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  1. Mar 8, 2013
    This game was fun when I could play it. I take back everything I said about DRM not mattering. It absolutely does matter and needs to go away forever.
  2. Mar 8, 2013
    The game is impossible to score without taking into account the miserable DRM (always connected to EA-servers, in so many words). Since the servers are totally overloaded, information about your single-player cities is lost and the game is barely even playable due to connection issues, server hiccups etc. There is no reason what so ever to buy this game at this time and I strongly recommend reading IGN:s continuing reporting on these and other Sim City related issues. Also I recommend buying the game physically rather than over Origin, due to EA:s EUA. Sim City (5) may well become a great game once all the server-issues are solved but until then it is not worth buying and I only wish I had more patience but here I am a few shorter with a non-functioning product. Expand
  3. Mar 8, 2013
    An absolutely awesome city building game, if only it didn't have so many ongoing issues. Purchased this product on release day and have dealt with nothing but freezes, failure to connect to server messages, never ending countdown timers, and disconnects. What's really starting to piss me off is when an available server is selected and it states my game is ready, but then it only loads as far as the main menu where, you guess it disconnect. I swear EA thinks this game is like their other first-person shooters where all gamers have to do is just switch servers. Wrong! Some of us actually want to continue building our cities instead of constantly having to restart from the ground up. I've also lost two good sized cities due to server disconnects and many smaller ones that just disappeared into the cloud. I can't in good conscience recommend this game to anyone including my worst enemy. However, if you like not being able to play a game you rightfully paid for, enjoy slamming your head against a wall until unconscious. Expand
  4. Mar 9, 2013
    It seems games companies refuse to learn from past mistakes. Or maybe they keep retrenching employees after every game release who would have known better. And so SimCity joins the long line of failures because of lack of developer/publisher planning and heavy handed DRM schemes. UbiSoft learned a hard lesson from forcing DRM on people. And now EA will learn that lesson as well. If I can't play a game because I am locked out of a server or I can't interact meaningfully with other players in SimCity because features have been turned off at the last minute well what is the point of selling me that game EA.

    Shame on you EA. Once again you continue to feed your own stereotype of one of the world's worst game publishers.
  5. Mar 9, 2013
    Wow this "Always Online" nonsense completely wrecked this game to the point where we can't even play it. And in an attempt to fix the problems they actually disable many of the games features. lol I already did a chargeback to get my money and I will not be buying another EA game until they stop doing this nonsense. If you buy a single-player game then you should be able to freaking play it OFFLINE! This is just one of the many reasons why I think we're going to see another gaming industry crash... Companies are just getting out of control with all of the ridiculous decisions. Expand
  6. Mar 9, 2013
    Damn online DRM I hate you When you bought the game and play it at once you will find the server error will make you mad Just like Diablo 3 ,I think it's not worse to preorder for the game Just wait to the discount
  7. Mar 9, 2013
    EZ, simple review here: Bought the game and paid $60 for me and another $60 shot for my son... thinking father and son game play, right? WRONG! 4 days later, still no servers available, network down, lost connections. In short not ready for prime time.
    **They even had a beta period to test this thing unbelievable screw up on many fronts. The game is just not ready save your
    What I have been able to see graphics are stunning and game play looks great if it works. City sizes are limited and small too bad, and offline mode is a must. Wont ever buy a game with this platform again and will definatelt think hard and probably decide against anything with EA on it On top of all the issues, they disabled your ability to contact them for help. Pathetic.
  8. Mar 9, 2013
    I have been waiting for this game for a long time, waiting for innovation and an entertaining, LARGE city-building game. This is a horrible game. And I'm saying this not taking into account the million problems I have had trying to play online. Not expecting this many players is a horibble excuse Maxis and EA. I severely recommend that nobody plays this game. The graphics, I don't even want to talk about it, I recommend Cities XL. DO NOT play this game, do yourself this favor. Expand
  9. Mar 10, 2013
    I'll adjust my rating once offline mode got added to the game. Currently it's unplayable and way too small. I did expect a lot more from this franchise.
  10. Mar 10, 2013
    Piece of crap. I just lost my 5h city and since then i can't even login into that damned thing. Last night i managed to play for entire of 15min before it disconnected me from server. WASTED MONEY don't buy it!. Fok you EA!
  11. Mar 10, 2013
    El juego en si esta excelente (en el tiempo que pude jugar), pero los malditos servidores dejan de hacer su trabajo y adiós todo lo que hice en mas de 4 horas, en verdad eso si es muy frustrante.
    A ver si los de EA se ponen las pilas y ya resuelven este problema o de plano quiero mi dinero de vuelta.... y pues volver a Simcity 4 jajajaja
  12. Mar 10, 2013
    As a HUGE SimCity fan, this game is an insult. No terraforming, 2km of space, (Which for a SimCity game, is really small.) FIRST DAY EXPANSIONS, and always online drm. If you want an online SimCity game, just go play SimCity 2000: Network edition. Don't wast money on this crap.
  13. Mar 10, 2013
    It's all been said. A great city building game for anyone who doesn't like playing city building games. It has far more in common with Simcity Societies than Simcity4.
  14. Mar 10, 2013
    Score of 2 is based on +8 for the game, -4 for EA/Origin (2 average). It's sad that a very good game has been greatly negatively impacted by technological problems on their end which should never have been an issue for a single-player game. What makes this worse is EA's response, which at one point fell to the level of blaming players for playing the game too much.

    In the end, it
    boils down to a few key points:
    1) DRM is anti-consumer. It works for games like MMOs that are inherently always online, but it does not work for games meant to be single player even if it has multi-player elements.
    2) Forcing customers to play a certain way (always online, forcing multi-player, etc) results in a poor experience.
    3) NEVER NEVER NEVER purchase an EA/Origin or any DRM game without waiting 2 weeks post-release so you can read reviews on metacritic/destructoid/kotaku/etc. Paying $60 for something that causes more stress/frustration than enjoyment is not a good thing.

    Remember the only way we can make our voices heard is through sites like this and our wallets. So voice your opinions and stop purchasing their products.
  15. Mar 10, 2013
    One of the first games I played on PC was the original Simcity. That has been my favorite game of all time and it grew into the whole series of Sim games including SimFarm, SimEarth, and SimAnt to name a few. When I first heard about another Simcity coming out, I was so overjoyed that I actually downloaded Origin and preordered the Limited Edition against my better judgement. On the day this game came out, my heart got stuffed into a wood chipper. This game has failed on many levels of trying to live up to it's past history. Most of the fan base that has followed SimCity through the ages grew up on the single player mode of making your own mega-city. This game with it's "regions" should be renamed to SimTown. The areas in which you build your "town" are as small as the original SimCity. Nothing like SimCity 4 (which I have reinstalled to play in order to get over my heartache). The game tries it's darn best to force to play with other people in order to share resources between "towns". This right now is bugged 6 ways to Sunday with people constantly dropping off or causing an action that can easily destroy your "town". The 0-day content already being offered makes it seem like EA is already going to nickle and dime gamers in order to add more content (The Sims 2 and 3). Then we get into the nuts and bolts of the game. The DRM is a real killer for this game. You have no hard drive saves of your game at all. All the saves are cloud saves and if the server has a hiccup, your hard earned "towns" are gone for all of time. This "towns" can only be stored on the server you use them on and can't be transferred at all. If EA decides to get rid of the servers, this game then becomes UNPLAYABLE for the rest of time. The line trotted out by the development team that most of the calculations are done on the server and that's why gamers need to be always connected to their servers is just making the gamers mad because they believe that all EA wants is DRM on all the future games and don't want to say it out loud. This is just bad PR on their part. The only thing that prevented the score from being zero was the music was just right for a SimCity game and that was the only saving grace(not much of one). Congratulations EA, you have just destroyed a historic and treasured game series with a game that has cemented the view of many gamers that you are now the Evil Empire. Expand
  16. Mar 10, 2013
    So I had to give it at least a one on the score, but that is only because for the brief moments I have been able to play it was the Sim city game. Though this is not worth $60 and if I knew that I had to wait sometimes over an hour to just begin to play I would not have never bought this. My husband and I both bought it because we though we could play together but that has yet to happen since the servers are constantly too busy and there is always an error in connection.

