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  1. Oct 31, 2013
    1/10 if you're nice and round up like I did. It's a pre-alpha quality release sold as a finished game. It's the same trash published a few years ago. Would be a 4/10 if the developers had finished it before publishing (or during the 3 years since they did). The Oct 2013 release date is the steam release one. It's been fooling people into buying this unfinished game at least since 2010.

    They didn't even try to hide the fact that the development was aborted before completion. You can see that if you notice you can hire extra engineers but can't allocate them into any tasks. Or from the fact that the "tutorial" (more like a tooltip frame) will give you invalid information based on what they planned to develop (e.g: the fill percentage when you rent is missing from the game).

    Main features:
    * Bugs. Lots of them.
    * 2005ish graphics.
    * No storyline (Steam description is a shameless lie possibly based on what they planned to develop).
    * More bugs.
    * Silly named machinery. Along with a bug that will crash the game if you buy two machines with the same name and get rid of one (which will happen automatically when the building is over).
    * Skyscraper construction if you survive the bugs.
    * Fun for ages 3-6. No challenge for mature players (6+). It's perfect to make you feel a management genius. Anyone able to read and is able to compare numbers (as in 10 is greater than 8) will be able to get everything right since the first attempt. Just max your rent out or selling price and you're done.

    I didn't care much about the 2005ish graphics or the lack of a story or machinery changes (promised in the description they posted on Steam), but the lack of challenge is a killer even if you can survive the bugs.

    There are 4 steps in this game cycle and you can build more than one (like... 2) at a time (no levels or anything just cycling through):
    1 picking a location. The game will randomly make a few locations available for sale as you build your skyscrapers.
    2 "designing" the skyscraper.
    3 construction.
    4 cashing in. Either rent out or sell.

    You have to choose a land to buy and build your skyscraper at. The price is how much you'll have to pay for the land, the rank determines the kind of skyscrapers you can try to build, everything else defines the possible building costs range. The more you spend on building, higher your profits will be. That's it. No need to cut costs or analyze the market. Just spend all your money and sell/rent out for max price for maximum profits. It will always have 100% occupation if rented out and will always sell within one year at max price, which is faster than you can build them.

    The next step is the design. You get to pick a style if there's more than one available. Then you can change parameters to set the building total costs. If you don't have a steady income (from rent) you can safely dimension your building to cost about 70% more than what you have. When you reach about 20% of the construction stage (60% total process) you can rent the unfinished skyscraper to fund its own building.

    Then comes the construction. You'll have to buy vehicles, hire workers and allocate them to speed up or slow down the construction. The faster you build, the most expensive it will be. Unlike the previous stages, this cost will not increase your max selling price. To get to max speed, keep the left bar filled and the right bar half way except for the cranes that can keep both bars full. When you reach 20% of construction stage, step out of the construction site to set the rent out price to the max. Unfortunately, at that point you can't just sell it for full price and abandon the building like they did to this game.

    After you finish building, you can either sell or rent out (for up to 1/48 of the maximum sell price). Either will work fine as long as you set the max price. It will sell within 1 year or keep granting you the max price every four years. It simply doesn't matter which one you pick. The game is bugged and will sell you back lands you built skyscrapers at so you can resell them.

    In the end, your role is making sure the total costs aren't much higher than twice what you can pay for and controlling the staff and vehicle costs. But since you get 80% refund on vehicles and both the staff and vehicle costs are less than 1% of total costs even if you're a maniac and hire ten times more workers than you need... it all comes down to making sure you can compare numbers when you set your building total costs.

    TL;DR: this is an abandoned pre-alpha release sold as a finished game. The cool but awful looking game you saw on youtube where you can go into the elevator and stuff is open source and is named just Skyscraper.
  2. Feb 19, 2014
    I really don't know what to write here. This game ends before it starts. You buy land, vehicles, workers and then watch them raise a skyscraper. And that's about it. Expand
  3. Nov 12, 2013
    I'd dearly love to comment on the gameplay. But I can't. It doesn't start. I don't even see a logo. Very briefly a process pops up but then disappears again. As there are no logs I can't even begin to start guessing what's going on.

    I've tried re-installing the supplied versions of DirectX and PhysX but with no joy. I've turned off all the defense/firewall/antivirus software I run but still no joy. As far as I can remember this is the most broken game I have every bought..

    Avoid with extreme prejudice.
  4. Apr 20, 2014
    i picked this game up for 3.99 and let me tell you, it wasn't worth it. if steam offered refunds, i would fight tooth and nail just to get my money back. when you pay $10 for this game, you are paying for a steaming pile of dog-crap that makes ride to hell: retribution look like a 10/10 in comparison. the game is half finished, yet it is sold as a complete game, something that is actually illegal in many western countries under consumer protection.

    of course you won't encounter any of these problems because you need to get a **** bletchley park computer scientist in just to figure out how to get past the logos, hint: it's the **** sound, how the **** does your sound quality stop the game from starting up?

    and don't even bother with the developer, they're just gonna take your money and ignore you.
  5. Nov 3, 2013
    Read the impeccable review of matheus_hk, it's all in it...

    I bought this product on Gamestop (when it still was not called in that way and
    was able to compete with Steam) for, I think, about 20 I found myself with one of the worst products imaginable.

    A truly fraud video game in a few words, terrible, bugged and boring.

    And don't expect improvements or patch (ahahah) because this product exist from several years, and nothing have been done on it.

    Also, I really don't understand how can it pass through Steam Greenlight...
  6. Nov 3, 2013
    The game does not work. I managed to get it started using compatibility mode, but have failed to play it, as I am stuck at the menu. Sound is also corrupt. This is a horrible deal, and everyone should treat it like the plague!
    I am running a very decent gaming rig, and I am an experienced PC geek. The worst thing is the fact that the developer does not reply to support emails.
  7. Nov 1, 2013
    Definetively not I was expecting for the game (based on its Steam description). The score is not zero because I was luckier than most people and I was able to play. But matheus_hk review says already EVERYthing you need to know about this "game". Expand

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