Mixed or average reviews - based on 6 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 6
  2. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. Dec 20, 2011
    At $9.99, SkyDrift is an absolute steal. There's not a huge amount of content, but what's here is excellent, and developers Digital Reality have already demonstrated that they're ready and willing to support the game with affordably priced DLC.
  2. 80
    An amazing game with air races that can be suggested even to gamers that are not crazy for the genre- really difficult to find something to whine about in this fun, addictive game. [February 2012]
  3. Dec 5, 2011
    SkyDrift takes the fighting to the sky in a way you've never experienced before. Be prepared for fast action and lots of explosions. All of the different surroundings and planes make sure that you'll never get bored.
  4. Jan 6, 2012
    Digital Reality was able to develop a pretty valuable game, however, due to some imperfections, it can't be considered a must for his genre but only a good game unable to shine of his own.
  5. 70
    Racing arcade game brings fun and good playability – the biggest drawback is the absent of a local multiplayer – this kind of game is crying for it. [Feb 2012]
  6. Dec 12, 2011
    Controls and lonliness issues aside, I did enjoy most of my time with SkyDrift. It's a well-produced budget racing game with a wide variety of racetracks, and a nice change of pace that doesn't involve dragons or terrorists. Just make sure to try the demo first to be certain you can handle the control weirdness.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 39 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 18
  2. Negative: 3 out of 18
  1. Nov 23, 2011
    wow, bought this randomly and it amazed me. a mix of mario kart style powerups, and hydro thunder / jet moto racing. a LOT of fun, really intense races. my only complaint so far is that not enough people own the game yet, there's no forum for it on steam to spread the word. it has deathmatch, racing, this game is so full of potential, already a DLC pack on the way. let's hope the company promotes it.

    two thumbs up if you love flight / racing
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  2. Mar 12, 2012
    The game is definitely a steal for it's price, the game itself is very fun with the aspects of power-ups and the graphics are pretty good as well, I recommend this to any airplane fans or plain racing fans. Full Review »
  3. Dec 10, 2011
    I always prefered rpg's or fps than racing games. To be perfectly honest, I always get tired of such games pretty quick. But Skydrift is not ordinary racing game. Skydrift is everything i need to feel entertained. Fast paced, very intense and totally mind-blowing. Forget about cars, planes are much cooler! .. Forget about fair-play - if you cant overtake someone, fire up your rockets or leave mines on your opponents way;) But that's not the most interesting part - flying your plane across the stages, accelerating to absurd speeds and doing crazy stunts makes you feel really good. Controls are great, but without an xbox controller, there's no way you can push your plane to its limits. If you own one, get ready for intense action! Im totally amazed about the idea to use two analog sticks. Left one is responsible for turning/shifting your plane, right one turns your plane into knife position. Believe me, you'll quickly become the master of flying through tight spots and finding shortcuts. Stages are well designed, but sometimes not so clear as you would think. There are some places you can't go - there are some places that seems like obvious shorter ways but game wouldnt allow you to fly there. It's annoying at first, but after you memorize the stages... problem dissapears:) Unfortunatly there's only 6 race tracks and 3 game modes. It's not much. To be honest it is too less to be content. Oh well, at least there's eight cool looking planes to choose from .. and three more if you're willing to pay additional 1,50E. What else can i say...? Buy the game, it's totally amazing plane-racing experience ! Buy it and help to establish multiplayer community, because there's so few people playing online... It's sad, because this game is even more fun online. Oh, well, maybe after some Steam sale... Full Review »