    Major Fail on EA's part. I get everyone wants to do the next big thing and on line is the next thing but it sucks to be forced to play only on line. If I am going to play solo than let me play and not make me connect. I want my money back and will never be buying any game that is on line only and will never buy another Sim City game again.

    I have heard rumors that to make up for the terrible experience that a free game will be given but I don't want some pre-picked game that is probably going to suck as well. Just give us a refund or at least a free game or games up to $40-$60 of our choice.

    Don't waste your money and if you really want it wait until they fix all the problems. Though that might be never cause the internet is not reliable and servers usually crash when so many people try to play something at once
  17. Mar 10, 2013
    the two biggest problems I found with this game that goes hand in hand is the forced Online connection need to support the DRM.
    the other factor is no bloody single player, sorry I don't want to play with others, I want to build a massive city and then make robots attack it like the old simcity.

    how hard is it to copy/clone the old version of the game and make it with a new engine and
    doll it up...

    the EA CEO needs to be fired or/and dragged into the street and horse whipped for this.

    thank god I didn't buy this game, I got it for free and I feel like EA should be paying me to play it.

    EA CEO needs be dragged out on the street and beaten with
  18. Mar 11, 2013
    Continue to play simcity 4. This version is better graphically, but gameplay is zero: the maps are tiny, disasters can not be disabled. Big disappointment, and a sense of myself cheated
  19. Mar 11, 2013
    "Always-on DRM is a disease that we cannot allow ourselves to be so willingly infected by. It’s a curse on gaming. It’s diminishing our experiences, reducing the possibilities for our play, and creating a space where faulty games are accepted as complete. Always-on DRM is a broken game. They need to be fixed."
  20. Mar 11, 2013
    A classic example of how not to do it. Servers are usually busy or down. Always-online DRM. The game lags like crazy. It's over-whelmingly easy. Half the content of the game feels like it's missing. In short, this game's launch is probably the worst of any video game ever. A clear sign that it's about time to crash the Titanic that is EA.
  21. Mar 11, 2013
    It takes Ubisoft to learn that it just not worth having persistently connected games and deal with the potential customer backlash afterward. I've since wary of buying anything coming out of Ubisoft. I will stay out of EA too if this persist and vote with my money, until they learn...
  22. Mar 12, 2013
    One of the most frustrating experience I ever had. Can't change my "game name", can't join to region, even can't play my saved cities if servers are unaccessible. SimCity franchise is now dead for me, after 'SimCity Societes' and this piece of... something I will never buy this title again.
  23. Mar 12, 2013
    This game is a mess. It's a mélange of poorly implemented bad ideas. For starters it's designed around region play. So you get to build a city and trade resources and services with other cities. That's a pretty good idea, and it was implemented rather successfully in Simcity 4, so it makes sense to add an online multiplayer aspect to that portion of the game. However, intercity trade is horribly buggy. You can initiate trade with another city and not see the results of this for several hours. Given that this mechanic is the foundation of the game's required online component, it's terrible execution severely damages the game from the outset.

    Beyond that, the act of building up your own city features a wealth of bugs and poor design decisions as well. The agent-based simulation, while a cool idea, is extremely processor intensive. The average computer this game is designed for simply cannot handle enough agents to accurately simulate a city. Working within that constraint, Maxis has given us the smallest city maps to date for the franchise. They've said that they're the size of Simcity 4's medium maps, but in game this simply does not seem to be the case. You will run out of room, and despite what others have said, this is not a fun challenge to overcome. To make matters worse the regions have huge spaces between cities that mock your overcrowded city map and cause a fully developed region to look ridiculous in the process.

    Additionally, the resource extraction and utilization mechanic is a truly odd addition to the franchise. I suppose in Soviet Russia it makes sense for a city to run a television factory, but it is simply out of place in Simcity. It would have made infinitely more sense to require the mayor of a resource-rich city to balance business, industrial, and environmental from a governmental perspective instead of allowing the player to open their own mining operation. Also, once the supply chain is set up selling electronics is game-breakingly profitable, to the tune of millions of simoleons per day.

