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  1. Jun 28, 2014
    After an enjoyable romp through Sniper Elite V2 we now have Sniper Elite 3. A good game. An improved product. levels are bigger and more interesting. Game play is less linear and gives the player far more sense of control. It's visually beautiful. Shooting compute based enemies in the nuts never gets old. Despite that I have to shave some score points of as a protest at the pricing of the day 1 DLC. $10 to get Hitler. $10 to open up a couple of different characters. Pretty rich for day 1. The game has a great engine. It makes sense then to wait a while and offer expansion-sized DLC, with new maps that EXPAND the core game. Instead Rebellion went down the path of cutting out core content to be resold with the rort of being a 'pre-order bonus'. It's a putrid idea and it is pretty silly to be doing that right in the middle of the Steam summer sale.

  2. Jul 1, 2014
    Great gameplay AND x-ray, slo-mo nutshots. Cartman would love it. SCORE 84/100.

    Looks great fully maxed out (I played ultra at 1600p - gorgeous). Fluid movement, good AI (extremely good at higher difficulty), good pacing, and HUGE OPEN WORLDS.

    Definitely pick it up on sale if you like this genre. You will enjoy the experience and it has some truly unique features. Polishes up Sniper
    Elite 2 and it just nails what they are trying to do. Story is meh, but what did you expect? It's still 10x better than the drivel from Call of Duty or Battlefield, and much longer too. Expand
  3. Jul 8, 2014
    Garbage, bug filled, lack of content crap . The Day 1 DLC is absolutely disgusting considering how little content is there for the asking price. Bugs! Bugs! and more Bugs! The game is a bug filled mess! Only the truly stupid would ever support this developer after this release. It spits in the pc gamers face and shows just how little respect this company has for it's customers.
  4. Jun 30, 2014
    i have this at a solid 6.5. not noticed much performance issues as yet even though i have a solid but increasingly dated rig. the AI is unfortunately not as intelligent as i would like it to be. if your play style is to run-and-gun like most other fps shooters you will notice the deficiencies pretty quickly. but playing on the higher difficulties (elite and authentic) and playing a more measured, stealthy-sniping style, the AI problem isn't that great or noticeable. i have generally found the game fun and engaging. the ability to limit or turn off slow-mo kill cam is appreciated. Expand
  5. Jun 28, 2014
    Game wobbling between way too easy and extremely difficult.
    At most settings; this game is a breeze to play - red indicator where to aim and then just shoot everything with little fear.
    Only the most realistic settings removes that "aim cheat" - but that removes all HUD - this game surely lack somewhere in between for those of us who don't want to loose the mini-map but still would like
    to avoid the aim help.

    Oh well, outside this - the game is average-ish.

    The maps are too small, too narrow and tunnels you in specific directions into positions where you can snipe almost with impunity. The AI is dumb, very dumb and although they somewhat react to dead comrades, they seem to be deaf and blind in most all other aspects. Nobody seems to react to an exploding trunk just 100m over, so unless the enemy is in the same "pack" as the ones tied to the truck area, they'll not react.
    And you can either stealth-takedown or shoot with your very quiet silenced gun as well without much reaction, crawl and prone movement is way too quiet and you can often move through line of sight of the enemy if you're just crawling.

    A good number of 'secondary' objectives and the 'levelling' is okay, but when the main gameplay lacks, it just feels tacked on.

    You have a number of weapons so you can "deal with situations in many ways"; but well - when the AI is as it is - there's rarely any need.
    Customization and loadout rarely seems to make much of a difference either, and it seems very much like a missed oppertunity.

    The game looks good though - not as great a some other - but it's good enough, although the desert gets dull fast.

