, Maxis' way" (or the highway if that doesn't suit you).
  9. Mar 5, 2013
    POS. Another example of why EA is consistently in the running for most hated company in America. I was excited to try Maxis' new Sim City, but their partnership with EA has ruined it.
  10. Mar 5, 2013
    I'd love a 3d online simcity, it's a great idea, but "Simcity" is a bunch of good ideas horribly implemented.

    The glass-box engine that tracks every sim sounds good on paper but adds nothing to the gameplay. It's a dumbed down ugly simcity experience with most of the features built up over generations abandoned in favour of tacked-on online play and useless over-detail. The graphics
    are poor, the zoning system is horrific and leaves your city full of ugly holes, and despite there apparently being insane detail under the hood, as a player none of it really effects you or the gameplay. They could have abstracted a the traffic and sims's needs to a much higher degree and be left with the exact same gameplay but much bigger maps. The new casual focus is a failure, the scale is a failure, the online component is a failure, and the new art style is a failure. All good ideas on paper but EA just didn't quite manage to pull it off. The bottom line is that this game does not scratch the itch I have to design a city with the scope, control, or realism I've come to expect. Expand
  11. Mar 5, 2013
    The menu looks and works great. However, I can't play it because the servers are down. Supposedly, the city size limits are pretty bad as well, but I'll give the game a 1 in the hopes that they'll patch in a bigger city size.
  12. Mar 5, 2013
    Small maps, always on DRM, and overloaded servers that don't allow you to play single player games offline. Pathetic. EA needs to go bankrupt. 1 star as it IS pretty.

    CitiesXL is a MUCH MUCH (x1000) better game, doesn't require an internet connection for single player games, and will happily let you play 10 years from now.
  13. Mar 5, 2013
    This game is disgusting. I wasted my money on it and now it is gone. I could deal with the always online drm IF the game was otherwise perfect and they allowed for a offline version to become available when they inevitably shut down the servers. Map size is too small which I have a feeling will be "fixed" by means of in game (paid) download.
  14. Mar 6, 2013
    Bought the game through amazon. Put the product code in and it told me the game was I'm gonna be that guy and slam the user reviews until they can figure something out
  15. Mar 5, 2013
    EA completely deviated from what used to make Sim City great. If you're expecting this game to be better or even similar to SCR4 or SC2000 you are in for a serious surprise. EA has turned the Sim City franchise into a watered down Sims clone. Instead of focusing on bigger macro city building, EA's main concern is making sure each sim has a name and where they are 24 hrs a day!!! Wow who cares. The space you get to build your city is so small you feel like you never can fully max out your city. And don't get me started on the DRM included in this game. This game honestly feels like it should have been a free to play game on Facebook instead of something we pay $60 for. You know any improvements that should have been included in the launch will be offered as a extra buy-able item. My suggestion is to save you money for a better game or wait until you find this thing on the discount rack. Expand
  16. Mar 5, 2013
    I've played games all my life. I still remember finding Space Invaders in the Montreal airport on way to a family vacation. This game and install have been the worst I have ever encountered. I can see crappy software but crappy software that has hooped my entire PC is shocking.
  17. Mar 5, 2013
    Thanks for ruining a great game EA games.. The city size limit, DRM and required on-line play are a total failure. And detract from the games visual appeal.. THANK YOU FOR OFFERING REFUNDS TO THOSE WHO WANT THEM. I have already requested my refund and have un installed the game. I will stick with SimCity 4... It works...
  18. Mar 5, 2013
    Poor launch experience. Origin claims the release is on march 7th. A large beta test would have fixed all of this. Hopefully some negative reviews will get the message across.
  19. Mar 5, 2013
    I was able to play all of an hour of Sim City tonight. And from what I played? It's a great game.

    What's NOT great is always on DRM and EA's inability to learn simple lessons from this past year *cough* Diablo 3 *cough cough*

    Got booted out of my region after trying to SWITCH CITIES within the same region I was already in. Apparently the server had become quite fool. And sure, I can
    switch to another one...but how often am I going to play on Oceania when I'm in NY? Expand
  20. Mar 5, 2013
    Let's talk about the fact that the game itself is pretty fun. However there are a pile of bugs. I'd like to give it a awesome score and say; hey 'this was amazing. But you know I can't do that BECAUSE I CAN'T LOG INTO THE GAME. If I can't play the game; I can't rate it. I had 2 hours last night after I bought the DELUX edition to play and now I can't even enjoy that. Huzzah 80 buckeroos for something I can't use. Expand
  21. Mar 5, 2013
    The FarmVille of SimCity titles. This is almost as bad as Civ V. Between the ridiculously small maps, and 'regional building', as well as all the DRM server issues, this has to be as big of a disappointment as Spore.

    $80 is a big pill to swallow for this awful representation of SimCity, Ocean. Thanks for killing the series.
  22. Mar 6, 2013
    I beta tested this three times, what should have been a fun game has been completely ruined with the inability to play in single-player offline mode. The servers were fraught with problems even during the third beta, which was set up only to stress-test the servers. I am disappointed that they did not fix the issue even by launch day! The game itself is good (albeit not as great as its former self), but DRM is so overwhelmingly intrusive that it is not even worth the $60. Also, they took out the subways and a bunch of other stuff...I understand people want to blame the execs but the out-of-touch marketers and programmers should also be blamed for nerfing this game. Expand
  23. Mar 7, 2013
    I want to say first off, yes I have purchased the game, and yes I have put 20+ hours into this game already. To start off with the good, the visuals are BEAUTIFUL on this game, I love being able to upgrade individual buildings to increase usefulness, I like the specialization options, etc. Now onto why I'm giving one of my favorite game series newest release a 3. I bought the game on launch day at 8 a.m., and since then I have only had the ability to play the game 1/3 or less of the time due to server problems, not connecting, just overall DRM I am a longtime wow player so DRM in and of itself doesn't bother me, but this is an absolute cluster I can't play my own damn game I paid for! Also, c'mon Maxis, these cities are way too damn small. Open up a whole region to building a city in and then we're talking. I'm massively disappointed by the stupid restrictions that have been placed on this game. FIX IT!! Expand
  24. Mar 5, 2013
    Created an account just to sign this petition of pissed-off users. Since I cannot even use this game when promised, I give it a zero. I decided to be generous and give it a 1; you do have pretty pictures of what I think the game will look like. Too bad pictures on a website and a launcher that doesn't launch is all I get for my cash. MAXIS, you have my $60 and I have 30 gigs of wasted hard drive space. Thanks. Expand
  25. Mar 6, 2013
    'Unable to create a city at this time. Please claim a city later.' is the only experience i'm getting from paying my money for this game. Help Center is broken. Getting Started tutorial is also broken! Avoid this game at all cost. 1/10 for the SimCity name.
  26. Mar 6, 2013
    It's error 34 all over again! and EA killed the modding community for this POS (you know how modders keep SC 4 a game that fun to play even until today!!) So we should expect this game to died out probably up to two years from now.. Let's just wait for some competitor to publish city simulator games without greed in mind.
  27. Mar 6, 2013
    I literally signed up just to write a review. The game honestly looks excellent. But I wouldn't know, because I can't play it. 24 hours after purchasing the game (in store) I have yet to be able to login to these servers. And while a DRM-Free version of the game would probably get a 9/10 from me there are legitimate game issues, like small maps) I can't give a positive review to a game I can't play. They've taken my money, and now told me "wait up to a week for the servers to stabilize".