    I won't go into detail on the issue of DRM, but suffice it to say the forced online component would be a bad idea even if it worked properly. However, this game would also fail as a single-player game, so there really isn't anything of value lost due to the always-online restriction.
  24. Mar 12, 2013
    The game is fundamentally flawed. Both in design, concept and execution. Beyond the frankly unforgivable server issues at launch, the ridiculousness of online only gameplay for a single player experience, and the apualing response from EA. There are many issues with the game that run very deep into the core of its design, most of which frustratingly become noticeable after sinking (or wasting) several hours playing. The biggest grip I am seeing from people though is that the map size is too small. I agree, it soon becomes apparent that your most important resource by far is space to build. My fond childhood memories of build large sprawling metropolises and micro managing down to the finest details have been completely tarnished. This reboot is nothing short of an insult to the SimCity franchise and all those involved should be ashamed. (Unfortunately as we all know EA never learns) Expand
  25. Mar 12, 2013
    This game was a pain at launch, we all know that by now. But don't worry because when you're actually able to get into it, it's actually... mediocre. It's not as good as the reviewers make it, to be honest i'd like my money back, it's pretty to look at but the mechanics are simply broken. It was made so you'd have some choice to how you'd like to build your city, but it feels like there's only one REAL path to make. it's a unfinished game, don't buy it. Expand
  26. Mar 12, 2013
    While not a "complete" waste of time, the latest version of SimCity is definitely not worth whatever Electronic Arts is asking for it. The "always-online" DRM requirement alone is a deal breaker. When you add to that the extremely limited city size and the severe reduction of the open-ended experience that characterised previous versions, I would not recommend the game even if it were free. It looks like Civitas (find it on Kickstarter) is going to represent the future of city simulations. Do not waste your time or money on the 2013 SimCity. Expand
  27. Mar 12, 2013
    Online DRM? How to I play if I am on the road? at my cabin in the woods? Screw you EA, you're penalizing people who paid for your game instead of cracking it. Last game I buy from you
  28. Mar 12, 2013
    massive screwup from EA and Maxis. First the servers were screwed, then after playing for about 20hrs each of my cities ends up bugged and I cant play them anymore. Never again will I preorder a EA game. Such a shame this had so much potential...
  29. Mar 13, 2013
    This game is a error! I dont understand why someone would buy an abomination like simcity when there is CITY XL as an alternative. I dont get why people persist in keep pay for sofhouses like EA who dont give a for his customer and continualy launches horrible games like this. I dont have buyed this game, cause I refuse to pay for a game with DRM, but other keep funding craps like simcity!
    Why complain, you all deserve this
  30. Mar 13, 2013
    I will be generous and give this game 1 point because it could possibly be a good game if it somehow happened to work properly. I seriously have had more issues with this game than any other game I've played in my 20+ years of gaming. In the beginning the servers were overcrowded to the point that you couldn't even play the game. And, even if you could play, all progress was sure to be lost because it would fail to upload your game to cloud. After they added more servers the game started working properly for about a day, then many more bugs started to pop up. As of now, out of all of the regions to choose from, I'm only able to find one region type to play on publicly and that is Titan Gorge. It's frustrated me so much that I've decided to return or hopefully sell the game to someone (for a loss of course) after all the problems I've been required to face. I recommend anyone out there that does not like being robbed or swindled out of their hard earned money to refrain from buying this game. You will literally feel nothing more than absolute disappointment if you choose to spend money on this pile of doo doo. Please recall that the score of 1 that I give this game is a very generous score considering all circumstances. Expand
  31. Mar 14, 2013
    Fun concept but an un-worthy sequel that is extremly flawed and buggy. Read for the complete story.
  32. Mar 14, 2013
    No. Just no. This game doesn't even deserve a decent review from me. EA has ruined what should've been a great single player game with it's always online DRM.
  33. Mar 14, 2013
    While always-online DRM is irritating, it's not really a problem for me, as I have an Internet connection wherever I play games anyway. So I could live with that. I was totally fine with connection problems the first week, knowing it would stabilize later. If the simulation was even close to what was promised. After building a few 'cities' and you are done with the initial creative exploration, you really start to notice how simplified the simulation really is. Destroyed the whole experience for me. And I think it's too fundamental things for the developers to ever fix with patches. Going back to SimCity 4 and Tropico. Expand
  34. Mar 14, 2013
    Don't buy this game (at least until they fix it or modders do)! It's ridden with server problems and bugs galore. After logging in, the available regions that others play play on are all full or bugged, so you can only play with friends (which they have to be on the same server) or by yourself. Achievements are only carried on the server you play. When you do play with other people, the server is so laggy that even talking in chat, there's a 10-30 second delay. The game is stupidly simple, it doesn't have the same complexity as previous versions. This game was not ready nor properly tested for launch, don't buy it! Expand
  35. Mar 15, 2013
    "EA destoying games" moto started by some "whiners" -a few will say, but currently is has become an indisputable reality. They bought all the good games because they have investors with much money. Those investors now sit in their 5millions vila and receive from the gamer's pain. Check the latest games that all of them have been released in a not even beta form, and you'll understand what happened to Sim4. They want to make as much money as they can, but they invest as less as they can. Expand
  36. Mar 16, 2013
    LISTEN, all these red reviews are for a reason, forget the server issues, read on! The game is riddled with bugs, gamebreaking bugs, and I don't even mean crashes or performance issues. Here is a reddit thread dedicated to listing some of these gamebreaking bugs. The AI of your utility workers are just broken, the pathfinding is atrocious. Just today I discovered a building that costs half a million dollars doesn't actually unlock things that it claims it unlocks in its description. A half a million is not change. These red reviews are acceptable based purely on gameplay bugs alone, but if you incorporate the legitimate server issues that STILL persist (3/16/2013) than this is a game that EA and Maxis should literally be ashamed of. Expand
  37. Mar 16, 2013
    A game with great potential broken due to a flawed server implementation. A lot of the old SimCity features were removed, and you are left with a limited feature set that is hamstrung by the broken inter-city working.
    I've stopped playing out of pure frustration.
  38. Mar 16, 2013
    A good game is lurking in here somewhere, but the DRM and huge amount of bugs and flaws ruin the experience completely forcing people to play multiplayer online and not offering a single player solution is ludicrous.

    EA and maxis have been disproven a lot of times on what they said about the game having to connect to servers to do crucial computations to the games core, and still fail
    to admit they have been lying and misleading consumers to cover there own backs. Do not waste your money on this tragic waste of what could of been a great game. Expand
  39. Mar 16, 2013
    Nothing but lies. Here is a simulation game that does not sim anything. LIE Here is a single player game forcing you to play online, for DRM reasons. TRUE Here is a game that stated you had to play online for cpu reasons, LIE Here is a game that pays people to review it highly. TRUE Here is a game that is not broken but made to be "broken" TRUE Here is a game where playing online is fun. LIE

    There is nothing at all about this game that is what it said it is. This is not SimCity, this is a cash grab. There is no content to your game, there is no simulation, it is all false. SimCity 2000 had more Simulation components to it then this one does. This game is meant for building a city in a predetermined way, as set out by the developers.

    Any simulation game wheres the game creators stat that building all residential and have a working game was there end goal is broken beyond repair.
  40. Mar 17, 2013
    Lost approximately 60 hours of playtime due to corrupt saves. Horrible AI, online play is broken in on online only game. Been lied to and spit upon. Rated a 1 for the amusement provided in the form of glitches and bugs.
  41. Mar 17, 2013
    I'm late to start this because of the bugs, have built 3 cities in single and now its bugging out. Can't switch citiies, sits there in loading limbo land..

    Will never buy another EA product until a year after launch (to iron out any bugs) and then only when they're discounting it
  42. Feb 13, 2014
    After one year of updates and more than 270 hrs of gameplay, I can honestly say that this game is still broken and almost unplayable.
    Region commuting, RCI, values, info and statistics maps are broken.
    Don't buy this game. Never
  43. Mar 19, 2013
    First, I despise the fact I have to play this game online. I have all the simcities at home play them when I want and how I want. Now to the game.

    I paid $79.99 for this? I have limited control. All the vehicles look the same. Land area is far too small. It is not realistic planning. I have SimCity 4 at home and have played it everyday since I bought it 8 years ago. I never
    grow tired of it. This "version" of SimCity is the ultimate fail. Yes, I like the graphics; but I was hoping for something even remotely similar to SimCity 4 only even better. Online play should be optional. This game would rock if it was SimCity 4 but with the new enhancements. I can't even construct my own buildings; plops etc. This version reminds me of SimCity on Facebook and it's free! ULTIMATE FAIL, EA! I want my money back. Expand
  44. Mar 19, 2013
    I have a feeling that the residents in the city will increase beyond the things we do as mayor. I think the game mechanics are too simple and trivial!
  45. Mar 20, 2013
    Let me first note the positive: this is a scarily addictive, fun, radical, awesome, and epic game. I have played SimCity games in the past and they didn't hold my interest nearly as well SimCity 2000 was great, but SimCity is greater! ...except for this one little problem I've been having. You see, one of my first cities reached 190,000 populace and then I was booted from it and asked to roll it back or abandon it. I chose to roll it back. Instead, I ended up with 0 populace, 0 money. It was a painful loss but it happens, so I charged on! Another 190,000 city came and then thanks to some bad austerity-related decisions made by my co-Mayor, we ended up losing 80,000 populace and $1 million (thanks bonds and windfarm!), but we dredged our way back up to 200,000 and then... roll back or abandon.