    Only get it if you like sniping and want to play this game on easy-mode or very frustrating-mode
  6. Jun 29, 2014
    Initially a 5 - but now a 7 after some considerable time playing it.
    Yes the theme is annoyingly familiar. Yes the bullet cam is still there in bucketloads - which is kind of boring after a while (just space key out of it problem solved, but you don't see the guy drop at the end of it).
    The campaign is set around the time of Monty's Desert Rats (and the Desert Rats are still operational
    even to this day), only with very little mention of Monty, or his Rats, and more of Rommel and the Afrika Korps. It's definitely stuck to the theme as the title's logo would suggest (no, not the Eagle logo, but the actual palm tree logo - which is the actual logo for the Afrika Korps would you believe.
    This game doesn't 'wobble' between easy and difficult, or at least I didn't think so. This is a variation on Splinter Cell, it's much less modern, very little spying involved - although gathering intelligence does make it into the gameplay in it's very basic form - just picking up papers or blueprints. It's not a bad game, the music may drive you potty, I don't really like the gurgling noise that you get from a lot of the bullet cam kills, and at times the game can be tricky as hell - also more than once I've found myself getting shot through some walls, which is probably more down to bad mesh work than actual game play - although it would put the mesh work in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms to shame - so it's not THAT bad.
    It's a good effort, and it's nice to see they actually managed to mix it up a bit with day and night missions. It's only as short as you make it, and if you think it is short, I really do recommend playing on the authentic setting.
    Be prepared to refer to a map regularly in some cases (especially in the second mission - you'll run round in circles otherwise), and get a little pissed at the rare getting shot at through walls. It's still a decent attempt.
    It would be nice for Rebellion to release games in their entirety though - rather than charging ridiculous sums for little bits and pieces - which I simply won't buy no matter how good a game is.

    Not a bad effort overall.
  7. Jul 1, 2014
    Wer den Vorgänger mochte wird mit dem 3. Hauptteil der Serie seine Freude haben.
    Die KI aka Deutschen sind zwar immer noch Strohdumm aber deutlich Authentischer als in V2.
    Optisch eine wirkliche Verbesserung zum Vorgänger auch die Atmosphäre der Landschaft wird gut eingefangen, und dabei hasse ich persönliche in der Wüste Region spielen.

    Die Story ist vorhanden und man kann ihr gut
    folgen auch wenn sie nicht sonderlich "Potig" aber von einem Sniper Spiel erwarte ich keine "Hitman: Absolution" Erzählung.

    Mein gesamt Einruck nach 20 Stunden ist "Sniper Elite V2 + Verbesserung"
    Wieso an allem etwas verändern wenn es doch schon ok war.
  8. Jun 28, 2014
    I enjoyed the game quite a bit. I would say it is a great sequel in regards that it improves the good aspects of the previous game and fixes some of the bad aspects. Sadly the game is not all that great, I mean it is worth every penny but little more but the graphics, detail and setting are really good though. I will try tu sum up the good and bad things bellow in a simple manner.

    The story is really forgetable, the gameplay gets repetitive and the game is shamefully short
    the setting of the game is beautifull, the bullet cam is fun, the stealth gameplay is really good ( but gets repetitive), the graphics are grat, the performance of the game was good, the voice actors were good.

    Overall I would say the game is good but not amazing, for WWII fans the score may rise a point or two because we have never fought in the african conflict before.
  9. Jul 1, 2014
    Complaints on V2: Being too much of a corridor-shooter, no way to go stealth, bullet-cam excess.

    They've all been fixed in Sniper Elite 3. The areas are vast, the gameplay is still similar, but you can actually mask your shots now. You can decide if you want to see the bullet-cam at all or just let it show on every shot. The gore-detail is excellent and highly satisfying. Still not a
    perfect game, but miles above of what V2 was. Well worth the full price. Expand
  10. Jul 3, 2014
    This game is pretty awesome...people say the AI sucks or that it's's been out for 4 days for crying out loud..there will be far as the stupid AI, they aren't that stupid when you actually PLAY IT ON HARD. Of course they're stupid when you put it on easy...that's the point.

