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  1. Jan 5, 2013
    Really awesome game, one of the best rpg shooters ever. Awesome graphics (demanding a really strong machine tho), great sound, good user interfrace. But most importantly this game is *IDIOT PROOF*. Great world, great story, great atmosphere, great fun. Beats pretty much any modern fps or role playing shooter, hands down. The entire series is a proof, that there's yet hope for modern fps games!
  2. Feb 21, 2012
    Dont waste your time with clear sky version 1.5.10, it is close to unplayable:

    Installed Game, patched it to 1.5.10, installed clear sky complete 2009 mod. Game refused to start. Googled for that problem. Known bug. Googled for hotfix. Downloaded and installed it. Game started finally. Played 3 hours. Game crashed. Savegames corrupted and completely destroyed by the crash. Started game
    once again from the start. Experienced frequent game crashes at least once per hour. Played like 20 hours. Reached yantar region. Main storyline quest bugged. Googled for that problem. Known bug, can not be fixxed. 2 current savegames again useless. Noticed that older backup savegame is 2 days old. Stopped playing game. Go to metacritic and write 03/10 review.

    Seriously just wait for some more patches or modifications that take care of above mentioned problems. Current clear sky version is not enjoyable.
  3. Jan 1, 2013
    (I will talk about the latest vanilla version, from steam)
    I had the game in '08, a cracked version. I played for about an hour. I couldn't play more because of the bugs in the main quest. It's OK for a game to have bugs, but in main quest? Was CS not tested at all? After the discount in steam (new year sale), i bought the game, hoping to be able to play it this time. And having played
    the game for 21 hours, it was OK. There were crashes at least two times than SoC, but it was bearable. Being a member of a faction is very fun too, I really wanted that in SoC. Although faction quests and other side quests are very repetitive, I fought for factions for more than 5-6 hours. There is a point in faction wars in which you cannot do anything anymore, but before reaching there, it's very fun. So far so good, right? Let's talk about game mechanics. I'm not a very good FPS player but I have a habit that whenever I play an FPS game, I select the hardest difficulty level. But guess what? CS is hard. Really hard. Of four difficulty levels, I selected 4, after playing for 20 minutes at most, I had to change to 3, then 2. But it's not because I was acting stupid, I always play RPG-like FPS games slowly, have more equipment, better weapons and armor, then go. After the enemies started throwing grenades, I realized that was not my fault. That was the AI. They hit you. Hard. And when they throw a grenade, it lands at most 50 centimeters from your feet. Then boom, quick load. The loading times are much longer than Max Payne 3. I think they should change the loading strategy if you're loading the same map. Steam tells me I played 21 hours and i think about 1 hour of it is loading. And about storyline. I read some comments about how bad the story is, but I liked it. I don't want to give spoilers but come on people, the last part was really good (and hard).
    Overall, it's a good game, not as good as SoC but good enough for it's price (currently $2.5). The AI could have been better, game logic could have been better, side quests could have been more interesting. But still, it's a S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the essence is still there.
  4. Oct 9, 2010
    Is "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky" a step backwards to the series? The answer is yes an no. Clear Sky brings quite a few new things to the series. Atmospherically and geographically is better, but there are far more bugs in this game than in the previous game. Also, the battle system can be quite unbalanced and unfair. Of course, with a few patches the game would be at around 8.5/10. Final verdict: "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky" surpasses the previous game in some aspects, but it feels that the game wasn't completely finished. Still, when it comes to having fun and exploring, Clear Sky can never get boring. Expand
  5. Aug 7, 2011
    As much as I try to love this game, I simply can't. The developers completely ignored the first game and its issues and seemed to have thought that allowing a stupid AI, clunky and unresponsive controls would result in a more realistic approach...wrong! You literally shoot enemies 3-5 times in the head and they are still alive, it's absolutely disgraceful. The game has such a great story behind it, but the actual control, feel and design of the game is so bad that you will shut it off immediately. Even after several hours of trying to enjoy it, I simply can't get over the fact that it's so repetitive, dull and badly designed that you spend 80% of the time in the game dying and running, even on the lowest difficulty. Avoid buying this game before the developers learn how to script and not sell garbage. Expand
  6. Jan 27, 2011
    If you loved STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, liked the pacing and the free-roaming and the eerie atmosphere, this is not the game for you. If you hated S:SoC because the goals weren't timed and didn't change randomly, you didn't have to sprint between goals ignoring everything in between to make it in time, there wasn't enough talk talk talk talk, and gameplay wasn't run & gun, then this is the game for you.