    Sorry Maxis, EA has ruined your game
  28. Mar 6, 2013
    So after spending $80 ($20 more than I should) to play this game, I was greeted with very long queue times. To play a single player game. So, okay, whatever. After waiting forever to get in the game, I started playing. I did not enjoy myself. The cities were tiny, there were limited transporation options, no terraforming you all know this by not. But, maybe it'll pick up soon, I thought. So I continued. Then the servers went down (or maybe a slight hickup on my end), and I got kicked out of the game. Due to an internet issue. In a single player game. Fine, whatever. Relaunched the game, more queues. Got pretty frustrated now, but wanted to eat least get to the meat of the game. I wanted through yet another queue, only to log in and find my city was corrupted. It was saved on their servers. Why the hell was it corrupted?

    So I uninstalled and asked for a refund. Giving the game 1 star instead of 0 because I actually got one. Thanks for ruining another franchise, EA.
  29. Mar 6, 2013
    For a game called Sim City it's certainly dissapointing that you can only build small european towns. What a waste of potential by restricting their users like this, always online is not a deal breaker for me but it's also dissapointing that it results in the game not actually working half the time, EA with their approach to games having to be online and have micro transactions in everything should be ashamed and Maxis should put their foot in the door and not let themselves be pushed around by EA who constantly messes up any IP. Expand
  30. Mar 6, 2013
    I cant believe how disastrous this "final product" is (though we all know this games current dlc is just the beginning). No manual, less than helpful tutorial, unbelievably small maps, utter lack of support, draconian wait times, bugs abound, coupled with the obviously massaged critic reviews that will inevitably "trick" less people into buying the game than EA thinks, this has got to be one of the worst follow-ups to one of my all time favorite game series. I still play SimCity 4 to this day. EA has failed the gaming community...... Expand
  31. Mar 6, 2013
    If you buy this game, you just tell EA that cloudsaving is totally okay and you have no problem with not being able to play in case the servers are down. You'll also tell EA that it's perfectly fine to buy a SIM CITY game that in reality should rather be called Sim Village, while you're eagerly waiting for the DLC that gives you HUGE maps like they were in the earlier games of the series. EA, you're nothing short of disgusting! Don't buy this game, because that's our only voice to tell the publishers enough is enough! Expand
  32. Mar 6, 2013
    First off, kudos to the developers, I'm sure it's a great game...but you're only getting a 1, and here's why.

    As a consumer, you deserve the above user score. When you announced SimCity, you suspected people wouldn't even notice that you'd have always be online in order to enjoy your lied, and now we, the consumer, are eagerly waiting in digital "lineups" to play the game we
    purchased, and expected to enjoy on launch day, and now you're getting what you deserve, that terrible user score on the dreaded Metacritic.

    You deserved this, EA. You should have listened, but you didn't. You need to listen closely to the customers suggestions. This game won't do as well as it should have, unfortunately, but that's because of the mistakes you COULD have prevented, again, by listening to US, the consumer.

    Always online DRM doesn't work for a core single player game, so DROP IT.

    I do not plan on purchasing this game at any point, or even plan to recommend it to my friends/online friends, or even the anonymous internet lurker. My involvement with Origin will be non-existant, especially when all of my friends are on Steam. Origin has nothing to offer to me, or my friends. Consider releasing your products on Steam or GreenManGaming, and we might be able to work something out, but for now, you're not getting any of my money.

    Cheers, and enjoy the color red.
  33. Mar 6, 2013
    I'm not the type to complain over every little fault in a game, especially one as ambitious as SC5 right after release. But little faults aren't this game's problem it's massive, fundamental design decisions that have completely changed the way this game is to be played, and overwhelmingly not for the better.

    City size too small this is a mind-blower. Did the developers really think
    people would rather have nearly invisible microeconomic individual sim simuation rather than the ability to build full, complete cities that didn't look like ridiculous postage stamps? I get that it's a performance issue my machine is a beast let me have bigger cities. Let us ALL have bigger cities and get rid of the unhelpful low-level modeling. We came to build cities first, and enjoy drill-down metrics later.

    Always-on DRM: I don't like this mechanism in general, but I don't dismiss it out of hand either. For some online games, it can be useful to limit or prevent hacking and cheating. Diablo 3 needed that, and even though it takes away a lot from the game and can add much frustration, it has its positive points as well. But I cannot for the life of me figure out why in the hell SC5 has a mandatory on-line requirement to simply play the game. It makes no sense whatsoever. A good multiplayer option is always nice, and hopefully it actually works in this game, unlike some other city sims of late, but Sim City is at its core a single-player game that invites the user to experiment, tweak, mess around and generally goof off sometimes. Now? You can't even set a save point to go back to. You make a mistake, too bad. You ruin your economy? Start over from the beginning. Does EA not know what a "simulation" is? I didn't sign up for a Roguelike. Of all this game's misfires, this one is the hugest of all. How am I supposed to learn how to build anything efficiently or aesthetically or economically when the game punishes the living crap out of you for experimenting? I mean PUNISH, as in hours and hours of your life wasted, with very little learning payoff. It's a really huge problem that destroys this game. Never mind that the first 3 times I was able to play the game crashed and nothing was saved on the server anyway. But really bugs get fixed, and they don't ultimately deter me. But awful design decisions do.

    It's impossible to play this game without almost suffocating in the understanding that this game is going to do everything it can to nickle and dime you to death. Hell, they had DLC available the first day! $60 and I get a no-frills economy model? At least PRETEND like you aren't going to charge for every stupid park and church and billboard or whatever and give me a sense, however fleeting, that I have in my possession a complete game with loads of content. Stuff that was in the initial release of SC2K and SC4 is gone here. Gee, wonder how I can get it. Make a great game, give me great content up front and I will pay at least a little for great NEW content. The cynical microtransaction scheme in place here is ham-fisted and infuriating.

    The Glassbox engine is beautiful. The data maps are even moreso. This game is GORGEOUS. I love the tilt-shift look a brilliant design decision. The music is fine and the animations are ok, I hate the stupid Sim language but I can easily get past that. And that's what REALLY kills me this game could be, nay SHOULD be a great game. The technology is there. I mean right there on your machine. Glass box, microeconomic simulation, expensive production all right there waiting to be turned into a really cool game. But the implementation here is so bad, the overall game experience so misguided, and so radically different and worse than any SC before, that this game can ultimately only be considered a huge, massive and crushingly depressing flop. It's hard to imagine that you can take a brilliant game like SC2K or even SC4, add 10+ years and a customer base with PCs literally 1000x more powerful, and THIS is what you get. EA, I have never said this about any game ever, but I want my money back. This is a travesty.
  34. Mar 6, 2013
    Always online, too small of city space, some good ideas ruined by terrible design choices that should never have been approved. Much like Diablo 3 and its terrible design choices, Sim City has proven it is no longer capable of being the number one city management game. Goodbye Sim City, you used to be cool.
  35. Mar 6, 2013
    Fantastically fun game, but Maxis doesn't have control of its servers. I spend most of my time playing alone anyways, they might as well have it be a game that is on your computer. I know they are trying to make money with this DRM business, and Maxis' unwillingness to waiver on this makes the game unplayable (literally unplayable. Even when the servers aren't busy, there is a 25% chance that I can play the game at all). Do not buy SimCity. Expand
  36. Mar 8, 2013
    I gotta say this game really turned my life around, while frustratingly trying to log in, i actually did something with my life, i got a new job, made some friends, a wife, and hey, i even bought a new house. Why would anybody want to miss out on that? So thank you Simcity for giving me motivation to be a better person, im just kidding im a gamer this game why the would anyone pay 60 bucks for a game they cant even play this Expand
  37. Mar 6, 2013
    The problem here is that the game may indeed be great, epic, huge improvement, etc but with road blocks as big as not being able to play, glitches in menu, unclear saving/loading processes, and horrible game technical support make this an incredibly unreasonable purchase. I looked forward to this game very much and had high hopes even through the low user reviews. But here me now, I have learned the lesson I should have learned when I bought Diablo 3 do not make this purchase. Expand
  38. Mar 6, 2013
    It's the DRM, plain and simple. A beautiful game marred by EA; I have no interest in sharing regions; I'm unable to play my purchase, and I don't believe it's the core game to blame.