    Only thing that sucks is that the multiplayer crashes hard and often as of the first week.
  11. Jul 4, 2014
    This was my first entry into the Sniper Elite franchise and I am not afraid to admit that I bought the game for the simple outlet of a power fantasy supported by a most satisfactory depiction of successful hits. As expected the X-Ray cam loses some of it's charm over time, but the timing is well chosen so it doesn't get drawn out unless one has to play the same passages over and over again.
    Speaking of the passages. I played the game solely on the authentic mode, because I tend to like a challenge, which is just nonexistent if one can save at any point in time. It took me a few tries to identify the games mechanics, especially when it comes to stealth. But in the end I liked it quite a lot. It is good when just by playing you start to understand how the rules of the game work and can immediately start to apply them and get feedback for your decisions.
    The AI is not very clever, predictable really, but I call that a plus for this kind of game. The view range in daylight is already quite a hassle if you try to go Ghost (never be seen at all). Especially in a game where you are supposed to be the lone incredibly skilled super soldier I want a certain predictability in order to plan out how to clear out an area and that satisfying feeling to have a plan work in the very end.
    Graphic is fine, the gory part (x-ray cam) has a lot of effort put into it, although I mostly only get to see the inside of the head, guess that is based on play style.
    Most enjoyable of all was the ability to play coop with one friend. Synchronized shots during noise to take out two people before either can react to the other's death, multi angle scouting of an area. Using one player as bait and having the other in a snipers nest pick of the baited enemies. If I was to judge just my coop experience so far I would give it a 9 out of 10 for the pure joy of it.
    Major flaw for me is the wobbly responsiveness in using items and aiming them, especially when it comes to placing stuff on the ground.
    My final rating is based on my enjoyment of the game so far, which would encompass fifteen hours of play, half of it being in coop.
  12. Jul 5, 2014
    nice game , plays a lot like Splinter Cell, Good atmosphere, big maps, weapons are limited and the many bugs and the idiotic enemies makes for a pretty big let down however this game is pretty awesome
  13. Jul 3, 2014
    Total waste of my $40! what was i thinking pre-ordering this boring,aggravating,repetitious mess.
    Rebellion claims you can play this game any style you want but that is total BS! If you dont use stealth for at least 90% of this game you will die everytime. I dont like any game that limits me to just sneaking around real slow and taking out the enemy with a POS pistol that does not kill
    unless you get the shot at a certain part of the head or using melee. I did not even finish this worthless game.
    Even though i liked V2 i can say anything good for this new version which is basically nothing more than a extended DLC to V2. NOT RECOMMENDED at all!
  14. Jun 28, 2014
    I enjoyed the game overall But i does get repetitive at times. At the beginning of the game i had to kill spotters and their was one on top of a cliff And no matter how hard i tried I just Could Not Hit him. But what i love is the sound masking It was in the other games but In this you can Sabotage Generators and other things like that and make them make Loud noises, and when that loud noise comes That's when you can Shoot your sniper although I wish that the Generators and Stuff would make More noise And for a longer duration But that's alright. overall i would recommend this game I would wait for a sale however Even though its already 40 dollars. I enjoyed it Expand
  15. Jul 5, 2014
    Feels like a downgrade over Sniper Elite V2. Graphics got some overhaul and that's it. The gameplay is still great, but it's exactly the same game.

    Level design are much worse. It's always the same kind of environment, and they give you a big area with a few houses and sniping tower. There's no concept of events in a mission except some more enemies spawning. The "Pont Du Fahs Airfield"
    was missing checkpoints, very bad design. The ending is very abrupt and not satisfying.

    I saw quite often enemy bodies flying in the air. One time I encountered an enemy in a ladder and he just went through me without even noticing me (no alarm). One time the objective marker did not even appear and I had to reload from last checkpoint to see it.

    Then the DLC **** 2 out of 5 guns (the best ones) in every categories are only available through DLC. If you don't have them you won't be able to play with them, and if you have you'll feel overpowered.
  16. Jul 6, 2014
    Sniper Elite III is a thinking man's shooter. In this game, you can't run in guns blazing, because even though you can equip machine guns and pistols, you'll be dead in an instant. Instead, you have to be slow and careful. You have to snipe while loud noises are happening to avoid detection, or take enemies out up close with stealth takedowns or a silenced pistol.

    The stealthy approach
    is what makes this game stand out among other shooters on the market. Even with a sniper rifle in your hands, a good vantage point, and loud noises to mask your shots, you still have to steady your breathing and take wind and gravity into account when firing, so you're never firing off shots like crazy. Pressing the E key makes your character hold his breath and steady his aim, which causes a little red diamond to show you where the bullet will fall. Using this feature, you can make extremely accurate shots even from the greatest of distances. Kills are extremely satisfying too, thanks to the game's slow-motion X-ray kill cams, which let you see your bullets burst through skulls, lungs and other organs in a shower of gore.

    The single-player presents you with wide-open levels to explore, complete with optional objectives and collectibles. How you tackle these levels is completely up to you, and thanks to the great level design, being spotted doesn't mean you always have to restart from an older save. It's entirely possible to become hidden again, and resume your silent kill spree. The game's levels also strike a smart balance between quiet, stealthy operations, and loud, bombastic scenes wherein waves of enemies rush in just begging to be popped off.

    The game's multiplayer mode incorporates all the elements of the single-player mode, and the leveling system works across both modes, so whether you're playing alone or online, you're constantly unlocking new weapons and equipment. There are also plenty of customization options for online games, so you can choose to make the sniping more or less realistic depending on your preference.

