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  • Summary: Sniper Elite V2 will be a modern take on the critically and publically acclaimed classic Sniper Elite for the current generation of consoles – revitalising a genre all of its own when it is released in 2012.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 21
  2. Negative: 0 out of 21
  1. May 6, 2012
    In closing, Sniper Elite V2 does a lot of things right. The tactical components have been well thought out, despite predictable enemy AI upsetting the balance somewhat. Minor issues aside, headshot enthusiasts and stealth fans will find much to love here.
  2. May 23, 2012
    I have to admit that my expectations were much lower, but it's fun to cower in the shadows and work out the perfect way to the target and then get the timing just right.
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    A ballsy take on the WWII shooter formula. [July 2012, p.65]
  4. May 10, 2012
    Your level of enjoyment will be almost directly mapped to how entertaining you find the visual spectacle to be, and - for me at least - it was perfectly good fun in short bursts.
  5. Jun 5, 2012
    Tactical systems and satisfying ballistics marred by irritating levels and punishing sight-detection by the enemy.
  6. May 7, 2012
    It's too bad that everything outside of the sniping is so mediocre.
  7. Jun 28, 2012
    Advanced ballistics system, Sniper Elite's saving grace, does not hide the game's flaws, but rather puts them out for all to see.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 59 out of 101
  2. Negative: 19 out of 101
  1. May 2, 2012
    The graphics are great, shooting mechanics is solid, pretty good sound. The game will intermittently send you in shooting where your shooting prowess will determine your victory. This is the kind of game where you need lots of patience, but the game is stealth shooter. Expand
  2. Jan 13, 2013
    este juego es uno de mis favortios , graficos buenos, jugabilidad buena, camara de bala genial no le veo practicamente nada de malo, si disparar es ovio que te ven si te quedas en el mismo lugar, segun vi en otra criticia , la esto no es una carrera, es un shooter de disparos con una buena historia que se adapata muy bien a la segunda guerra mundial Expand
  3. Sep 21, 2012
    There is no other SNIPER game on the market that can touch this... Single or Multiplayer.. period!
    New DLC just released.. this game just
    keeps getting better with the added FREE multiplayer maps and cross nocross server options... excellent work!! Expand
  4. Nov 15, 2013
    When I first tried this game I gave up after only a few minutes because of the wonky keyboard configuration. I uninstalled it. Many moons later I saw that has partial controller support so I reinstalled this bad boy and went ahead sniping the heck out of Zeh Nazis and have had a blast...those bullet animations entering and destroying the bodies of nazis hasn't gotten old yet. This is a pretty straight forward game, if you enjoy pretending to kill nazis and blowing stuff up with style, you may like this. Expand
  5. May 23, 2012
    Enjoying FPS games as much as I do, I felt compelled enough to put together a fair, to the point review for this title. I like the graphics, displayed at 1920 X 1080. The sound is great, and the storyline is pretty good also. Now the obvious downside to this title that makes it, oh so not worth the expensive horse leg roll of cash many companies are now asking to help retire themselves early. The controls are friggin' "atrocious". Now come on guy's! You as developers know when you push a keyboard button to snap off an opponents "head", and virtually nothing happens? WTF? Of all titles to NOT have complete, precise, control of an extraordinary toggle such as a "trigger" on your "sniper rifle"? This becomes a major FAIL ! Ouch....It's like pissing in a fan, it's just that frustrating. As you're getting your butt shot off in the interim. So, if you're smart? Like I'm SO very sure many of you ARE, because you're reading reviews before you shell out hard earned money to these companies for entertainment. WAIT until this goes on sale for about $9.99 from steam or other distributors. And for All of our sake, DO NOT spend more than that! You will be so very much happier if you heed my, and other honest reviewers warnings. Until then, look for other titles that won't anger you in the process! I pray I've saved other people some money in the process. Expand
  6. Jun 22, 2012
    Fun, albeit generic, shooter thats as historically accurate as your gonna get in a game.
    thats where the good stuff ends though
    slow and at times extremely dull, overpriced and worst of all forgettable
    definately a buy if on sale, but otherwise stay clear
  7. May 21, 2013
    was not impressed with the gameplay one dimensional AI, tedious and boring missions, at times the missions were ridiculously easy at the other times ridiculously hard, navigating the map was frustrating, unrealistic. This was one of the most boring games i've played Expand

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