    Which is a shame but I can't, in good faith, recommend or rate a title highly if the peripherals mar the experience.
  39. Mar 6, 2013
    Are you kidding me? Even when you can get through to play a game you can play for approximately 30 minutes before the servers begin to have issues- and then you're lucky (LUCKY) if you're 30 minutes are synced. What's more- once you try to reestablish a connection- you're usually greeted with another queue to get back to the game the server kicked you off playing.
    That's okay- you
    think- I'll just go to sandbox mode--- that can't possibly require a constant connection- Wrong-O! Hmm--- maybe a Private Sandbox--- that's another whole lotta Nope. What could be a charming and successful sim is marred- irreparably so- by a faulty and slipshod implementation. Chalk this user up to another that will (WILL) be getting refunded by EA, or disputing a credit card charge. Expand
  40. Mar 6, 2013
    Pros: Fun gameplay* and beautiful graphics. (*Assuming you can actually play.)
    Cons: Highly restrictive city map size.
    Conclusion: Simcity is a spectacular game rendered next to useless do to the fact that your chances of actually getting on EA's haggard servers is questionable. It gets a 1 out of 10 which I feel is generous considering I can't even play the game.
  41. Mar 7, 2013
    I'd love to write a really favorable review about my favorite game franchise of all time. I played the original SimCity on the C64. Like I said, I'd love to. But I can't. Simply for the reason that I am unable to play the game due to the most intrusive DRM I've seen yet. I received the DVD yesterday, but of course could not install the game, since it was "unreleased". My PC at home that I am currently watching remotely, is trying to install the game since this morning 8:00 am and consistently failing due to server overload and therefore being unable to validate the key. Way to go EA. Not! Expand
  42. RFD
    Mar 6, 2013
    I really like this game, it is so cool, some die hard SimCity 4 Mayors might not like a few things, but I am not one of them. But all the detail, depth, and greatness of this game is obsolete if you cannot get into the game. You cannot even launch the game without logging into EA's servers and the servers have been down more than they have been up. When they are up there are so many people trying to log into them that they quickly go back down. Last night, I waited in a queue for 40 minutes to get in only to get kicked back out after 20 minutes and forced to wait in line again to get back in. The cities that you create on one server do not propagate to the other servers, so when one server goes down they say "well you are free to play on server 'b', but because we are forced to play online we cannot save our cities locally so server B does not have my city on it, so I have to start over again, until server b goes down. I like this game, I really do, but I spent 160.00 (one license for me and one for my wife) on this game and I am unable to play it. I know everyone says this (I may have even said it myself before), but I am done with EA, I will never give them another dollar of my money. I don't care what franchise they buy out next, it could be the greatest game in the world, I will not buy it, everything they touch they ruin. I hope other do the same, it is the only way that they will ever learn that it is unacceptable to take your customers money pre launch and then give them the shaft post launch. Expand
  43. Mar 6, 2013
    I just learned an $80 lesson, because I bought the Limited Edition, but failed to look at the requirements. Had I reviewed it properly, instead of assumed that the gaming software could be operated in a standalone mode, I would NOT have wasted my money. A vast majority of people in the U.S. still live in rural areas where internet is unavailable, too expensive or just down right crappy. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME unless you have no problems staying on your internet connection the whole time. I wanted this game to have on my system so that I could play with it during travel or without the umbilical cord of the internet. What 'executive' decided on this modus operandi? Obviously some rich fat cat! ID10TS... Expand
  44. Mar 6, 2013
    Pros -Great City Simulator -Graphics are nice -Addictive Gameplay Cons: -Must always be connected to the internet for what is primarily a single player game -Seriously issues at launch that cause people to be unable to play the game -Not always obvious what you are doing wrong when building city The serious launch issues combined with the fact that you always need to be connected to the internet even when you don't want to use any of the online features is a serious issue with this game. We cannot continue to allow developers to force us to be always connected. Expand
  45. Mar 6, 2013
    Traditionally Simcity has been a fun game to play in my spare time. I have anticipated looking forward to this game for a while.

    However, the current incarnation is -not- enjoyably. The always on DRM which forces you to connect to servers to sit in a queue make this game un-playable at the moment.

    There are ways to *play* if you don't mind playing on European or Oceanic servers,
    but any progress you make in the game will not carry over to American servers.

    Once in there are annoying quirks and bugs within the game that can destroy your city building strategy, I.E. Recycling Plants being bugged and not picking up Recyclable items NO PROCESSORS for you!

    Overall the potential is there for a fun game, but the always on DRM, server queues, constant server downtime, and gameplay bugs make this a terrible game for anyone.

    There were other games which were released on 05-March that I would have bought over this in retrospect (I.E. MLB The Show).
  46. Mar 6, 2013
    So very, very frustrated. Could not play a single-player game because the servers were down. Finally got a server. After 2 hours of play the server disconnected. Lost everything I had done. Never, never again, EA.
  47. Mar 6, 2013
    This is a really really bad way to do business in the modern video game world. Why in the world would they release another game with online DRM and a require connection just to play the game. There must be some way to go after EA on this. You pay a price for a product and because of pure lies and chaos on the suppliers side you are unable to play. What happens when the servers go down? How about when they decide enough Sim City 5 and shut the servers off. ITS BULL CRAP!! If this game was not tied to the internet and DRM it would be amazing. Unfortunately this has crippled it. Expand
  48. Mar 6, 2013
    Broken down into (1) Betas; (2) Launch Day; (3) Post Launch; (4) Gameplay

    (1) The betas: (4 out of 10)
    The betas had a lot of problems regarding the servers' effectiveness and efficiency in carrying the load. Several times throughout the first beta, I was repeatedly kicked because the servers crashed. Furthermore, there was issues with the tutorials and the general interface. I had fun
    but I rated it roughly a 4 out of 10 because it had an always online-DRM and also it was buggy, but I saw potential. The second beta was only a day long, and EA dropped the ball and excluded several people that should have had access to the game. I only had access to it because I pre-ordered it from Amazon as opposed to Origin.

    (2) The Launch Day (0 out of 10)
    This is the most blatant bait-and-switch tactic I have ever seen and most definitely could be considered for legal action for equitable estoppel and unjust enrichment. The consumers had reasonable expectations of a service that would be delivered in a timely manner. Furthermore, EA made assurances that the game would be released on time and they took the necessary precautions regarding the server loads even at the behest of most customers and most industry warnings that online-only DRMs are very tricky to successfully do. They repeatedly stated that they would be releasing the game at 12:01 AM EST and that the servers could perform the task.
    The result was far from a 12:01 AM EST release. For the vast majority of customers the game was not available for download until well past 12:40 AM. I, myself, was not able to download the game until roughly 1:20 am CST (This is nearly an 2 hour and 20 minutes AFTER the official release time). Mind you this was AFTER tech support for their phone line was done for the business day, and their online service for tech support had nearly a 360 minute wait, and I recall only 2 official statements. One was from an EA representative telling people to restart their Origin client, the other was from TWITTER and NOT their official forum. The sheer LACK of information regarding the status, updates, and whether the game would be available for download was laughable, even more so considering that EA decided not allow pre-loading in the face of growing concerns by both customers and several industry writers. I was fortunate enough to play the game without the problems that other people faced, albeit I did have to switch the server from US East to US West and had a large patch to run through. I began playing roughly around 2:20 AM CST (a good solid 3 hours later).

