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  1. Nov 3, 2012
    You'll probably breeze through this waferthin little expansion in around 90 minutes. I wouldn't say it's a wholly lousy time though as it does manage to incorporate some atmosphere, silliness and cool new animations, but beyond the thematic overlay of odd Japanese cultural aspects it doesn't really expand upon the original game in any noteworthy fashion. Actually, it does the opposite by not considering your original save file. You start NiNP with a small pile of clothes, no vehicles, and less moves. And once it's over, all you've got to show for it in the main campaign is a silly hat. You will unlock access to clothes and vehicles by fighting groups of Jiang Shi and demons. But this was all stuff I had already gained access to on my main save. So that's quite some shameful, pointless filler.

    Because while the Jiang Shi are fun to look at, they're not too fun to fight. Which between traveling from one place to another, is what you'll be doing a lot of. There are new quirks to fighting these enemies, but if anything they just make the combat feel more strict/repetitive and drawn out. All in all NiNP is a flimsy package that feels rushed out in time for Halloween. Even at the suitably low asking price I don't know if I could recommend this. Hopefully the upcoming Tournament DLC will be a more significant addition.

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  1. 50
    Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point is priced accordingly as it's a short and repetitive story that doesn't play to the main game's strengths. It removes Wei Shen out of everything he accomplished and places him in nightmare scenario that's purely tedious and unrewarding. The only redeeming value is that you get to see the lovely Not Ping once more - that and the informative mythos that surrounds the game at an appropriate time.
  2. Oct 31, 2012
    Just know that this is a poor echo of the greatness found in Sleeping Dogs and not nearly as charming and thought-out as Undead Nightmare.