    The game includes standard game modes like Deathmatch, but the best modes are the ones that encourage long distance sniping. No Cross is easily the game's best mode, as there is a barrier in the center of the map, leaving players with no choice but to find a vantage point and snipe from across the level. The game's deliberate pace works well online, making for some really tense moments as you and a rival sniper try to line each other up in your sights. And although there is some occasional slowdown and lag, the multiplayer runs well most of the time.

    The story is hardly worth mentioning, as it's clearly just an excuse to get you into levels and killing people. The voice acting is decent, but the characters and the plot are both extremely barebones. Graphically, however, Sniper Elite III is beautiful. The African landscapes you'll find yourself battling in are all wonderfully realized, and they're helped by great lighting, detailed textures, and good character models. The sound design is wonderful as well, with great battlefield noises in the louder portions and subtle ambient sounds in the quieter parts. Guns are satisfying to fire, and the squishy sound of heads getting blasted is always a macabre delight.

    I can't recommend this game enough. It's got a few issues here and there, such as texture pop-in, slowdown, and its weak story, but the core gameplay should be insanely fun and satisfying to anyone who's a fan of stealth. Even at full price it's absolutely worth the money, which isn't something I often say about games these days.
  17. Jul 5, 2014
    Better game than v2. But, it have bad things which could be avoided with some more effort. First, AI is terrible and you can practically shoot in air and kill all enemies running directly on you. In other hand if you don't abuse that weak point of the game, gameplay could be pretty amusing! Second bad thing is that game is tto easy on PC. Seems commands are made for controllers and playing with mouse is just too easy even on realistic settings. There also few bugs like wrong bullet collision with close objects when you scope. Even with that bad things game is better than most of other titles releasing these days. Expand
  18. Jul 9, 2014
    Sniper Elite III is set several years prior to the events of Sniper Elite V2, following the exploits of Office of Strategic Services officer Karl Fairburne as he participates in the North African conflict during World War II, in which he learns of a secret wonder weapon programmed by the Nazi forces. Just like in V2, the story here is boring and uninteresting, and our protagonist
    is the same generic American hero from the 1st. Honestly, I could just paste my V2 review of the story here and no one would notice because of how bad both game's narratives are. 2/10

    Everything returns from the 2nd game along with a few tweaks added. The awesome bullet-cam, smart A.I., hidden collectibles, good level design, and improved customization are here along with a weapon wheel, and a progressional system that applies to both single player and multiplayer. There are 8 missions in total, and each one will take around 20+ minutes if you take your time with each of them. Unfortunately, the bad combat also returns with the cross-hair still being a pain to use when spotted. In conclusion, the gameplay here is largely unchanged from the 2nd game. 6/10

    The biggest change/improvement this game has is in its graphics department. The setting of Africa is a more interesting setting for the game than the generic Berlin setting in the 2nd game. Because of this, the colors and world design had to match the setting. There's more vibrant colors here than in the 2nd, the textures are better here, the particle effects are improved, and the facial models look more updated. So be happy you'll have a prettier game to look at when you're sniping some poor guy's testicles off. 9/10

    As with the 2nd game, the sound design is great with the sniper shots sounding excellent and realistic. The score also does a good job with sound ques when you get spotted. Everything else also sounds good. The sound here is essentially the same as with the 2nd. 8/10

    The multiplayer is the same as in the 2nd game just with less buildings in some of the maps. Since you can use your single player loadouts in the multiplayer, that allows for more customization than in the 2nd. Everything else however, feels like the 2nd game all over again. 6/10

    If you enjoyed V2, get this game. If you hated V2, skip this game. If you haven't played V2, I'll say get this at around $30 or lower. It's essentially Sniper Elite V2, but with more replay value. If you want more info on how this game is, just go to my profile, and look for my V2 review as this game feels a lot like the 2nd, just slightly improved.