    (3) Post-Launch (4 out of 10)
    The game has been very buggy. The region walls work only 1/2 of the time and if they do its nearly a 3-5 minute delay. The in-game chat interface is worthless. There is no notification of when someone speaks, therefore, it goes largely ignored. The global trade is a complete failure. I went from having nearly $1 million ("$1M") to only $120,000 because I was not getting income for my trades. Furthermore, there is no adjustment in the prices even after I FLOODED the market with my plastic supply when it did work. Currently, I am waiting for the game to finish its second round of patches in an attempt to fix the bugs in the game, involving the region wall, trade, and connectability issues. I will give credit where credit is due. EA is doing its best trying to fix the issue of the post-launch. They are opening new servers, trying to keep people informed via their forum, etc. (Much better than the launch-day blackout). I would say this is probably the most botched game-day release I've seen however. I would consider Diablo III as a success in comparison, seeing as the volume of players was much larger for the latter.

    (4) Game Play (2 out of 10)
    The game is still buggy. I was able to literally build a zone underwater because the road tool drew the road underwater. The traffic simulation is horrible. How more roads equates to higher traffic congestion and thousands of Sims ignoring a clear 6 lane avenue a block away from the congested one makes no sense. The worst is the multiplayer feature. YOU CANNOT TURN OFF OTHER CITIES FROM LEECHING FROM YOU, which EA conveniently excluded. I built a 140k population city and the cities around me leeched power and water, while dumping their sewage into my sewage plants. I cannot choose to cut off their power or water nor choose to reject accepting their sewage and get a measly fee for it and have to use valuable space to keep up with their rising demand or my city suffers for inadequate services. I literally went from a booming hi-tech industry to the basic utility provider for my region without ANY way to stop it from happening. The neighboring cities then abandoned their cities leaving me with a dump and in debt
  49. Mar 6, 2013
    Even the most beautiful diamond is worthless if you smash it with a hammer. I want to believe in the new SimCity, I swear I do. I've been playing this game since the first iteration back when dinosaurs roamed the Internet. SimCity is what MADE me a gamer. And I'm lucky I played the betas, I downloaded instantly Monday night when I got the Origin email, and I played Tuesday morning before everyone on the East Coast got off of work....

    But....I'm kind of heartbroken. The game is gorgeous. The whole tilt-shift thing for the graphics is genius. Gameplay is the best kind easy to learn, but challenging as the game accelerates. The UI is well laid out (for a game that is about information overload, after all) and the data layers are cool. But in addition to all of the issues with DRM, the botched launch, and ongoing server issues (it's only Day Two, but c'mon. I work in this field and I know EA/Origin could have planned better) the fact is that the game feels.....lacking.

    What do I mean? Well, there's that lovely data interface, and not a lot of actual depth to the data. You can't edit a Plopable (ugh.) once you've already added things to it. There's no real sense for what supply and demand is like in the global market. The maps are small, and the whole forced boundary thing is maddening. All my cities end up looking un-naturally square. There is no terrain editing (one of the longtime favorite sub-categories of the older versions.)

    And most annoying to me there is no ability to save your game mid-play, and then "alternate reality" it which is something I've done in EVERY SimCity, ever. SimCity is the game that taught me to save before key decision points....and now, nothing. Not even an option.

    I want to love this game....but it has a long way to go before it lives up to its promise, and that makes me, and the new gaming computer I built specifically for it.....very, very sad.
  50. Mar 6, 2013
    At the time of the Australian release this game is unplayable. If the dedicated Oceanic server isn't full, it's down and crashed. Connecting to an international server does not help either as they will frequently drop out and your city would have been erased. Not even the graphics look like they're from this decade.
    1/10 the loading screen has a nice back drop.
  51. Mar 6, 2013
    Don't be fooled by this game. This is Diablo 3 all over again. Tiny map, not allowed to make big cities. Worst $60 bucks ever wasted. Do some research, watch the game being streamed, even people who love it are about how restrictive the map size is. The game forces multiplayer on you. This game is not like any other sim city ever made.
  52. Mar 6, 2013
    I play games when i have time to play them, not when the game is able to be played. I would encourage everyone to demand money back, lets stop this always-on nonsense.
  53. Mar 6, 2013
    I think the most important thing to take away from these reviews, Critic and Consumer alike, is that Sim City is a solid game at the heart of things. Server troubles aside, Sim City certainly builds on it's predecessors with a chain of resources mechanic and the need to constantly manage these resources in an effort to balance tax revenue with revenue from business ventures, shipping ventures, gambling, and tourism. While these 'specializations' are limited they are certainly welcome to the series, almost fitting in as if they had been there all along. There's a familiar comfort in the interface, and ease of use for the new player (Water and electricity management run along roads rather than independent pipes and wires). While the omission of some micromanagement is a casualty among old players, the game more than makes up for it in it's continued focus on efficient resource management and space allocation.

    That being said, a number of bedbugs spoil the honeymoon; what should've been a grand return to the forefront of simulation and management has instead become a slog through DRM sludge, connection issues, and just straight resistance from every force in the world, Heavenly or otherwise, to mayors playing the game. There was a day-one patch, a day-two patch, a bug where clients would be stuck downloading nonexistent updates, 'ghost servers' (Where you could connect to a server just to be kicked off for a 'network issue', a 'connection issue', or because the server was never up in the first place). I, personally, have been unable to play the game from two different residences with stable internet connections for more than ten minutes each on day two. Apparently I have logged in six hours, but I highly dispute that number (Or Origin counts the amount of time I spend cursing at Sim City as playtime). I hope for nothing more than resolution; I would prefer to have a working Sim City game on my computer than 60+ dollars of Origin credit.

    Server issues aside, gameplay does suffer some setbacks. As mentioned earlier, power and water hookups are stunted, pared down to where the roads run. City size is stunted as well, with plans in the works to offer increased sizes later down the line with new regions. Because of the smaller size, it is very difficult to build and manage a city yourself, even a region under your control is difficult to manage (Given that cities pause when you leave them; freight and raw materials don't move unless you're working the city that ships them out). I'd hate to add speculation to this review, but I wouldn't put it beside EA to offer regions with increased city size as premium content, given the fact that they released what I would consider a near-finished game in beta. Coupled with so-heinous-it-ought-to-be-a-crime-against-humanity wait for Origin support, as well as Origin's resistance to doling out refunds to unsatisfied customers, Sim City might be the biggest disappointment to me since Stone Temple Pilots most recent self-titled release.

    It's as if I have been sold a Jackson Pollack painting with a clause that the seller may throw a sheet over the painting at any time they so choose. I would give the game an 8/10, but I am the professor and this is a very late assignment.