    Massive disappointment.
  7. Mar 3, 2011
    Great game but. This is a great game story line is good game play is a little broken graphics are pretty good but there are a lot of bugs. One bug that happened to me a lot is the mission scripts wouldn't load and I had to restart the whole game a few times (make backup saves you wont regret it) atmosphere is pretty good if would have gotten a 10 if there were no bugs but I am knocking off 2 points because of the bugs. Expand
  8. Jul 28, 2011
    An inefficient, clunky interface, inaccurate weapons, shoddy performance, an AI written so poorly that it makes Doom 1 monsters look intelligent in comparison and a lot of been-there-done-that buggy material from S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl packaged into a frustrating, broken mess that even EA would be ashamed of. If you are new to the genre, skip this one and play either S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl or Call of Pripyat. I tried very hard to like this game but I simply can't. The game proceeds at a very rapid pace and does this with or without you. And even when you are present, there's a good chance that you will not be able to turn the tide simply because of ineffective guns and allies that constantly push you away or otherwise manage to get shot. Losing all your allies results in a failure of your current missions and most of the time you'll be throwing yourself in front of enemies to prevent the deaths of your allies, even going as far as to intercept enemy raiding parties on your own so you don't have to babysit. The game pretty much plays like you're not really present. And when you do let your presence be known, it will pester you until you give up and quit so that the AI can go on playing with itself. Even on lower difficulties, you will die a lot of frustrating deaths that could have partially be prevented had A) your guns would be able to hit anything B) the enemy would stop burst firing for a moment C) the interface would have been elevated above the Windows 3.1 standards GSC has set for themselves in this game. Fortunately, GSC does agree with all of the above but they didn't make that clear until they released Call of Pripyat. Expand
  9. Aug 17, 2011
    This game was the absolute bomb, up until I got around the first 2 maps and the storms of bugs continued. This game was abosolutely fantastic and had a great potential but an abundance of crashes and errors plagued me. First entering the Garbage made me crash, then after walking around Dark Valley some the game would crash with a consistency of once every minute. Tryed download Complete mod and it made the game not start. Figured out that problem and eventually it started crashing again at Limansk. The upgrade trees for assualt rifles was pretty easy to choose(100%accuracy is much better compared to 100%rate of fire, wasting away your precious bullets). I disliked how Bloodsuckers were made. Invincible while invisible which basically meant you had to wait for it to hit you before you could kill it. But after getting Complete and without crashes for maybe 75% of the single player, made this game fun to the max. Faction system, artifacts weren't a common thing to find, upgrading your weapons, and a more controled quest system, made this game wonderous and I would have given it a perfect score if it was coded and fixed better then it was. Expand
  10. Oct 19, 2011
    Adding better systems to SoC this game pushes the post apocalyptic fps-rpg genre forward in a very positive way. Beautiful designs, amazing sound, and a general feel that only the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series could create. The ending may be a let down, but my tip is not to get there, this is a game that i sunk over 150 hours into just exploring and living within the atmospheric zone. If you are a gun fanatic you will drool over the weapon upgrade system! have 5 of the same gun model that all have a very distinctive and different feels that are used for drastically different situations! The shooter mechanics are brilliant and gunplay is challenging, buy this game if you want to truly experience a post-apocalyptic world, just turn the lights off, the sound up and lose yourself to the zone! Expand
  11. Aug 24, 2012
    What a pathetic game. I struggled to bring myself to complete this one. So many bugs, flaws, and poor design. Forget about running the game with dynamic lighting, you'll get only about 5-10 FPS with that enabled even with a modern PC. The turf war is introduced in the beginning but that is the last you will hear about it as the main storyline is strictly linear with no player choices. Twice during my playthough i came to an unavoidable part where i would lose all of my money. This in effect caused me to be unable to purchase any higher end armor so when i reached the later stage of the game i had poor armor that was basically ineffective. Aimbotting enemies that can see through bushs and brush, and that can land a grenade directly at your feet from 50+ yards ruins the game even further. The map is expansive, but unfortunately it is almost a complete carbon copy from the first game with the exception of 2-3 areas. Weapons degrade faster than a condom and you will often find your gun jamming at the most inopportune times, unable to buy a better weapon or repair your current one because the game decided to rob you of all your cash a few missions earlier. "Friendlies" will randomly become hostile to you for no reason, even ones that are supposed to give you some dialogue, this forces you to reload a previous save again and again until the game decides to act like it is meant to. The atmosphere is even worse than the first one, there are no scares or exploration, it's basically just a straight up shooter. Overall it is just a complete disaster of a game that you should avoid at all costs. Expand
  12. Dec 16, 2011
    Lots of people say this game is different from SoC/CoP, but that's just the best part. It's not some blotchy atmosphericless sequel that has barely any connection to the other games, it just lets you see the Zone from a different point of view - clan wars. As uninteresting and faraway from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. that may sound, they actually implemented this feature very well, cutting off some parts and adding others to increase its quality. I think it's a nice little improvement. After all, they mixed SoC and CS gameplay in CoP (groups forming out of similar clan members and on-the-spot clan wars) and it looked, and still does, great. Expand
  13. Jan 30, 2012
    Beautiful graphics, good story plot, but terrible design.

