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  1. 79
    Although I do not normally side with gamers who prefer digital versions of games, in the case of episodic games, it's perfectly rational, especially when it's accompanied by a very logical price- priced at 7 euros, Sonic 4.1 does not disappoint. [March 2012]
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  1. Mar 21, 2014
    Some people may disagree with me, but in my opinion, this is the worst game I have ever played! Pros: N/A Cons: Bad Controls Awful Physics
    Level design is poor
    Platforming is slow and dull

    This is a massive faliure and I would never recommend this in a million years.
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  2. Mar 16, 2014
    It's Sonic. If you like Sonic, why not just buy it? I'll tell you why, take the first Sonic the Hedgehog, add fun mini-games with 3-D graphics. Although I don't like how Sonic looks. He looks like as if he was in a bad 70's movie with a green screen. Sonic team, get a better lighting guy for Sonic, I'm just saying. The act backgrounds are cool and are very colorful and has a fun art design. That will bring me to the 720p only on PC. WHY? The game would look MUCH better in 1080p. Verdict: Sonic fan? Buy it. It's a rebirth of the originals. Full Review »
  3. Oct 19, 2013
    Lo mas decepcionante de Sonic episodio 1 es la poca innovación que tiene en mi opinión. Creo que esta claro que es como una suma de sonic 1 y 2 (Escenarios, enemigos, jefes, ETC.) pero con algunos ligeros cambios. Después la verdad dejando de lado algunos problemas en sus físicas el juego es muy recomendable. Tiene una gran calidad (al menos yo no tuve ningún problema técnico), una muy buena jugabilidad, gráficos decentes, Historia simple pero atrapante, correcta duración y dificultad, y una muy eficiente banda sonora, ademas de que es MUY divertido en mi opinión. En conclusión considero que es una secuela digna de "Sonic 3 and Knuckles" y lo recomiendo para todos los fans de Sonic y de este tipo de juegos en general. Full Review »