    And I hate late assignments.
  54. Mar 6, 2013
    It's launching day for Europe. I've been able to play for 40 minutes. I loved what I've seen so far not much, but the game "felt" great, smooth, beautifull and I was already developing some emotional ties to my little town. After 40 minutes, I decided to quit and restart the game because I was suspicious. I was fearing that the game wouldn't save my city. I wanted to find out. While quitting Simcity, a message popped up, saying something about synchronization issues (I couldn't read it because the game was already quitting). So I strongly believe that my city has not been saved. I then tried to reenter the game, which now tells me that I have to wait in queque for 3 hours and 20 minutes. It's a real shame for whoever is responsible for that, and I'm honestly glad that many customers demand a refund to show their protest. I myself, however, strongly assume that the issues will be fixed in a few days. And as I like what I've seen of the real game so far was nice, I don't belong to the courageous ones who demand a refund. The US release seems to have been a horrible debacle. I can't quite understand how there can be such a huge miscalculation. I mean there have been betas and stresstests. And even then, there must be the option to put up some more servers until the release-peak abades? It indeed reminds a bit of a restaurant that has a tiny kitchen but 100 tables, resulting in waiting times of hours and days. That's ridiculous and absolutely inexcusable. And it's not about whining and fanboyism. I have no problem with waiting a few more days until someone finds out that one cook might not suffice to service 100 tables. But it's about principles. Not to INSTANTLY solve such huge and perfectly foreseeable issues, with angry customers flooding the boards, should be an absolute no-go and deserves to be sanctioned in every conceivable and legal way. And then they even have the insolance to predict a flawless launch for Europe with two servers. Really. I'm also glad that negative reviews are being posted, although it's of course not fair to the game itself (which is reviewed in the "professional" reviews). And unfortunately, boycotting is not an easy task for a gamer because I think that there is still a lack of competition. How many recent and decent city building games are out there? Within its niche (and indeed I'd call game genres niches), simcity has the monopoly. And this apparently makes those who are responsible for the launch-debacles act like monopolists. Therefore I'm thankfull for everyone who demands a refund. I'm not consequent enough for this myself and bend to the sweet lures and the carrot-and-stick tactics that EA seems to expect fans to put up with. I really feel sorry for people who got excited about what seems to be a great game and who were looking forward to it and supported it to be let down like this. It's really such an unneccessary dark shadow over this game. All the rage of negative user reviews shows how much they've been looking forward to this game and how much they've been disappointed by such a horrible launch. So I strongly suggest not to buy the game yet, as it is unplayable. All you will get to see is a waiting queue (that lies anyway once time runs out, you'll be informed that there are server issues), or the information that you can't claim this city now because of server problems. If anyone thinks that server issues and the game itself deserve seperate ratings: no, because you can only play this game online. Expand
  55. Mar 26, 2013
    So, i`m rewriting my review. After the server issues get fixed, i finally find the real problems with the game: Traffic problem cannot be solved after your city gets really big. The map size is awful (about 5 miles x 5 miles). There is no terraform tool Not only the map size is small but some terrains have another waste of space with rivers, sea and mountains. From time to time your city is striked with disasters, and every town that i create a nuclear plant, the giant monster always attack and strikes right on my plant, wasting half my city.
    The zombies occupies almost all residencies, and you start losing money quick, because you have do demolish everything they infected, and you lost works, and your power plant stop working, and the caos begins....

    In other words: this is no simulation game, this is a very frustrate, small neighborhood simulator...
  56. Mar 6, 2013
    Where to begin. I agree that the game is pleasing to the eye. I also agree, that although dumbed down, I do like the streamlining of some features of the game. I do, however, dislike the lack of content that should hve been available from the start for any post Sim City 4 version (ie. subways). EA has once again proclaimed itself king of the incompetents with it's horrible online capabilities, or should I say incapabilities. Alas, it is we that are foolish to constantly purchase their games, and think, "They could not possibly F this up this time", and then scratch our heads in wonder when we are duped with the same juke that they have used time and time again. Meanhile they laugh all the way to the bank, and wait with their finger over the button to shut the game servers down when they have supported it for as long as they feel is beneficial to only themselves. Someone posted earlier that we are all idiots to believe that this game would not be online all the time. Perhaps they were born yesterday, but as a 40 year old that has played Sim everything they have ever created, and was there for the invention of SIm anything has come to expect to play this game in an offline capacity, because that was what came before. I can only imagine the poster is a huge EA fanboi anyway, and merely posts to help inflate this doomed balloon. Expand
  57. Mar 6, 2013
    New game play is great, new features are great. If there was an offline mode and ability to save games on my computer I would give this game a 9. Unfortunately this is not the case. I understand the appeal of multiplayer online games and I appreciate the integration of that in this game, however it doesn't work, serves cannot connect, I don't have multiple saves on my computer, my cities dissappear on relaunch or are not as complete as they were when I last played and they are specific to a particular server, so if you don't remember which server you were on you'll never find your saved games. Not everyone wants to play multiplayer, either fix the servers or give us an offline mode. Also, what happens when the rest of the world gets their release? If its already this bad will we be able to play at all when the users practically double? I played the beta 2 and everything worked fine, still don't like the server save feature. Not worth $80 for a game that is practically unplayable. Expand
  58. Mar 6, 2013
    Takes "Always On" to a whole new level in the time it took to play the opening cinematic, the game has lost connection to the servers. After clicking 'Getting Started' several times and being booted because it was unable to load the map I had nothing left to do except browse the settings menu for fun, then quit.
    The most I've gotten out of the game so far was -almost- into a city. It
    showed me the name of the city and a picture of it while loading, then halfway through loading said it had lost connection to the servers. 2 points for the cover art and nice menus, -1 point for less than helpful "network error" error boxes. I haven't found the easter egg yet, apparently some people have found a way to build cities but at the moment that's an unconfirmed rumor. Maybe I need to enter a cheat code for that or something. Expand
  59. Mar 6, 2013
    I registered just for this game, thanks to EA. Great game, but EA screwed it so badly that I will never ever buy another game from this company again!! When I started the game all the US servers were busy so I had to pick a European server. But that server just went wrong and if I want to continue to play I have to switch to another server and start over again. This is absolutely ridiculous! It is even worse than D3. If you have so many unsolved problems, you should not release the game to the market before you fix them!!!!
    Such a disappointment and screw you, EA!
  60. Mar 6, 2013
    Always stuck on Authenticating with servers, even If I do get passed that I get an Alert window to retry or cancel. Hitting cancel makes the launcher close. I only played the game for about 4-5 hours. From what I'm reading on the forums and other websites, players haven't been able to play. DRM killed the game already. EA ate their own words when they said that they wouldn't have a launch like D3. As we can see that didn't happen here. Good luck to any players that still want to play the game. I'm getting my money back. Sorry that was my rant on not being able to play. Sim City 5 is also dumb down. You have no control on piping(Water, Sewage, or Strom drains) You don't have to put up electrical poles. Everything is base on roads, they lay down everything under the roads (Which I do anyways in sim city 4). The maps are very small very very small. I understand you get to play with other players, but why Do I have to rely on someone else to build something I can't fit in my city. Oh also I forgot you can lay down tracks, or highways. Server side saving, I lost a lot of cities from this... I might be missing stuff here, but you get the picture.

    I did love that you can set your city to specialize in mining, oil, trade, tourism, and/or casinos. the road designs are really good as well, straight, cruve, square, and wave roads. The building design for the medium to high wealth sims are cool looking. You can upgrade some of the utility buildings. Addons like more buses, more rooms for clincs
  61. Mar 6, 2013
    It is absolutely unacceptable for a single player game to be unplayable more than 24 hours after launch. The city sizes (the few hours I actually played) are tiny compared to last titles, filled with bugs, and my City has been totally lost due to the server issues. A disastrous launch and title that, to me, is worse than the Diablo 3 debacle because this is a single player game with multiplayer mechanics forced on the player in an attempt to justify the 'always online' requirement. Shameful. Expand
  62. Mar 6, 2013
    By far the worst launch of a game... EA makes Blizzards handling of D3 look great.

    A) Obvious server issues: This is NOT a surprise for EA. They knew EXACTLY how many people ordered the game on day 1 (all pre-orders). There was NO REASON they should have been unprepared for the stress on the servers.

    B) The only reason this is an issue is due to the always on DRM. The only people
    playing SimCity right now are the pirates... the people who payed are the only ones suffering (and yes, they already have a sandbox version up and running; completely offline)

    C) Even if I wanted to forgive EA for the server problems, their handling of this is completely poor. Their tech support forum help consists of some guy from China (yes, he cannot speak halfway decent English) directing people to ANOTHER forum... where there are NO EA Moderators.

