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  1. Jun 26, 2014
    This is a paint-by-the-numbers turn-based strategy game that feels like a clone (rip-off) of the venerable Heroes of Might and Magic franchise absent the engaging environments and grand strategy challenges that characterized most of the Heroes games. You move your fleets along a rail map and blast enemy fleets and repeat and repeat and repeat until you either get to the end of the line or lose interest, realize you wasted your money on a game the developers put very little effort into and banish the game from your hard drive never to return. Expand
  2. Jul 15, 2014
    This game seemed a perfect fit for me. I like space- based games; check. I like grand strategy games; check. I like turn-based games; check. Three for three should have been sweet. But it was more like three strikes and you're out sucker. What godawful game play! I could describe it as simple but that wouldn't be sufficiently descriptive. It's mind numbingly simple. Forget about strategy. Just build your simple fleet, go into a very simple battle mode, blast away in combat that makes the original Heroes of Might and Magic combat look intricate by comparison, replace your losses and do it over and over again until your EEG has flat-lined. I wondered why it was so hard to find any reviews for this game. Now I know. Everyone who played it for any length of time slipped into a coma. Since MST3K taught me to say something nice after every media experience, I'll finish by saying the game runs bug-free and uninstalls very easy. Expand

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