    After playing the game for about an hour, I decided to give up. I got tired of dying every few minutes. How is a game supposed to be enjoyable, when anomalies appear out of nowhere and kill your character every few minutes?

    I guess the developers liked the loading screen more then playing the game. Because I spent a lot of time
    loading after I was killed from anomalies.

    Clear Sky is just no fun to play.
  14. Jul 29, 2012
    WHAT MAKES THIS GAME SO DAMN GOOD, i mean this game is amazing ( the others where better ) but i mean this is so different so unique not turned into crap ( me 3, crysis 2, hf2 episode1 and 2, new vegas ) ok some of those are good but not as good as there prequels, this game is good get it for $30 or less the ai are smart, the rpg elements are very well integrated, WARNING THIS GAME IS SCARY AND CREEPY, no doubt it is scary as hell scarier then dead space 1, and fear combined. just amazing get it if you want a new game too add to your favorites list Expand
  15. Sep 29, 2012
    Wrost optimalizing game, in Stalker games. But its my favourite. Contains a lot of bug, but i don't care. I liked the fractions in the game. The game have a lots of gametime.
  16. Oct 24, 2012
    (Reviewing the patched version of this game) This game feels like an advanced yet prototype version of Call of Pripyat. While it does feel like a more varied free-roam game, the enviroment is a lot less interesting compared to CoP. The amount of other stalkers also brings the atmosphere down since you can see them in just about everywhere. The story isin't interesting and it feels like an excuse of saying hello to every faction in the game. It would have been a lot better to just focus on few groups in the story missions or something else instead of what it's now. The combat lacks in good weapons. From the few weapons I used, everyone of them were as accurate as a hippo trying to shoot a gun for the very first time. It's just bad design choice to purposefully let weapons be as inaccurate as in this game.

    If you want to visit Chernobyl, I recommend a lot more of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat. The atmosphere is a lot better, the story doesn't feel like an excuse and the combat is a lot better. This game is still enjoyable but it's more like prototype version of CoP.
  17. Oct 5, 2014
    A true 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R game brought low by crippling bugs.

    This game has the amazing atmosphere of the original stalker game. It also shares many of the same locations and as a result there's continuity and familiarity with 'Shadow of Chernobyl'.

    The difficulty has arguably increased, particularly aided by a changed bartering system whereby you get virtually nothing for the items you
    wish to sell (artifacts the exception) It's harder to make a quick buck and upgrade equipment, but I'd suggest this is a wise move, as in Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat you could make a fortune by picking weapons up from the ground and sell them to the Stalker standing a foot away, who, because of the AI, never thought to pick them up himself
    The artifact system is hugely improved. No longer do you simply find 6 high value ones sitting in the middle of the road for you without any danger to you at all; now, artifacts are invisible until very near proximity, and you use a detector to point you, by trial and error, to the treasure. This important change makes finding artifacts far more rewarding.