    D) EA hasn't even been honest about the problem. They still have (10 hours after the initial problem) an update saying "We are aware that some individuals are experiencing server connection problems, and we are looking into it" EVERYONE is experiencing connection problems... Most people can't even get to the server selection.

    I know a lot of people keep saying "but its the servers, not the actual game"; well WAKE UP... the Servers are NEEDED for proper game play. Its like me saying "Well, the game is GREAT, its just a problem with the code that makes everything purple and the AI buggy"... its the whole damn game.

    Will not support EA and hopefully will be able to get a refund.
  63. Mar 6, 2013
    Ok, let me just start with this, I am creating an account on this site for the sole purpose of letting people know how bad this game has been so far. There are so many server issues right now its ridiculous. I know a lot of people are complaining about not being able to connect, which, yeah sure that's not good, but I am going to talk about something worse than not being able to connect. Losing mass amounts of time and progress because the game loses connection to server while playing. This in all honestly has to be the most frustrating thing to happen to me by far. I would much rather just not being able to connect than to lose half my city because EAs crap servers took a dump. Normally that wouldn't be much of a problem because you could just upload data from local storage to the cloud but guess what, this game has no local save feature. That's right, none at all. Whoever made that bonehead decision needs to be fired on the spot. I honestly have a ton of gripes about this newest iteration on one of my favorite franchises(been a sim gamer since Super Nintendo and original Sim City) but I don't want to spend all my time being negative. The only other negative thing I will say is that the city plot sizes are terrible. I didn't think that they would bother me that much but they do, a lot. Only a short while into my cities life and I have already used up half the real estate. This game forces you to cram everything in the most efficient spacing possible just to get to a decent sized city. It really takes the wind out of your sails when you realize your almost out of room and you have not gotten a tenth of the things you had planned in to the city. That said, this game has sooooo much potential. The infrastructure and groundwork have been laid out to deliver one of the best city simulations of all time there are just too many things wrong at the moment to waste your time on it. I am severely regretting buying this game. Has the time come to stop pre ordering games? I think so. To many bad decisions in game making over the past year or so has left me jaded towards developers and publishers. Im looking at you Blizzard, Bioware, EA and Maxis. You all know better but we keep taking the crap you are shoveling and asking for more so why would you ever stop? Nah, not gonna happen until we, the consumers, start speaking with our wallets. I for one WILL start speaking with my wallet from now on. No more good faith purchases for this video game nerd. Expand
  64. Mar 6, 2013
    Take the Critic Reviews with a HUGE grain of salt. These "professional" reviewers are very biased and want to stay on EA's good side. There have been too many documented cases of publishers influencing reviewers and we see it at play yet again.

    The launch has been a disaster. My internet connection has been steady, but the servers are constantly going down. Lost multiple cities that the
    game just doesn't save. The stability is absolutely horrible. This game drastically requires an offline mode. So far server stability for a single player game has been the biggest problem.

    The game itself has some major issues also. The RCI isn't accurate at all. Many of the stats are inaccurate. The traffic design is illogical, firetrucks won't pass each other to get to a fire?! The city areas are not just small, they are tiny. The idea that it was system requirements keeping the size small is a lie. They are most likely going to try to sell larger city areas in the future as DLC.

    Overall, I cannot recommend any one buying this game. It is a rip off right now because you can't even play the game, and if by chance you get on, the stability is horrible.
  65. Mar 6, 2013
    I didnt mind th always on DRM, as i never unhook my OC from the net. The forum moderators, that say the servers are up and working... that i have a problem with.. The game crashed out of nowhere last night and havent made it back on since. Even then the server connection was tentative at best and non existent most of the time. ITs pretty but its a single player game that doesnt need online activity, you want to make me register online to play it not a big deal, but its not a MMO... Expand
  66. Mar 6, 2013
    Half of the time I cannot even play the game. The always-on online DRM ruins games. This is terrible, and when I can play sometimes the game crashes.
  67. Mar 6, 2013
    Anyone rating this game above a 5 hasn't played SimCity 4, or has a poor memory. In addition to its multitude of DRM flaws, the new SimCity feels cramped, small, and pokey. Have one look at SimCity 4 and you will understand what I mean. The extra eye candy provided is small compensation. How it was rated so highly in the gaming press is beyond me.
  68. Mar 6, 2013
    The original Simcity was the first computer game I had. I loved it through it's variously increasingly flawed itterations. We knew the DRM was coming but that they wouldn't be able to keep up with server demand give me a break. Not a fan of always on DRM as I like to unhook sometimes but I could have lived with it if EA was up to handling it. They are not. There's also huge issues with the way the city lay out works. There's no real innovation here. The ability to specialize could have been but the trade offs for that are not worth while. Sorry EA but you lost a lifelong Simcitier with this one. (And yes the discrepancy between the user score and the metacritic score is a little worrisome) Expand
  69. Mar 6, 2013
    I don't agree about people claiming that the DRM should not influence the score of the game.
    This is severely limiting my game experience, not allowing me to play it when and where I want (on the road in the train? not possible).
    For a game focused about singleplayer (who believes this community BS anyway) this is a big minus.
    The fact that it does not work properly to start with is in
    this age of clouds, flexible computing a meager excuse.
    If you impose it, better make it work or your customers will be unhappy. My boss wouldn't accept such a lame excuse either.

    I asked for a refund and will not buy or play an EA game from now on.
  70. Mar 7, 2013
    Simply put, this version is no longer a city sim, but rather a city version of the sims series. This was the worst release I've experienced in 15 years of online gaming. I don't mind the DRM as long as I have the option to play offline (not avail...) in the case that I'll be frequently travelling with no persistent internet connection. What I really hate about it is once they realize that keeping the game online is costing them more money than they tricked loyal SC fans out of, they just turn off the lights and we are out the $60-80. Frequent server drops and synch issues made it impossible to join public regions despite having access to a fiberoptic connection on the west coast. I didn't get the opportunity to participate in the betas or I probably would not have bought the game. Well played EA. Like many others here, my first impression of the game was a great big WTF!? The cities... err neighborhoods... are tiny and it really does feel like a facebook game. Gone are the custom maps and giant cities where you designed your own mass transit and raised your populations to huge numbers. If you enjoyed SC4 you probably wont like this game... I hate to say it but give Cities XL a go instead. I'm usually very understanding of release or patch issues since I am a software developer/DBA myself, but the types and seriousness of problems I encountered really made me wonder if half the code was even tested. I imagine it was more like "Hey we said March release, let's just put out what we have by then and deal with the fallout by using coyly worded press releases and ninja hotfixes". Expand
  71. Mar 6, 2013
    Worst EA Launch EVER! This franchise, Simcity, has almost been ruined by the DRM and always on requirements. I have built over 5 cities now and not a single city has saved. I spent 10 hours yesterday just being a beta tester for EA to solve problems. Still problems. The game is almost unplayable. I am so disappointed, I'm afraid I wont' even try to launch the game again. HOW FRUSTRATING!
  72. Mar 7, 2013
    The game itself is interesting, server administration and offline for a long time. Too bad Given the poor response. Origin terrible response to market. Once again the game itself is interesting.
  73. Mar 7, 2013
    I have to say. Wow. Having never written a review for Metacritic, SimCity has all but angered me to the point of voicing my opinion in a sea of others. I'd generally say that writing a review on or very near launch day is counter-productive. There will always be server problems and 0 day bugs, but EA/Maxis/Origin have done an amazing job at an EPIC FAIL.