    Now, two weeks later, countless cities have had this problem. You know, I'm fairly easy to please with games, if they're fun and addictive, cool, cool. A few bugs? I'll stick it out. But you know, I at least expect a gaming company to have the common courtesy to release a game that is playable. SimCity almost made it. Almost. I never had the server issues common to others, everything ran absurdly smoothly from day one... except this. And it's not just 190,000 populace cities, my most recent loss was yesterday and it was a city of 50,000 that was doing way better monetarily and had way better social services than the prior ones, with delicate tax control that encouraged rapid population growth. With the population booming from 30,000 to over 50,000 in a matter of minutes, the error occurred. It's not just me, either. On the official EA forum, there is a 9-page thread on unlucky people like me who have experienced this repeatedly from day one. EA needs to get their act together and fix this mess. If they had put a little bit more quality control into this game, it could have been easily in 2013's top 5. Instead, it remains thus far at the bottom. For shame, EA, for shame.
  46. Mar 21, 2013
    Gave up. Hours of time wasted when I was booted and lost my game as it didnt save. Started a new game and was booted again after 2 hours with a "Simcity save corruption" error. EA refused a refund, instead told me to call a 1902 number which is charged at $2.50 per minute. I went to the bank and got my money back. Game was released 6 to 12 months too early.
  47. Mar 21, 2013
    Let's put aside all those server issues and the personal opinions on online DRM, other critics and reviews already said enough about them. Nevertheless I still have to say this game is not worth buying yet. You can compare SimCity with any MMO(RPG)'s of your choice, the game starts awful in every aspect, a heap of major game bugs, graphical issues and lack of content. As matters now stand SimCity (or rather Maxis) needs time to fix this game to make it somewhat enjoyable. The first hour(s) of this new SimCity is actually awesome as you can see your city growing in full animation, however the following hour(s) are just a pain! Sooner or later you will encounter major game bugs killing all that fun you had the hour(s) before, for example a Giant Lizard, followed by a meteorite impact, tornado and an earthquake in just one hour game session destroying and contaminating a big part of your city. The contamination stays quite a while and the chance of another meteorite impact is higher than having your city cured. As a closing remark a list of major game bugs and graphical issues I found on the web:

    Major game bugs: Not enough rain to refill water supply.
    - AI always takes the shortest route, never the fastest or best.
    - Recycling Centers can stop working, and once they do, they never start processing incoming materials again, and the collection trucks stop running.
    - Power/waste/water does not trade properly with region neighbors. City A can have huge excess for sale but city B may only be buying 10% of the excess and be short on power/waste/water. Ambulances are not being dispatched. You can look at the Health data map and don't see any ambulances.
    - No Railroad Discovery Delta has a city with no railroad connection but a railroad that stops at a bridge (the Island City) City to city trades (gift) are late, slow or not occurring at all. Frieght not being bought properly by region neighbors. Excess can be in city A and city B is not accepting it.
    - Excess workers not being employed properly by region neighbors. Excess workers can be in city A and city B is not employing them. AI services (fire, ambulances, recycle, garbo, police) don't get to region neighbors properly. Excess sik can be in city A and city B has ambo's doing nothing yet not getting them to hospital. May be related to traffic issues.
    - Regional roads causing MASSIVE congestion. Need ability to add regional roads. AI services (fire, ambulances, recycle, garbage, police) don't "cheat" around traffic and get around them.
    - Cars driving in circles with no reason.
    - Service cars (police, fire, dump, etc.) distribution seems off, they often drive in a pack which decreases the overall range.
    - Accidents aren't handled properly by emergency services. Great works do not update resource count until all players in the region exit. Additions to Great Hall do not translate over to the entire region. Build a department of transportation, but neighbors couldn't build train stations. Same with dept. of education as well. Sims not using mass transit well, filling streets, adding to traffic AI problems. Tourism fluctuation from 30,000 to 1000 for seemingly no reason. Some buildings not affecting entire region. Trade/Metals/Petroleum HQ upgrades don't all work. Sometimes roads can become completely broken and traffic gets indefinitely stuck on them. You need to delete the road to get the flow moving again. Agents get stuck when deleting or downgrading road. Also when deleting building where agents are out in the region.
    - Despite having multiple schools/colleges/universities, your people will become uneducated for no reason.
    - Water and power will sometimes break down and stop delivering correctly to all buildings. You need to remove roads and/or close buildings to fix the flow.
    - You can't buy 100% of water ajouter city CAN sell to you (if you need 110L and a city can sell you 150L, you'll only buy 100L) Educated sims won't commute and create medium/high tech industries in other cities. Amount of free classroom spaces in region view is sometimes not calculated. In some case, the amount of non unrolled students is not updated and is equal to total of students in the city which makes the number of school place not good. Cars can get stuck at the exit of a building a lock the street until you leave the city and reload it When a delivery truck cannot unload its delivery to a factory (i.e. multiple trucks were dispatched but the factory only needed one truckload), the trucks return to their home depots/ports and any undeliverable resources disappear instead of being transferred back into the depot/port. Graphical Issues:
    - The roads disappear at certain zoom levels.
    - Roads underwater.
    - Buildings on avenues.
    - Ploppables not graphically connecting to roads properly (e.g.: Tram depot).
    - Buildings on top of other buildings.
  48. Mar 22, 2013
    The obviously glaring issue here is the forced DRM, which I'm sure you've realized by now that it's not even required. The whole "The game is multiplayer" excuse EA are giving is a lie, seeing as how many other multiplayer games show that a constant internet connection isn't needed.

    It's as simple as this EA want to force people to use Origin, simply to claim that people ACTUALLY use
    Origin, to use in their snazzy advertising campaigns that "Oh, 10 million people use Origin" when those 10 million people are forced to use Origin and more tha likely just use it to install their game and never buy anything from Origin at all.

    Honestly, you'd think with all the crap that EA have been getting, even to the fact that it forced the CEO to resign, that they'd stop stuff like DRM, DLC-mania and Microtransactions. What ever happened to make game, release game, get money? Rather than make game, try to grab more money, end up having lackluster sales, blame the developers?

    Anyways, rant aside and launch problems aside, this is essentially a $60 facebook game, it's SimCity Societies with snazzier graphics. I'd honestly recommend SimCity 4 to you guys anyways, better music, around the same graphics, more stuff to do, you can actually launch the game, plus it's like $14.00 on steam or something.

    Despite what people are saying, I don't think gaming is dead, I don't even think EA is dead, there's SOME glimmer now that the CEO's resigned and they got their largest kick in the ass so far, but I DO think gaming journalism is dead. Paid reviewers everywhere! Subjective journalism feuled by opinions everywhere!
  49. Mar 24, 2013
    Another game that could have been sooo good, but ended up boring and lame......and its EA to blame !!

    I really wanted to like this game, but after som hours playing i dont feel like playing it anymore.

