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  1. Not many games in this genre are released with a $20 price tag, so some gamers out there might not really know how to deal with a game that is a little light on the content but much lighter on the price.
  2. Movement and controls seem so crisp and fluid that it just makes for an extremely enjoyable experience.
  3. PC Gamer UK
    SiN is actually something of a guilty pleasure. It's over far too quickly and feels rather unsophisticated, but I enjoyed it anyway, a bit like I enjoy...eating hotdog. [June 2006, p.62]
  4. 85
    Sin Episodes: Emergence is bland and repetitive yet frequently funny and sometimes entertaining game. The game remains start to finish a very standard first-person shooter albeit one with ragdoll physics and shiny explosions.
  5. Sin Episodes: Emergence feels and plays like theater food. It’s a quick rush once you chow down, but as soon as the sugar starts digesting you start noticing things you’ve seen before.
  6. Emergence should serve as a great launching point for Ritual’s experiment. It’s a solid game that knows its audience, and while it is pared down, that’s only as far as needed for a game half the length and cost of an average one.
  7. While it may not be the most groundbreaking of shooters, Emergence's merits far outweigh its smattering of faults, and with six to ten hours of entertainment to be had, you can't argue that it's not value for money, especially as it also comes bundled with a copy of the original SiN. Eleven quid you say? Bargain.
  8. 80
    While it has its flaws, it's paced well, full of action, and managed to keep us smiling all the way to the end. With a tweak here and a polish there, Ritual could really be onto something good. Bring on part two.
  9. SiN Episodes: Emergence is a good looking game. It's got some really nice visuals and a really good sense of depth. The audio is a little sparse but at least we're not forced to sit through boring cutscenes just for the sake of forcing a storyline on us every few minutes.
  10. Should you buy it? Only if you’re willing to buy another 8 more somewhere down the line.
  11. Our only real gripe is that the weapon selection is meager; a pistol, a shotgun and a submachine gun fill out your arsenal.
  12. 80
    While more than a few games leave me wondering what the developer could have done if they'd had more time and resources, SiN Episodes feels like a complete and polished experience that's been mulled over and considered for quite some time.
  13. There's not much in the way of weapon or enemy variety, and the game is pretty short, but just about every minute of it is action packed. The dynamic difficulty system works very well.
  14. Nine episodes times around six months is a really long love relationship (and expensive), but it may very well prove to be the next best thing in mature gaming.
  15. AceGamez
    SiN Episode 1: Emergence is action packed from start to finish and doesn't relent until the final bullet is fired.
  16. I wasn’t much a fan of episodic content before this game. I didn’t think they could include enough to warrant a $20 price tag but SiN Episodes: Emergence has gone a long way towards disproving that assumption.
  17. Fortunately, Sin Episodes: Emergence does a better job at closing the first episode than "Half-Life 2: Episode One."
  18. Downsides do not outweigh the game's good sides, which are plenty: Solid gameplay design, nice voice overs, and a story that though clichéd, is presented in a way that intrigues you enough to keep going.
  19. A good first step into the world of episodic content, the game is not perfect but Emergence is a decent way to re-start this franchise and kick off this new type of gameplay.
  20. Game Informer
    It's not going to win any literature awards, but damned if I can find anything about it that's not fun. [July 2006, p.109]
  21. PC Gamer
    SiN Episodes: Emergence is a fun, if somewhat derivative, blast from the near past. [Aug 2006, p.33]
  22. Games Master UK
    Ticks all the boxes without ever once truly capturing the imagination. Cheap, though. [Aug 2006, p.78]
  23. If Ritual can improve the plotting of future chapters, add more variety to the enemies and weapons and maybe make the game a tad longer per episode (we would have preferred six to eight hours for the price) we could see this becoming a successful new way to present PC games.
  24. Sin Episodes is a great way to start off the episodic content experiment but, more importantly, it is a great game that is marred only by clipping errors and an invasive copy protection scheme. If Steam or the concept of episodic content does not hinder your enjoyment of a game, I would encourage all FPS fans to look into this.
  25. It has some nice features which make it better than an average FPS, but the things that are missing mean it’s never going to be great.