    I gave this some thought. How is
    it fair to rate an entire game based on server issues alone? My conclusion is this: How is it not? I paid for a game that requires an internet connection. Any idiot born since 1970 (or earlier) knows that means the game will require servers. Knowing this, the servers are an integral part of the package. They're just as essential as the premise, design and execution of the game play. Reasonable people should expect that a product they paid for should be available for use. Whether it be the first day or 3285th. Occasional server crashes and bugs are human error and random acts of electrons. 10s of thousands of Twitter reports and FB posts are something different. In my case, I was able to play once in 2 days of trying. In fact, I spent all day trying to play one damn time on any of the servers. I was not able to play.

    So, my review is hugely negative. If you think it's unfair to judge a game based on server problems, then you're entitled to your opinion. Me, I'm tired of getting the run-around from mega-corporations and shareholders who only care about greed. I'm sick of 1/2 baked excuses. From day 1 and forward, a game includes all its aspects, and a review should encompass all of it.
  74. Mar 7, 2013
    Simcity has always been a single player game and out of numerous generation it has been through, this is by far the WORST one ever. No doubt gameplay is absolutely fun and better but the only drawback is due to the DRM. If EA think DRM can keep games from being pirated, well think again. You're being a scumbag to enforce DRM games at such a high cost but in turn provide the worst services ever. Shame on you EA. If you were a car I'd be smashing you with a baseball bat by now. I expected a better services with $80 but what I get is garbage. Expand
  75. Mar 7, 2013
    EA had YEARS to prepare for this launch. YEARS. What did they do with it? They let it go straight down a nasty toilet.

    This game was meant to be great, but always-on DRM isn't a winner in this category. Nobody likes it and EA is paying the price.

    Servers are constantly clogged. And if you play for a an hour, it will be slow and you'll suddenly be kicked off without any game
    save. Boom! All your work is gon! Expand
  76. Mar 7, 2013
    I read a good review of the game and was excited to get it. The review was in the tech section of CNN or AP I forget which. I haven't been playing games for quite some time and I was feeling the need lately to immerse myself in a good game. So I went to the Gamestop next to my work and bought the boxed Simcity limited edition. I haven't been in that Gamestop in years. I had the next day off and was planning on wasting it on this game(in a good way like I used to) It's been 5 hours now and I've only been able to partially play the tutorial for about 15minutes. Then when the tutorial had me try to connect to another city I got disconnected from the server, Game Over restart. Well I haven't actually been able to restart so just game over. What I did see looked pretty good but I'm not too sure about this on-line thing. No save/load is difficult for this veteran gamer. I think I'm done with gaming. Gonna go outside for a bike ride. DON'T BUY THIS GAME. To spend $60 on beta testing is totally unacceptable. Don't games get tested before release anymore? Their official website says "Most Anticipated of 2013" did the people responsible for this server disaster not see that info? PS the disparity between user reviews and paid critic reviews is very telling of the BS that they spew. Expand
  77. Mar 7, 2013
    I barely have the words to describe the disappointment i felt after playing a few hours of SimCity. Having been an avid fan for many years i jumped into this with high hopes of gameplay. Now, the gameplay i didnt mind too much, its fun, though still quite a few bugs around. What kills the game however is the everything besides the actual ingame content.

    What enraged me to the point of
    physical arm waving was the fact that you had to be connected to the internet EVERY SINGLE MINUTE YOU PLAY THIS GAME. Combine this with highly unstable servers(And my router sometimes failing on me) resulted in me tens of times being trapped in the tutorial without being able to do anything, NOR GO AND PLAY THE REAL F*CKING GAME! But thats not all! Turns out that if you get disconnected during your gaming session your game might not be saved, which means that several hours of work suddenly goes down the drain. And to top the whole thing off: YOU CAN'T SAVE THE GAMES YOURSELF!

    The only thing that made me feel marginally better was the fact that thousands of others expressed their fury online. I recommend you all to rather wait for a pirated version where you CAN ATLEAST PLAY OFFLINE, rather than buying this smoking pile of animal dung. But don't take my word for it, just have a chat with one (or all) of the thousands of other gamers who seem to agree with me.
  78. Mar 7, 2013
    Probably the worst global release of a game in the history of gaming. Always on DRM would be ok if they didnt pinch pennies and actually had the infastructure to support their product. They dont and as such this game is a failure at launch. I am not sure it will recover.
  79. Jul 19, 2013
    I played both SimCity 4 and The Sims. This game plays more like The Sims. Compared to SimCity 4, it's a game for children about virtual doll houses, not a city planning simulator. I don't get all the critics' reviews about how beautifully planned and well-made it is. It does look good visually, which is no surprise, considering how old previous SimCity is. But it's way too oversimplified and does not bring anything new for people who want to think a little, not just make ohhs and ahhs at the shiny colors and funny little people walking around. So, it would be a meh game, even if it wasn't for the mega offensive DRM. Expand
  80. Mar 8, 2013
    The game, if you can actually get past the server issues to access it, actually seems fairly fun and engaging. The problem is you're extremely unlikely to actually be able to access it, and even if you do, odds are that you'll be disconnected soon enough and lose everything you've done up to that point. That mutiplayer is being shoehorned into a singleplayer game is bad enough, that a game in a traditionally singleplayer series can only be played while online is terrible, but the fact it has been implemented so awfully is unforgivable.
    Note the server issues are bad enough that at least one critic review has been changed (Polygon's: from 9.5 to 4) but due to metacritics policy this isn't reflected in the game's metascore.
  81. Mar 7, 2013
    I have been able to play 3 hours since launch. Being forced to play through Origin, (which didn't predownload the game), and being forced to go online was a hard pill to swallow. Now the servers have crashed and nearly 4 days after game was scheduled to be out I still can't play. The little amount of time I did play was ok. City size was too small, then I didn't know what to do. Thought the game play was too easy. I also dont' get why it wants this Evil Vu character to turn my citizens into criminals. No I don't want to turn this business into a mafia esque stranglehold. The amount of joy I had playing my first city for 3 hours was quickly wiped away when 2 other cities were lost without the ability to save when the game consistanstly crashed. I was hesitant of EA. I will never buy another EA game. Expand
  82. Mar 7, 2013
    To small, to dumb, to DRM, and u cannot save the game. Its a puke in the face and they laugh as they take your money. It gets 1 casue without EA it had potential to be a good game.
  83. Mar 7, 2013
    Atrocious Game. First day I received this and it's unplayable. If you want to buy this, wait till a few weeks to get this sort out then buy it. Otherwise steer well clear. It's not worth your money to buy it for AU$79 and then you realize you can't play this at all.
    This review won't change until EA sorts out its problems
  84. Mar 7, 2013
    i am giving this game 1, for the one (amazing) hour I got to play.. I would give it a 10 if only it wasn't for the 9 HOURS i've spent trying to log in. (I pre-ordered the game even took a sick day to stay home play)

    & now I know I am NEVER buying a single player game that requires I be online to play NEVER pre-ordering from EA again, as I have no faith in them delivering as promised.
  85. Mar 7, 2013
    For the 25 minutes I was able to play this game, I enjoyed it, though the interface was slightly non-intuitive in some areas. The small map size does seem to be an issue, but that's been my only complaint with the game design itself., as far as I was able to see it. The interface around updates, server chocies, etc is also somewhat non-intuitive, and even the updating patching system seems to be buggy.

    Of course, the obvious thing here is that I've spent $60 USD on a game I got to play for less than a half-hour that's not a very good hourly rate.I could have seen 5 2-hour movies for that rate, and certainly would have enjoyed myself more, if I at least chose good films.

