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  • Summary: On a clandestine mission deep into Russian territory, an American black ops team crash lands on an island research base that was mysteriously abandoned in the 1950’s. Cut off from the outside and under attack by an army of nightmarish creatures, Captain Nathaniel Renko is forced to battle his way through the hostile territory armed with the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) – a time altering weapon created over 50 years ago. Who created the TMD and why is just one of the many Cold War secrets Renko must uncover as he is thrown back and forth across time, making choices that will alter the course of world history. [Raven Software] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. In the end, Singularity is an awesome FPS wrapped in an engaging piece of science fiction.
  2. The multiplayer experience is a good time – and quite different than single-player (most time powers have been excised) – but it doesn't have any depth or a progression for players to follow. At the most, it's a fun distraction. The single-player game, however, should not be missed.
  3. Ultimately, Singularity is a first-person shooter that you'll enjoy over a weekend (preferably on Hard difficulty, in case you find the standard one too easy), but which stops at the "Ok" level, missing that little something to make it memorable.
  4. Again, the greatest advantage of Singularity is that it takes a lot of different elements and molds them into one constantly dynamic gaming experience.
  5. Let's hope that Raven Software can put some creativity together and bring forth more of an expansive multiplayer for a possible sequel or download; I would hate to see such potential be forgotten and aged to dust.
  6. With a bit more ingenuity in the puzzles, more made of the time travel and a little more graphical "oomph", Raven and Activision could have had a real gem on their hands. It's still well worth a look though.
  7. Singularity feels almost like 2009's Wolfenstein: the same dull corridors, anemic shootouts with simple-minded AI, and feeble attempts at creating dramatic tension.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 48
  2. Negative: 4 out of 48
  1. Nov 9, 2010
    This is a Doom 3 inspired game, with a strong dose of Bioshock, and a brush of Half Life 2. I love this game for the gunfights, over-the-top powers, and to a moderate extent, the characters and story, but design flaws are aplenty. Firstly TRANSPARENT WALLS!? that's just plain lazy in level designing, secondly every level is closed ended and scripted, which I'm not a fan of. I prefer the Crysis/Farcry kind of approach to an objective. Here's my biggest gripe, this game was very obviously made for the consoles and their low-end hardware, not only are the stock graphics outdated and unimpressive, there are no video options to kick the graphics up, and this game only runs on stereo, anything more(4.1/5.1/7.1) will yield absolutely NO SOUND. The port over for controls are unintuitive as well. However considering all the significant downsides, it's still a moderately decent shooter, and quite frankly Activision, you guys got no right to be disappointed with the sales. Expand
  2. Apr 6, 2013
    Outstanding game in all respects. Great story, intriguing weapons, and challenging puzzles. Also, the game seemed to be about the right length--took me about 30+ hours over a two week period to beat it. I recommend this game highly Expand
  3. Aug 17, 2010
    While I must admit I was a little worried with the way Activision handled the marketing of Singularity, oh wait..,they didn't do any marketing at all. I figured they knew some awful truth about the game's quality and didn't want gamers to find out and "accidentally" buy it. Well the texture issue was announced so I decided to wait for an official patch. I purchased the PC version from D2D, applied the patch and I must admit I wasn't disappointed at all. The Graphics are absolutely top notch and beautiful and game play was very smooth without a single glitch. The storyline started out interesting, the pacing was good which to me is important to keep my attention. I really found the historical part of the story very well written. The developers took time to write a plausible story with memorable events and 3 dimensional characters, all the while taking careful pains to portray the Russian victims in a compassionate and sympathetic manner. I really cared what happened to all those poor Russian workers whose dessicated remains littered the grounds. You can tell they worked hard at getting the eye candy, audio and music just right, they all pace the storyline perfectly. I've found game music is used to the point of being over barring in other titles so Singularity was a pleasant surprise. I've heard some gamers grumble about having to listen to all the tape recorders in the game but I found them oddly poignant, they tended to slow game play down because you couldn't hear the message unless you stayed close but