    Last game i'll ever preorder ever again
  50. Mar 25, 2013
    There were initial server issues which to me were made up for by getting a free copy of Dead Space 3 (or one of the other options). The only issue is after a few days of being able to get on and actually play the game got boring, and fast. There are so many glitches and issues (multiple trading depots too close keeps them from working, poor traffic flow, etc,) it makes the game frustrating. Add on top of that the fact that the city areas are so small by the time you have your power plant, sewage, water, garbage, city hall, police, fire, hospital, elementary, high school, college and residential you have used 70% of the space. Now try to build enough mining, refining, smelting, trade depots etc. and you are completely out of room. The game FORCES you to have multiple cities and rely on the region, which seriously takes a lot of the fun out of it. I bought the game with 3 friends on release day to all play together, we are all over it already and regret the purchase. Expand
  51. Mar 26, 2013
    I bought this game about 1½ week after launch, I've not had many server issues, but I have had other issues. My city with 100.000 citizens only has about 10.000 workers and about 3000 students, what do the other 87.000 do all day? The lack of workers means that big cities don't generate much income compared to the cost of having hospitals, public transport etc. for 100.000 people.
    traffic is terrible, really terrible, I can't get it flowing in spite of having many buses and streetcars. Expand
  52. Mar 26, 2013
    I for one do not condone pirating or anything but for this game it is a great idea. Why? The hackers have actually made an offline version of it! So after purchasing this game and unable to play it and finding out hackers have made an offline version of it I went and pirated the damn thing. Yeah that's right I bought a game and had to go pirate it... makes ****ing sense! There is nothing in this game that truly stands out. Honestly it feels like a repolish of the old Sim City games. The cities are smaller, the servers are broken, and the gameplay is unchanged. This game is not worth your time or money. I can't think of one good thing in this game that isn't already in the other Sim City games. This gets a 1 out of 10 because the graphics are improved. Otherwise without that it's a damn 0. Avoid this at all cost. If you must play it pirate it. In fact even if you do want to buy it I'd suggest you pirate it after to get the damn offline version so you can ****ing play it. Expand
  53. Mar 27, 2013
    I had a nice long review written, but their servers had an error and it was lost. Here is the short version. EA is using a DRM which requires you to always be online to play. You cannot save a game locally on your computer. That means if you drop your connection, you lost your city. They do not allow you to turn off disaster mode and the game has little to no challenge to it. The only good thing is the game is pretty. Avoid this game and you will avoid many headaches. Expand
  54. Mar 29, 2013
    it requires a constant internet connection AND origin. Nuff said.
    I don't care if a million critics hail as game of the year or game of the god damn universe. The day draconian DRM gets this entangled into my computer is the day I pretty much put CCTV camera's into my house, bend over and accept minimum wage back breaking work for the rest of my natural born life. Or more realistically
    HAVE A STABLE CONSTANT INTERNET CONNECTION which only 30% of the population of America has. I'm not going to argue against EA because they can probably buy out or black mail anyone who speaks against it in the professional review world & I haven't said anything has already been said by millions of other people. To hell with EA & their stupid logic for treating everyone like criminals & hurting only their customers. Expand
  55. Mar 30, 2013
    EA broke SimCity.
    EA requires you to be online to play this game. Not that it is needed by the game itself, hackers have shown that to be unneccessary; The game can be hacked to work locally. Of course this DRM breaks the game in many senses. To ease the load off the servers they have restricted the speeds you can set for your cities. They have restricted map sizes to tiny areas and in
    addition the servers are quite unstable, so you'll be kicked out from time to time. Randomly.

    Sadly, it's not only the demand for internet connectivity. The game itself has problems. You can experience that your ambulances drive in circles instead of ever getting to patients or the hospital, whichever is the case. All of your fire trucks may respond to the same fire at the same time, even if there are multiple fires. Police cars respond poorly too. And all of them stop on red lights.
    Furthermore the economics must have been made by a republican and a tea party member with a libertarian boss who all decided that hey, expensive public services are cool, but no-one should pay a dime for it. By which I mean the tax system is nonsensical. The taxation is normally flat, unless you build a special attachment to your city hall, but raise taxes above 9 or 10% and the people go bananas. The price of public services you MUST have though is so high you can't easily manage to provide the services the public demands.
    Mind you these are just a few of many issues. I cannot possibly cover them all in this review. Therefore, in conclusion:

    Avoid this game. It is not worth it. I know the graphics are worse in SimCity 2000, but despite being made in the mid nineties it is a much much better game.
  56. Apr 2, 2013
    New Sim City game is a real disappointment for me. Sim City 4 was one of my favorite games, I bought it in 2013 and I am still continuing to play it. I bought it yesterday and downloaded it. I was expecting a wonderful game, bigger maps, realistic graphics and deep strategy. But when I started the game I was shocked. Where was the single player mode?! I learned that there is no offline mode. And, it is a real trouble for me because in Turkey we use the slowest and the most expensive internet in the world. I started a private server and I was shocked again. Old region system and terraforming were gone! When I started to build my city I started to stop hating the game, I started to dislike the game and after that I had one problem. In population bar there was something says "amount:number" and all of the numbers were gone there was only "amount:number"s. I closed the game I thought that the problem will be solved when I restart the game, but it didn't because I couldn't save my game. Graphics are very bad, it really looks like Sims 3 or a cartoon. I can say that I spent 120 Turkish Lira ($67-70) for nothing. Expand
  57. Apr 3, 2013
    The game is a complete failure from my point of view. Simulation is broken or faked. Towns are small and often erased by the server. Allways-on connexion depends on servers ability to hold the charge, which was also a failure. Multiplayer is unimpressive and not interesting to me. To conclude, the game is pricey and some bad dlc is already coming out (publicitary dlc for car brands come on EA.... after all this mess you do that To be avoided. Expand
  58. Apr 4, 2013
    I have played almost every simcity released. I have also put in over 100 hours playing this version, this version is beyond a buggy let down, to fans of the original game it can be seen as an insult. SimCity is about Simulating a City, although the graphics are nice the game uses nothing but smoke and mirrors initially to capture players into thinking there's "a lot going on" behind the scenes, when this is absolutely not the case.

    RCI has almost no usage in this version. Entire cities have been built using nothing but residential lots.
    The muti-player "features" advertised do not function. Players are losing hours of work when disconnects happen. This game was clearly rushed out the door, and by rushed I mean by months and months, not just a few bugs here and there.

    EA had bought the recipe for SimCity's success from Will Wright/Maxis and failed to even use it when producing this version.

    The only upside to this game are the graphics(which do glitch out as well from time to time) Even the music cuts in and out with building/layer sounds getting stuck in infinite loops. The EA forums are on fire with angry users who want refunds, fixes and updates on the situation.

    A month after launch, the game launcher "Recent News" post is dated March 8th. It seems EA is determined to further Alienate their fanbase.

    This game truly deserves a 1/10 1 for fancy dance graphics and a slick interface which even fooled me initially for a few hours.
  59. Apr 8, 2013
    What started out as a somewhat enjoyable title quickly became stale and boring. The city size, the arguably retarded traffic and the lack of subways and more really made this game quite lacking. Not to speak of the dumbest DRM ever to be put on a game.
  60. Apr 10, 2013
    The game is fun, challenging, and addictive. HOWEVER!!! as of 4/10/13 cities and entire regions are being lost! Imagine leveling up 3 or more characters in an MMO and have them get deleted and be unrecoverable. That's exactly the situation with SimCity. You can create regions compromised of several cities. Quite frequently the cities themselves will bug out and you will have to "roll back" to an earlier state potentially losing several hours of work. You can find many reports of cities disappearing potentially losing days of work. I did not lose a city, I lost an entire region. The game crashed during play and when I logged back in all of my cities and the entire region was gone. Customer support consists of a blog page that you post to and hope someone sees it. I couldn't find a phone number anywhere and frankly have had enough lost time at this point to not care anymore. So $80 down the drain. Worse than being a game that is not fun, this one wastes days/weeks of your progress and will do so over and over and over again.

    Second point is that many of the game features, specifically leader boards, are not functional. Also many of the main game mechanics do not seem to perform properly. STAY AWAY!
  61. Apr 18, 2013
    Well. I ended up playing this turd of a game without having to buy it thank god. My friend made the mistake for me. Everyone else has obviously explained the stupidity of the situation so I won't waste my breath. I wont purchase the game, or any other from EA at this point--to many disappointments. Simple capitalism, if you want something good from EA, then don't buy their products until they put out something that the consumer really wants. They ruined Sim City. Expand
  62. Apr 26, 2013
    I love strategy games. I love builder games.
    This is the worst implementation of either that I have ever played. It is the worst PC purchase I have ever made. Even if you get passed the online-only, "you cant save your own game" DRM issues, the game mechanics are a complete failure. The 2 kilometer (2k x 2k) map size restriction is unbelievably restrictive even insulting, there is NO
    relationship between residential/commercial/industrial (no, really none), and the function of the sims/agents/components is so bugged as if to suggest they placed no real effort into planning or executing the code.