    Rating: 6/10
  19. Jul 14, 2014
    Very repetitive and the enemy doesn't seem to be particularly intelligent. After a while it gets a bit boring, a pity it wasn't more intellectually challenging like some other games.
  20. Jul 16, 2014
    this is best game ever created...i want thic key because i love sniper elite,i complite sniper elite V2 and i have good thinks about sniper elitte and i want to complete this part
  21. Jul 20, 2014
    Firstly,this game is not about sniper is about knife and silencer pistol.It's about stealth-ing and spying.Even objectives are not indicated for a sniper.To destroy tanks or to steal intelligence.Secondly,the maps are not make for sniping and it's very costly to snipe.For every bullet you will be penalized with a lot of troops on your zone.All the guns are a waste of time you need to fire on some zone of the head.Graphic this game is almost same like V2 but with more illuminated effects.At all if you don't like splinter cell or hitman don't try this game becose will be a ache in your head and a waste of time and money. Expand
  22. Jul 19, 2014
    The game is nice if you just want to sneak and kill Nazis, however it gets a little old rather fast, Gives little to no story beyond "Must kill Vahlen" even if you include the obligatory "German soldiers also have families" diaries spread around. The setting still feels so unexploited as if an entire arc was cut from the game to keep the attention away to mister sniper and his very uninteresting personality that doesn't seem to know whether to stick to the "grizzled veteran" archetype or not. Beyond that 2 major nuisances kept popping up. One is whether or not the Germans keep talking German. When the antagonist is taunting i can understand the English. but in a "Eavesdrop" cut-scene the Germans talk English again despite never talking English later or during combat. Make up your mind! The last nuisance where the "Mini-boss" battles where a tank suddenly arrives in the map and you MUST destroy it, which can be annoying and a pace-breaker. after the second it stopped being fun/sudden. In overall the game had plenty of room to move, but didn't. resulting in a bit of a dissapointment....Oh yeah and there is the kill-cam that gets boring fast and so forth. Expand
  23. CBZ
    Jul 14, 2014
    This game is a huge improvement over V2. Both graphics and gameplay are much better, having more options to get around and losing the linear maps. Also, the campaign is intense but the number of missions is on the low side. For the $50 they ask, it should have at least a couple more missions included in vanilla version (not DLCs)

    The AI is mediocre at best, very predictable and easy to
    deal with once you understand how it works.

    MP is fun but I wish there was a way to see the server settings in full detail before you enter it (maybe it's just me but I didn't find a way to do it)
    Overall, if you get a discount on the game, it's a solid decision, but I wouldnt pay full price for it.
  24. Jul 12, 2014
    I love the whole bullet thing. I give this game 6 over that. Once you have done the bullet thing though, the game gets stale. Better than most, lacks a lot too. Something Different which should be explored to IV.
  25. Jul 28, 2014
    Playable if you patient. First of all interesting thing is when you shoot in bullet time bullets go out in your face. not the rifle. other things aiming too hard to pistol and machine guns. sometimes enemies appear near to you. i really tried to play but i couldnt. its so boring. i think.
  26. Nov 16, 2014
    i dont feel the series evolve with this game. it introduces some new mechanics but executes poor which makes this game inferior to SE2 everything gets better or worse. if something or someone tries to stay same over time, it means it got worse pro: - a little better graphic - new contents SE2 players may dive into cons: - lacks of something that give u feel the series is moving forward
    - uninspiring story
  27. Jul 11, 2014
    A great - and much-needed - step forward for the series. Previous versions have essentially been sniping simulators (in the same way that Goat Simulator doesn't actually simulate the life of a goat) - once you got past the trick shots, collectibles were one of the only things that kept the gameplay from becoming very "rinse and repeat". This time round, they've overlaid actual game elements and a more free-form approach to gameplay, even if it still tunnels you from objective to objective. This gives you a greater feeling of agency over your character - when you clear a room, it's not just, "Wow, I made an awesome shot". It's also, "Wow, that was quite cool how I approached that field full of enemies". It's not a detailed or authentic MilSim, featuring only a few "real world" conventions applied in a way that's typical of modern gaming - bullet drop, scope shake, breath holding. It's not going to be for everybody, but it's a big advancement for the series, and doesn't feel "lazy" or like a proof of concept like the previous versions sometimes did. Expand
  28. Aug 18, 2014
    After playing a while this is a good game.The story dont matter for me,I care more about action&graphic.
    DirectX 11,WWII night&day desert missions,lovely graphic&design,AI in front of you matter a lot on tough level.forget about dx9 games,get to the next level with dx11.
    In short play it,its about WWII and good desert level design.
  29. Jul 7, 2014
    Packed with open level designs and objectives in more than enough variety, the tense atmosphere of stealthy gameplay to counterbalance its thin story. Sniper Elite III is a fun skull or balls popping experience (depending on your choice).