they really helped move the story along and added a much needed human angle to an otherwise dismal place. The designers hide journal pages written by the katorga victims all around the facility. I thought they contained game play hints or hidden E99 tech stashes to help move the storyline along. The upgrade feature is functional, easy to use but not really original. The idea is to collect E99 tech of various sizes that are either hidden or placed right in eye sight. You then used them like currency at upgrade & augmentation machines strategically scattered throughout the game. Other items like weapons briefcases are used to upgrade aspects of your weapons, e.i (faster load times, increased damage etc.,). What would have been real cool is if Renko himself used some of the E99 tech he finds to somehow augment his own body into a bio morphed weapon. Renko was already walking around camo deep in the most poisonous, radioactive place on earth, why not just have him mutate into something altogether different like the others? Just a suggestion anyway. You've seen this before in other games so I already know what to expect but there's always one weapon gamers find absolutely useless and in this game its the mini gun. It dumps a ton of bullets at targets but they rarely hit anything or does any appreciable damage so I avoided it like the plague for the rest of the game. My favorite weapon on the other hand has to be the seeker, it kills with one shot and is easy to target. The TMD was incredible nothing like reducing a monster or human to a pile of ashes in seconds and is one of the best conceived gaming devices ever! I used it constantly in all types of battles and situations, the developers did a good job in balancing the TDM as a weapon and as a tool for puzzles. The game appears to have a nice open world feel to it until you try to explore away from the beaten path. It would have been nice look around and see more of the island just to satisfy curiousity. I liked the way the levels were designed, you just didn't stumble through them by jumping from crate to stairs to ledge. Some of the levels allow you to fully utilize the TDM's full potential and in some cases its the only way to continue forward. A few of the AI enemies can be a little easy to kill, they just stand there taken hit after hit until they fall down but that was rare. Overall the game reminded my of Bioshock ( tape recorders, mysterious events happening in an inaccessible location) I really don't have any major complaints with the game except for one item, the young lady. She seems like a superfluous add- on period. Why would any paramilitary group send a young, attractive lady into an incredibility dangerous place like katorga-12 with no camo gear or protection what so ever. She offered very little background on her and her organization and acted more like a distraction than an asset to Renko. The game was a little short but I'm giving the game a 9. Thanks Raven Soft for a great game, I'm ready for Singularity 2! Expand
  4. Sep 18, 2010
    I really liked the game including the graphics, story line, AI, and weapons. The TMD was extremely useful and the mix of human/mutants was well balanced. The only negative thing I would site is the shortness of the game. One other side note is that I thought the hardest boss of the game came in the middle of the story, not at the end. Oh well. Expand
  5. May 23, 2013
    The great game of most aspects of the where graphic wonderful and easy way to control and wonderful story but flawed one big problem is the lack of writing the bottom of the screen allows the player the opportunity to understand the story's largest
    I liked the end of many where you have three scenarios to end, including the judgment of the world or save the world by killing yourself or give preferred to save the world for someone else
  6. Aug 4, 2011
    Amazing graphics, awesome atmosphere - makes you explore the world and marvel at details. However, the level design was done a little heavy-handed and sloppy - you cannot go in certain directions with no obvious reason, yet you can go in others.
    Also, be prepared - no Wide Screen support and terrible Field Of View (which you can google and change, thankfully).
    Perhaps, a little short - Singularity still leaves a very nice taste in your mouth! :)
  7. Sep 12, 2013
    (note: is has been over two years since i have played this) the games time-manipulation idea was horribly limited to its mandatory usage in certain boss battles, enemies and objectives. and i am quoting [krashd] from steam "It's so much like Bioshock that it feels like a mod for that game" and i agree with him in some ways while Bioshock has its pseudo horror feel to it and their splicers while Singularity with its almost S.A.L.K.E.R Shadows of Chernobyl feel and the game-play is horribly rigid and most games give you a choice of how to tackle the challenge you have and singularity does not give you much leeway in that area. Expand

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