    It looks nice. But the game is awful.
  63. Apr 26, 2013
    Huge disappointment.

    This 'reboot' is a big cut in the licence, the glass engine is joke, this game has no depht. It is just another DLC machine for EA. EA kills another ancestral licence.

    Shame on you EA.
  64. Apr 29, 2013
    The internet issues required by this single player game make it unplayable. The fact that this game is dependent on EA's servers (which has a fantastically awful track record) means you can play this game only when EA is up and running. On top of that the city size is crazy small and the sims themselves have the IQ of a fairly large bag of hair. The amount of frustrations this game generates is only doubled by the fact that I really loved the last SimCity and was looking forward to this one for months. Expand
  65. May 11, 2013
    A prime example as to why DRM will not work as the game is still getting pirated and causing nothing but problems for the legitimate consumer but I digress. If you want to play with anyone that isn't a friend of yours, forget it. The multiplayer aspect looks like it was thrown together in about 10 minutes. You can't filter anything and the list is just thrown together. Every game you try to join to play with others, it's full or has abandoned cities which has to wait a certain time period before it disappears completely. Graphics are not optimized in the least and with 3 major updates now it still doesn't express concern with major issues like the multiplayer aspect.

    This game is fantastic if you like small maps and playing by yourself (only if EA's DRM allows it). A disgrace to the SimCity series, shame on you EA Maxis.
  66. May 13, 2013
    Just goes to show you, trying to actively prevent piracy over giving someone a good game only encourages piracy. Why pay $60 dollars for a DRM bug ridden mess, when hackers have made it to where you can pirate the game for free and not be locked into the DRM.
  67. May 13, 2013
    This game is by far the worst Simcity, ever and, I love the Simcity franchise but this is just unacceptable. The Simcity franchise was initially a single player game, but now that this game is only DRM, the game is dependent on server's. EA most have done this to reduce, or entirely prevent pirating of Simcity, but really it will just prevent die-hard fans from ever buying the game. Further more, another terrible problem in my opinion is the city scale, the cities are way, way to small. It allows good players like myself to create an entire city, to the city borders in under 2 hours, which is terrible. Simcity fans want to spend countless hours on one city, without limits. The game is also a dumbed down version of the other Simcities, it is extremely easy. Overall this is a bad game. Recommendation: DO NOT BUY. Expand
  68. May 14, 2013
    I won't buy a single player game that requires always online connection. I wanted to buy diablo 3 but never did for the same reason. People that bought the game and are complaining about the always online connection....why? I really wanted to give blizzard (diablo 3) some money, heck, I would have given them a $100 for a single player game that didn't require an always online connection. I loved diablo 2. EA is doing other stuff (origin) that has made not buy their games despite me wanting to. This might not be fair but I give this a game a big ZERO because of this. EA/Blizzard etc must think everyone is weak minded and will accept stupid requirements because of past games success. Then again, looks like they are still making a lot of cash off these games anyway. Expand
  69. May 24, 2013
    The requirement for online play is not only annoying, it doesn't work. The fact that it exists ONLY as a way to enforce DRM is evident in that they didn't even bother to create a way to find servers with available plots.

    On to the game. Graphics are well done. The fact that there really is no proper connection to the RCI demand from teach category (e.g. the nonsense of having all
    residential cities) is just bad mechanics. Traffic is still horrible, and impossible to manage. Linking the density to the rods is also poorly done, since you cannot choose to have roads that eliminate traffic, without also allowing more density, thus increasing traffic.

    You can't build a decent size city unless it is building consumer electronics because there is no way to generate enough money otherwise. This becomes a boring thing you have to do in one city in the region generating money, to have any chance of building up other cities for fun.

    Cities are absolutely too small. There is no way to create real city. You are making little towns that (sort of) interact, when tho online thing decides to work.

    Traffic is still out of control, even after a couple of patch attempts. Basic problem is that vehicles STILL don't make a decision based on the highest-capacity, lowest traffic route. Poor path finding. is inexcusable because they had to KNOW how important it was for SimCity4.

    Eventually traffic just chokes everything. I didn't sign up for SimTraffic-jam.. Real Life provides that one just fine.

    I keep trying to play it after each patch, and I keep being frustrated, disappointed and saddened. I really wanted to like this game.
  70. May 29, 2013
    SimCity is a very boring game that requires many monotonous hours before you get any good at it. I personally didn't enjoy playing it at all and will probably never play it again. I'm lucky that I didn't have to waste $60 on this sad excuse for a game.
  71. Jun 9, 2013
    Months after this game was released and it is still full of bugs and the only way you can get any enjoyment out of the game is by exploiting and manipulating the bugs in your favour. In the meantime Maxis/EA continue to release DLC for their broken game. A total travesty!
  72. Jul 19, 2013
    I played both SimCity 4 and The Sims. This game plays more like The Sims. Compared to SimCity 4, it's a game for children about virtual doll houses, not a city planning simulator. I don't get all the critics' reviews about how beautifully planned and well-made it is. It does look good visually, which is no surprise, considering how old previous SimCity is. But it's way too oversimplified and does not bring anything new for people who want to think a little, not just make ohhs and ahhs at the shiny colors and funny little people walking around. So, it would be a meh game, even if it wasn't for the mega offensive DRM. Expand
  73. Aug 18, 2013
    Stereotypical EA game, Little content, multiple DLC's that add little content, for high prices. Dull, full of bugs, obvious cash grab. This game is terrible when compared to previous games such as Simcity 4 They had so much potential, they could of made the game of 2013, but instead they scrapped the core gameplay of simcity 4 and removed a majority of the functions and sold it to us for $70
  74. Sep 17, 2013
    Forget the abusive DRM. It is so buggy it is not worth playing at all. Sure, some great ideas but, you actually have to be able to play before that counts in my book. The trade bug, gifting bug, great works bug, traffic bugs (many), service vehicle bugs (many), the list just goes on and on. The high critic reviews (100?) show they never actually played the game to any degree in my opinion (maybe paid reviews or a marketing firm?). Certainly not a human player that knows anything about games. Expand
  75. Oct 15, 2013
    My husband bought and installed SC5 last weekend. I managed to play once. Every time I try to open it, I get a message saying we have not registered the Origin. Each time we have to re-register and then wait for 2-3 hours for the game to upload. Total waste of money. I can't understand why other game companies have not had the good sense to create city building games such as SimCity. Truth be told, I will never buy another SimCity again. Expand
  76. Nov 6, 2013
    One of the worst game launches ever to happen in history.

    The game-play itself was alright, but capped out at about 10 hours. I spent about another 90 hours trying to figure out of I actually enjoyed the game at all, but it became clear that the game had no real point or optimization to make it worth the effort. I paid for a city simulator and got nothing but bugs, corrupted data, and
    terrible drm.

    The graphics were stunning, but after a while it clearly all looks the same and it becomes apparent that you can't actually make the city how you want, all you get to do is build your city how they want.