    Sniper Elite III is more than just a showcase for its slow-motion X-ray pornographic gore. It shines for its open-ended approach to stealth and its
    environmental backdrop thrived with tense atmospheres on cat-and-mouse sniper affairs. Expand
  30. Jul 26, 2014
    I don't understand why this is got 117 positive reviews maybe it's the luck of the draw and I'm just really unlucky? Because for me this game has been real glitchy for my friend and I. I don't know much about single player because I play with my friend on multilayer and its just horrible. The bodies go into rag-doll form and flip when shot. There are barely any x-ray kill cams which I heard happen a lot to other people. And the graphics aren't even that great. I mean I fell through the world three times, and you know your partner can't reach you and save you through the world so its an automatic failure. I also don't understand the point of the cut scenes either. At this point my friend and I are just playing this for laughs. Worst Game of 2014. Expand
  31. Jul 20, 2014
    I found this game frustrating, I want to love it, it has improved in many ways on a series I have enjoyed alot. The bullet time is lovey, the graphics are really good, being able to sabotage generators to cover shot noise, set traps again, a fairly nice story line and good rifle mechanics.

    The issues though, the story is good however really short, if you want to extend your game play
    you need to folk over more money, with 2 extra chapters out so soon after on a £40 game doesn't feel good to me. There are bugs too, skipping bullet time can sometimes cause shots to disappear, there are some visual issues, issues with planes going over making a louder audio noise that other planes but not enough to cover your shot. Being able to wipe out half a base undetected, with the other half wandering around not realizing or searching for you and giving up and going back to stand guard sometimes over their dead comrades was a frustration for a game aiming for realism.

    Over all I would say yes, this game is worth getting, however only, given it's lowish content, if you can pick the base game up for £15-20. I haven't payed out for any of the DLC's yet so I can't comment on their value, but on the face of it I don't want to spend £7 for a single extra mission.
  32. Jul 20, 2014
    Tried to be innovative. Failed big time for gameplay. Pointless multiplayer, auto frigin aim, unrealistic ballistics, 3rd person camera for an fps game, terrible movement controls, camping campers camping campers camping campers and more camping. Play if you like camping. not to mention gay as hell dlc's.

    it's definitely better than v2 and had a great potential and i i'd say the
    developers kinda tried to put good effort on this game but in the end, it still doesn't worth your time. Play singleplayer for 5 hours and forget about this game, it's that average of a game.

    Gfx, sounds, game engine etc. are just ok.