    However, we must get to the bad:
    The game is riddled with crippling bugs. LImansk is a complete mess of a location and is guaranteed to crash your system - forcing the player to reload many times trying increasingly bizarre strategies to prevent the crash. I gave up without completion.
    My second try was going oh so well, until I got myself into a bad spot where I ended up sleeping through an emission in a partially covered building. The game never recovered, as the game never recognised the end of the emission and as a result most npc characters never went back to normal behaviour.

    Having to give up twice was disappointing and makes it impossible to rate the game highly - enjoy it while it lasts! Fans of the Series, will still find something to enjoy here.
  18. Dec 25, 2011
    An epic bugfest at the time of realease, CS got a fair amount of official patches and community mods since, bringing the game to playable quality, but still, it's by far the least good one in the series. If you're a die-hard fan of SoC, you can have some fun with this game too, but if you're not as forgiving, then you can pass on it with clear conscience.
  19. Aug 30, 2011
    The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. world and the Zone are one of my favorites of all time. This game as shipped leaves a lot to be desired. I give it a 9 if you are using mods, maybe even a 10. On its own I'd give it about a 7 or 8. With what is out there now, especially the Stalker Complete mods, the game is absolutely amazing. All the bugs are fixed, the graphics, sound, lighting, and just about everything else are beautiful. I love the soundtrack for this game as well (except the beginning Clear Sky base song). I never had any of the bugs or quest/script errors others are mentioning. If you own a high end PC, cranking this up with the full dynamic lighting can be one of the most immersive experiences of all time. Weather mods add beautiful mornings and sunsets, amazing cloud formations and colors, and terrifying thunder storms. If you play this game at all, I highly recommend modding it first. The Complete mod by ArtistPavel is easy to install (.exe file) and is comprehensive and doesn't change any of the core gameplay. Expand
  20. Sep 16, 2011
    This game provides many things good - shooting is competent, open world is charm and full of secret. Unfortunately, everythings is ruined by technical issues and bad optimalization. I can survive this in game like GTA IV (where's fantastic story) but here it's salt in the wound.
  21. Oct 7, 2011
    This game is a surprise. For me it started out a little confusing but once I got the hang of it the game was addictive. You will want more. I just finished the sequel and am looking forward to the newest arrival. Great atmosphere.
  22. Mar 22, 2012
    To start with the positive: The part about Clear Sky, mainly the first part of the game, including the swamps, the fraction itself, the ambiance, the first Clear Sky missions, etc, was very well done. I even felt surprised at how GSC Game World managed to add something so different from their previous title to the same world, without messing it up. That, along with fixing a big part of that buggy game-play from SoC, was what amazed me at first, when I played through the swamps. I guess what I felt about the game at that point was: "This is going to be really good!" However, it turned out not to be so. That feeling quickly turned into "Whoa, that was fast, leaving this place, I wonder when I'll get back here", ever since I left the swamps. Too bad for me though, cause I never did! It seems that you barely ever have any time to explore the world, since you're always headed for the next mission, often because someone is calling out for help; they taught you not to ignore those calls way in the beginning, and that along with my experience from playing SoC, where every choice you make matters, I haven't ignored a single one. This resulted in me being paced to the next part of the main quest, rather than exploring the world. I can't even tell you whether it's even worth exploring!