    Playing with others was impossible, and it seemed like that was the whole point to the built in drm. It simply didn't work people would abandon their plots after a few hours leaving you all alone, which wouldn't be terrible on its own, but the way they built the game made it seem like team play was the point, yet there really wasn't any way to actually play with others.

    Overall this was a promising game that became a huge let down.
  77. Nov 18, 2013
    Been a fan for every one of them. This one is the most deceiving. It takes forever to start the game (about 10 minutes). Very slow and it is NOT my computer!!!
  78. Nov 26, 2013
    LOL They have not even worked the bugs out of the first game and now they want people to buy an expansion pack? LOL LOL!

    It's bad, don't buy it and don't pay to fix MAJOR bugs that should have not even be in the original game.
    The game is bad, so buggy!
  79. Dec 3, 2013
    Better graphic doesn't mean better game,the game is downgrade of Simcity 4.The online DRM is the worst thing ever because the server always full.I prefer my Simcity 4 than this Simcity...
  80. Dec 31, 2013
    The game is 9 months old now and the agent system still doesn't work. Vehicles are disappearing and ghost town phenomena still exists. Power and water usage is raising cumulatively even the city plot is cleared completely. Students disappears and vehicles just disappears. The game is broken but Maxis is making new content instead of fixing the game. There is also plenty new bugs like unremovable street car tunnels. Expand
  81. Mar 2, 2014
    SimCity is a great idea with a bad engine. Maxis is an innovative developer with an evil publisher. So what does this mean? The engine is rubbish because it can't simulate a city. Each citizen lives in the nearest free home in relation to his position at the moment he wants to go home. Thus each citizen lives each day in a different home and because every citizen does this, there is always a huge traffic jam, because every citizen goes to the same home, than to the next and so on.
    This is also true for work, shopping etc.
    In conclusion the roads ware always full and a city with more than 10.000 people (which aren't exactly 10.000 units, more 100 or so) will not work, the jams will hold your trucks which are needed for your production line. Of course, fire trucks and the other public service cars will stuck in traffic too. They don't get an extra lane, the even have to wait if the lights are red and no car will make room for them. Thus your city will burn down. Because of the engine, every truck will drive to the next fire, not to a fire with no truck already moving in.

    But never the less this game is fun to play, until you notice, that you can't optimize the roads and your public service because of the broken engine.

    So if this was it, I would give this game a 4 or 5 out of 10, because it will take you a while to notice.

    But EA lied about this game and is still lying because the are selling it as a simulation of a city. But this game does not simulate anything.
    The even bring out DLCs and AddOn which make the problems worse or are simply overprices and/or bring ingame advertising with them instead of fixing the engine (maybe it's not possible).
    The maps are ridicule small sized and the DRM is a pain, because the benefits (trade with neighbor cities) are not working proper.

    So I give this game a 1, it is more a 0 but if you naively think that your city planing is the issue, like me, it is fun to play a while until you notice the limits of this fake simulation engine ;)
  82. Apr 15, 2014
    Wow. I should have listened to the 3000+ negative comments instead of buying this game. I bought it on sale for $20 thinking "It's not that bad. People are just whining."

    Nope. The internet was right. It is THAT BAD. Not even having an offline mode is going to fix this game. The maps are TREMENDOUSLY SMALL. You'll have a hard time getting your population up to a few million
    UNLESS you have all low wealth residential zones. If you want to maximize your zones, you would have to build a VERY BORING AND VERY BASIC grid system for it to work.

    The designers made a VERY poor choice in forcing you to specialize in only one thing in your city. You'll then have to ABANDON it after you spend hours building it up and start all over again in a different city in the region. There are youtube videos out there that show you how SMALL the maps are. TRUST THOSE VIDEOS. IT'S VERY SMALL.

    The interface and graphics are very well executed but there are just too many flaws in this game as many have mentioned (poor AI, poor traffic routing, etc).

    I've only played this game for 20 hours and am already sick of it. You'll enjoy simcity 2000 more with its outdated graphics than this game.
  83. Apr 7, 2014
    EA should effectively FIRE the whole Game Design team for ruining a franchise and the trust of it from what Maxis had. Period.

    EA is doing a great job of killing well known Franchises down to nothing. Good Job EA. Good Job.

    And I'm talking about the offline experience, not even online.
  84. Apr 16, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Spolier alert: This game sucks very very badly.

    I registered on this site only to warn people about this game. I own hundreds and hundreds of games and I can honestly say this is the worst $45 I've ever wasted. This game is horrible, horrible, horrible. Never mind all the DRM problems, even with out them is a horrible game. In all my years of gaming I have never hated a game as much as I hate this one. Not only do I want my money back, I want to be reimbursed for the time I wasted. I would however pay another $45 if I could spit in the developers' faces.

    This game is pathetic and I will never ever by another game from "Origin".
  85. May 8, 2014
    This is a horrible version compared to its predecessor Simcity 4. Boring, without remarkable improvements and high resources-consuming. I would never buy this game again.
  86. May 27, 2014
    EA made a crapy game full of crap it has a small city sise game breaking bugs and it's boring an creativity in your city is small and the forced mult- player aspect is bad why do you need internet all the time with internet but luckly single player was added and cities of tommrow dlc was added and why sim city is 60.00 dollars plus tax and if you buy the dlc pack you also have pay 30.00 dollars plus tax and the crapy drm stuff Expand
  87. Jun 13, 2014
    I really tried to like SimCity. I really honestly tried. But it's just not working well. The mountains of problems is huge, even now more than a year after release date. Not calling the game "Sim City 5" but just "SimCity" is very appropriate; because it clearly does not continue the success of it's predecessors.

    The list of issues is huge:
    - Cities not buying the required amount of
    power and water even though there is plenty of water and power to receive from the cities I have setup contracts to buy from. Forces you to utility buildings in your main city wasting valuable space and land value.
    - Tourists suddenly not coming to your city for no good reason at all, after you've had great success with tourist for a long while and made no changes. Suddenly they just not come anymore destroying your income completely forcing you to re specialize. Which is NOT fun.
    - Water tables drying out and not refilling unless you friggin build a sewage treatment plant just next to your water pump. What the hell is that about?! Like the only way to get clean water is from a sewage treatment plant... Rivers not having any positive effect on water table at...
    - Tiny city sizes...
    - Enormous traffic jams on intercity highways and absolutely no way of improving or building more. Only one road connection to intercity highway causing at times great traffic jams in your city at that road junction.
    - Street cars getting stuck and not moving. Can be 'fixed' by removing and readding section of road in front of street car depot, or sometimes streetcar depot needs to be removed. Not fun.
    - Cities got lost due to EA's crappy servers. Many many thousands of players experienced this.
    - Gifts of goods, like plastic and such, from one city to another cannot even be partially deliver if receiving city does not have storage to receive the whole lot in one go. The deliver truck will be forever stuck in the intercity highway until receiving city builds storage big enough to receive the delivery in one go. Who at Maxis/EA thought that was a good idea?? How hard can it be to implement partial delivery...?
    - Deliveries of goods to great works get stuck in the intercity highway traffic jam and often the delivery disappears or roam for a very long time.
    - Cities of Tomorrow DLC prevents you from claiming cities other players with this DLC have constructed and left, forcing you to buy DLC...
    - While music is not actually bad, it is a pathetic attempt compared to the genius godly sound track of Sim City 4 (search Sim City 4 OST on Youtube if you haven't heard it before). Bu tin that sense SimCity's music does fit the rest of the game.
    - All buildings, both zonable buildings and utility buildings etc. will demolish when just at single patch of road along it's side is demolished. I don't get why that is necessary and it only serves to needlessly complicate rearranging city structure. For example a road can be just next to a utility building and the module to place does not have any other space to be than on the same space as the road. Demolishing the road and replacing it elsewhere and replacing the utility building makes space to place the module on that exact same side. It's crazy that you can't do this without demolishing the whole main building structure.
    - Crappy low value with very limited content DLC's that sell for high prices
    - Great work sometimes not receiving any power (even though your cities clearly has lots of excess power) effectively destroying the whole purpose of great works.

