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  • Summary: Spore Galactic Adventures adds variety and depth to the original space game in Spore, allowing players to beam down to planets, play mission-based adventures and even create their own customized adventures for the first time. Each adventure has a unique reward to upgrade a space creature with special accessories - from an Energy Blade and Stunning Charm to a Jump Jet and more. Players can fight their way to victory as a Warrior, dance with new friends as a Bard, and much more. With an almost unlimited number of user created adventures, there’s more to play than ever before. The "adventure creator" in Spore Galactic Adventures gives gamers the tools to make their own missions and share them with friends. [Electronic Arts] Collapse
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 32
  2. Negative: 2 out of 32
  1. Spore Galactic Adventures is a welcome add-on to an already addictive and fun game. Get ready to take your Captain to brave new unseen worlds - inhabited by flying orange monkeys.
  2. Galactic Adventures is the most welcomed kind of add-on a game like Spore can receive. The mission editor adds a very necessary deepness to the game, and is a inviting tool for everyone feeling creative. Those missions add a sense of variety and richness to the space phase, which results in a more interesting game.
  3. 77
    The Civilization stage still feels relatively cut-and-dry, and the Tribal stage resembles a rudimentary real-time strategy game. Still, Galactic Adventures does what it sets out to do in allowing for the creation and sharing of imaginative adventures. In that regards, it's a welcome addition to Spore.
  4. A good add-on that will make fans happy. Lot of stuff to do and virtually infinite gameplay with loads of user generated contents on the way.
  5. The Adventure Editor is the star of the show in Galactic Adventures, and offers uncountable options to create the most crazy missions. It's a shame however that this add-on wasn't implemented better into the original game.
  6. Spore: Galactic Adventures has a powerful editor and some cool options to increase the replay value. That said, It's quite hard to go deep and create some good mission with just a few examples made by Maxis.
  7. The galaxy is mostly empty. So is Galactic Adventures.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 8
  2. Negative: 2 out of 8
  1. Mar 9, 2012
    This expansion greatly improves on the overall feel of the space stage in the original Spore, adding variability with unique missions, even if often childish (travel from point A to point B, then C, have some conversations, and you end the mission with a maxed score). Above that, the most important part of it is the Adventure Creator itself, being the most complex, and it manages to ve varied and versatile in the same time. Just like with other creators, this one also is limited only by the player's imagination. Expand
  2. CrippledPig
    Jun 24, 2009
    Epic fail on Eurogamer's review. I don't remember the browser being a key feature in this expansion pack... The missions give more playability to Spore during the space age, and makes it a little more fun to adventure through space. The tools to design your own missions are simple and fun, but the terrain tools need improvement. Only issue I have is with the user created content, where you end up playing a user created level that seems to take forever (Giant boss fight)... and you get only a few experience at the end. The Maxis missions are great though, and I'm pretty sure there will be well-designed missions a little later. Leveling is actually quite nice; everytime you complete a maxis mission you get 100 experience, and with experience comes level progression.... you get the idea. Each level allows you to pick a special weapon, armor or ability that you can use for missions. You also gain money from the planet you got the mission from, usually 30k in space bucks. The editor does have some great production value; Music for every type of situation or emotion, your creations for all objects, behaviors for your objects, and the confusing terrain editor tool. The terrain tool makes you drop down little thumb-tacks to raise, lower, or flatten (There are more) the pre-rendered terrain on the planet. So you get a mess of these thumb-tacks all over in the terrain editor. I was actually expecting a simple click and drag tool (Like every other editor). But all is not lost, because the editor can make some real interesting missions. You can create acts for each goal you set up. You will find plenty of "drag-and-drop" features for goal editing... Easy. If you "like" Spore but find the space age boring (And happen to like mission editors), this may enhance it for you. Not by a lot, but possibly enough to make the game a little more fun for those who found its origional release to be slugish. Expand
  3. JohnRobinson
    Aug 26, 2009
    From an adult gamers perspective, I am not very keen on this game. I get bored with it very quickly, and I think most other adults might also. However, having seen the reaction of my 2 young children to this game, I would definitely say that this game has massive appeal to a younger market. I am constantly amazed at how my children keep coming back to this game, and for how long it manages to hold their attention. They can play this game all day without getting bored, and I have to make them stop. Expand
  4. ARater
    Jun 25, 2009
    It actually has potential to become a 10, it's just that Adventures requires too much on user contents. The mission editor is simple to use, but the end result of the adventure would be simple as well. A lot of pathing bugs are here so be careful when you're flying above a building. Ironically.. Adventureland (Tutorial adventure) has the most bugs I've found so far. Doing enough missions to level your "hero" also takes insanely long. Plus the fact that there's only a handful of new equipments. The additions to the Space Age quests are good though. Individual adventuring is horrifying for now, but in time, the list of versatile adventures will be accessible and some gems may occur. Final Mark: Gameplay 4 Innovation 8 Smoothness 2 Potential 10 30$ is definitely not worth it, unless you are the creators of adventures. If you ever find the game being priced below 20, then by all means, buy it. Expand
  5. [Anonymous]
    Jun 29, 2009
    Honestly this was a somewhat poor excuse for an expansion and really does nothing to enhance gameplay but re-hash old gameplay in the guise of something new. Yeah you get neat little missions now, woohoo, and special gadgets to attack or negotiate with... wee, but in the end its nothing more than creature stage with overly cheery dialogue. Expand
  6. Aug 14, 2014
    You may appreciate the idea of the developers to give users the possibility to forge mission in this awesome game, but the fact is that users are (or seem to be) not able to create something worth buying this expansion Expand
  7. Jan 23, 2014
    So Unfinished And Lazy DO NOT BUY Not Worth it The Only Redeeming Quality I sit Has More Save Files


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