    What else is, the storytelling; it's REALLY bad. The whole story was basically neglected. There are holes in the story between SoC and this game the size that you could drive a truck right through them! It doesn't even seem to be an attempt to be mystical; it really just seems to have been forgotten. I don't want to spoil it for any of you who might actually play it, but the ending isn't any better. So, all that, along with a ton of other relatively small issues (they would be big in other games), my conclusion comes to this: The game most of all seems like a spin-off from Shadow of Chernobyl, an attempt to get some easy money out from the players who like the first title. The story is not worth much, and neither is much of the rest of the game, if you play it after having tried the original, in which case all I would say is good about it, is the fact that it feels a lot like the original game in some ways, however, the lack of an even decent story overshadows it. GSC Game World really had a big shot at filling out a bunch of [u]very[u/] interesting holes in the original story, but they failed miserably in doing so. If you miss SoC so much, that you just need to go back, this won't be much to find, unless you can live with the disappointing story. In that case, the slightly improved graphics and features (PDA, Upgrade-system, Faction-wars) might make up for some of it. Thank you for reading through this. It was done in a very short time, but I don't feel like I owe it to this game, sadly, what a big chance wasted...
  23. Jan 3, 2014
    Underrated Stalker game and a great game in its own right. Lots of false myth's flying around about this game and its issues. I wanted to feel like I was playing a different game with CS and not just SOC version 2.0. and I think the Devs pulled that off rather nicely.
  24. Jul 20, 2012
    Clear Sky is a complete disaster. It was so bad that I'm just now writing a review about for the first time since I played it 4 months ago. My reason for writing this review so long after I played is because I don't want other people to know the horror of playing this game, please, save yourself from doing so. What breaks Clear Sky is the amount of bugs it has. The shooting mechanics are also terrible, you can hit a bandit (the weakest human opponents in the game) with 5 shotgun shells from 20 feet away and they will be fine, the recoil is ridiculous and the damage is pathetic, even with he upgrade system for weapons it's still terrible. Yet another problem that really bugged me was the fact that all the NPC's in the game are voice acted by no more than 2 different voice actors, sometimes you'll come across a group of friendly stalkers that are all speaking in the same voice and saying the exact same thing over and over again. Other people who give this game negative reviews say that the graphics are the only good thing about it, well that is true but the game is so poorly optimized that you could have a top-notch gaming PC and still get under 25 fps on max settings. Overall, Clear Sky is nothing compared to it's perfect predecessor Shadow of Chernobyl. I strongly recommend that you do not even consider playing this game until you have played SoC or at least Call of Pripyat first. Expand
  25. Mar 19, 2013
    I knew from the start Clear sky wouldn't live up to its predecessor. To rate this game I'm going to start at 5 and add or remove 1 or 2 points depending on how well that aspect is done. First off the gameworld of the Chernobyl is very important to the game. But it wasn't as well executed as in it's predecessor: they added some new zones and modified most of them. Some of the new zones like the swamps look like mush, just really bland textures, but a new zone like the red forest is awesome and eerie. So in all the game world is pretty much the same, new zones, some are good and some are bad. So for the gameworld I will give +0 for being pretty much the same. Next well talk about the atmosphere: atmosphere really set SOC apart, and honestly this game is a let down. The only thing this game improves on in atmosphere is a day-night cycle. It still has eerie zones and places but i was only frightened in one part of the game. So this game just doesn't have the same spooky haunting atmosphere. So fro atmosphere i will give -2 because it is such a let down. Next well talk about another important aspect the weapons and combat. So in my opinion this game improves on the combat by adding new weapons and armoured suits. They have a new repair and mod system which is a godsend Some of my complaints with the weapons is that I think enemies sometimes take too many rounds to kill and also the weapon sounds are poor. So for combat and weapons I will give a +1. Next well talk about storyline, the storyline is done well it takes place before the previous games events and has you (Scar) following a group trying to penetrate to the power plant. The storyline is on-par with the first game without giving too much away i'll give it +1 because its pretty good. Backtracking a little the graphics have never been he strong suit of the S.T.A.l.K.E.R but this game has bland and boring textures and poor graphics, though it is a wasteland so you have to expect a bit bland graphics. So for graphics I will give it -1. Next well talk about a new faction war feature that i think is awesome. Being able to chose your faction and receiving their free gear for conquering their enemies is kickass. It is so awesome to wait at night time with a SVD with a night optic and knock off enemy squads, I think its a really cool and unique gameplay experience. Ill give it +2 for being a really awesome new feature. And last but not least we have the game from a technical standpoint, unfortunetly this game is littered with bugs. None of them game breaking but just frustrating so I'll give it -1 from a technical standpoint. Finally a quick side note, I greatly reccomend the complete mod, it fixes all of the game problems, but this isn't a mod review. So in conclusion I give the game a 5 out of ten. Sadly it's a little mediocre and doesn't live up to its predecessor but still a fun but flawed so if your a fan of the series its a-must play, but if your not I would just leave this one alone. Expand
  26. Aug 16, 2014
    Clear Skies is certainly the worst of the STALKER games but still an awesome game by any measure. Great atmosphere and all the things we loved on the first game are still here. Just don't forget to install Clear Skies Complete Mod. It certainly makes the game much better. Awesome back then and still is today. Highly recommended!
  27. Dec 13, 2012
    Worst in the series. Only noteworthy part is the faction wars mechanic, where you can aid the various in game factions in battles against each other for territory. This is pretty cool because you can really change how the game is played with who is friendly/hostile to you and who inhabits what areas. However the mutants are toned down a lot and the majority of the game is a replay of the original with all humans. Expand
  28. May 17, 2014
    Sadly for me this feels the weakest in the series and it flows poorly.
    Fans of series will still enjoy this and find it all very familiar, perhaps that is part of the problem.
  29. Nov 15, 2013
    The first Stalker game (SoC) was pretty good, and I had great hopes for this one, but... the game has very little atmosphere, there are close to no underground locations, and although I can now fix worn out weapons (a huge step forward since SoC), the entire game is just.... shooting and walking, walking and shooting. And why? Why am I doing this? The story is there, I think, but... I have no interest in it unlike with SoC.

