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  • Summary: Spellirium is a word puzzle / point n' click adventure game mash-up for PC and Mac. It's LOOM meets Boggle.

    Use a letter grid to solve puzzles. To shear a sheep, spell words synonymous with "CUT" (TRIM, CLIP, CHOP, BUZZ, DENUDE). Dye the wool red by spelling words using only
    the red letter tiles. Spin the wool on a broken spinning wheel by building words in a circular motion - across, down, back, and up. Use your vocabulary to defeat an array of creatures, including a two-headed monster that can only be defeated by spelling palindromes (RADAR, EWE, KAYAK), and a big-eared creature that takes damage from onomatopoeia (CRASH, BANG, BOOM).

    Explore an amazing hand-painted "trashpunk" world where everything is built out of discarded "findage" - relics dug up from the Once.
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