    I could go on and on and on but whats the point. I don't even want to talk about the (few) positive aspects. F*** you EA, go to hell and leave our games alone
  88. Jul 19, 2014
    Seeing as every time I try to start the game it says, "servers unavailable," this is the worst waste of money I have ever had the mistake of buying. Do not buy the game, I can only imagine its a scam if every time I try to play it won't let me.
  89. Aug 25, 2014
    I really was excited for this game. And I continued to be excited for about 30 minutes after I started playing. The moment that I logged on it was like a ghost town. The maps are tiny. And what's with the constant Zombie outbreak and getting your city demolished by meteors? Huge let down, as I've been a really big fan of their past games. Too bad.
  90. Mar 5, 2013
    The game has a lot of problems. Only one of them actually matters. Never support always online DRM for a single player game. Lots of people cannot play their single player game because of this and gamers need to do everything they can to stop developers from including it. Do you still play SimCity 4? Good luck playing this game in 10 years. The servers will probably be down then and you'll be locked out of your single player game. SINGLE PLAYER! Expand
  91. Mar 5, 2013
    It may be looked down upon to use this as a megaphone to shout through but the fact is that people need to see this, that NO-ONE should EVER support always online DRM for a single player game, on my partners 2nd attempt to play this game, she was told the servers were at full capacity and could not play until 235 minutes had elapsed. There are a staggering amount of other problems, such as the save states being tied to client-side servers, so that once EA decides this game is finished so is your progress and your ability to play it, forever. Not only that but, as probably said before, this game is on Origin only, so you must install this malicious, unoptimized, buggy front-end to just begin to play the game.
    Regardless of how the game plays as a Simulator, or whether or not it is improved upon it's predecessors, these issues need to not just ironed out, but abolished completely and utterly. The business practices being executed here are absolutely disgusting and should not be tolerated, at all.
  92. Mar 5, 2013
    The critic reviews are undeniable proof of "gaming journalism" being rotten to the core. This is the exact same game as SimCity Social, except you have to pay $80 before you're allowed to start paying for extras.
  93. Mar 5, 2013
    BEWARE: Forced online DRM, will you be playing this 10 years down the track like previous Sim Cities? No, you wont. And they want this, so you buy the next one. Servers go down? Well screw you, EA already has your money. DLC available from release, server side save-games. I repeat, FORCED ONLINE DRM Also, server queues at launch. Thanks for destroying video gaming and my most treasured franchise.
  94. Mar 6, 2013
    Perhaps because most cannot get on the servers to play. A complete fail from EA once again, I will not be giving Maxis my money again EA can suck my
  95. Mar 5, 2013
    EA once again ruins a beloved franchise by trying to milk it for every cent it's worth. Rather than building on old concepts and introducing new fun elements for the player to experience, Sim City waters down the gameplay of its predecessors under the guise of "streamlined gameplay", and introduces mandatory mechanics that require the player to either have the assistance of other players online, or to manage multiple cities as if the player was playing with others. Gameplay has been stripped down to the bare minimum, and city sizes have NEVER been smaller in a Sim City game. This leads to a fairly short few hours of tedious zoning(which has also been "streamlined" in such a way that the player is hardly even doing anything) and watching as you very quickly hit the strict city limits. Past this point the player can attempt to make their city more dense and profitable, but it only takes a couple of hours after reaching the city size limit to do this. As far as the single player goes, that's it. Every playthrough, every city, will be exactly the same.

    The one differentiating factor in this version of SimCity is that EA has managed to shoehorn in multiplayer mechanics to justify invasive DRM. So while you're building your city that will be nearly identical to every other player's and even your own subsequent cities, you can trade resources between other players in your 'region' and work towards a common goal of a grand work resting just outside of your city limits. Building this grand work is a very simple task, you need resources, you tell your city to siphon resources into the project, that's it. You're not actively doing anything at all to construct this project, you just click a button, and wait. Now here's the kicker about these multiplayer features, you MUST participate. Sim City will not start without an active internet connection, once you've made it past that part it's very likely you'll be waiting in a rather long queue to be allowed access to the game. The player can start a region and set it to private, meaning only those invited or the players themselves can join the game and make a city. Effectively making it a single player experience, but the player still has to be connected to the internet to play for some unknown reason, as well as having to wait in the queue to access their single player experience. Fortunately due to the lack of variety in Sim City's content, I'm relatively sure the queues won't last long.

    In summary, this is a poor quality cash-in from a company willing to do whatever it takes to squeeze a little bit more money out of a popular franchise. I give Sim City a 0 for the simple fact that while you may be able to have a minuscule amount of fun making your first City, you could very easily get an earlier installment in the series, and have more fun for longer, at a cheaper price, wherever you are regardless of whether there's a nearby internet connection, without having to wait in a queue a couple thousand people long. There is absolutely no value in owning this game.
  96. Mar 5, 2013
    Absolute Fail Im gona kill my self if every game gona have Forced online DRM The game is good but EA want money in every way like day 1 DLC or microtransactions It fells like the game ist finisd and wee must buy the Patch DLC to make play normal i buy ME 3 and im never gona buy game from EA again and now u guys know why
  97. Mar 5, 2013
    Unable to play due to server at capacity. In a single-player game. This is ridiculous. Simplified gameplay that does not provide as deep an experience as any of the previous SimCity games. While I'm sure that the server errors will be ironed out over time, the simplified gameplay will not
  98. ohz
    Mar 5, 2013
    The critic reviews are undeniable proof of "gaming journalism" being rotten to the core. This is the exact same game as SimCity Social, except you have to pay $80 before you're allowed to start paying for extras.
  99. Mar 5, 2013
    Always on single player... almost unbelievable! Why do companies insist on trying to tackle piracy with a nuclear bomb, when pirates get a better gaming experience in the end, and legitimate customers are left with a horrible one?

    Another EA train wreck
  100. Mar 8, 2013
    Revising downward, because the game is still broken and at this point it's just a total joke. Even Polygon's review has been changed to 40 (from 95) on their website. EA has resorted to disabling all the social features that they claimed made always-online necessary in the first place, so now it's just a bald faced lie. It's DRM, period. That DRM is breaking the game. As it stands right now this product is not fit for sale. They also disabled cheetah speed, a feature of every other Simcity game. Pathetic. If you get past all the server problems, the city size is still absurdly small (no doubt because their servers can't handle larger ones), but who cares about that when the game flat out doesn't work reliably? Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 75
  2. Negative: 10 out of 75
  1. 65
    Given enough patches and DCLs, SimCity might eventually become the game that should have been on its release and justify the ambiguous choices that its developers made. [May 2013]
  2. May 9, 2013
    Hints at great things but is limited by small cities and promises it can't deliver on. [June 2013, p.80]
  3. May 9, 2013
    There's more problems with this game than I have words. Looks great though. [June 2013, p.80]