    So the setting is cool, the weapons too, and some of the locations, but...

    No thanks. I am disappointed.
  30. Apr 30, 2013
    This game not that bad at all, but the quality of the game and amount of bugs is overwhelming. The plot is weak, much worse than previous game. Whole idea about faction wars could be intresting, but The Most Stupid AI ever ruins everything.
  31. Apr 3, 2013
    This game had so much potential. I played it to the end but almost wish I hadn't wasted my time. I had it fully patched up-to-date, with several popular mods, and it still felt broken and incomplete. The atmosphere is great, but the actual game is very poor. AI is truly dire. The last level really shows that the game was rushed. And the ending... possibly the worst ending of any videogame I've ever played in 25 years. Shadow of Chernobyl was a much better game. Probably more frustrating than fun. I'll delete this from Steam and never reinstall it. Expand
  32. May 21, 2013
    He came, he saw, and he reviewed! Muhahaha

    Not a bad game, but the weapon upgrade system was not good, and the game was overall buggy.

    The graphics was nice, but the level design was simply terrific.
  33. May 21, 2013
    I played stalker in following order: SoC, CoP and unfortunately I'm stuck at Clear Sky. Not that that I wouldn't like to play it, but I cant. It is impossible to proceed due to fatal bug. Game crashes and crashes. I managed to play over 8 hours of it, but then the bug appeared and it is impossible to go any further. Isn't it fun when you cant play game all the way through?

    CS is very
    annoying at the beginning of it. You make one mistake and you will die very easily (radiation and renegades). You will have to quick save like every 10 seconds. Later part when you get better gear, it becomes actually quite satisfying to play. I don't still really understand the stamina-meter. When games becomes too near reality, it is just stupid. Running for 20 sec and standing still to wait other 20 sec to get your stamina back is some very fantastic bulls***. Especially in game where you have to get money by looting all around in quite big maps. There is also this one part where Bandits rob you, and you will never get your money back.

    Clear Sky could have been great game if it didn't suffered from large amount of bugs and other things that will annoy player. It has nice reformations: you can join to factions and upgrade your weapons etc. 6 points is still best I can give to it as it is with recent patches.
  34. Oct 19, 2013
    Straight up boring. I bought this assuming it would be better then its broken predecessor. Well it's definitely not broken like SoC was, but it's boring and I have no motivation to play it. Gave it a two because it's not terribly broken and the graphics are cool.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 47
  2. Negative: 1 out of 47
  1. Clear Sky is a unique experience, so far unparalleled save for its predecessor. [Oct 2008, p.52]
  2. Clear Sky delivers a more AI-driven, frightening and altogether more dangerous world than its predecessor ever could. [Oct 2008, p.77]
  3. As easy to misunderstand as it is to break, it again turns the best and worse of PC gaming into something extraordinary. [Oct 2008, p.94]