  26. SiN Emergence is a decent game. It's just uninspired, relying too much on the technology upon which it is built, and as such brings little new to the table.
  27. SiN Episodes: Emergence starts out great, with intense action and awesome physics. Unfortunately, the game grows very repetitive before too long, and will leave many players bored and wanting more diversity.
  28. Anybody who was a major fan of the original Sin should pick this up unquestionably, as while the lack of the usable computer terminals (another beef of mine) is disappointing, everything else that made the original Sin feel like a cool and unique title for it’s time is still present in Emergence.
  29. This is a pretty-looking, short, budget-priced, by-the-numbers futuristic shooter that's most notable for its episodic nature and its old heritage.
  30. The first installment to SiN Episodes is really a tossup between wanting to know what happens next or completely quitting right away, because the gameplay is getting too old.
  31. You’d expect the first of a trilogy to be the most novel and at least as good as future instalments, but in this case we’re really hoping for a greater effort for the next outing. It’s worth noting that there’s no multiplayer and little replayability, but a Steam version of the original SiN has been bundled with it as a sort of bribe.
  32. It's a bland taste to a cultured palette. But it's fun, too, and self-aware.
  33. 70
    For the moment, the single-player game is all we can base this review on. In that respect, SiN Episodes only flirts with greatness.
  34. While the game clocks in at about 5 - 6 hours from start to finish, I don't know anyone masochistic enough to undertake such a challenge.
  35. PC Format
    A bad trip down memory lane - this is the FPS circa 1996 incarnate. [July 2006, p.95]
  36. 60
    Sadly, with ultra-generic gameplay and a muddled story, there's very little in Emergence to hook gamers into future installments.
  37. Edge Magazine
    Sin Episodes promised us one part of an epic, but we’re in danger of getting a generic formula over several iterations, ageing technologically each time. [July 2006, p.85]
  38. Digital distribution may never replace retail sales, and episodic content may never become the standard for all games, but the future of both is startlingly bright. Sin Episodes is among the first to fling itself into that future. Though common in its gameplay, it is also enjoyable: had it been ten bucks instead of twenty, I'd be raving.
  39. SiN Episodes: Emergence has a number of shortcomings, but its weak storyline is the most noticeable. The success of the series as a whole is riding on this first episode, but other than being a fun shooter, it does nothing to hook the player.
  40. A fairly bland and generic first person shooter experience that proves repetitive even in a single episode. It gives little reason to look forward to further installments of the series.
  41. 60
    Gamers are now faced with the prospect of realistically committing a generous chunk of change to a series over a period of time if they have any hope of experiencing the “complete story.” In our minds, the quality of SiN: Emergence in no way warrants a 20-dollar price tag.
  42. Computer Games Magazine
    Even with the negatives described here, SiN Episodes 1:Emergence is a hard game to critique because it isn't complete. [Sept. 2006, p.59]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 410 Ratings

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  1. Sep 28, 2013
  2. Jan 5, 2013
    This game was highly under-rated. The action is a rapid, adrenaline rush with vivid, constantly changing environments. There should have beenThis game was highly under-rated. The action is a rapid, adrenaline rush with vivid, constantly changing environments. There should have been a Episode 2, but unfortunately, there wasn't. I have replayed this game multiple times and get a rush every time. The graphics are excellent and the game-play addictive. The main character is you, essentially, and playing with you is a fem fatale that will not only knock your socks off, but she can kick butt and is an an enjoyable companion to play with. Everything about this game was A+. Highly recommended. Full Review »
  3. Dec 25, 2010
    This game was weak. It seemed completely uninspired, with the4 most generic of action. On top of that, it has an auto difficulty adjustingThis game was weak. It seemed completely uninspired, with the4 most generic of action. On top of that, it has an auto difficulty adjusting issue where if you load a saved game after you die, the game will keep getting harder until the point where it's impossible. The only way to avoid that is to not load a saved game when you die. It's completely stupid. Who doesn't load saved games when they die?

    I loved the original SiN, and was hoping for a lot from this. It's no wonder that Ritual packed up shop after this game failed in the market. I don't know how anyone could expect success by releasing the most bland and recycled FPS on the market.
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