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  1. Dec 28, 2015
    8/10 - This game is quite undervalued. It seemed rather simplistic when I first started playing, like a typical ipad-game, and I didn't like8/10 - This game is quite undervalued. It seemed rather simplistic when I first started playing, like a typical ipad-game, and I didn't like it. However, it turned out to be rather deep once I got under its skin and it's got some entirely unique qualities that make this an excellent 4x.

    Unique 1: Your viewpoint is from that of a military umbrella-government that rule 3 human empires under martial law. This because you're fleeing home due an alien invasion. The challenge in this game then comes as much from internal strife between the 3 empires under your control and their wish to end your martial rule sooner than later, or even dominate all humans in your sector, as from deadly xenos. If you don't succeed in keeping the power of the 3 in balance you'll see a slew of detrimental effects on the planets affected by their politics, which in turn can cripple your ability to fight off external enemies. Very appealing game mechanics.

    Unique 2: You're calling the rest of the exodus fleet, letting them know you've settled. Your population growth doesen't come from new births but from immigration. As a result population growth is out of your control as long as you have a place to settle the newcomers. This result in a very different early game from other 4x games, where there is no value in expanding to new uninhabited worlds just to have more places to grow population. You total population growth is the same with one world per faction as with 10 worlds, as long as there is room to settle the newcomers. This make the early gameplay and expansion in general far more interesting than in other 4x.

    Another interesting facet of this game stem from the abilities the 3 factions afford your united realm. You get a choise of different factions to pick your 3, and they can have abilities like skilled pilots from superior millitary traditions. But if you choose to base all your united millitary from out of that faction during the game (to get the strongest millitary possible) that would lead to the millitary faction declearing war on the other defenceless ones. This means you cannot simplify your choise of factions into "roles" based on their specialty, but must maintain a more complex view of the composition.

    There are other less appealing game-mechanics that prevent this game from truly shining. There are some rather easy-to-find strategies that the AI simply can't handle. Some of the graphics is unappealing, not just low quality (I don't like the ship models). The fuel and logistic mechanics could be more inspired. But despite all this, Star Traders 4x remains a solid 8/10.