    Not being able to play a game I purchased? Totally miserable. (Yes, as lawyers will point out, I only LICENSED it but that just points to the broken business model and legal system around software). The future of DRM is that it's going to ruin gaming. I read the warnings, and I made a choice to spend money on a big-studio game. It's a mistake I won't likely be making again soon I'll be going back to my independent, small-studio games. At least they work.
  86. Mar 7, 2013
    The game is defective. It's as simple as that. The servers are down or experiencing difficulties and it's not possible to play the game away from the servers. EA must be doing something right, though, as they managed thousands of players to buy an unplayable game that costs over 100$ or 70£. (600NOK)
  87. Mar 7, 2013
    Day-1 DLC:Check. Always online DRM:Check. Forced to use Origin spyware: Check. Dumbed down mechanics and removed features: Check.
    This is one of the worst pieces of garbage gaming has put out in the last few years, shame on EA, MAXIS, and anyone who gives this game a good rating.Nice bribes, EA.
  88. Mar 7, 2013
    I typically have no issues with DRM, but when it makes a game I just purchased unplayable for what's going on 2 days now, it's impossible not to have problems with it. It's a shame that EA has ruined what could be and probably is actually a good/great game. The times I have been successful at actually playing, I have enjoyed it. However, the current server situation has made me decide to abandon my attempts to play at this point and with my current backlog, that may mean never picking up this game again. It's a shame for Maxis and EA. One lesson that companies like EA still aren't learning is that stress testing involves much more than a closed beta limited to a small number of people. There is no way this will replicate what will happen on launch day. Companies like these need to understand that adequate testing is paramount for a successful launch and take what you feel to be reasonable performance with load and double it. If you're enough to admit in an interview that you are beyond ready for what's to come, you better be ready for it. Expand
  89. Mar 7, 2013
    Map is wayyy too small. This game is only game's marketing that's all Price, dlc joke from EA and FORCED ONLINE DRM. What a waste for the franchise....
  90. Mar 7, 2013
    Complete failure of EA servers makes the game unplayable. The actual game is great from the little I've been able to play. Alas the constant failure to get in game and when I do I get booted crash has caused me great frustration. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. A waste of I understand there may be issues on release day but to have even worse issues after 2 whole days is unacceptable. They claim they have offered a refund but many people who have tried have been denied and have posted their conversations with EA tech support online. You can rest assured that this is the very last EA game I will purchase in quite some time. Maybe someday they will redeem themselves but that will take quite a bit of work to accomplish. Expand
  91. Mar 7, 2013
    So I just bought this game with my hard earned money and just want to enjoy a night of SimCity on my day off. Guess what, oh yeah I can't play a single player game because EA's crappy servers won't let me. So what did I pay for? Not only are you shoving this DRM "social experience" crap down my throat but you won't even let me play a game on my own that I paid for? The game itself is also bugged. Since you can't save due to server issues but also the game itself feels unfinished. The city maximum is SO SMALL! WHY?! Is it also due to server capacity?

    This year seems to be the biggest debacle for gaming fans from EA. With microtransactions and now always online bullcrap. I was already skeptical of EA since you guys ruined Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I don't think I'll buy another piece of your crap products again.
  92. Mar 7, 2013
    What were they thinking?
    We tried to warn them to not do this "on-line only" but they refused to listen! Now they have a bunch of players who can't play the game because of connection issues. Never support this kind of DRM! It will just harm the consumer! They will shut down the servers in a few years and the players will be locked out.
    They should have made Sim City just like a normal
    game, but with multiplayer capabilities. Remember Sim City 2000 Network Edition? I don't know if it had a good multiplayer (I played the normal 2000), but it's close to what I am trying to describe.
    Come on! What's up with the city size? Why is it so small? Where are the huge cities from SC4? I was playing another city simulator game today and realized that the city I spent 30 minutes building already reached the same size as Sim City's.
    Good work EA! You guys destroyed many franchises I loved (C&C, Sim City, SWTOR, DA).
    I am giving this game a 1 because the "Sim Villages" looks cute from very far away.
  93. Mar 7, 2013
    I go and buy SimCity in a retail store... only to find out the only thing on the disk is actually something called "Origins", which apparently some kind of crappy steam wannabe. THE GAME IS NOT ON THE DISK! I have to download something like 13-14 GB of data, which is the actual game! YOU THINK THIS IS OKAY! DO YOU REALLY! NO WHERE ON THE BOX DOES IT SAY "GAME NOT INCLUDED: MUST BE DOWNLOADED. THIS IS JUST A GAME CLIENT HIDDEN IN THIS BOX."

    After I wait the 4-ish hours it takes to download (clearly not using torrent-type installer... download way lower than max speeds for my connection). the game servers are full... unable to play.

    last night at about midnight MST I was able to play... for about an hour. The game itself was... okay. Cities are smaller than even the original simcity. the game is fun... but not the "deepest simcity" it was touted as.

    Then "Unable to sync with server". I have a feeling that my city didn't get saved on the so-called cloud servers though this morning I was unable to log in to check.

    I filed a complaint with the BBB during lunch after again trying to log in and being unable to.
  94. Mar 7, 2013
    I think when the servers are up and running this game will be one of the best. But as of right now it is busted. I would suggest waiting on buying the game as of right now. if one has bought it and is not happy. dont bother trying to go to EA for a refund they will just deny you. I would call your credit card company and ask for a Charge Back. Its to bad EA is greedy they could of had a great game. Would have worked allot better with Steam. Expand
  95. Mar 7, 2013
    Game has been unplayable since launch. Dont buy this game until EA gets their heads out of their nether regions. I did successfully log in for about 20 minutes before I went to work the day it launched and it was fun for that 20 minutes so I give it a 1.
  96. Mar 7, 2013
    It's probably a great game, but for me it's ruined by the inability to actually play the game. Since the release in Europe i have only been able to play on the same city twice. The other times i have tried to log on there's been problems with the servers.
  97. Mar 7, 2013
    I am a big fan of the Sims and Sim City and would love to give this game a higher score. But as I am waiting to be able to play it due to no fault of my own I can not do this. The unnecessary always online policy is killing the fun in this game due to massive server issues. Why was this necessary in the first place? I understand that EAs Execs are scared to the bone of piracy but making a game "no fun" is not the solution. Expand
  98. Mar 7, 2013
    The game itself is good,actually it is great.I dont mind the addition of "multiplayer" but the always online has made the game not playable.I am not a computer gamer and this has definetly ruined any chance of me buying another one that requires always on internet.The customer service from EA has soured me on them.I will never buy another EA game.i advised a friend of mine who is an avid simcity player not to buy the game,at least not now, due to the inability to play.If I could return it I definetly would but the gaming industry as a whole has prevented this.I worked hard and saved my money for this game and its gone without an apology or any offer of compensation from the manufacturer about this fiasco.So to summarize please dont buy this game no matter how good it is when you play, it is impossible to even play it. Expand
  99. Mar 7, 2013
    Don't buy the game right now. 1 point for the game that maybe is good. 0 point for servers that are constantly too busy. I have not played the game yet but used a lot of time waiting, waiting, waiting...
  100. Mar 7, 2013
    I was able to play the game for approximately 14 minutes from a possible 7 hours of attempting to connect. Unfortunately the incompetence of the powers that be mean that I was able to only place one residential zone before connection to the servers was lost. The score of 1 is based on the fact that the game is literally unplayable. I have heard the word 'unplayable' bandied round with many games in the past but I have never seen it to be more of a reality than with SimCity. Horrible game that may possibly have many features but who knows? Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 75
  2. Negative: 10 out of 75
  1. 65
    Given enough patches and DCLs, SimCity might eventually become the game that should have been on its release and justify the ambiguous choices that its developers made. [May 2013]
  2. May 9, 2013
    Hints at great things but is limited by small cities and promises it can't deliver on. [June 2013, p.80]
  3. May 9, 2013
    There's more problems with this game than I have words. Looks great though. [June 2013, p.80]