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  • Summary: Stained is a mystery woven around visuals, sound and an exciting gameplay experience. The setting - a supernatural, giant, sprawling castle, in an unknown, uninhabited planet devoid of life for untold centuries with an evil lurking inside which has a deeply rooted need to protect itself from any intruders. If anyone breaks its precious things, like its stained glass windows, the castle turns against him. The shattered pieces come alive; forming monstrosities with an only aim - 'TO KILL'. Expand
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  1. Jul 22, 2014
    With more time and more polish Stained could be a perfectly decent little platformer. As it is, though, it's hard to recommend even at a stripped-down price.
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  1. Oct 10, 2012
    It has exceeded all my expectations. Intense combat, Nice graphics, good music and interesting puzzles everything is put together very well. Its a unique platformer. The bad side is, Stained is very difficult unless one master its control. Game does not care to give you hints for solving puzzles which are extremely difficult There was a moment in the game where I had to kill the scorpion who walks on the walls and roofs and shoot waves at you, I struggle a lot to kill that monster and similarly I struggle to kill a big giant spider throwing webs. After all the frustrating combat is over and you read the book (which is apparently written by the king) it makes it upto you. I will not say that the game is short given its $9.99 tag but it ends where you feel that you are now ready for any challenge. Its a masterpiece! Expand
  2. Jul 11, 2013
    I tried out the latest public demo (v1.1) and just wanted to share my feedback and thoughts:

    My initial impression within the first few
    minutes was that this was sort of like a poor man's Trine.

    The first thing I noticed is that the controls are awkwardly clunky and not fluid at all. It's jerky and the responsiveness is not there that I would expect out a platformer. Trying to control the jump distance of your character was a bit frustrating. Also, why the heck do you jump higher when not sprinting? Makes no sense. Another thing was that trying to get precision swinging your weapon was also annoying. And if it felt that way playing with a gamepad I can't even imagine trying to play it on a keyboard. Having to edit a config file to re-assign the controls is far from ideal. Not a huge deal for me but being able to edit the controls really should be in the game options. Mouse buttons do not seem to be bindable either. Also, the gamepad support is limited and does not work in the menus or the inventory screen. Basically my overall impression of the controls and related options are that they are poor and need a lot of work.

    The graphics are decent but I'd stop short of saying that they are good. They definitely don't hold a candle to some other platformers like Trine 1 & 2, or even Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, which in my opinion are arguably some of the high-water marks for 2.5D graphics. The framerate of the game generally seemed okay but a little bit jerky and inconsistent when walking over certain spots. Definitely not a hardware issue as this machine is a beast. The sound design was average and didn't really do anything to stand out. I noticed that the sound of the character's footsteps when sprinting also stopped working.

    Now on to the gameplay. The puzzle at the beginning with the shards of glass, while sort of interesting seemed a bit of an odd way to start and it's not really anything that we haven't seen in other games. Braid (with it's jigsaw puzzles) comes to mind. My main problem is that by solving it it gives you regenerating health, really!? Why?? Who the hell thought that was a good idea?? Health pickups are a much better way to go. Which brings me to my next point. Throughout my play session there were not really any interesting things like item pickups (unless you count the keys) or secret areas. Also, the level design seemed somewhat uninspired and disappointing. It was just several very short rooms with a few enemies in each that didn't really seem to have any cohesion or continuity. I hope that's not representative of the final product. Again, I have to mention the Trine games again, because they had some fairly lengthy and well-designed levels.

    If there is one thing I would say is a positive, it's the shattering glass mechanic/concept, and some of the enemy designs and how they have specific weak points you have to hit. However, that's nowhere near enough to make the game worth playing with all the issues that it has, from the level/gameplay design to the absolutely awful controls. Sorry, but as it stands I cannot recommend this game in it's current state.