  33. Jul 21, 2014
    So I have been playing Sniper Elite III for a few days now, and I have a few things to say about it: Overall, it's very fun, the stealth mechanics make the game more interesting, it gives you a challenge. You're constantly having to manage where is and where isn't a safe place to shoot from. I recommend you play this game on Elite enemy difficulty and limited ballistics, it's only on elite that the enemies would function like a real soldier would when a sniper is around, when they know your location, they will actively sweep the area around you in a sequence, making it much more enjoyable to pick them off one by one while relocating around the map. The reason I only recommend limited ballistics is because it adds that extra level of immersion and it's still easy to use. Playing on the highest ballistic level makes it a bit too difficult, the wind seems to be blowing at 100 mph 24/7 on that difficulty, and it's near impossible to pull off a successful hit without steadying your aim. The game also only has 8 missions, they're all about an hour long and have plenty of different ways to go about them. Oh, and I have noticed a few bugs here and there, most of which are not game breaking in any way except one. Every now and then, there's a bug where your weapons won't damage enemies, it's very annoying, but easily fixable, just reload your last save, luckily it only occurs right after you save, so you won't have to work your way back to where you were. If it happens, just quicksave and reload, problem solved(I have only noticed this bug in story mode). The game does have some replablility for the completionist gamers. There are many collectibles scattered around every map containing various things like important information, letters from soldiers, etc. As well as the story, there's also a multiplayer and a survival mode. I played a bit of both and they both seem very fun. Survival mode is the traditional horde mode, where you defend against wave after wave of enemies, and I will say, it's pretty tricky. It takes some serious skill to complete survival mode, so it can keep you busy for awhile if that's your thing. The multiplayer seemed very fun as well. The maps are well designed for sniping and there can be some pretty intense counter-sniping battles to be had. I think this game deserves at least a 7. It is very fun and I do recommend it, but the fact that there are still a few bugs present, and there's only eight missions, makes it fall lower on my ranking as a whole. Expand
  34. Jul 13, 2014
    The game has everything we loved in Sniper Elite 2 and makes it even better. Amazing visuals, large open places. multiple ways to complete missions and enough settings to vary the difficulty to modify the game as much as you need. This is by far the best sniping game out!
  35. Aug 26, 2014
    Sniper elite 3 is good improvement over its predecessor. Beautiful graphics and smooth running make this game an enjoyable experience. Environment, looks great, non linear missions, different levels. A lot of sniping if you want or you can be Sam Fisher ( but not that goo Sam Fisher ). Interestingly i did not use traps and improvisation as much as in its predecessor , somehow there was no need for it. My recommendation for this game definitely.
  36. Sep 4, 2014
    Can't quickscope, but the fish AI is incredibly well augmented and excecuted.
    Basically sniper v2 in africa, in a sense nothing mush has changed, hopefully the franchise will not become the next call of duty.
    Overall 5/10 decent gameplay.
  37. Jul 6, 2014
    This game is just plain fun. I'm not big into the stealth shooter genre so maybe the ground it walks on has been tread before, but I've rarely felt as satisfied in gaming before as I do when I set up the perfect distraction to lure an enemy out and then pop them just as a plane flies overhead to mask the sound. It is also cool to play in 3D. The biggest negative for me is that the AI forgets about you a lot sooner than you'd think they would when they just watched 3 friends get lobotomized, but when they ARE actively looking for you they do it pretty intelligently with flanking and everything. Overall if 'gory stealth shooter' sounds like a good time for you this is a great game for it. Expand
  38. Jul 28, 2014
    A good game, it can be a bit boring after a while since the game is pretty repetetive but there is big replayativity in this game since it's always fun shooting them nazi scumbags in the nuts!!! It deserves atleast a 8 recommend buying that you buy it on sale on consoles or just buy it for like 35 pounds on steam
  39. Jul 28, 2014
    this was a very good game good graphics and even little challenge i noticed my self playing on easiest diffcullty and i was still struggling one of the best games i have i only found 1 bug but no problem
  40. Aug 28, 2014
    boring , boring , boring , boring , did i say boring ? well ... BORING ! that's all for now . but BORIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING ! xD
  41. Aug 31, 2014
    The game is is filled with awesome moments you can create for yourself by either doing that hype x-ray **** which is friggin' awesome or you can have the "pro" feel by killing people while they don't even see you in multiplayer. This game does not frown upon camping... only using sprint (Lmao) Which brings me to the miltiplayer section of the review first (That's a new one). The multiplayer is just basically what you have in the game EXCEPT it has no x-ray kills which makes it like any other third person shooter (it still has the slow-motion bullet coming out of your rifle thing).
    Now for the singleplayer. The gameplay is fun, you got your stealth and stuff which is pretty simple, now for the story. To be honest I found the story really- well, boring. I just didn't care about the story at all. I was to busy in stealth and killing people that I forgot that it had a story (I just remembered when I was writing this review). I think this is the reason I rated it 7/10.

    Friendly Advice for reviewers: Don't rate a game zero just because it has day one DLC, if you can't help it then just stop writing reviews because it just wastes people's time.
  42. Sep 20, 2014
    The Game starts off with a Nazi feel, letting you get amped up to think you might be killing Hilter. when you have to pay extra to shoot him. The game is def not the best Sniper elite ever made its very very short.
    i finished this game on the hardest mode and the bullet drop and curve is soo easy. " Arma 2 " def is more a challenge.

    Sniper Elite v3 is more for newbs cuz this def has a
    hold your hand feel to it like most games today, sadly enough.

    The graphics are okay nothing short of great.
    The sound seems repeated from v2
    The gameplay is def way to retarded. i could just walk up to them and stab em.. soo hard to sneek lol not really..

    The game is not worth an 8 it def deserves a 6 to a 5 for repeating v2 crap and not giving the player what they want. A great story line. Multiplayer is lame now adays with all the trolls and hackers and free hax sites out there for these games before they are even released!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. Aug 27, 2014
    Sniper Elite 3 is hardly worth it, but at least it’s nice to see that the series is changing its course.
  2. 60
    A solid action game, focused on stealth, larger maps and picking enemies from a distance. The game has its weak spots but in overall, plays refreshingly. [Issue#244]
  3. Aug 25, 2014
    Once again Rebellion did not step outside the familiar, comfortable zone of games that are interesting but not outstanding. [08/2014, p.60]